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Researchers have created a new camouflage coating of ordinary squid proteins.

Researchers have created a new camouflage coating of ordinary squid proteins.What can the US military learn from a simple squid? According to researchers from the University of California, there is a lot to the art of hiding from the enemy.

A team of engineers managed to create a biomimetic infrared camouflage coating inspired by Loliginidae - better known as regular squid.

It is based on reflectin, a structural protein that is critical for squid's ability to change colors and reflect light. The researchers were able to get it using ordinary bacteria, and create from it thin, optically active films that mimic the skin of a squid.

In the presence of the right chemical stimulant, the colors and reflectivity of the film can switch from one state to another, allowing it to appear and disappear in the light of an infrared camera.

Infrared detection is actively used by the military in night vision devices for navigation, reconnaissance and guidance. The innovativeness of this coating lies in its functionality in the near-infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum - from 700 to 1.200 nanometers - which corresponds to the range of most tracking devices. This site is usually unattainable for reflective materials of biological origin.

This invention is only the first step in the development of material that will be able to self-configure in response to external signals. At the moment, the project team is looking for an alternative non-chemical way to trigger color changes in the reflectin coating.

“Our long-term goal is to create fabrics that are able to dynamically change their texture and color to adapt to the external environment,” says project head Alon Gorodetsky. “In fact, we are looking for a way to make mimicking clothes from science fiction films a reality.”
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  1. Basileus
    Basileus 11 September 2013 11: 03 New
    Of course, why do we need the Russian word "protein"? Only borrowing, only protein!
  2. sashka
    sashka 11 September 2013 11: 13 New
    More likely to report nanoskolkovo .. Or personally to the "president". A couple of lards will be immediately dumped. Funny and sad ..
  3. mak210
    mak210 11 September 2013 11: 20 New
    And more beautiful and incomprehensible. It would be better to polypeptides in general, here hamsters would generally orgasm.

    Proteins are not very stable in the environment, are easily exposed to toxic substances and are actively eaten by most types of molds. In general, the class, if true, of course. It would be better if the chamelion, the general champion of the world in disguise,
  4. AK-47
    AK-47 11 September 2013 11: 21 New
    It would be great if it turned out, mimicry in order to disguise.
  5. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 11 September 2013 11: 25 New
    I read periodically about Amer’s super duper achievements and naturally envy takes me. But then the news periodically skips over a topic that I understand a little ... recently they decided to start a super environmentally friendly nuclear reactor with natural uranium and with helium as a coolant and giggled for a long time. So far, amers from a truly worthy have come up with only the Internet and that's it. It seems they say they have great achievements in medicine, but they did not even kill cancer or AIDS, despite the awesome money that they spend.
  6. Konsmo
    Konsmo 11 September 2013 11: 31 New
    They’ll dump horseradish. I’m giving birth, I’m dealing with animal proteins at the institute. There is no equipment, everyone wanted to give a microscope for my birthday, normal. I took a coffee grinder with a hairdryer for experiments from home.
    True, they came up with something, in July they filed a patent.
    Protein is good for healing wounds, cartilage, joints. The skin, they say, is almost restored before our eyes. Since there is one protein in the skin.
    A guy at the institute hangs out, for the army they are going to make dressings for medical packages.