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Poor america everyone hurt

The American dream is to come visit with a pistol and shoot from the doorway to the owner!

Will the Americans invade Syria?

Once again, the world froze in a silent question: will the Americans invade Syria? Before that there were Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia. In Afghanistan, the United States was looking for Al-Qaida and “punishing” bad Taliban, which, by the way, they themselves raised. In Yugoslavia, the Serbs, accused by Washington of ethnic cleansing, were guilty before the overseas superpower, as if the Albanians did not do the same. In Iraq, George Bush “discovered” the banned biological from Saddam Hussein weapon. And then it turned out that there were no and there were no biological weapons. Nevertheless, Saddam Hussein was hanged, and American troops are occupying this country to this day.

The reason for the invasion of Syria is no less convincing. Government forces of this country allegedly used chemical weapons against civilians in the civil war. Is there any doubt that the Syrian President Bashar Assad needs the least to fire a rocket with poison gas at his own citizens? The West hates Assad and provides all possible assistance to anti-government Islamist groups. Under the guise of insurgents fighting mercenaries from around the Middle East. The airborne grouping of the United States, Britain and France is approaching the Syrian coast. British special forces allegedly already operating in Syria. The West wants to remove Assad by any means and is clearly looking for a reason to invade. So why under these conditions, the Syrian leader to expose a blow from the outside?

Perhaps, I would have believed in the version about the chemical attack of the Syrian government, if the Taliban were not once grown by American special services, but by Soviet instructors. If Iraq really found biological weapons. And if the Serbs were not cut during the civil war in Yugoslavia.

It's not about chemical weapons. For example, June 13 chemical plant exploded in Louisiana. 73 man poisoned. At least two have died. A month later, slammed the chemical plant in the state of Georgia. Three more victims. Chemical companies just do not fly one after another into the air. Why not assume that the tension in the United States is such that local terrorists have unleashed an internal war? This is an excellent reason to send troops to America, poorly controlled by Democrats and Obama, and to protect the right of ordinary Americans to a peaceful life! Only who will send a peacekeeping corps? Martians? Despite the fact that the States themselves are full of internal problems, they remain the most powerful military power in the world. Serial explosions at chemical enterprises are blamed on technological violations. Everything is calm in Washington again - there are no problems, you can restore order in Syria.

The reception by which the US unleashes wars is no longer new. He has even become boring since 1898, when America first stepped onto the road of the big world robbery. It all started with the mysterious explosion of the American armored cruiser "Men", which became the reason for unleashing the now-forgotten Spanish-American war.

The situation in Cuba then very much resembled the current Syrian one. The island belonged to Spain - a decrepit colonial empire, which was experiencing a protracted depression. In Cuba, there was a guerrilla war. The local rebels wanted to secede from Spain and form an independent state. The Spaniards, as best they could, suppressed them. Exactly like Assad today - their Islamists.

Poor america everyone hurt

Death Road The cruiser "Maine" passes under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Poor-poor "Maine"... At the end of January 1898, the cruiser of the United States "Men" arrived at the raid of Havana. With a "friendly" visit. And without demand. The Spaniards did not call him. Came himself. White body. Yellow pipes. Four 10-inch guns in two towers. And also sails. A typical iron of the era of steam-punk. Say to the Americans: "Get out!" Spain did not have the strength. Her fleet was in the metropolis - thousands of miles from Cuba. Partly without coal, and partly - even without guns! I had to endure. "Maine" stood in the harbor of the capital of Cuba 20 days. And then suddenly exploded. February 15 at night. When the whole team slept.

According to a tradition inherited from the time of the sailing fleet, the officers' cabins were aft - at the opposite end from the latrine (latrine). And the explosion occurred exactly where the sailors slept - in the area of ​​coal pits. As a result, almost all the officers survived with the commander, Captain Sigsby. But almost all the sailors in the amount of 260 people died on the spot. The sailors in the US Navy were rude and uneducated people. But their figure pressed well on the psyche of the average American. He identified himself with these simple guys. And the gentlemen, the officers in detail, told the press the nightmare they had to endure.

Doomed to ruin. The Maine team did not know that the native government would sacrifice it

Immediately, US public opinion decided that the Spaniards were to blame for the tragedy. Who else was to blow up the Maine, if not to them? The cruiser tumbled into a strange house, settled in there, did not touch anyone, and the owners wanted to somehow survive it quickly. That laid a mine under the board! The idea that it was not good to go on friendly visits without an invitation did not even arise in American heads. It was a rough, young, unceremonious nation that had just taken away the entire territory of "its" country from the indigenous people, the Indians. Imagine - all! From the west coast to the east. Twelve million Redskins were simply destroyed, like animals. They staged a genocide before the last Mohican! Texas and California were taken from the Mexicans. Louisiana, where chemical plants are exploding today, was bought cheaply from Napoleon. Alaska - from Russia. Not a single centimeter of "their", the original land of the Americans has never been. Everything - grabbed, someone else's! And then I liked Cuba.

Guilty of the mysterious death of the armored cruiser, Washington appointed Spain. President McKinley declared war against the old kingdom. The American fleet came to the coast of Cuba in full force. The Spanish squadron, which came to the rescue of their overseas possession, sank to the last trough. Her commander, Admiral Server, was fished out of the water. And Cuba was declared an “independent” state, which in reality became completely dependent on the United States, right up to the victory of the Fidel Castro uprising in 1958 year. There was another pro-American “gorilla”, like Batista, and the island itself was called “American brothel”. The ships of the US fleet in Cuba spent the day and slept.

President McKinley had the appearance of a notorious villain

They blew themselves up. But история with "Man" is not over! In 1910, the Americans, well established in Cuba, decided to lift the sunken ship. It lay at a shallow depth and interfered with navigation. The territory around the cruiser was surrounded by a waterproof wall. Water pumped out. And the unfortunate "drowned man" was examined in detail. It turned out that no one mine "Men" did not blow up. The explosion was internal. Something caught fire on the ship itself. Then they detonated the cellars with ammunition. To get aboard a military American ship Spaniards could not. This means either criminal negligence or sabotage of the “hawks” from the United States themselves, who wished to push the country into war with Spain.

Another argument was in favor of the latest version. At the time of his death, the cruiser "Men" was the most outdated and unsuccessful ship of the American fleet. Slow - on trial, he barely developed 16 nodes. With unsuccessful "oblique" location of the towers. With low sides, which flooded the wave. During even a small storm this vessel could not shoot. Yes, and she did all the volley for a half minutes. During the hostilities, "Maine" could not be part of the new high-speed American squadrons. It was a cruiser bastard, copied from an obsolete British project for the Brazilian fleet. So, they could just donate - turn into an excellent reason for invading the territory of Cuba.

On deck. "Maine" was the most clumsy and outdated US ship

And although the innocence of the Spaniards to the undermining of “Maine” became apparent already in 1910, nobody returned Cuba to them. Thousands of other people's secrets interested the US government around the world! It willingly delved into the crimes of the Japanese military and Nazism, exposed the dictators around the world, investigated the intrigues of "world terrorism" ... And only one secret passed by his attention: who was that internal enemy and "pest" who killed almost three hundred honest American shower - stokers and commanders "Maine"? Doesn't it seem strange to you?

They brought the Japanese to Harakiri. But another is even more strange. The technology, tested in the 1898 blast, constantly pops up in the history of world conflicts to which the United States was a party. It is well known that on December 7, 1941, the Japanese aviation attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor and sank the fleet there. Bad Japanese. Treacherous. If not for two inconsistencies. A few months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, United States President Franklin Roosevelt imposed an oil embargo against Japan. Japan is an island country. She did not have her own fuel supplies. It imported oil from the USA, which were then the largest producers of "black gold". In fact, Roosevelt put the Japanese on a hunger ration. Their ships and planes could soon be left without fuel. Japan had to either surrender without war, or try to seize the energy resources of Southeast Asia by attacking the colonies of Great Britain and America. As the bait in Pearl Harbor were left only outdated (!) Ships - battleships, built mainly during the First World War. The American aircraft carrier fleet - the basis of modern naval forces - was, by a strange coincidence, not in the base, but in the open sea. But American public opinion received an impressive picture of the defeat of a whole squadron of new "Maines" - decrepit ships bombed by the Japanese.

The villainous "attack" of Vietnam. And how Vietnam "attacked" the United States, remember? You surely believe that the United States attacked a small Asian country. Your brain is “washed out” by communist propaganda. And according to the official American version, in which every Democrat is obliged to believe up to mental damage, everything looks quite the opposite. She argues that the cunning Vietnamese wanted to conquer and destroy America, which is why she had to destroy potential aggressors on their own Vietnamese territory more than 10 for years! That's how interesting everything turns out!

And the “aggression” of Vietnam against the USA began with the so-called “Tonkin incident”. Also for some reason, not off the coast of America, but off the coast of Vietnam itself. In 1964, in the afternoon of August 2, the American destroyer Maddox allegedly attacked Vietnamese torpedo boats. All torpedoes passed by. But one boat was sunk by the Americans. Americans do not even deny that they started shooting first. Just call these shots "warning". Imagine, invaded the territorial waters of Vietnam and began to cautiously fire a fire - they say, you see, we have already arrived! This is a normal course of action, right? You, too, start a trip to visit with a warning shot at the owner? Not? And the Americans are in the order of things. In general, after the destroyer Maddox had shot “warningly” at Vietnamese boats, the American army landed on a full scale in the Vietnamese jungle. I even guess what she was doing there. Inspired by Oliver Stone on the film “Platoon”, the hero of which Sergeant Ellaens says in a fit of revelation: “Should we once and slap on our face?”. Very good movie turned out. To remove it, the Americans needed to lose thousands of 60 people killed and thousands of 303 wounded. Well, and 3 to kill a million Vietnamese, reflecting their "aggression" against the United States in Vietnamese territory.

The last base of Russia. Today in Syria, the problem lies not in a mysterious chemical attack against civilians, but in the fact that there is the only Russian naval base in the Mediterranean. In the event of a conflict between Moscow and the Euro-Atlanticists, relying on Syrian ports, the Russians can block the Suez Canal and drive the entire Anglo-American trade in a roundabout way around Africa.

Syria - the debtor of Russia. The Kremlin has always given her loans for the purchase of modern weapons. To bring the United States-friendly regime to power in Damascus is the dream of official Washington. But if, instead of such a regime, there is no power in Syria at all, that’s good for Americans too. There is no power in Syria, which means that there is not a Russian naval base there, inherited from the USSR. This is the only reason for Washington’s last threats to President Assad.

In general, it is a pity the Americans. All of them always offended. First, the Indians who defended their native land from the insatiable colonists from the UK. Then Mexico, who did not want to part with Texas. Then - the Spaniards, who had to take away Cuba by force. The Japanese offended America. But especially the Vietnamese. So offended that just horror. I had to release a whole Rambo.

They say they carry water on the offended. But here you go! Americans are so offended that they carry water all over the world. And muddy her wherever they appear.
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  1. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 4 September 2013 08: 14
    This cannot go on forever, someday this country - the country of thieves and thugs - will pay for everything! angry
    1. Petrix
      Petrix 4 September 2013 14: 32
      Quote: Dazdranagon
      someday this country - the country of thieves and thugs - will pay for everything!

      Of course it will pay. Especially common people, who were always sacrificed by "master kings". First, the elite will equip warm places around the world, and then they will watch how the Americans, those who are not in the subject, die in natural and artificial disasters. And here's the "beauty" - America, this bandit enclave, no. The whole world will breathe freely and will build socialism, with a strange division into workers and party nomenklatura for some reason. Until, at one moment, an indignant rebel wakes up and says: "Guys, do you remember the age of capitalism and democracy as an ashes?" And everything will be repeated from the beginning.

      When will we learn to think, and then speak and act?
      1. Ka-52
        Ka-52 4 September 2013 14: 45
        Unfortunately, hardly. Not enough strength. Not by washing in such a way, they will get their way. Indians exterminated in 200 years. They fought with Mexico for 2 years. Depressed Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Spain is a rough year, from February to December. Result: Spain “officially” transferred to the States Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam. And also paid for the US spending on the attack on itself - $ 25 million. With Japan 3 years. Results: Japan under the protectorate of America, all of Oceania, Hawaii, atomic bomb testing in residential cities.
        The only bummer in Vietnam, active hostilities for 8 years. Result: Vietnam’s economy was destroyed, 4 million were killed, but Vietnam remained independent.
        Judging by the recent wars, the "Vietnam Syndrome" has eased.
    2. Klava
      Klava 4 September 2013 19: 39
      They will pay when Russia and China introduce a new reserve currency.
  2. aksakal
    aksakal 4 September 2013 08: 46
    A good digression into history, thanks to the author.
    1. eplewke
      eplewke 4 September 2013 12: 01
      So is it Maine. And the twin towers ... I wonder how many of their citizens they kill, shtob attack Iran, or another large country?
      1. Pit
        Pit 5 September 2013 07: 08
        Quote: eplewke
        I wonder how many of their citizens they soak, shtob attack

        As many as needed. They use the principle: the forest is cut, chips fly. But their capitalist psychology introduces, in a saying, some changes: a lumberjack will beat a tree, so we will hire another.
        They don’t care about people;
      2. scrap
        scrap 8 September 2013 00: 43
        Much. The Second World War. They waited a long time while in Europe people would wet each other, supplying both our and Germans with arms and raw materials. But at the end of the war they threw their soldiers to hell in order to snatch a piece of Europe for free. Although Hitler didn’t threatened, although he was an adventurer, but not to such an extent. With the human and other resources of Germany, rushing across the ocean to conquer America is fantastic. Korea. Under the pretext of fighting communism, they again sacrifice their soldiers. Why wouldn’t they instead of little Syria attack the communist domestic China. There they would wash themselves with a red yushka.
  3. AlNick
    AlNick 4 September 2013 08: 50
    And now the oldest aircraft carrier in service with the US Navy, Nimitz (CVN68), built in 1975, has been sent to the shores of Syria.

    Nothing has changed in the world and the new Americans have come up with nothing ...
  4. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 4 September 2013 09: 17
    In 2001, almost 4 thousand people were killed in the bombing of the World Trade Center in order to invade Afghanistan. In such matters, neither our own nor others' pity!
  5. ALEX74
    ALEX74 4 September 2013 10: 01
    I agree to go to the states and build democracy, but it is advisable to go on a tank!
  6. Zhylaw
    Zhylaw 4 September 2013 10: 33
    United States of America. Area - 9,5 million km².
    The largest cancer tumor from which human civilization was sick.
    1. eplewke
      eplewke 4 September 2013 12: 03
      Sakharov in the mid-50s proposed to wash them off with a wave ... But people have nothing to do with it. Normal people live there too, it’s just that power in the country has not changed for 60-70 years, and the Presidents, their administrations and the State. Dep is like the Queen in England ...
      1. Peaceful military
        Peaceful military 4 September 2013 21: 36
        Normal people live there too, just power in the country has not changed for 60-70 years

        Holy truth, Eugene.
        I have many friends in the United States, namely Americans and they, as one, are wonderful people who quite adequately perceive reality. I have worked with Americans for about 10 years. So I am careful myself and I urge others to beware of stupid shouts like: "Tan with you in the furnace."
        But the fact that the Anglo-Saxon authority has settled there (safer than in the British Isles) and continues to spoil and spread pus is difficult and difficult to say.
        One thing is clear: strong economically, militarily and morally! Russia is able to preserve itself and its own, so to speak, range. And there you look and others will stretch. hi
        1. Peaceful military
          Peaceful military 4 September 2013 21: 51
          I recommend the political-historical cycle of M. Leontiev "The Big Game"
          There is a lot of argumentation about the roots of the Naglosaxon expansion, their Russophobia, etc.
      2. forester
        forester 4 September 2013 21: 54
        Yes, our goofy ones. By the way, these are normal and choose their presidents. So it was necessary to wash them off
  7. svskor80
    svskor80 4 September 2013 11: 24
    The ancient principle worked, works and will work - who is stronger is right. You need to be stronger and then no one will cling to you with complaints, otherwise it’s not even an hour and you can miss your teeth.
  8. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 4 September 2013 11: 42
    America, can you do it again? request
    1. Humen
      Humen 4 September 2013 12: 36
      So they will not even come up with anything new. So many times passed and in this scans. Until they get hit on the head, they don’t understand. Although this may not be understood ...
      1. 50FEDOT
        50FEDOT 4 September 2013 18: 19
        What does the head have to do with it? ONE thinks the lower end of the only gyrus along the blue.
  9. Slotxnumx
    Slotxnumx 4 September 2013 11: 51
    Many people say that the USA is going to sunset, etc. .... BUT this longboat is drowning too slowly, with their army, weapons, they will do much more trouble, this big ship needs a big torpedo, and it is advisable that this torpedo explode in the territory.
  10. Prometey
    Prometey 4 September 2013 13: 21
    And sometimes I get the feeling that the United States is a kind of alien project to conquer humanity ... by the hands of the people themselves. Looking at all these cynical hari of American politicians, the feeling that they are masks, and behind them disgusting green humanoid faces with evil eyes, very often creeps up. There is simply no other explanation for the actions of politicians.
    Somehow they showed an American science fiction series "The Second Wave", where a lone hero tried to uncover a worldwide conspiracy to introduce alien invaders to Earth. Well, as if a reflection of our reality.
    PS By the way, McKinley killed.
    1. Petrix
      Petrix 4 September 2013 14: 50
      Quote: Prometey
      The USA is a kind of alien project to conquer humanity ..

      Put yourself in the place of aliens. The detachment of alien colonists is small, they missed the colony, well, a little disappeared or they were to blame, they were experimented. And then parasitic slaves bred. Hit it openly - people can unite against. Let them plague themselves, and there the cosmic cataclysm mixes up. Wild communities will remain. Here it is also possible to descend from heaven, to be recorded in deities.
      But His Majesty the case does not sleep. Everyone has a chance.
    2. Alex
      Alex 1 February 2014 14: 46
      Quote: Prometey
      And sometimes I get the feeling that the United States is a kind of alien project to conquer humanity ... by the hands of the people themselves.

      Somehow they showed an American science fiction series "The Second Wave", where a lone hero tried to uncover a worldwide conspiracy to introduce alien invaders to Earth.
      Nope, in the "Second Wave" the aliens themselves (or rather, their consciousness) acted, only in grown human bodies. Here "X-Files" is more suitable. This is where everything is out, including your own betrayal for the sake of preserving your posts in the future world.
  11. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 4 September 2013 14: 19
    Once, while several chios were in Sparta, after having lunch in the Ephor hall, they left traces of vomiting on the floor and even settled the need for the chairs on which they were sitting. The Spartans conducted a thorough investigation of whether one of the fellow citizens did this, but when it turned out that they were Chios, they announced through a herald: "Chios are allowed to shit."

    So, Americans are like those chios.
  12. Savva30
    Savva30 4 September 2013 17: 22
    When the common American people are "bleeding", the "rose-colored glasses" fall off, then the changes will begin ... it's one thing to watch the explosions on the TV screen, chewing on a sandwich, it's another to look at all this with your own eyes ...
    1. maxon106
      maxon106 5 September 2013 10: 01
      Quote: Savva30
      When the common American people are "bleeding", the "rose-colored glasses" fall off, then the changes will begin ... it's one thing to watch the explosions on the TV screen, chewing on a sandwich, it's another to look at all this with your own eyes ...

      Do not watch firsthand, but participate
  13. ivachum
    ivachum 4 September 2013 17: 29
    Quote: Slot46
    Here are many who say that the United States is going to sunset, etc ...

    This is not the problem ... The problem is that they and the rest of the world are pulling along. am
  14. patrianostra
    patrianostra 4 September 2013 23: 09
    With Men, everything is much more interesting. The whole team including the captain was from blacks.
    1. Mature naturalist
      Mature naturalist 4 September 2013 23: 58
      Quote: patrianostra
      With Men, everything is much more interesting. The whole team including the captain was from blacks.

      And in the text of the article in two photographs not a single Negro.
  15. chehywed
    chehywed 5 September 2013 01: 40
    According to the tradition inherited from the time of the sailing fleet, the officers' cabins were aft - at the opposite end from the latrine (latrine). And the explosion occurred exactly where the sailors slept - in the area of ​​coal pits. As a result, almost all the officers, along with commander Captain Sigsby, survived.

    I read somewhere that there were no officers at all at the time of the explosion on the ship. Discipline ... however.
  16. Stalinets
    Stalinets 5 September 2013 02: 28
    Elderberry - elderberry overeating. When did the Americans say they were offended ??? This author mixed up with Israel. Oh, wei! That they are forever persecuted ... True - more expensive. Author, crypto Israelite. Oles ... Donkey ... negative