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In captivity of the myth of the Soviet occupation ...

In captivity of the myth of the Soviet occupation ...

We often hear about the need to create a pro-Russian party in Ukraine. Someone specifies that it is time to create not a pro-Russian, but a Russian party. Some at the same time want to see a pro-Russian president who will finally begin to establish good-neighborly and mutually beneficial relations between our countries. Let me remind you that "good neighborly and mutually beneficial relations" between Russia and Ukraine, we have been developing for the third decade. From the moment Ukrainian independence was proclaimed, Kravchuk developed them, then Kuchma, behind him Russophobe Yushchenko did not disdain “develop”, and there is nothing to say about the current president. A couple of years ago, it seemed that Viktor Yanukovych was about to join the United Russia party. Not entered.

Throughout the years of independence, numerous intergovernmental, inter-parliamentary and public delegations rolled from Kiev to Moscow and vice versa. Have spoken. Have developed. Strengthened. And where are the results of the development of "good-neighborly" relations between Russia and Ukraine? In what place have the seeds of friendship grown, so abundantly watered with stilted words and not only with them? You see how interesting it is, every year the development of good-neighborly relations Ukraine is moving further and further away from Russia, and the influence of the pro-Russian and Russian parties is falling. But the number of Russophobes and nationalists is growing. Funny trend? The more the pro-Russian forces plow, the worse the result. Maybe in the wrong place they plow and neither they sow the seeds? Or do not those people plow?

No, I'm still wondering why nobody here ever thinks about the reasons for the failure of the pro-Russian political forces? Why Ukraine in full steam goes to Europe? Is it only on the smoke of delicious Bavarian sausages? Have you heard anything about the financial and economic benefits of Ukraine from joining the European Union? Maybe you specific amounts called? No, you have not heard and you will hear nothing but blah blah blah about democracy, human values, freedom of speech and human rights. At the same time, it is no secret to anyone that the European Union is experiencing an unprecedented in its stories crisis, and even in the foreseeable future, Ukraine will not be able to join the EU! However, Ukraine persistently rushes there! Why?

In Ukraine, we often complain that pro-Russian politicians are not allowed into "blue screens". Maybe you are right. Their presence in the media space is not comparable in time with eurofiles and nationalists. However, even if pro-Russian politicians and experts received an equal number of airs in the media, I doubt that we would hear something new from them. Ukrainians would sit at the TV and listen to a long-hailed record about the Russian World, the centuries-old Russian-Ukrainian brotherhood and common history. Sickeningly. Have you noticed that all Russian proposals for the benefits of Eurasian integration do not make any impression on Ukrainians? Cheap gas, investment, economic cooperation, 10 billion a year of net profit, but at least a hundred! Is it all for someone news?

You have noticed that any discussion with Ukrainian nationalists about friendship with Russia and the Russian World comes down to listening to them from a long list of historical insults to Russians. Wasn’t this abuse about the famines and moskals drinking Ukrainian blood really tired and so on and so forth ?! In these disputes, the Russian and pro-Russian forces have always lost and will lose. Moreover, any such dispute gives rise to even greater Russophobia, since it actualizes the theme of the Soviet / Russian occupation and its victims in the mass consciousness. Ukrainians wanted to spit on mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia, because for them it is free cheese in a mousetrap that precedes the next occupation. They are convinced that at first Ukraine was cursed by the accursed tsarism, then they starved the bloody “councils”, and now the “Putin regime” wants to lure them into another prison of nations. Here is one of the reasons for ignoring all the integration proposals of Russia. Maybe the Russians do not believe that they were the occupiers of Ukraine, but for Ukrainians the “Russian occupation” is a very real and very painful thing. From hunger, from repression suffered not abstract and distant Martians, but relatives and friends of all our Ivanenok and Petrenok.

The Russians here will only scratch the back of their heads, then they will refer to propaganda, which scored brains to the Ukrainians. And here and there, not the Ukrainian nationalists came up with the myth of the prison of nations, they developed and perfected what they were taught in the Soviet school. Let me once again quote the textbooks for which the current Russophobes were brought up: “... V.I. Lenin noted that Russian imperialism extends economic expansion to "Finland, Poland, Courland, Ukraine, Khiva, Bukhara, Estland, and other non-Great-populated areas." In the socio-economic and political system of Russian military-feudal imperialism, the role of regions for the application of capital and pumping out superprofits by financial monopolies was performed by vast undeveloped or sparsely populated territories of Siberia and the Far East, as well as national districts and margins that at various times became part of the Russian state ... ” . (1)

See how interesting it goes? And we in the USSR didn’t pay attention to the fact that Russian imperialism extracted superprofits from Ukraine, and Ukrainians in the Empire were on the rights of American slaves taken out of Africa. It's a pity, because we are talking about a key problem, without deciding which, it is impossible to count on creating a strong and durable Eurasian Union. At the moment, I don’t care at all how justified the myth of the “Russian occupation” is, because it’s not a matter of historical truth, but of what specific people in Ukraine think. For them, Russia is an occupier and an "evil empire." For them, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and now the Russian Federation is one and the same. Enemy. Invader Colonizer.

The myth of the prison of nations like a weed. It is useless to tear stalks and leaves from it, it must be uprooted, but nobody wants to do that. After all, if one is uprooted, one must thoroughly review the history of the twentieth century and recognize that the Soviet Union was not a Russian state and pursued a policy not in the interests of the Russian people. On the contrary, the Russian people in the Soviet Union closed all the holes, because he, like his, and can endure everything. At the expense of Russia, Mothers created "showcases of socialism" on Soviet outskirts and beyond its borders, coaxed smaller brothers and sisters with money and science, and at the same time raised their level of national identity. Now we are sitting and wondering why the suburbs are teeming with nationalists, and Russia should owe cheap gas and other joys of life to everyone. Smaller brothers and sisters got used to live at the expense of Russia. One trouble that grown up in greenhouse conditions, not accustomed to thinking with their own heads and working with their own hands, the nationalists are not capable of anything, except to be engaged in begging and blackmailing Russia. However, this is their problem ...

Do you personally feel sorry to listen to the lie about the Russian occupiers? Maybe they were completely non-Russian, and the Communist International, inspired by the most advanced European ideas of Marx-Engels? Did a simple orthodox Russian peasant, sitting in London or Bern, think of a world revolution and arrange a bloody massacre in Great Russia? Maybe the Russian peasant perverted our entire Russian history, broke the Orthodox ties that bind our peoples for a thousand years? Here you will think whether to tell the whole truth or to continue to lie. Only with such a lie will there be no Eurasian Unions. We, Russians, will be remembered and billed for civil war, collectivization and repression for a thousand years. Maybe it is worth forwarding claims and advising Ukrainian separatists to turn to their crony "democratic friends" from Germany, Great Britain and the USA, who at one time fully supported the revolutionaries and applauded together the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917-th year? Let the Ukrainian russophobes to Western countries are billed for "communist occupation", and not for modern Russia. And at the same time, let them lay claims to the descendants of local Ukrainisers, who not only used hot iron to corrode their Russian spirit from the Ukrainians, but also conducted collectivization, starved their fellow tribesmen in 1932-1933's. Or in the Radianskaya Ukraine, in the regional committees and district committees, in the villages and on the farms of the Tambov men "Keruvali", and not local nominees? Which, by the way, for all their crimes, Comrade Stalin and Comrade Beria were still punished during the period of the “big terror”. And what is interesting, because the same people who are responsible for hunger and repressed are often the same. Here you want Ukrainian russophobes and anti-Soviet to give vulgar advice, you either remove the cross or put on your underwear. It is not good to simultaneously honor the victims of the Stalinist repressions and executioners of their people, as is done in modern Ukraine.

I do not want to throw a stone at our Soviet past. I am simply stating the well-known, but shamefully silenced facts that the communist utopia as a plague was brought to Russia from the West, that the Russian people suffered from it equally, if not more than all the peoples of the Russian Empire. The Soviet Union was any project, but not Russian and not Orthodox. In Ukraine, Russians are to blame for all the troubles, because Ukrainian separatists are so beneficial. Are only Russians supposed to be responsible for the crimes of the Ulyanovs-Kaganovich-Bronsteins-Latsis-Beri-Kosior-Skrypnik-Khrushchevs?

Do you still believe in the possibility of the emergence of a pro-Russian party in Ukraine? Me not. The longer and more Ukrainian brainwashed with a lie about the "Russian occupation", the more Russophobes will be in Ukraine. Therefore, before planning to create pro-Russian / Russian parties, it is necessary to root out the myth of the Russian / Russian occupation. Otherwise, in Ukraine, the most pro-Russian party of the possible will be the Russian army.

Now I ask a simple question: for whom is Sergei Glazyev’s campaign, where all the benefits of the Eurasian vector of Ukraine’s development are described? On me? I do not need to agitate with the benefits of billions of dollars. And the one who believed that Russia is an occupier cannot be enticed into the Eurasian Union with cheap gas. And even humanly, one can understand the Ukrainian opponents of Eurasian integration, because, in fact, they are offered to sell their homeland.

No gentlemen, with such an approach, not a single Russophile will remain in Ukraine tomorrow. Ukrainian propaganda will grind everyone, re-educate the Ukrainian school, and even if financial and economic problems force Ukraine to join the Eurasian Union, it will be fragile. It will be the same occupation, where Russia, taking advantage of Ukraine’s weakness, put her on her knees and again dragged her into her bloody arms. The Ukrainians will watch the wolf on the Russians, albeit for the time being, fed and agreeable, but a wolf, ready to cling to the throat at any moment.

I understand perfectly well that I identified an extremely difficult problem in my solution, but once it must be started to be solved. Moreover, we are talking not only about Ukraine, but about all the countries that surround Russia. We cannot allow ourselves to perceive Russia as an occupier, which means that the myth of occupation must be burned out with the truth. Do not once again shove his head in the sand, shamefully hush up and whitewash the Soviet period of our history. All these secrets are no longer secrets for our opponents. In addition, to put a sign of absolute equality between Russia and the USSR is not only unfair to the Russian people, but also unprofitable. If the Ukrainian nationalists themselves consider the Soviet regime to be criminal, then the creation of the URSR is a crime, together with the inclusion of Novorossia, Western Ukraine, Crimea and other historical Russian lands. The crime is Ukrainization, which was carried out by the Bolsheviks. It is a crime against the Russian people to rename cities and streets on the lands of South-Western Russia, demolish monuments to Russian heroes and erect a cult of Taras Shevchenko. If Ukrainian nationalists hate the symbols of the Soviet era, they want to make war with monuments and memory, then their first task is to cleanse the whole of Ukraine from the Ukrainian myth imposed by the Bolsheviks.

We often argue about why the USSR collapsed? We are often reminded of the crimes of the Soviet regime. But the reason for the collapse and the most important crime of the Soviet government was a lie. They lied to us not only about communism and the most just state of the workers and peasants, they lied to us about fraternal Ukraine. Is it possible to imagine that the Russians would occupy Little Russia, New Russia or Chervonaya Rus? No, the Russians could only liberate these lands, but they could only occupy Ukraine. Now we are reaping the benefits of this lie. No, I had no intention to "spit in the past." Without me spit. Just need to think about the future, the unity of the Russian World, which is impossible without the restoration of historical truth.

For the entire post-Soviet period, Russia has not figured out what Ukraine is, and who the Ukrainians are. They look at Ukraine with eyes from the Soviet past, judge Ukrainians on the basis of stamps imposed by Soviet propaganda. There is no long time that the Radian Ukraine, which we loved so much. Or maybe not. Until Russia sees the real Ukraine, they do not understand the essence of the Ukrainian project, it’s extremely frivolous to count on good-neighborly and fraternal relations. The problem is not in the absence of pro-Russian politicians and parties, but in the nature of Ukrainians, where the myth of Russian occupation is one of the key elements.

1. History of the USSR (XIX- early XX century.) Textbook edited by IA Fedorov. 1981 g. P. 261.

It will be a thunderstorm over Russian Land.
To the Russian people, the Lord will forgive sins,
And the Cross of the Holy Divine beauty
On the temples of God again shine.
Congregations will be opened again everywhere
And faith in God will unite everyone,
And the bell ringing all of our Holy Russia
From the sleep of sin to salvation awaken.
Dread terrible adversity,
Russia will win its enemies
And the name of the Russian, the Great People,
Like thunder across the universe thunder.

1939 year.
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