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Terrorism is a non-fictional threat


The world community has always considered terrorism and crime synonymous. Sneaky and brutal terrorist acts carried out in different countries were initially perceived as targeted strikes at specific targets, but now they have been viewed as one of the forms of warfare. And whether it was an explosion in a restaurant that killed the visitors of this leisure catering or the death of children on the streets of Afghan cities as a result of a NATO drone attack - these crimes can rightly be attributed to the conduct of hostilities. It is no secret that many terrorists are considered to be psychopaths with criminal inclinations, such as members of the Unabomber, for example. The operations carried out by Bin Laden’s comrades can rightfully be considered military, since they cause enormous harm to the attacked country.

Terrorism has now become the most effective form of warfare. And, as a rule, the countries most equipped with modern weapons are subjected to a terrorist attack. And there are objective and subjective reasons for this. One of them is that the attacked country cannot respond to the crime of a handful of fans with a full-scale military operation. The second reason is the fact that the composition of terrorists is multinational and for their atrocities many countries of the world, whose people joined the ranks of criminal organizations, cannot answer.

But the main reason for the intensification of terrorist operations is the huge, one can say colossal, return on investment in a terrorist attack. For example, the financial component of a terrorist attack on New York is negligible compared to the costs incurred by the United States during the counterterrorist operation. And although the number of victims of the 9 / 11 act of terrorism is much less than the number of people killed in traffic accidents, the attack caused great moral, political and financial damage to the United States of America. As a result of the measures taken, new state institutions were created in the United States, which are charged with raising the level of national security, forming military police units, and strengthening measures for comprehensive control at all transport hubs. And this was not done by the organizer of the terrorist act, he only forced the US government to make unplanned expenses and carry out fundamental changes in the security system in all areas of the country's life.

As it is not blasphemous, but terrorism has very productive investment components. For example, it cost one of the criminals to carry a bomb in the shoes, now at all airports all passengers are “driven off” through the test equipment barefoot. The costs of these additional activities are not comparable to the insignificant cost of an explosive device carried by a terrorist in shoes. This ratio of costs in the Pentagon is called the "force multiplier".

The antiterrorist struggle carried out by the United States of America leads to an automatic restriction of the rights and freedoms of its own citizens. American experts called this process "sovietization." And it passes completely unnoticed by American citizens - it is worth telling them through the numerous media about the presence of danger, the citizens themselves will give up their rights. And although this scheme is known to everyone, it works every time. It is a criminal psychopath to hold an explosive liquid — all air passengers, when checking baggage, throw toothpaste and shampoos into the ballot box without pity .... After the terrorist attack on the Boston marathon, the passage with backpacks to public events will most likely be imposed.

There is only one conclusion - the terrorists realized that even a small attack on their part could lead the world to generate a multitude of events. So far, no one can stop this endless process of intimidating the citizens of most countries of the world with the threat of terrorist violence. Even a comprehensive process of control of government structures over all citizens of the country is not able to ensure the security of the country. Recall that the security measures that were introduced everywhere after the terrorist attack 9 / 11, could not protect people in the Boston marathon from the pressure cooker bomb.

Not only the United States, but any other power, consists of thousands of vulnerable targets: a gathering of people, a train, a children's institution, a park, a grocery store, holiday and sporting events, etc. etc. Every time an attack occurs on an object, measures are taken for its subsequent protection and control — a video surveillance system is introduced, security equipment is installed, and human resources are deployed. But these measures, in practice, do not improve security, but only give the government the opportunity and the right to impose its will on the citizens of the country.

Terrorists do not need powerful modern weapons, enough old cars, some gasoline, fertilizers and a box of matches, and fear, horror of the population, considerable material damage and frenzy of the media are provided.

So, during the Great Patriotic War, Japanese suicide bombers caused enormous damage to the American army. It is practically impossible for modern society to defend against suicide attacks. Suffice it to recall the undermining of cars in the Moscow metro by two suicide bombers. Then dozens of innocent people died. And millions of Moscow residents were gripped by the fear of the possibility of a repetition of explosions anywhere in the city.

In Soviet times, any discovery in the field of technology was considered from the point of view of dual use - for the civil and military industries. Now many technical devices designed for use with a purely civilian purpose, can be used by terrorists to carry out their operations. For example, the American company Aerosonde currently produces small planes that are controlled remotely. The company is positioning its product as a tool for scientific research. But many experts believe that these planes can be used as cruise missiles in a terrorist attack. The availability of new technologies to the terrorists leads to the ineffectiveness of the antiterrorist struggle against criminal rape.

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  1. ReifA
    ReifA 3 September 2013 08: 11 New
    I saw a 3D printer on the Internet, $ 2500, not including shipping. The gun or machine gun in the drawings is kind of on the internet.
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 3 September 2013 08: 21 New
      It all started with terrorism, and ended with a free army of "democrats" with their freely interpreted laws.
    2. Revolver
      Revolver 3 September 2013 08: 26 New
      Quote: ReifA
      I saw a 3D printer on the Internet, $ 2500, not including shipping. The gun or machine gun in the drawings is kind of on the internet.

      Yes, only the barrel will tear the first shot. But dashing trouble began - give the deadline, and it will be possible to "print" a fully functional weapon.
      1. Apologet.Ru
        Apologet.Ru 3 September 2013 19: 23 New
        Terrorism is a non-fictional threat

        I completely agree with this postulate and the name of this terrorist threat is P.indostan
        - country, scarecrow parent of the whole world - Al Qaeda
        - a country that is a bloodthirsty mutant, terrorizing all of humanity ...
  2. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 3 September 2013 08: 24 New
    Strange, the article is about terrorism, and does not mention the most powerful terrorist organization on the planet:

    NATO - North American Terroristic Organization
    1. Recon
      Recon 3 September 2013 09: 44 New
      Duck is obvious, and there’s no need to remind ..
  3. andruha70
    andruha70 3 September 2013 10: 08 New
    There is only one conclusion - the terrorists realized that even a small attack on their part can lead the world to generate many events.
    I doubt that the kid who was cackling in Boston, realized what they generate many events. this is realized by several other individuals. bully
  4. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 3 September 2013 10: 15 New
    The most interesting thing is that the special services themselves created these same terrorists, I don’t know how the KGB is, but about the CIA, we can say for sure that under William Casey and "comrade" R. Reagan, more was done to create world terrorism than in the entire history of the existence of terrorism as such , from "Solidarity" in Poland, which was misunderstood by the union, to help the Mujahideen with money and weapons, and the creation of al-Qaeda with the "elusive" Joe Osama Bin-Laden. The American administration at that time was so obscured by the veil of anti-communism that they gave a pill worse than the “disease." Of course, when they asked Brzezinski “what the hell did you do?”, he replied that they said, “The destruction of world communism is worth it, and we can handle a few bearded men running around the mountains.” It’s worth noting that “vile the Communists "in the entire history of the USSR have never rammed any American business center by plane with passengers. It’s better to have a stable opponent who sitting at home and watching you suspiciously of having fanatics against themselves ready to undermine themselves in some crowded place wherever and whenever. The Americans released a genie from the bottle that could and did its job against the USSR, did not wish Americans climbed back into the lamp, and began to destroy everything around without asking anyone and not obeying anyone.
  5. albanech
    albanech 3 September 2013 11: 31 New
    Everything is known and everything is clear to everyone! CIA = terrorism: September 11, 2001, the bombings in Boston, the war in Afghanistan, Syria, etc., the KGB = special operations to identify the facts of “false terrorism,” the KGB RB = the fight against organized corruption and banditry, the counterintelligence of the KGB RB = the fight with espionage, etc., FSB = "counterterrorism" activities of corruption and the fight against banditry etc., FSB SVR = collecting information, countering espionage. If you want to unite the people, create a threat with which you can fight and your authority will grow in the person of citizens!
    1. vladkavkaz
      vladkavkaz 3 September 2013 11: 38 New
      Misha Albanian, you went to the State Department for your speech, they will appreciate it, laugh at your naivety and write out a prize.
      However, it seems that you have been awarded a prize from grants anyway, since you push the idea so hard that the state does not need special services.
      1. albanech
        albanech 3 September 2013 12: 12 New
        I put +! But I myself know the work of special services not by hearsay! No need to be so naive that some departments in the GB are not involved in this work and create threats in the political interest! Special services are needed by countries to counter: external special manifestations of terrorism - created by special services in other countries, espionage! But of course we must not forget about classical terrorism so named by countries that do not want to put up with the appearances and desires of citizens - states to gain independence and sovereignty!
  6. washi
    washi 3 September 2013 12: 46 New
    Or maybe the Russians remember Christian laws? Where was VIRA imposed on any unlawful act? Killed a man - the family is responsible. Robbed - similarly. It may be enough to adhere to Western values, and come to the original.
    Ivan 4 the Great (Grozny) (the last Rurikovich in the kingdom) introduced the laws of fair state laws based on the Russian truth (There are both "democracy" and "statehood" and "responsibility".
    I do not see any other opposition. Must be performed by both the contractor and the customer. If the order is from foreign citizens, then this is their problem. Why under Stalin We could allow everything (and now Israel allows everything), and now we are blown away?
    We have grown a generation that grew up under wild capitalism. And they really look at life (who is to blame and who is right).
    We need a goal and ideology included in the constitution.
    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian 4 September 2013 08: 17 New
      I agree completely, now young people everywhere are being pushed towards [indie] visualism; what happened to the Indians of America and what they lost, and how many of their tribes destroyed after the British invasion everyone knows, or knew. It is easier to intimidate one by one, including through religious mechanisms.

      Nevertheless, community is a Russian word, i.e. people live in community - community, and therefore they are much more attentive and responsible to themselves and society, everything and everything are in sight, and so they impose on us clan constructions, like secret societies.

      By the way, this “all-seeing” eye of those same Greek Catholics or Masons somehow “not really” foresees terrorist attacks, attempts and wars, but it very well notices somewhere that it is possible to steal without problems.

      By the way, the word "akbar" is not an Arabic word, it refers to Indo-China since the British colonized it, and can be read as a "fisherman", i.e. closer to the Masonic lodge worshiping the fisherman of Saul Paul, than to Muslims and Allah. So it won’t surprise me if it turns out that the attacks in the USA were not carried out by the Afghans or the Russians, but by a secret society of “stubborn” German-Celtic gods of war, such as the “U-cosa kriegs-marines and kamikaze”.

      As for Izrail, I will only add that Izrail prefers Fords and Toyota to our UAZs, and this is known to everyone: Ford was a Nazi and Hitler’s friend, and Toyota is a terrorist fighting machine that “distinguished itself” in many world conflicts.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 3 September 2013 16: 06 New
    This is how planet Earth regulates the population. The more people, the more division of labor, the more technology, the easier it is to kill a person.
  8. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 3 September 2013 19: 24 New
    After a sob about the inconceivable damage that the United States caused the "September 11 attacks" to take this seriously ... this ... well, is this a political science essay from Stanford? And why was it translated into Russian? Or does the essay belong to the major sent there to “pick up the mind”? Well, seriously consider this set of quotes from the liberal media and cliches from their methodical. No thoughts ... desert.
  9. georg737577
    georg737577 3 September 2013 20: 39 New
    My opinion - a complex of phenomena that are designated by the vague term "terrorism" (today anything can be adapted to this wording - from the inadequate actions of an individual psychopath to the national liberation struggle of entire peoples) arose as a result of the lack of "levers" in the hands of the people capable of effectively influence the actions of impudent and snickering "elites". Elections "once in so many years" have exhausted themselves as a tool for representing the interests of citizens. There was a need for a more effective tool, which makes it possible to adjust the actions of the authorities "here and now", and not in the foggy long-term perspective. As a result, a guerrilla civil war against the elites will flare up with renewed vigor in various parts of the planet. On the other hand, those in power will in every way take care of the constant support of this confrontation - the fight against "terrorism" today is the most effective method of "strengthening power" by gradually moving away from democratic standards. But ordinary citizens on both sides of the barricades are sacrificed.
    Sad ...
  10. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 3 September 2013 22: 03 New
    <<< Not only the United States, but also any other power, consists of thousands of vulnerable goals: a gathering of people, a train, a child care facility, a park, a grocery store, holiday and sports events, etc. etc.
    Recall that the security measures that were introduced everywhere after the 9/11 attack failed to protect people from the Boston marathon from a pressure cooker. >>>
    Even a few Islamist thugs with a pressure cooker bomb managed, as it turns out, to carry out a terrorist attack in New York without much difficulty! Why is Al-Qaeda the main powerful terrorist organization on the planet, for so many years, throwing thunder and lightning at the West for imposing peace, incl. Islamic, alien to the Islamists of western gamokraticheskikh values, waging a war against him, constantly threatening him with rivers of blood, after the 9/11 terrorist attack (which, as it turns out, is not her or not only her hands), has not prepared and carried out a large-scale terror act for so many years in such vulnerable countries of the West (separate attacks are the initiative of stupefied Islamist scumbags)? During this time, Russia was shocked by a series of terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of many innocent people and terrorist attacks continue to this day! But the fact is that the West, which at one time created Al-Qaeda to fight against Russia (at that time the USSR), remains, if not Kuklovodom, then Al-Qaeda's ALLIANCE! And the latest events, where Washington openly took the side of al-Qaeda, striving to seize power in Syria, as well as its rivals, the Islamists seized power in other Arab countries with the help of the West, eloquently CONFIRM!
  11. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 22 September 2013 06: 43 New

    There is nothing vulnerable in this world, if you know how to "sip" terrorists, and most importantly show that kamikaze cost nothing to them, but the customers of terror themselves are flesh and blood: they love good houses, expensive restaurants and run successful businesses, not to mention that in the event of a nuclear war, they all have their own islands and castles, and therefore, they are terrorists, it’s just very vulnerable, and most importantly - a very convenient target for strangers money hunters. And most importantly, they are simply cheap swindlers, albeit following the example of Professor Morrie Artie - very perverted and inquisitive minds, well, sadists, which has a fear factor for intimidation.
    For example, an operation to "compensate moral and material damage" incurred on the basis of the "Act on the unconditional surrender of fascist Germany and militaristic Japan", i.e. the defeat, absorption and acquisition for $ 0 of the world giants of the USA, Russia (USSR) and England by the same German, Japanese, or loyal concerns, in short uranites - (not) rogues from Uranus (just kidding). It is sad, but war is war, and many companies of winners lose this war, but those who do not care about morality are the sales leaders. But this is a business. But what is this?
    The plane Concord Air France burns on board with citizens of Germany, flight number 4590 25/07/2000, by the way it is interesting to encyclopedia "July 25", and what holidays fall on this day.
    The most impudent thing is that they, like in their concentration camps, decided to kill several birds with one stone:
    1. Concord - you can translate it as a honk horde, or see what the word “concordat” means if you are not afraid of a “holy” spirit - such as the main Aikidian.
    2. Terrify those who can see it, unless of course you do not know the history of the Grunwald, and do not know how to increase the number of troops to terrible sizes due to fires, but this is not scary for the pioneers of the Leninists.
    3. But, what a super impudence - they not only made a catastrophe and banged theirs like Judas, but also forced the United States to pay the costs, blaming Continental Airline from the United States.
    4. By the way, the company in the USA was organized in 1934, and it can be assumed that the same fascist mercenaries carried out a terrorist attack in Minsk, on the way of our legendary T-34
    5. They showed that their grandmothers were not measured - what should be collected, as they say in Star Wars 4, “scam or ramp (how to translate more precisely?) From the whole galaxy”, here you can definitely get into pawn ladies.
  12. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 7 July 2014 04: 04 New
    Without suspecting it, just watching a movie on the Military Channel yesterday, "Japanese and German Kamikaze: Do Not Retreat" ...

    10 I want to ask your advice!

    As an honest citizen of a Democratic country, should I call the counter-terrorist department and inform them of my speculation with unconfirmed evidence; I don’t want to insult a person in vain, so as not to be accused of Stalinism in Australia.

    So, there in the documentary, it was said about KG200 group "Leonidis".

    It turns out that the Kampfgeschwader 200 (KG 200) is translated into English as the Bomber Wing 200. And here in our gray-haired city of Jupiter, it’s full of references to “wings”, and here’s my neighbor’s advertisement on the roof of the Word.

    By the way, they are not the trees in Chelyabinsk undergone (such are the diver bombers)?

    So here I am talking about the Minsk metro. This neighbor told me that his pope's holden of prehistoric design was presented to him by the pope ... Pope?

    So they drove the ISUZU truck to him a couple of times, and they lifted the cab, such as see. And I have a book Byelorussia 1981 when, so there are shown green MAZs with a raised cabin, as well as Soligorsk mines.

    And if the terrorist attack is in the subway, it’s a matter of honor for Minsk officers to find real zakashchiks.

    So, to study the architecture of the Melbourne Exhibition Center, as well as to read Wikipedia about the US Nautilus, especially the photo with the mooring cast iron, is a matter of honor for the nuclear submarine Arkhangelsk.

    You will not assume that at McDonald's Plaza Sunshine, the window looks like the nose of a submarine, and on it is a sticker "You are being taken by a hidden camera" Accidents? May be...

    Tell me, as a decent citizen of Australia and Belarus, should I share these thoughts with the official authorities. I just don’t want the local Brezhnev to send me to Novinki on the 18th bus. (crazy hospital in Minsk)

    USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
  13. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 7 July 2014 04: 08 New
    I wish the rights and the new director to film "White Tiger" Russian movie!
    ... And, of course, the proper advisor with military experience in the tank tactics and prised hunting specialist.