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MAX-2013. Second day

The MAKS-2013 international aerospace show continues in Zhukovsky near Moscow. The first three days of this event are reserved for solving business issues, conferences and negotiations. For this reason news about the signing of certain contracts, as well as the intentions of organizations appear with enviable regularity. The second day of the exhibition was no exception. Last Wednesday, 28 August, several agreements were signed and plans for the future were announced.

Developing long-term cooperation, the MiG Russian Aircraft Building Corporation and the Indian Ministry of Defense on Wednesday concluded two additional contracts. In accordance with the first of these, a service center will soon appear in India, intended for the maintenance and repair of Zhuk-AE radar stations. Construction of the center will cost 43 million US dollars to Indian customers. The second agreement, in accordance with which RSK MiG will receive 12 million dollars, concerns the creation in the Indian territory of a service center for the repair of MiG-29UPG fighters. Thus, for the creation of two service centers, aircraft builders from the MiG Corporation in total will receive 55 million dollars. In the future, the parties plan to agree on the creation in India of a warehouse of spare parts for MiG-29 aircraft of various modifications. Such an object will speed up the repair and maintenance of Russian-made aircraft operating in the Indian Air Force.

The agreements concluded at the MAKS-2013 cabin are designed to facilitate the maintenance of both the MiG planes already delivered to India and those planned for construction only. According to S. Korotkov, Director General of RAC "MiG", by the end of this year, the Indian military will receive six new deck fighters MiG-29K. Deliveries will be made as part of the contract from 2010 of the year, according to which India will receive 29 new aircraft. Thus, updating the fleet of aircraft, the Indian military do not forget about the accompanying infrastructure.

As for the supply of deck-based MiG-29K naval the fleet Russia, the first aircraft of this type, designed for the aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, is ready to begin testing. By the end of the year, it is planned to complete, test and transfer to the Navy four new vehicles. In total, the current order of the fleet involves the supply of 20 carrier-based fighters. They are expected to complement and then replace the aging Su-33s currently in use.

The second day of the MAKS-2013 salon again brought the contract of the Corporation “Helicopters of Russia”. At this time, the helicopter Mi-17 interested in the military from Cameroon. The contract signed at the exhibition is the first agreement in the field of military-technical cooperation signed with this state. The exact number of helicopters ordered and their specific modification have not yet been named.

On Wednesday, a long-awaited ceremony was held related to one of the developments of Russian Helicopters. Representatives of the Interstate Aviation Committee handed over to the helicopter builders a certificate confirming the compliance of the Ansat helicopter with the modified hydromechanical control system to all norms and rules. Now the new Russian helicopter can be fully used, including in commercial projects.

Although the second day of the MAKS-2013 showroom was not as rich in signing large contracts as the first, it brought a lot of other news regarding promising projects, cooperation and future purchases.

So, the Ministry of Defense intends to sign a contract with the Kazan enterprise “Enix”. The subject of the agreement will be reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles of the near-range Aileron-3CB. According to the chief designer of Enix, V. Pobezhimov, the military are going to order 17 kits for these UAVs. The structure of each of the sets includes control equipment and two UAVs. Eleron-3CB is a significantly refined and improved version of Enix's previous development. State tests of the UAV were conducted last year and now it remains only to sign a supply contract. The Ministry of Defense and Enix will conclude a corresponding agreement by the end of this year, and in the first months of the next deliveries will begin.

Another news related to unmanned aerial vehicles appeared on the second day of the exhibition. It is reported that next year the concern "Vega" will begin supplying unified simulators for training UAV operators. At present, there is a trial operation of a new model simulator in one of the military units, and next year the number of units that received such equipment will increase significantly. According to official data, the training of one operator with the help of a new unified simulator will take no more than one and a half months, which will make it possible to train up to one 100 operator per year on one simulator.

Big joint plans for the United Aircraft Corporation and the Ulyanovsk region. On Wednesday, they signed an agreement to establish a Center for Russian Transport Aircraft. The construction of the center will become one of the points of the regional program "Aviation capital of Russia". Within the framework of the Center for Transport Aircraft Engineering, it is planned to combine several enterprises of the aviation industry, scientific and design organizations, infrastructure facilities, etc. One of the central elements of the new structure will be the Aviastar-SP plant.

It is noteworthy that the Ulyanovsk region intends to cooperate not only with Russian aircraft manufacturers. Also on Wednesday, the regional administration signed an agreement with the Ukrainian company Antonov. The document involves working together in the development, construction and maintenance of aircraft equipment. In addition, the government of the Ulyanovsk region made a proposal to begin the repair and modernization of the An-2 aircraft. The Aviaservice enterprise, which is a subsidiary of the Aviastar-SP plant, is proposed as a platform for these works.

Enterprises of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET) will also operate in the aircraft-building cluster created in the Ulyanovsk Region. The intentions of the concern and the region were enshrined in the relevant document. First of all, KRET will be engaged in the development of enterprises from its own structure already operating in the region. These are the Ulyanovsk Center for Microelectronics and Automation, the Ulyanovsk Instrument Engineering Design Bureau and the Utes Plant. Modernization and renewal of these enterprises will increase work efficiency and, as a result, product quality and competitiveness. The leaders of the Ulyanovsk region, in turn, expressed their willingness to support the development of high-tech divisions of the concern.

On the first day of the international salon MAKS-2013, the Radioelectronic Technologies concern signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian Helicopters corporation. On the second day of the salon KRET concluded another similar agreement, this time with the United Aircraft Building Corporation. The purpose of the agreement is to bring cooperation in the field of electronics to a new level. Under the terms of the agreement, in the near future KRET will create a centralized system for the supply and maintenance of electronic equipment, directly interacting with enterprises from the UAC.

On Wednesday, President of the United Aircraft Building Corporation M. Pogosyan spoke about the long-term plans of the organization. Over the next 15 years it is planned to gradually develop the sector of civil aviation. Simultaneously with the growth of civil aircraft and helicopter construction, the share of military products should be reduced. From the current 80% in one and a half decades, it should fall to 25%. According to Pogosyan, transport airplanes should arrive at about the same level. Thus, in the second half of the twenties, half of the products of the KLA will be civilian equipment. The rest will be divided approximately equally by combat and transport aircraft and helicopters.

An interesting agreement was signed by the European concern Airbus and the Russian organization BT-Techprom (part of Rostec). These organizations have agreed on cooperation in the field of biofuels and renewable resources. By the second half of 2014, Airbus and BT-Techprom are going to receive the first research results, which will be the basis for further decisions. If the production of biofuels on an industrial scale proves beneficial, then cooperation will continue. In the future, perhaps even the production of aviation biofuels for sale for export.

Salon MAKS-2013 is not for nothing is the title of aerospace. On Wednesday, there were several news related to rocket and space technology. Thus, the company “Information Satellite Systems named after Academician Reshetnev” signed a contract with the satellite operator AOneSat. The subject of the agreement is a communications satellite, which will be created by Russian designers. In 2016, it is planned to put it into orbit. The AOneSat-1 spacecraft is supposed to be created on the basis of the Express-1000Н medium satellite platform. The estimated service life of the new satellite is 15 years.

Also, the management of "Information Satellite Systems" spoke about the progress in the creation of a joint venture Universum Space Technologies. In particular, the shares of participants are already defined: the Russian company will take over 60% of financing and work, and the French partners in the person of Thales Alenia - the remaining 40%. Currently, the Russian and French organizations determine the composition of the management of the joint venture. Top management was proposed by Information Satellite Systems, and candidates for several other important posts were selected at Thales Alenia. The purpose of creating a joint venture Universum Space Technologies is the production of components for various communication satellites. Such products are currently in great demand. The creation of a Russian-French enterprise will help two large companies to enter the market, sharing their accumulated experience.

On Wednesday it became known that the Samara TsSKB Progress intends to create a new super heavy-class launch vehicle. According to the Director General of Progress A. Kirilin, an engineering note is being prepared on this project. In early September, it is planned to transfer documents to Roskosmos and after that the main works will start. Details of the appearance of a promising super-heavy rocket, for obvious reasons, have not yet been announced. As explained at the MAKS-2013 exhibition, the fact is that even a draft design is not yet ready. After determining the technical requirements and funding, it will be clear what the finished rocket will be.

Tactical Missiles Corporation announced some news about its promising projects. As the general director of the corporation B. Obnosov said, in the course of the next year or two years, state tests of new adjustable bombs will be completed. In the line of recently developed guided munitions there are bombs with laser, television and active radar homing heads. Bombs have a caliber from 250 to 1500 kilograms. It is argued that promising bombs are equipped with various types of combat units necessary to solve different tasks.

In addition to the guided bombs, Tactical Missiles Corporation is engaged in several other promising projects. On Wednesday, it was announced that to facilitate the work in one of the directions in the corporation, a program for the development of hypersonic technologies was developed, designed for the next 20-30 years. The purpose of the program is to collect, combine and analyze all the information on this topic, obtained as a result of domestic studies of recent decades. The general director of Tactical Missile Weapons noted that already in our country there are missiles capable of flying four and a half times faster than the speed of sound, but in their case we are talking only about short-term flight. It is required to create aircraft capable of long-term travel at hypersonic speeds. On specific work and projects in the field of hypersonic aircraft did not say anything.

The international aerospace salon MAKS-2013 continues to attract the attention of specialists and the public. On Wednesday, according to police, he was visited by over 22 thousand people. This is noticeably more than on the first day. There are still a few days of work ahead, and in recent days the salon will open doors for all comers.

Ryabov Kirill

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Photo report of Marina Lystseva (

The second day MAX-2013

1. At about seven in the evening, the Superjet-LR (LONG RANGE) for Gazprom landed at the Ramenskoye airfield.

2. Livery from “Gazprom” modest, but with taste.

3. The 90-seat aircraft is equipped, at the request of the customer, with a third toilet cabin and an additional kitchen at the end of the cabin.

4. The kitchen is standard on the right and additional at the aisle.

5. The first visitors to Gazprom Superjet were UAC and GSS top managers and UTair head Martirosov. Judging by the reaction, Andrei Zarmenovich was pleased with the aircraft, he can only wait for the delivery under the contract (6 aircraft). The official transfer of the aircraft to Gazprom will take place this morning.

6. Yesterday, news was actively discussed about the suit of Aero Management, a company developing aircraft interiors, for the right to demonstrate the SSJ-100 aircraft in the VIP version for Rosoboronexport. The interior of the aircraft, the company claimed in the lawsuit, was borrowed illegally.
The GSS explained that Aero Management, which ordered the interior for 6,3 million dollars at the price of an 30 million plane, broke deadlines and had to attract another contractor. The American company, in response, stated that the salon represented at MAKS is identical in many respects to the design of Aero Management.

7. The Americans yesterday withdrew a lawsuit on the interior.
The salon for the SSJ-100 VIP version was eventually presented in the development of Aerostyle (Zhukovsky, Russia). It was prepared and assembled in record time - in the 3 month. True, this is primarily a concept salon, which is demonstrated to the customer. Taking into account the wishes and comments from Rosoboronexport, the interior design will be finalized.

8. SSJ "Rosoboronexport" outside the GSS hangar,

9. Irkut Corporation President Oleg Demchenko is satisfied with the contract with IrAero (Irkutsk) for the supply of 10 aircraft of the MC-21 family.

10. Irkut Corporation solemnly handed over to Airbus the anniversary 500 th landing gear set for the A320 family.

11. The event was held with the participation of Oleg Demchenko, President of Irkut Corporation, Christopher Buckley, Vice President of Airbus Sales in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Region and Rafael Duflo, Director of Procurement of Aerolia.

12. Deputy Director General and Chief Pilot of Aeroflot Igor Chalik visited the simulator and the MC-21 cabin layout.

13. Test pilots of the Yakovlev Design Bureau Andrei Voropaev and Sergey Kudryashov in the MS-21 cockpit.

14. Designer Vladimir Pirozhkov shows the design of a new generation manned transport ship he developed.

15. The cabin fits four people. Every detail is thought out thoroughly for maximum ease of use.

16. Someone important from Roscosmos, I can not remember who. Tell me!

17. I'm running for the next signing, and suddenly what kind of people! letchikleha himself!

18. Airbus and RT-Biotechprom, part of Rostec State Corporation, have signed a partnership agreement in the production of aviation biofuels in Russia using only renewable resources. The agreement was signed by Director General of RT-Biotechprom Sergey Kraeva and Executive Vice-President of Airbus SAS for Europe Chris Buckley.

19. Irkut and the Canadian company Bombardier signed an agreement of intent to cooperate in the after-sales support of operators of promising Russian aircraft MS-21.

20. According to the documents, a subsidiary of Rostec, AviaCapital Service leasing company, will ensure the delivery of 50 Q400 NextGen aircraft built in Canada to Russia. The agreement will be transferred to a firm contract only after the creation in Russia of a joint venture for assembling such aircraft.

21. The Russian Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation "MiG" has concluded with the company "Basant Aerospace Privet Limited" (India) two additional agreements totaling $ 55 million under the General Offset Contract with the Air Forces of the Republic of India.
The task of service centers created under the agreements will be to maintain the serviceability of the Zhuk-ME radar and systems of MiG-29UPG and MiG-29К / KUB aircraft by means of reconditioning and consulting services to the engineering staff.

22. The transfer of the Cuban airline CUBANA first An-158. Representatives of the company Antonov, Cubans, Ilyushin Finance.

23. Dmitry Kiva (right) - President-General Designer of the Antonov State Enterprise, Hero of Ukraine.

24. The hard work of writing journalists. After signing, you need to quickly release the news about the event. Sometimes the time difference in the speed of posting news on the websites of competing agencies is a few seconds. Those who lingered with the news mercilessly beaten scolded. In this respect, it is easier not for news agencies, but for those who write to live newspapers or magazines. For photographers, too, competition is not weak among themselves.

25. President of United Aircraft Building Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan and Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov at the presentation of the Il-76MD-90А aircraft. I draw attention to the work of the remarkable photo reportage talent of the Reuters agency, Maxim Shemetov, by the way, who comes from TASS photo chronicles.

26. The flight program was intense, there were a lot of helicopters. But this AS-3505 has no relation to the airshow - it works!

27. The flights began on 14: 00 and ended with the performance of "Russian Knights" and "Swifts".

28. Pysch pysch!

29. Baltic bees flew qualification at half past seven, when all the spectators have already dispersed.

30. Shadow

31. Major General Alexander Kharchevsky flew to the Su-30CM and was very pleased.

32. Once again about Superjet. In such quantity and such different I saw for the first time. In the hangar, the first flight copy in corporate colors (by the way, the designer is Vladimir Pirozhkov), the second flight copy (95003) and SSJ for Moskovia.

33. 97013

34. RA-89002 "Aeroflot" on MRO.

35. RDPL-34196 Lao Central yesterday went to the customer for use.

36. In the evening, flew to continue the work of the RA-89015 "Aeroflot" in the Sky Team livery.

37. The press carry on the presentation of fun cars.

38. Respect air show! Bear, thank you for Sunday (well, you understand)!

39. The elephant will stop at a gallop and the trunk will be torn off.

40. Evening light. They say it will rain today.

41. Sky planes girls.

Photos used:
Marina Lystseva
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