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Cossack ear

Greetings to all categorically!

The week of envy began dynamically. News and sypyatsya like troubles from Pandora's box. But I hasten to say-Putin has nothing to do with it! All damned dwellers - sharpen their swords and gnash their teeth with anger. As you can guess, the situation around Syria and the burning desire of Obama give such dynamism to the events, poking out a stubborn country. Against this background, Washington’s hasty efforts are being made to give at least some legitimacy to its Wishlist. This is not surprising. It is surprising that we don’t see the heaviness, inclusiveness and shameless juggling of facts designed to steer the situation in the right direction for the US, and similar efforts of the whole "monolithic" Western coalition in such affairs of the recent past - Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya .. Well, yes - we did pretend to have received samples from chemical weapons in Syria, yes, they did an express analysis of these samples (where the UN was there with its awkwardness in this matter! Already for four weeks they requested to study the samples! Tundra!) european hu Torah, the army szvyayuchi and - everything! The warrior fuse somehow dried up and ceased to be so confident and loud. Of course, this does not mean that it has evaporated. Everything went into some kind of hidden phase, very reminiscent of the desire to achieve his goal on the principle of “So don't get to anyone!”

Cossack ear


The situation two days ago with the news that the plane and tomahawks were shot down was resolved. Explanations and refutations followed, but the “sediment remained”, as in a joke. Different versions of the need for such news, both pro-American and anti-American, were put forward. And now, today - a new message and already confirmed by numerous sources - the launch of two ICBMs from the Mediterranean Sea. What is remarkable, after the Russian SPRN station in Armavir (what good news confirms the capabilities of our rocket engineers!) Tracked these launches after this fact was conveyed to the leadership of the country, after which requests were sent to countries to this, all requests received a negative response. Israel said it had no information about the launches, the United States said the same thing, and England rushed to say: “I know something, but I have nothing to do with it!” It's funny in England’s response that she immediately rushed to turn the blame off yourself Subsequently, the situation was clarified and overgrown with interesting details - Israel and the United States stated that - yes, it was they who fired missiles just for testing their missile defense system. It would have been possible not to focus on this situation, which was resolved so peacefully, if it were not for the multidirectional statements of the States and Israel, from - “They didn’t hear!”, To - “Yes! This is us! Just so - have trained. " It is possible to put forward several versions on this topic from “Sensing the possibilities of Russian air defense by launching ICBMs of blanks in order to open the radar stations” to: “And we will fire a couple of missiles at Syria!” Perhaps they will, and they won't notice! ”So to say, a trial balloon. And we must pay tribute to the Russian Strategic Missile Forces, this ball in the pocket did not hit.

“TO GAP TO ME! TO ME Vurdalaki! "

30 August from Washington came the call-up cry, addressed to the leadership of the Baltic countries and Poland to take part in a crusade against Syria and make their contribution to the holy cause of punishment of the recalcitrant. Slaughter "I obey, sir!" Reportedly, a meeting took place between the President of Lithuania and “her colleague” Barack Obama. Well, why do people laugh? What are colleagues? The vassal met with his master and the vassal for joy that he was honored with such an audience, his cheeks were not cracked. Still would! They are considered not just as cannon fodder, but as a “partner” in such an important and fateful matter, how to go to punish Al-Assad's non-hearing. Well, for the sake of the lord, you can even a few dozen (and maybe hundreds) of your warped up anti-Russian propaganda of the soldiers into the war cauldron.

In addition to small-scale balts, always snooping around to beat out Russia from Russia under the pretext of various compensations, the vassal's zeal was demonstrated by Donald Tusk. Well, everything is quite understandable here. In addition to the desire to get the grubs from the hands of a big brother, in the minds of a good part of the Poles have long dominated the desire to put a big, fat Polish pig in Russia. It’s just that this fun event is constantly breaking down, the gas pipelines will be laid past Poland, then Russia will reorient the flow of cargo to Europe, again, bypassing, it will mist the fog over the runway near Smolensk in order to destroy the Polish president in a plane crash. The right word, until now, encountering various conspiracy theories of the causes of Kaczynski’s death and occasionally looking at Polish forums, one is struck by what insanity politicians can get with a restrained feeling of great power.

Looking at the whole caricature of the caricature with an appeal to the Baltic countries to come together in a single fist to strike at Syria, one cannot help recalling the film “VIY” and the appeal of the beautiful and moribund and witching mistress: “Ghouls to me! To me vampires. But the associations do not end with this appeal, but lead further to the very moment when the rising sun with its light turns these bloodthirsty, stupid and brainlessly obedient freaks into a bunch of blue bodies, frozen in convulsions.


Another attempt by Russia to persuade the capricious temper of the “girls to give out” - Ukraine to its side cannot but cause a smile. What kind of gingerbread wasn’t offered to svidomitas in embroidered shirts, but they all choose and choose ... Today, from the mouth of Glazyev, the next tempting and sound ones were heard (Although, nahiga goats, ie, nezalezhnykam, bayan, ie sound sentences?) that when integrated into the CU, Ukraine can fully reclaim its position in a relatively short time. 10 - 11 billion Ukraine will be able to receive into its piggy bank only from the very fact of joining the CU and, accordingly, from those preferences that members of this economic union have. But, why should they such "handouts" from Muscovites ?! Here are the gentlemen from the EU! ... Here they offer ... Here you have both fat in chocolate and most oseledets, silk shalvaras, and embroidery goods - krasitsya in suite and, and, and ... In general, all that they don’t wish for that there is such a beautiful country as Ukraine, with its such striving towards a bright future, in a close fraternal embrace with its European brothers, is the future.

And the Panamans-Ukrainians did not know that in five years, if they joyfully join the fraternal family (we must recall fraternal feelings especially towards Cyprus, in the recent past) peoples, then all their main enterprises of the industry will be safely covered with a copper basin. able-bodied people rush to work in Europe. The benefit of this will be even more affordable.

And after all, the European barber Golokhvastov manages to successfully fool the head of the Ukrainian Prone Prokopovna, hiding his total bankruptcy behind the alluvial consistency! Okay, bankruptcy. God willing and from this jam, with time, will get out. And not without the help of Russia because periodic appeals to Russia for lending to certain “productive and constructive” projects are taking place. The danger, the most insidious and ruthless lies in the fact that the infection, wearing a “proud” abbreviation - LGBT, will step onto the streets of Ukrainian cities boldly, brazenly and shamelessly. And this is already happening! If in Russia laws are being passed on stopping this infection, then no one in the EU will allow this to the tolerant Ukrainian population. If we, in St. Petersburg in particular, the perverts parade resulted in a mass march of one lost rainbow flag-bearer (and even then rescued by riot militia from the desantyuru breathing fresh air. Just a coincidence!) . That's it! The first rainbow-colored swallows already make their nests from their shit under the eaves of the Ukrainian huts. It's sad ...


This admonition, often repeated by one of my comrades (former Major SpNz in Afghanistan, and today a boxing coach), is very harmoniously the NANO of our current Minister of Finance, who condescended to a demonstration lesson in the seventh grade of a Moscow school. I was directly moved to tears and admired the NANO-pedagogical innovations of an official of such high rank! Well this is necessary! As he accurately noticed that it was seventh graders who were already prepared to teach high financial disciplines by the ministers! Very, very impressive.

Looking at the faces of seventh graders (there was a TV report), it was very noticeable that the subject, taught so vividly and intelligibly, by Mr. Siluanov completely absorbs all the thoughts of schoolchildren! But how! After all, it is especially interesting for seventh-graders, how the budget is formed, how it passes all approvals and approvals, how it is spent (and this is a very interesting budget item!), And how it is being audited.

But, the most pleasant, that to mr. Siluanov this procedure, apparently, was very liking. There are so many ticks you can draw in your asset - with the people closer? I got close. Light of knowledge - brought to the audience? Brought! There is something to trump in the backstage conversation.

It only surrenders to me that it would be more useful if Anton Anton Siluanov spoke with students of specialized universities, so that they could imagine their future professional path and not from the mouth of the teacher, but from the mouth of a high-ranking practitioner. In an effort to try on a piece of the image of the President, for whom regular meetings with the public is a familiar, good and rewarding business, some officials look ridiculous and humorous. With the same success, you can talk about the activities of the financier to children in a nursery or a goose bought at the market.
For today - everything. I thank all those who read my “izmyshlizmy” favorably, as one of the very clever writers of Soviet satirists said and apologize for not having the opportunity to respond to good comments. But this does not mean that I do not see them and accept them with appreciation. There will be time - let's talk.

Today is an interesting day. At work — not a fountain, with colleagues — I swore, returned home earlier than usual, with a headache, and the article flew out in one breath.

Men - shake hands, children - ice cream, women - flowers.

Sincerely. ESAUL
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  1. Quiet
    Quiet 4 September 2013 07: 16
    Judging by the heat of events, there will soon be a denouement with the Syrian events .....

    Israel said it did not have information about the launches, the United States said the same thing, and England hastened to say, “I know something, but I have nothing to do with it!” The funny thing about England's answer is that she immediately hastened to divert the blame from herself.

    Or maybe a "gift" that will immediately find the culprits at the launch point? laughing am
    1. Rebus
      Rebus 4 September 2013 11: 48
      Quote: Quiet
      Israel claims no launch information

      Jews have already confessed to launching rockets ...

      The two ballistic missiles recorded this morning in the Mediterranean Sea by the Russian missile attack warning system were part of the missile defense tests that Israel conducted with the United States. This was officially notified by the Ministry of Defense.

      According to the Israeli defense department, the test was carried out at 09:15. Based on the official statement of the department, we are talking about the launch of Anchor ("Anchor") missiles, which are designed specifically for testing anti-ballistic systems, including Israeli "Hets" missile defense systems. These target missiles are capable of repeating the flight path of ballistic combat missiles.

      Read more:

      Probably wanted to test the Syrian air defense.
  2. Severok
    Severok 4 September 2013 07: 21
    Hammer. I gave out earrings to all the sisters. Well, brothers, let's sit down more comfortably - the 3rd World War is about to enter the "hot" phase.
    1. Arberes
      Arberes 4 September 2013 10: 11
      Quote: Severok
      Well, brothers, let's sit down more comfortably - the 3rd World War is about to enter the "hot" phase.

      Said pretty cynical, but very true! If the third world war begins, then there’s no need to run anywhere (to the military registration and enlistment office or asylum). The blows will be inflicted by both sides in a massive way and probably in all major cities, both the United States and Russia.
      Those who die immediately will be just lucky in comparison with those who fill up in basements and bomb shelters! Let's say from the explosion of domestic gas, the entrance of a residential building is formed. On average, rescue operations take about two or three days, and then the whole city turns into ruins, how much time and people will it take to clear an incredible amount of rubble and to get people out of it? And will anyone dig out?
  3. vasiliysxx
    vasiliysxx 4 September 2013 07: 37
    the Balts are not enough to attack Syria, Romanians and Moldovans need
    1. Quiet
      Quiet 4 September 2013 08: 15
      Moldova must

      Figs will find. They are all in Russia on earnings !!! lol
  4. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 4 September 2013 07: 42
    Well done ESAUL wrote well !! The mood lifted ..))))
  5. a52333
    a52333 4 September 2013 07: 52
    I hope that the Syrian moderate opposition will remain true to its word and go over to the side of Assad. Or already. at least lay down his arms
  6. Quiet
    Quiet 4 September 2013 07: 52
    The launch of these missiles tested the combat readiness of the Armavir radar station !! Once the Russians saw the launches, "Sha" partner !! we must be quiet, otherwise we will collect knocked out teeth with broken fingers ... am
  7. Vorchun
    Vorchun 4 September 2013 07: 55
    Another attempt by Russia cannot but arouse a smile, to incline the capricious disposition of the "girl of marriageable age" - Ukraine in her direction.

    So you can not get married, but get into the European brothel. Yes, and the girl, is it not overdoing it?
  8. ReifA
    ReifA 4 September 2013 08: 31
    Good luck to the air defense of Syria! Even 1 shot down US plane, preferably with a captured pilot, will make a noise at Obamych's house. Only it seems that it will not reach the planes, they will let in 100-200 axes and say "the operation was successful."
  9. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 4 September 2013 08: 46
    :) What’s good - you can’t say badly. Patience and work ... +
  10. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 4 September 2013 09: 36
    ++.“GO TO THE BAZAAR, BUY A GOOD, BEAUTIFUL ROCK AND DEBT TO HIS HEAD”- this is what he (Siluyanov) was told by the students when they met at specialized institutes. laughing
    “PARDONTE, LORD! THAT I HAVE BROKEN SMALL! ” - It is strange that, together with the Amers and Israel, France did not "rise up". laughing
  11. andruha70
    andruha70 4 September 2013 09: 45
    article + capacious, on business and most importantly, with humor! good
  12. Flooding
    Flooding 4 September 2013 09: 50
    Ah, well done, ESAUL!
    Pleased with the syllable and emotions.
    My regards.
  13. dmb
    dmb 4 September 2013 10: 44
    Very much reminiscent of the image of Kozma Kryuchkov from a poster from the time of the WWI. Piercing with a spear as many as ten Germans at once.
  14. pensioner
    pensioner 4 September 2013 10: 49
    Thanks Valera! Siluyanov also touched me to tears ...
  15. Ross
    Ross 4 September 2013 11: 13
    Quote: Severok
    Hammer. I gave out earrings to all the sisters. Well, brothers, let's sit down more comfortably - the 3rd World War is about to enter the "hot" phase.

    But I do not want hot, no one except the Western elite ...
  16. valerei
    valerei 4 September 2013 11: 17
    Bah! Yesaul erupted, and I thought: where did it go? It turns out an article cropped and what! He grabbed the well-known from newspapers and reporting phrases - here you have fiction in the style of Zhvanetsky. No, I have nothing against Zhvanetsky, because he, unlike Esaul, became proficient in his craft and, perhaps, will take Esaul as a student if he wants. So, the article - so, zilch about nothing.
    1. VAF
      VAF 4 September 2013 14: 56
      Quote: valerei
      It turns out an article cropped and what!

      As far as I am in antagonism with Esaul, it’s practically not applicable, but ... here we must give him credit hi ... this article is HIGH PILOT! soldier

      You try again and thoughtfully ... there is a lot written "between the lines" and "there", by the way, "goes to everyone, including the great!

      Therefore, I put only +! and once again I repeat, become a GLITTER! drinks

      Right ... and on the edge of a knife! good
  17. takeshi
    takeshi 4 September 2013 11: 29
    Thank you
    Good and funny wrote
  18. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 4 September 2013 13: 21
    Well, Esaul is just some fantastic! So Siluanov will take him directly and go to the university! There they will begin to ask him questions ... he simply cannot answer most of it, the level is not the same, but what he can ... for those answers he will be "hanged by the neck until he dies." Thank you, good ear, author, cook it and more!
  19. smsk
    smsk 4 September 2013 13: 39
    I think Russia and China can intervene at the moment. Together with Syria and China to carry out similar missile launches, or some exercises on the territory of Syria. Obama is evidently in doubt, especially since his main ally, England, is jumping. The United States will not dare to shoot missiles if there are Russians and Chinese.