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Fedotovo. Jubilee 392 ODRAP

On Saturday, August 31, the anniversary of the 392th separate long-range reconnaissance air regiment took place. This year marks the 50th anniversary of its founding. In this connection, at the sea airfield aviation Northern fleet An open day was organized in Fedotovo.

Fedotovo garrison is located in 50 km west of Vologda. Currently, there are two dozen anti-submarine Tu-142 aircraft in various modifications: Tu-142MK and Tu-142МР repeater aircraft.

The anniversary of the regiment was timed to the solemn ceremony of naming the next board. In total, there are about a dozen aircraft have names. These are mainly cities of the Vologda region, as well as the names of Heroes of the USSR.

1. The day begins with the ceremonial construction of garrison personnel. The last preparatory moments.

2. Personnel do not miss

3. Drummers :)

4. Report to the head of the garrison.

5. Greeting staff.

6. After that, endless boring speeches of chiefs, managers, politicians and others went. But they also end sooner or later. Solemn removal of the Naval flag.

7. Frozen pending.

8. Drumroll.

9. New nominal board - "Fedotovo"!

10. The tradition of assigning city names to aircraft names has been preserved.

11. Pilots and parachutists of the Vologda Aviation Club continue the holiday.

12. An-2 after dropping taxied to the parking lot.

13. On the static parking lot, guests were presented seven boards.

14. Some of them were open to visitors and there were instant queues.

15. Let's start in order. Tu-142MR No. 18.

16. Judging by the appearance, the board is not flying. Koki screws removed, the cabin is covered.

17. The fairing under the fuselage - exhaust antenna device. The antenna length is 8600 meters. But on this board it is already missing.

18. In this state, it is at least with 2009.

19. His brother stands behind him. Tu-142MP No.19.

20. His condition is worse than his neighbor. There are no screws on half the engines. Cable antenna - too.

21. Tu-142MK №97. "Vologda".

22. Also stored.

23. In this state, inside, of course, was not allowed

24. Tu-142MK №56 "Alexander Mozhaysky". Awarded last year on the day of the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the Air Force.


26. Tu-142MK №95. "Cherepovets".

27. The board recently underwent repairs. Looks pretty good.

28. In honor of the holiday even opened the cockpit aft shooter for a while.

Fedotovo. Jubilee 392 ODRAP

29. Tu-142MP No.15. "Taganrog". One of the few relay aircraft in the ranks.

30. The name Taganrog is assigned to the board in 2007.


32. Birthday from the tail.

33. From the side of the tail can be heard hissing. Perhaps the board is filled with oxygen.

Not far from the parking lot is the TEC of the airfield. At that time there were three sides.

34. Tu-142MK №51. On the nose is the sign "Excellent aircraft." This rarity.

35. Tu-142MR No. 12 "Vytegra". According to some reports, the first serial MP.

36. Tu-142MR №11 "Beloozero". The second prototype of the Tu-142MR. The aircraft belongs to the first release of the Tu-142MR and is visually different nose part.

37. Separately in the side far parking.

38. All presented boards are MK modifications. They are easy to distinguish visually by keel fairing. In MP, he sent forward, and in MK - back.

39. Of the dozen sides in the flying state only a couple. One of them - №94 "Eugene Transfiguration". A couple of days before that, he was patrolling in the North Sea as part of a couple.

40. Second - №66 "Ivan Borzov".

41. General plans.

42. Tails, tails ...


44. The color of natural metal. Nostalgia.

45. And finally, a cute airfield fire on MRD

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  1. Cormorants
    Cormorants 6 September 2013 09: 15
    Oh, only two in the ranks. And do Russia have modern developments, analogues of such handsome men?
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 6 September 2013 15: 27
      Quote: Cormorants
      Oh, only two in the ranks. And do Russia have modern developments, analogues of such handsome men?

      This is sad ...
      Well, men with a holiday!
  2. Deniska
    Deniska 6 September 2013 10: 22
    The guys live in Vologda. Do not believe they do not even fly ((Which is very unfortunate. Although it seems that they made noise that week))) towards Norway))
    Everything is outdated and there probably aren’t any new deliveries.

    P / S We didn’t even announce the holiday ((I think a lot of people would go look at the beauties (on airplanes)
  3. Col.
    Col. 6 September 2013 11: 24
    Actually, it was the 392nd anniversary. And just the heroes of the day, the scouts (Tu-95 RC) and not left at all! In Soviet times, there were 392-26 aircraft of this type in the composition of 28 odrap. They regularly (almost daily!) Flew to guide the VR to the ocean zone, "around the corner". The airfields of San Antonio (Cuba) and Luanda (Angola) were used on an ongoing basis. Not a single (!) American aircraft carrier passed covertly into the North-East Atlantic. There are only memories and veterans left ...
    By the way, the scouts called the Tu-142 regiment "Chinese", because it had more flight personnel than any other air regiment: the crew consisted of 11 people, and during the formation of the anti-submarine regiment, all the crews were completed, and the planes arrived later.
    1. Col.
      Col. 6 September 2013 11: 37
      Then came the endless boring speeches of bosses, leaders, politicians and others.

      But this is a lie! My classmate in the Navy, a veteran of the 392 odrap, was at this event and said that (quite briefly) only a few people spoke, including the former commander of the Navy aviation, Colonel General V. Potapov. Well, for a journalist, maybe it's boring ...
  4. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 6 September 2013 11: 37
    Happy holiday of veterans and current officers of foremen and sailors of the glorious regiment! Happy anniversary!
    All the best! Health ... And most importantly, new cars and a big trouble-free attack on them!
    1. alone
      alone 6 September 2013 11: 51
      a whole regiment, and only 2 planes fly! what
  5. Dan
    Dan 6 September 2013 12: 41
    Hello everyone, who knows how the stern shooter catapults? the cabin is very similar to that of the IL-28. I was in such a one in the attack aircraft IL-28 which was standing on the Khodynsky field.
    1. Col.
      Col. 6 September 2013 15: 23
      Quote: Dan
      Hello everyone, who knows how the stern shooter catapults? the cabin is very similar to that of the IL-28. I was in such a one in the attack aircraft IL-28 which was standing on the Khodynsky field.

      It catapults simply: opens the hatch and falls down. But the IL-28 is not a ground attack aircraft, but a front-line bomber, there were even modifications of a nuclear weapons carrier, as well as a reconnaissance, etc. My father in his youth flew as a navigator on the IL-28. Great, by the way, a car for its time!
      1. VAF
        VAF 6 September 2013 16: 44
        Quote: Colonel
        It catapults simply: opens the hatch and falls down.

        Happy Holidays to you, colleague! From your early comments I realized that you were related to the Navy's MRA? drinks

        Slightly correct, not one of the aircraft in service with the Air Force of the Soviet Socialist Republic and in service with the Air Force of the Russian Federation for riflemen of radio operators and KOU is not EQUIPPED with ejection seats .. not alone.

        Well, cars like Tu-95 and Tu-142 ... moreover, there are no catapult seats at all, ordinary pilot's seats with a "podzhopny" parachute C-3., series 3 or C-5 with command and control and APD - that's it.

        On the Tu-16th and IL-28 they jumped so ... their backs down the flight went down to the bottom step of the emergency hatch, bent down and ... forward. Well, I mean, back and how lucky!

        On the Tu-95 and Tu-142, jump out the problem. firstly, you need to "throw out the front leg", and secondly .... on K-shnyh machines it was necessary to drop a rocket. it was called a skewer or a skewer - the whole crew could be strung on it.
        Therefore, the blister from the exhaust antenna on the MR and from the "Berkut" radar on the MK ... the same ... it will be extended, and even what ... it may turn out ... eggs.! belay

        Well, feed .. jumps as I wrote above! drinks
        1. Dan
          Dan 9 September 2013 16: 39
          but I don’t remember which one, but there seems to be a bomber in which the seats are ejected down.
      2. Dan
        Dan 9 September 2013 16: 34
        thanks. for answer! thanks for the amendment. And, accordingly, the "feed" is doomed if the plane fell into a tailspin? well, or the plane crashes down? I apologize in advance for the naivety of the questions.
    2. VAF
      VAF 6 September 2013 16: 46
      Quote: Dan
      who knows how the stern shooter catapults?

      Hello! "Poop" is not catapulted, but "emergency leaves the plane", as ... read below, there he wrote in detail how wink
  6. repytw
    repytw 6 September 2013 15: 05
    What is the tradition to name planes after cities, why? As I understand it, in the past, named ships and planes had chiefs who helped the crews, sometimes just morally. Now, if the administration, residents, or at least representatives of the parties and social movements of Vologda, Vytegra or Beloozero saw the condition of "their", one might say, planes. They had to provide assistance so that the current state of the aircraft is not compared with the state in their respected cities. You don't have to dump money from all over the city on new engines, but organize traditional trips to the regiment in order to look into the eyes of the command, annoy the commander-in-chief of the Air Force, so that the board would be put for repair out of turn - there are a lot of options. Here you and the role of the veteran organization of the regiment and the patriotic education of youth.
  7. officer675
    officer675 6 September 2013 16: 57
    Good afternoon. Maybe it’s not relevant, but in 8 photos there is not enough saber with a Mohammedan star on a green background over the inscription, which, BP didn’t think of it, or NS, who brought this piece of green cloth there? No brains at all?
  8. RoTTor
    RoTTor 6 September 2013 20: 57
    Sad holiday: miraculously preserved remains were relics, planes older than any of the officers and haven’t been manufactured for a long time - the secret of designing, manufacturing, wasted staff who engineered on machines of 10, a maximum of 15 years ago. But it was a great country ... Now all that remains around Syria is to blow cheeks with fart steam ...
  9. nazgul-ishe
    nazgul-ishe 7 September 2013 04: 35
    Well at least AN2 on the go and almost new.