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In Khakassia, 11-year-old boy brought out his unconscious grandmother from the fire

In Khakassia, 11-year-old boy brought out his unconscious grandmother from the fire

Brave was awarded for the whole school!

Deniska Mamaev from Chernogorsk just 11 years, in fact, quite a kid. 28 August fourth-grader made a truly masculine act: he saved his grandmother from a certain death in a fire. The embarrassed little hero with all his classmates and teachers on the eve was awarded for courage by the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Khakassia, Major General Andrei Firsov. The children watched with curiosity as Denis was handed a mobile phone, a soccer ball and a letter of thanks.

Early morning on August 28. The inhabitants of the two-apartment building in Chernogorsk just woke up. Denis, getting up early, spanked into the kitchen, where the grandmother was already bustling around the stove. Few days remained before the beginning of the school year, and the 56-year-old woman wanted to pamper her grandson with a delicious breakfast.

Suddenly, the refrigerator began to smoke and spark. After a second, the poisonous smoke filled the entire kitchen, as if some angry dragon was letting it out of its mouth. Everything happened so fast that neither the woman nor Deniska himself really understood anything. With the speed of lightning, the flames engulfed the refrigerator and appliances, which the kitchenette was lined with in abundance, and then the fire began to devour the furniture.

An elderly woman began to faint from the smoke. When he saw that his grandmother was very bad, Denis moistened the gauze lying in the kitchen with water and made a kind of masks with which he closed his mouth and nose to himself and the woman. Then the smart kid brought the woman to the balcony and locked himself with her, closing the door tightly.

- A call to the dispatcher’s console arrived at 8.29 in the morning, after 4 minutes, two fire brigades arrived at the site. At that time, there was smoke from the window of the apartment on the ground floor, the fire was in the kitchen. Smoke at the entrance was insignificant, and the evacuation of residents was not required. After 20 minutes, the fire was extinguished, - the press service of the State Ministry of Emergency Situations in Khakassia reports.

Firefighters say that it was precisely the wit and courage of the child that became a ticket to a new life for a grandmother. In addition, the boy, closing the door to the balcony, did not let the fire spread to the other rooms of the apartment.
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  1. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 12 September 2013 07: 27
    Well done little boy is a good example for boys.

    This is better than smelling glue in the stairwell.
    Our boys need to show the difference between good and bad everywhere and everywhere, preferably with a living example - it comes quickly.
    1. Apollo
      12 September 2013 07: 31
      Russia has a great future because it has such Heroes. Praise you Denis !!! good
    2. xetai9977
      xetai9977 12 September 2013 07: 44
      Well done guy! You are ALREADY a man!
    3. ughhh
      ughhh 12 September 2013 09: 25
      the kid in the photo stares so cool))
  2. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 12 September 2013 07: 30
    +++The boy is a real hero! soldier hi
  3. kafa
    kafa 12 September 2013 07: 30
    well done small and not small well done smile
  4. Lone wolf
    Lone wolf 12 September 2013 07: 36
    Well done kid!
  5. Vorchun
    Vorchun 12 September 2013 07: 37
    Thanks to those who taught the guy not to panic, not to hide in the closet, but to act competently and boldly.
  6. omsbon
    omsbon 12 September 2013 07: 43
    Nothing but WELL DONE, can not say!
  7. Hort
    Hort 12 September 2013 08: 10
    that’s why this story is not shown in the news on the main channels. So that peers of this (already) peasant had an example!
  8. ReifA
    ReifA 12 September 2013 08: 10
    More such Denisov would be, in all age categories.
  9. svp67
    svp67 12 September 2013 08: 29
    Boy, and already a MAN! Well done. And while we have such boys, Russia is UNBEATABLE ...
  10. stalker
    stalker 12 September 2013 08: 39
    oh yes little one, not confused! well done!
  11. mak210
    mak210 12 September 2013 08: 42
    Wow! And from somewhere I found out with gauze. It’s just not clear why they didn’t give the medal, but some kind of thank-you note, the mobile phone will die in a year, the ball will corrode at the seams. The boy, clearly deserves a state award, maybe another example will be.
  12. Ogogoshka
    Ogogoshka 12 September 2013 08: 51
    I will tell this story to my children, let them take an example!
  13. King
    King 12 September 2013 09: 20
    and why on TV do not talk about it. that’s what you have to show around the clock and not mazole the television reports on the birth of a child in the royal family in England.
    1. PValery53
      PValery53 12 September 2013 18: 38
      Right The feat of the Russian child is more important than syusyulek in the royal family of England !!
  14. PValery53
    PValery53 12 September 2013 09: 43
    Deniska is an example of self-control and heroism for us adults as well. Well done, Denis! In addition to the mobile phone and the ball, he is also entitled to an adult medal!
  15. lilit.193
    lilit.193 13 September 2013 00: 15
    A real man!!! good good good
  16. albanech
    albanech 17 September 2013 12: 50
    God grant that each of us should do so, and not pass by! Glory to the little hero! Thanks to the author! Let everyone know the real heroes!
  17. albanech
    albanech 17 September 2013 12: 50
    God grant that each of us should do so, and not pass by! Glory to the little hero! Thanks to the author! Let everyone know the real heroes!