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Two news from the concern "Almaz-Antey"

The international aerospace salon MAKS-2013, which began on Tuesday, became a convenient platform for demonstrating the latest developments. At the same time, according to the traditions of this event, the exhibits of the participating companies include not only airplanes, helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles, but also air defense systems. This time, the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern presented at once two of its latest developments.

The first of the projects is the Vityaz C-350 medium-range anti-aircraft missile system in export version (C-350Е). The existence of this air defense system became known a long time ago, but for the first time on MAKS-2013 it is demonstrated to the general public for the first time. At the site of the air show there are three vehicles from the Vityaz complex: a self-propelled 50P6E launcher with 12 transport-launch containers of anti-aircraft missiles, a multifunctional radar station 50H6Е and a command and control station 50K6Е. All the machines of the anti-aircraft complex are made on the basis of four-axle automobile chassis produced by the Bryansk Automobile Plant.

Self-propelled launcher 50P6E ZRS C-350 "Vityaz" with 12 anti-aircraft guided missiles 9М96Е2 in the exposition of the air show MAKS-2013. Photo by Vitaly Kuzmin,
The command and control station 50K6E ZRS C-350E "Vityaz" in the exposition of the air show MAKS-2013. Photo by Vitaly Kuzmin,
Multifunctional radar 50H6E ZRS C-350 "Vityaz" in the exposition of the air show MAKS-2013. Photo by Vitaly Kuzmin,

Two news from the concern "Almaz-Antey"

The following information is indicated on the advertising poster describing the Vityaz C-350 “Vityaz” air defense system. The complex is designed to protect military, industrial and administrative facilities from air attack with the help of modern and advanced weapons. The complex provides all-view protection of objects in the whole range of available heights and distances. Depending on the situation, the Vityaz air defense system can operate autonomously, independently determining and attacking targets, or as part of an air defense force. In the latter case, the management of the complex comes from third-party command posts. Reportedly, the C-350 air defense system is capable of operating in fully automatic mode. The tasks of combat crew of three people include the preparation of systems and control over their work. It takes about five minutes to bring the complex from the traveling position to alert status.

The Vityaz complex consists of three vehicles (command post, radar station and launcher), which can be combined into a battery depending on the current situation. According to official data, one combat control center 50K6Е can simultaneously receive information from two 50Н6Е radar stations and control eight 50P6Е self-propelled launchers. Each of the launchers carries 12 9М96 guided missiles.

The capabilities of the C-350 ЗРК allow you to simultaneously attack and hit up to 16 aerodynamic or up to 12 ballistic targets. Ground control equipment capable of simultaneously directing targets up to 32 missiles. Thanks to such capabilities, the destruction of aerodynamic targets at distances from 1,5 to 60 kilometers at altitudes from 10 to 30 thousand meters is ensured. The range of hitting ballistic targets ranges from 1,5 to 30 km, the altitude range from 2 to 25 kilometers.

The second no less interesting sample presented by the Almaz-Antey concern is the autonomous combat module 9А331МК-1 "Tor-М2КМ" using the 9М331МК-1 rocket. A module equipped with all the necessary equipment can be installed on any suitable chassis. So, the sample presented at MAKS-2013 is mounted on a four-axle TATA brand Indian truck. If necessary, it is possible to install the 15-ton combat module "Tor-М2КМ" on any other wheeled chassis of a suitable class.

The Tor-М2КМ SAM system in the modular design as an autonomous combat module 9М331МК-1 on the chassis of an Indian TATA vehicle with the wheel formula 8Х8 at the exposition of the MAKS-2013 air show. Photo
The 9Т244К transport-charging vehicle on the Indian TATA vehicle chassis with the 6х6 wheel formula from the Tor-М2КМ SAM system in a modular design at the MAKS-2013 air show. Photo
Battery command post on the chassis of the Indian TATA vehicle with the 6х6 wheel formula from the Tor-М2КМ SAM system in a modular design at the MAKS-2013 air show. Photo

The standalone combat module 9А331МК-1 is capable of performing the same tasks as the previous complexes of the Tor family. It is designed to protect important objects from air strike at any time of the day and in any meteorological conditions. In addition, the possibility of escorting and air defense of the troops on the march is probably preserved. According to the information presented at the exhibition, the Tor-M2KM air defense system consists of the following components: the 9А331МК-1 autonomous combat module, the 9М334 anti-aircraft missile module, the 9Т224К anti-aircraft missile module, maintenance workshops, spare parts kits and rigging equipment If necessary, the customer can additionally purchase a battery command center and simulators for preparing calculations.

The TOR-M2KM airborne target detection system is capable of simultaneously processing up to 48 targets, 10 of which can be taken on tracking with automatic priority determination. Complex equipment can direct missiles at 4 targets simultaneously. The radar of the Tor-MXNUMKKM complex is capable of finding targets at distances up to 2 kilometers. Defeat targets at distances from 32 to 1 kilometers at altitudes within 15-10 meters. The maximum speed of the attacked target is 10000 m / s. The combat module has ammunition of eight guided missiles 700М9МК-331. The launch of the first rocket after detecting the target (reaction time) takes no more than 1-5 seconds.

It’s too early to speak about the prospects of two new anti-aircraft missile systems. Both complexes have only recently appeared in the form of prototypes and at the present time they are probably only preparing for tests. Nevertheless, the very fact of the demonstration of developments at an international exhibition speaks volumes. This means that in the near future, potential buyers will be able to learn more about the new Russian developments. In the case of the Tor-M2KM autonomous combat module, we can also expect the imminent signing of the first supply contracts to third countries.

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  1. Jrvin
    Jrvin 29 August 2013 08: 21
    May God grant health to our air defense designers, the best in my opinion air defense in the world.
    1. Fantomac
      Fantomac 29 August 2013 10: 20
      Not in the subject but important. "And you voted in Russia 10" Vote every day.
      1. yura9113
        yura9113 29 August 2013 15: 25
        I support, vote for the Kolomna Kremlin, it is still in second place, the rest are no longer relevant, you must vote together, otherwise it will be a symbol, you will see for yourself.
    2. Simon
      Simon 29 August 2013 20: 17
      In Syria, you need to test these complexes. yes
  2. Esso
    Esso 29 August 2013 08: 29
    The Vityaz air defense system is generally a cool thing, the S-350E Vityaz is a new generation Russian medium-range anti-aircraft missile system. It is planned that "Vityaz" will replace the S-300PS and Buk-M1-2 in the coming years! It is planned to purchase about 2019 "planned" by 30, but this is all conditional, we would have delivered the S-400 faster!
    1. AVV
      AVV 29 August 2013 11: 37
      Hurry to the troops !!!
    2. Nitup
      Nitup 29 August 2013 22: 06
      Quote: Esso
      It is planned that Vityaz will replace the S-300PS and Buk-M1-2 in the coming years

      Beech is a military system. So, the S-350 can not replace it. A new Buk-M3 complex is being developed.
      The Buk-M3 anti-aircraft division will have 36 target channels. It is expected that the Buk-M3 will be able to hit air targets flying at speeds of up to 3 km / s at ranges from 2,5 to 70 km and altitudes from 15 m to 35 km. The complex will be equipped with a 9M317M missile with an active radar seeker that has a higher speed and can withstand large lateral overloads, which allows attacking highly maneuverable targets in conditions of strong radio resistance, hitting all existing aerodynamic targets, ground and surface targets, and operational-tactical missiles. Buk-M3 air defense systems are built on a new element base
    3. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 30 August 2013 09: 23
      I especially like the following statement: "Reportedly, the S-350 is capable of operating in a fully automatic mode. The tasks of the combat crew of three people include the preparation of systems and control over their work."
      This means the preparation time for combat crews is reduced in the style of an anecdote about Dzhamshut in orbit: "And you feed the dogs and don't touch anything on the consoles."
      Definitely need such products in Syria. And in quantities. Now even a little to the detriment of oneself. For they are fighting for us there.
  3. svskor80
    svskor80 29 August 2013 08: 34
    Yes, apparently - at the moment air defense is our everything. Reliable protection from "democratizers" and advocates of the rights of any non-traditional minorities.
  4. mithridate
    mithridate 29 August 2013 09: 22
    such novelties cool the ardor of war hawks
  5. Vlad_Mir
    Vlad_Mir 29 August 2013 09: 43
    Looks solid. "Beautiful" technique!
  6. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 29 August 2013 09: 54
    It is interesting that the Vityaz is mounted on the chassis of the Indian TATA car. One of the examples of cooperation with India besides the Brahmos. Surely the Indians are planning to buy it.
    1. svp67
      svp67 29 August 2013 10: 03
      Yes, you know better than the prominent ...
    2. mark1
      mark1 29 August 2013 10: 18
      "Vityaz" is mounted on the chassis of the Bryansk Automobile Plant, on the chassis "Tata" is "Tor M2KM"
  7. saag
    saag 29 August 2013 10: 03
    level of automation inspires interesting thoughts :-)
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 30 August 2013 09: 26
      In general, where possible, it is necessary to develop the topic of packaging such weapons in standard sea containers. Like in the Club system. Anything that can be placed in containers in size should be pushed into them. And then you can assemble anything from such modules. From a container ship mobilized for war to field base stations.
  8. King
    King 29 August 2013 10: 08
    To test him in Sriya send in case of aggression of the West. Let's see what is new.
  9. vinnie
    vinnie 29 August 2013 10: 38
    All this is great, no words !!! But you need to complete the tests as soon as possible and put into series ... The time is now painfully disturbing ... Again it smacks of a crusade to HOLY RUSSIA ... And yet - a lot of equipment is now beginning to enter the troops, the level of its development in the troops must be appropriate, otherwise all this is just scrap! I hope the current military men understand this ...
  10. saag
    saag 29 August 2013 10: 47
    That's the whole thing that there is a construction on the principle of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, or even without human intervention, unless of course I am mistaken in my assumptions
  11. aszzz888
    aszzz888 29 August 2013 10: 54
    And to test the Knight in Syria ...
  12. unclevad
    unclevad 29 August 2013 11: 00
    Quote: aszzz888
    And to test the Knight in Syria ...

    I think they will have to test already in Iran.
  13. Ruslan Bear
    Ruslan Bear 29 August 2013 11: 24
    I wonder why the new system has a knight firing range of only 60km?
    1. Tektor
      Tektor 29 August 2013 12: 03
      This is not the main thing ... The whole question is whether Vityaz will be able to intercept Operationally tactical ATACMS missiles at speeds of 1500 m / s? This is the main NATO tool for the destruction of our air defense / missile defense. Here "TOR-M2KM" cannot, because the maximum speed of its targets is 700 m / s.
      1. Ka-52
        Ka-52 29 August 2013 15: 00
        S-350E [2] Vityaz - Russian anti-aircraft missile system medium range new generation. It is planned that Vityaz will replace the S-300PS and Buk-M1-2 in the coming years [3] [4] [5].

        The speed of the S-300PM / S-300PMU-1 missiles is about 2,5 km / s
    2. Nitup
      Nitup 29 August 2013 22: 21
      Quote: Ruslan Medved
      I wonder why the new system has a knight firing range of only 60km?

      Yes, not enough. But keep in mind that this is data for the export version. If they plan to replace our S-300 of the first modifications, the range of which was no more than 75 km, then everything is logical.
  14. ruslan207
    ruslan207 29 August 2013 11: 32
    zrk-tor on mzk is better more compactly mobile
  15. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 29 August 2013 13: 01
    S-350 is a domestic answer to SAMP-T / MEADS complexes. Confused only by the absence of medium and heavy missiles, so it is unlikely that this is a complete analogue of the S-300PM / PMU-1/2, or we were shown the complex not in full complement. Perhaps there will also be launchers on a car chassis with a different type of missiles. Or a clear division of tasks - the S-350 (E) military air defense complex, the S-400 object air defense. The level of automation is apparently similar to that of the Tor-M2 air defense system. And this is serious. And the 12 guides say a lot. If it passes the tests, the result is a solid system.
    1. Flooding
      Flooding 29 August 2013 17: 22
      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      S-350 is the domestic response to SAMP-T / MEADS complexes. Confuses only the lack of medium and heavy missiles

      9M96 is a medium-range missile
  16. denson06
    denson06 29 August 2013 15: 56
    Quote: aszzz888
    And to test the Knight in Syria ...

    God forbid, of course, the Syrian people see cruise missiles ..
  17. OffenroR
    OffenroR 29 August 2013 16: 49
    By the way .... Azerbaijan is already interested in acquiring the S-350 ...
  18. artur
    artur 29 August 2013 17: 44
    We need more and more powerful!
  19. Simon
    Simon 29 August 2013 20: 21
    For more such complexes in Syria and there will be no flight zone for Americans and Anglo-Saxons, the Syrian sky will be free.
  20. Russ69
    Russ69 30 August 2013 02: 13
    At the MAKS it was said that tests will begin before the end of the year and if everything goes smoothly, then at the end of 15, beginning of 16 a series will go.
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 30 August 2013 09: 30
      At MAX they said that tests will begin before the end of the year
      So it is necessary to conduct these tests in Syria. They will be pleased and helpful to us.
  21. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 30 August 2013 10: 12
    The good news is that not all brains have flowed west! There is still gunpowder in the powder flasks! If only the bureaucrats would not overtake a good deed. Put them on combat duty with s-400 and see who it will scratch!
  22. Leader
    Leader 30 August 2013 10: 42
    Why not put at least one complex in any warring country - for free?
    In the case of successful use - no more advertising of Russian air defense weapons will be needed, I guess.
    At the exhibition sites, all the exhibits look solid, but in reality? ...
  23. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 5 September 2013 15: 54
    Yes, the Syrians, they would have come right now by the way