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American towed howitzer М777 and М119А1

American towed artillery is currently developing in three main areas. Thus, the 155-mm lightweight howitzer M777 was put into service and the 105-mm lightweight M119A1 towed howitzer, which was planned to be removed from service at the end of the 1990-s, was returned to production.

Designed and manufactured howitzer М777 by BAE Systems. The new system has better performance and half the weight. The weight of this tool is 4220 kilograms (achieved by the wide use of titanium in the design), which makes it possible to transport it on the external suspension of convertiplanes or helicopters. The M777 is the lightest howitzer of this type. The length in the combat position is equal to 10,2 m.

The design of the towed howitzer M777 uses a lightweight system to enhance the fire. This weapon is known as a mobile missile-artillery system HIMARS, which is a rocket launch container, having instead of two missiles six used in the MLRS. When transporting used tractor 6x6. The reduced mass allows the instrument to be transported by air, including the Osprey V-22, which was impossible for the M198.

The lightweight howitzer М777 is intended to replace the artillery systems of the US Marine Corps for direct support. This system in the United States is designed to support light units and directly support an armored cavalry regiment, that is, it will replace the M198 towed howitzer. As soon as the howitzer МХNUMX entered service, it was already planned to upgrade it, the main objectives of which were to improve ergonomics and improve the fire control system. It was even considered replacing the M777 towed howitzer as part of the NLOS-C program (weapons future without line of sight). The technology was tested on the basis of the M777 howitzer barrel. To increase mobility, one of the versions was equipped with a tape track.

For the M777 the same types of ammunition are used as for its predecessor. The howitzer is equipped with a display system that allows you to send text messages to the calculations of the guns. As a result, the M777 is able to open fire in 4 minutes after receiving an order. For firing can be used managed projectile M982Excalibur, with a range of up to 40 kilometers, with a maximum deviation of no more than 10 meters.

The M105A119 1 mm howitzer was developed based on the UK L118 howitzer. At one time, the American command decided to deactivate the M119А1 howitzer (the American version of the Royal British Artillery 105-millimeter light gun) which was to replace the M777. However, the mobility of this weapon, the possibility of using special forces during the operation, as well as the appearance of projectiles of increased firing range made the howitzer М119А1 a more effective weapon.

Transportation is carried out on the external suspension of the helicopters CH-47 (two guns) and UH-60 (one gun), and also parachute parachute. For towing used light army vehicle M1097.

The M119А1 howitzer ammunition includes M760 shots with high-explosive shells and M913 with active-high-explosive high-explosive shells. An improved version of the howitzer for firing American / NATO high-explosive fragmentation shells M1 was also developed. The main direction of modernization was the creation of a more streamlined projectile. This made it possible to increase the range of fire М119А1 from 11,5 to 17,1 thousand.

The most interesting version of the М119А1 is the South African version of the experimental 105-millimeter lightweight gun, which has a firing range of 24 or 30 thousand. The latter have the same damaging radius as the 155-mm projectiles. М119А1 is currently still in service.

Tactical and technical characteristics of howitzers M777 / M119A1:
Caliber - 155 mm / 105 mm;
Weight - 3745 kg / 1936 kg;
Length - 9275 mm / 4870 mm
Width - 2770 mm / 1780 mm;
Height - mm 2260 / mm 1370;
Maximum elevation angle - + 70 degrees;
The minimum angle of declination is -5 degrees / -5,5 degrees;
The angle of horizontal guidance - 45 degrees / 11 degrees;
The maximum range of the standard projectile - 24690 m / 11500 m.

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  1. Uazovod
    Uazovod 28 August 2013 11: 12
    In the photo, the modification with a wheeled machine for some reason does not have a muzzle brake - maybe this is an early modification? With such a caliber, a muzzle brake is required - otherwise the recoil devices will be broken. It can be seen from the video that the cartridge method of loading is used (there is no process for extracting the cartridge case) - apparently the projectile is very heavy.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 28 August 2013 11: 39
      Muzzle brake is optional. And it does not depend on caliber. Just a big load on the recoil.
      When they copy-paste the Englishwoman L118, they decided to do without DT and in this form M119 were used in Vietnam.

      Then, most likely, shots with greater muzzle energy appeared, and they, not bothering with the global alteration, simply screwed the muzzle brake into place. You understand, he is not good.

      The charge is not cartridge-mounted, but modular.
      1. Nayhas
        Nayhas 28 August 2013 12: 18
        Quote: Spade
        The charge is not cartridge-mounted, but modular.

        please explain, the cap is understandable, but what is modular? Just a separate shell + shell?
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 28 August 2013 12: 42
          Let’s put it this way, a cap-shaped one at a new technological level. Cheaper than charge + cartridge case (especially if those shot across the floor of the world are transported for reloading), and, more importantly, providing fully automatic loading in the SG.

          For towed vehicles with manual loading, there are special containers to accelerate it.
      2. smiths xnumx
        smiths xnumx 28 August 2013 12: 31
        Dear Lopatov, you probably were mistaken how the gun developed in 1968-1975 could and officially entered service with the United States in 1987, shoot in Vietnam. The photograph shows the American 105-mm howitzer M-102, which in 1964 was adopted and began to enter the army in 1966. Just to replace it, the M-119 was designed, created on the basis of the British 105-mm British howitzer L119 Light Gun (in the version standardized for 105-mm American NATO standard shells).


        Yours! hi
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 28 August 2013 12: 48
          Yes, I made a mistake. However, like the author of the article. M119 has tubular beds, besides not straight, but like the legs of an old cavalryman.
          1. tri_tire_tochka
            tri_tire_tochka 9 September 2013 23: 44
            No wonder, the author of the article for some reason used a photo of a 155mm M114 howitzer (presumably instead of M119). And if this is the case, then you can also slightly offtopic :)

            There is a very good upgrade to this old lady, with a barrel length of 39 calibers. She responds to the nickname M114 / 39. Now almost all units are cut into scrap.
            11 muzzle, piston, classic triangle, pneumatic rammer (option), modernized fire control system, beautiful muzzle anchor.
            In this form, she weighed somewhere 7,5 tons and could throw at 25-30 km. Even in a better way, the M198 in some senses (assimilation, spare parts) was.
      3. old man54
        old man54 29 August 2013 00: 01
        Quote: Spade
        Muzzle brake is optional. And it does not depend on caliber. Just a big load on the recoil.

        please tell me why this servant is hammering a stick on a shell (most likely) when loading a gun? Is this normal at all? The first time I see this! And if the shell works, even with the shutter open? hi
  2. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 28 August 2013 11: 21
    Fragment of the development progress report M777
    The document is dated April 2001.

    1) It is reported about further shifts in the general terms of the project, which are caused by a delay in accepting the first prototype, as well as with the delivery of the remaining 7 experimental guns. The only time left unchanged is the receipt of the first production samples in the army, March 2005.

    2) Since July 2000, the total cost of the project has estimatedly increased from $ 1,129,9 billion to $ 1,250,2 billion. The difference is $ 120,3 million. The increase in value is the result of a restructuring of the development project, which adds $ 20,2 million, as well as approximately $ 100 million is required for the new electronic aiming system.

    3) A number of design flaws are indicated;
    - Insufficient opener area;
    - Instability of the upper machine;
    - Defects of welds of titanium elements.

    4 additional structural deficiencies identified are also reported;
    - Cracking openers;
    - The design of the latches of the beds, which creates difficulties with tearing them from the ground;
    - Absorbers of beds, which are designed to facilitate the digging of the coulters into the ground, but not working on some types of soil.
    - The strength of the optical system.
    The cost of the tool development program, funded by the U.S. CLC, increased by $ 20,2 million. The increase in value is directly related to the restructuring of the tool development contract by BAE. Initially, the contract included payment of costs to the contractor plus payment of an incentive fee. As a result of the restructuring, the expenses were divided between both parties, as a result of which the cost increased from $ 43,4 to $ 65,8 million ($ 22,4 million). Includes this difference; $ 5,0 million - two experienced howitzers; $ 8,5 million - measures to reduce risks associated with the integration of components supplied by the government (table of subcontractors at the end of the post); $ 8,9 million - funds to extend the program for a period of one year.

    The requirements of the ILC of the USA regarding the digitalization program for its towed artillery were and remain unchanged, but the initial figures for financing the program on their part included far from all the intended expenses. By February 2001, as a result of the inclusion of all necessary amounts in the expense item, the estimated cost of the U.S. Navy's U.S. Navy Towed Artillery Digitalization Program was $ 50,4 million.
    The increase in the cost of the research part of the project for the US Army is estimated at $ 8,5 million. The figure follows from the necessary alterations, according to the results of future tests of four prototypes.
    An increase in the cost of the digitalization program for the army towed artillery by $ 41.2 million is also reported. It was not possible to obtain justifications for such an increase in expenses for the army program.

    The estimated cost of the gun barrel is included in the estimate. Its cost ranges from $ 106,000 to $ 334,000 (depending on the workload of Arsenal Waterlit). According to recent estimates, the price of the barrel is from $ 200,00 to $ 224,000.
    1. tri_tire_tochka
      tri_tire_tochka 18 September 2013 23: 51
      Thank you for your attention to the post, it's nice that this is of interest :)
      If you are interested, then continuation of this epic is constantly being found, with new difficulties and, accordingly, with new prices. For example, for 2002 there is the same report (in the same form). There are already other numbers - for the year, the increase in expenses for the M777 project amounted to another $ 156,2 million. Moreover, the problems described in 2001 (judging by the report) were not resolved.
      This, one must understand, is far from the end of the story.
  3. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 28 August 2013 11: 27
    Well, about the M119
    Once upon a time, in far-distant America, M102 howitzers were suddenly outdated. Moreover, they are so outdated that they decided to immediately replace them with at least something. After a search of all NATO countries, the American suppliers accidentally looked into the Foggy Albion, where a certain Artillery Arsenal of some Majesty there puffed. After familiarizing themselves with the products of the local blacksmith's workshop, the Americans inflamed wild love for the 105-mm howitzers L-118, especially since they were just suitable for new light infantry formations, over which the whole headquarters worked. They decided simply; buy here a license, and at home we rivet ourselves as much as we want. Oddly enough, the British branch of the Motovilikhinsky plant was not at all opposed, but was even for it!
    Shook hands. Stocked up the following goods; ready-made howitzers - 145 pcs., assembled guns - 20 pcs., carriages 15 pcs., spare parts and equipment from England - a lot.
    It would seem - what more? Both New York plants are idle and you just need to puzzle one with the trunks, and let the second carriages be collected for your own pleasure. But there remained one small problem, namely, a package of technical documentation. How are we going to make them without blueprints ?! We looked at the contract and for sure - the briefcase with the papers should already be sailing straight into the hands of the ship, and even written in their native American language - in general, a class.
    Either the British turned on their crown humor as always, or they read the contract inattentively, but when they opened the portfolio, the Americans discovered something strange. Archival blueprints presented for approval in the 18th century, notes of the shift changers on duty, a beautiful catalog of spare parts and a set of rather scarey quality certificates appeared before my eyes. Both American plants returned all this pickup to the sender with a note “they didn’t appreciate the joke.” In response, the British admitted that they had not practiced in public for a long time, but they would seriously talk only for money.
    - How mach? - the Americans asked.
    - $ 4.75 million - the Britons answered and added - we would take it in parts, but we need it right away.
    - Yes, you oh ... - an untranslatable pun using American idiomatic expressions.
    Screaming and swearing terribly, the Americans did not notice how they paid the British to the last cent. And when the cherished goal was close and the long-awaited portfolio of papers sailed to a new land for the second time, opening it the poor Americans found there all the same idiotic teasers, to which the set of good demotivators on the theme of Boston tea drinking, in A3 format, was added.
    The Americans, having shot themselves again, decided to hand over the documentation to one of their plants, perhaps let them squeeze something. Finalization of the drawings with a factory file cost Uncle Sam another $ 7.75 mega-bucks and three years of time.
    - It would be better if we, for these monstrosities, bought a cottage somewhere in Sochi. - gloomily uttered the chief of staff.
    “And a new Volga,” the deputy on his rear thoughtfully repeated to him.
    “Well, let’s get back to our rams, at least ten brand new, brilliant guns should have already been made by my watch,” the chief supply officer said busily and the whole three went towards New York ...
    1. smiths xnumx
      smiths xnumx 28 August 2013 11: 28
      There it was. Being in indestructible nirvana, the chief engineer began monotonously tallying that there would be no production without technological equipment, no technological equipment without initial documentation for refitting, and no initial documentation for refitting without modified instrument documentation.
      - Perfectly! - a trinity sang with a seventh chord - How many are with us?
      “$ 23.3 million,” the engineer blurted out clearly, suddenly stepping out of a trance.
      Realizing that the deadlines had already been reached, they had already sold the cottage near Murmansk, and the new infantry divisions were crying without howitzers, climbed into the budget and gave money.

      How long, short, but the guns did come out and in general even work. And the Americans have learned the appropriate lessons and now communicate with the British slowly and loudly pronouncing each word. And the most interesting thing in this story is that it began around 1984. In 1995, nobody could see any intelligible technical documentation for the production of guns.

      Somehow like this. Yours faithfully! hi
  4. gallville
    gallville 28 August 2013 15: 26
    These are the M-777s that would be useful to our paratroopers. And the old lady "rapier" should be relieved.
    1. p-159
      p-159 28 August 2013 15: 32
      better to upgrade d-30
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 28 August 2013 16: 23
        Quote: p-159
        better to upgrade d-30

        Why upgrade there? Do beds made of titanium? Mi-8 on external sling pulls up to 3 tons.
        1. Prohor
          Prohor 30 August 2013 15: 46
          But does the D-30 weigh 3,6 tons?
      2. gallville
        gallville 28 August 2013 17: 01
        D-30 caliber neither there nor here even more so in the presence of non and mortars in the composition.
        But to add 152mm well, it didn’t stop at all; the main thing was to fit into the dimensions.
    2. bask
      bask 28 August 2013 18: 46
      Quote: gallville
      from such M-777 would be useful to our paratroopers. And the old lady "rapier" should be relieved

      Why: There is a 2B16 gun developed on the basis of a 120mm 2A51 gun. Towed gun 2B16 ,, Nona-K ,,. The 2B16 gun was adopted in 1986 and was intended to equip artillery divisions of the air assault brigades.
      TTX NONA-K.
      Calculation - 5 people.
      Weight - 1,2 t
      Length - 4570 mm
      Width - 1790 mm
      Height - 1350 mm
      Gun - 120-mm rifled gun-howitzer-mortar 2B16
      Barrel Length - 24,2 caliber
      Rate of Fire - 8 - 10 rds / min
      Elevation angle - from -10 ° to + 80 °
      Horizontal guidance angle - from -30 ° to + 30 °
      Muzzle velocity - 109 - 367 m / s
      yankers have a rest. What to think up is better, NONA-K.
      1. bask
        bask 28 August 2013 19: 27
        At the REA-2004 exhibition in Nizhny Tagil, the 122-mm M-392 assault gun developed by the Yekaterinburg OKB-9 was first presented. The M-392 howitzer is the lightest version of the 122-mm M-30 howitzer. The mass of the howitzer M-392 is 1400 kg against the 2500 M-30. The UAZ-469 can be towed.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 28 August 2013 21: 52
          Quote: bask
          The M-392 howitzer is the lightest version of the 122-mm M-30 howitzer

          They "lightened it as much as possible" at the cost of range. As a result, it only fires 6 km. And by this indicator it is inferior to our main 120-mm mortar 2B11. Which can also be towed by UAZ.
          A 2B23, which can be towed not only behind the UAZ, but also disassembled for carrying, can shoot at 12.8 km. ARSom. Moreover, "Nona-M1" weighs 515 kg
          1. bublic82009
            bublic82009 28 August 2013 22: 35
            mortars and assault guns have different tasks. you won’t direct a mortar, and you can do this with an assault gun. range is not always important, sometimes you need to have a gun at hand. although there’s not much point in such a gun.
      2. Prohor
        Prohor 30 August 2013 15: 48
        And what is the firing range with such an initial velocity of the projectile?
  5. sergey72
    sergey72 28 August 2013 16: 12
    And what is the howitzer in the third picture? No way M-114?
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 28 August 2013 22: 10
      Yes, it seems you're right. M114A1
  6. bublic82009
    bublic82009 28 August 2013 22: 32
    the funniest thing is the video. where it is shown how the calculation of M777 works, the question arises; what for there are 8 people? really, 3-4 people are fully involved there. and the rest as in a joke about the master and assistant. the master dives into the canonization with the keys, and the apprentice gives them to him. M119A1, when shooting, drives off half a meter, while the calculation is trying to keep it in place. if the gun moves away, then you need to correct the tip, and this affects the rate of fire.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 28 August 2013 22: 46
      Nah, everything's fine. 2A65 also has 8 people calculation.
      1. Prohor
        Prohor 30 August 2013 15: 53
        In addition, 3 people cannot even move a 2-4 ton cannon.
  7. 0990391089
    0990391089 29 August 2013 16: 27
    Harosha statue