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Supernova of the Ground Forces

The current organizational events are not a victory of the military over a civilian reformer minister, but a balanced and thoughtful approach.

With the departure of former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov, who noted that the Armed Forces of Russia had been brought to the so-called new and modern appearance, transformations in the military department did not stop. However, the next changes take place with a different vector.

In contrast to the reforms of Serdyukov-Makarov, widely reported in the media, the new phase of the construction of the Armed Forces is in complete silence. Only individual elements of a large mosaic, complex transformations, jokingly called supernova in military circles, are becoming public. It is worth noting that the current reforms have found a complete understanding of the military, which cannot be said about the new and modern looks that are actively criticized by the military. At the same time, the media and ordinary citizens see the changes just as the rejection of all the decisions of the ex-minister, so to say the victory of the military over the “progressive reformers”. But in reality, to the credit of the defense department, this is not so. For the first time in 30 years of continuous reforms, the next transformations in the RF Armed Forces are conducted thoughtfully, without haste and taking into account the views of military science, field commanders and military officers.

Brigade approach

The main direction of the reform of the Armed Forces of Russia has traditionally been the Ground Forces, which, together with the Air Force, have taken the main blow of a new and new look. The resignation of Anatoly Serdyukov found the "land" at the crucial moment of his transformation. As you know, in 2008 it was decided to abandon the divisions, reorganizing them into brigades, reduce army control, and reorganize military districts into operational commands. Officially, these organizational and staffing activities were completed by August 2010. The motorized rifle brigade (ICBM) of the new look included three motorized rifle, one tank battalions, two artillery, one anti-tank and one jet divisions. Later, an reconnaissance battalion was reorganized from the brigade reconnaissance. From the air, the ICBM covered the anti-aircraft missile and anti-aircraft missile and artillery divisions. The brigade kit included communications battalions, engineer and engineer, repair and restoration and material support, as well as a commandant company. Brigades were reorganized from divisions. Tank brigades (brigade) differed only in the number of tank and motorized rifle battalions (three tank and one motorized rifle). The directorates of the combined-arms armies were liquidated - the Moscow brigade and the armored brigade were directly subordinate to the operational command (in peacetime, the military district).

Supernova of the Ground ForcesThe Vostok-2010 strategic exercises that took place in 2010 in the Far East, in Siberia and Transbaikalia showed all the flaws of the new-look brigades overloaded with artillery, sappers and air defense, with weak rear, repair facilities and practically no infantry. As the officers of the Central Military District (TsVO) joked, this is a “sapper-artillery-zenith brigade”. Therefore, in the autumn of 2010, the Chief of the General Staff, Army General Nikolai Makarov, proposed to conduct the next re-formation of the ISCs and the TGRs into light, medium and heavy brigades. As the newspaper "Military Industrial Complex" was told in the commands of military districts, all Ground Forces had to move to new states by 2013 – 2014 years.

“As an experiment in the Southern Military District (SKR), the 56-I airborne assault brigade became easy. This happened at the end of August 2011. Long could not decide on the final version of the state and technology. At first it was assumed that the infantry would move on foot, then decided that the cars. In the fall, we received the Oise, but in December we were told that they would be replaced by the Italian “Lynxes” of the Iveco company, said an officer of the Southern Military District, who is familiar with the situation.

At the same time, a motorized rifle brigade moved to the Central Military District on a heavy staff. “It was planned that the heavy brigades would be of two types:“ A ”- three motorized rifle and one tank battalion,“ B ”- two tank and two motorized rifle. The new team was in the state of the first type. New officer posts were added to motorized rifle and tank battalions. In particular, assistants to the battalion commander for motorized rifle subunits for tankers appeared, and for motorized riflemen for tank units, ”a representative of the Central Military District explained.

As the leadership of the Ministry of Defense emphasized, all new brigades were experimental. The former commander-in-chief of the Ground Forces, Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov, was appointed responsible for the development and introduction of new states, under whose leadership several pilot exercises were held. At the same time, it was decided to abandon the creation of an experimental middle brigade. From the light hand of the media, the transition to unified associations was given the name - the newest look.

On the eve of the 2011 of the year, the ground forces merged the logistical and repair units. As a result, the brigade had a difficultly managed logistics battalion (BMTO) of seven companies, which included material support and repair and recovery battalions. At 700 staff, there were only seven officers and soldiers of the Russian army in BMTO.

An analysis of experimental exercises with light and heavy brigades conducted in August 2012 showed that this was far from ideal, but much better than the motorized rifle and tank brigades of the new look.

Russian Stryker

In developing the state-of-the-art brigade staff, subordinate to the Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, the Main Organizational-Mobilization Directorate (GOMU) focused on the US Army, from 2006, consisting of unified "modular" heavy, infantry and "Stryker" brigades created according to the experience of waging the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. At the same time, copying the squares of the US staffing tables, the creators of the Russian teams missed several important points.

With all the modularity, heavy and infantry brigades rely not only on their rear units, consolidated into a support battalion, but also on the divisional support brigade. The exception is the Stryker Brigade, equipped with armored personnel carriers. Created for expeditionary operations and transferred by air in full force to any region of the globe within four to seven days, these brigades in their composition do not have any rear units. On the first day, Stryker acts using the reserves at its disposal and transported on its equipment, and after that the divisions and corps deployed at the theater of operations of the brigade of material support (brmto) are engaged in supply. Without their support, the "modular" brigades of the US Army cannot fight. At the same time, with a weak rear of the combined-arms brigades of Russia from the army brigades of material and technical support there is little sense. In contrast to the American divisional bureau, the Russian will have to work not with two or three, but with five — seven, and sometimes with ten brigades. The weakness of the domestic system was shown in the 2011 exercise "Center". Fortunately, they were held on their territory and stocks of material resources were created in advance.

When developing "modular" brigades, the US Army proceeded from the principle "The main striking force of the brigade is the infantryman", and the Russian GOMU - "The main striking force is the technique." The Americans infantry brigade - it is an infantryman without equipment. In the Armed Forces of Russia, a light brigade is a light combat vehicle: vehicles and armored personnel carriers. As a result, the 56 state was built on the basis of the main machinery of the brigade - UAZ light vehicles, and in the long term, “Lynx”. Hence, small rifle squads of seven to eight people in comparison with the US 15 – 20 people.

The Russian counterpart of Stryker - medium brigades turned out to be unrealizable. More than 80 percent of the Stryker Brigade is the Stryker wheeled armored personnel carriers of various modifications, not only carrying infantry, but also reconnaissance, engineering, medical, fire support and anti-tank ones. All the rest is Hummer trucks and jeeps. There is no tracked vehicle, and instead of tanks a mobile artillery system with an 105-mm cannon is a “wheeled tank”. Such a brigade, capable of making long marches, is easily transported by air and takes place in a battlefield within a few days.

The Russian "defense industry" to please the Ground Forces with a similar multi-purpose machine "Stryker", alas, cannot. The only option is the BTR-80 / 82, but in this case more than half of the fleet of equipment of the average brigade will be on tracks. The solution was found in the procurement of the Italian "wheeled tanks" "Chentauro" and the development of artillery systems and air defense systems on wheeled chassis. But until the resignation of Serdyukov and Makarov, the state of the middle brigade remained on paper.

6 November 2012 of the year Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed Anatoly Serdyukov. In a short time, General of the Army Nikolai Makarov, Chief of the General Staff, also left military service. Until the end of 2012, the new leadership of the Ministry of Defense understood what was going on. Instead of Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, the Ground Forces were headed by Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin. After four years of continuous reforms, the new commander-in-chief came to the ruins of the old system and the unfinished framework. The MSCR of the new look turned out to be too cumbersome and ineffective, while the unified brigades were just an experiment.

In December, 2012, the Ground Forces sent the first proposals on the states of the new brigades to GOMU. It was decided not to abandon the Makarov idea of ​​heavy, medium, light brigades. We have with the states an eternal confusion, that before the new look, that when Serdyukov there was not a single brigade. So their unification of the Ground Forces is very necessary. Nikolay Egorovich spoke about this even in the summer of 2008, when he reported on the prospects for a new look. But then the rush began. And by May 2009-th developed new states and launched them. As a result, it turned out not as better, but as always.

In order not to repeat the mistakes of the reformers, the changes in the Armed Forces should be considered carefully and thoughtfully. Judging by the first steps of the leadership of the defense ministry, it was decided to carry out transformations in this direction in this way.

And we will tell about it in one of the nearest numbers.
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  1. kafa
    kafa 11 September 2013 07: 36
    military reform is not for you to play soldiers, you need to think here fool
    1. Airman
      Airman 11 September 2013 09: 19
      Quote: kafa
      military reform is not for you to play soldiers, you need to think here fool

      Now in each battalion there will be one "idler" - an assistant for tank (motorized rifle) units. And what, now, and VOKU tactics of actions of tank units are not taught? Previously, all this was interconnected. A purely personal opinion, but it seems to me that we will still return to divisions, as the most balanced formations, allowing them to solve tactical tasks in full.
      1. alone
        alone 11 September 2013 18: 24
        Quote: Povshnik
        Now in each battalion there will be one "idler" - assistant for tank (motorized rifle) units

        what and how will he help them?
    2. eplewke
      eplewke 11 September 2013 10: 13
      The nature of the future war sets the "soldiers" in peacetime. We must clearly understand what threats exist, what character of the war follows from this potential enemy. Only on this data it is possible to create combat equipped divisions and brigades and the place of their deployment.
    3. seller trucks
      seller trucks 11 September 2013 10: 44
      Quote: kafa
      military reform is not for you to play soldiers, you need to think here

      I do not have a special education, unfortunately. but I had one question, from experience in Afghanistan and Chechnya a big jamb came up - this is the lack of air fire support and the evacuation of the wounded, this was due to the lack of interaction between the motorized rifle and the Air Force, the coordination of actions took a very long time, and now the question may make sense introduce attack helicopter squadrons?
    4. sashka
      sashka 11 September 2013 12: 04
      Quote: kafa
      it’s not for you to play soldiers, you need to think here

      What for.? The Kremlin has already thought for you a hundred times .. Rest in peace ..
  2. Strashila
    Strashila 11 September 2013 07: 37
    Why Americans, and not the Foreign Legion of France, which is constantly fighting?
    1. the polar
      the polar 11 September 2013 07: 46
      Quote: Strashila
      Why Americans, and not the Foreign Legion of France, which is constantly fighting?

      We must have our brains and study the experience of the Soviet army, and not blindly copy American interventionists, sharpened for completely different tasks and not having a single victory.
      1. waisson
        waisson 11 September 2013 08: 18
        yes it is correctly said that the experience of the Soviet army is not enough for us and the army as such in my opinion I look no looking at the premature one-year-old soldiers
      2. Kyrgyz
        Kyrgyz 11 September 2013 10: 38
        Quote: Polar
        and not having a single victory.

        except Serbia Iraq 2 times and Libya
        1. OTTO
          OTTO 11 September 2013 11: 02
          Quote: Kyrgyz
          except Serbia Iraq 2 times and Libya

          Very worthy victories - the tenth grader defeated the insidious preschooler repeat
          1. v.lyamkin
            v.lyamkin 11 September 2013 12: 45
            You speak the truth, my son.
          2. Kyrgyz
            Kyrgyz 11 September 2013 18: 55
            Quote: OTTO
            Very worthy victories - the tenth grader defeated the insidious preschooler

            It was easier for them than the first Chechen
            1. OTTO
              OTTO 11 September 2013 19: 10
              Quote: Kyrgyz
              It was easier for them than the first Chechen

              Nobody knitted their army, they beat them with all their dope without paying attention to any European commissars, doctors without borders, etc.
      3. VasDA
        VasDA 11 September 2013 13: 53
        I agree ... The history of the Second World War shows that then they studied very quickly. The reorganization of the Air Force alone is worth ...
    2. 77bor1973
      77bor1973 11 September 2013 08: 20
      There is a regimental structure in the Foreign Legion, although there is a semi-brigade which can easily be considered as an easy brigade - well, very light!
  3. sashka
    sashka 11 September 2013 07: 42
    The supernova appearance of the Ground Forces. Wow, that sounds like SuperNew most likely. The author did not have time to shout .. Bear disguises opu. It was already boring ..
    1. bask
      bask 11 September 2013 16: 18
      Quote: Sasha
      The supernova appearance of the Ground Forces.

      Supernova, the appearance of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, will be only if the troops have new armored vehicles. "" Armata, Kurganets, Boomera
      1. bask
        bask 11 September 2013 17: 23
        Add: and modern ASUV.
        Damned bourgeoisie: ASUV is divided into several classes. Depending on the tasks performed by the systems - control, command, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. + (On my own) real-time information about, rear and repair units, battalions logistics.
        Field control point of an operational-tactical link.

  4. mirag2
    mirag2 11 September 2013 07: 43
    It’s very, very interesting! It turns out why they bought Italian equipment! And then they just didn’t say it. I would like to know more quickly whether we managed to create a suitable brigade configuration — mobile, powerful, combat-ready and, most importantly, balanced.
    1. Vlad 1965
      Vlad 1965 11 September 2013 10: 17
      It remains to find a suitable configuration?
      What’s simpler — all the women from the central apparatus of the MO, GSH, GOMU to the battalions — we get a universal combat unit.
      It is necessary, the horse will be stopped for a gallop, it is necessary, the weasels of the enemy will bring to exhaustion.
      Funny? Funny, if it weren’t bitter ...
  5. cobalt
    cobalt 11 September 2013 07: 52
    The mess goes on
    1. sashka
      sashka 11 September 2013 10: 23
      Quote: cobalt
      The mess goes on

      Do you really think that he (the mess) has stopped? .
      1. VasDA
        VasDA 11 September 2013 13: 57
        I was always amazed by laughter through tears: We create difficulties to overcome them heroically then! What for? Why haven’t we yet learned to learn from the mistakes of others, and even less so from ours? Where did we get such pride?
        1. berimor
          berimor 11 September 2013 15: 12
          This is not pride, but the usual Slavic stupidity. Remember the saying: "The clever learns from the mistakes of others, and the stupid one does not even learn from his own!" Something like this.
  6. Hort
    Hort 11 September 2013 08: 04
    Having read the name, I thought that they would now write down the concept of armored infantry a la Elemental. But no ...
  7. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 11 September 2013 08: 04
    In our conditions, I do not see any sense in creating a "striker" brigade, the whim of rich Americans, besides, any mountain or air assault brigade could act as such a brigade.
  8. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 11 September 2013 08: 08
    I would like to see not just another look, but a harsh reality.
  9. gal
    gal 11 September 2013 08: 23
    Who is the adversary? Where are we fighting? The formation of army groups will depend on the answer.
    2008 - An endless string of military equipment and soldiers of the Russian Federation in South Ossetia. Question: But did you have to shove so much there? Already in Gori stood and through Roksky all equipment went.
  10. mitya24
    mitya24 11 September 2013 08: 39
    American "striker" brigades are purely offensive forces designed to conduct hostilities in foreign territory. Since the days of the Red Army, our armed forces have been viewed as defensive. Hence the question: "Why should we adjust what we have to other people's concepts and standards"? Maybe someone was going to capture, but forgot to tell us?
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 11 September 2013 10: 40
      Quote: mitya24
      Since the days of the Red Army, our armed forces have been regarded as defensive.

      Oh, but why was BT7 needed?
    2. ale-x
      ale-x 11 September 2013 11: 18
      To them (sworn friends) it was clear how to fight with us.
  11. tank64rus
    tank64rus 11 September 2013 08: 40
    The American army has the task of seizing foreign territory. They are overseas and they carry out their defense with the most powerful naval forces and aviation, not to mention the strategic nuclear forces. In addition, they did not abandon the divisional and army level of command. Did we really lack the experience of the 41st year when the corps had the number of people and equipment equal to two tank armies of 44-45? The loss of control and the lack of experienced command personnel were one of the main reasons for the defeat. The organizational structure of the Armed Forces depends on the tasks facing them. All these "reforms" are an attempt to keep up with two birds with one stone, that is, with the help of cut-down and poorly controlled Armed Forces, which should be deployed from West to East or South, to defend a huge country. The results of the exercises showed the entire inconsistency of this venture. It seems that the main goal of the "reforms" is to leave the country without an army. By the way, the Ministry of Finance proposed to cut the RF Armed Forces by half. Apparently someone wants to become a "great reformer again."
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 11 September 2013 10: 43
      Quote: tank64rus
      The American army has the task of capturing foreign territory.

      It is not true, there is no such task, eliminating a competitor or an opponent by destroying infrastructure and disorganization, yes, but capture is not. Destroy the country put at the head of controlled characters and the thing is in the hat, the characters nourish each other crush each other and do not allow the country to develop
  12. rugor
    rugor 11 September 2013 08: 45
    Quote: serge-68-68
    I would like to see not just another look, but a harsh reality.

    It is likely that you will not see anything good. I hope while you will not see.
  13. kostya_a
    kostya_a 11 September 2013 08: 58
    Quote: Strashila
    and not the Foreign Legion of France, which is constantly fighting?

    They fight a maximum of two regiments, this is 1 people. And the regimental system of the legion is definitely not suitable for us. Imagine (if, by analogy with the legion), one regiment is in Pskov, the second in Moscow, the third in Novosibirsk, etc. Parsley turns out!
  14. mirag2
    mirag2 11 September 2013 09: 08
    The Ministry of Finance wanted to cut the aircraft in half, because there is not enough money in the country! Budget optimization, the abolition of maternal capital is a consequence of the emergence of shale gas on the market. Our, practically the only strategic product on the market, has fallen in price! There is less money in the country.
    And at the scale of our country, it’s necessary to build highly mobile formations, up to the regiment. If they move by helicopters, at a flight distance, like Yamshchitsky machines. A lot of small bases. Probably like that. And, of course, I can’t offhand something smart offer now. I want to say that we need to look for a way out. We need to think about it. It is better to organize defense with our resources so that the border is guarded and there are small HFs that could support each other if necessary.
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 11 September 2013 10: 48
      Quote: mirag2
      The Ministry of Finance wanted to cut the aircraft in half, because there is not enough money in the country!

      The Ministry of Finance asked to stretch the rearmament in time so as not to pull so much out of circulation, which in general will be done, because cannot learn anyway due to production restrictions
  15. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 11 September 2013 09: 19
    Quote: mirag2
    that there is little money in the country
    not a little money, but they steal a lot and are ineffectively used. Landings are necessary for theft and sabotage, with the confiscation of all property, not only the stealing bureaucrats, who, according to the documents, was scammed like a falcon, but also with the whole family.
  16. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 11 September 2013 09: 48
    In order not to repeat the mistakes of the reformers,

    What mistakes are there - a whole platoon of women SERDYUKOV intensively reformed their FINANCIAL WELL-BEING.
    Therefore, at the word REFORM my hands are automatically drawn to the pitchfork to throw the next reformer to hell.
  17. IRBIS
    IRBIS 11 September 2013 10: 16
    Have you tried to consider the experience of your country? Why some Strykers? Why not turn to the times of the USSR, when there was power, in the form of divisions and mobility, in the form of an airborne assault brigade and other obr. It was possible to "blind" whatever your heart desires - from a reinforced company to a reinforced regiment, with full logistics support. The appearance is the appearance, but it is stupid to adopt someone else's experience, why?
    1. Vlad 1965
      Vlad 1965 11 September 2013 10: 24
      IRBIS (1
      My friend told me that the structure of DIVISION-80 was being worked out at 90 in the GSVG.
      The staff of SMEs is the same state, but well thought out, according to which the ersatz battalions are being molded, in the form of armored personnel carriers.
      The question is, who is sitting in the Goma of the General Staff, who does what, and how do they generally take into account the requirements that come from below, in order to improve the states. ANSWER NO.
      It’s easier to get a goat out of your nose, talk about the Strikers, the French legions and generally look at the West as an IDOL, saying that everything is openwork there and better than everything that we had.
    2. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 11 September 2013 21: 39
      Quote: IRBIS
      when there was power, in the form of divisions and mobility, in the form of airborne assault brigades and other obr. You could "blind" whatever your heart desires

      Right to the point, Alexander.
      Normal lisped has long been invented.
  18. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 11 September 2013 10: 19
    Reform in the army and in any other department should begin with calculations. Before reforming it is necessary to carefully consider everything. Of course, drawing on the experience of previous wars. But experience is experience, and time is moving forward. And therefore, only carefully considering everything by checking on mathematical models, it would be possible to carry out a reform. And then for starters on the example of one district, and not immediately, but to conduct retraining, retraining of command personnel and only then the translation of all units. It seems to me that the transfer under the unified command of the tank and infantry air defense systems attached to them, as well as attack aircraft, is a completely reasonable solution. But this is only my opinion, and in military affairs I am completely zero.
  19. Sunjar
    Sunjar 11 September 2013 10: 23
    I don't really like that the structure of our army is being made in the likeness of Western "partners". In Afghanistan, the assigned combat missions were carried out in accordance with plans. The army operated successfully.
    There is also a certain danger of making an army according to the brigade type, because in case of turmoil in our country, the generals will have a small army under his command, and he will declare that: "We ourselves will not settle our affairs yet." Or even a bought traitor. It is unwise to concentrate such power in one hand.
  20. erased
    erased 11 September 2013 10: 27
    ... for 30 years of continuous reform

    Not for 30, but for 21 years. If you count from 1992. So it would be more correct to say - for 21 years of continuous rout. The current state of the RF Ministry of Defense can be conveyed in one word, but it is obscene. There are plans, there are ideas, there is some movement, but all this is only in perspective. All hope for nuclear weapons, it has not yet been completely destroyed. Because the Russian Federation also exists as a state.
    But what is missing is the belief that the army will lead, as they say, to a normal battle. Faith has gone in 21 years. There was only a ghostly hope.
  21. Vlad 1965
    Vlad 1965 11 September 2013 10: 29
    Quote: Sunjar
    There is also a certain danger of making an army according to the brigade type, because in case of turmoil in our country, the generals will have a small army under his command, and he will declare that: "We ourselves will not settle our affairs yet." Or even a bought traitor. It is unwise to concentrate such power in one hand.

    Hello, we arrived ... OK, there were DIVISIONS, they were scared, thought up some kind of new look, killed the divisional system, gave birth to some kind of crap, brigade, low-combat-ready.
    Now, judging by your words and the brigade, we’ll do something — we’ll unassemble the troops in general, giving them under the command of not the colonel generals — but the Committee’s soldier’s mother, with sponsors from the State Department ???
  22. maklaut007
    maklaut007 11 September 2013 12: 11
    At first it was assumed that the infantry would move on foot, (c) 21st century, yo..k on the site of the MINISTER OF DEFENSE OF RUSSIA, sends infantry on foot. Three ways to destroy the armed forces. Stop financing, start moronic reorganization, put at the head of the thief-scum with connections. All three points are completed. Well in the warehouses of long-term storage from the USSR remained horse harness, carts and drafts. we will collect maxims for museums. You can revive the everyday life, it will not be worse.
    1. TRex
      TRex 11 September 2013 14: 59
      Who told you about the long-term storage facilities that there was something left? The central warehouse of the Navy in the suburbs burned down completely, I don’t remember how many arsenals soared into the air. I think that the lack of a mobile reserve and the desire to protect the vast territory of the country with small, but LLC very mobile, modern and trained Armed Forces, led to the fact that long-term storage warehouses were plundered and sold out a long time ago.
      When and where in Russia did any significant mobilization events take place?

      "Everything has already been stolen there ... before us" (G. Vitsyn "Operation Y") So - you won’t have any drafts, nor tachanka.
  23. Vvs
    Vvs 11 September 2013 13: 02
    When developing the state of the brigades of the latest look, the Main Organizational-Mobilization Directorate (GOMU) subordinate to the Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov focused on the US Army
    I read the article and the comments - well, everything is like in the Soviet Union: eat American stew, ride American Studebakers and jeeps, fight in Shermans, demand a second front - and at the same time shout that "American interventionists, sharpened for completely different tasks and not having a single victory"Stop lying already, first of all to yourself!
    From the article and comments, you might think that someone else came and appointed you the Minister of Defense and the National Security Service, or it was the spies who sneaked into the General Public Administration and began copying the structure from the Americans.
    There is a well-known way to compete: copy competitor achievements. But this way, beloved in the USSR, when almost everything was stolen and copied, shows that with blind reproduction a locomotive is obtained anyway.
    "Why not turn to the times of the USSR, when there was power, in the form of divisions and mobility, in the form of ODShBr and other arr."So the resources are not endless. The times of the USSR and 24% of GDP for the defense industry are gone.
    "We must have our brains and study the experience of the Soviet army"Already everyone who could have abandoned this experience. The former Warsaw Pact countries, Iraq, Libya, Syria will soon embark on the path to such a solution. Soviet military art is based on unlimited resources, especially human resources. The consequence of its application is first and foremost huge losses in all wars and conflicts.
    Therefore, the path to using the best practices of warring armies is the right one. However, one must admit that the USA and NATO possess the best practices today, and that staff procedures and the management system must be changed according to their model. For this, just intelligence is not enough. It is necessary to conduct joint exercises, send officers to study, invite consultants and advisers, bring weapons and equipment to standards.
    Recognize, including on the pages of this site. And it turns out that you are against the decisions of your own political and military leadership. He knows better ...
    1. I am a Russian
      I am a Russian 11 September 2013 21: 40
      In graduated .... l.

      Quote: V V S
      Soviet military art is based on unlimited resources, especially human resources.
  24. nikcris
    nikcris 11 September 2013 14: 06
    Insanity is getting stronger. And what can you expect when the Supreme Commander-in-Chief is sitting in the parade and the troops are not marching, but "parading."
    Ugh, sick ...

  25. nikcris
    nikcris 11 September 2013 14: 11
    When I see these fucking shako, for some reason the operettas "The Gypsy Baron" and "Princess of the Circus" immediately get into my head. Go to the doctor, stoli? Although unlikely to help smile
  26. chenia
    chenia 11 September 2013 15: 23
    The people are talking about. The structure of the combat and rear support of the brigade is divisional, of the same rank of unit. I wish the management team to see (but I feel the same departments and groups). The structure of the linear divisions divisional.

    If the units of the battle group (battalions) will repeat the structure of the SME or TP (and accordingly have the equipment as part), then there is nothing to worry about.

    Suppose there is a conflict, there is no need for a large number of troops (in deployment) such brigades are immediately ready for combat. And hit in a big alarm, the brigade turns into a division (and with greater speed than the Soviet cropped divisions once).

    All this is much better than a cropped division. It’s just that in certain areas it makes sense to have divisions of the whole composition.

    And for certain conditions and situations, have specialized units and quick response units.
    1. amp
      amp 11 September 2013 19: 34
      The cropped division had the equipment at the ready, but here only for the already deployed units the equipment is provided.
    2. not good
      not good 11 September 2013 22: 17
      According to this scheme, the USSR Armed Forces had brigades of marines, but there is a different rear support system, in contrast to land divisions, including cropped. It was simply not necessary to flog the fever, but to practice first in one of the districts. Then, to conduct exercises with the neighboring district, built according to the old states and the emerging flaws, to eliminate, it turned out that the old efficient, albeit bulky, structure was destroyed, but the new one did not become more effective. We experiment further.
  27. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 11 September 2013 15: 49
    On this occasion, I recall an old anti-Soviet anecdote with the final question: "Have you tried them with dust?"
  28. Letnab
    Letnab 11 September 2013 16: 26
    In the article, the author himself points out that the prototype of the Serdyukov reforms, the American expeditionary force, and we all see that they fight only with countries that initially lose. And the equipment of these same brigades is more intended to fight with partisans than with a real army. Recently, the French foreign legion has also been fighting more against partisans, or as part of coalition forces against small countries, like the Americans, etc. ...
    In reality, it’s the divisional option that suits our country, of course, something needs to be changed to suit the realities of the time, but not so dramatically ..
    And light brigades are more suitable for internal troops, whose task is precisely to drive these same guerrillas.
  29. repytw
    repytw 11 September 2013 16: 49
    Divisions and regiments are now being restored to the brigades. When all this is done, already tired of especially nodding to the west. Our military science has always been better, or they do not read the Military Thought magazine.
    1. amp
      amp 11 September 2013 18: 32
      Our aircraft have completely different tasks. For us, the task of a war for thousands of miles overseas is not our task; we are threatened by local conflicts such as the war with Georgia. This is a conflict near our borders, to the place of which there is most likely a developed infrastructure of railways and highways. Well, except for the war for the Kuril Islands. In this regard, mobility is not our No. 1 task, as for Americans, firepower is more important for us, which can quickly suppress an army like the Georgian.
  30. amp
    amp 11 September 2013 18: 22
    Well, in terms of combat units, the "heavy" MSBR is quite consistent with the SME where I served; the same 3 MSB, 1 TB, 2 ADN, 1 ZDN. Only intelligence has become more - instead of reconnaissance - intelligence battalion. The convoy increased dramatically: instead of companies, there were battalions. But these battalions (like the Ravedbat) existed earlier and were subordinate to the division. That is, they subordinated them to the former regimental command and all business. But what about another fully deployed regiment from our division if all individual battalions from the division were transferred to one of the former regiments?

    In general, in my opinion, our 2 MSD could solve problems of both light and heavy brigades, after minor changes. 1 regiment on an armored personnel carrier 80 would have completely gone for an analogous sykez if you replaced heavy acacias with artillery on wheels, and 15 SMEs could fulfill the tasks of a heavy brigade ...
  31. alone
    alone 11 September 2013 18: 29
    Until the reports of financial expenditures for rearmament of the army are demanded, until the corruption transactions for the purchase of foreign equipment are eradicated, until the rearmament and reform of the army, the real mess professionals will continue.
  32. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 11 September 2013 18: 51
    I think we need two types of brigades, a light Special Forces and a unitary combined arms.
  33. AlexP47
    AlexP47 11 September 2013 20: 44
    We really need light infantry brigades now. Our most likely enemy is irregular illegal bandit-Wahhabi formations. The battles will have to be fought mainly in settlements and mountainous and wooded areas: with heavy equipment there will not be deployed there. Armored objects (how do not protect them with screens in a circle) in a dense urban (rural) development is an easy target. Remember Berlin 45 and Grozny 95. But light infantry in UAZ vehicles is just ridiculous! "Lynx" as an intermediate option looks more suitable, but we cannot afford to equip our army with imported equipment, even if it is better and cheaper. We need "Tigers", "Typhoons" and special vehicles based on them. Further, tactical drones, communications with secure channels, control through the automated control system plus reliable logistic support. It is necessary to create an advantage in the means of electronic warfare: during the operation, "hammer" the enemy's radio networks with interference, conduct a psychological struggle.
    1. nikcris
      nikcris 11 September 2013 21: 26
      Are you ready to join the Light Infantry Brigade? On the Tigers. With "e. It is necessary to create an advantage in the means of electronic warfare: during the operation," clog "the enemy's radio networks with interference, conduct a psychological struggle." Is this dumpling madhouse leading us to victory?
      1. AlexP47
        AlexP47 11 September 2013 21: 37
        Why don't you like Tigers? Do it better. There are still no others.
      2. nikcris
        nikcris 11 September 2013 21: 38
        Anyway - you have planned the next war in the cities and in the mountains. I respect you very much, but can I, with my respect, move away from the fence, where can I not see?
  34. 2я19
    2я19 11 September 2013 23: 38
    It’s a pity that the 37th cannot be returned, the failure of military reform, than a non-firing article?