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English concentration camp near Arkhangelsk

“If you fall away from your faith, as many intellectuals have already fallen away, then you will not be a saint in Russia or Russia, but a rabble of any non-believers seeking to destroy each other”
St. Prav.Ioann Kronstadt

Civil war is the worst thing that can happen to a country. Today we see this in the example of the countries of the Arabian arc - Syria, Libya and again flaming Egypt. Imagine what these conflicts would be like if at least one of these countries had nuclear weapon… fearfully. But once he was not with us. The nuclear shield performs one very important protective and psychological function - it does not allow foreign troops to set foot on their native land. That is why, when we did not have it, and the country fell into the abyss of fratricidal war, our "allies" were quick to take advantage of it.

This summer, I twice managed to visit the outback of the Russian North - the village of Sura in the Pinezhsky district of the Arkhangelsk region, in the homeland of the holy righteous John of Kronstadt. All Russia loved and esteemed her father - thousands of people visited his services in Kronstadt every day. He was surprisingly perspicacious and predicted a revolution even over 10 years before it began. But he could not predict one thing - that the British would invade our land and seize his native village! This was told to me by the great-grandchild's nephew of the father, Father Alexei, who today serves in the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker restored in Sura. And the headquarters of them was in the house of the forefathers of Father Alexey, and his grandmother even showed him the traces of bullets - after getting drunk, the British began to shoot in all directions.

Tempted history the reader knows that exorbitant drunkenness is not all that an English soldier is capable of. It was the British who invented the concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer War 1901 — 1902. It is not surprising that they repeated this experience during the intervention in Russia in 1918, creating an concentration camp for Russians on the island of Mudyug near Arkhangelsk, which was called the “island of death”.

English concentration camp near Arkhangelsk

Today, neither the British nor the Americans love to remember how, in the 1918 year, they invaded Russia with their armies. But we remind them, it's simple.

An interesting thing is when a civil war breaks out in two different camps in the country - the British, like the Americans in Syria today, immediately try to "support" one of the camps that howl in a fratricidal war. Moreover, today we already understand perfectly well that they absolutely, as they say, are in a drum, who is fighting for what. The main thing is the immutable interests of the British Empire.

That also happened in 1918 then. How would sailed to help one side of the conflict. How did they help? They set up a concentration camp, where the nests of suspects in relations with the second side of the conflict.

It all started with the fact that the British in March 1918, landed their five thousand troops in Murmansk. Under the pretext of "the need to protect the warehouses of military property from the Germans."

As usual, the First World Russian Army fought for its allies in a foreign land, giving lives of thousands of its soldiers (let us recall the slaughter of French General Nivelle and our French corps, most of whom had fallen for France). But when in Russia, without the help of agents of the British special services, a revolution “happened”, the troops of the Entente invade the territory of a sovereign state under a fabricated pretext without remorse.

The camp itself in Mudyug is written in the book “Some facts and results of 4 years of the Civil War” by V.I. Ignatiev (Bely Sever. Arkhangelsk, 1993. T.1):

“During the civil war, the first concentration camps were created in 1918 by the English on Mudyug Island and in Iokanga Bay. They were placed suspected of sympathizing with the Communists. A study conducted by Iokangovskiy Sovdep after the fall of the Northern Region showed that of the 1200 prisoners who had been in the dungeons of Iokangi, only 20 people belonged to the Communist Party, the rest were non-partisan. Of these 1200 people, 23 people were shot, 310 died from scurvy and typhoid, and only 100 people remained more or less healthy. ”

What right did the British have to create concentration camps on the territory of a former ally? Please note that this is very similar to the tactic of the faithful Anglophile Adolf Aloizovich Hitler.

Suppose they really "wanted to help" the White movement in the fight against the Communists. But then why, as I.S. writes in his article “Pages of Life”. Krivenko (New World magazine. 1967., No. 11), did they take part of the prisoners to England? I quote:
“Not only on the territory of Russia, the British organized concentration camps. So, in September, 1919. 47 people were loaded into the hold of an English vessel, taken to England and placed in a Wheatley Bay concentration camp. ”

So they and at home were concentration camps for Russian prisoners! Fine, because all this was with the knowledge of Prime Minister David Lloyd George and King George V. It could not be otherwise.

They wanted to "help", speak? Of course, it helped a lot. After all, as is known, the government of the Whites, namely, the commander-in-chief of the Russian army, Baron Wrangel (the only, by the way, not tainted by the tsar's treachery), the Entente recognized in August 1920. two months before the departure of the white troops from the Crimea. Consider when everything has already been predetermined.

What happened next, we remember - in fact the same concentration camps, but for whites, on the island of Lemnos.

You could read more about this in the article “How the British and French destroyed the White movement”.

Yes, the most important thing is that when the British were evacuated from Murmansk to 1920. , for some reason they did not leave the ammunition and food their "allies", and drowned! This is, indeed, another act of nobility on the part of the "friendly" power.

There is another interesting book released in the Soviet years, in 1939, which is called “Foreign intervention in the Soviet North. 1918 — 1920. ”

Here is a quote from it on the results of the intervention of the British:
“During the intervention, about 52 thousand people passed through the prisons of Arkhangelsk - 11 percent of the total population of the Arkhangelsk province. In the convict prison on the island of Mudyug, the “island of death,” as they rightly call it, over a thousand people “visited”, of which more than 200 people were shot and died from diseases. In another convict prison - on Iokange - there were more than 1200 political prisoners from
more than 300 people died from tsyngi, typhus and brutally murdered by the White Guard executioners.

In total, according to the “statistics”, whites were shot according to the sentences of the military field courts to 4000 workers. And how many were shot without trial - this remains unknown, since in these cases no statistics were kept.

The economy of the Soviet North was destroyed to the ground. Even the lackeys of Anglo-French imperialism - the Social Revolutionaries, Mensheviks, who met at the Zemstvo Assembly in January 1920, gave this characteristic of the political and economic situation of the North: “The industries (artisanal, salt, fishing) have fallen or ceased, industrial life has stopped. The land issue is not resolved, the food issue is in a terrible state. The lack of installed ration affects painfully and acutely everywhere. Seeds are eaten, and the area threatens new sowing. Military service (horse-drawn, etc.) is extremely sharply reflected in agriculture, and the obligatory supply of meat and hay is a blow that undermines the foundations of agriculture. The roads are in disrepair, there is no public education, because the schools are either occupied by the military department or destroyed due to the lack of repairs. There is no public charity. ”*

(* From the resolution of the Arkhangelsk District Zemsky Assembly, published in the newspaper “Revival of the North” of January 21, 1920) ”.

In 1928, an 17,5-meter-high monument to the Victims of Foreign Intervention was erected on Mudyug Island:

Today, on the territory of the former English concentration camp, a museum has been set up in memory of the victims of foreign intervention.
Summing up, I will say the following.

History teaches that never in the entire history of our country the English were “allies” to us. Betrayal, deceit and deceit are all that we received in exchange for help.

The geopolitics of a country stems from its geographical location.

“Geography is a sentence,” said Napoleon, who perfectly understands the subtleties of geopolitics.

“Russia has only two allies — the army and the fleet,” said Alexander III, and while the Tsar was fishing, all of Europe could wait.

Thank God, that for the last 50 years we have been under reliable protection of the nuclear shield, and the intervention of NATO generals can only dream.

In all other respects in foreign policy, we should be guided only by the pragmatic interests of our own country.

And by no means repeat the mistakes of the past. After all, with a nuclear shield, in fact, the only possibility for our geopolitical "allies" to destroy the country is to incite the people to civil war again.
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  1. Denis
    Denis 30 August 2013 09: 26 New
    when the British evacuated from Murmansk in 1920. for some reason they didn’t leave ammunition and food with their “allies”, but drowned! This, indeed, is another act of nobility on the part of a "friendly" power.
    Yes, such friends are at the ... th and in the museum proverb such. These non-traditional gentlemen have long licked the Russian north, back in the Crimean War they crawled, and not too tough
    Only by virtue of their dirty nature for open battle, they are not suitable, so dirty in another way
    Including so. Wow, how it all upset us crying
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 30 August 2013 11: 45 New
      Quote: Denis
      Yes, such friends are at the ... th and in the museum proverb such. These non-traditional gentlemen have long licked the Russian north, back in the Crimean War they crawled, and not too tough
      Only by virtue of their dirty nature for open battle, they are not suitable, so dirty in another way

      There is no creature in the world more arrogant, insidious, cruel and unprincipled than arrogant-sax. No matter how cynical and evil it sounds, but for me personally, a good arrogant sax can only be dead.
      1. Kibalchish
        Kibalchish 30 August 2013 12: 21 New
        It will be necessary to recall all this to the Shavers when we take London.
        1. VARCHUN
          VARCHUN 23 October 2013 20: 16 New
          But look at the British colonists of America and the states do not like to remember for this, but two sides lick an ass on occasion.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. aviator46
      aviator46 30 August 2013 17: 27 New
      they are not suitable for open battle .. "and how did they conquer the floor of the World ???
      It was only from the sound of the English horn that the enemy often fled.
      And an article for those who are "off topic."
      The author confuses the concepts - "prisoner of war camps", "filtration camps", "ITL", "ghetto", "reservation", "colony", "zone".
      The British "became famous" as the first builders of the CAMP for the civilian population ..., with the aim of reducing the support of the enemy population. AND NOTHING MORE.
      Now about the "concentration camps" as a state body. Their homeland is the USSR.
      The camps, which subsequently transformed into concentration camps, first appeared on the territory of modern Russia in 1918-1923.
      The term "concentration camp", the very phrase "concentration camps" appeared in documents signed by Vladimir Lenin.
      Their creation was supported by Leon Trotsky.
      / According to various estimates, up to 3 million people died through the FIRST Elephant concentration camp / up to 1 million people /
      And only after Lenin's Russia did concentration camps arise in Hitler Germany and in Kampuchea Pol-Pot ...
      "... Nothing like this happened anywhere before Bolshevik Russia (RSFSR-USSR). Neither in the United States of America, nor in England, nor in Finland, nor in Poland. In none of these countries were the camps brought to the level of a STATE STRUCTURE , a state institute. Neither the Sejm, nor the Parliament, nor Congress passed laws on the camps. Neither the prime minister nor the president personally issued orders to the punitive bodies ... "
      1. Guun
        Guun 31 August 2013 20: 14 New
        Remind you how they destroyed the Mughal Empire? Simply. Fifth column. The revolt of the Hindus - princes against the Mughals with the support of the British. The Ottomans were conquered in the same way. Losing to the Berbers and Bedouins because of their small size and preparation, they somehow united and piled on the English themselves, the Indians also saw what kind of nightmare White is trying to throw the Angles into the sea a couple of times but didn’t get it, but I’m completely silent about the Afghans - twice the Afghans exterminated their expeditionary forces and the third time the British did not dare to go to Afghanistan. Why, look at the battle of the Dardanelles. They are not weak warriors, but the half of the world that they captured more than half drove the English with a stick in a soft place. How did they start the war? That's right - without his announcement.
        1. VARCHUN
          VARCHUN 23 October 2013 20: 20 New
          And the Zulu, scattered tribes united and allowed their guns to crawl out with guns, although they later lost. And still remember PQ-17, they simply threw out the guards of the caravan although there were their people and Americans, and the Soviet Union paid with pure gold.
  2. Duelist
    Duelist 30 August 2013 09: 41 New
    I respect Thanks to the author! Both for the historical excursion and for the quote: “Russia has only two allies - the army and navy”, and for the reminder of our sworn friends.
    I will add that the nuclear potential of our country, as a deterrent, is also remarkable for the fact that when it is impossible to counterattack the aggressor, the head of the missile easily turns into a nuclear mine. We were told about this in military service back in the 80s (and there was a stacker of nuclear explosives at the unit). With such a MINA, without the possibility of neutralizing it, without the possibility of transportation, and with the secret of the time of undermining, the territory of risk of having "bad consequences" is THOUSAND square kilometers. Imagine who needs such a NUCLEAR country to capture. Oh, and what is not available, militarily, is our land. BUT RELAX IS NOT WORTH, who does not feed his army - feeds someone else's!
  3. nepopadun
    nepopadun 30 August 2013 09: 45 New
    Article clearly +
  4. Aryan
    Aryan 30 August 2013 09: 59 New
    only it is not clear why they had to transport prisoners somewhere?
    because then there were no labor camps, slavery was abolished,
    and maintenance and transportation require expenses
    I understand that by sea
    Where is their famous commercialism?
  5. crambol
    crambol 30 August 2013 10: 14 New
    Mudyug. Autumn 1961
  6. crambol
    crambol 30 August 2013 10: 15 New
    Mudyug. Autumn 1961
  7. crambol
    crambol 30 August 2013 10: 18 New
    Mudyug. Autumn 1961
  8. crambol
    crambol 30 August 2013 10: 20 New
    Mudyug. Autumn 1961
  9. crambol
    crambol 30 August 2013 10: 21 New
    Mudyug. Autumn 1961
  10. Alez
    Alez 30 August 2013 10: 24 New
    Britain, I must say. The Old Lady of England and Russia decided somehow, x..m to be measured, and x .. then small, the King is naked. So, who are you, come on, bye.
  11. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 30 August 2013 10: 37 New
    From sv.lo.ta island, what a dirty trick trampled my native land, thanks for an excursion into history, article +
  12. Apologet insane
    Apologet insane 30 August 2013 10: 56 New
    In fact, the Bolsheviks were enemies of an ally of Great Britain - the government of the Russian Empire. Therefore, they simply took under guard the strategically important objects of the ally, which were threatened by the gangs of the German spy Lenin. So the British did not have anything personal against Russia in this case.
    1. dmb
      dmb 30 August 2013 12: 33 New
      Do not plump the bells without looking at the holy calendar. In fact, in the 1918 year, the Bolsheviks were not enemies of the government of the Russian Empire due to the absence of such and such. The empire officially ceased to exist in September 1917. In addition, only three months remained before the end of the WWII (September 1918), so the British landing, a trivial desire, to grab in the confusion, which is a bad thing. This attempt failed solely thanks to Lenin and his "gangs."
      Now about the article. Of course, the author really wanted to show that only "English dogs" were guilty of atrocities, because in the light of the current “demands”, the knights of the white idea are as one “Golitsyna’s guards and Obolensky’s cornet,” and for the understandable reasons you can’t write off the bloody Chekists Mudyug. However, there is one problem. The “personnel” of the camp were exclusively the Golitsyns and Obolensky, and the main atrocities committed there exactly after the departure of the British. But for the foregoing reasons, the author apparently was ashamed to mention this. To reinforce the effect of "English corruption, he branded them a shame that they recognized the Wrangel government only in the 1920 year. I wonder why they should have recognized it before. There were other" governments "of Kolchak, KOMUCH and poking, poking, poking. Why the author could be considered legitimate is unlikely to be able to explain.
      1. Apologet insane
        Apologet insane 30 August 2013 13: 36 New
        From the point of view of the same British, a change of power in February-March 1917 occurred more or less legitimately, with the official abdication of the emperor, with the formation of an interim government from the current parliament, with the continuity of international obligations. But the October Revolution - it was already a rebellion. The very story of Lenin, who arrived with the knowledge of the German authorities in Russia, with these separate negotiations and the Red Terror, served as an excuse for the Entente-Entente in their own eyes. The Japanese still wanted to grab, but the rest did not really need it. It’s just that I don’t think they are some kind of creepy invaders and invaders at that moment. Now, if they invaded like that in 1925, this is a different matter. And during the Civil War, to occupy several strategically important facilities and help the White Guard allies - what’s the crime here?
        1. dmb
          dmb 30 August 2013 14: 20 New
          Of course, you can even consider them the Red Cross and Crescent Society, but the concept of intervention will not change from this. About Red Terror, you clearly added for the red words. He does not justify the intervention, if only because it was announced in September, and they landed in August. In addition, consider Social Revolutionary Chaplin, the lawful government could only his immediate family at the family table. It is desirable to somehow justify your conclusion regarding the 1925 of the year, otherwise it turns out like the movie "Mimino": "I think that is Rudik-jan."
    2. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 30 August 2013 14: 11 New
      Quote: Apologet Insane
      In fact, the Bolsheviks were enemies of an ally of Great Britain - the government of the Russian Empire. Therefore, they simply took under guard the strategically important objects of the ally, which were threatened by the gangs of the German spy Lenin. So the British did not have anything personal against Russia in this case.

      Oh well ... and the boys didn’t even know ... about opening our eyes to unreasonable ones, tell them brazenly Saxons were charity and brought happiness and kindness to Russian houses ...
      1. Denis
        Denis 30 August 2013 15: 44 New
        Quote: Sakhalininets
        impudent Saxons benefited and brought happiness and kindness to Russian houses ...
        And against the team of the Bolsheviks, they are against, when they roamed the geyrop, they had nothing against
        To keep foreign countries at risk of revolution has long been a craft of England.
        Otto von Bismarck
        It is bad to have an Anglo-Saxon enemy, but even worse to have his friend.
        General A.E. Vandam

        Thank you, Minister of Justice A.F. Kerensky - amnesty! Anyone who called for the defeat of his country can safely go home. But how? With his seething energy, Lenin goes through all possible options. Even the most exotic and incredible. But only in the direction of “through the Entente”!
        Between March 2 (15) and 6 (19), 1917, Lenin telegraphed to his comrade-in-arms Ganetsky (Furstenberg) in Stockholm. This comrade sits with Ilyich on “financial flows” and liaises with foreign sponsors of the Bolsheviks. Soon Ganetsky received a book by mail, Lenin's letter is in its binding: “You can no longer wait, all hopes for a legal visit are vain. You must immediately get to Russia at any cost, and the only plan is this: find a Swede who looks like me. But I don’t know Swedish, therefore the Swede must be deaf and dumb. I’m sending you my picture just in case. ”
        But Lenin would not have been Lenin if he had probed only one possibility. On March 6, he writes to V.A. Karpinsky: “Dear Vyach. Al! I’m thinking about the way of the trip. The absolute secret is the following. I ask you to answer me right away and, perhaps, it’s better to use an express train (perhaps we won’t ruin a party for dozens of unnecessary express trains) so that it’s easier to be sure that nobody has read the letter. Take in your name papers for travel to France and England, and I will pass through them through England (and Holland) to Russia
        Nikolai Starikov. "Who killed the Russian empire?"
        good allies to them ...
    3. washi
      washi 30 August 2013 20: 20 New
      Of course, the Bolsheviks were enemies of the British. And that is precisely why the 2nd Congress of the RSDLP, with which the history of the Bolshevik Party began, was held in London. And the passage of Lenin through Germany in 1917 for some reason was organized by the British evil enemies
  13. DerSamowar
    DerSamowar 30 August 2013 11: 59 New
    It is unlikely that they had nothing against. These imperials are still yogurts.
  14. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 30 August 2013 13: 56 New
    A good article reflects the face of a true Russian enemy, it must always be remembered.
  15. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 30 August 2013 15: 57 New
    However, the Americans in the Far East behaved no better:
    “... capturing the peasants I. Gonevchuk, S. Gorshkov, P. Oparin and Z. Murashko, the Americans buried them alive for contact with local partisans. And the partisan’s wife E. Boychuk dealt with as follows: they punctured the body with bayonets and drowned in a garbage pit. The peasant Bochkarev was unrecognizably mutilated with bayonets and knives: “the nose, lips, ears were cut off, the jaw was broken out, the face and eyes were punched with bayonets, the whole body was cut up.” Partisan N. Myasnikov was tortured in the same brutal manner by Sviyagino, who, according to eyewitness testimony, "first the ears were chopped off, then the nose, arms, legs, chopped alive into pieces."

    "Interventors surrounded Little Cape and opened hurricane fire around the village. Having learned that the partisans were not there, the Americans became bolder, broke into it, burned the school. They flogged atrociously everyone who fell into their arm. The farmer Cherevatov, like many others, had to be taken home bloody, unconscious. The brutal oppression was repaired by the American infantrymen in the villages of Knevichi, Krolevets and other settlements. In front of everyone, the American officer shot several bullets into the head of the wounded boy Vasily Shemyakin. "

    “A 23-year-old citizen K. was brutally raped by a group of American soldiers in Sedanka. Facts of violence against women and girls by stallions in the form of the US Army were repeatedly recorded in other parts of Vladivostok and Primorye. Obviously, damsels of easy virtue, which then, as now, were By the way, one of the "priestesses of love", who "awarded" several American "cowboys" with a bad illness, was somehow found killed in Prudova Street (where the Komsomolets movie theater now stands) with five revolving bullets in body".

    Well and so on, well, here are a few lines from the diary of the colonel of this very expeditionary force Morrow, who laments that his poor soldiers ... "could not sleep without killing anyone that day. When our soldiers took the Russians to captured, they drove them to the Andriyanovka station, where the wagons were unloaded, the prisoners were led to huge pits, in which they were shot from machine guns. " "The most memorable" for Colonel Morrow was the day "when 1600 people were delivered in 53 wagons."

    American soldier poses at the body of a murdered Bolshevik
    1. Stalinets
      Stalinets 1 September 2013 22: 21 New
      Where is the evidence that the victim was a Bolshevik? Sworn friends supported the Bolsheviks. So killed, not a Bolshevik.
  16. Free Island
    Free Island 30 August 2013 17: 07 New
    quote from the beginning of the article “Today neither the British nor the Americans really like to remember how they invaded Russia with their armies in 1918. But we will remind them, this is a simple matter ...” but they don’t need to be reminded! in our country, practically no one remembers this! especially those swampy adjoining that push us the values ​​of "that very great civilized democratically West on the planet and its pocket Geyropa .." ... I saw many photographs of those times, I saw Russian heads cut off against which smiling American and English blue firewood of the soldafon .. "and nothing has changed since then in the essence of the Western man and especially the" soldier "(the soldier intentionally in quotes) they still videotap their emptying on the corpses of the killed enemy, disassemble the bodies of enemy soldiers and take them home to trophies ... geeks, they will always remain like that ... the author of the article is a giant minus ... and I sometimes tell people about the intervention in social networks when the opportunity arises and they are surprised and it kills me the most .. PEOPLE ABOUT IT OR DO NOT KNOW OR DO NOT REMEMBER especially those who pray to the West
  17. Buran
    Buran 30 August 2013 18: 29 New
    It would be nice for our channels to make a big movie about it. But no, then I have to admit that the people supported the Bolsheviks not from under the stick, but quite consciously. So we have to watch sailing tanks from Mikhalkov, and 100 mulens killed from the Brewer-Parthenov.
  18. woker
    woker 30 August 2013 18: 35 New
    Britov in the furnace
  19. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 1 September 2013 13: 48 New
    Pikul has a good book on Intervention in the North. Out of the Dead is called. There, all the "cute eccentricities" of the interventionists are painted. Not without excesses, but readable.
  20. Stalinets
    Stalinets 1 September 2013 18: 28 New
    All Russian tsars, etched aglitsky healers. And most importantly, civil war! Where did you see this ?????? There was the extermination of the SLAVS, under various pretexts and in all available ways. The regular army of Leiba Bronstein, and the irregular troops of the same Bronstein. They were called "gangs," and in each of them sat a commissioner who reported to Bronstein. These "gangs" were supplied, from Bronstein’s armored train sent by the "allies." And this train traveled exactly as long as the Holocaust of the Slavs lasted. The armored train had a telegraph, a bathhouse, a company of special forces, uniforms and other ammunition in the amount of the regiment. What did not hear? So take an interest. All these special forces were dressed in leather jackets. Still, on the armored train there were several cars and a gas tank for them. So, when it was needed, they appeared as if from under the ground where needed. The British under the guise of red crosses, etc. controlled the Holocaust. Have you heard of Colonel House? And when needed, Tukhachevsky and Co. used chemical weapons. Like near Tambov. As soon as the space was cleaned and all the gold of the Russian Empire was taken out, and even the minerals were given under the control of the Anglo-Amero-Zionists, everything calmed down. So much for the civil war. yes And thanks I.V. Stalin and his comrades-in-arms ..... By the way, the American, Colonel Graves, mentioned in his memoirs about a difficult day when 1600 Russians were shot in one day. Such is the "civil war" .......