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The example of Georgia shows the futility of Ukraine’s European integration - V. Medvedchuk

According to Victor Medvedchuk, leader of the Public Movement "Ukrainian Choice", the example of Georgia’s ten-year European integration shows how much the sacrifices made by this country at the request of the EU are unjustified, since the old conditions have been replaced by new ones, and Georgia has not become a European Union member. The politician wrote about this in his blog, reports UNN.

“Even the most convinced supporters of the European vector of integration recognize that Ukraine’s path to the European Union will not be cloudless, certain sacrifices will be required. But then we seem to fully pay off all our efforts. It remains only to sign a number of contracts, to fulfill certain requirements in the field of government, to abandon an independent economic strategy and - voila! - we are becoming full members of the European community.

In theory, it sounds quite logical. But this theory suggests that European requirements are clear, predictable and doable in principle. In this sense, for us, the experience of Georgia’s pro-Western policy may be interesting, which began attempts at Europeanization much earlier than we were and have already achieved some success.

For ten years, Georgia has unconditionally submitted to the recommendations of the EU and the USA. Naturally, for this it was necessary to change the orientation of the Georgian economy in the most radical way. The Russian market was sacrificed to politics. The Georgian army, prepared by American instructors, essentially provoked a war with Russia in August 2008. It is difficult to say unequivocally what they expected, but how it ended for Georgia is well known. The country has created ideal conditions for foreign investors, the European business has privatized the best assets. And what is the result?

During this time, circumstances have changed. This, it turns out, is no longer enough for European integration. What do you think the inhabitants of the Caucasian republic should do now? Naturally, protect the rights of gay and all other sexual minorities. Let me remind you that their last attempt to hold a parade in Tbilisi ended with a completely politically incorrect behavior of Georgian citizens. Even the big local police forces could not save the local representatives of alternative sexual orientations from the wrath of the crowd, many were beaten and stoned. This caused a flurry of indignation in the European press, which, despite all the loyalty of Georgians to the pro-Western foreign policy, began to scourge a small Caucasian country in every way. Much has been said about the “savagery of Georgians,” but the Orthodox Church is, of course, the main culprit. According to Europe, Georgia is overly committed to its traditional values.

If you look at it, then the claims of the European side look utterly absurd. Is it possible to demand from Georgian politicians to protect and support gays and at the same time expect the country to observe so-called? European standards of democracy? Of course no. Any power that will take on the imposition of values ​​that do not share the majority of Georgians, is doomed to political death. Imposing gay freedom in Georgia is possible only by suppressing the opposition with the most anti-democratic methods. Similarly, pressure will have to be put on the church, which in itself contradicts the European principles of freedom of conscience. Thus, despite all the sacrifices suffered, the Georgians in the new Europe remain the same outcasts as they were ten years ago. As is known, today Georgia gradually comes to life after a decade of “democratization according to Saakashvili”, and the consequences of the imposition of “European standards” will affect the whole country for a long time. It is symbolic that in honor of the end of this marasmus they are even going to rename the Rose Revolution Square in Tbilisi.

Is Ukraine going to repeat this path? And what price can pay? And for what? We are in a similar position. Ukraine can achieve a visa regime with Russia, the extermination of the national producer and constantly increase the national debt. It is even easier to pass the laws that the EU requires of us in the matter of public administration. You can even balance gay rights with traditional families. But all this will take some time, and the requirements of Europe will change again. Again, we will violate someone's rights, again, Ukraine will be too far from any of the following standards. And even the most flexible position of the authorities does not help here, "wrote V. Medvedchuk.
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  1. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 30 August 2013 06: 23
    The hopelessness of European integration is visible not on the example of Georgia, but on the example of the Baltic states. And it is caused by the inevitable degradation of the economy, which is unable to compete with the EU economy by definition. And if we add to this that no one will allow Ukrainians to wander around Europe and bring down the already feeble labor market, then everything comes out very sad (the bulk of the Baltics dumped to the West and found work).
    1. domokl
      domokl 30 August 2013 06: 41
      Quote: serge-68-68
      And if we add to this that no one will allow Ukrainians to roam around Europe and bring down their already frail labor market,

      I don’t agree ... The borders of Ukraine will be open. Moreover, on both sides. Gaster already work in Europe. But the fact is that working there is not profitable.
      I talked about three years ago with one who was working in Moscow at that time. He worked in Germany for a year. The salary is both the same and 1000 euro per month. Only in Russia he does not pay taxes, does not pay for an apartment (he lives where and makes repairs) and the products are much cheaper. After paying taxes and other expenses in Germany, he had about 550 euros left. In Russia, 950-900 ...
      1. Dimy4
        Dimy4 30 August 2013 06: 43
        plus no language barrier.
        1. ed65b
          ed65b 30 August 2013 08: 35
          Quote: Dimy4
          plus no language barrier.

          And this is the most important thing and the mentality is completely the same. And in general, a Ukrainian brother is better than three Asian brothers.
      2. My address
        My address 30 August 2013 07: 14
        In the north, in oil and gas production, Ukrainian dynasties used to work a lot. Ends father's watch - there is a son or matchmaker. Now they are gradually being replaced by Central Asians, who are terribly advantageous in payment. Russians are not honored. The accident rate among Tajik Uzbeks is awesome from illiteracy, including a general one, in the volume of the school. And if there is a team across the country to ask the Ukrainians to the exit? Oh, we will not win from this.
        Mother peremat Belovezhskaya stollotchey - EBN, Krasavchuk and Shishkevich!
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 30 August 2013 07: 53
          Quote: My address
          In the north, in oil and gas production

          Quote: My address
          Now they are gradually being replaced by Central Asians, who are terribly profitable in payment.

          In the north, on gold and the oil industry, good specialists are needed, and those who used to pick them up on a shovel will not be replaced by drilling specialists.
          1. ed65b
            ed65b 30 August 2013 08: 38
            It’s for sure that I have a relative on an all-terrain vehicle in the north chasing people, carries a lot from Ukraine and the Russians are full, but there are no Asians. There are dagi in the cities, but those idlers don't work. buy Sell.
          2. My address
            My address 30 August 2013 08: 58
            Alexander Romanov.
            They are not put on drilling. Applied to the protection, operation and repair of wells. Here on repair they sometimes work wonders. Screw the columns of pipes through ... and with sand. Handling of equipment, documentation, including from the control, below any criticism. And it is not on purpose, just low even the general education level. There are some good specialists among them, but as an exception. But they pay less than 50 thousand. When I said that it was not so little, they responded with laughter and lucidly told about oil and gas production. It turned out that the work and conditions are still those. The books are described quite superficially, however, probably, as in any special literature.
            1. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 30 August 2013 10: 22
              Quote: My address
              They are not put to drilling. Applied to the protection, operation and repair of wells

              Alas, I’m far from the oil industry and oil in particular (which is a pity), because I don’t know what it is. But specialists in oil companies are constantly being recruited here too.
            2. pensioner
              pensioner 30 August 2013 10: 54
              Hello Alexander! Tajiks began to appear (mainly) on the gas pipeline, they began ... Previously, they also met, but there were only a few on unskilled labor. Now I look, there are already pipe-laying engineers, and welders, and drivers. Not much, but there ... But not at Gazprom yet, but at the contractors. But I think soon they will appear in Gazprom.
              1. My address
                My address 30 August 2013 12: 08
                Good afternoon, Yuri!
                As I was told, gas and oil are two big differences. Gas well, even too well, penetrates through the gaps. Therefore, gas workers consider themselves to be higher than oil production workers. And their requirements for equipment and personnel are higher. And the drillers of the oil and gas industry - above repairmen.
        2. seller trucks
          30 August 2013 10: 01
          Quote: My address
          And if there is a team across the country to ask Ukrainians for a way out?

          Well, if this happens, you can guarantee with confidence:
          1. association with the EU will be canceled and the issue of accession in favor of the CU will be resolved
          2. the current government will go to the bunk
          3. the issue of Ukrainian separatism will be resolved forever
          4. accordingly, pro-Russian leadership will come to power.
          1. pensioner
            pensioner 30 August 2013 12: 07
            Quote: seller trucks
            2. the current government will go to the bunk

            Or maybe they generally glad to place in the prison? All the same, after all, sooner or later everyone goes there. You can save a lot on logistics ... And why are they: first back and forth .. Nefig! They were elected to the parliament immediately!
      3. PSih2097
        PSih2097 31 August 2013 01: 57
        Quote: domokl
        In Russia, 950-900 ...

        forgot the cops at the station and in the subway ... sorry, not the cops - the cops (to be more precise, the policemen) ...
  2. Normal
    Normal 30 August 2013 06: 25
    Well, at least it dawned on someone ...
    You can look not only at Georgia. Hungary became a member of the European Union, so what? Better to live? Old Europe simply removes possible competitors, but never France, Germany, Italy, Belgium will recognize the new members of the European Union as equal. And about Georgia and Ukraine and say nothing
  3. domokl
    domokl 30 August 2013 06: 30
    In principle, everything is reasonably enough. And a good example is given. For Ukraine, there seems to be no other way for me. The country's leadership wanted to spit on the opinion of the people, and especially of other nations.
    It is bitter to realize that the largest state in Europe will soon turn into an outcast.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 30 August 2013 08: 06

      Quote: domokl
      For Ukraine, it seems to me that there is no other way.

      Not yet evening! Our president is so unpredictable .... Wait, at the most crucial moment he will turn to the east. Everything will depend on how the Europeans will begin to put pressure on him about Yulia, because although they said that at this stage it is a secondary issue, it will still come up. Or something will hurt his family's business a lot, or something. Vaughn, yesterday I made a statement on TV that "we are resolutely opposed to military pressure on Syria, which we will talk about ..." But this is already against the opinion of Europe and the United States. Something in the forest died.
      And Medvedchuk is great! Wait, he will still be our "gray cardinal" and will play his role.
  4. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 30 August 2013 06: 30
    So traditional values ​​and the Church prevents Georgia from getting into EU laughing Something strange happened to the Georgians attempting European integration. It will be interesting to see how gay parades will be held in Ukraine and who will participate in it from politicians. Yanukovych will probably be in the first line laughing Go to the European Sodom
  5. Garrin
    Garrin 30 August 2013 06: 30
    Is Ukraine going to repeat this path? And what price can it pay? And for what? We are in a similar position. Ukraine can achieve a visa regime with Russia, extermination of the national producer and constantly increase the public debt.

    Tired of convincing our Ukrainian brothers of this already. What let them try. I think this is not for long. Just feel sorry for them.
  6. Dimy4
    Dimy4 30 August 2013 06: 33
    As you brother do not conjure, you will still get ..., you know the last word.
  7. Denis
    Denis 30 August 2013 06: 58
    Again we will violate someone's rights, again Ukraine will be too far from any of the following standards. And even the most flexible position of the authorities will not help here, "V. Medvedchuk wrote.
    Rather, it’s not flexibility, but a willingness to bend down. Some of the government officials will gladly force the people to please the EU, the leaders themselves will not lose anything from this, rather, on the contrary, they will gain all kinds of grants.
    Is it not familiar to anyone that new STRONG EU member not needed?
    News about
    Problems with the supply of Ukrainian armored vehicles
    Yesterday, 07: 28
    one more confirmation of this
  8. Hudo
    Hudo 30 August 2013 07: 02
    Forced to watch the theater of the absurd "Ukraine" being in the first row, due to the place of residence. And my question to the GDP will be this - What kind of *** Medvedchuk just now appeared on the political arena, when the hands of the clock are approaching 12? Was it really not clear before that you can't cook porridge with the thieving Zavgar Yanukovych? After all, there were the best times for Medvedchuk's start in the 2015 presidential race.
    Why did the Ukrainian oligarchs, who have lost their minds, who eat very well from Russian bins and spoil there while supporting the Galician spill, why fascism and other Western chuhnich began only now?

    Z.Y. I ask members of the forum to forgive me for excessive emotionality. But it is boiling.
    1. My address
      My address 30 August 2013 07: 18
      And for what to apologize? You're right.
  9. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 30 August 2013 07: 11
    For the people of Ukraine, integration into the EU is the way to ...
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 30 August 2013 16: 34
      !!! Not ... In that well, which he is prepared for, there will be no brackets for holding ...
  10. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 30 August 2013 07: 13
    Eurointegration of Ukraine - Pros and Cons

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week that if the Ukraine and the EU sign an agreement on a free trade zone, scheduled for November, the Customs Union will have to take protective measures. Russia fears that after signing this agreement with Ukraine, goods from Europe can pour into the countries of the Customs Union at lower prices, which will harm domestic producers. Moscow offers Kiev an alternative to European integration - to join the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
    The population of Ukraine will have to face a number of difficulties in the event of signing an association agreement with the European Union. This was stated by spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich.

    EU Commissioner for Enlargement and EU Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule hosted Ukrainian opposition leaders in Brussels. After the meeting, the European Commissioner once again condemned Russia's pressure on Ukraine.

    Europe cannot lose Ukraine, says EU spokeswoman Catherine Ashton

    The leader of the UDAR party, Vitali Klitschko, believes that the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU will give the Ukrainian opposition additional leverage over the current government in Ukraine.
    British Ambassador to Ukraine Simon Smith said that in his opinion the release of ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko will significantly increase Ukraine’s chances for signing a cooperation agreement with the European Union at the Eastern Partnership summit to be held in November this year, reports .
    Ukraine left the “black list” of the Paris memorandum of understanding on the control of ships by the state of the port. The withdrawal of the flag of Ukraine from the black list of the Paris memorandum is one of the conditions for Ukraine’s accession to the EU, set by the European Union.

    All Eastern European countries that have recently joined the EU have serious problems with the sale of their products in Western Europe and are literally inundated with products from Germany and other countries with a strong agro-industrial complex. Unfortunately, the adopted new "market" rules of the game are written in such a way that the new members of the EU cannot protect their economies from cheap products; Rigid standards and government subsidies put the manufacturer on an unequal basis.
    When Ukraine joins the EU, the following will happen: Ukrainian agricultural industry in terms of technology and investment will not be able to compete with the European one. After joining the EU, Ukraine will have to lift any restrictions on the supply of products from Europe. Formally, the Western market will also be open to Ukrainian goods, but this does not mean real access to it.

    A stream of dairy and meat products from Germany, France, Spain, and Holland will flood into the market of this country. On the east side, the following changes will occur. Russia is rapidly increasing food production and is becoming an increasingly strong player in the world market, especially cereals. This means that the need for Ukrainian products may begin to decline. At the same time, it is obvious to everyone that the Ukrainian black soil will only produce products when Russian gas is poured into the Ukrainian tractor ...
    This is already funny. Do everything that we say, and we will consider whether or not to take you to the EU. One gets the feeling that no one is going to take Ukraine there.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. an_ursus
      an_ursus 30 August 2013 09: 03
      I’ll ride you first, and then you’ll take me. tongue
  11. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 30 August 2013 07: 38
    from the Don.
    To the peak of Russia about mutually beneficial cooperation, the calls of adequate Ukrainians, all this will not be heard: by the independent people! So Ukraine has to go a long way towards rapprochement with the Geys, right up to the collapse! In general, they’re tired, cunning .. data !!!
  12. Troy
    Troy 30 August 2013 08: 34
    Reading about the situation with Ukraine, the question more often arises to me, and why the hell are we so worried and discuss the situation with this state entity? How much can you explain to them what awaits them when signing an agreement with the EU? If they don’t want to understand this, it’s their problem, if their brains are clogged with a mordant and fat-gay men they will quickly clean them through one place, though it will be too late. And then we rush with them, as with a written sack. We consider them fraternal people, and who do they consider us? Especially zapadentsy-m raz and? Here let them in the ass and do (especially zapadentsev), and let the eastern part and to us, I think we will gladly accept (and Crimea)
  13. ed65b
    ed65b 30 August 2013 08: 40
    It turns out now the Georgians can be called pidiks and it will be legal. Before, Georgians would have hanged themselves from such insults for such words, but now? laughing
    1. My address
      My address 30 August 2013 14: 25
      As they used to say in the 90s: "The question is, of course, interesting." Although this is no longer a question, but a statement of a very probable fact, disguised as a question.
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 30 August 2013 16: 41
        Quote: My address
        "The question is, of course, interesting." Although this is no longer a question, but a statement of a very probable fact, disguised as a question.
        what Strong! Need to remember...
  14. 787nkx
    787nkx 30 August 2013 09: 02
    Ukraine is divided geographically. The West has long been in Europe, the central part is euphoric due to its independence and does not want to unite with anyone, Crimea is a separate incomprehensible autonomy, and the east of Ukraine is for integration with Russia.
  15. dmit-xnumx
    dmit-xnumx 30 August 2013 09: 09
    For the "independent" it seemed in the order of things to receive "khaz by writing" and at the same time walk in formation and chant - "Moskolyak on a gilyak!" Russia closed its eyes for too long, endured the ugliness of the "fraternal" people. Once the "Square" wants "through thorns to the stars", a tablecloth road. Well, the globe of Ukraine has already been released, it remains to release the Astronomical Atlas of Ukraine and do not forget to designate ourselves in the center of the Universe.
  16. individual
    individual 30 August 2013 09: 16
    There is a substitution of concepts, one of them Yanukovych is a pro-Russian politician! ...
    Yes, in Russia, in our own cabinet of ministers, you will not find patriotic business executives in the daytime with fire. Everyone is working hard for their "navel", increasing funds for offshore life, offshore well-being in a foreign civilization.
    They need the elections and the rest of the democratic cracking only for effective management and strengthening of their power.
  17. Executer
    Executer 30 August 2013 09: 41
    But who in the west needs your outskirts ?!
    It is necessary for the Anglo-Saxons with only one single purpose-to suck Russia! To weaken its influence in the world! FSE! Actually Ukraine itself in this game is a bargaining chip. Well, Georgia is the six worms in the deck. And there is nothing self-propelled to cheek. What the hell would she get from the West? Ukraine had one trump card in this tyagomotin - GTS. But when they found workarounds for the stinker, everything quieted down. And all the fuss with the WTO is an attempt to replace the subject of political bargaining.
  18. pensioner
    pensioner 30 August 2013 11: 01
    Georgia shows the hopelessness of Ukraine’s European integration

    And it was funny to see the speaker ssykashvili against the background of the EU flag. For any reason, it is necessary or not, but he pulled out the EU flag. It would be boring without him alive ... Although I would have liked the dead one more ...
    1. My address
      My address 30 August 2013 14: 28
      Here you go. Again you, Yuri, Mihuil oparafunili ...
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 30 August 2013 15: 07
        Paraffin is a good anti-friction material. Him negative will be needed soon.
  19. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 30 August 2013 11: 12
    This politician has sound thoughts, which is rare, in other matters not only in Ukraine.
  20. 23424636
    23424636 30 August 2013 12: 10
    a good man, Medvedchuk, regrets his friendship with Russia. It is a pity that he did not fulfill what he wrote here when he was an influential assistant to the head of the country, Kuchma.
  21. Corneli
    Corneli 30 August 2013 16: 41
    Thought not to write ... but it is impossible simply!
    Dear forum users, when will you stop confusing "warm with soft" (I'm talking about an FTA) !?
    1. Free Trade Area - THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY IN THE EU! And not even an association agreement !!! A similar agreement exists between the CIS countries a long time ago!
    2. FTA - has nothing to do with military blocs! So to sculpt a hunchback, that, after signing this treaty, we are both in NATO and in the EU and finally your enemies - Nonsense!
    3. Attraction of such things as the "visa regime" to the signing of an FTA, this is Vaasche BUGAGA! (I repeat the Trade Agreement! Visas for the EU have been, and will remain!) Especially against the background of the fact that Russia itself is striving hard to achieve a visa-free regime with the EU! As a result, we will present a visa-free regime for Russia and the EU, and visas for Ukraine! Theater of the absurd! fool
    4. Believers in Glazyev's fables: "She (Ukraine - ed.) Will disappear as a subject of international law, since she will have to coordinate all her actions in the trade area with the European Union" - this is nonsense! And by joining the Customs Union, we would also lose our sovereignty? Maybe being in the WTO does not need to coordinate "trade actions" with anyone? wassat
    5. And this article is just a circus. What does the FTA have to do with Georgian programs ... (and generally Georgia)? Type of logic - signed by the FTA - became gay (forcibly, apparently in the agreement there is a clause on the export of special gay tablets and their obligatory reception). I don’t see the connection between trafficking and gays ... well, no sideways!
    6. Not the opportunity to trade with the countries of the CU in the event of signing the FTZ - bullshit! The TS trades with the EU and does not bother them! The only thing that changes is the check of goods at the border, for their Ukrainian origin, an increase in duties on some Ukrainians is possible. goods up to vehicle standards! AND EVERYTHING! The remaining threats are exclusively a chip of Russia. Do not want to trade in case of signing? for God's sake! Your choice, you are a sovereign state!
    Briefly described more or less. Finish already with the fables of Krylov, especially since nothing has been signed yet.