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Libya is ready to buy Russian weapons again

After two and a half years, military-technical cooperation between Russia and Libya can resume. Such a decision can be made on the basis of the results of the negotiations of the Foreign Ministers of the two states on Tuesday. After the end of the civil war and the change of power, the African country is again ready to acquire Russian weapons and military equipment.

Libya is ready to buy Russian weapons again

Deliveries of Russian military products to Libya ceased at the very beginning of 2011: in February, due to the corresponding embargo of the UN Security Council, a number of large contracts were frozen. According to the treaties executed at the time, Russia was to supply the Libyan armed forces with small arms weapon, armored vehicles and airplanes totaling about 1,8 billion US dollars. Because of the civil war that began in Libya and the events that followed it in the international arena, the execution of contracts was thwarted and our country did not receive the money due to it. In the future, for obvious reasons, the old and new Libyan authorities could not pay enough attention to the restoration and renewal of the armed forces.

On Tuesday, 10 September, the issue of the possible resumption of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Libya was considered by the heads of the foreign ministries of the two countries. After the talks, the Russian minister, S. Lavrov, announced that such cooperation had good prospects. Possible as the supply of weapons and equipment, and assistance in training. According to Lavrov, during the negotiations some possible joint projects were discussed. However, the minister did not tell exactly which plans exist at the moment.

The most likely option for the development of further cooperation at the moment seems to be the renewal of contracts signed during the Jamahiriya. The plans of the Libyan military department were the procurement of various types of small arms, anti-aircraft missile systems S-300PMU2 and Tor-M1, tanks T-90S, multiple launch rocket systems, Su-30MK and Su-35 fighters, as well as at least one Project 636 submarine. However, the armed rebellion and the ensuing civil war first forced the official Tripoli to delay the implementation of its plans, and then the UN Security Council imposed an embargo on the supply of arms and military equipment, which put an end to supplies. The change of power and the lifting of the embargo allow the new leaders of Libya to again raise the issue of updating the material part of the armed forces.

It should be noted that during the talks the ministers discussed not only possible military-technical cooperation. Over the past year, Russia and Libya have significantly increased their trade. In 2012, the total supply of various goods reached 250 million dollars. Despite relatively small financial performance, 2012 was the most fruitful year in Russian-Libyan trade in the last 12 years. In the future, the countries intend to develop cooperation and increase the volume of trade.

On Tuesday, the ministers agreed to resume the work of the intergovernmental commission on economic, scientific and technical cooperation. This will speed up work on old projects and stimulate the emergence of new ones. According to S. Lavrov, Russian companies are ready to return to Libya and work there. Long-term friendly relations between Russia and Libya will contribute to the early resumption of cooperation.

Unfortunately, for the time being, the ministers of foreign affairs of Russia and Libya limited themselves to only the most general statements and did not disclose specific details of international cooperation in one area or another. In this regard, it remains only to speculate exactly how future relations between the two countries will look like. After a long civil war and a NATO operation, the state of the Libyan armed forces leaves much to be desired. If before the war, the main problem of the Libyan army was relatively old equipment and weapons, now they have added a small amount of surviving equipment.

For this reason, subsequent Russian-Libyan contracts can relate to absolutely any area of ​​military-technical cooperation. Tripoli can order a modernization of the remaining old equipment, and buy a new one. In the context of possible contracts, it is worth noting that the overwhelming majority of equipment and weapons used by the Libyan military before the change of power was made in the USSR or Russia. This can be considered an indirect confirmation of the version of orders for the modernization of existing equipment. Version of the procurement of new technology can also be confirmed. The armed forces of NATO attacked airfields and bases of different types of troops of the Libyan army, because of which Libya lost a lot of planes, combat vehicles and ships of various classes. Therefore, the African state will have to not only update the remaining equipment, but also buy a new one.

It is possible that, by updating and modernizing the material part of its armed forces, Libya will recognize the old contracts signed by the previous government. In this way, it will be possible in a short time to acquire weapons and equipment for different types of troops and partially restore the combat capability of the army. However, regardless of the specific plans of the new Libyan leadership, purchases of weapons and equipment can be reduced or canceled altogether due to the economic situation in the country. The civil war and the attacks of foreign armies led to the destruction or serious damage to the mass of enterprises, which had a very bad effect on the country's economy. But if the new leadership of Libya finds an opportunity to pay for all the contracts, in a relatively short time it will turn out to bring the country's defense capability to at least the pre-war level.

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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 12 September 2013 07: 57
    Defrosting old contracts is good! The buyer always knows his reliable seller in person, which is confirmed in the article.
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 12 September 2013 08: 11
      And what is the guarantee that the deliveries will be paid, and not as always debts will be written off?
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 12 September 2013 08: 17
        Libya even buys diesel fuel, everything is in decline for the restoration of money, there are all wells under different tribes, how are they going to issue a "loan"?
        1. Orel
          Orel 12 September 2013 08: 22
          The scenario of Iraq is repeated. The US bombed, but we still find a common language with the new authorities and continue to conclude contracts ...
          1. elmi
            elmi 12 September 2013 08: 32
            Libya in terms of armaments should primarily purchase air defense systems and military aviation, Bal-e coastal complexes, etc. Basically, those weapons that would deprive NATO countries with impunity bombit. In general, all countries who do not want to "democratize" NATO countries should buy the listed weapons from us.
            1. Natalia
              Natalia 12 September 2013 09: 22
              Quote: elmi
              Libya's armaments need to be purchased primarily air defense and military aircraft, coastal Bal-e complexes, etc. Basically, those weapons that would deprive NATO countries with impunity to bomb.

              The most important thing next time, if such a thing occurs, it is not necessary to hand over Libya to the Americans, but to apply the experience gained in Syria. Never, under any circumstances, surrender your partners, defend their interests in the international arena (thereby protecting your own interests).
              As practice shows, weapons can win a war, and prevent it with the right word.
              After the end of the civil war and the change of power, the African country is again ready to acquire Russian weapons and military equipment.

              ... and this is certainly correct, we have only the best.)))
              1. alone
                alone 12 September 2013 18: 47
                Quote: Natalia
                The most important thing next time, if this comes, don’t have to hand over Libya to the Americans,

                Libya is already under the hood of amers and the west. The second time it will not work
              2. zardoz
                zardoz 12 September 2013 21: 53
                Well, actually Libya wasn’t handed over too much ... But in general it was a telling example to others - it’s not worth it to spoil the Russians ... It ends badly ... Assad is also an example — only the opposite.
            2. fzr1000
              fzr1000 12 September 2013 09: 29
              They need to buy flamethrowers in order to smoke bearded men from buildings, well, and everything else on the list ...
              1. elmi
                elmi 12 September 2013 10: 41
                And that vacuum bombs are trifled at once))) the bandits cannot hide from them.
              2. 31231
                31231 12 September 2013 10: 56
                This is accurate. They now need weapons to unite a disparate country.
          2. Redpartyzan
            Redpartyzan 12 September 2013 11: 29
            a really interesting regularity is traced, the victims of the country's western military intervention, as a rule possessed outdated Soviet equipment, were thoughtful, scratched their turnips recourse and realized that "if we had something more modern, we would have them!" and now they began to buy more modern good
        2. xetai9977
          xetai9977 12 September 2013 12: 50
          The main thing is who will pay? In Libya, there is no central authority!
          1. APASUS
            APASUS 12 September 2013 21: 49
            Quote: xetai9977
            The main thing is who will pay? In Libya, there is no central authority!

            That's for sure! And with this statement in the article I completely disagree
            After the end of the civil war and the change of power, the African country is again ready to acquire Russian weapons and military equipment.

            Straight peace and prosperity!
        3. Geisenberg
          Geisenberg 12 September 2013 15: 12
          Quote: Andrew Y.
          Libya even buys diesel fuel, everything is in decline for the restoration of money, there are all wells under different tribes, how are they going to issue a "loan"?

          Direct supplies of crude oil to Russian tankers.
          1. xetai9977
            xetai9977 12 September 2013 17: 55
            It is not a fact that these very tankers themselves will not be captured by the next "pirates", and they will not have to pay a ransom.
      2. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 12 September 2013 15: 11
        Quote: xetai9977
        And what is the guarantee that the deliveries will be paid, and not as always debts will be written off?

        Stop. And why do Libya’s weapons? They are now democratized according to the American scenario. Now no one threatens them in principle, because the owner will intercede.
        1. afire
          afire 12 September 2013 15: 33
          I don’t understand this either, the replaced government (essentially pro-American) wants to buy weapons ...
          Hmm, there is no money in the country, collapse, chaos, who gave the money?
      3. alone
        alone 12 September 2013 18: 45
        Quote: xetai9977
        And what is the guarantee that the deliveries will be paid, and not as always debts will be written off?

        hello rauf! so the fact is that there are no guarantees)
    2. Rink
      Rink 12 September 2013 12: 15
      It's simple!
      Everything that remained of Gaddafi has already been transferred to Syria - to the militants, and Assad is not giving up, damn it! And what is now to supply the "rebels" ?! Can't they buy directly from Russia?

      Here are the Libyan militants and are going to buy weapons with American money to send them again to the Syrian militants ...

      I hope they won’t succeed.
    3. Interface
      Interface 12 September 2013 17: 35
      And it’s just that they had goals with amepres parted after the revolution, and now they are asking us again.
      Apparently they didn’t let them into their own oil, so the United States and Westernized weapons to sell to the Libyans.
    4. Mujahiddin777
      Mujahiddin777 12 September 2013 19: 05
      Bring Gaddafi back! Russia's big mistake is the US invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Yugoslavia, the loss of Libya ... If I put my self there, then none of this would have happened in Syria !!!
  2. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 12 September 2013 08: 00
    Yeah, we will supply LIVIA anti-tank systems, hehe he LIVIA will supply these systems to the cannibal militants in SYRIA.

    Very cute.
    1. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 12 September 2013 08: 11
      Not a fact, look what happened / is happening now in Egypt.
  3. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 12 September 2013 08: 11
    from the Don.
    Maybe the lesson will go for the future?
  4. Ivan79
    Ivan79 12 September 2013 08: 25
    The information is certainly good, but is Libya ready? Judging by the news, chaos and strife reign there.
    Libyan authorities run out of money
  5. svp67
    svp67 12 September 2013 08: 27
    Quote: Ivan79
    Libyan authorities run out of money

    Well, that’s what remains - even if it’s given for our weapons ... It’s not necessary to admit Darmaism ....
  6. a52333
    a52333 12 September 2013 08: 27
    And what part of Libya does the government control? City? Region? Or the administration area. No, well, no one is against, of course. I think that the government has local warfare ahead with the clans, first for oil, then for the rest of the territory.
  7. Ulysses
    Ulysses 12 September 2013 08: 41
    In Libya, there is no centralized authority.
    Who is there to sell ??
    It will be a dumb re-export of our weapons to militants in Syria.
  8. left-wing
    left-wing 12 September 2013 08: 59
    Well, because they were afraid that they foiled several billion deals
  9. Karabin
    Karabin 12 September 2013 09: 21
    At first they handed over the one who really controlled Libya, and now we are negotiating with no one knows whom. Crap.
  10. Pattor
    Pattor 12 September 2013 10: 32
    7 chrysanthemum cars were sent there in August. 1 more fighting and 1 commanding + 2 CPM vehicles (one each for missiles and combat vehicles) are waiting to be sent. so the contracts were renewed even earlier.
  11. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 September 2013 11: 02
    Against whom then will this weapon shoot?
  12. michajlo
    michajlo 12 September 2013 12: 15
    Quote: Ulysses Today 08:41
    In Libya, there is no centralized authority.
    Who is there to sell ??
    It will be a dumb re-export of our weapons to militants in Syria.

    Good afternoon, dear "Nick"! Sorry, I don't know how to dignify you.
    You are completely right. good
    It’s just that selling our weapons, only to enrich the manufacturers of the military-industrial complex (especially private ones, not to the state treasury), without taking into account the risks against whom this weapon can be used, is it just DIRTY harm and cheating on the motherland!

    By the way, no one has been using these articles in the Criminal Code for a long time, since they (the management) need to quickly get to the second yacht and the third palace with the attendants / past their native Russia ...
    1. a52333
      a52333 12 September 2013 22: 08
      No, well, I positively like the comments of michajlo, a little archaic, always at the end of the discussion, but balanced and generally correct.
  13. Storm
    Storm 12 September 2013 13: 33
    Something there is doubt about the fact that today's Libya has money for it. For small arms, for anti-tank systems - maybe. What is more expensive - I think they are not up to it, with the income mess.
  14. Zymran
    Zymran 12 September 2013 14: 22
    Something I remembered a joke with a beard:

    White came to an African country to promote their ideology. Gathered several tribes with leaders at the rally.
    - We will build you plants and factories!
    - Nabadanga! - half-naked black people shouted cheerfully.
    - We will build theaters and schools for you!
    - Nabadanga !! they echoed.
    - We will provide you with drinking water and medicines!
    - Nabadanga !!!
    In the evening, everyone got drunk and danced around the fires. Our main ideologist was also not at a loss, undressed and let's dance with the black brothers. Two leaders are sitting. One to the other:
    “Wow, what a big white man and how small his badanga.”


    PS I know that the Libyans are Arabs, not blacks, but anyway.
    1. alone
      alone 12 September 2013 18: 56

      In Europe, three Europeans were captured by the annibals. The leader tells them: choose either death or boom-boom! When asked what boom boom is, the leader explained to them that this was gang rape with the participation of the entire community. The two immediately chose death. the third agreed to boom-boom. The leader looked at this in surprise and convened a council of elders. the elders talked to the leader, then the leader says to the European: -You are a bad person, you too have died!
      this one to him: - I agreed to a boom-boom !! the leader replies: - yes, we know this. Here and died through boom-boom !!

      and so I will say briefly. no matter how this arms sales venture would end in a financial boom! wassat
  15. knn54
    knn54 12 September 2013 14: 24
    How is Libya TODAY different from Somalia ???
    1. eplewke
      eplewke 12 September 2013 15: 24
      Answer! Nothing! Unless on a large scale. Divided tribes among themselves. Wells from one tribe, wells from another ... The fun there is only beginning, when they start biting for these wells ...
    2. alone
      alone 12 September 2013 18: 49
      geographic location)))
  16. 0255
    0255 12 September 2013 17: 09
    but was it not better to supply Russian arms to Libya in 2010-2011, when Obama was just preparing for bombing? In 1986, if anyone does not know, the United States also bombed Gaddafi, but as soon as he arrived in Tripoli ONE (!!!) Soviet light cruiser "Admiral Drozd", the Americans lagged behind Gaddafi until 2010.
    In a 2006 meeting on the second Lebanon war, George W. Bush told Tony Blair, then British Minister, that pressure should be put on Libya and Syria. It can be assumed that the fate of Gaddafi was a foregone conclusion long before Obama. I hope the United States breaks even in Syria.
  17. kosopooz77
    kosopooz77 12 September 2013 17: 56
    It’s for sure the Libyans had to buy all this the day before yesterday. And in order to crumble each other in an endless civil war, there are enough pickups with DShKs.
  18. Alex Nick
    Alex Nick 12 September 2013 18: 17
    Savages only bows and arrows. Where will this weapon go then? To Syria?
  19. Wiruz
    Wiruz 12 September 2013 18: 43
    Su-35s have just begun to arrive at the Russian Air Force, and they are already offering them for export. What for? First, let us stand on our own feet.
  20. The Indian Joe
    The Indian Joe 12 September 2013 23: 02
    Is it worth it to arm pro-American Islamist rats? Libya is not among the allies of Russia, they should not even be given any junk.
  21. Old skeptic
    Old skeptic 15 September 2013 00: 52
    Or maybe a weapon in exchange for concessions. Their government is now democratic, so that it can now afford to democratically wet the tribes, uniting the country, of course, this requires weapons. Arabs are a muddy people and their plans may differ from the Amer’s, let’s recall Iraq (he didn’t give air to the amers to bomb Syria). Lavrov is a smart guy, he knows what he is doing.