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"Pathological liar" from the State Department

If you look through the American blogs and the press, it turns out: the current US Secretary of State has long been accused of being particularly fond of lying. The recent accusation of Kerry lying to the US Congress from Comrade Putin is not “top-notch” news for the progressive part of the American public. Justifications and subsequent statements by John Kerry, lying on top of one another and creating a sort of puff pie, do not save the deplorable reputation of the Secretary of State. By virtue of his political posts — and Kerry made a career from a prosecutor to a vice-governor of the state and from a state senator with many years of experience to the secretary of state — John necessarily had to play the role of a political weather vane: where the wind is, there he is. If it were not for revelations in a lie, would be Kerry in 2004 year, the president ...

Dr. David Duke on his website приводит Two linked photographs of John Kerry: sample 1971 and 2013 of the year. In the top (black and white) snapshot Kerry, a Vietnamese veteran, speaks against the war in the US Congress; on the bottom (color), he calls senators for war there.

"Pathological liar" from the State Department

This evolution is not an accident.

Here is another photo, also from 1971 of the year (borrowed from the site The picture was posted in January 2013 - a month later from the day Obama nominated Kerry for the post of US foreign minister. Written on the page the following: "John Kerry is the perfect choice for Obama's destructive agenda." The following states: “Meet the genuine John Kerry, whom Obama appointed Secretary of State instead of Hillary Clinton.”

As the author writes, John Kerry, testifying in the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee of 22 on April 1971, slandered American soldiers who fought in Vietnam, claiming that they committed systematic atrocities "like Genghis Khan." Kerry's goal was to persuade public opinion against the US military, force the US to withdraw from Vietnam and allow the spread of communism, the author quite seriously says.

December 24 2012 of the year Arnold Alert in an article on the resource wrote that, officially nominating Kerry for the post of state secretary, Barack Obama noted that the “whole life” of this man was “preparing him for this role.” In addition, the President of the United States claimed that the military service in Vietnam taught Kerry "responsibility when using American power." Why, just a similar assessment, the journalist makes a bitter irony, can be a shock to thousands of Vietnam veterans, whose reputation Kerry has destroyed, achieving the realization of his own radical political goals.

Hillary Clinton was unable to attend the ceremony of appointing the Secretary of State - due to the fact, the author believes, to "dodge" the testimony of the tragedy in the Libyan Benghazi. However, she made a written statement in which, in particular, she noted: “John Kerry passed the test of war, as well as in government and diplomatic posts. Again and again he proved his courage. ” And one more phrase: “I remember listening to the testimony of young Lieutenant Kerry in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee many years ago and thought that I had just seen a man of extraordinary courage and conscience.”

Meanwhile, the journalist reminds that many Americans are aware of the sad performance of this very John Kerry, a representative of the Vietnam Veterans Against War (XVAW), in 1971. In the Senate Committee, he stated that the American soldiers in Vietnam had been raped, their ears and heads were cut off, they dug their genitals with telephone wires, connected to voltage lines, cut off limbs, accidentally shot civilians, destroyed villages like Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs just for the sake of entertainment, they poisoned food supplies and in general devastated the areas in the south of Vietnam - all this in addition to the usual devastating war. Kerry argued that such atrocities were committed day after day "with full awareness at the level of all government bodies."

Finally, Kerry, whom the author calls a "defeatist," declared: "We cannot fight communism all over the world, and I think we should now learn the appropriate lesson."

Kerry's past makes it an ideal choice for the radical Obama administration, says Jerome Corsey, Harvard Ph.D. And John O'Neill, the former leader of the veteran organization Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which played an important role in disrupting Kerry’s presidential campaign on 2004, in an e-mail published in the Wall Street Journal in the column of the then member of the editorial board Seth Lipsky stated that Kerry is “well qualified to be the Minister of Defense ... of Cuba or Venezuela. He is, of course, a great specialist in surrender and can work successfully there before the release of the white flag. ”

Lipsky himself also wonders about Kerry’s hypocrisy. “It’s hard to find someone who more defamed the name of the soldiers who fought in Vietnam than Senator Kerry,” Lipsky said.

Most Americans do not know, continues Arnold Alert, that Kerry not only tarnished the veterans ’reputation, but also doused the United States with methods of warfare.

Regarding the use of force in Iraq, Kerry said that Saddam Hussein is a "cruel and bloody dictator" who "uses weapon mass destruction. Meanwhile, Kerry spoke about the actions of the American armed forces in Iraq. He said this on the CBS channel in the Face of the Nation program (December 4 2005 of the year) to host Bob Schiffer:

"There is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers should break into the homes of Iraqis, terrorize children and women in the dead of midnight ..."

Most of Kerry’s speeches would now be hidden from the public if it were not for the activities of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth members (“Veterans of Intelligence Units for Truth”; officially closed in 2008 year).

These fighters for truth exposed Kerry’s slander of American soldiers and largely debunked much of his personal “heroism.” Exposures had such an effect that, in 2010, investigations from Pro Publica and National Public Radio showed that the soldiers who had suffered a concussion in Iraq were denied the Purple Heart only because some military doctors didn’t want “more than John Kerry ". Swift Boat Veterans for Truth members claimed that Kerry did not earn his Purple Hearts. Some of these accusations were based on the allegations that, despite receiving three “Hearts,” he did not spend a day in hospitals.

In the past, Kerry himself "disqualified" himself as the future secretary of state, the author writes. 18 April 1971 of the year, appearing at the “Meeting with the Press”, this man confessed to committing war crimes in Vietnam:

"... I should have said that, yes, yes, I committed the same atrocities that thousands of other soldiers committed ..."

Kerry added that those who condone or engaged in this kind of activity were "war criminals."

Later, Kerry tried to justify his behavior in the past by calling himself "an embittered young man."

By the way, the text of the speech of D. Kerry from 22 April 1971 of the year is given on the website (In English).

Как notes James M. Wall, after that speech in the Senate, John Kerry spent most of his life in politics. He began as lieutenant governor of the state of Massachusetts in 1983, and from 1985 of the year he continued as US senator from the same state. Then he replaced Hillary Clinton as state secretary.

The site reported weight of biographical details about John Kerry.

After graduating from Yale in 1966, John Kerry enlisted in the US Navy and then served as intelligence officer in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. He was awarded the "Silver Star", "Bronze Star" and three "Purple Hearts."

After firing from the Navy at the beginning of 1970's, Kerry became a prominent figure in America’s anti-war and “pro-Hanoi” movement. Like many other activists of the time, Kerry publicly slandered American soldiers. During an unsuccessful attempt to run for Congress in 1970, Kerry portrayed the United States as a country whose aggressive attempts could be curbed:

"I am an internationalist, and I would like our troops to go abroad only at the direction of the United Nations."

In May 1970, Kerry met with the Vietnamese delegation in Paris and then urged the US Senate to accept the views of the Vietnamese Communists. True, at that time Kerry himself admitted that his visit to Paris was "on the verge of private negotiations." This is important because US federal law prescribed severe punishment (up to the death penalty) for any person who "without proper authority ... communicates ... or maintains any relationship with the enemy, directly or indirectly."

Constantly participating in the VVAW demonstrations, Kerry walked alongside the "revolutionary communists."

More than three decades later, when Kerry was running for president of the United States, retired General George S. Patton III was outraged that Kerry’s actions gave “help and support to the enemy.” He declared :

“As the national leader of VVAW, Kerry launched a campaign against the efforts of the United States to contain communism. He used the blood of the military, still fighting, for his own political career, arguing that their blood was shed in vain ... Under Kerry’s leadership, VVAW members mocked the uniform of United States soldiers wearing ragged camouflage, written with pro-communist graffiti. They disgraced America by marching on demonstrations under the enemy flag of the Viet Cong. ”

23 April 1971, that is, the day after his testimony in the Senate, Kerry and a number of other pacifist veterans “solemnly” returned some of the medals they were awarded for their valor, the article notes.

In subsequent years, Kerry offered different versions of what happened to his combat medals. In 1984, he reported that he still owns all of his medals, and that the only medal he got rid of was actually ... belonged to another soldier.

In 1988, he said that he threw out three awards, which he was honored by being wounded in battles, but those were ... not his medals.

In 1996, he told Boston Globe that he really threw away the awards, but not his own.

During the presidential election of 2004, he repeatedly denied having returned or discarded any of his medals. In an interview in December 2003, Kerry said: “I am proud of my medals. I have always been proud of them, ”adding that he only got rid of his“ stripes. ” In April 2004, he told the Los Angeles Times reporter: “I threw away my stripes. I did not have my medals. It is very simple ... We have abandoned the symbols of what our country gave us for what we have passed. ”

In September 1973, Kerry entered the law school at Boston College, where he received a degree three years later. He immediately found work as a prosecutor in the office of the district attorney of Middlesex County, Massachusetts. And in 1982, he was already elected vice-governor of that state. Then there was the career of a senator from the same state. In 1984, he ran, won, and was subsequently re-elected to 1990, 1996, 2002, and 2008.

In 1983, Kerry condemned the actions of the Reagan administration in Grenada. Kerry regarded the invasion as an attack by a “bully on the weak.” He also said: “The invasion will only heighten tensions in the world and weaken the already fragile American-Soviet relations ...”

In December 1985, Kerry was the only US senator to vote against funding for police training in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. In 1986, Kerry supported the "initiative of American military veterans protesting against President Reagan" regarding actions in the poor of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.

In April, 2004, a journalist, Tim Russert asked Kerry to clarify his statement from 1970, that US foreign intervention should only occur at the behest of the United Nations. Kerry replied:

“This is one of those stupid things that 27-year-olds say, just returned from Vietnam and very angry about it. I have never, never, never, on any vote, in any policy, in any speech I have not made any public statements of this kind - in all those years when I held elected positions. In fact, I say the following and say it very clearly: I will never cede the security of the United States to any institution, and I will never cede to our security in any other country. No country will have the right to prohibit what we must do to protect ourselves. ”

However, in fact, Kerry’s book A Call to Service, released in 2003, essentially repeats what he said to 33 a year ago. Kerry wrote in the book that "international organizations are the means to promote our ideals and interests around the world." Moreover, it was Kerry who contributed to the creation of the International Criminal Court under the auspices of the UN.

In 2001, Kerry voted to use military force against Saddam Hussein. He was firmly convinced that Saddam was committed to creating weapons of mass destruction. For several weeks and months before the invasion of 2003, Kerry made statements in which he emphasized that it would be “naive” to underestimate Saddam Hussein and that even if the UN Security Council was against, the US would still “retain the right” to act in Iraq. Kerry was broadcasting:

“Without a doubt, we must disarm Saddam Hussein. He is a cruel and bloody dictator, leader of a repressive regime. And we all know a number of his crimes ... "

However, in the 2004 year, further noted in the material, "the political wind blew in a different direction." Kerry and his fellow Democratic Congressmen began to declare with increasing frequency that the war in Iraq was a fiasco in foreign policy, and military action was launched without good reason. In 2004, for example, Kerry argued that President Bush not only “misled the American people” about the threat from Saddam, but also “arbitrarily” decided that “the time for diplomacy was over” and “threw our people into the depths of war”. Later, Kerry accused the US military of "terror" against the Iraqi people. (See above the words spoken by Bob Schiffer).

10 January 2008, the year Kerry supported Senator Barack Obama from Illinois as a candidate for the US presidency.

In February, 2009, a few days after Obama's inauguration, Kerry was sent to Syria as part of a review of foreign policy and Obama’s attempt to establish new relations with those countries that were considered “hostile” during the Bush administration. In February 2009, Bashar Asad told Kerry that Washington should “move away from policies based on dictation,” and that in the future, relations between the US and Syria should be based on Washington’s “right understanding” of Middle East issues. Kerry used this occasion to criticize the former US administration (Bush):

"Unlike the Bush administration, which believed that it was possible to simply take people like that and tell them what to do and leave and wait for them to do so, we believe that you should participate in the discussion."

A year later, Kerry, as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sat down again at the negotiating table with Assad. In April 2010, the senator said:

"Syria is an important player in establishing peace and stability in the region."

30 August 2013, Barack Obama ordered Secretary of State Kerry to speak in support of the US response to events in Syria. In this speech, Kerry called Assad "a gangster and a murderer," and said that he was responsible for the death of 1429 people who allegedly died from the use of chemicals.

At the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of 3 in September, Senator Ron Johnson asked Kerry about what America knows about the opposition in Syria. The senator believes that if “at the initial stage,” this opposition, “maybe” was “more pro-Western, more moderate, more democratic,” but now it has “degraded”, al-Qaida elements have penetrated it. Is it true that this happened? - asked the senator (part of the question was unintelligible).

Kerry replied:

“No, in fact, this is basically wrong. This is basically wrong. Opposition is increasingly defined as moderate ... ”

Kerry also spoke about the desire of this opposition to democratic processes, the protection of minorities through the constitution, the secular future of Syria. And he added: "And this is very important." Kerry responded already from Russia. President Vladimir Putin accused the Secretary of State of lying to Congress.

William Biglow (published 16 on December 2012 on bluntly calls John Kerry a “pathological liar.”

On the page "RePeace" on Facebook, Kerry said very briefly, but clearly. He is called the “sad, sad doll” hired by “Exxon” and “Goldmann Sachs”, which has no conscience and no face of repentance on its face. Kerry is called a liar, a fighter for evil and a man who wants to kill even more innocent children, women and their fathers,

"To bury a million more corpses in the mud, in order to get a gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria."

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Averias
    Averias 11 September 2013 07: 59
    What? The expression - "Political prostitute" - was canceled by someone? Kerry is a prime example of this. What is there to discuss?
    1. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 11 September 2013 08: 11
      Quote: Averias
      What? The expression - "Political prostitute" - was canceled by someone? Kerry is a prime example of this. What is there to discuss?

      Why Kerry! Take it larger. All power in the states is watered. a brothel, both in prenarious and literally. yes

      Well, and recently, besides, homosatsky.
    2. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 11 September 2013 09: 15
      Not just a "political prostitute", but also an "enemy of the people". Moreover, not only amerskoy people.
      1. arutun
        arutun 11 September 2013 10: 13
        And remember when he and the Minister of Defense were appointed, everyone said that they were friends with the Assad family, they even showed a photo, and concluded that they would help to solve everything in peace.
        But it turns out the opposite, he is in the forefront, in the ranks of those who want an armed strike, and they have the same argument. They say we promised to hit, now we can't say no. They won't understand us.
        And the fact that sarin was not used by authorities It doesn’t matter who shot, only Assad will get piz., Well, no one doubted that the leadership of the United States was false scum, but so much ...
    3. denson06
      denson06 11 September 2013 10: 44
      Quote: Averias
      The expression - "Political prostitute" - was canceled by someone?

      I absolutely agree with the opponent .. here and there is nothing to add in essence ..
      Everyone understands, including the American people, that he carries nonsense and lies, and he continues to do this and does not bear any responsibility ..
    4. Sandov
      Sandov 12 September 2013 09: 38
      These little people are from the fittest cohort. When that is profitable then it acts accordingly. Vane.
  2. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 11 September 2013 08: 27
    He simply has a split personality - sometimes he is an idiom, sometimes a complete idiom! laughing
  3. deputy ___ watered
    deputy ___ watered 11 September 2013 08: 27
    a well-made career, first PR, against the background of the war that must be completed, now the continuation of the same policy is only in a high position. And in the 1971 year, he also behaved inappropriately. And Carrie is personally acquainted with Assad.
  4. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 11 September 2013 08: 41
    In general, "they themselves do not know what they want" laughing got sick in their own lies ...
    1. Averias
      Averias 11 September 2013 11: 24
      Quote: Valery Neonov
      "they themselves don't know what they want"

      Zoshchenko. I respect you.
  5. svskor80
    svskor80 11 September 2013 08: 52
    Well, in Vietnam they did something to him to throw mud at all his colleagues, not otherwise hazing, although he seems to be a lieutenant, the commander of a boat. Maybe the prize was deprived (as we would say "Vietnamese") :). A strange man, of course.
  6. Darakht
    Darakht 11 September 2013 08: 55
    Breaking news on Syria.
    US President Barack Obama, in a televised address to the nation, said that the States did not intend to intervene in the civil war in Syria, but would deliver "a limited blow."

    "Only America can send a signal to Assad with its limited strike. A limited strike on Syria could force the dictator Assad to think twice before using chemical weapons again," he said.
    1. arutun
      arutun 11 September 2013 10: 15
      Well, yes, as if they had proved that the army used sarin, it’s not even clear what substance was used, but they were about to bomb. According to the photographs that were posted on the Internet, and which turned out to be taken in Iraq in 2004. Stumble!
  7. yan
    yan 11 September 2013 08: 58
    Weather vane, just the same. Then he worked out the money of one direction of the oligarchic elite, today another. The world of capital and the laws of liberalism
    1. arutun
      arutun 11 September 2013 10: 18
      So he does not hide that the SA and Qatar will bear all the costs of the strike, and added: "This is how they are loyal to us."
      Yes, they can solve their geopolitical tasks with your own hands, everything: Israel, Turkey, CA, Qatar.
      And the United States and France, they have in the role of an assassin ...

      Where the world is heading ... probably to the 3rd world.
  8. Armata
    Armata 11 September 2013 09: 09
    Scolded Clinton, now Keri is not good. Miracles of info-war.
    1. arutun
      arutun 11 September 2013 10: 20
      Yes, there’s nothing to do with the info-wines, they won’t be assigned to such a post if you are not yours on the board.
      You must do everything for the top loot to work. Otherwise, they will clean you up.
    2. Tersky
      Tersky 11 September 2013 11: 41
      Quote: Mechanic
      Scolded Clinton, now Keri is not good.

      Hi Zhenya! Yes there are no miracles, the banal law of the chicken coop. And personalities are selected according to the unwritten rule:
  9. Krsk
    Krsk 11 September 2013 09: 09
    And THIS decides who to be ... A serious crisis is very necessary for these "militant pigeons" the whole world on "fingers" to explain that: hare already ... They no longer understand letters and words.
  10. GRDS
    GRDS 11 September 2013 09: 12
    And in the meantime:
    MOSCOW, September 11 - RIA Novosti. Russia is ready to supply Iran with five divisions of the S-300VM Antey-2500 air defense system (a modified export version of the S-300V system), subject to Tehran's withdrawal of its claim against Rosoboronexport for $ 4 billion for breaking the previous contract, Kommersant newspaper writes on Wednesday citing a source close to the Kremlin.

    A contract for the supply of five S-300 divisions (modification of PMU-1) to Iran worth about $ 800 million was signed in 2007. Three years later, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on Iran, which introduced sanctions against it, including a ban on the transfer of modern weapons. In September 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on measures to implement this resolution, imposing tougher sanctions against Iran than envisaged by the UN Security Council decision. In particular, the contract for the supply of the S-300 was canceled. Iran has filed a lawsuit against Rosoboronexport at the Geneva Arbitration Court. The Russian Federation offered to go to the world, promising new deliveries of the Tor-M1E air defense system, but Iran did not arrange such an exchange.

    According to the publication, this topic will be discussed on Friday during the first meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the sidelines of the SCO summit in Bishkek. In addition, according to the newspaper, we will also talk about the construction by Russia of the second nuclear power unit in Bushehr. Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed high interest in such a deal during a recent visit to Moscow.

    РИА Новости

    1. arutun
      arutun 11 September 2013 10: 22
      They were late, they were late everywhere, Iran had to have these complexes for a long time so that the operators were trained. As in Syria, the S-300 is not a weapon that can be used in a civil war, and it is not an attack weapon. So you need to send all tries. This weapon is not prohibited.
  11. Andreitas
    Andreitas 11 September 2013 09: 13
    Hand whore of the white house.
  12. Dober
    Dober 11 September 2013 09: 20
    People, but I have one such confidence that this Mr. has a birth injury? Of course faces ...
    Apparently, the local abortion mechanic too zealously wished for the birth of this figure, and in the "heat of struggle" with the opposing nature, he squeezed too much a shard of newly hatched Johnny ...
    Maybe all the psyche problems come from here? After all, the brain has a fish shape, and therefore the content ... what
  13. Dima190579
    Dima190579 11 September 2013 09: 29
    Since childhood, it seems that these gentlemen were not taught by parents that cheating is bad.
    1. v.lyamkin
      v.lyamkin 11 September 2013 10: 53
      Since childhood, this nation has been taught that it is good to deceive.
  14. pensioner
    pensioner 11 September 2013 09: 32
    Thanks Oleg !! Interesting stuff. Those. in addition to being a liar, he is also a political prostitute. It would be normal for an American politician. But what would be in such a cynical form ... Even for them, perhaps, bust ...
  15. Forest
    Forest 11 September 2013 09: 34
    To understand this politician, look at his ancestors: "Kerry's grandfather and grandmother, nee Fritz Koch (Czech Republic) and Ida Loewe (Budapest), who lived in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1900 changed their names to Frederick and Ida Kerry and in 1901 (or in 1902) they converted from Judaism to Catholicism. "
    If beneficial, they even change faith.
    1. arutun
      arutun 11 September 2013 10: 35
      Thanks for the info, actually the Americans are all without history without roots, scum of Europe.
      1. v.lyamkin
        v.lyamkin 11 September 2013 10: 54
        Probably more correct: rabble.
      2. Forest
        Forest 11 September 2013 15: 39
        Power and people are two different things that cannot be confused (at least in order to understand the situation today).
        After all, you can not judge the Russian people by politicians such as: Mendel-Dvorkovich.
  16. Micex
    Micex 11 September 2013 09: 36
    from hippies to secretaries of state - a great way! American Dream, in a word.
  17. nod739
    nod739 11 September 2013 09: 41
    the diagnosis is a maniac!
    Yes, and working for dividends exconn and others
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 11 September 2013 09: 54
      Quote: nod739
      the diagnosis is a maniac!
      Yes, and working for dividends exconn and others

      Oh! Why are you all fed up with Kerry! TALENT in man! TALENT!
      "Each person has his own talent, but it is not always revealed on time, and sometimes the person himself does not know about it," say psychologists.
      Well, here the talent was revealed to the full! So lie and change their beliefs can one in a million! And would he have reached such heights as an actor, for example? NOT!
      A man revealed in time his talent to lie and betray and used it to the fullest! laughing
      Well, such a conscience is not enough. Everything was dismantled before them. And the bank account, position and other benefits completely replace his conscience! winked
      1. Armata
        Armata 11 September 2013 10: 13
        Quote: Egoza
        Oh! Why are you all fed up with Kerry! TALENT in man! TALENT!
        "Each person has his own talent, but it is not always revealed on time, and sometimes the person himself does not know about it," say psychologists.
        Well, here the talent was revealed to the full! So lie and change their beliefs can one in a million! And would he have reached such heights as an actor, for example? NOT!
        A man revealed in time his talent to lie and betray and used it to the fullest!
        Well, such a conscience is not enough. Everything was dismantled before them. And the bank account, position and other benefits completely replace his conscience!
        Elena welcome. So the Americans use the word conscience extremely rarely, to them is a more commonly used expression a law-abiding citizen. Draw conclusions wink
  18. VasDA
    VasDA 11 September 2013 10: 09
    Masks reset, gentlemen! Masks reset! (WITH)
  19. kostya_a
    kostya_a 11 September 2013 10: 17
    Half of the US department and government are puppets of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the like. The two financial dynasties that have recently merged behind the scenes rule the Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc. France is now in support of the Qatari sheikhs and therefore Hollande's voice is heard loudest than all. Not everything is so simple in Geopolitics.
  20. Sadikoff
    Sadikoff 11 September 2013 10: 20
    As a person, it’s understandable that he is supported by the fact that the graduate of Yale, where a few months studied, and Navalny with a scholarship somewhere around one and a half hundred thousand green, it seems.
  21. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 11 September 2013 10: 22
    Here they are the best graduates:

    with respect! hi
  22. Ross
    Ross 11 September 2013 10: 24
    Quote: Dazdranagon
    He simply has a split personality - sometimes he is an idiom, sometimes a complete idiom! laughing

    Such a "weathervane" is what the true rulers of America need. Who will tolerate an independent person? Looks like they overdid it. laughing
  23. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 11 September 2013 10: 46
    What is there that the public is completely unbridled, it’s necessary to think of what its own secretary of state is to catch in a lie, you’re filthy scolding him, the cutest person, and his face and dirt. Oh, they will bring B.O. Huseynovich’s darling to the genocide and concentration camps, he already bought bullets and plastic bags and built camps, but they still don’t understand a hint, everyone thinks that they live in a dermacrate fellow
  24. Djozz
    Djozz 11 September 2013 10: 52
    He reminds me of A. Mikoyan, "From Ilyich to Ilyich, without a heart attack and paralysis!" An unscrupulous mongrel with a degenerate face, old Lambroso would have been dazed by his face.
  25. morpogr
    morpogr 11 September 2013 11: 43
    A real weathervane, a political prostitute, is an unprincipled politician, ready to give up honor, conscience, duty (to the people and the fatherland) and other high values ​​for his own benefit.
  26. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
    R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№ 11 September 2013 11: 48
    "Pathological liar" -This is a prerequisite for a state of mind, for a person who is included in the ruling elite of syshya. There are no others. And not only there ...
  27. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 11 September 2013 12: 20
    Kerry is a shorthand, Obama was not born in the States and does not have the right to be the president of the United States. Finally, some afyuryugi. then expect from them human?
    1. AntonR7
      AntonR7 11 September 2013 19: 32
      So Hawaii belong to the United States is one of the states, but because Obama has the right to be president
  28. olviko
    olviko 11 September 2013 12: 43
    "On the RePeace Facebook page, Kerry is very short, but clear. He is called a" sad, sad doll "hired by Exxon and Goldmann Sachs, who has no conscience and no trace of remorse . Kerry is called a liar, a fighter for evil and a man who wants to kill more innocent children, women and their fathers, "

    It would be better if Jim Carrey was appointed Secretary of State, looking at him at least you can laugh at all. Looking at John is sick, a man without honor and conscience.
  29. crownn
    crownn 11 September 2013 15: 56
    There was such a diplomat under Napoleon - Charles Maurice Talleyrand. He, in fact, is the creator of the Western diplomatic modern school, woven from lies and distortion of facts. What are you surprised at? Read his memoirs, the history of that time, and you will understand that nothing has changed. History makes its next round.
    And in order not to get up on the same rake again, you need to know the story.
    And the history of politics is the story of lies, dirt and digging in someone else's underwear.

    PS. What do you take from them, from the wretched?
  30. alone
    alone 11 September 2013 20: 32
    politicians are all liars. an honest politician is no longer a politician)
  31. old man54
    old man54 11 September 2013 21: 48
    among other things, John Carey is a JEWISH (if this still surprises anyone), which explains a lot in his career, views and throwing back and forth. He is a Jew by his father, who emigrated very much to Scotland. Here is a story. hi
  32. voliador
    voliador 19 September 2013 00: 32
    Yes, the whole government is there.
  33. aleks2102
    aleks2102 20 September 2013 18: 59
    A goat, he is a goat in Africa.