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Briefly about the tasks and prospects of the Pacific Fleet

In the past, the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) was the largest operational and strategic association of the domestic naval fleet. A huge zone of responsibility forced the state to actively develop it and provide everything necessary. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country's economic and, as a result, industrial or logistics capabilities sharply decreased, which, among other things, led to a deterioration in the condition of the Navy in general and the Pacific Fleet in particular.

Briefly about the tasks and prospects of the Pacific Fleet

Not so long ago, an article was published by A. Khramchikhin, which compared the state of naval forces of various countries in the Pacific Ocean. As a result of comparison, the Pacific Fleet was only in fifth place, giving way to the fleets of China, the United States and other countries. Despite all the controversy surrounding this rating, the state of the Pacific Fleet is indeed noticeably worse than a few decades ago. It will take a lot of time, effort and money to restore the former potential. It is necessary to determine the answers to several important questions.

First of all, it is necessary to find the main tasks for the Pacific Fleet, which it will be able to fully perform even with the current state of the ships and auxiliary facilities. One of the main tasks of the Pacific Fleet is its presence in the region. Unfortunately, in its current state, the Pacific Fleet cannot constantly be on duty in important areas of the Pacific Ocean and its seas. In this regard, it is often suggested to limit the responsibility of the Pacific Fleet to a coastal strip several hundred miles wide. Long hikes in this case will be a rare event.

The second task of the Pacific Fleet is the protection of the eastern borders of Russia. One of the most actively discussed issues in this context is a potential attack by Japan to capture the Kuril Islands. It is worth noting that such an armed conflict is not only a subject of discussion, but also one of the legends of the teachings of the Pacific Fleet. During the maneuvers, relevant events are regularly held, the purpose of which is to work out counter-landing of the landing force or disembarking on the unprepared coast of the islands.

From the protection of the Kuril Islands the question of an economic nature directly follows. The waters around the islands and the straits between the Kuril Ridge and the mainland are more than interesting from a fishing point of view - in these areas fish are harvested, including valuable species. The fishing industry is one of the important sources of income in the Far Eastern regions of Russia, and therefore requires an appropriate approach to the protection of its economic interests.

In mid-August, the ships of the Pacific Fleet and the Coast Guard of the FSB Border Service participated in joint exercises, during which they worked out the tasks of protecting the state border and countering terrorists. It is worth noting that the most frequent problem of the coast guard of the FSB are various border trespassers who, overwhelmingly, in most cases of permission enter the Russian territorial waters precisely for poaching purposes.

The volume of illegal fishing at present is such that the coastguard has to initiate cooperation with the navy in the protection of territorial waters. According to various estimates, overseas poachers annually catch fish and other "seafood" in the amount of at least half a billion US dollars. Moreover, there are estimates of about 600-700 millions. Thus, active joint actions of border guards and military sailors will allow maintaining a considerable share of natural resources, without allowing foreign fishermen to catch them without any permission for that.

Nevertheless, the Pacific Fleet, while performing various training and combat missions at a short distance from the bases, should not forget about long-distance hikes. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of the interaction of the ships of the Pacific Fleet with the ships of other Russian fleets. The Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets regularly have the opportunity to work out such interaction during trips to the Mediterranean Sea or the Gulf of Aden. The Pacific Fleet, due to the geographical location of its bases, is significantly limited in such capabilities. However, as events of recent times have shown, the Pacific Fleet, if necessary, may receive assistance from other operational-strategic formations of the Navy.

In mid-August, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet Guards missile cruiser "Moscow", coming out of the Black Sea, reached Cuba, and then made the transition to the city of Corinto (Nicaragua) on the Pacific coast of Central America. This march of the Black Sea sailors clearly shows the mobility of the compounds, which can be useful with appropriate developments.

Regardless of the specific training or combat tasks facing the Pacific Fleet, the main and main problem remains the upgrading of the equipment and auxiliary facilities. Years of insufficient funding had a bad effect on the condition of all components of the fleet and it is necessary to recover lost and recover in the shortest time possible. Only after that it will be possible not only to effectively protect the coastal zone, but also to make trips to remote areas of the Pacific Ocean, carrying them in permanent duty.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 4 September 2013 08: 15 New
    In the past, the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) was the largest operational and strategic association of the Russian Navy.

    Somehow, it’s even a shame for the RED BANNER TOF, for the undeserved removal of the Order of the Red Banner, by the author, from the banner of the Fleet.
    He served himself and we won’t give the Fleet an insult!
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 4 September 2013 08: 24 New
      It cannot be fixed by slogans and patriotic comments alone, and the reality is that TF today will not be able to withstand not only the American fleet, but also the Chinese, Japanese, and some other. We need to get down to business.
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 4 September 2013 12: 18 New
        So now, it’s possible to trample the KTOF in go. But?
        Or are you doing any "business" to raise the state of KTOF to the world or at least to the previous level?
        I remember him in the middle of the 70's.
        And why not without patriotism? Or do you, judging by the flag, do not care?
        Chatting and writing beautifully is not the case!
        So there you go, Mr. xetai9977.
    2. aleks
      aleks 4 September 2013 13: 38 New
      It was not he who removed the order, but they ...
  2. Col.
    Col. 4 September 2013 09: 21 New
    First of all, it is required to find the main tasks for the Pacific Fleet, which it will be able to fully perform even with the current state of ships and auxiliary objects.

    This phrase is key in determining the development prospects not only of the Pacific Fleet, but of the entire Navy. I retired from the Navy (naval aviation) 4 years ago. In the last years of his service, as a representative of the "Arbat Military District", he often took part in exercises of the operational-strategic level, and, naturally, had information on the current state and prospects of the fleet's development. In a nutshell, I will say this: under the current government, there are no prospects to return the fleet to at least 30% from the USSR! And all the tasks for each subsequent year are formed precisely based on the CURRENT state of the groupings. And since the "current state" is regularly deteriorating, new tasks are "sharpened" precisely for this state. It turns out to be a paradox: the tasks and capabilities are constantly decreasing, but they CORRESPOND to the capabilities of the fleet! Several times I heard the report of the commanders of the fleets to Putin on the results of inspections, there was such a "wonderful" phrase: "On the whole, the fleet entrusted to me is capable of performing the tasks as intended." Like this! Soon he will be "capable" of sinking 2-3 junks and placing ten mines in the Golden Horn ... But what? There will be no other tasks soon! I, of course, exaggerate a little, but the trend is just that! Moreover, if the commanders report that the fleet is "capable" (!), Then the authorities do not even have a headache: if you are capable, then serve, dear ones!
    1. DDA
      DDA 4 September 2013 09: 34 New
      I agree with you, while still studying at the TOVMU them SB Makarov saw how the Pacific Fleet was shallow in the 90s-2000s, regarding the Pacific Fleet's naval aviation, well, more or less the situation was with the anti-submarine warriors, although the IL-38 resource was constantly extended after its completion, which was before the missile-carrying aviation you can tell her before the skiff judge for yourself in "Mongohto" only 3 TU-22M3 could fly. As for the tasks of the fleet, they are unambiguous, there is nothing to come up with "presence on ATTVD, the ability to reflect the agression of any neighbor in order to ensure the territorial and economic interests of the Russian Federation" but for this we need ships and not some Mistral, but for this they need to be built.
      1. avg
        avg 6 September 2013 12: 37 New
        Sorry, but why don't you like Mistral? These two are even under construction and will come to the fleet in the foreseeable future. Just look how long it takes and with what quality the ships are being repaired now. And the company against the Mistrals was inflated by shipbuilding oligarchs, acting on the principle: "I won't give it to anyone else," but here such a piece flies past your mouth. And the fact that more than one helicopter carrier is not there, and the existing large landing ships are bent over they do not care.
  3. AVV
    AVV 4 September 2013 09: 38 New
    Gorbachev and Yeltsin made efforts to break up the Pacific Fleet, but despite everything the fleet lives and develops, maybe not as fast as we would like! Let's hope for the best, and the state will help restore the Pacific Fleet !!!
    1. Nick_1972
      Nick_1972 4 September 2013 10: 35 New
      Another three or four years of such "restoration" and the fleet will have to be rebuilt. Of the ships of the first rank, a cruiser, three BODs and de jure one destroyer are in operation. Will they last long?
    2. Cormorants
      Cormorants 4 September 2013 11: 04 New
      What is going on with the world, ruined the great Nobel country to you, warriors, to the right and left, untie the Nobel of the world to you.
  4. Alex-z84
    Alex-z84 4 September 2013 12: 05 New
    Is it really that bad? Is there no plan to replenish the Pacific Fleet with new boxes !?
  5. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 4 September 2013 12: 58 New
    CFL will be already in the foreseeable future in chocolate and will be updated (Dagestan + Tatarstan + 4 MAK (3 projects 21630 and MAK-160 "Gomel" of project 1241.1T have recently been remade) + 6 MRK 21631 with UKSK (2 "Uglich" and Grad Sviyazhsk "already on sea trials, 4 more were laid) + Serny + Dugongi + auxiliary fleet, all new, in addition to the already existing 3 MRK project 1241, 3 RCA project 206, 5 AKA (4 projects 1204, 1 project 1400M) and 7 minesweepers.
    The Black Sea Fleet is planned to be substantially renewed by 17, i.e. 5 frigates 11356, laid down and under construction, the sixth is planned to be laid this year, plus 6 diesel-electric submarines of project 636.6, the entry of the first three of which is expected in 2014, plus 25.07.2013 ship of project 2 "Provorny" laid down on 20385, the delivery of which is expected to the fleet in 2016 , in addition to the still vigorous "oldies" RCR "Moscow", SCR "Sharp" with "Mosquitoes", 2 SCR project 1135 ("Ladny" and "Pytlivy"), diesel-electric submarines of project 877 "Alrosa", 2 MRK project 1239 (" Bora and Samum "), 2 MRK project 1234-1, 5 MRK project 1241, 6 MPK project 1241M, 1 MPK project 1145.1, 11 minesweepers, and in general the situation with the aged old fleet will be tolerable.
    The Baltic Fleet is already quite good - the TFR "Yaroslav the Wise" and "Fearless" keep the ocean watch, the core of corvettes 20380 (already 3, and soon the 4th delivery to the fleet of "Stoyky" is expected in November this year) Baltic and began to sail across Europe. Plus, it is planned to build 3 more frigates of Project 11356 for the Baltic Fleet. In addition, the only newest diesel-electric submarine of Project 677 ("St. Petersburg") is based in the Baltic, although there is talk of its transition to the Northern Fleet. And all this is to one EM project 956 ("Persistent"), 2 diesel-electric submarines of project 877, 4 MRK project 1234-1, 7 MPK project 1331M, 7 MRK project 1241 and 20 minesweepers. The situation is already bearable.
    Northern Fleet - the same 22350s are being built there, the first of which is "Admiral Gorshkov", they plan to enter the fleet at the end of this year, 20385 and so on, and this is the strongest fleet today, moreover, the age is quite small, the same "Peter the Great "-1996; "Shepherd" - 1999, Kulakov generally count 2010, because there the cars were changed. Recently, Project 877 Kaluga diesel-electric submarines were upgraded. Consider this 2 SSBN "Yuri Dolgoruky" and "Vladimir Monomakh" and SSBN of project 885 "Severodvinsk", the problems with which I hope will be settled and she will join the fleet.
    There remains only the Pacific Fleet with the Varyag and 4 BODs, which do not leave the ocean, and the EM of project 956 "Bystry", which is dangerous to run far, 4 MRK of project 1234-1, 8 MPK of project 1241M, 11 RK of project 1241. And if others fleets are actively updated or are planning to update, then only corvettes are being built for the Pacific Fleet (we will take the UDC out of the brackets for now) and those with a creak at the local shipyard. 22350 are the first to declare at the Northern Fleet and the pace is such that they will approach the Pacific Fleet after 20 years. The Pacific Fleet itself, with grief, is building corvettes 20380 in half, disrupting all possible dates, so the "Perfect" under construction at the ASZ, which was supposed to enter service this year, will be commissioned only at the end of the next, the same situation with the "Thundering" under construction that and no wonder. True, the Pacific Fleet is planning one Project 955 Vladimir Monomakh SSBN, and two UDCs (Vladivostok in 2 and Sevastopol in 2014), which is what you believe in seeing the pace of construction of the French. But how to cover them up? True, after the end of the modernization, they plan to transfer the Marshal Usinov RRC, but its completion is expected already in 2015. However, I forgot the Pacific Fleet is still going to strengthen one Project 2018 Grachonok missile launcher. Something like that. Yours faithfully! hi
    1. Col.
      Col. 4 September 2013 14: 11 New
      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      the same "Peter the Great" -1996;

      Mistake. It was introduced in the BS in the 1988 year.
      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      Fists generally consider 2010, because there they changed cars

      Error. It was introduced to BS in 1982. Replacing the engine does not make your car 28 years younger!
      1. smiths xnumx
        smiths xnumx 4 September 2013 14: 26 New
        Looks like we were wrong or both described
        The cruiser was laid in 1986 on the slipway of the Baltic Shipyard (when laying, it was named Kuibyshev, then - Yuri Andropov). April 25, 1989 launched. It was renamed to Peter the Great by decree of the President of the Russian Federation on April 22 (October 1), 1992. In 1998 he joined the fleet.

        As for "Kulakov", again:
        March 19, 1991 the ship got into repair in Severomorsk, but then was transferred to Kronstadt. Due to serious financial difficulties, its repair was delayed and in 1996 it stopped altogether. Only in 2000 the ship was transferred to the Severnaya Verf shipyard from the Kronstadt Marine Plant and began to be de facto repaired. For 10 years, the ship was equipped with the latest equipment and weapons. In April 2010, after a long replacement of weapons systems and life support systems, the repair was completed, in September 2010 the ship left St. Petersburg and arrived in Baltiysk, and on December 7, 2010 the ship arrived in Severomorsk and again became part of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

        Yours! hi
    2. Russ69
      Russ69 4 September 2013 14: 37 New
      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      True, after the end of the modernization, they plan to transfer the RRC "Marshal Usinov"

      "Nakhimov" is also planned for the Pacific Fleet in 2018.
  6. Kavtorang
    Kavtorang 4 September 2013 14: 42 New
    Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
    and 4 BOD, which do not leave the ocean

    Only at the same time they are not there. There can be two maximum for a short-term exit - both at joint exercises with the PRC this year. Somewhere far away - one, the rest give him everything, right down to the electronics boards. And spare parts and something else without which the ship cannot launch an ISM into the sea, here, for unknown reasons, it is customary to carry MA Pacific Fleet from Central Russia by military transport aircraft fool
    Quote: Colonel
    Error. It was introduced to BS in 1982. Replacing the engine does not make your car 28 years younger!

    We have yet another candidate for the champion of endless repairs - the destroyer Burny. Eight years in the plant, they are still planning to start the power plant. It can also beat the anti-record of the Kulakov BOD in terms of repair time.
    1. smiths xnumx
      smiths xnumx 4 September 2013 15: 09 New
      Dear Cavtorang, I completely agree with you. In fact, the Project 1155 BODs perform the functions of destroyers. And all this against the backdrop of the rapidly growing fleets of China. South Korea, Japan, and our old American "friends" should not be forgotten. In general, all the deadlines for the delivery and commissioning of ships have been disrupted at the Pacific Fleet. Yours faithfully! hi
  7. Kavtorang
    Kavtorang 4 September 2013 15: 28 New
    Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
    In general, at the Pacific Fleet, all deadlines for the delivery and commissioning of ships were disrupted.

    Unfortunately yes. Moreover, none of the officials responsible for these terms regarding (and your humble servant, including) did not hide anything, didn’t embellish the situation by the deadlines and didn’t hang noodles on the ears of the high command, but on the contrary rang all the bells every single day .
    Here are a couple more ghosts: the diesel B-187 and the nuclear-powered Irkutsk.
  8. xomaNN
    xomaNN 4 September 2013 18: 25 New
    The title is such an actual swing! And the content is kutzee and woolenly written. :( Sorry.
  9. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 4 September 2013 21: 28 New
    I agree, the stated topic is not disclosed even briefly.
  10. Denis
    Denis 5 September 2013 01: 57 New
    a proposal has been made to limit the Pacific Fleet's area of ​​responsibility to a coastal strip several hundred miles wide. Long trips in this case will be a rare event.
    Such a speaker for his suggestions for one with Serdyukov and Chubais bitches!
    It is worth noting that the most common problem of the FSB coast guard is various border violators who, in the vast majority of cases, permits enter the Russian territorial waters specifically for poaching purposes.
    And here the author is distorting in the spirit of the most democratic trends. Violators catch a drop, mostly their own, working for foreigners. It goes without saying that from a good life
    Fisheries are one of the important income items of the Far Eastern regions of Russia, and therefore an appropriate approach to protecting their economic interests is required.
    Also empty words, the income is brought mainly by bribes to officials, this trade and to those who have collapsed.
  11. Marconi41
    Marconi41 5 September 2013 06: 18 New
    The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation is only a ghost of the KTOF of the USSR. And in Kamchatka there are practically no surface ships left at all. Some time ago, the United States cruiser came into Avacha Bay, so they put him near the RTOs, there was nothing more.
    I would like to hope that KTOF in Moscow will not be forgotten either
  12. Ruslandeth
    Ruslandeth 5 September 2013 06: 35 New
    Satya is about nothing, and the rusty Shaposhnikov (564) has long been painted! At the beginning of the two thousandth with Dad I went to him, Dad and the captain drank vodka, and I drank lunch with the sailors (I was a schoolboy).

    Choose the right photo, please. By the way, there is a Varshavyanka on Ulysses 4re, one of them even participates in the parade on the Day of the Navy. Not everything is ruined yet.
    1. Col.
      Col. 5 September 2013 09: 08 New
      Quote: Ruslandeth
      dad with the captain drank vodka,

      Captains are on civilian ships, and commanders command warships!