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Syria: Youth Against Aggression

Syria: Youth Against Aggression

The hour of truth comes. American inquisitorial "judges" gathered in a circle. At first, Obama announced that the attack on Syria would last no more than 2-3 days. Now, as a patient of the “yellow house”, he forgets what he was talking about yesterday, and the congressmen were offered a resolution that the bombing should last no more than 60 days, but the reservation is: if they do not achieve the goals, they can be renewed for another month.

But only a few days ago, Obama said that the goal of the “operation” was to “punish” Syria for using chemical weapons, but not to destroy its cities into dust. Moreover, the US president admitted that the CIA had trained 50 militants in Jordan who had already been sent to Syria. Masks dropped completely.

While the inquisitors of the United States decide on which fire to burn Syrians - fast or slow - Syria continues to live and is ready for any development of events.

At such an hour — the hour of truth — the grains are separated from the chaff, and the true opposition is separated from the pseudo-opposition. In addition to the scum who are trained by the CIA and are fighting against the Syrian people - there is a real opposition in the country, which has participated and continues to participate in the political life of Syria. Such political forces will never rely on the help of the West, and in the face of aggression - stand on the side of the Motherland.

One of these forces is the Syrian Communists. It must be said that in Syria there are two Communist Parties - the Communist Party of Syria and the United Communist Party of Syria. While in the union with the ruling Ba'ath Party, they nonetheless criticize its policies. But in the face of the American invasion, they stand behind the Wall.

The youth branch of the United Communist Party of Syria organized a donor campaign. Young people came to the hospital building to share their blood with the wounded soldiers, as well as with the civilians injured by the bandits.

I managed to take part in this campaign and interview its organizers. It must be said that in Russia now there is a lot of talk about the need to increase the number of donors, but the steps taken are not enough. I should note that in Syria the procedure is much less bureaucratic, without extra papers. For example, I was allowed to the action, despite the fact that I am a citizen of Russia, while in Russia they can not allow just for being a person from another region. But this is not the point. Syria has many people who want to make their personal contribution to the overall victory. Even if this contribution - 450 milliliters of blood.

The organizer of the donor campaign, the secretary of the Union of Democratic Youth at the United Communist Party of Syria, Ammar Gavi, gave an interview to Russian readers.

- What is the purpose of your campaign today? What brings you here?

“We just want to donate blood.” This is a very simple way to resist aggression - something that any citizen of Syria can do. We want to prevent aggression, to prevent it from taking place. But if it happens, then it is known from the experience of previous aggressions that donor blood will be in demand both for servicemen and for civilians. Therefore, we perform our civic duty. This requires patriotism.

As for aggression. Since its independence, Syria has been constantly subjected to pressure and threats of imperialist aggression. In the 2013 year, it seems that imperialism is particularly active and fiercely threatened with aggression.

In fact, the aggression has already taken place, it is already underway. Her goal is to deprive Syria of its role in the region. This aggressive plan is also aimed against Iran and Russia.

First of all, imperialism wants to take control of this region in order to ensure the security of Israel and strike the resistance forces, and then to get to the basin of the Caspian Sea and strike Russia as a great power.

At this time, these threats sound in order to withdraw the armed “opposition” from the critical situation in which it finds itself. Its allies in the West were alarmed by the fact that they saw a danger for the militants, especially in the province of Damascus, which arose because of the onset of the Syrian army 21 of August. Therefore, they began to threaten with armed intervention to stop a military operation against terrorists, to save them from defeat. And also - they seek to prolong the conflict in order to give chances to the militants.

- What would you like to say to the people of Russia?

- We thank the Russian people for their support, we thank the representatives of the State Duma. We support the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, in particular, with respect to Syria. We thank the Russian media and Russian journalists who play the role of war correspondents. This reminds us, even if the situation is not quite similar, Syria’s friendship with the Soviet people.

... After the guys donated blood, we drove to the cozy headquarters of the United Communist Party, almost in the center of Damascus. They managed to talk with a member of the youth branch of the Communist Party, Salam Abdullah. His family, like many other Syrians, was also scorched by the events in Syria - the relatives were forced to leave a small town in the province of Racca, fleeing from terrorists.
Salam agreed to talk about the situation in the country and in this long-suffering province, as well as the position of the United Communist Party.

- Tell me, please, which party do you represent?

- I represent the United Communist Party of Syria, more precisely, its youth organization called the Democratic Union of Youth.

- How do you feel about the threats that are now falling on Syria? Do you think they will come true? If so, how will the country resist?

“Firstly, we are now participating in the campaign for donating blood under the slogan“ Fight against American aggression with your blood. ” We are a simple people who want to express their readiness to resist in any way. We are now donating blood for military personnel and civilians who may need it.

Regarding the aggression - Obama said this. I think that after all this, it will be unpleasant for Americans to retreat. It is necessary to be afraid of an attack.
But this aggression has a positive side. It unites all patriotic forces, all honest people in the Arab world, and especially in Syria. During this crisis, many of our society have gone the wrong way, but we hope that many will now return to the true, patriotic path.
We are neighbors of Iraq. We know what they did to Iraq. We know what they did to Libya, what they do every day, how they support our enemy - the Zionist territorial entity. We remember it and will never forget. It has always been a guide for us. Those with a little bit of patriotism will return to the right direction.

Americans make their enemy even more fierce. We, as Marxists, believe in it, we know it. Hostility toward the United States and imperialism is growing throughout the world.

We want to say, like all honest people in the world who oppose aggression: “Yankee, go home!”

- What is the position of your party in the current crisis?

- We believe that the crisis is very complex. Over the past 5 years before the crisis, living conditions were not easy due to the erroneous, in our opinion, economic course. This created some ground for discontent and played a certain role: people wanted to express their opinions. But the Syrians themselves were not set to aggressive actions.

What happened - it began precisely under the influence of the so-called “Arab spring”. At the very beginning, it was not yet clear what character this “Arab Spring” is of. The role of the enemies of all nations — the imperialists — in these events was not yet obvious. Everything was clearly manifested in the situation with Libya, when NATO intervened in this country. It has already become clear that they will not leave the peoples of the Arab world alone and will strive to destroy our countries.

They found the right moment, found the right soil - that some Arab peoples were unhappy with their governments.
It is hard for me to say why Libyans took to the streets, but about Egypt I can say that the masses of the people lived in difficult conditions. And until now, even after the resignation of the head of state, nothing, in fact, has changed.

As for Syria, outside intervention has begun to manifest itself in our country. Almost from the very beginning, the plans of the enemies became clear, for example, that Qatar wants to run a gas pipeline through Syria after the change of power. These dirty ambitions began to manifest themselves in the support of the so-called "rebels". That is, just started to use the discontent of our people.

In our opinion, requirements that are political in nature should be discussed in a peaceful, political way. But, since an attack by imperialism and its accomplices in the Arab world and such countries as Turkey, which is a member of NATO, is now against us, the most important thing for us now is to protect our homeland. All other problems should be solved by the Syrians themselves, in a political way. The Syrian people have not been involved in politics for a long time, and suddenly, sharply after the so-called “Arab Spring”, people began to put forward big demands that are not easy to implement.

- Tell me, please, how do you perceive the course of reforms announced by the state immediately after the start of the crisis?

- We are for these reforms. We demand that serious steps be taken along this path. However, the state of instability impedes many of these reforms. As long as there are unrest in the country, the reforms cannot be implemented - they need to restore stability in the country.

- I know that your family lived in the province of Rakka. At present, as far as is known, extremists of a fundamentalist, Islamist type rule there. Can you tell us how civilians have to live there? What are these extremists doing?

- I was there, despite the fact that my relatives left the area. We knew that the so-called “free army” was somewhere nearby, hiding on plantations. Some people give them support. These people hold Islamist views. Among them are those whose ancestors were feudal lords in the area. They have ambitions to reclaim property that the state once confiscated from them. The descendants of the feudal lords, you know? Natives of one of the tribes that once had control there. They support the Wahhabis.

When, after Aleppo, they gathered their forces and headed east, they said that they would soon invade our city. And suddenly it turned out that the big forces of the so-called "rebels" invaded - mainly through Turkey - our province is adjacent to this country, as well as from the province of Aleppo, after several villages were captured there. They brought into their ranks young people who do not have any political views, brainwashed. Used their faith - they are mainly believers. They were recruited and given to them. weapon in hand, and they began to attack. In addition, from the east, the territory of the province of Deir ez-Zor was also controlled by the rebels. In general, surrounded ...

They began to pursue people of certain denominations - mainly Shiites and Alawites. At first they did not cling to Christians, they said: “This does not concern you, we will not touch you, but do not count on our protection.” Then they began to pursue people who are related to these denominations, maintain relations with these people - and most of them. Began to punish them. They came to our home. They asked our neighbors, to whom we entrusted our dwelling - is there any relationship with the Russians, because the militants are hostile to the Russians. And we had a lot of Russian specialists. Neighbors denied such a relationship.

Many people died when they wanted to check what happened to their houses. They found the militants who settled in their apartments. As a result, the terrorists killed the owners of the apartments.

There was such a case. In order to assign themselves any property — and they treat women just as they do things — they have to say “Allah Akbar” three times, stretching out their hand to what they want to possess, after which it is already considered possession.

And here two have quarreled because of one apartment. Started the proceedings. Their leader tried to judge them and said that the apartment belonged to one of them. Then another threw a grenade into this apartment, where his rival was. He killed him and took the apartment himself.

- And what is the attitude of militants to women? Are their rights infringed? Are they allowed, for example, to dress as they want?

- Basically, there are no women left. From the very beginning, when it was rumored that the militants would soon invade, many had left. Terrorists threw pieces of paper at night threatening that any woman who appeared on the market or on the street with her head uncovered would be punished.

At the moment, mainly the families of my acquaintances, friends, comrades, have left the city. Those who stayed are sitting very quietly. Our countrymen, who arrived in Damascus, appealed to the authorities, saying: “We have no relation to these people, despite the fact that we have our own political views. We are waiting for the army to take control of these lands. ”

- As you know, events taking place in the country have affected almost every family, every person. Do you have any relatives, friends, neighbors who died or suffered during the crisis?

- There are many who died, many who suffered. Every family has suffered. No those who are not injured. Is that people who from the very beginning left the country.

I can tell you about one of the comrades who served in the army. He was an officer. Killed by a sniper in the city of Harasta near Damascus. He was shot just like that - they see that the man is in military uniform, and they are shot dead. Despite the fact that this guy had his own political views. This conflict just took a person’s life. The extremist who killed him - does not know what life is, does not know the cost of life, taking it away from others. The guy just served, did his duty ... We wrote about him in our newspaper.

- Eternal memory to all defenders of the Motherland ... Tell me, please, how do you see, ultimately, the future of Syria? How will the crisis end? Can you win and build a prosperous country?

- Despite the fact that the crisis has lasted for the third year, our country has defended itself, defended the main cities. Despite what they say about Aleppo - there are many areas where it is safe, where everything is controlled by the state. The city of Damascus is absolutely safe, despite some incidents. Of course, until these incidents continue, until security is restored.

I look optimistic. Although we will fight for a long time, but we will defend the country. We are supported by friendly, progressive countries that oppose the West and the NATO bloc. These are Russia and other BRICS countries, Iran, Latin America, in particular, Cuba, which provides us with support in the construction of pharmaceutical factories and helps in the field of healthcare, which is very important for us at the moment. They will help us recover all that was destroyed.

Our true friends did not leave us. And those who call themselves “friends of Syria” are just enemies.

- How do you assess the position of Russia?

- Russia's position has historically been like this. Since the times of the Soviet Union, we have had good relations. We appreciate it very much. And the Syrians always loved and respected the Russian people, the peoples of the USSR, and now the CIS countries. Relationships have always been strong. Of course, we thank Russia and those countries that provide support. We highly value the feelings and emotions of Russians, in particular, the Communists, our comrades in the countries of the Union, who want to help us, even to come here and participate in the defense of our country. This is very important for us in moral terms, it is very touching.

- What else would you like to say to the Russian people?

- The enemy will not pass. We will not miss the enemy, do not flinch in battle and defend our country. Our common enemy will fail. He has a lot of big problems. He wants to cash in on such conflicts that he creates because he is subject to economic crises. Making a mess in the world, he wants to fill his pocket.

... On the wall is a portrait of Ho Chi Minh. This is true in our conditions - after all, the leader of Vietnam was able to overcome the worst in stories mankind military machine usa. And it is worth remembering that the same pseudo-power, who imagines herself an “arbiter” on the issue of the use of chemical weapons, has poisoned the Vietnamese land with poisonous substances. Among the hangmen of Vietnam was the notorious John McCain - one of those who today, under the guise of the suffering of Syrian children, screaming about the need for intervention.

Here, on the wall of the headquarters, there is a large photo on which President Bashar Al-Assad meets with the leadership of the party. This is the normal relationship between the government and the opposition - meetings, discussions, and not terror and violence.

Young people are inseparable from their people. She is ready to face the global challenge.
Photos used:
Elena Gromova
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  1. sergey72
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    Right guys, it’s a pity that they got such a time - they tear the country apart, they would live .... A portrait of Uncle Ho pleased, he still causes anal colic in Amers.
    1. hommer
      hommer 9 September 2013 09: 55
      Nice faces for the guys.
      And this Nobel laureate here gives out in translation into normal human language -

      "In Syria, the Syrians are killing the Syrians!
      So that the Syrians do not kill the Syrians,
      let's kill the Syrians! "

      Some kind of nonsense, if you think about justifying a military strike on Syria.
      And we don’t have to convince us that the blow will only be done on military infrastructure. There will be many casualties among the civilian population.
      We have heard and seen about the "accuracy" of strikes. In Yugoslavia, they missed the country in general - remember the missile that hit Bulgaria?

      1. albanech
        albanech 12 September 2013 11: 03
        Sergey 72 and hommer (1) agree with you! All right said!
  2. Paul
    Paul 9 September 2013 08: 35
    50 militants? or maybe 500 or 5000 and then a lie
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    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 9 September 2013 12: 00
      All Syria must take up arms and start a war against terrorists. Then there will be no reason for external interference: the imaginary opposition will speak from behind the hill ...
  3. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 9 September 2013 08: 49
    Good luck, Elena! Thanks for such articles! hi
    And to the people of Syria - hold on!
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    Nikolay_1995 9 September 2013 09: 18
    S-400 Syria !!!!
  5. left-wing
    left-wing 9 September 2013 09: 36
    It’s a pity the young guys who will die for the fact that someone was not satisfied with their president, I hope Russia will do everything possible to prevent the death of civilians. I hope our group will help to track the launches of Axes and bring them down ...
  6. saag
    saag 9 September 2013 09: 44
    Well done guys, it’s important that they understand which way they need, it will be very difficult for them, it’s not a consumer society
  7. George
    George 9 September 2013 10: 19
    We want to say, like all honest people in the world who oppose aggression: “Yankee, go home!”

    Kick for acceleration, but such that a couple of turns around the ball did before stopping.
    Thank you Elena, take care of yourself.
    1. Nikolay_1995
      Nikolay_1995 9 September 2013 10: 20
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  9. denson06
    denson06 9 September 2013 10: 48
    I hope that these guys will be able to withstand and win .. and I also hope that after that they will never have to endure these horrors of "bought terror" ..
    Kind word and blessed memory to the fallen soldiers of the Syrian Armed Forces and simply to the country's patriots .. hi
  10. Garik
    Garik 9 September 2013 10: 49
    Saudi Ikatar paid amers the destruction of Syria in their interests, amers now work off grandmothers. And against this background, ordinary people suffer what is most depressing ...
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 9 September 2013 12: 01
      Unfortunately for them these are not people. Therefore, they do their bestial punishment with a light heart ...
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    And these young patriots reminded me of Spain! Persons are calm and confident. Hang on guys, we are NOW nearby!
  12. eplewke
    eplewke 9 September 2013 11: 01
    The Americans will achieve nothing by bombing. Opposition in Syria is too fragmented. After Assad, they will begin to crumble each other and everything to move. Christians and Alawites are sure to be cut out, or they will take up arms. Kurds will definitely not let anyone in and will not obey anyone. In general, there will be a mess such that it will stink all over the Middle East. And Israel will also have al-Qaeda sarin added to the Hamas box office ... that's a fact.
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    1. Che
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      Quote: Vitaliy
      I don’t understand one thing ... Persuading (or begging, or something else) s, not bombing (Many options) Syria. It's like asking a rapist maniac not to do what he does ... pancake !!!! How long can you endure !!! Maybe you already need to castrate a maniac once ?!

      It is impossible to get them yet. I hope that retribution will come and the hour of judgment will come.

      Adolf Eloizovich Shilkgruber was brought to suicide and Barack Obamych will be brought.
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