The secret of the room 641А


No one should visit or at least see the 641A room.

San Francisco, California. Early morning. Over the picturesque bay, the sun disk is slowly rolling, illuminating the city hills and the Golden Gate Bridge. Through the silk California dawn the tram rumbles, the streets are filled with vehicles and hurrying passersby.

But our path lies further, to the northern part of the city, to an area called Rincon Hill.

A faceless 18-storey building with no windows and architectural delights at 611 Folsom Street, lost in the midst of similar high-rises. Close parking, lobby, elevator silently slides to the sixth floor. Winding corridors with dozens of similar doors. Personnel scurrying around everywhere - very much like a regular work day at some office center ...

But there is one door that always remains closed. Behind her is a ringing silence. No sign of life. Clerks and technicians with cups of coffee scared to run past, afraid to cast a glance in the direction of the office 641А.

The secret of the room 641А

Wait, there is someone there! The electronic lock clicks, and several people come out of the strange room - flawless suits, dark sunglasses, indifferent facial expressions. Without exchanging greetings with anyone, they quickly leave the building through the service entrance - a roar of the 8-cylinder Buick engine comes from the street, taking away the unknown inhabitants of the 641A room.

What happens on the sixth floor of a building on Folsom Street? Conspiracy theory? Or are shooting next
blockbuster "The Matrix"?

Okay, as long as the inside is empty, I suggest to go in and inspect the strange room. Watch out! Do not touch anything with your hands!

Strange ... It seems that there are no ghosts and portals in other worlds. Standard office, several racks with computer equipment and a cable channel coming down from the ceiling with a thick wiring harness ...

- Hands behind your head, facing the wall! On knees! You are arrested for attempting to enter US State Department property. You have the right to remain silent ...

Big brother is watching you

The gray building at 611 Folsom Street, San Francisco, is the largest telecommunications hub on the US West Coast, owned by AT&T, the leading telephony / internet / cable TV provider in the North American continent ...

This fact alone lends the AT&T building an air of mysticism and superstitious respect — hundreds of telephone and Internet cables from across the West Coast and the continental United States converge here; thick veins of transoceanic fiber-optic lines emerge from here - Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong ... Thousands of splitters, routers, servers and computers pass through their bowels millions of phone calls and thousands of gigabytes of Internet data every second.

Internet communications in the United States

Unsurprisingly, AT&T's Folsom Street building has come under scrutiny from the National Security Agency (NSA). The global communication center allows you to get instant access to any information of interest to the special services: interception of calls from cell and landline phones, absolute control over Internet traffic, access to information about banking transactions (cash flow, accounts and plastic cards), e-mail, social networks, etc. stock information - the entire economic, social, business and political life of a huge region of the Earth is "under the hood" of the NSA!

Project Room 641A began in 2002 when NSA officials made AT & T's management "an offer that AT&T could not refuse." On the sixth floor of the Folsom Street building, NSA personnel were allocated a cozy 48 by 24 feet (14,5 x 7 meters) space. Slightly higher, on the seventh floor, where broadband Internet channels passed, several optical splitters (beam-splitters) were installed, dividing one data stream into two identical ones - duplicated streams were redirected to a room on the floor below, where NSA specialists analyzed the entire through the building of information.

The device, officially called Narus STA 641, was installed in the 6400A room. It is a powerful analyzer of Internet traffic that allows you to filter out the necessary information from a huge stream of Internet data and save the result on the server for later analysis and study in the interests of the US government and special services.

The "shop" functioned successfully until 2006, until the former AT&T technician and now a simple American pensioner, Mark Klein, attracted public attention to the problem of illegal wiretapping by the US intelligence services.

M. Klein gave convincing evidence of the existence of the "black room", spoke in detail about the technical features of cyber espionage, made written statements to senators and representatives of news agencies - under intense pressure from the media, AT&T was forced to confess to voluntary and compulsory cooperation with the special services. A universal scandal broke out.

The interests of M. Klein and everyone who was outraged by the actions of the American special services were represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit human rights organization whose goal is to protect the rights and freedoms written in the US Constitution in the era of modern high technologies. AT&T was flooded with lawsuits, the reputation of the NSA itself was seriously "tarnished".

Mark Klein spent 22 years as a technician at AT&T. After leaving in 2004, Klein began a campaign to draw attention to the problem of illegal wiretapping in the United States.

At the same time, specialists from AT&T and the NSA, who had a direct relationship with the "room 641A", justify their actions by the fact that in the current era of high technologies and the universal computerization of modern life, it would be too naive to believe that the state will not use these technology to their advantage.

The fight against global terrorism and drug trafficking, the control of international business contracts, the suppression of financial fraud, cyber attacks and other illegal actions on the part of criminals. Simple people in the street have nothing to worry about - no one is watching them on purpose; the system responds only to the keywords: “bribe”, “cocaine”, “rollback”, “weapon" etc.

Room 641A in the AT&T building on Folsom Street has been permanently shut down. However, Mr. Klein himself and his many associates are convinced that such "rooms" still function in the buildings of telecommunications companies in other US cities - in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, as well as abroad, for example, in a large European communication center in Frankfurt am Main.

A couple of words about the NSA

Headquarters of the NSA, Fort Meade, Maryland.

The NSA, the original abbreviation - NSA (National Security Agency), also contains humorous interpretations of “No Such Agency” or “Never Speak Anything”. A large American intelligence service responsible for all types of electronic intelligence and information acquisition by technical means, interception of domestic and foreign telecommunications, cryptography (breaking of secret ciphers) and data protection.

The number of employees (estimated) is about 20 ... 38 thousand people work at headquarters for "paper work", another 100 thousand technical specialists work at military bases, communication hubs and in the territory of US diplomatic missions around the world. In May 2013, the number of employees decreased by one - the slender ranks of NSA specialists were left by Edward Snowden.

The budget of the organization is a state secret. According to some reports, the amount of funding from the NSA exceeds 10 billion dollars, which makes the NSA the most secured intelligence service in the world. It should be noted that the funds invested in the NSA are returned to the budget with double efficiency - the secret service aggressively protects the interests of American business - a case is well known when the NSA broke the 6 billion contract between Airbus and Saudi Arabia by publishing calls and correspondence of top managers of the company with Arab customers in which the size of the bribe was discussed. Another time, the NSA disrupted the signing of a contract between Brazil and the French corporation Thompson - as a result, the tender in the amount of 1,4 billion for the supply of radar went to the American company Raytheon.

How does the internet work?

It is enough to type in a search bar, for example, some Japanese or American site - and the required information will appear on the computer screen in a second.

How does the internet work? How does the data exchange come about? The trivial answer is by wire, from a local provider (as an option, by air, via 3G and Wi-Fi networks) ... But, in this case, the desired data (content) is stored on servers in Japan or in the USA. How do they almost instantly "fly" across the ocean?

Many are seriously convinced that information is transmitted through telecommunication satellites in geostationary orbit. Alas, this is absolutely not the case - the satellite has a too “narrow” data transmission channel. The capabilities of one satellite was hardly enough to serve a separate provincial town. Satellites are practically unrelated to the Internet - all global Internet traffic goes exclusively through fiber optic cables running across the ocean floor.

This situation provides exceptional opportunities for special services - it is enough to install several devices to intercept data in the key nodes of the circuit and you can be aware of all the events on all continents of the Earth. In this situation, the United States has the most advantageous position - the lion's share of world Internet traffic passes through their territory.
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    3 September 2013 08: 03
    Here are the new clients of Uncle Iskander.
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    3 September 2013 09: 43
    The topic is not disclosed ..
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      3 September 2013 10: 35
      nailed about "how the Internet works"
      about DNS server it is so, more this is the meaning of protocols TCP-IP
      and the stated material is more similar
      to the philologist’s school essay on the topic of how I spent the summer
      so that pre-Internet grandmothers were afraid for their grandchildren-notebooks

      and the parking near the headquarters is impressive ...
      I saw so many cars only in the port of Vladivostok
      for transfer from epony to Russia

      In short, the topic is not disclosed, but if it is raised, I hope the comments will be pulled out
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    3 September 2013 09: 49
    In Russia and, probably, also in the CIS countries, providers have their own traffic tracking boxes. Only traffic passing through them is not global, but local
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    3 September 2013 10: 41
    I’m wondering why, in the last picture, where the pyramid is depicted, in the background is a photograph of the surface of Mars? Is it so specially conceived, or was there no suitable photo?
    1. +1
      3 September 2013 22: 38
      This is an image of a dollar bill. There are a lot of Masonic troubles, google, if interested.
      On the left, a large US seal was placed on a one-dollar bill. On it is a pyramid, one of the main symbols of free masons. That is the name of the Freemason brothers, allegedly leading a pedigree from priests and secret societies of Ancient Egypt. But this pyramid is somehow strange. Truncated. It is composed of 13 steps. Researchers call it the "Pyramid of the Illuminati (Enlightened)." This is a whole group of old Masonic lodges. The structure of the Illuminati consists of 13 degrees of dedication, which is clearly reflected in the 13 steps of the pyramid on the dollar, on which the number "MDCCLXXVI" or the year 1776 is encrypted, which, by a happy coincidence, is the year of foundation of the secret order of the Illuminati.
      The top of the headless pyramid, as it were, soars in the rays above the base. In the triangle (another Masonic symbol!) The eye is visible. Specialists call it by different names: "The All-Seeing Eye", the eye of the "Great Architect of the Universe" - the chef of all Masons, "the eyes of Lucifer." The same, Satan!
      Above the eye, an inscription in Latin again of 13 (!) Letters: "Annuit Coeptis." “It supports (blesses) us!” This refers to the mysterious eye in the triangle. Below the pyramid is bordered by a ribbon with the motto in Latin “Novus ordo seclorum” (“New World Order”).
      And behind is not the surface of Mars, but our mother Earth, after the "New World Order" is established.
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        4 September 2013 10: 37
        Well, about the truncated pyramids, masons, and the new world order I read, it’s very interesting. But here with the photo, I assure you, this is a photograph of the surface of Mars from the Mars rover, it is colored, here is a link to it
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    3 September 2013 11: 32
    And after that, the amers accuse that Russia is a power under the hood of special services!
    1. +1
      3 September 2013 16: 12
      In principle, it is, it is just that the FSB does not have many opportunities, or rather finance. If there was a USSR, it would be the same as in the states. And so, at the request of the FSB, any provider will give out all the data for the user who is interested in them. But here, at least formally, civil rights are respected, and in the states they do what they want without the knowledge of users.
      1. postman
        4 September 2013 02: 54
        Quote: Ka-52
        But here, at least formally, civil rights are respected, and in the states they do what they want without the knowledge of users.

        sanctions for arrests, searches, seizures, wiretapping or electronic surveillance are issued by a magistrate judge if there are sufficient grounds confirmed by a sworn officer to authorize an investigative action. At the federal level, arrests and searches are authorized by the US Magistrates — judges who work in federal district courts and carry out pre-trial proceedings; wiretapping and electronic surveillance sanctions are only granted by the US District Judges themselves with a carefully substantiated application approved by the federal prosecutor. Listening and electronic surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, necessary for counterintelligence operations, is again authorized by the judiciary - a special federal court.

        In a number of its decisions, the US Supreme Court has consistently affirmed that the power to issue a warrant is the prerogative of the court, not the prosecution as a public prosecution agency. In states where the law allowed prosecutors to issue warrants, such practice was declared unconstitutional in accordance with the requirements of the Supreme Court.
        ===== this is in theory and in constitution

        In pursuance of the Federal Law of 12.08.95 No. 144-FZ “On the Search Operations”, as well as the Federal Law of 03.04.95 No. 40-FZ “On the Bodies of the Federal Security Service in the Russian Federation” for conducting search operations on electronic telephone exchanges, switching centers of mobile and wireless communication systems, as well as public radio personal call systems that are in operation and put into operation, on telecommunication networks that are part of an interconnected communication network th Federation regardless of ownership or departmental affiliation, have install technical means to ensure operational-search measures (hereinafter - SORM).

        SORM-1, SORM-2, SORM-3, approx. soon there will be SORM-4 (meters for water, gas, electricity) in a WiFi channel
        And what about the requirements of the Constitution and the current Legislation regarding the binding judgment to limit the confidentiality of correspondence, telephone conversations, telegraphic and other messages in relation to computer networks, in particular, the Internet.
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        11 November 2015 18: 17
        Where did the bad financing come from? This is just your guess.
  6. albanech
    3 September 2013 11: 55
    Interesting article! Thanks to the author!
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    3 September 2013 20: 28
    But I was struck by the size of the parking lot around the NSA building.
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      3 September 2013 21: 48
      Quote: gerafak
      But I was struck by the size of the parking lot around the NSA building.

      The picture shows only part of the parking lot. From the satellite, it is even more impressive:
  8. Asan Ata
    3 September 2013 21: 57
    In Kazakhstan, any telephone company will not receive a license if it does not install streaming wiretapping. But it stores terabytes of calls and SMS. With its help, you can track any phone number, any telephone, find a person’s voice in a stream using a well-known formant. The only way to safely exchange information is SMS from an impersonal phone to an impersonal one without using words from the list. I think))))) hi
    1. postman
      4 September 2013 02: 41
      Quote: Asan Ata
      The only way to securely exchange info is SMS with

      what's the point? if they read, by reference words they will calculate.
      Apple iMessage
      The US Drug Enforcement Administration has to intercept suspects' calls and text messages. This is done, including in San Jose, where one of the offices of the Office is located. Of course, such actions cannot be performed without a warrant - but whether they have a warrant or not, they cannot intercept iMessage. SMS, phone call - please. iMessage - no way.
      1. 0
        4 September 2013 13: 24
        I doubt it. For the existence of iMessage is impossible without permission, and permission is possible only if the keys for decrypting messages are known.
        1. postman
          4 September 2013 14: 45
          Quote: Igor Golov
          For the existence of iMessage is impossible without permission,

          What is the resolution? FOR WHAT?
          iMessage uses Internet traffic (any not from Apple: 3G, 4G (LTE), E, ​​WiFi, WiMax - which is available) - through which messages go.

          Each iMessage message is encrypted at the sending stage and decrypted only at the time it receives the addressee already on the smartphone, so even if you have permission to use spy devices, it is impossible to intercept the information exchanged between two iPhones.

          iMessage proprietary in-house development: strong end-to-end encryption: end-to-end encryption, i.e. secure messaging at the device-device level.
          SSL / TLS tunnel is built to the PUSH server and back Apple's PUSH server “pushes” messages to your iPad, iPhone and iPod.
          You can read it only on the PUSH server.

          Apple never did not send UBID lists to the FBI. And even in the FSB and even more so.
          Similarly, google and hotmail did not bend.
          Skyp is now Microsoft, and MS ALWAYS COOPERATES WITH AUTHORITIES.

          FBI directors Robert Muller listen to him whining
      2. Asan Ata
        5 September 2013 01: 24
        Interesting. Give me a link please. Although everyone knows "Oak, oak, I am a stump" is simple and understandable, but to those who know who is Oak and who is Stump. laughing
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    8 September 2013 00: 19
    For an intelligent person, there is one line in the text - "a room where experts analyze all information." Just think about it. The amount of information, as the flows have increased, and the analysis is carried out by the same people. This means that the human brain is more adapted to logical calculations that model perspectives. Everyone will make a conclusion himself. Everything depends on the coding system. Mechanical statement of facts, in the form of information flows, this is not enough. We need analytical systems. And what is an analytical system is when all variable events are analyzed in accordance with a constant reference point, and moreover, these reference points are also modified relative to other perspective, as more stable reference points. This is a system that is able to take into account and analyze the entire set of obvious and not obvious events. In general, the human brain, potentially, can, but it needs to be improved to work with information flows, and there is simply no machine processing with logical calculations.