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Barack Obama as the ideologue of the world caliphate

The geopolitical goal of the United States is not to build democracy in different countries: Libya, Afghanistan or Iraq. Or, say, in Syria. Charms such as human rights usually concern only those people who are taught these rights. And they teach, killing thousands or hundreds of thousands of people with rockets and usually acting from a distance. And the money for "operations" do not regret, despite the economic crisis. The State Department is not tired of allocating millions of dollars to help the so-called democratic opposition in Syria, and the CIA indulges in supplies weaponswhich then "ineptly" distributes between those who do not shave beards and those who do not cultivate lice. If the first and second begin to burn each other - and that's good. Why it is good? Because the caliphate is not quite what the faithful caliphators understand by it.

Barack Obama as the ideologue of the world caliphate

Some analysts believe that the United States did not have any failures in Afghanistan or Iraq, but it was the achievement of those goals that were not officially declared. And in Syria, anyway, and it turns out that the White House, along with Britain and France, supports bearded Islamists.

“Having attacked the Middle Eastern tube in 2011, the Americans extremely disliked the color of the extruded paste, which turned out to be with a bright green tinge and the smell of a world caliphate. Driving her back is no longer possible, it remains to be wiped by someone else’s hands, including those whom they once helped to overthrow. The region will not be the same, but the current situation does not correspond to the vision that Americans had when developing their strategy in 2007 year. It was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines ... "This is a quote from Boris Rozhin's article published recently on the site IA "REX".

However, it is believed that this color and smell is the very thing that fully corresponds to the geopolitical taste of the United States and its satellites.

Military analyst Sergei Storozhevsky ("Rosinformbureau") sheds light on the secret meaning of the White House's geopolitical game.

A war plan with non-nuclear-weapon countries is a “long arm”. Infrastructure, control system and military facilities are destroyed, and the aggressor remains invulnerable, being outside the retaliatory strike. As a result of accurate strikes, the civilian population simply falls to a low standard of living, then being used as a resource to achieve external goals. A new power in the country is being created from oppositionists (the “fifth column”), initially focused on the policy of the aggressor.

It may seem that the United States has not achieved success in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and several other regions, the analyst notes. After all, the goals of democratization have not been achieved, and the quality of life of the population has plummeted. But who, in fact, said that they pursued the declared goals? The American center of power, the author believes, has long-term goals, there is a strategy for the reorganization of the world.

And what is this strategy?

Comrade Storozhevsky writes that in areas from North Africa to Pakistan and Afghanistan, state borders are being destroyed. The region turns into a melting pot, in which regional elites disappear and the center of the world caliphate is created.

For the US, it is important that this global project does not stop.

“... They control the situation at a higher level, establishing total monitoring of air and sea movement, deploying a missile defense system, creating an air fleet of multi-purpose UAVs, strengthening the Air Force and Navy, relying on a system of military bases from 730. The safety cushion will be for the period of reformatting the Eurasian Pacific and Atlantic Ocean with modern monitoring and destruction systems. The world must be changed, because within the framework of the existing rules, the United States will lose dominance and never pay off debts. ”

In addition, the analyst believes, America wants to protect its energy. And North Africa and the Middle East are traditional suppliers of hydrocarbons.

Considerations that the principal caliphates live in Washington, at: Pennsylvania Avenue, 1600, are not so news. The very support of the United States "bearded" (in the same Afghanistan) during the Soviet times led to some thoughts.

A year ago, Candidate of Political Sciences Nikolai Malishevsky published on "Fund of Strategic Culture" the material, which emphasized that the consolidation of fundamentalist and extremist forces in the Islamic world can shake the foundations of the world order.

Saudi King Fahd in the middle of the 1980-ies said: "Holy Jihad is a borderless revolution, just like communism." The beginning of the “holy jihad” fire was laid in 1973, when after the Arab-Israeli conflict, Washington supported (or organized) the increase in oil prices by an order of magnitude.

At the same time, the Arab-Israeli war 1973 of the year “woke up” Riyadh. Saudi Arabia, having organized an oil blockade, provoked a global economic crisis and immediately turned into a “strategic partner” of the United States. The local sheikhs, in return courtesy of Washington, contributed to the collapse of oil prices in the 1980, which played a prominent role in the tragic fate of the Soviet Union.

“The godfather” of jihad in the West is considered to be the actor who died of senile dementia, who successfully played the role of the president of the United States — Ronald Reagan. In reality, it is the then director of the CIA, then the vice president and finally 41 th president of the United States, George Bush Sr., and today plays a major role in the American and global elite. When Soviet troops entered Afghanistan, the Americans suggested that the Wahhabi Saudi kingdom finalize the strategic alliance. By this time, Riyadh had already learned to regulate the world price of oil, and every citizen of the kingdom was able to live "according to needs."

As the author notes, Afghanistan was the first victim of the export of the “Islamic revolution”. With the Saudis' money, masses of Islamists rushed here. In parallel with Afghanistan, Iran was turned into a testing ground for another version of jihad. Then there was Iraq. As the Mujahideen think, the war in Iraq is a battle for the liberation of not one country, but "all Muslim lands, Muslims and Islam itself."

Today, the central task of all Islamist globalists is not changing. They want to create a springboard for spreading world jihad. The task of Western puppeteers is to use the energy of Islamist revolutionaries of all colors and shades on the way to the global superstate, Malishevsky notes.

Revolutionary-minded Islamists are harboring a plan to create a “United Islamic State.” In December, 2011, the press secretary of the Syrian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, Zuhair Salim, in an interview with the Kurdish-Iraqi edition of Kurdwatch, said: “To hell with Syria and Syrian nationality! .. Syria is a temporary phenomenon, a temporary phenomenon. Our goal is to create a single state for the entire Islamic Ummah! ”

What kind of state is this? It turns out that it will include about fifty countries of Asia, Africa and Europe (Albania, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, part of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Israel, etc.). But that's not all. The borders of the new state will expand at the expense of North and South America, Australia, even Greenland. 2100 year - this is the date when planet Earth will become a single Islamic state.

According to jihadists, N. Malishevsky writes, they are laying the foundations of their superpower, which will establish control over more than 80% of world oil reserves. But from the point of view of the West, who is trying to direct the energy of the “world jihad”, in fact, the Islamists will not control this oil at all.

By the way, the coming to power of the so-called "moderate" M. Mursi in Egypt perfectly demonstrates the policy of the United States, the victory of this candidate in 2012, applauded. President Mursi even formally left the Muslim Brotherhood, so that he would not be credited with anything wrong.

Resource "Living Islam" in February, 2012, quoted the press secretary of the Muslim Brotherhood Party, Mahmud Guzlan, in an interview with the Egyptian Al-Ahram: “As for the Islamic Caliphate, this is our dream and we hope to accomplish it even centuries later. This is our right and one of the pillars of our strategy. We are not concerned only with strengthening our group. Our first goal is the rebirth of Egypt, then the Arab world, and then the entire Islamic world. But this will be done gradually. "

“Gradually,” obviously, means to the year 2100.

That is why the United States, represented by Obama and his State Department, applauded the election of Mohammed Mursi to the presidency in Egypt. Caliphates think that they are independent, but no. The State Department, who gives money, knows what he pays for. At the very least, he hopes if he does not dance the girl next night, then order the music.

Recently, Mordechai Kedar, a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and a former Israeli military intelligence officer, published an article in the journal Maraah. The expert claims that the attempt to establish control over the Middle East "Brothers" was supported by the United States. Online IA "REX" there was a shortened translation of this material.

As Kedar writes, the program for establishing control over the region was set out on 1 in May on 2012, with the start of the election campaign of Mohammed Mursi. One of the ideologists of the Brothers, Sheikh Safwad Al-Hijazi, publicly explained the program:

“Before us is the prospect of fulfilling the everlasting dream, the dream of an Islamic caliphate. Achieving this dream, may Allah help us, in the hands of Dr. Mohammed Mursi and the Brothers. We see this giant dream, our common dream - the United Arab States. The United Arab States will become true by the will of Allah. The capital of the Caliphate, the capital of the United Arab States, will not be Cairo, will not be Mecca and will not be Medina. Jerusalem will be the capital, and our motto will be: Millions of martyrs go to Jerusalem! ”

And Obama in Washington did not bother such a frank statement. Few would believe, if you say that Barak Hussein did not know about it at all.

The US State Department supported the idea of ​​the seizure of power by the Brothers since the time of Bush Jr. With the arrival of Obama in the White House, the author writes, the State Department began to consider the establishment of the power of the “Brothers” in the region as an American national interest.

The point is that since 9 / 11 America is looking for so-called "moderate" Islam, with which it can coexist. Gosdepovskie employees (apparently naively) decided that the "Brothers" are moderate: they do not incite hatred towards the West.

Rumor has it that Ahmed Shafiq was the real winner of the Egyptian elections in July 2012, but the Americans insisted that they give the victory to Mursi. The presence of eight members of the Brothers in the administration of the White House, the expert writes, indicates that Obama is “not indifferent to this movement.” By the way, among the personnel of the American embassy in Cairo, Ahmed Aliba, who led the special team for relations with the Brothers, occupies a special position.

Dmitry Sychev, a historian and publicist who was asked by a journalist from the news agency REX, is sure that the Americans are deceiving the Arabs.

“... Caliphate they, perhaps, would give to create. Only he would not be any "superpower", but would be what Libya has become now, but in the vast territory from the Maghreb to Xinjiang-Uigur. Naturally, such an education would be dangerous to the outside world. But for whom exactly? For the USA? They are overseas. For Israel? Also no. It can be cordoned off by a fence. Wild people running along the barbed wire are not such a big threat to the civilization of drones. And “millions of martyrs” would have reached not to Jerusalem, but to the nearest minefield. Iran and Hezbollah are afraid of Israel, yes. Because we are talking about a civilization capable of creating a stable statehood, the development of science, industry, technology, etc. Therefore, they must either be negotiated and reckoned with or destroyed. And the tribes that have fallen into archaic are just harmless exotic things, under which you can endlessly cut military budgets. Nevertheless, the West could take away useful resources from such territory simply in exchange for glass beads ... "

Comrade Sychev further notes that the American project is directed not against Israel, but against Eurasia. The army of Bashar al-Assad and the Egyptian military today, in fact, protect Russia from great misfortune, but the US is pushing this trouble to Russia. For them, the “caliphate”, the expert says, is just a ram for the destruction of Eurasia.

"Fortunately, by joint efforts of Russia, Iran and China, the advancement of this star-bearded horde was able, at least, to stop."

All this, we add in conclusion, explains the fact that the United States is stubbornly willing to overthrow Assad, why gosdepovskiy refrain is unchanged: "Assad must leave." Thanks to the rule of the sharimatchik Mursi (by the way, who called for jihad against Assad), Egypt economically collapsed, and now military coup leaders rule there, who are White House (and with the EU) pushing for an alliance with the Brothers, hinting that it is undemocratic - when not all parties and “movements” are represented in parliament. And it’s quite wrong to arrest the “Brothers”. The purpose of the caliphate has not gone anywhere.

The caliphate scenario is also used in Syria, where al Qaeda units and mercenaries from all over the world fighting under Islamist flags destroy a stable state. Bring extremists with the help of the West victory in Syria, there could have triumphed cannibalism, beating with sticks, cultivating lice and banning croissants under specially written fatwas.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. a52333
    a52333 29 August 2013 07: 56
    MDA ... + (unhappy) No, well, the fact that Muslims are degrading under Sharia is a fact. There, the contradiction to development is at the root. Another point is not a small number of non-Muslims in Syria and Egypt. Shiites will also not have a sweet time. Fun, what really there. recourse
    1. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 29 August 2013 08: 02
      We can not disagree with Olegich:

      Dmitry Rogozin @Rogozin August 27
      Life The West treats the Islamic world as a monkey with a grenade
      1. 755962
        755962 29 August 2013 21: 47
        Arab put American in place
    2. avt
      avt 29 August 2013 08: 36
      Quote: a52333
      No, well, the fact that Muslims are degrading under Sharia is a fact. There, the contradiction to development is at the root.

      Yes, they cut each other with great zeal immediately after the death of Muhammad. And all this cartoon with the caliphate, the ummah, is naturally needed for a global stabbing. Always and everywhere with rapture they cut each other with a cry - "God is with us" request Well, why not run the same algorithm now? The fact that the mechanism of "somalization" of the Islamic world has been launched is not seen only by some intellectual who piously believes in "human rights and imperishable liberal values ​​of the free Western world", this intellectual, even when they come to him to cut his throat, will wait for help. civilized countries "
      1. Orel
        Orel 29 August 2013 08: 50
        America benefits from instability in Eurasia. This is the only way to keep Europe near you. If Europe ceases to be afraid and there will be stability in the world, it will begin to think about its own interests and how to oust the United States from certain markets. Business is business. But while Europe thinks more about its security and the US successfully creates threats to this security for Europe, Europe will not go anywhere and its rapprochement with Asia, to which it will not be purely geographically closer ...
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 29 August 2013 09: 46
          Quote: Orel
          This is the only way to keep Europe near you. If Europe stops being afraid

          It is truth too. NATO aviation has not yet hit the Assad regime, as it took the first blow to the European economy. It has long been forgotten at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that trading starts so nervously - stock quotes tend to go down, sentiment is almost panic.
      2. does it
        does it 29 August 2013 17: 39
        Quote: avt
        Always and everywhere with rapture they cut each other with a cry - "God is with us"

        At all times, and "brothers in faith" are no exception.
    3. duke
      duke 29 August 2013 09: 42
      There is still such a point that the Turks are building Osmania2 and under the Arabs, they will not lie down on their former subjects, but will try to crush them for themselves, and Shiite Iran will not fall under the caliphate. Now I hope more clearly. They will be cut to death, they will be pushed between their foreheads. And when chaos and endless war sets in, the region will become sparsely populated, as required
      1. Sashkessss
        Sashkessss 29 August 2013 18: 08
        "Divide and rule". In my opinion this was known even during the riots in Libya
    4. Vadivak
      Vadivak 29 August 2013 09: 44
      Quote: Oleg Chuvakin
      For the US, it is important that this global project does not stop.

      Absolutely true statement. The US economy cannot live without war.

      in 2013, the US quietly reported on its plans to further flood the Middle East with state-of-the-art military equipment. According to the Pentagon’s notifications to Congress, the Department of Defense intends to conduct a $ 300 million deal with Saudi Arabia to supply spare parts for the Abrams, BMP Bradley, and Humvee ATVs, and another, worth $ 6,7 billion, for new advanced aircraft. Add to this the planned sale of Qatar for $ 9,9 billion by the Patriot air defense system, the $ 96 million deal with Oman to hundreds of Javelin ATGMs and the sale of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system to the United Arab Emirates for more than $ 1,1 billion . And this is in addition to transactions concluded earlier this year, including the $ 63 million sale of Hye II helicopters to Lebanon, the contract for the supply of Kuwait to the Patriot air defense system worth $ 4,2 billion, the $ 3 billion agreement on arming Qatar with Apache state-of-the-art attack helicopters "The modernization of $ 1 billion worth of Abrams tanks belonging to the Moroccan army, as well as the sale of radar equipment and army vehicles to Iraq worth $ 428 million."
      1. Orel
        Orel 29 August 2013 11: 15
        "Since they sowed the wind, they will reap the storm ..." (Old Testament. Book of the Prophet Hosea, chap. 8, v. 7)
      2. Sandov
        Sandov 29 August 2013 11: 19
        The "godfather" of jihad in the West is considered to be the actor who died from senile dementia, who successfully played the role of the president of the United States - Ronald Reagan. In reality, he is the then director of the CIA, then the vice president and finally the 41st president of the United States, George W. Bush, and today playing a significant role in the American and global elite.

        Here are some of the puppeteers in front of us. The rest would have to be pulled out and condemned by God, at stake.
    5. Sandov
      Sandov 29 August 2013 11: 14
      whatever one may say, it turns out that the White House, together with Britain and France, supports the bearded Islamists.

      Here it is the truth. And I recognize dear by gait. So amres. Nurturing terrorists around the world. Themselves because the terrorists.
      1. TUNISIA
        TUNISIA 29 August 2013 11: 26
        I propose to prohibit the functioning of the United States as a TERRORIST organization on the basis of the Law on Combating Terrorism!
    6. 755962
      755962 29 August 2013 21: 43

      Arab put American in place

      [media =
      "% 20frameborder =" 0 "> ]
      1. 755962
        755962 29 August 2013 22: 01
        The video was inserted in another comment .. I apologize ..
  2. a52333
    a52333 29 August 2013 08: 33
    Moreover, it does not seem close that they can use this chaos.
    1. Crocodile
      Crocodile 29 August 2013 09: 05
      Everything is simple - Europe will answer for everything! Amer will only throw weapons, and, as usual, on both sides.
  3. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 29 August 2013 08: 40
    Normal concepts are turned upside down by WESTERN POLICIES.
    Obama's Nobel Peace Laureate, after heavy deliberation, issued a verdict on ASAD's guilt in a chemical attack.
    Hehe, I suppose he became the supreme expert on chemical weapons, without waiting for research by the UN commission in Syria, he had already issued a VERDICT for ASAD'S GUILDS, sentenced him to humanitarian bombing and decided to become his executioner.
    The question is, why the hell then needs an organization like the UN?
    We have a world gendarme that decides everything and climbs into all holes.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. a52333
    a52333 29 August 2013 08: 57
    there in the West there is no unity in parliament, on the streets in London they are protesting. Turkey is not happy. Erdogan is generally a stupid person or what? Does he think this joy will bypass him, or what?
  5. Crocodile
    Crocodile 29 August 2013 09: 01
    Quote: Orel
    Business is a business.

    And for whom is the secret that war is good money! At the moment, the United States has outplayed Europe with the help of tolerance. The old woman would be glad not to go there, but amers will say "ah-ah-ay"! The fact that Europe does not decide anything became clear after the delay of Morales' plane! And it's good to beat the dad with a herd! Not so scary! But what will the old woman do with her Muslim new subjects after the first victims in the east? Blood feud has not yet been canceled.
  6. Aldar kose
    Aldar kose 29 August 2013 09: 47
    It really does not look like a project to create a caliphate - not the victims for this, not the wrong period for implementation. The redistribution of spheres of influence is, in my opinion, the main reason.
  7. morpogr
    morpogr 29 August 2013 10: 01
    Europe has not yet understood how it got. America has developed these jihadists from across the ocean and watches how they first remove the rulers in their countries, and then pit them apart and conquer. And since America will be close to the ocean, a close geyropa will be received.
  8. seller trucks
    seller trucks 29 August 2013 10: 11
    “As for the Islamic caliphate, this is our dream, and we hope to realize it even after centuries. This is our right and one of the pillars of our strategy. We are not only concerned with strengthening our group. Our first goal is the revival of Egypt, then the Arab world, and then the entire Islamic world. But this will be done gradually. ”

    Well, how can a Muslim Obama not support fellow believers:

    This is Obama's ring on which it is written: "There is no God but Allah"

    A source:
    1. Panikovsky
      Panikovsky 29 August 2013 13: 40
      Moor to Mauritania !!!
    2. does it
      does it 29 August 2013 17: 48
      Quote: seller trucks
      This is Obama's ring on which it is written: "There is no God but Allah"

      Inscription in german "Gott mit uns" would be to his face! (I mean the US policy regarding the globe)
    3. Stalinets
      Stalinets 30 August 2013 01: 40
      Obama's mom is Jewish. You should know such things. yes
  9. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 29 August 2013 10: 20
    One thing is clear: putting the theory of controlled chaos into practice, the United States actually paralyzes the state institutions of Islamic states. Against this background, they solve their energy problems and security issues. And Iran is like a bone in their throat. After all, America has failed to create "controlled chaos" there!
  10. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 29 August 2013 11: 07
    Article plus. No one mentioned that this chaos threatens all centers of power in Eurasia - Russia, China and the EU. Divide and conquer, everything is very logical. Therefore, the support of the secular government of Syria is especially important.
  11. pinachet
    pinachet 29 August 2013 11: 07
    the situation of the 30s is repeated. only then they brought the guitar to power, and then overthrowing it weakened us and crushed Europe, and now the Islamists will act in this role. they will make a caliphate, and then they will fight with them.
  12. Roots
    Roots 29 August 2013 13: 36
    If Russia cooperates with China and Iran, the United States will not export such an alliance ...
    1. Stalinets
      Stalinets 31 August 2013 02: 20
      In order for this miracle to happen, you need to get rid of the mediators of your chosen nationality. Do you think this is real? The whole Foreign Ministry is a synagogue. Look at the faces ..... the surname can be changed. This problem has existed for a very long time. yes
  13. Luga
    Luga 29 August 2013 14: 56
    I do not believe that any of the sane politicians (and the staff members are certainly sane) are seriously thinking about creating a "world caliphate" or something similar. It's just that for those who are used to earning their bread, peace is vital, and for those who are used to taking it away - war. If there is a war, then you can sell weapons to someone - once, you can rob both the winners and the defeated - two, you can nightmare the uninvolved - three. And at the same time, you can not work at home and live on loans. Here "this is all his vile psychology" (c) V. Sharapov.
    Sooner or later, the states will tear, they are still given a knock-out. I want to believe that already in September-October 2013, but ... The most important thing is that if 20 years ago the states became stronger with each new victory, now now, despite the victories, they are weakening. Collapse is just around the corner.
    I hope my century will be enough to hear something like "the president of texas has declared war on California, the Orthodox population of Alaska held a referendum on the results of which a decision was made to join the Russian Federation"
  14. a52333
    a52333 29 August 2013 15: 03
    Germany's law enforcement agencies fear that a military strike against Syria will worsen the security situation in Germany and throughout Europe. It is reported by ITAR-TASS with reference to the German edition of the Rheinische Post.
  15. Vladimir-35136
    Vladimir-35136 29 August 2013 15: 18
    "As a result of precise strikes, the civilian population simply sinks to a low standard of living, which is then used as a resource to achieve external goals." ..... that's it !!! .... further maintenance of the "western way of life" is possible only with a forced lowering living standards of neighbors, this is the main, basic, central goal, task and idea of ​​all velvet revolutions and democratization. When everyone around will live below the plinth, then all the unrighteousness of the Western way of life will not be so intolerant, and for many, even desirable.
  16. Buran
    Buran 29 August 2013 15: 30
    It has long been the custom that under the Democrats in power in mattress, relations with Russia deteriorate to the fullest. But here is one more nuance. Call me racist, but the fact that a black man cannot rule a state has been proven historically. They are not stupid and not nerds, they just have such a mentality. African countries confirm this. Take a look at South Africa, from the dominant state in the region turned into a black ghetto democracy. Blacks in mattresses are generally a separate species, always resentful, underfed, unloved. I remember BabaManya called our GDP a schoolboy, but in fact all his freaks look like kindergarten offenders. And I don’t want to meet, and I'll call the neighbors' boys and beat your friends ... On the one hand, it’s good that such a miracle rules in mattress, and drives your state below the baseboard, and on the other hand, a monkey with a grenade.
  17. Ivan_Ivanov
    Ivan_Ivanov 29 August 2013 16: 51
    - as a result of "revolutions" the economy and industry of the countries is destroyed;

    - as a result of terrorist aggression, the economies and industries of countries are destroyed;

    - is a world caliphate being created? not necessary. the main thing is to destroy the economies and industries of as many countries as possible (the world caliphate is an instrument (not obligatory, but desirable));

    - funds are needed for restoration;

    - the USA plans to provide these funds (loans) at% (as it was with Europe after the war);

    - for these American loans, countries destroyed by America buy goods, factories, technologies in the USA, America builds power plants, roads, infrastructure for them; US companies loaded with orders; end of depression; HOORAY!

    - for these loans, the countries are completely subordinate to the creditor (USA);

    - but MAIN - demand for dollars is growing, the dollar is getting more expensive.

    And here Russia with China plans to create its own credit organization, which can give its loans instead of dollars. Ass ...
    1. Che
      Che 29 August 2013 20: 06
      Quote: Ivan_Ivanov
      And here Russia with China plans to create its own credit organization, which can give its loans instead of dollars. Ass ...

      wassat Yes, well noticed.
    2. Stalinets
      Stalinets 30 August 2013 01: 43
      Loans are issued at interest that cannot be paid. This is the whole point. Read Confessions of an Economic Killer by John Perkins. Credit is the gallows.
  18. Zhylaw
    Zhylaw 29 August 2013 18: 01
    Having swallowed the anger caused by the fascist USA, I can only recall the Roman Senator Cato the Elder, who ended each speech in the Roman Senate as follows: “Carthage must be destroyed!”

    Like him and I want to say:

    The civilization created with such difficulty over the centuries by the species homo sapiens has no future, at least until the United States went into oblivion.
  19. Backfire
    Backfire 29 August 2013 19: 07
    At least you yourself would look at what copy-paste.
    On Obama's Ring - snakes. The symbol of priesthood.
    This means that he is at least Initiate and has received appropriate training. Who would doubt that.

    And if you are drawn to speculate, understand: there are no USA, EU, Russia.
    There is a group of Puppeteers, Masters who spin the Earth Ball and hamsters on it, as they want for many centuries, at least since the times of the Babylonian and Egyptian priests.
    1. Che
      Che 29 August 2013 20: 11
      Protocols of the Zion of the Sages? By and large, these 300 puppeteers need to be scraped out - from Zurich, Telaviv, London, and Washington. Where else can they be stacked?
      1. Stalinets
        Stalinets 30 August 2013 01: 46
        In the Vatican ..... In Russia .... Anywhere.
  20. Black
    Black 29 August 2013 20: 49
    Whether Zionists, caliphates, I think Russia will choke. Time will give birth, cannot but give birth, to the true leader of the Motherland. And we will grow out of the pants of democracy, and understand that one generation can chew and sleep sweetly, at the expense of children and grandchildren. And woe is then to those who decide to humiliate us. God is with us.
  21. DerSamowar
    DerSamowar 29 August 2013 22: 15
    The most important question is how all this will affect us, citizens - Slavs.
  22. Paul
    Paul 30 August 2013 08: 06
    And those who fell into archaic
    tribes are just harmless
    exotic, under which you can also
    endlessly cut the military
    budgets. Still useful resources
    from such a territory the West could
    pick up just in exchange for
    glass beads…

    100% join

    and these savages will be sent to Russia and Europe, well amers overseas
  23. Stalinets
    Stalinets 31 August 2013 02: 15
    He is not an ideologist. Not mature enough. The idea of ​​the Caliphate was decided between Yashka Rothschild and the Ayatollahs. And this half-Negro is a Jew, with the intellect of a primate, just an external irritant for planet Earth. Like the other Zionist "Nicolas" ala Sarkozy, with his unnecessary opinions on the matter. negative