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Afghanistan, January 2011

Recently, US President Barack Obama spoke about the war in Afghanistan: “Thanks to the heroism of our troops and citizens, fewer and fewer Afghans are under the control of the rebels. Ahead of us are waiting for heavy battles, and the Government of Afghanistan will need to improve its management system. But we are strengthening the strength of the Afghan people and building strong cooperation with them. This year we will be working with 50 countries on Afghanistan, and in July our troops will begin to return home. ”
In this article, we will show you the daily life of American men and women who fight in a foreign country, as well as the Afghans themselves, fighting for peace in their native land.

1. Sergeant Quincy Northern - a medical man from the crew of the ambulance helicopter of the American Army "Dust Off" collects his tools after completing the task, intending to fly back to the Dweyer camp located in the southern province of Helmand, Afghanistan. Ambulance crews make several trips per day - on average up to five - in order to evacuate both wounded American soldiers and representatives of the civilian population of Afghanistan.

2. Sergeant Darrell McKinstre, another medic, runs to help the wounded Marine, who hit a mine. The victim will be taken on board the helicopter. From homemade mines in Afghanistan killed the most people.

3. Sergeant Darrell McKinstre leads the Marines who carry a wounded comrade to the helicopter.

4. Specialist Jenny Martinez - the crew commander - helps colleagues prepare the wounded infantryman for transportation.

5. Boot of the wounded soldier.

6. Soldiers carry their wounded comrade to the helicopter. In the background we see a broken truck that hit an improvised explosive device. The photo was taken 27 January in the province of Helmand.

7. Sergeant Quincy Northern of Louisiana commands the Marines who carry the wounded Afghan man to the ambulance helicopter. The man suffered during the shootout.

8. Marines during the operation, which was carried out on January 23 in Zalmabad - a village in Musa-Kala district in the Afghan province of Helmand. NATO international troops totaling 140 thousands of people are fighting against Taliban insurgents in a war that has been going on for ten years.

9. A marine talks with children during his patrol service at the Central Base in Musa-Kala district. This is the newest camp of the US Marine Corps in southern Afghanistan. Recently, US forces replaced British units in the area, considered the Taliban stronghold.

10. Marines in combat positions. These units are at the forefront of NATO forces in areas where the Taliban have settled.

11. After returning from patrol, the guys decided to have some fun.

12. Soldiers cover their faces from dust and sand, which are lifted into the air by a landing helicopter. The photo was taken 23 on February at the base in Musa-Kala in the province of Helmand.

13. An American soldier and translator are asking local children to buy bread for them in a nearby village. The Musa-Kala district is considered a key link in the opium trading network.

14. Evening patrol. Lieutenant Pete Carroters says: “We have made significant progress by increasing the number of patrols. We are beyond the base territory, and we already know a little about this area. ”

15. Marines during sleep in a shelter near Shir-Chazay in Musa-Kala district.

16. A Marine looks after a bonfire in Musa Kala.

17. The soldier gently laid out the cartridges on his bed at the base of Musa Kala when he was cleaning his rifle.

18. A Marine launches a duck during a break between the guards in Musa Kala.

19. The marines of their first battalion draw water at a base in Musa-Kala. This unit arrived here following last year’s order from US President Barack Obama to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan by 30 thousand people.

20. The soldier plays the guitar sitting in the kitchen of the Central Base and Musa Kala.

21. The soldiers sit around the fire, resting after the watch at the base in Musa Kala.

22. Late dinner after patrolling at the base in Musa Kala. Major Justin Ansel says: "This is a great achievement that we managed to settle here, but at the same time it is so little on the general background of the war."

23. A sapper from the French Foreign Legion neutralizes an improvised explosive device on the road leading to Tagab, Kapisa Province. The French Foreign Legion, founded in 1831, was created for foreigners of any nationality who wished to serve in the French armed forces.

24. The French Legion patrols a hillside near Tagab, Kapisa Province. France intends to maintain its contingent in Afghanistan, despite the threats of the head of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, to deal with the French hostages, - said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

25. A French soldier holds leaflets designed to be distributed among the civilian population of Kapisa province in order to teach them to distinguish between Taliban patrols and coalitions.

26. A Hungarian legionary from the French Foreign Legion is inspecting an Afghan near Tagab.

27. The Taliban militants detained were built at a police station in Jalalabad, south of Kabul. Eleven members of the Taliban movement were arrested by the Afghan police during a recent operation.

28. A man runs through a burning supermarket in the center of Kabul. 28 January thundered an explosion here, destroying the shopping center, which was often visited by foreigners. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack that killed nine people, stating that their goal was the head of the private security company Blackwater. Employees of the company who were nearby did not suffer. According to the Taliban, the company fell into disgrace, because "they are conquerors, and secondly, they support the conquerors."

29. Afghan guards and a rescue team inspect the site of an explosion made by a suicide bomber in a Faynest supermarket in Kabul on January 28. Among the nine dead were the Afghan family, whose mother was one of the main activists of the movement against the recruitment of children into the armed forces of Afghanistan.

30. Afghan police at the scene.

31. One of the victims of the terrorist attack at the Faynest supermarket. The five killed were foreigners.

32. Security officers put the bodies of victims of the terrorist attack in a supermarket in a police car.

33. A wounded woman is taken out of a supermarket where an explosion has just thundered.

34. Shattered glass and debris from the explosion in the supermarket.
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