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On the Internet published video with a prototype of a new US tank

The world Internet is discussing with interest the video filmed last year in Ohio, but which has gained popularity only in the last few weeks. The video shows an unknown tank of a rather original design transported by rail. According to many, this car is the prototype of the new American tank M1A3, although there is no less popular version, that this is just the scenery for the Hollywood movie "Transformers 3".

If this is really a new tank of the US Army, then its design is noticeably different from all armored vehicles known up to this point. First of all, noticeably elongated tower with a hatch on the rear wall is striking. It is possible that this was done because of the presence of an automatic loader in the tank, and the hatch serves for loading ammunition, or throwing out the spent cartridges. Based on the video, it is impossible to say anything about the caliber of a tank gun, however, even with the naked eye it is clear that it is more than a third longer than the M1A2 Abrams.

On the Internet published video with a prototype of a new US tank

The prototype of the American tank CATT - development 80-ies

Perhaps this armored vehicle is the heir to the development of the 80-ies of the CATTB tank, at least outwardly both cars are very similar. CATTB also installed an automatic loader and a powerful 140-mm gun, which is almost as good as the 155-mm howitzers. By the way, if there was a need to reduce the caliber of the gun, then it changed within an hour, by simply replacing the barrel, with the standard one for 120-mm tanks.

In the 80s of the Americans working on CATTB, the Soviet leadership was very worried, because in fact we had nothing to oppose against such a powerful armored vehicle. If we consider that over time, the United States could have further improved this tank, then we can only imagine the faces of the leaders of our Defense Ministry at the sight of this video.

However, perhaps not everything is so bad, and this tank is nothing but a decoration for a new Hollywood film. This version is supported by the fact that the Pentagon would hardly have decided to openly transport its new top-secret development by rail, and also on a painted graffiti composition. But so far there are no official statements, neither from the leadership of the Pentagon, nor from the creators of “Transformers 3”, and it remains only to guess what is really captured in this video.

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  1. Barmalej
    Barmalej 9 February 2011 18: 32
    Most likely not props
  2. Michael
    Michael 9 February 2011 19: 15
    So carry only for re-melting.
  3. Andrei
    Andrei 9 February 2011 19: 30
    To drive a top-secret car in broad daylight on an open platform? Rave. And as you can see, the pepelats is clearly not new. The same M1, but with a different tower with automatic loader. Most likely SATTV is.
  4. SOLDIERru
    SOLDIERru 9 February 2011 20: 45
    At best, a laboratory based on a chassis from Abrams to test a new turret or weapon system with a cart. I repeat, this is at best. For me, this is just an internet bike.
    I don’t see in the photos of the new tank. Yes, and everyone would move the new tanks, not even sheathing. And for Hollywood is not fantastic enough. Well, who, when watching such a movie, will begin to reflect in the following sequence. About the tank’s barrel, it’s kind of like a 140 mm barrel, which means that there should be an automatic loader. Do not manually pull such shells. And for the automatic loader, the feed niche in the tower should be inflated. After all, if you do, an automatic loader, as in French Leclcrque, then a tank in a mechanized warhead will have few shells. And to sit in ammunition, as Russian tankers do in their T-72,90, the American tanker will not be at all. And the hatch at the stern of the tower of course should be. But how could it be that, in the event of a breakdown of the loading automatic machine, it is emergency, under enemy fire, to load the gun with the last shell. Destroying the malicious transformer.
  5. Kdsbet
    9 February 2011 21: 13
    Now, if the tank looked like in Bondarchuk's "Inhabited Island", then there would be no questions =))
    Strange of course, a story, but nevertheless, the devil of victory was very interesting to find out what it is!
    APASUS 9 February 2011 21: 48
    It resembles a fifth-generation Chinese fighter. It seems to be so, and here it is not there!
  7. sokol
    sokol 9 February 2011 21: 59
    There is nothing to comment on here. The new tank is conceptually different. In 86, I've seen enough of all kinds of experimental ones in Kamenka.
  8. Menacant
    Menacant 14 July 2011 18: 40
    First of all, the elongated aft niche of the tower with a hatch on the rear wall is visible. Perhaps this means that the tank is equipped with an automatic loader, and the hatch is used to eject spent cartridges or loading ammunition. The front of the tower and the location of the observation devices are very different from those on the M1A2 tank. On the side of the tower you can see eyelets for attaching the hooks of the crane, and on the front there are overhead plates, which on the prototypes should imitate the weight of the overhead armor. Nothing can be definitely said about the caliber of the gun, except that visually the length of the tank gun is a third longer than that of the M1A2. These details speak in favor of a version of the military development, and not the scenery for the film.
  9. Goldy
    Goldy 14 July 2011 18: 51
    slightly updated abrams
  10. 9991
    9991 16 March 2012 21: 39
    Most likely a fake