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Fedor Ushakov returns to Greece

Fedor Ushakov returns to GreeceIn the capital of Russia, a presentation of the bust-monument to the outstanding Russian naval commander Admiral Fyodor Ushakov by sculptor Nikolai Kuznetsov-Muromsky was held. The presentation took place with the participation of the Greek Embassy in Moscow and the military diplomats of Hellas. And this is not by chance.

At the end of the 18th century, Admiral Ushakov provided invaluable assistance to the Greek people in gaining independence and protecting the territorial integrity of the country, the state system of the seven islands of the Hellenic Republic. Moreover, the Russian naval commander autonomously wrote the Constitution of this independent republic, the most democratic document at that distant time. And by agreement with the current Greek government, a bust of an outstanding Russian military figure created by a Russian sculptor will now be installed in the Military Museum of Thessaloniki.

But this is only part news about Admiral Ushakov. Another part of it is that the initiator of the creation and installation of the monument to the outstanding Russian naval commander in Greece is a retired colonel, Assistant Chairman of the Committee on Defense of the State Duma, public figure and national diplomat Igor Novoselov. He is known for promoting Russian stories and culture. On his initiative and thanks to his enthusiasm, monuments to outstanding Russian writers and poets have been erected in various capitals of the world. In particular, only Alexander Pushkin in 17 countries of the world. Among them, naturally, Eritrea, and then Colombia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Slovenia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Iraq, Luxembourg, Norway, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and South Korea.

Moreover, Colonel Novoselov is doing all this completely disinterestedly, at the expense of well-wishers. By the way, the necessary donations for the creation of a bust-monument to Admiral Ushakov were allocated by the Russian Admirals Club, headed by Colonel-General Ivan Skuratov, Rear Admirals Alexander Kondrashov and Nikolai Matyushin. The state provides an enthusiast, as well as sculptors cooperating with a retiree, with moral and diplomatic support rather than financial support. But it's not about money, of course. The main thing is that a person has an interesting and exciting business. He found himself, and this passion gives a charge of his creative energy. That in our life very much.
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  1. tukzar
    tukzar 30 August 2013 13: 03
    Everything returns to normal ... The Greeks owe him a lot !!!! Even there, Russian sailors and marines laid down their heads ....
  2. alone
    alone 30 August 2013 13: 06
    Admiral Ushakov at the end of the XNUMXth century rendered invaluable assistance to the Greek people in gaining independence and protecting the territorial integrity of the country, the state structure of the seven islands of the Greek Republic

    in general, the initiative should have come not from the new settler, but from the Greek side. so it would be more fair
    1. tukzar
      tukzar 30 August 2013 13: 08
      That's why she and Europe, the Russians shed their blood and the British shared the victory with the "allies" ...
    2. Vtel
      Vtel 30 August 2013 13: 54
      That’s for sure, it’s time for the Greeks to be closer to Russia and away from the evil ones, after all, the Orthodox.
      1. mamba
        mamba 30 August 2013 17: 12
        Quote: Vtel
        That’s for sure, it’s time for the Greeks to be closer to Russia and away from the evil ones, after all, the Orthodox.

        The Greeks have always "thrown" Russia after the next liberation. So it was after the Russian-Turkish wars:
        - 1828-1829, Then, having begun an uprising against the Turks, provoked by the "Parisian Central Committee", the Greeks asked for help from the European powers, and above all to Russia. And when Greece became independent from Turkey, Britain, according to the London Treaty, "blinded" it as a state, but in miniature, put on the throne either the Bavarian King Otto, or the "Prince of Denmark" - George I. Greece found itself in complete economic dependence on the West , first of all, from England and France, which by 1830 completely controlled the country's economy and finances;
        - 1877-1878, when the victory was stolen from Russia at the Berlin Congress, and Greece "twisted love" with Britain, having received the island of Cyprus and a protectorate over Asia Minor.
  3. Grenz
    Grenz 30 August 2013 13: 36
    No need to praise. Thanks for what Novoselov did! How few people are left - the history of those who respect. Regarding the victories of Admiral Ushakov: "The Turkish guns do not have Russian sailors! And in response, the Turks do not have such an admiral - the Lion of naval battles."
    With respect!
  4. kafa
    kafa 30 August 2013 13: 46
    Russian sailor pride and glory. Russian naval commander proud heroic glory! soldier
    Yes, in the course of the latest amendments to the forum, Russian is the one who believes and feels like that regardless of the skin color of the eye section and other small things. I have an honor. can ban
  5. Warrawar
    Warrawar 30 August 2013 16: 16
    Yes, there were people in our country ... the arbiters of the fate of the world, not like those now. If the revolution had not happened, maybe Constantinople would have been freed from the Ottoman yoke. But alas ...
  6. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 30 August 2013 16: 24
    Are these not the Greeks who, having gained independence, immediately went over to the side of Great Britain?
  7. Pate
    Pate 4 February 2015 10: 19
    Greeks should be grateful to our country for their first Constitution.