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Obama's war against the Christians of the Middle East

Obama's war against the Christians of the Middle East

The possible intervention of the United States in the conditions of chaos and bloody confusion that prevail in Syria for more than two years may become a point of world fracture. Everything that happened and is happening in the Middle East during the years of the Obama presidency — whether in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, or Yemen — is the result of direct American interference in the internal affairs of these countries ...

Now Obama is simply unable to admit that Syria has withstood the onslaught of the West, the US stake on terror by the Islamists has not justified itself, the Assad government remains in power, and the further, the more the country's population supports the existing regime in the country. Therefore, the impending aggression under the cynical slogan of saving the civilian population is in fact aimed at supporting the defeated rebels. The main purpose of the application of missile and aviation strikes is the destruction of the military infrastructure of the Syrian army, after which "regime change" according to Obama's plan will be engaged in the gangs of Islamist militants who know how to fight with civilians. Among those with weapons in the hands of fighting in Syria against the government army, the Syrians are no more than 5%, the rest are foreign mercenaries fighting in a foreign country with foreign money. In their ranks are now gaining combat experience and people from Russia and the former Soviet republics.

Especially difficult is the situation of Syrian Christians ... Terrorists burn temples, attack old people, women, children. Until now, the anti-Christian orientation of the terror of the allies to the Washington supporters of radical Islam in Syria has not been repulsed. Although it must be admitted that earlier the US Congress refused to endorse Obama’s plan to expand military-financial support to the “Syrian rebels”, considering mainly the persecution of the Christian communities of Syria. The overwhelming majority of congressmen agreed that the United States has no moral right to support the "liberators" that are brutal in a foreign territory. Unlike Obama’s “peacemaker-president,” they found that such a policy does not provide any guarantee of security for religious minorities in Syria, and the support of the Islamists leads to the deliberate and purposeful destruction of the Christian population by them.

Shocking reports of terrorist atrocities against Christians come from Syria almost daily. Thus, for several weeks, the Christian city of Rabeleh was surrounded by militants. There, Islamists killed everyone who tried to get out or enter the city, including representatives of religious Christian organizations who tried to deliver food and medicine to the besieged. Now in Syria, in places where militants fought, it is impossible to find an undefiled Christian church, foreign mercenaries are rampant, tearing down and trampling Christian crosses.

The US administration's intention to aggravate, as far as possible, sectarian conflicts is not limited to Syria, it is acquiring a universal character for the Arab world. It looks like a plan of destruction historical areas of origin of Christianity. This is not just about Syria. The world today is witnessing the destruction of what Christians have been building for two millennia. One of the most important aspects of the raging "Arab Spring" is the genocide of Christians in the Middle East.

Copts in Egypt, who came to Alexandria in the first century and created the first Christian communities there, have already paid for many rampant Islamism. Egyptian Copts are Orthodox Christians. In Egypt, about 10 million people lived in Egypt before the “revolution” imposed by the Americans. In just four days of riots last August in Egypt, 30 Orthodox Coptic churches, 14 Catholic churches and monasteries, 5 Protestant prayer houses were destroyed or burned. Tens of thousands of Copts have already left Egypt, some of them, fleeing the terror, left for Russia. About these crimes in the West are deliberately silent, as well as the fact that more than 2003 million Christians lived in Iraq, which was "liberated" by the Americans before the American invasion of 2, and after 10 years there were less than 300 thousand. It is difficult to find analogs to this outcome in modern history.

Is it possible to preserve Christian culture in the Arab countries of the Middle East? The question is not idle. With the approval and support of Washington, the region passes into the hands of al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, and Muslim Brotherhood fighters. It is no exaggeration to say that the contribution of the Obama administration to the persecution of Middle Eastern Christians has become crucial.

Recall that the criticism of the actions of the previous US President George W. Bush over the fact that he started the war in Iraq without the approval of Congress, has become part of the first election campaign of Barack Obama. The promise of not starting a new war helped Obama get votes, defeat Republicans and become president. Now his references to the need to protect the mythical “national interests” of the United States in Syria are not accepted by the Americans, more than 60% of them believe that the intervention in Syria is not in the national interest of the country. Capitol Hill lawmakers require Obama to explain intelligibly the motives, goals, and strategies of possible hostilities. In response to his people and his congressional representatives, Obama promises "to make a decision personally."

It seems that, as in relations with Russia, Obama takes a pause in relations with his own country. Most likely, the Obama administration will not get agreement to start a military campaign from Congress, as required by the US Constitution. Washington cannot coordinate its actions with the United Nations. In addition to France, they avoided participation in the attack on Syria and the US allies in NATO. For the consequences of the invasion of Syria, if it happens, Obama will have to answer personally. And here, empty phrases like the one that “the US response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria will be limited” have no meaning.

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  1. AVV
    AVV 3 September 2013 13: 56 New
    The extermination of Christians in Syria by the hands of the Nobel Peace Laureate is a world shame for America! That's who you need at the Hague Tribunal !!!
    1. Recon
      Recon 3 September 2013 18: 09 New
      In general, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the President of the United States is an act of egregious, epic, bestial hypocrisy and spit on all reasonable logic. And the whole world was swallowed as usual.
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 3 September 2013 18: 16 New
        Quote: Recon
        Generally, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the President of the United States
        Well, it’s you who explain to those gay-European liberals that he was put forward and the prize was awarded. At that time, although he managed to get out, he had not spent a single day in the White House, so a bonus of the type was given in advance. Well, the fact that he did not work this advance - well, try to recover from him if you can get there.
        1. Recon
          Recon 3 September 2013 19: 33 New
          Quote: Nagan
          recover from him if you can get

          if I could.
      2. Oleg14774
        Oleg14774 3 September 2013 18: 59 New
        Quote: Recon
        In general, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the President of the United States is an act of egregious, epic, bestial hypocrisy and spit on all reasonable logic. And the whole world was swallowed as usual.

        Guys, were you born yesterday? And the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Gorbatom, Sakharov, Solzhenitsen? This is not a prize to be proud of!
        1. olviko
          olviko 3 September 2013 19: 16 New
          And the European Union itself has awarded a prize. And this is after Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya!
        2. Tersky
          Tersky 3 September 2013 19: 17 New
          Quote: Oleg147741
          ? And the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Gorbatom, Sakharov, Solzhenitsen? This is not a prize to be proud of!

          So they were all given the appropriate medal ... (see photo of the original below) wassat . Well, on the topic, the Nobel has repeatedly turned over in the grave from the names of the "laureates." After all the “well-deserved” presentations, I would have been alive, before dying in my will, the clause on the peace prize was definitely excluded.
        3. Recon
          Recon 3 September 2013 19: 31 New
          Quote: Oleg147741
          Guys, were you born yesterday? And the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Gorbatom, Sakharov, Solzhenitsen?

          so I say, as usual.
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 3 September 2013 18: 16 New
      Quote: AVV
      the annihilation of Christians in Syria by the hands of a Nobel laureate of peace,

      they are concerned about the drum of the majority of the US population not by the religious affiliation of the head of administration, but by the state of the American economy 43% of Americans don’t know what religion President Grandfather and Obama practice Islam. Obama himself spent most of his childhood in Indonesia, but is considered a Protestant, a mixture of ignorance and unscrupulousness. Barak Hussein Obama, a Muslim by religion, had fled to Christianity on occasion and now avoids mentioning his middle name.
  2. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 3 September 2013 18: 37 New
    That's exactly it (IMHO), only Obama is just a talking head, and therefore the offensive of the Antichrist should not be personified with the personality of this ... individual. Although personal responsibility for personal participation, or not participating in one or another, this does not relieve this individual.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Peaceful military
      Peaceful military 3 September 2013 19: 00 New
      And what does minus without arguments mean? This means that the minuser does not have either arguments (then this minus is meanness), or the minuser has no brains for argumentation (then this minus is nonsense). I have the honor. hi
  3. baltika-18
    baltika-18 3 September 2013 19: 12 New
    It became a minus. Reason: the author is trying to prove that the war in Syria and the Middle East in general is a war against Christianity. But this is not so. Of course, they also get it, but this is by no means the main reason.
    1. Peaceful military
      Peaceful military 3 September 2013 19: 25 New
      You are right that this war is not against Christianity, as such.
      The nature of wars, according to Biblical logic, is something much larger and deeper than just "continuing politics by other means." hi
      1. baltika-18
        baltika-18 3 September 2013 20: 40 New
        Quote: Peaceful military
        The nature of wars, according to Biblical logic, is something much larger and deeper.

        Perhaps. There are always more reasons than one. And goals, too.
  4. a52333
    a52333 3 September 2013 19: 21 New
    It is a pity that the Copts and Syrian Christians are not as organized as the Kurds. Those self-defense units organized.
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 3 September 2013 22: 26 New
      Quote: a52333
      It is a pity that the Copts and Syrian Christians are not as organized as the Kurds. Those self-defense units organized.

      Kurds are a nation. They have traditions like any nation, one of which is to fight for any reason. Christianity is a religion, it does not welcome war ... do not pile warm and soft in a heap.
      1. Shumka
        Shumka 3 September 2013 22: 53 New
        right. nation and religion. in general, the Kurds are Kurds. But the Copts are the Copts, in fact they are oppressed people, crushed by the Islamists.
  5. Des10
    Des10 3 September 2013 19: 23 New
    "Among those who are fighting with arms in Syria against the government army, there are no more than 5% of Syrians, the rest are foreign mercenaries, ..."
    Where this data comes from is hard to believe.
    1. creak
      creak 3 September 2013 21: 17 New
      There are certainly enough mercenaries among the so-called insurgents, but it would be a simplification to assume that mostly mercenaries are fighting against Assad. The fact is that over 70% of the Syrian population profess Sunni Islam, and the ruling circles of the country are Alawites (the branch of Islam is close to Shiites). This, in particular, explains Assad’s support for Shiite Iran and the Hezbollah movement. So there is enough native population among Assad’s opponents .. Support for them is provided in turn by the Arab Sunni states. Christians, in some cases, are between two fires and they are not as numerous and organized as Muslims ... Something similar was observed at one time time during the civil war in Lebanon, which was one with Syria until 1947. For the Sunnis, Shiites (and Alawites, in particular) are sometimes greater enemies than Christians. Of course, the conflict in Syria is affected by a number of factors, but I only touched interfaith as very significant.
  6. stroporez
    stroporez 3 September 2013 19: 44 New
    God !!!!!!!! kill them all (amers) and plod their slaves ......
  7. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 3 September 2013 20: 10 New
    I see no reason to be serious about the award of this Prize ..... its nominees have strongly discredited themselves in the eyes of the world community, and the Nobel Prize Award Committee was engaged by the American office
    GREAT RUSSIA 3 September 2013 20: 22 New
    Nobel Peace Laureate. What kind of a laureate is he? He must be awarded a prize for a record number of destroyed countries, and then put on trial. am
  9. darksoul
    darksoul 3 September 2013 20: 59 New
    Having found out to whom and for what the Nobel Prizes give the Nobel in a coffin would roll over
  10. Shumka
    Shumka 3 September 2013 22: 47 New
    in general, after .. after all of Syria, Israel, generally after, America will decline, and the state of Israel will not have a sweet time .... the fruits will be different. ah ah .. sold for 30 silver coins - get change.
  11. shpuntik
    shpuntik 3 September 2013 23: 02 New
    In just four days of unrest last August, 30 Orthodox Coptic churches, 14 Catholic churches and monasteries, 5 Protestant prayer houses were destroyed or burned in Egypt.

    Here they are horns from where they look. Apparently the time has come for us, the Russians, to prepare, to arm ourselves. Otherwise, they will devour, and they will not choke.
  12. AVV
    AVV 4 September 2013 00: 05 New
    The history of America, the history of continuous wars, provocations, in the struggle for energy, material wealth, influence on world processes! And everything is covered by the struggle for democracy, American values! Stop hanging on everyone’s ears! It's time for America to point to its place in the stall!
  13. Stalinets
    Stalinets 6 September 2013 02: 10 New
    Is Obama? There are more French and British yes Arabesque .... Where is Obama? So far, only croaking ..
  14. sumcream56
    sumcream56 7 September 2013 20: 27 New
    But does it come to mind that the world has long been dancing to the tune of Sunni Muslims and other Wahhabis. And do not look abroad - see what nationality is the source of conflict in Russia. One failed attempt to make a mosque a symbol of Russia (guess whose heart it is?) Is worth what. But Obama, like many in the USA, probably, along with France and other “guys” are just mercenaries of Arab sheikhs, who by the way agreed to pay for the US operation in Syria. And do not flatter yourself about the American Congress - they will buy them with giblets and they will vote " BEHIND"! The British probably didn’t get much. To secure the world from chemical weapons, we need just a ground-based ground operation to take control of the relevant facilities by the UN forces, and not two-month (or even four-month) shelling of the country with missiles and bombs, Putin is not in vain fighting - this whole an international opposition russia will be tomorrow in Central Asia, and the day after tomorrow in Russia. It is not needed for the overthrow of the Iranian regime - they have Kurds and their own fighters howling from the territory of Iraq.