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The coming apocalypse and geopolitics

The coming apocalypse and geopolitics

On the thoughts of the world financial oligarchy and how they can affect the fate of Russia and the Middle East, humanity as a whole


Clouds are gathering not only over Syria, but over the entire Greater Middle East and the Caucasus; over the world as a whole. And this is not an exaggeration. The series of Arab revolutions is a prelude to the great chaos of the whole Afro-Eurasian arc, up to China. The origins of these revolutions - the strategic calculations of the world behind the scenes: setting to provoke global chaos, a big slaughter. Of course, there will always be internal “springs” of revolutions. Here and the political awakening of Muslims, and their willingness to sacrifice in the fight against corrupt dictators, and the factor of information technology. But if it were not for the support of the West, all this would remain in vain and would not give political shoots. Shiite revolutions in Bahrain and the Saudi Kingdom were sunk in blood, and nothing. West remained silent. So, double standards are always in motion. So far, they (Shiite uprisings) are not included in the calculations of the powerful. And then we will see. In the meantime, it is necessary to “utilize”, and, with benefit for the West, the tremendous passionate energy of the “awakened” Muslims; promise caliphate and knock their heads with Shiites. And this is almost - tens of millions of young people of the Sunni branch in the vast Islamic world.

But why all these revolutions and “revolutions” - orange, orange and other colors? You can try to reproduce the approximate line of reasoning of the Western (financial) "elite" and their intellectual "servants" in the form of the narrative below. Such a narrative, close to the real picture of the events of recent decades, is an invitation to a serious discussion. This is an occasion for deep reflection and revision of foreign policy strategy and even domestic policy, especially in Russia. For too many unanswered questions.

At the state level, to some extent, only Iran, China and a number of Latin American countries demonstrate an adequate understanding of the threats. True, the Shi'i doctrine of the former and the national chauvinism of the latter are a hindrance to a complete understanding and development of an adequate global threat strategy. China has its own special reconstruction stories of humanity and the corresponding geopolitics, the central axis of which is considered the Celestial Empire, and the rest of humanity is the world of barbarians, which has yet to be cultivated. There are positive exceptions on other continents: in Europe, at the level of elites and societies of various countries, this is Hungary and Belarus; in Latin America it is Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador, etc .; in Asia is Malaysia. In general, patriotism in these countries does not translate into any constructive common alternative to the Anglo-Saxon (together with globalism) model of the world order. No patriotic model can become a real alternative to a meticulously thought-out strategy (the financial "elite" of the world) for building a world state and a world government. Only the US military and TNCs specializing in supernova- tion technologies are trying to challenge this insatiable financial “machine”. Their interests are confronted, and very seriously. But until the results are visible, we hear the echoes of the hidden and tense struggle between these two global forces.

At the level of international social movements, a relatively adequate understanding of the global threat of world bankocracy (financial oligarchy) is characteristic of moderate Salafists and Muslim Brotherhoods (Ikhvans), provided that they are not manipulated by the United States and Britain. But their strength is so small as to turn the tide seriously. The left-wing Trotskyists and anti-globalists “swagger”, but they are manipulated by the same financiers in the person of, for example, Soros to a very large extent.

Unfortunately, Russia can be included in this list of "understanding" - to some extent, the eschatological and geopolitical meanings of what is happening in the world and preparing for the final battle of Good and Evil, Faith and Unbelief - with only a few assumptions. For in Russia, at the level of the ruling elite, there are all signs of a split: a contradictory combination, on the one hand, of liberal-pro-Western intentions and attitudes, and, on the other, that preserve Orthodox culture and civilization of attitudes; and indirectly, and the Islamic culture of the Muslim community of the country. Such a split, the essence of the reflection of a deep split in the elite itself. Without overcoming such a split, Russia may well share the fate of the countries - victims of the world oligarchy. However, the moment of truth is near. The political strategy “both yours and ours” has exhausted itself: it’s time to make an unequivocal choice in order to at least decide on solid allies. The author hopes that the attempt to reconstruct the thoughts of the world financial oligarchy, given below, nevertheless, will play its positive role in this regard.

The financial crisis and the reflection of the world bankocracy: or what does the Eurasian Union and the CIS countries expect?

The financial crisis in the West has reached its limit: the West is not the same, and America is not the same, on the verge of collapse. So roughly ZB argues. Brzezinski - our unsinkable nerd and geopolitics in one person - in his last book, and he is right. Further, it is impossible to get out of a deep coma with monetary manipulations: i.e., games with refinancing percentages, derivatives, and issuing dollars and euros. Whatever is done, everything is bad. We need a radical way out. It is necessary to build a new “building” of the global financial and economic system, of course, under our (global financial elite — H.D.Sh.) control. Because only the power of money is real. The rest - the power of brute force, spiritual priests and elders - the world has already tried. All other projects of building a new model of the world order without us, based on suggestions of all sorts of clever people like Lyndon LaRouche, Emmanuel Wallertsein, Leonid Ivashov, etc. (i.e., ideas of the dialogue of civilizations and organization of sovereign progress and implementation of large-scale transnational infrastructure and space projects, etc. - H.D.Sh.) we will block. Few people will know about them, because world science and the media are controlled by us.

But to implement these global plans, national states need to cede a substantial share of their sovereignty to our (supranational-HSM) structures and transnational corporations (TNCs). The nation-state is a product of the industrial age. In the post-industrial era of a global computerized society, they have exhausted themselves. Part of sovereignty should be ceded to regions and ethnic autonomies (this is already happening in Europe), and the other part should be transferred to supranational structures: in Europe - this is the EU, in North America - NAFTA, in South America - a union of Latin American countries, in the Arab world - new “Caliphate” under the patronage of our client, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Africa is a hopeless continent that does not do it - everything is bad. Let's leave the “black” continent as a reservoir of cheap raw materials and new colonization.

With Russia and some countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Belarus, Armenia and Uzbekistan, it will be more difficult. It is necessary that they, including Ukraine, become members of the Euro-Atlantic Union (that is, “lay down” under NATO, the “tool” of the global financial oligarchy, and not the United States, as many people think - the head schools). First, we will drive them (except Russia) into the so-called “Association for Cooperation with the European Union”, and then we will do what we did with the countries of the former socialist camp from Eastern Europe: we will undress and rob, for a sweet soul.

If they resist, we will increase the information war and political pressure, we will blackmail the accounts in our banks; We will not let, finally, "blown away" to our organizational arms (“Agent of globalization”, neoliberal pro-Westerners, trotskyis-leftists - CDT) - we will help them with money, people and through diplomatic channels. “Birch Birch” scenarios are also useful.

Do not forget about biological weapons. We have already built around the perimeter of Russia (in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine) a whole "clip" of "research" laboratories, which really should and are already engaged in the development of bio-weapons. Something has already been tried in several regions of southern Russia: in the Krasnodar Territory and Dagestan. In general, we will provoke the collapse of Russia from the south, from the Caucasus. It's easier to do it there.

Russia has awakened ambitions, although not a superpower, but the center of the new (Eurasian) alliance and these ambitions should be shortened. Or this (Eurasian) union should be inscribed in our global scenario, just like the European Union, NAFTA organizations (in North America) and other unions. For us and for the world at large, this is only an intermediate stage in the formation of a world government. For national elites, however, it is a way to satisfy their (and “clan”) ambitions and solve personal power problems. Let them dream of the ideas of a "multipolar world", "an orchestra of civilizations" and other irrational things. The main thing is that we should control the movement of money, and the monetary power should remain with us. At the right moment, which we will bring closer as we can (5-10-20 years), and we know how to do it like no one else, we will put an end to all this. We know how to wait, we know what we want and what is needed for this world: the reduction of fairly overgrown humanity, even in 3-4 times (long live clever pastor Malthus, he was right, although he wrote about the same more than 200 years ago).

Dumas of the world bankocracy regarding regional civilizations

Equally, this applies to the so-called regional civilizations (Iran, India) and China, which claims to be a superpower, although it will be even more difficult with them; especially with China. With China will have to lead a difficult "game." But in the “Celestial” we will find someone through whom to create problems: Xinjiang-Uygur Turkic-Muslim and Tibetan minorities, local liberals, our Hong Kong and Taiwanese supporters, whose well-being is based on cooperation with our banks. We will try to confront them with the Russians, there is also a Taiwanese problem. We have not yet "rusty" such an organization as the supreme Dalai Lama; sympathies toward Buddhism are also growing in the world. Buddhism is our proven organization.

In general, the ambitions of all these “civilizations” must be shortened by all means: too many eaters, too many irrational “tricks”, with claims of civilizational originality, or universal values ​​of Islam. We will do everything to reduce humanity. Even if it is necessary to plunge this or that region, and even the whole world into bloody conflicts, and the country into chaos; maybe even a nuclear war, no big deal. It will be useful for ethnic and religious minorities of all kinds: Kurds, Baluchis, Hazaras, Uighurs, Palestinians, and North Caucasians with Tatars in Russia; all the more, radical jihadist international all over the world is useful. One we will help with weapons, the other with money and leaders who will obey us, with the third we will promise to create our own states. All in the "furnace" of civil, ethnic and religious wars, even if it threatens the regional and world "massacre." This will help us to painlessly overcome the effects of the hyperinflation of the euro in Europe and the dollar in the United States; blow off also pretty bloated financial “bubbles” on the Wall Street and City of London exchanges. What are the claims to the governments when there is chaos and war in the world, terrorists are around, and aliens are threatening from outer space, or are terrible asteroids approaching Earth? And this is not just another propaganda ploy.

Under the guise of war, social and ethnic upheavals and universal fear, we are leading the “Amero” currency for the North American Union “3's” of states represented by NAFTA. But we will do it in such a way that our assets and interests in other parts of the world do not suffer. If America revolts, the signs are already there, we will accelerate the disintegration of the United States; suppress some, some (some states) will give sovereignty, and the third we promise to get rid of the difficult agony of the US transition to a new quality - the main core of the NAFTA union, and in the near future - the world federation of states. The messianic ambitions of Americans, represented by white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, will thus be satisfied.

In Europe, we will finally hand over to the historical archive the sovereign nation-states, with the exception of Britain, for Misty Albion is our sweet island homeland and the bridgehead from which we began the world ascent. New puppet states will also appear due to the confederalization of the “Old” Europe (Catalonia, Scotland, etc.).

World government, Islamic world and "Israel": what does the financial oligarchy think?

The strategic goal is to build a world government (monetary authority - CDB) - justifies the means. In Asia, new states will emerge that will obey us: Kurdistan, Baluchistan, Shiite and Sunni Iraq, Palestine and many others (here we recall the map of Lieutenant Colonel of the US Armed Forces, Ralph Petters "New Middle East" - 2006 - X.D.Sh. ). Other states will collapse, and even we will not spare Israel. But let the Zionist elite not worry: we will find a worthy place for them in supranational structures and TNCs, and in the future, and in structures of the world government (I’m recalling Mr. Kissinger’s remark that there will be no Israel by 2020.) geopolitics just says nothing - CDB).

This (the dismantling of Israel-CHD) will be a sacrifice on our part for the Arabs, the jihadist international and the Islamic world in general. Only in this way can they be made allies in our sacred struggle for universal democracy and freedom. Without them (politically and militarily active Sunni "Internationale" - CFS), we will have to be very, very difficult with Iran, with Russia, and with China. Both here and there our numerous Muslim minorities, which we will try to turn into our allies. True, we do not believe. But nothing, the world mass media is in our hands and we will achieve our goal, contrary to Muslim skeptics. At the right moment, when the Moor has done his job, we will find ways to neutralize all this violent Islamist "material." Strength - in money, weapons and information. All this is in our hands, and we will again be able to turn yesterday’s rebels into international terrorists, as we did in the 90 years of the last century with Al Qaeda.

World oligarchy dreams and the fate of Iran and Syria

What else is important? No one has repealed the principle of "who controls the resources of the planet and strategically important communications, controls the world." This is doubly true for Iran and Syria, given the recently discovered huge gas reserves in the country itself and in the Mediterranean. Syria is only the “backyard” of Iran, and Iran is the key to Central Asia and not only the resources of the Caspian Sea, but also of Central Asia, and in the long run - Russia. But if Iran obeys us (that is, refuses the ambitions of the regional civilization and the nuclear program, is ready to share its resources and joins the Western scenario on relatively favorable conditions, H.D.Sh.) then we will forgive it; We will turn our attention to the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Kingdom of SA. There is no democracy at all, they still rule by medieval patterns and the reason is more than serious. Sheikhs and Saudis were of course our loyal allies, but principles and interests are more important. The main thing is that the Persians come to their senses in time. And if not, then they will get an “endless” war with the Sunnis. Let them cut each other to the great glory of the western and most advanced civilization. Religious fanatics and barbarians have a place in real hell, not a mythical one.

The open part of the script for the global plebs

Since all of this is a closed part of the global scenario, but for the simple people, something simpler and more attractive is needed, there is no better way to propagate the idea of ​​democracy, human rights and freedom. Others who do not forget their national and religious roots, and there are quite a lot of them, we will plunge into endless squabbles, turning into clashes and bloody conflicts. So it is easier to manage elites in multinational countries, they will become more obedient. Most of the people and nations, we plunge into a dream of mind Hollywood substitutes and all sorts of talk shows; propaganda of atheism, drugs and violence, unbridled sex and same-sex marriage; in general, the propaganda of chaos in matters of spirit, social ethics and morality: everything that makes a person a true person. Fortunately, the “Great Factory of Dreams and Lies”, as the Western media called our ill-wisher Giulietto Chiesa (an Italian journalist, who is also a former member of the European Parliament, H.D.Sh.) is in our hands. The post-industrial global society, in which we were led to believe many imbeciles, does not need thinking, sensible and socially responsible people: it is too difficult to manage. We need, for the present, free people, without a clan or tribe; free from all obligations to God, people and countries; new nomads, almost morons, living on the principle of "well, where the owner (transnational corporation - CDS) pays well."

This is the only way to “blow up” countries, regions and so-called civilizations from within. There is only one civilization - this is the West, these are our liberal democratic values. All other values, even if they belong to world religions and civilizations, should be inscribed in the Western civilization, which we will make common (universal) for all of humanity. For Christians, it is ecumenism; for Muslims, it is Euro-Islam, etc. etc. We will turn spirituality into a simulacrum. We will not touch only the Jews and, various there, pagans and polytheists. And we will transform Christians, Catholics and Orthodox, almost into pagans, with faith in amulets, magical rituals and into the “sacred” power of images of the virgin Mary and other saints; Well, of course, with faith in the mediation mission of church ministers between the flock and God.

World Government: Messiah or Datjal?

The fact that the world war (even nuclear war) can break out is the cost of moving towards freedom and democracy: nothing is given for nothing, you have to pay for everything, even if the price is very high. It was then that people and nations in different countries would howl: “Down with the national elites who plunged the country into bloody chaos! Down with aggressive Islam! Give us a new UN and a world government! ” And then we will leave on the political "surface" only those national elites who are obedient to us. And we will build a new order, and this order, with its main strokes, will resemble the world according to J. Orwell (from the novel “1984 Year” anti-utopia - H.D.Sh.), where freedom is slavery (technotronic with implanted chips, In full accordance with the predictions of Jacques Attali and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the theoreticians of mondialism, H. D. Sh.), justice is an inequality, and truth and truth are lies. But only a narrow circle of initiates and our attendants will be aware of this, for we are the true masters of world discourse. It is we who set the world “agendas”, lower and raise the ratings of whom we consider necessary, be it a country or a party, a person or a religion. Everything is under control, for the power of money is total.

By that time, when the nations will demand a world government, using methods of “PR” sublimation, we will have already formed the cult of the new savior of the world, the Messiah for all of humanity. He will be like a God-man; a real magician, creator of miracles and a truly national leader — a modest and at the same time determined champion of justice and law in the whole world, an all-knowing and all-powerful charismatic. His cult will not be equal, almost like a messenger of God in world religions. We will intensify this sensation with special laser and other effects so that people do not doubt: this is the messiah promised them in their so-called “sacred books”: the resurrected Jesus promised in the Gospel and the prophet Isa in the Islamic tradition.

In our hands the vast majority of media and scientific institutions; our people - almost all, with dubious past and compromising material, by means of which we manage them - occupy strong positions in the ecclesiastical institutions of Catholicism and Orthodoxy, Protestantism and Buddhism. The only problem is with Islamic structures: there are no similar institutions, Christian churches. But never mind, the benefit of the conceptual and strategic thinking of the Muslim (intellectual) elite in the countries of the East, with rare exceptions, is at such a level that we only play it that way. The problem is only with Iran. Well, so much the worse for them. We will clash them among themselves and have already achieved significant results in Syria and Iraq, having confronted Sunnis and Shiites in a fratricidal war. Any result is good for us, because it weakens the Islamic world. This is how we will achieve victory throughout the world and establish the New World Order for the ages.

Instead of a conclusion or on the new role of the Greater Caucasus and Altai. What is written here is not the fruit of a sick imagination, but a very real scenario, the probability of the realization of which is very high. Only messengers of the Most High can speak with 100% probability. We are mere mortals, although even scientists have the right to operate only with probabilistic forecasts, and in this role we are (I want to believe) the heirs of the prophets, in full agreement with the Islamic tradition.

And another very important point. The time has come when any profound statement by a humanities scholar about the fate of the world and humanity can in no way be taken seriously if it does not take into account eschatological, existential and geopolitical aspects. The first, eschatological aspect suggests a religious, within the framework of strict monotezyme, interpretation of the history of mankind and religious consciousness; respectively, the idea-hypothesis of the (last) Battle of the end of Datjal (Devil) and Messiah in the person of the resurrected Jesus and Mahda. The second, existential aspect starts from the clearly expressed tendency of the last 10-years, connected with the formulation of the problem of the meaning of life and death. The third, geopolitical aspect is connected with the fact that any political action of the elite of a particular country, taken without taking into account the strategy and geopolitics of the world oligarchy, is doomed to failure.

Another important point related to Syria. I see how difficult the game is for the West, how Bashar Asad and his clique are abusing external support and how it all can end. And despite the fatwa of many Egyptian and Syrian ulamas, I want to warn Russian Muslims from participating in a bloody and alien game. There can be no armed jihad (with the dictatorial regime of Assad), supported by the “great Satan” in the person of America and Britain, a pleasing and just cause. There is something wrong, obviously not. And this is information for serious thinking and for changing the agenda: what if all the faithful, and the Sunnis with the Shiites, who are very much united, and even the Orthodox can find a common language against the global threat ?! You never know.

Conclusion with spiritual and historical reminiscences. It is necessary to prepare for the difficulties of natural economy, because the peoples of the world will be thrown back many centuries ago as a result of the Third World War (nuclear). And then in Russia there comes a moment of truth and, accordingly, liberation, from the tenacious bonds of liberasis homosexuals and zapadnoids. Otherwise, Russia will not. And then there will be a chance for the joint salvation of the Orthodox and Muslims, all honest and hungry for justice and truth. Against the background of common threats, all responsible people - Russians and Caucasians, Tatars and Bashkirs, etc. will come together. and so on. And only then will people understand who their friend is and who their enemy is; who is the servant of shaitan, and who is led by the angels.

Soon, very soon the end of the familiar world will come; the moment when big cities “die out” or stop feeding; when you have to move to the village. But not in any, but closer to the mountains, where clean ecology, and the earth is not contaminated with nuclear and other waste. For Russians, it is Altai and the Caucasus. The plain spaces of Russia will be suitable for life only far from industrial centers and important communication nodes. And as in prehistoric times, when glaciers swallowed up almost the whole space of Eurasia (11-12 centuries ago), and tribes and ethnic groups, “huddled” to each other, escaped in the mountains of the Greater Caucasus (from the Caspian Sea to Zagross Mountains in Iran and Syria and further to the Black the seas) and “conceived” the first (socioeconomic) revolution in the world, which was called the NEOLITICAL (ie, PRODUCING), and now, to be saved, we will have to remember the youth of mankind: to live and survive together, to remember the ancient crafts and skills, including agricultural tr Yes. By the way, according to the European (Anglo-Saxon and Germanic) historical anthropology (and racology), “white” (European) peoples are called Caucasoids, because the mythology of these peoples identifies their geographical origin with the Caucasus. But in the Caucasus now it is full of peoples and few free territories, except perhaps the Western Caucasus, closer to Sochi. Or maybe the “fruits” of the “construction of the century” around Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana really are a “spare airfield” for a part of the Russian elite ?! I do not know, I do not know, but doubts remain. Then remains Altai. And there, according to reliable sources, vast areas are purchased by West-Israeli TNCs, through nominees from the “5 column” inside the country. This is called strategic investment. So, we will think and act, pray and less stare at the “box”, which finally can even enslave us, and not just ordinary people.

Khalidov D.Sh .: Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Head of the Center for Strategic Studies of the Problems of Ethnopolitics and the Islamic World.
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  1. smel
    smel 11 September 2013 06: 56
    Academy of Geopolitical Problems !!! Good luck with a realistic assessment of world political events and understanding that brevity is the sister of talent. Yes, and I almost forgot, AUTHOR, LOVE RUSSIA, and if it is not your homeland, then write in your native language
    1. Refund_SSSR
      Refund_SSSR 11 September 2013 07: 50
      Quote: smel
      and if it’s not your homeland, then write in your native language

      Probably Navalny got drunk with the grief of the election and gained a lot of nonsense on the blue wassat
      Sober unreadable at all!
      1. vadson
        vadson 11 September 2013 10: 56
        + half threw.
        tell me what you smoke and I will tell you who you are wassat
    2. left-wing
      left-wing 11 September 2013 08: 44
      Hmm, some unreadable nonsense
      1. Aryan
        Aryan 11 September 2013 09: 51
        Now it’s clear why the monkey
        You can’t give a grenade and a bonnet ... wassat
      2. hommer
        hommer 11 September 2013 14: 03
        Quote: links
        Hmm, some unreadable nonsense

  2. Xmypp
    Xmypp 11 September 2013 06: 59
    “We must prepare for
    the difficulties of subsistence farming ... "
    Eh, I figured it out only with potatoes.
    1. explorer
      explorer 11 September 2013 08: 24
      And what is bad about subsistence farming with limited use of modern technology? The fact that there is no TNK income from it?

      In any case, own food security (of a personal farm) will not hurt for many reasons - if only because you know what you eat and to land closer! lol
  3. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 11 September 2013 07: 01
    One of the reasons for the appearance of the conspiracy theory is certain deep-seated social and psychological needs of a person. The perception of the provisions of conspiracy theory is closely related to the mechanisms of stereotyping, projection, and the phenomenon of escapism. The reason for the success of conspiracy theories is also called the ideological reaction to social inequality.
    The projection mechanism means that a supporter of conspiracy theory, as a rule, transfers some of his positive and negative personality traits to alleged conspirators. In doing so, they become exaggerated. On the one hand, conspirators are demonized, they are credited with both evil intentions and personal immorality. This allows you to remove any moral restrictions in actions in relation to the alleged conspirators, to avoid moral condemnation or criminal liability. After all, the one who destroys such monsters should be recognized as a hero, not a criminal. On the other hand, conspirators are endowed with special abilities (intelligence, cunning, determination, etc.).
    The desire to avoid cognitive dissonance leads to the fact that a person who once adopted a certain conspiracy theory is usually difficult to convince to abandon it. All facts contradicting the theory are either simply ignored or rejected using methods typical for conspiracy theory (they can be denied by calling them manifestations of the provocative activities of the conspirators, or interpreted in such a way that they will turn from contradictory into confirming ones). And vice versa, any fact, even the most harmless and not seeming to have anything to do with the matter at first glance, can, with some effort, fit into the picture suggested by the conspiracy theory.
    1. matross
      matross 11 September 2013 11: 12
      Quote: serge-68-68
      The perception of the provisions of conspiracy theory is closely related to the mechanisms of stereotyping, projection, and the phenomenon of escapism.

      Hit the phenomenon of escapism according to the fabrications of geopolitical academics! laughing
      You are a huge plus! For subtle humor.
    2. 222222
      222222 11 September 2013 12: 47
      In your opinion, it turns out that the Rockefeller and Rhodschild clan exists only in my brain .. But are they not outside?
  4. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 11 September 2013 07: 01
    The world is changing, there is no self-image in this! It is important that we change the world, otherwise the bankers will change the world, and there will be a new slavery, made up without chains and condos!
    1. Pit
      Pit 11 September 2013 07: 21
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      and there will be new slavery, made up without chains and condol

      It is already there. How many percent of the population have taken out a mortgage, long-term loans and receive a salary on a card. This is slavery, where it is softer (salary on the card), somewhere harder (mortgage). If everything continues in the same direction, then in 20-30 years everyone will be on a bank leash, as in the "progressive world".
  5. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 11 September 2013 07: 03
    Then Altai remains. And there, as it follows from reliable sources, huge areas are purchased by West Israeli multinationals, through nominees from the "5th Column" inside the country.

    The author - I would like to know what these sources are and how much this corresponds to reality-
    It seems to me that the author is slipping us another linden for gullible people.
  6. andrei332809
    andrei332809 11 September 2013 07: 21
    read, read, the whole brain twisted. it’s easier to say, to save their profits and privileged position, world oligarchs will not spare anyone. conclusion, be vigilant, do not take on faith information spewed out by the media, think it critically
  7. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 11 September 2013 07: 24
    hi "... the head of the Center for Strategic Studies of Ethnopolitics and the Islamic World."In short, the instigator and provocateur ... am
  8. andruha70
    andruha70 11 September 2013 07: 37
    uhhh, I read it to the end, my brains almost boiled ... belay and this is written by the head of the Center for Strategic Studies ... he is still a strateg fool the only plus is a lot of new "words" I learned ... lol
    1. eplewke
      eplewke 11 September 2013 09: 40
      I agree, this confused nonsense is read very hard. This strategist, says the Muslim brothers - this institution of the social masses understands the state of affairs and financial oligarchies. God - you rave professor! Muslim brothers are not an independent unit - this man-made education was held in Qatar and Arabia with the money of Americans (the same financial oligarchies). Therefore, Mursi must have immediately applied for help to Washington and Qatar for an interest-free loan ???. Anyway, the article has a lot of inconsistencies and misunderstandings. Hard minus! The only thing you can agree with is that the world is waiting for change, and global!
  9. Dimy4
    Dimy4 11 September 2013 07: 43
    The author, in my opinion, excessively demonizes these very financial groups, sometimes giving them the appearance of almost demigods who are subject to everything (see the tales about Duncan Macleod). There have been such organizers of world orders at all times and, as a rule, their wishes did not take into account many parameters of the development of various nations. Yes, they launched many destructive processes, but they got out of their direct control and are now developing independently. Our country is an example of this, helping to destroy the Russian Empire, financing the Bolsheviks, Western governments, even in a nightmare, could not see that this would result in the creation of the Soviet Union, that is, a state that is an order of magnitude (even somewhat) stronger than the Russian Empire. What do we have now? Let's suppose that all the current informational filth - democratic, rosy, cannibalized, you can't list it all - would have poured out on our virgin minds of the early 90s, we would not have withstood this pressure. What we have, but the fact that the rulers unknown to the world again miscalculated, in the mess of the 90s, we tempered our minds, and we can resist the dirt about which I wrote above. Why am I all this, but to the fact that not everything is subject to unknown "wise men", each country has its own periods of decline and prosperity. I signed something, well, what kind of article and comment.
  10. individual
    individual 11 September 2013 07: 44
    Friday September 13, 2013, a bit of mysticism:
    As for the origin of the mystical power of Friday, 13, there are several versions. The most popular explanation is given by the Last Supper, in which 13 people took part - Jesus and 12 of his disciples. The thirteenth was the traitor Judah.
    It is believed that on this day all ghouls, witches and other evil spirits gather for a demonic Sabbath from all over the world. Another Friday “guilty” of the fact that, according to legend, Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit and were expelled from paradise on that day.
    To mysticism friday the 13th somehow we don’t really believe, but in the subconscious, something is alarming.
  11. Civil
    Civil 11 September 2013 07: 46
    The author is dear, but let's write about love better or fantasy?! 0
  12. 12061973
    12061973 11 September 2013 07: 50
    PUTIN is Mahdi, ramzan will like it.
  13. Revolver
    Revolver 11 September 2013 08: 11
    Believe me people! I can say this article, suffered. How many for the thoughts expressed in it, I injected extra injections of any nastiness into me - not to count.
    My special thanks go to the Prophet Mohammed in the bunk on the right and Moses in the bunk on the left for writing this article. And also to Jesus and Buddha from a neighboring chamber, we discussed a lot of life in the dining room with them a lot. And Rockefeller, who was in the bunk by the window, told the doctors that in the evenings I would use the computer of the nurse on duty to go to the network, and they changed logins on it. And he threatened that when he was written out, he would reset all accounts in all the banks of the world to me. Here. wassat
    1. Valery Neonov
      Valery Neonov 11 September 2013 09: 43
      +++ So here it is ... laughing and here we are in discussions ... with or without .. good
    2. smile
      smile 11 September 2013 12: 39
      I always knew that the gun was a reliable machine ... but so that all seven bullets and right in the ... eye ... :))) did not laugh like that for a long time .... :))) Thank you!
  14. IGS
    IGS 11 September 2013 08: 14
    Delirium ... diluted with facts. To begin with, the Wahhabis are the same Salafis, a relatively young movement in Islam (appeared in the 18th century), and the main thing that distinguishes it from other movements is the validity of killing a co-religionist. It was created with the support of the so-called. "Anglo-Saxons", to facilitate colonial policy, divide and rule (for some reason, many people forget about this). The Wahhabi movement was originally created by the "Anglo-Saxons", the "world elite", call it what you want. So it amused me that the person who wrote such a "serious" article, not only did not mention it, but also called for "understanding" and the struggle of "Wahhabis" against "Anglo-Saxons". It may sound strange, but "Wahhabis" without "Anglo-Saxons" are nothing, this is a branch that will not cut down the tree on which it grows. Recently, the illusion is often created that the "democratic West" opposes and fights against "Wahhabis", "terrorists" ... nonsense ... good and evil, boots from one pair. The article is aimed at maintaining this illusion, there are no facts to confirm it, except for several terrorist attacks, dubious execution, including September 11, but full of the opposite facts: Afghanistan, where al-Qaeda came from, now we have Syria in front of us, you yourself will find a bunch more. In general, quite a disgusting article (a lot of petty tricks) ... morning coffee is spoiled No. :
  15. mirag2
    mirag2 11 September 2013 08: 18
    Everything is much simpler, there is no such behind-the-scenes, there are people who promote their people to power, and presidents too. Those who give money. In the United States, the Jewish lobby gave money for the elections to Obama. It just so happened in recent decades that the bulk of "money "leverage and the media in Jewish hands. I do not breed any discord, about 5 years ago I was in a synagogue, in Maryina Roshcha, at some Jewish holiday. There, all Jews were given some kind of help with food, and I was amazed that almost all those who came for help were carrying packages with the inscription "Union of Journalists". I saw it myself. Personally. I didn’t read it, but I saw it.
    And whoever steers money is also up to you. Therefore, Israel will not go anywhere after 20 or 50 years. For the entire European part of the world is under their control. The European Union has not adopted a single decision not favorable to Israel, not to mention the States. Only (author right about patriotism) Hungary oppresses its line-expelled from there the World Jewish Congress, and filed a request to its authorities, which of the Jews in their power structures.
  16. Belogor
    Belogor 11 September 2013 08: 41
    This academy will constantly give birth to all sorts of horror stories and exaggerated conspiracy theories.
    Although it seems to be headed not by a stupid person. I wonder who is the customer who pays them for their labors?
  17. ZU-23
    ZU-23 11 September 2013 10: 49
    the author, stick out the kui and shoot yourself, generally complete nonsense)))
  18. VladimS
    VladimS 11 September 2013 11: 45
    Quote: links
    Hmm, some unreadable nonsense

    At first I thought what I had of one ... sad

    Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Head of the Center for Strategic Studies of Ethnic Policy and the Islamic World.

    Academy ... it's mine. Spanked academies and centers. And who plows there. ?? "You and me, yes, you and I" yu .. and there .. Academy. No more no less. Laughter and nothing more.
    The article is extremely weak analytically.
  19. kapitan281271
    kapitan281271 11 September 2013 11: 48
    Article ram. But another smiles at me. There are no conspiracies. Kennedy killed Oswald, the Islamic fundamentalists destroyed the towers, the 1st World War really started from shots in Sarajevo, democracy was built in Libya, and in Kosovo good guys were defended in Yugoslavia and so on and so forth. There are no conspiracies; this is all so so for the objective reasons for the development of society. Oh yes, I forgot, and no one at all, and with regard to 1917, THIS IS ALL MOST SO ....
  20. Hort
    Hort 11 September 2013 12: 06
    there is only one question: even if we assume that the world behind the scenes concocts a new redivision of the world and a new slaughter, using vigorous and cast-iron bonbs, HOW are these geniuses of secret power going to rule after the war? And most importantly WHERE and WHERE? Or will they live on the moon? After the war, the planet will be filthy so that a new biology textbook will have to be written after eleven years
  21. kapitan281271
    kapitan281271 11 September 2013 12: 23
    But not for them, you need to think for yourself. We will not save Ased from bombing Syria, the oil pipeline from the Persian monarchies will be laid into a geyropa, nobody will need our oil, and Russia will follow the USSR’s path of no sound bombs. Remind me that it took a lot of megatons to destroy the USSR. Oh yes, I forgot, I'm a schizophrenic here and there are no conspiracies.
  22. Storm
    Storm 11 September 2013 12: 26
    I like the frivolity of many in this forum. Like the conspiracy theory - ha, ha ha. Complacency, not otherwise. Look around at what is happening in the world and correlate with the plans of the creators of the NMP (New World Order). The article is written in heavy language - it is. But the meaning of what the author wanted to say in it is generally understandable: the world on the eve of the global redivision according to the patterns of ideologists of the NMP, Brzezinski among them. This does not prepare anything good for us - study that in their view the New World Order, what they are leading the world to. Read the books of Brzezinski himself that he writes. A lot of information. Think with your head, not with slogans.
  23. VladimS
    VladimS 11 September 2013 12: 34
    Another important point related to Syria. I see what a difficult game the West is playing, how Bashar al-Assad and his clique are abusing external support, and how it can all end.

    Oh, well, it’s a direct prophet in his own country .. Anyone who thinks and evaluates .., especially the latest events around Syria, sees this.
    Question: What and how is Assad "abusing"?
  24. nikcris
    nikcris 11 September 2013 13: 01
    It is necessary to nafigachit so many books !!! You could just write: "Chief, everything is gone!" Or even shorter: "Prosralipolymers!"
    One was pleased - the author intends to develop agriculture in the mountains of the Caucasus (it seems, right on Elbrus).
    1. IGS
      IGS 11 September 2013 13: 26
      Simply put, people urged: "throw everything, and in the mountains, it's good there, they won't touch you there, hide and don't shine." Well, well ... even if I have studied the mentality of a Russian person, we will still buy tickets to this apocalypse with a glass laughing
  25. Goldkonstantin
    Goldkonstantin 11 September 2013 15: 20
    I didn’t read any more nonsense! How do you go crazy to invent something like that? Minus, minus and minus again! In the footsteps of Brzezinski is an uncle, mdee!