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The Americans bombed Prague, and we are offered to repent for the introduction of troops into Czechoslovakia

Coincidentally, two friends about Czechoslovakia one after another hit the Friendlet. One tells us that we are still being offered to repent for having invaded Czechoslovakia in the 1968 year and defended our geopolitical interests (see “The role of the NATO countries in the events of Czechoslovakia 1968). in How the Amerinsians bombed Prague - Today is a rather curious, albeit tragic date: the anniversary of the "accidental" bombing of Prague, which was accomplished on February 14 1945, by the US Air Force. Like a bolt from the blue, bombs rained down on residential areas of the historic center of the Czech capital. It looked like a sudden hell, as the X-NUMX of the B-60 Flying Fortess planes flew at once, which dropped bombs on the most populous areas of the city's 17.

The Americans bombed Prague, and we are offered to repent for the introduction of troops into Czechoslovakia

The first victims of the raids were found in the area of ​​the Benedictine Emmauz monastery; among them was this woman.

Marshall was the press photographer of the organization for the education of young people in the Czech Republic and Moravia, and therefore he had access to restricted areas. The bodies of victims of bombing for identification were collected in cold places, for example, in the church of St. Ignatius.

No one could understand - why did the Americans decide to strike at Prague? What for? What's the point of this?

However, when the first shock took place, the explanation was very obvious - the “allies” wanted to show the power of their bomber to the Soviet Union aviation, and, at the same time, inflict maximum damage to industry so that it does not go to us. No wonder then we were reproached with the fact that in the socialist bloc technological and industrial development is going worse (the “Western critics” themselves took care to complicate our lives).

The Yalta Conference, where the leaders of the victorious countries agreed on the lines of demarcation, areas of their actions: where the troops of a particular country should go, and where not, ended on February 11, and on the night from 12 to February 13, the Allies bombed Dresden to pieces, who was in our area of ​​action. The Americans destroyed three bridges across the Elbe, in order to hold back the advancement of our troops, bombed, so that we did not get, large industrial facilities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other regions. By the way, when in 1941 we suggested that the British and Americans bombed using the Crimean airfields, oil fields in Ploiesti (Romania), they did not do that, and in 1944, when our troops approached the main gas station in Germany, they hit it.

Later, when they demanded explanations about the destruction of Prague from the Americans, they were voiced a version that was almost mocking: they said that all sixty bombers had strayed off course, and that in fact they, at first, wanted to bomb Dresden. Prague is bombed by chance!

And although it was no longer necessary to bomb Dresden himself, and the other cities of East Germany, the Americans and the British did bombard, carefully ruining almost everything that could go to the Russians, that is, to serve us in restoring our own industry. There were a lot of victims of these air raids, and “by mistake” bombed camps of prisoners of war.

Undoubtedly, the most symbolic photograph of Marshall, taken on the 14 of February, is the hand of a buried man.

In Prague, on February 14, 1945, more than a hundred unique historical buildings, dozens of important engineering and industrial facilities, but most importantly, 701 people died and 1184 people were injured! Remember these numbers! Seven hundred people died just because "the Americans were wrong."

In the past twenty years, we all have been buzzing about the so-called “Prague Spring”, which was presented as a kind of liberation revolution, which was suppressed by the Soviet regime. In fact, it was a banal political provocation, using “orange technologies,” as they would say now. Western provocateurs banally applied all the established schemes of influence that they used in Romania, immediately after the War (but Stalin then very well put out the infection), and in Hungary in the 1956 year, and, of course, later, in our times. There were the same performances in East Germany immediately after the war, repressed by the German police, firmly and mercilessly.

But then we did not know much, and the Czechs didn’t guess much, because that provocation, in the eyes of many people, looked like something spontaneous.

Fortunately, the Prague revolt of 1968, managed to neutralize, extinguish, in a fairly short time, and that is why we, and the whole world, had the opportunity to live and develop peacefully for another twenty years and not know everything that happened in 1991. If the Prague Spring had not been extinguished right away, then the wars in Yugoslavia, in the Caucasus, all the numerous provocations, death of people, broken fates, and the extinction of our population and industry would have started earlier. The provocation in Prague had to be repaid, returning the balance of power, in Europe, to its former place, not allowing the west to devour a piece of the territory that we had gained in the battles.

Now, attention! With the suppression of the Prague revolt of 1968, in total, there were less than a hundred victims.

And most importantly: we did not even think of bombing Prague, it was the Americans who were just bombing - both Belgrade, and Baghdad, and Prague “by chance”, and I wouldn’t say anything about what was happening in Vietnam. Only two examples:

1 - ARD units (army special forces of those years) were thrown on the airfield without cartridges. The capture was bloodless, the strips were cleared from the barricades and the boards were taken with infantry.

2 - German guard / they were also introduced to Czechoslovakia / ran along the street with chalk lines - “Passage is prohibited!”. Some teenager crosses the "border" and the sentry immediately shoots. And falls.

And compare: less than a hundred victims from the operation 1968 of the year, which solved a lot, was necessary for the Soviet people, and for the stability of the whole world! And can this be compared with the seven hundred dead from one "random raid"?

For the past twenty years, and there, much more, we were told about "evil Soviet villains" who were abusing in Prague, but did not mention in a word what was seven times more monstrous - the cynical actions of the American military, which took place in the same historical period a little earlier. Seven times more victims, ten times more wounded, and no official purpose, only secret sabotage.

View from Palmovka to the burning Vysocany.

But the propaganda presented everything as if the Americans were good, and the Russians were bad, still bad, although thanks to the Russian, Czechoslovakia was recreated. That same Czechoslovakia, which the British, French, Germans, Poles and Hungarians "correctly" divided as a result of the Munich agreement 1938 year.

After the first raid, the Marshal took the 162 image, after the second - 74. Almost all the photos were signed, which allowed us to determine exactly which places are shown in the pictures. Corner of Sokolovskaya and Valdetskaya streets.

Funeral 18 February.

Photographer Stanislav Marshall in the area of ​​the Emmauz monastery, 14 - February 1945; on the armband there is an inscription: “Der deutsche Staatsminister für Böhmen und Mähren - Bildberichter” (German Minister of State for the Czech Republic and Moravia - journalist).
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  1. domokl
    domokl 29 August 2013 07: 32
    It is bad that the memory of some peoples is short and they can sell the memory and history of their country for today's piece of bread.
    And about repenting ... If you dig a story, then all of Europe must repent before us. Yes, and Asia too. But something does not repent, they do not apologize.
    1. Pit
      Pit 29 August 2013 07: 43
      Quote: domokl
      But something does not repent, do not apologize.

      They blame us for all their troubles. The Anglo-Saxons are waging an information war against us using invented or perverted facts. I don’t understand why we don’t answer, because we have all the information on all the events in which we are "to blame" and it is real, why no one tries to open their eyes and show that they are warming a snake on their chest, which is not theirs once bit and will bite again. And we, as always, will again be exposed as tyrants.
      1. domokl
        domokl 29 August 2013 08: 23
        Quote: Pit
        I don’t understand why we don’t answer, because we have all the information,

        Exactly because the information market of Europe belongs to Europeans, and they control it quite well.
        You read the comments of Ukrainians on articles about Ukraine. A red thread there is the thought-you are being zombied by the Russian media. And if they are pinned to the wall, then ... pressure on democracy.
        The Japanese, according to statistics, are more than 50% sure that their Russians bombed their atomic bombs. Here is such a picture of the ideological struggle ...
        1. Pit
          Pit 29 August 2013 08: 41
          So why is no one trying to fix this ?! They launched Russia Today for Americans and are sitting on a written bag. So this is not enough, very little. It is necessary to promote the culture, to the masses and start from your own yard, what would happen again - Russo tourist is moral! And further, so that their peoples would not stupidly listen to the propaganda and look at our drunken gopota in Cyprus and Turkey, and begin to become interested in us independently paying no attention to the propaganda, because Most of the tourists who visited us do not consider us bloodthirsty cannibals, but there are very few of them.
        2. aleks
          aleks 29 August 2013 14: 58
          The irresponsibility of our government is amazing, they recognize that others do not recognize (Katyn), they don’t hear at all, and they see that they are hanging on us. So much dirt is published in their own country and everything passes — who benefits from it?
    2. starshina78
      starshina78 29 August 2013 09: 29
      Human memory is selective. She remembers what a person wants to remember, or what he is forced to remember.
    3. slas
      slas 29 August 2013 09: 41
      Quote: domokl
      It’s bad that some peoples have short memories

      It’s bad that our language is poorly suspended. Time said is more expensive than gold and cooler than bombs.
    4. denson06
      denson06 29 August 2013 14: 02
      It is bad that the memory of some peoples is short and they can sell the memory and history of their country for today's piece of bread.
      And about repenting ... If you dig a story, then all of Europe must repent before us. Yes, and Asia too. But something does not repent, they do not apologize.

      And they do not need their memory or forgiveness ... the aggressors always needed territory and power ... the whole point is the same ... what then - what now.
  2. Egoza
    Egoza 29 August 2013 07: 36
    It is about this "heroic" struggle of the United States during the Second World War that it is necessary to tell and remind both in the media and in schools. So that young people see the true face of the "champions of democracy" and stop believing them.
    1. domokl
      domokl 29 August 2013 08: 27
      Hello Elena. And who should we tell? To our children? Or to the Americans? And who will allow us to enter the American media market? Already in Germany, they began to be ashamed to mention Dresden's beggar. Nobody needs it, but as bloody as Prague. There is a rewriting of history and these are politicians of the highest level.
      Even in the post-Soviet space, we see this. Baltic States, Ukraine, some Asian republics.
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 29 August 2013 11: 48
        Quote: domokl
        And to whom to tell? To our children?

        Hello, Alexander!
        That is, first of all, to our children and tell, and "drive" it into their heads tightly. With all the specific facts, how dirt and lies are pouring on OUR SACRED PEOPLE'S WAR! So that our children develop immunity to all these lies (1) A (2) so that when they communicate with foreigners, when they are abroad, on social networks, in holiday camps, they can politely but clearly shut up the "hefty advanced" foreign students. "Sorry, you're wrong. It was so and so. Why don't you look at your country? She did this and that." And adults would not hurt to remind about this! IMHO
      2. Far East
        Far East 29 August 2013 12: 05
        Quote: domokl
        And who will allow us to enter the American media market?

        dear, maybe so! BUT nothing is possible NO! so they try so hard, they want! there is simply no more "BULLY" who would stand up for the power! alas and oh we are no longer a communist system! all the wealth is in private hands, and they just don't give a damn about anything. hi
  3. Garrin
    Garrin 29 August 2013 07: 38
    Pillows live their entire history, guided by the logic of a policy of double standards. Send everyone more often and away with all the requirements of repentance.
  4. Per se.
    Per se. 29 August 2013 08: 01
    NATO and the United States are not very worried about the bombing of Yugoslavia in peacetime, in the center of enlightened Europe, for strikes on Libya, for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Yankees are not going to repent for two nuclear crematoria, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now these "humanists" and advocates of the "rights" of the bandits have found a pretext for aggression against Syria. We must not make excuses for Czechoslovakia, and in general, we don’t owe them anything, and if anyone owes whom, so to us, for one deliverance of the same Czechoslovakia from Hitler and help in raising the country's economy, for everything that was presented to them, they were left with leaving Eastern Europe, without any benefit to themselves.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 29 August 2013 10: 28
      Quote: Per se.
      NATO and the United States are not very worried about the bombing of Yugoslavia in peacetime, in the center of enlightened Europe, for attacks on Libya, for invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Yankees are not going to repent for two nuclear crematoriums, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      And these "civilizers call us barbarians ....
  5. krpmlws
    krpmlws 29 August 2013 08: 25
    The article is good, it concisely and accurately gives an assessment of events. The article put a plus. On the other hand, I got a feeling of bitterness and this feeling was caused by a reminder of the author that they think and write about us in the West. It is probably important to know that people think about us too but when it is constantly being presented, from article to article, heaps of dirt and slop systematically rise? Agree, because they very often tell us that the West imposes repentance on us, indicates our sins and crimes. It’s personally unpleasant for me to drip in all the Western bazaar markets gossip, it all sounds like some kind of mazahism. It could have been limited to revealing the topic of Western bombing in the article, drawing conclusions about the essence of Western politics, it seems to me that would be enough.
  6. Kushadasov
    Kushadasov 29 August 2013 08: 41
    Perhaps this is their trademark distinguishing mark - to bomb with impunity. Be it Prague, be it Herosima, be it Vietnamese villages. Apparently, one should not expect anything good from this evil creature in the future. USA - from the devil, Syria - from the good. Therefore, in the event of an invasion, the Syrians will die, and the striped and their sixes will die.
  7. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 29 August 2013 08: 51
    The article and the author are a definite plus. He believed that I knew the story quite well, but I was obviously mistaken - I did not know anything about these events, the destruction of Dresden is known to everyone who knows the history of the Second World War, but for some reason little is known about the bombing of Prague and this theme, unlike Dresden, is not discussed ours, and even less so in the Western media.
  8. mithridate
    mithridate 29 August 2013 09: 13
    long ago it is necessary to begin counter-propaganda, exposing the evil myths of the mattresses and gayropeytsy
  9. Igarr
    Igarr 29 August 2013 09: 14
    All this, of course, is sad.
    All this is sad.
    Firstly, because with the kind of education that we have now (ripped off one-on-one from the western version, where reflex ignoramuses are being trained - remember Bush, who could not figure out where Libya and Lebanon were - but the order to bomb gave) - youth becomes uninteresting - who is there, whom and for what bombed. And whether it bombed at all.
    Bombing ... it's somehow ... fantasy. But the Russian drunk witch with a balalaika and a Kalashnikov assault rifle, raping the tender Anna-Kristll - is much more understandable and more relief. For brains rolled up on various types of sex - it is understandable from and to.
    It is clear why we are being embroiled in the Western model of education.
    And in 0 second .... Business and nothing personal. Impudent Americans bombarded the western parts of Germany with the same enthusiasm. Cologne, Remscheid, Koblenz - were also bombed.
    Why? Yes, you just have to provide orders for industry. Capital should be spinning, not lying in stock. (Warehouses explode - isn't it?).
    Such a pleasant moment - and make your money spin, and shit allies. Some benefits for yourself, loved ones.
    Under the Union, our propaganda was nevertheless supported by the entire social camp.
    Who is supporting Russia now? if we ourselves are "buried behind the plinth"?
    They don’t like toothless people — and aesthetically unpleasant, and you won’t understand that they are lisping there.
    So it goes.
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 29 August 2013 10: 05
      Quote: Igarr
      So it goes.

      Yes ... tough comment, tough. And faithful ... hi
    GREAT RUSSIA 29 August 2013 09: 18
    Few of these amers did not bomb and Prague bombed and industrial cities they bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the face of the earth with an atomic bomb. It is a pity that no one bombed their country.
  11. mak210
    mak210 29 August 2013 09: 23
    The Czechs throughout the war faithfully riveted weapons for the Reich, which mowed half of my family. And what, we thought, would pass, will we continue to drink beer and spit under our guys' feet? Debt good turn deserves another. Do not forget that the tiny Czech Republic and Slovakia gave the Wehrmacht 1 million 700 thousand draftees (more than Austria - 1 million 570 thousand, but less than the good Poles - 3,600 million). So let's forget everything?

    Kill the german! - this is a child praying to you.
    Kill the german! - this is screaming native land.
    Do not miss. Do not miss.
    Kill it!
    July 24, 1942 Erenburg I.G. War.

    But the Germans themselves would have blown up the bridges, and one does not really believe that they could be reached from a horizontal flight at a height of several kilometers, the Americans did not use dive bombers because of their short range. Remember how many of our aircraft were shot down in the 41st during the bombing of bridges across the rivers of the Dnieper basin, even the practically defenseless night bombers TB-3 were used from despair, and their speed was less than 200 km per hour, the guys well understood that they were going to certain death . And the bridges themselves received minimal damage, if at all.

    In Dresden they wanted to sit out, such as peaceful? Fuck you. Die, the Nazis nits. After what you have done with us, you will not be forgiven for centuries.

    And let’s cry for the Hungarians, they weren’t captured by ours. The poor, the poor. We need to apologize. Monuments are being built near Voronezh. Take away your rotten bones and bring down, we did not call you.
  12. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich 29 August 2013 09: 36
    Personally, I first learned about the fact of the US bombing of Prague. It is necessary to cover all the facts of history, then there will be no incomprehensible rallies near the Kremlin "for our and your freedom."
  13. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 29 August 2013 09: 38
    You know, you can give a huge list of US military incursions, but if detailed, it will take more than one page, I suggest that the Americans repent first, and then we pull ourselves up if we don't get tired of listening to American repentance.
    PS Who wants to write in detail in the search engine "US invasion".
  14. deman73
    deman73 29 August 2013 10: 37
    this shows the whole true essence of amers
  15. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 29 August 2013 10: 38
    - in the years 14-17, they massively deserted from the Austrian army, but did not fight for their freedom, but ate the Entente ration in the rear of the Russian Army.
    - In the 17-18 year, they rebelled, capturing the only transit highway. They did not fight against the Reds, they did not fight against the Whites. They simply held the artery under their control, robbing both sides. And then - having handed over the white ones to red and taking Russian gold with them, as a sign of gratitude to the Russian people - they got into the soft European mink created for them, drinking beer and stealing dogs.
    - they did not fight for their country, HANDING over the Sudeten Germans. And the Anglo-French, nothing to do with it. They only gave cowardice international status. They did not fight with Poland for Silesia - Katowice.
    They handed over everything for the opportunity to drink beer and steal dogs.
    - they did not fight, and then - when Hitler occupied them. They didn’t even shoot.
    - they, from 1938 to 1945, were plowed into the Wehrmacht. The entire most powerful industrial area - created under Austria-Hungary with the Skoda and Tatra plants - produced for the Germans tens of thousands of units of tanks, guns, millions of shells, cartridges, everything that was needed for the Wehrmacht.
    They were not released by slaves in concentration camps. They were released by Schweik. And drank beer in the evenings.
    There were NO complaints about quality, like acts of sabotage throughout the war.
    This weapon, released by Schweiks - throughout the war shot at our grandfathers and grandmothers.

    - After the war - Schweiks lived just as well. The Russians, poor Slavic brothers Ears occupied by fascist beasts spared. And do not offend.
    Those, deciding that the Russian Vanka had no brains, and does not, since he still naively believes the Schweiks, staged a mutiny in 68, which could develop into a full-fledged catastrophe of the Warsaw Bloc, with the flanks being exposed for hundreds of kilometers, with new hungry years and new tension for us and our parents. The Swiss wanted “freedom”. More precisely, they read that from the West, you can get dumps if you offer your services, proven in two world wars.
    But, then I found a scythe on a stone.
    The USSR crushed the rebellion with tanks. It is loudly said, but still. In fact, the rebellion was crushed by our Germans, who quickly and competently dealt with Schweik. Having received for this the unconscious but steady sympathy of the entire Soviet people. Until the very end of the USSR, stories were circulating about how the Germans quickly set up an ordn there. I myself am also extremely grateful to the German people, who washed away part of the negativity of the Great War with their loyalty to their allied duty.
    The Germans did not love us. But they did not betray us. They are real soldiers.
    Better to have a German enemy than a friend - Schweik.

    It was here that Schweik hated the Russians. No, not Germans, not Poles, but Russians .. They realized that they would sit in a social block under the supervision of the Germans and rivet trucks and steam locomotives for the USSR, and not cook very greetily, as in the years of civil and second world war.

    - the last drops that overflowed the cup of patience, after which I despise all these people - their participation in the sacking of the unfortunate Serbia, NEVER doing anything wrong to any Schweik.
    Moreover, the blocking of the administrative border of Serbia - Kosovo, in the days of the declaration of independence by Czech policemen ...
    Well, and a few photos, find atrocities on them:
    1. Standard Oil
      Standard Oil 29 August 2013 11: 48
      Here recently I watched a movie by Mlechin about the murder of Heydrich, so even there in this most liberal of liberal films, there is a moment when the Czech-parrachutists dumped by the British with horror report to the Center that there is absolutely no resistance to the Germans in occupied Czechoslovakia, the Czechs live as usual , well, the power has changed, so what? Well, sometimes Jews are shot, so what? They diligently handed over the escaped prisoners of war to the Gestapo and knocked at each other, during the whole war not a single major act of sabotage, like in Poland, not a single blown up bridge, no partisan war as in the USSR or Yugoslavia, a country phenomenal in the absence of passionarity (according to Gumilyov).
      1. smiths xnumx
        smiths xnumx 29 August 2013 12: 24
        The authorities of the Czech Republic occupied by the Germans, renamed the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, had their own power structures. About 30 thousand people passed through their ranks, consisting of the gendarmerie, 12 security battalions and a number of smaller units. This army was intended mainly to fight the Czech partisans, however, due to the lack of such, it was openly idle. It is clear that the frugal Nazis were outraged by the sight of thousands of parasites engaged mainly in drinking the protectorate budget. Therefore, they began to send the Czech army to other regions, where there were more workers. For example, in August 1944, 11 battalions of the protectorate arrived in Italy to catch the anti-fascists there. However, by that time the outcome of the war was already clear, and therefore 800 people moved to the partisans, after which the Germans disarmed the rest and used them in the construction of fortifications.
        On March 22, 1939, the general manager of the CKD Kliment Ruzicka had an extremely constructive conversation with the second person in Germany, Reichsmarschap Goering. Pan Ruzicka received assurances from him that the new owner, in the person of the Hermann Goering-werke concern led by the Reichsmarschap, was ready to pay generously for the high quality goods delivered on time.
        The German side kept their promise. Reinhardt Heydrich, Acting Imperial Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, has established a flexible incentive system at Czech enterprises. It was soon discovered that it was quite possible to live under the invaders. If you work hard - it’s enough for sausages with beer, and put aside the house, and still have a rest in Karlovy Vary! And that the scope of the native language has decreased and the Fritzes are everywhere in command, so Schweik's fellow tribesmen were not used to it. They sat under the German Habsburg dynasty for almost four centuries and were not particularly rocky. After the languid Prague revolt of June 12-17, 1848, the national liberation movement until the end of the First World War was limited mainly to parliamentary revelry and everyday drunken massacre.
        “The Czechs gave us all the necessary information about their tanks,” the German engineer Colonel Iken enthusiastically recalled. “The Czech officers were confident that their vehicles fully met the needs of the Wehrmacht ... Cooperation with Czech officers was very fruitful and friendly. I have never had to face acts of sabotage or any resistance. "
        (D. Forti. "German armored vehicles in the Second World War").
        Not without reason, deciding to eliminate Heydrich, the British had in mind, among other things, to ruin the German-Czech cooperation that he had established. The Germans were really brutalized, and many people were executed in vain. But this did not affect production. On the contrary, the share of Czech enterprises in the production of tanks grew until the very end of the war. From January to March 1945, out of 3932 tanks and self-propelled guns made for the Euro-Hitler troops, the Czechs gave 1136, that is, almost a third! The latter left the assembly line on May 5, 1945, already after Hitler's suicide and the fall of Berlin, and just before the inhabitants of Prague, fearing that the war would end and they would not be included in the ranks of the winners, decided to rebel a little.
  16. Novoyur
    Novoyur 29 August 2013 11: 20
    Unless Czechoslovakia forgot this. And Japan, which underwent an atomic bombardment, celebrates this date every year, but not a word about who bombed them, but there are more than enough claims against us in the Kuril Islands. We can also be billed to the Americans for the bombing of our Far East during the Korean War.
  17. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 29 August 2013 12: 18
    The most nasty thing in this story is that the Czechs themselves prefer to remember the Soviet troops' entry in 1968, and they completely ejected from the memory the above-mentioned fact of the bombing. This is what international politics is called. But politicians understand this, everyone knows what else they can be called, but ordinary citizens, after all, still witnesses of what was happening among them, who could tell, but they are silent.
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 29 August 2013 12: 48
      And why should the Czechs be indignant at this bombing? In fact, they were allies of Nazi Germany, their strong rear, for which they got one place and are not indignant, they know why. And the old man has another phimosis of a head void to which you are being led as a poorly educated undergrowth ... In 1968. they decided to decide their fate on their own, but they were not allowed to commit another occupation, for which they were angry.
      PS: IMHO. Army Commissioner 5 Yaroslav Hasek frolic enough in Siberia under the command of such ghouls as Tukhachevsky, Eikhe, Blumberg, he worked hard to establish bloody power in Russia, and if the Czechs are proud of him and erect monuments to him, then let him go ... about 1968 ...
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 29 August 2013 18: 55
        it’s you who are being carried on and trying to hang noodles for others, those who served at that time and were in Czechoslovakia told what and how it was there, I am inclined to believe eyewitnesses and not your pro-Western mongrels.
  18. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 29 August 2013 13: 06
    how did the West stupefy everyone ...... its black fetters everywhere.
    they say black is white, black and white they say black .... and people believe
    USA and England more and more often show their true face .... cynical and rotten
    blin ... so I want to put an end to this all .....
    But we have a button .... you just need to choose a good moment. And do not be afraid of a retaliatory strike ... most likely it will not be ... if you press our button correctly .......
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 29 August 2013 13: 28
      Quote: Grigorich 1962
      And do not be afraid of a retaliatory strike ... most likely it will not be ... if you correctly press our button .....

      Yeah, and then die from hunger and cold, for a nuclear winter levels everyone ...
  19. Trevis
    Trevis 29 August 2013 13: 28
    Well, aren't they
  20. PPO-1980
    PPO-1980 29 August 2013 13: 44
    Slota these americos
  21. Max otto
    Max otto 29 August 2013 21: 11
    I didn’t understand even, the last president of the USSR lives in Germany, let him write letters and ask him to apologize. What did they buy to Russia?