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Why do people engage in terrorism?

Each class has its own fundamental principle. What, for example, makes the teachers of a provincial high school breed bees instead of doing science? The reason is that for them it is the only way to at least somehow fix their family financial problems, because the income from the bees is much higher than the income from science. And is it possible to condemn them for this, because it is known, “what the fish is looking for, where it’s deeper, and the man - where it’s better!”

Sadly, this circumstance perfectly fits into the rather traditional view of things for millions of Russians, according to which in our state you can only “steal and sell!” On the other hand, this can be a pleasant hobby and a means of relieving nervous tension.

Here is also terrorism - in principle, exactly the same occupation, but only in a purely specific direction and carried out at risk for oneself and for others, and also having some reasons and goals. In addition, he, of course, destroys any society and creates a salutary ground for its destabilization, both “right” and “left”. Well, any destabilization, again, to some groups of society is beneficial both politically and economically.

Suppose you have a company that builds underground bunkers for rescue on Day X. Naturally, you will finance publications in the most popular journals about the “end of the world,” and about the fall of the asteroid Apophis, and about the impending nuclear war between Russia and China, and the imminent invasion of aliens. And this will be, incidentally, also terrorism, but only informational, the goal of which is to directly enrich your construction company by intimidating people who have something to lose! Accordingly, if you have a secret organization that sets certain goals for itself, and even financed from abroad, then ... it is clear that you simply cannot do without terrorist actions, if only legally for a part of the money you paid write off, and part - respectively bait.

Another thing, why ordinary terrorists go to terror? What motivates them? Desire for revenge? Clouding of mind as a result of convictions and sermons? Who knows ... Not so long ago, we met one dissertation work, the author of which cites a lot of references to reputable authors-scientists studying terrorism, as a phenomenon: "The theoretical and methodological basis for the conceptualization of the phenomenon of terrorism was created in the works of both foreign and domestic thinkers ..." - and then went to the list on two pages, which was read not to re-read!

That is - everything seems to be open long ago! You can take, study and ... resolutely end terrorism! But, despite the efforts of all these scholars, "things are still there" and, apparently, this problem is not solved, although today they give out grants and defend dissertations on the problem of terrorism. And here again, there are conclusions in dissertations on terrorism, but there is no way to overcome it!

Obviously, the “cause” is something attractive for some part of the population and we simply cannot get away from this! Of course, in this case, you can traditionally refer to the opinion of the above-mentioned specialists and look for an answer in their writings. But we, in this case, decided to act differently and turn to the opinion of the “popular masses”, having carried out a simple study of the socio-economic and political processes in our society, because “the voice of the people is the voice of God”.

Of course, this source is far from always convincing, especially if we recall how, in his tragedy “Boris Godunov”, A.S. Pushkin spoke about the public opinion of the masses: "Senseless mockery / Changeable, rebellious, superstitious, / Easily empty hope is betrayed, / Instant suggestion is obedient, / For truth, deaf and indifferent, / And the fables feed on it." However, on the other hand, moreover, in the same work we also meet his other words about how the Pretender came to Russia: “Not by troops, no, not by Polish help, But by opinion; Yes! popular opinion ".

That is the opinion of the people makes sense, is not it? His collective mind finds the right decisions and assessments, judgments today instantly replicate and distribute the Internet, and as a result, the verdict of public opinion is sometimes far more accurate than numerous scientific studies, although nobody has, of course, denied the value of the latter. Public opinion polls are conducted regularly today, and we also conducted a survey in one of the provincial centers of Russia on the topic: “What, in your opinion, are the motives of people participating in terrorist acts?”
The survey sample was about 200 people, which may not be entirely indicative (the same “Romir” usually interviews 1400-1600 people in Russia), but, nevertheless, for a provincial city with a population of 500 thousand people, it allows to determine the main content of the opinions of a fairly large part of its population on this issue.

As it turned out, boys and girls under the age of 20 consider the main reason for the participation of people in terrorist acts to be mental injuries, psychological pressure and mental illness. But in general, this point of view adheres to 45% of respondents!

In second place - territorial conflicts, political views, impunity. On the third are such reasons as religious beliefs, manipulation of consciousness, the desire for heroism. Immediately behind them are money and other material interest, as well as the lack of proper upbringing, inner culture, ideology, propaganda and drugs.

Thus, the majority of people believe that the main reason why people engage in terrorist activities is connected ... with the presence of mental disorder! At the same time - it does not matter whether it is in fact or otherwise, - since people believe that this is so, then it is so - this is the effect of "mass consciousness". And now we note that in Russia, historically, there has not been a tradition to visit a psychologist, since, for example, it has long been accepted in the United States and, moreover, as we are told again: “They don’t heal from the head in Russia! “That is, people are too poor to afford the luxury of visiting a good psychotherapist, hence the mass of phobias, borderline states of the psyche, mental disorders, and equally massive drinking. It turns out that one of the main causes of terrorism, both in Russia and in countries with a low level of economic and social development like it, is mass poverty, and the constant stress provoked by this poverty from which even shopping will not go away! It is possible and must fight this phenomenon, but it is very difficult, which is why it must be recognized that the problem of terrorism will not really have a forceful solution in the foreseeable future! Moreover, a very ambiguous result was obtained by a survey on our Internet base in Google. doc It turned out that 19% of respondents are potentially ready to assist members of terrorist groups !!! It is curious that this category of respondents stands out from the total mass of respondents by a number of characteristic features. Basically, these are young, educated men under the age of 30 who have a secondary vocational or even higher professional education. They cite heavy losses of life and the loss of the meaning of life as the main reasons pushing a person to participate in terrorist actions, and religious views and political convictions are singled out as the main motives for complicity with terrorists. That is, we almost one-on-one observe the social stratification of society according to the “Pareto law”. And since a society with a ratio of 20 to 80 is considered stable, whatever processes it may concern, this can only mean one thing: today we are in a state where resorting to terrorist activities has become a kind of “norm” for representatives of certain social structures of Russian society . And it will be possible to overcome terrorism only if this proportion itself or the paradigm of social development changes !!!

It is enough to look into the comments of our citizens on news sites to make sure that discontent, ideas of violence and extremism are literally in the air, and in this particular case, on the Internet. So, we read:

SuperCook.ru_ ENDING THE DISHES: Great Iran will soon free all Russian Muslims from the infamous Russian Orthodox yoke. The very name of Allah alone, as well as the pressure of the invincible warriors of Allah, will make the Russian admirers of the Jewish Orthodox God shudder and flee to Taimyr, defined for them by Allah as a permanent place of residence for infidel Russian kefirs. And only a circumcised Russian will be allowed to live in the Northern Urals.

Leonid Bozhok: To the wall of all the thief or to Siberia, on the Kolyma

These are just two examples (so as not to take up much space!), But on the Russian news websites there are one such statement out of every three. “All shot, hanged on the Kremlin wall, impaled, you need 37-th year”, “Give Stalin!”, “Death to Israel!”, “Destroy the USA!” - the people themselves do not know what they write, but in this way dump accumulated irritation in the soul. However, this is also an important indicator of public mental health. In the “comments” there is no constructive dialogue, there is not even an elementary culture of communication, but malice, dissatisfaction with one’s own position and envy of those who, one way or another, broke through to the “feeding trough” are abundant! So, a certain part of these people quite (under appropriate circumstances!) Can move from words to deeds, and here you have another terrorist act or aiding those who commit it!
Interestingly, the author of the above-named dissertation research came to the following conclusion: “The analysis of terrorism as a factor in the destabilization of modern society suggests that this socio-political and phenomenon is firmly established in the political life of modern society. In our opinion, the cause of terrorism lies in the growth of crisis phenomena, the inability of society to regulate complex socio-political processes, the rapid change of systems of human ideals and values. As a result, aspirations to exploit the weaknesses of the public and state system by means of terrorist influence are activated. ” As you can see, everything is the same, but only said in other words, more clever and scientific words. And there is nothing about the fact that everything in this case comes from stress, bad heredity, spoiled psyche and ... poverty of the population of the country!
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  1. Fox
    Fox 5 September 2013 07: 46
    deeper are the roots of this phenomenon ... and illiteracy is the main fertilizer of terrorism! Look at the intelligence of the terrorists, you will understand everything yourself. So that: the more there are deceived by our "education", the more terrorists. Glory to the Fursenk and Lebanese!
    1. shurup
      shurup 5 September 2013 09: 05
      Mr. V. Ulyanov was trained in a gymnasium and had a father - a teacher in a gymnasium. This did not stop Comrade. Lenin to become the most famous supporter of terror, and red. The psyche of young Ilyich was shaken by the fate of his beloved brother, which, as it were, hints at hereditary traits.
      But he died of brain inflammation, which falls into the percentage of respondents.
      In addition to terrorists, there are also exterminators of dogs, cats, ravens and even sparrows as a whole country.
      Their principled position in matters of annihilation testifies to mental deviations.
      By the way, Obama already needs medical attention.
      1. omsbon
        omsbon 5 September 2013 09: 52
        Quote: shurup
        Their principled position in matters of annihilation testifies to mental deviations.

        That is, people are NOT involved in terrorism, terrorism is the occupation of NON-PEOPLE!
      2. creak
        creak 5 September 2013 10: 48
        Lenin graduated not only from the gymnasium, but also from Kazan University, and his father was not just a teacher, but a director and supervisor of educational institutions throughout the Simbirsk province. The presence or absence of education in this regard does not solve anything
        - Pol Pot, who destroyed almost half the population of Cambodia during his reign, received higher education in France. And the terrorists in Russia during his revelry in the 19-20 centuries were both immigrants from the people and from the intelligentsia and the nobility ...
        1. Asan Ata
          Asan Ata 5 September 2013 12: 00
          Vladimir Ulyanov was expelled from the law faculty of Kazan University for participating in student unrest.
          1. creak
            creak 5 September 2013 12: 08
            A true clarification, but he still got a higher education by passing exams at the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg University as an external exam, if I am not mistaken in 1891.
      3. aksakal
        aksakal 5 September 2013 13: 53
        Quote: shurup
        The fate of his beloved brother shook the psyche of young Ilyich

        the writer Marietta Shaginyan, the one who wrote a lot about Lenin (good, as Glavlit demanded), after working with the archives, claims that Lenin is a "tolerast", his father is not native and raped the little, sympathetic and curly-haired Volodenka. What has poured out and poured out of Russia - judge for yourself. Children need to be protected from domestic violence, but not in the form of juvenile justice, people themselves must do this in the form of public control.
  2. Turik
    Turik 5 September 2013 09: 00
    There is only one reason for terrorism - the inability to achieve their goals by political, economic or military (in the sense of confronting the regular army or law enforcement forces) methods.

    This is not scary for psychos; as a rule, their actions, although unpredictable, rarely cause excessive damage to the state. Worse when terrorists are extremists. Then the confrontation may drag on for decades.
  3. Ulysses
    Ulysses 5 September 2013 09: 30
    Terrorism is the weapon of losers.
    Those unable to achieve their goals in other, less bloody (human) ways.
    Therefore, their name is nonhumans.
  4. Kpox
    Kpox 5 September 2013 09: 33
    Terrorism is a moral assumption of violence. The Nazis burned people in concentration camps not because they wanted to become a world evil - in their ideology it was right and served as a means to achieve the "higher" Nazi goal. And it's not at all about illiteracy or deception.
    1. carbofo
      carbofo 6 September 2013 12: 19
      Here's the option: a 29-year-old young man in the Moscow metro subway kills a Chechen in a fight with a knife.
      Circumstances: the Chechen got to the bottom, got an answer, and wanting to teach a lesson, started a fight at the station with the support of 3 friends, during the fight the Muscovite took out a knife and hit the Chechens, the comrades of the killed man rushing to run away were captured and it seems to me not badly beaten by others (2 in the hospital 1 in intensive care).
      What is terrorism and what else?
      In my opinion, the attempt at moral terror failed and went into the criminal field as a premeditated murder, on formal grounds without aggravating.
      As for the other participants, the people did not use terror and ordinary anger against them, it is already an assumption of violence, and only an excuse is enough.
      As for the Nazis, there is a very big topic and a lot of examples, but I will reduce the point to one thing, when schizics and sadists, including law enforcement agencies, are in power, the majority of the population simply have no choice or you or they! take it a word, not everyone is ready to challenge when he knows for sure what will be behind him, so 90% of the population sat quietly and pulled their hands in parades.
      In the film Saboteurs: the end of the war, there was a good episode about Frau to which one of the heroes of the film went to Berlin in Berlin to kill her because she had surrendered his parents, and when he spared her she said, I believed!
      1. Kpox
        Kpox 9 September 2013 12: 52
        You would have dragged in everyday "terror".
        And the "schizos and sadists" came to power through fair democratic elections, the "majority" and brought them to this power.
  5. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 5 September 2013 09: 36
    Absolutely incorrect heading, people cannot be terrorists, such are not people, animals without brains are those who carry out terrorist attacks. Why, well, the answer is that there are no brains.
    1. knn54
      knn54 5 September 2013 11: 18
      Terrorism is the weapon of the WEAK. Physically, financially weak or weak spiritually, psychologically.
      PS "What is more intoxicating than wine?
      Women, horses, power and war!
      / R. Kipling /.
      1. carbofo
        carbofo 6 September 2013 12: 23
        Terrorism is a tool for achieving goals, but how it is used is a different conversation, if you launch a rocket with Zarin on the heads of your fellow citizens, this is one thing.
        When you drop a bomb at the Tsar, it’s the same terrorism, but it’s different.
        If a citizen encroaches on Obama, for example, it’s a terrorist.
        And what if Obama is a citizen? .
  6. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 5 September 2013 10: 08
    No need to generalize, not people, but amers, or rather the FRS. A rhetorical question from the category, "Why are the owners of the FRS planting a dollar on everyone?"
  7. SergBrNord
    SergBrNord 5 September 2013 10: 25
    1) The headline is complete nonsense. Engaged in something useful.
    2) The conclusions about the causes of the phenomenon are taken from the ceiling and in no way correlate with real life. Like the reports of the Levada Center ...
    3) And again an attempt to bring life to numbers .. Nothing good ever came of it, always empirically it turned out that life <> numbers.
  8. michajlo
    michajlo 5 September 2013 10: 26
    Good morning everybody!
    The article put a minus.
    Count her another attempt to turn everything upside down.

    Dear Authors (Julia Manannikova - Ph.D. in Sociology??? (shorter than LIARS) Associate Professor, Department of Communication Management(regular LIHUN and MANIPULATOR) PYenzensky State University, Vyacheslav Shpakovsky) - just work out their 30 pieces of silver from the West "pushed into madness".

    The style of the ANALYSIS stated is very similar to numerous old tales like "The Union put the low oil price on its blades", slipped by the naive so as not to ask
    - "Who personally from the top of the KGB and the Central Committee of the CPSU" fulfilled the order and wishes of the leaders from the West?
    - who should be punished for the collapse of the Union, army, military-industrial complex?

    After all, it is no coincidence that in 22-27 years, there were NO guilty !? All of them simply live quietly and richly on their pensions earned on the blood of Soviet people!

    "Scientifically verified conclusions" that they say terrorists are because they do not have money for psychotherapists (that is, to HIM PERSONALLY liars and scammers), patients do not seek help and do not improve their monthly INCOME, all sorts of ignorance ...

    Prada if you recall that in them the praised West, fraudsters such as sociologists and psychologists, a dime a dozen, and actual% of mental disorders in the population - for some reason, the highest in the world, but this is already potential patients / fools for milking, do not need to know.

    Why, in the article, dear LIARS and FRAUDERS, did not write that the terrorists for their own selfish purposes people have been nurturing for centuriesgroups with money, power and influence, to achieve their own selfish goals and often inhuman bloody.

    Extremely Apparently the appearance of this article at the momentwhen in the West e.e. think hard under what new reason to start the ARMED ATTACK, WAR US Army to sovereign Syria (SAR), which dared to refute the CALCULATIONS of such PSYCHOANALYTICS and specialists of bloody killings from the West,
    - did not fall in 2-4 months, and already the 3rd year SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDS and begins to WIN.

    In my personal opinion,
    - the air in society will become much cleaner if such DOCENTS with CANDIDATES are working not with the minds and psyche of people, but with a hand saw in the taiga and a hank on a prison bed!

    By the way, here are the authors and one more "subject of research" who openly and directly expressed their views and assessment Your fabrications and anti-people sabotage.

    I apologize to the generously respected authors,
    but liars and scammers, as I personally consider you, нI do not perceive in a positive perspective.

    You see, well, I lack (whether the age of naivety has outgrown) fashionable "positive thinking" for the faith of those who have multiplied beyond measure and are still at large, Manipulators of public opinion in the post-USSR, and all these new "super-specialists of the human soul", why is it UNANIMOUSLY against the Socialist system in the USSR and ALL of them stand for a LIGHT PARADISE in the West !?

    As they say, having a head for reflection and not wearing a headdress, you should think for yourself,
    - where so many rot rot out on the open spaces of the post-USSR and
    - who pays them for BREAKING in the minds of gullible people?

    And in the continuous ideological war, we are still constantly losing from 1985.
  9. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 5 September 2013 12: 08
    Terrorism is a way of destabilizing a state by another state or organization. Only a few tried to do something on their own. Terrorism is impossible without sponsorship, expensive. And one more thing: those who are capable of killing causelessly are mentally ill people. Most of the CIS immigrants fighting in Syria are not terrorists, they are just people who really want to kill with impunity. Well, how does it work. I know one Muscovite who fought in Serbia. He asked: Why? He answered: to kill a freebie (for reference, he studied poorly, vicious, physically weak). Probably one more reason is the reduction of mental hospitals. These are sick people.
  10. PSih2097
    PSih2097 5 September 2013 13: 14
    “To shoot them all, hang them on the Kremlin wall, put them on a stake, we need the 37th year”, “Give Stalin!”

    normal comments ... good
  11. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 5 September 2013 15: 15
    A rather helpless (like the vast majority of concoction of Russian psycho-manipulative educators) is an example of a psychological attack on consciousness. This is me about the article ... This work makes such an impression that rabid crowds of terrorists are rushing en masse along the streets of cities and weights, setting fire to, exploding and poisoning everything that the authors have not yet been able to (push) to save, that is, at home or sell and save on a Swiss account!
    In fact, cute and surprisingly persistent attempts to declare terrorism a MASS phenomenon have nothing to do with reality. As soon as the next "expert" says something like that, everything is already clear. He is not trying to understand something or explain something. They simply want to steer you, instilling outright nonsense with the grace of a blow to the head with an ax. A simple search for information on this topic immediately yields the obvious conclusion - hundreds of people are doing this. Hundreds. All over the planet.
    This amount is immeasurably smaller than any statistical sample, to speak of terrorism as a mass phenomenon means lying, basely and purposefully. We have a certain class of customers for terrorist activities. Then - a network of coordinators and organizers, up to a couple of hundred. Acting in the option of piece selection, and even in the conditions of modern communications, you can find any kind of people to perform the most hellish tasks. Us 7 BILLION!
    Among this number, you can find and use the wildest scumbags, so what? What does this have to do with social phenomena? Why do we have to rush to pay for the services of psychologists in a bunch? Because the media stubbornly keep talking about the countless "terrorist training camps" from which there is nowhere to go and will soon have to press public parking lots? Upon closer inspection, these are mercenary training camps. But only. The mercenary was paid - he went and killed. What kind of clowns terrorism ?! Yes, someone is preparing death row. Dozens of people. Authors, can you tell me how a psychologist will help me if they catch me and let me go down the conveyor belt, where they start to process Ericksonian hypnosis under drugs? What social adaptation will save me? Lies, delirium, psycho manipulation ...
  12. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 5 September 2013 20: 43
    Put a minus, explain:

    The author, who is well versed in psychology, does not directly speak, but makes a very strong suggestion - the Russians will begin to go to brainwashing to the psychotherapist very rarely and everything will be fine right away. This is only to those who push juvenile justice and chipizatsii. Outreach is an enemy, and since we have already touched upon the topic of terrorism, it, too ... um, of that, to the direct study of the subject, from our personal life experience, and not from worthless papers.

    The author completely did not understand the question of why people become terrorists. This is obvious, but only from the bottom of life itself. From the department of the university and international symposia it is impossible to see.

    When an ideological or at least patriotic person loses EVERYTHING in his life (or at least it seems to him so) and he is not needed by ANYONE with his problems, he wants "if he disappears, so with a bang." Not finding a way to integrate into society and realizing that this society is deeply vicious and unfair, he goes to change it at the cost of his life.

    These simplest psychological attitudes have long been known to many knowledgeable people, except for an autorche (she is excusable, women are traditionally poorly versed in politics and rare exceptions only confirm the rule, but do not refute it). For example, to all religious figures. In Islam, a woman does not have a soul, she is like dogs, she is not supposed to be either hell or heaven. But! If a woman kills an enemy in jihad, she will be allowed into paradise, like anyone who died in jihad, despite all the sins.

    Suicide in Orthodoxy is the most terrible sin, for which there is never any forgiveness and under any circumstances. This is not because of the most suicides, but because of the idea of ​​"extended suicide". We are social animals and rarely do anything ourselves, even suicide. At the end of his life, the suicide takes away lives, which, unlike his own, were more or less successful.

    Orthodoxy is a powerful and powerful social lightning rod. Therefore, the Bolsheviks and Nazis hated it and fought with it. They did not need a lightning rod, but the negative energy of the masses. Hitler Youth, SS, Komsomol and the CPSU (b) were very hostile to Christianity. Like the Masons who are still struggling with Christ, but this is a separate and very big topic.

    In a word: a suicide bomber is an ideological suicide who has decided to change the world with his extended suicide.

    It is clear that no one will declare openly such a questionnaire, all the more prejudiced and absolutely nothing at all who knows the problem of a lady from the world of rich and made-up dolls. So they minus it stealthily, but I explained everything to you. You’ve got a bubble. With a black shirt.
  13. Savva30
    Savva30 5 September 2013 21: 33
    Terrorism is a disease! Special Forces - Doctor! Bullet is a medicine!
  14. Yazevdvailitri
    Yazevdvailitri 5 September 2013 23: 34
    Why do people engage in terrorism? - from the life of a dog
  15. Horst78
    Horst78 6 September 2013 08: 10
    “To shoot them all, hang them on the Kremlin wall, put them on a stake, we need the 37 year”, “Give Stalin!”, “Death to Israel!”, “Destroy the USA!” - people themselves don’t know what they are writing

    There is no constructive dialogue in the “comments”, there is not even an elementary culture of communication, but anger, dissatisfaction with one’s own position and envy of those who, one way or another, broke through to the “feeding trough” are abundant!
    Gentlemen Yulia Manannikova - Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Communication Management at Penza State University, Vyacheslav Shpakovsky, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia and the International Federation of Journalists, I understand that you know what you are writing and everything is cultural, constructive and without malice. I got the opinion that you are so "SMART VUMMY" that there is nowhere to put the quality seal (you are a candidate of sociological sciences, associate professor of the Department of Communication Management at Penza State University and a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia and the International Federation of Journalists) and WE are so angry, stupid and incomprehensible sad , but you tell us everything. Article minus for this.
  16. Des10
    Des10 6 September 2013 13: 35
    The article is primitive and does not correspond to the declared achievements of the authors. Why such a r print on the site?
    Serious analysis and it does not smell, sorry for the pun.
    Article - minus!
  17. gregor6549
    gregor6549 7 September 2013 14: 32
    At the heart of terror is money and blind faith. Currently, it is one of the most profitable types of business. Costs and efforts are scanty, and the profits are fabulous. And the fact that some kind of terrorists will be destroyed so who and when they believed. So, consumable. Like ink, only red