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Light "Stars"

Talk about the need to develop the Far East as one of the strategic regions of the country has recently become systematic. The fact that the Far East needs support, that it needs to be made attractive to investors, that it is time to build large enterprises and infrastructure facilities is said by everyone - from ordinary residents of the Far East itself to federal officials. However, speaking and doing is still not the same thing, and in order to move from words to real activities, one sometimes has to sweat a lot.

Light "Stars"

One such effort is currently being undertaken by the Russian government. This is a full-scale construction of the Zvezda plant in the Far Eastern Federal District. Today, Zvezda is a large ship repair yard that specializes in the repair of submarines of various modifications, including nuclear submarines. By the way, "Star" in the Far East - today it is generally the only company that is engaged in repair work on submarine missile carriers.

At the current stage, there are plans to turn the Zvezda Shipyard into a large civilian shipyard, where ships necessary for the development of the Arctic shelf will be created. The plans also mean the simultaneous transformation of this shipyard into the largest civil shipbuilding plant in Russia.

At the same time, everybody understands perfectly well that the construction of ships for the domestic oil industry is an occupation that ultimately will become, of course, profitable, and, moreover, strategically important in the context of increasingly sharper disputes over the natural resources of the Arctic. But, despite such a comprehensive understanding, the construction of the Zvezda Shipyard cannot start at full scale. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced a 14 month delay, and made it clear that delaying the deadlines could lead to a loss of competitiveness in the market of large-tonnage vessels and mining platforms.

It is noteworthy that until quite recently the government was not going to finance the construction of a civil shipyard "Star". The rate was made on foreign investors. At the same time, the hope of financing the project from foreign partners gave a certain oddity. The strangeness lies in the fact that the expectations of the Russian government concerned South Korea, while the South Koreans themselves almost casually mentioned that they were not opposed to taking part in the construction of the new Zvezda. For these words of the Koreans “by the way”, the government for some reason jumped on it, announcing in advance that the project would not be financed from the state budget. Like, Koreans will pull out the whole project on themselves.

But everything turned out differently. Koreans for some reason decided to take their words back and said that they would not take part in the construction in the form they were offered. Of course! - who wants to carry on a multi-billion dollar project, the economic benefits from which will not go into his pocket ... Perhaps, Seoul has calculated in advance that helping in the construction of civilian ships for the oil industry will make it possible only at the first stage to make a profit, but in the end will hit the competitiveness of Korea itself in the shipbuilding market. Whatever it was, but the Russian government again had to turn to the topic of financing from the state budget of major construction projects that is unpopular today.

Began to count. And after the calculations, they came to the conclusion that the project to build the largest shipyard in Russia would require at least 560 billion rubles, of which the state, in case of participation, will have to spread about 100-110 billion. More 150 billion. planned to take the National Welfare Fund.

The sums are considerable. But such costs should be more than justified. The reason is that Russian oil and gas companies are planning to order production platforms and ships to transport hydrocarbons for a total of 6,5 trillion rubles over the next 7 years. If we also take into account the revenues that the state treasury will receive after the start of using these vessels transporting oil and gas to consumers (including foreign ones), then the prospect of Zvezda for the state and the Far Eastern region becomes obvious.
But after all, the money from the beginning of the work of the civil “Star” will come to the budget, according to the boldest forecasts, no earlier than in 3-4 of the year. And a large proportion of 100 billions needs to be invested right now. This worries the government, and concerns are mainly associated with the low growth of the Russian economy.

In order to get the situation off the ground, it was decided that the state would start investing in a major construction project, but after certain perturbations. As without them ... Dmitry Rogozin said that the government has plans to create a corporation of large shipbuilders, in which USC (United Shipbuilding Corporation) will be only a part. The part for USC is determined at the level of the so-called blocking stake - 25% of the shares of one share. The remaining shares are distributed among private investors, which may be Gazprombank and even, possibly, General Electric. The main thing is that all these private investors should not actually be the same investors as the South Koreans mentioned above ...

A number of experts expressed doubt about the need to make a garden in the form of creating another shipbuilding corporation in the form of a whole consortium, but Rogozin himself tried to dispel these doubts. According to him, this option will certainly benefit civil shipbuilding, which we have great difficulties and can not compete with foreign "partners". The benefit, according to the vice-premier, for civil shipbuilders will be that, thanks to a new powerful corporation, it will be possible to use the defense order for the implementation of strategically important civilian projects. One of such projects can be the same shipyard "Star", the construction of which must be completed before 2020 year.

Such major companies as Gazprom and Rosneft are named as the main customers for the new shipyard products. Interested in buying new ships Sovcomflot, Primorsk Shipping Company and a number of other companies. The greatest interest of customers is caused by tankers, oil and gas production platforms, vessels for transporting liquefied gas, the construction of which is only in the plans so far.

If the renewed Zvezda enterprise in the Far East starts its work, then this will open up about 10 thousands of jobs. And many of these jobs, as is now fashionable to say, are high-tech. Obviously, the level of wages at this enterprise should become considerable, considering what kind of equipment is planned to be created here. The only thing that grieves the people responsible for the project implementation so far is that the products of Zvezda at the first stage are unlikely to compete with similar products of Japanese and South Korean production in quality and Chinese ones at the price on the world market.

But in order to make it all up, you need, first, to start implementing the project, and, second, you will have to make an extra effort and find a golden combination of quality and price while taking into account the interests of both producers and buyers. Complicated? Well, in any case, not without difficulties.
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  1. Sirs
    Sirs 5 September 2013 07: 59
    Only for))) We need to make large ships ourselves, and there we get to super tankers. A couple of such production centers in the Far East and maybe people will not run away from there. Very happy for such news.
    1. ben gun
      ben gun 5 September 2013 08: 36
      And there you look at the 20 year where there will already be where to build their large ships the same Mistral and promising future aircraft carriers)
      1. Fin
        Fin 5 September 2013 22: 41
        I am with all arms and legs for such a project. But let's really look at things. They are trying to build a large plant for the production of platforms, tankers and gas carriers, which are still unknown whether they will be needed or not. The only real project Shtokman closed. About new nothing is heard. Sakhalin-1,2 is carried and handled by existing vessels. To China, Europe, land oil and gas pipelines. A sharp increase in energy consumption is not expected.
        Again, where to get qualified specialists for the construction site and further to the plant. It took 20 years to build the Prirazlomnaya NSR. In addition, the niche is occupied by South Korea, China, Japan ..., it is very difficult to squeeze them out.
        The GDP said, in order to please, they quickly developed and presented a plan, as always they did not think about the feasibility.
        In my opinion, everything will end with the technical re-equipment of the Zvezda, which is good news.
        If something goes wrong.
        1. igor.borov775
          igor.borov775 6 September 2013 06: 40
          It was necessary to watch the meeting then and do not need to write these things for the time being a pain for us, There the whole range of problems was considered and reported on the substance, And decisions were made not only in the east, but also in the north in the south and in the Caspian Sea and along the Volga in vain, There are as many decisions as never taken,
          1. Fin
            Fin 6 September 2013 09: 54
            Quote: igor.borov775
            There the whole complex of problems was considered and reported on the substance, And decisions were made not only in the east but also in the north, in the south and in the Caspian Sea and along the Volga in vain; there are so many decisions that have been made how many have never been made,

            It is good that problems in general throughout shipbuilding have been raised. What will we carry? The Arctic is not drilled and not mined. There is no energy shortage.
    2. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 6 September 2013 06: 31
      Hi, a new project made its way for a very long time, For almost a year I stood motionless, But Koreans can understand that such a pie is leaving, Yes, and the Chinese are also wary of losing not weak incomes, Another problem popped up in the Council in Vladivostok and is very serious, They decided a lot there, Even future consumers they expressed their approval and even provided financial assistance, but they clearly stated that if tariffs and prices constantly change, then you shouldn’t fence the garden, and they explained to the President that there is a market forcibly, but the question is very ripe, Around A shipyard needs competition, the customer pays the contract in full and for some time receives the turnkey product, and that’s all, there are no surcharges for higher prices and tariff increases, it doesn’t concern him, but we have it all the time, but now everyone considers money and nobody wants it what was stated to the President, He listened and said yes this is a very serious problem and we must think and must solve, And as for the competition of products, you are not right there immediately decided on the board what to produce and what products, Those products that immediately go to not only world level but besides us no one has built yet, Another thing is that they built only on a single instance, There is nowhere to build, Capacities are small, The main thing is that all this unsightly problem was raked up there, a bunch of ministries were tied up and couldn’t solve everything in a normal way, And he really marked Rogozin there really found a solution, But only two people can take it in the country, the President or the Prime Minister, And the tune-ups and approvals take a lot of time, In 18g the Asterisk will begin a real life of luck to this truly unique production in Russia Considering that Russia has never built such giants, And most importantly they will build in large blocks. Applying the world experience it was immediately thought,
  2. Ivan79
    Ivan79 5 September 2013 08: 08
    Of course let them build. More ships are good and different.
    1. Genady1976
      Genady1976 5 September 2013 18: 51
      yes the more the better good
  3. slavik_gross
    slavik_gross 5 September 2013 08: 58
    Let's hope for the rise of "Zvezda" and of the entire Far East. And so that it does not work out according to Chernomyrdin: "We wanted the best, but it turned out as always." Let's wait for the development of the "Stars" !!!
    1. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 6 September 2013 06: 59
      Gentlemen, yes, but what about the decisions that were made in the north and the Baltic, I mean shipbuilding and ship repair, I’m offending there in Vladik, we went through all the enterprises involved, who decided what is doing, It’s clearly decided who and what is doing in the Black Sea, Named enterprises where the orders and money for re-equipment will go and who is responsible for the term of the assignment, Nizhny Novgorod is building two large enterprises in the Caspian and Volga and Astrakhan is repairing, in the Baltic they decide and in the near future who will decide who will be left for free bread, Decide about enlarging what will fulfill orders and update, It was also decided in the north with factories, There decisions were made throughout the industry and it was decided what is and what will be, About 15 years a lot should really work already, so this applies to many collectives
  4. SmacXnumx
    SmacXnumx 5 September 2013 09: 14
    There will be a large shipyard, there will be infrastructure attached to it, schools, kindergartens, shops, clinics, you will see and people will stop leaving, and later population growth will begin in this territory
    1. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 6 September 2013 07: 09
      The conversation there was not only about one shipyard; there really was a debriefing, because no one canceled the President’s demand, everything was touched on much more seriously; options for localizing production were considered there, that is, all or much production in our country was talked about equipment suppliers, everything was much more serious and the requirement for suppliers is only a world-class product,
  5. My address
    My address 5 September 2013 09: 29
    It is better to spend on Olympiads, sports and athletics, EXPO, summits. At the new enterprise, you can show off once (press the pipochka in 200 mm, supposedly the start button). And at EXPO already twice. Good lord How tired of the chatter of the tandem for the development of the country!
  6. Cormorants
    Cormorants 5 September 2013 09: 30
    When Putin was in the Far East, he told the officials “..- But Russian customers should also bear in mind that, with all equal components, it is necessary to order at domestic shipyards, and not provide a taxable base abroad,” Vladimir Putin said. “Don't forget where you are. working"
    The Far East must be raised. Good luck to everyone, if only as soon as possible, we must do it, otherwise in the first year they hinted, in the second they threw it on paper, in the third they approved the government, etc. (((
  7. Rash
    Rash 5 September 2013 09: 47
    We must fully invest in the Far East. Yes, they are plundering the nth part, without it anywhere. But at least there will be production, jobs. I myself have not been to the Far East, but the comrades told, for example, at one KPA automatic telephone exchange, the Chinese chief engineer! With a Russian passport ...
  8. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 5 September 2013 09: 57
    May God grant all this to happen.
  9. Debryansk
    Debryansk 5 September 2013 10: 53
    This project certainly needs to be implemented as soon as possible, but without the participation of foreigners. They will not bring new technologies, but they will do everything possible to prevent us from building modern ships, they will drag in their old technologies for a lot of money - no one canceled the kickbacks.
  10. Stas
    Stas 5 September 2013 12: 39
    Something for a long time this topic has been exaggerated, if my memory serves me, for three years or more. Then back in Primorye under the "Big Stone" (closed town) he lived and hoped for a miracle. When I tied up with the sea, I thought I would go to my profile as an electrical engineer with knowledge of English to work at the shipyard, I will give my contribution to the country. Yes, things are still there, they just talk about what they need and there are no specialists. Create, pay decent salaries, and fluttering tongues is the last thing.
  11. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 5 September 2013 13: 17
    Capitalism is in the yard, everyone wants to fill their pocket first of all.
    For example, receive money from "foreign partners" for disrupting the construction of a competitor, then milk money from the state for the construction,
    then appropriate the tidbits, live in peace, sleep sweetly.
  12. rugor
    rugor 5 September 2013 18: 16
    Let's get into a fight, and there we will find financing. It seems so customary.
  13. pinecone
    pinecone 5 September 2013 21: 16
    Shares blocking packages, and here is the American company General Electric in the name of partners. Well, why not a full-fledged, exemplary state-owned enterprise. And if private investors are not found, then what? That and look that the plant will be sold to the Chinese.
  14. Symbiotos
    Symbiotos 5 September 2013 21: 17
    It is advisable to invite Belarus and Kazakhstan to the project for co-financing. It will be beneficial for Belarusians to participate in a large high-tech project. And to the Kazakhs. in addition, to increase the profitability of their projects related to the logistics (delivery) of energy resources in East Asia. Even with 5-10% participation, each of the above states will provide a significant reduction in the load and risks on the Russian budget, including due to the reduction of corruption schemes for exhaustion of funds. At the same time, you will have to report for spending money no less strictly than to the South Koreans)). The Belarusian state control will ensure a more rigorous and rational spending of funds (it’s unlikely to do without kickbacks ...)
    1. hiocraib
      hiocraib 5 September 2013 23: 13
      Quote: Symbiote
      It is advisable to invite Belarus and Kazakhstan to the project for co-financing.

      and in exchange to carry oil and gas to Belarus and Kazakhstan by tankers!
  15. ka5280
    ka5280 6 September 2013 03: 56
    South Korea began its civilian shipbuilding in the early 70s from scratch. They had absolutely nothing. Now South Korea’s civilian shipbuilding is number one in the world, everyone is building it: from port tugs to over-the-top self-propelled drilling platforms. The country’s interest in development was beating, the will to create was beating. In this it is possible and necessary to take an example from them!