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Qualification tests for the right to wear Krapovogo Beret

19 August 2013 based on the LEU “Vityaz Training Center”, the Central Council of Krapovy Berets of Special Forces Veterans (COS) conducted qualification tests for the right to wear Krapovogo Beret for former military personnel and employees of special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for some reason who did not take part, or not qualified in the period of service. In addition, the active members of the special units of the FSIN, who are unable to turn in on "military trials", took part in the tests.
Unfortunately, since 2009, military personnel of special forces units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia serving in conscription have not been able to pass such tests during their service. Therefore, it was decided to provide such an opportunity to former servicemen and veterans of special forces and to organize full-fledged tests at the Vityaz Training Center.

Qualification tests consist of five stages.

The first stage includes a forced march on 10 km. with overcoming four water obstacles and rises to a height.

During the march, the candidates crawl over the terrain under intense enemy fire, periodically perform actions on the commands “Grenade” and “Flare”, perform various tumbling, push-ups, move in goose step, and so on.

Throughout the route, a group of subjects is accompanied by a team of instructors. Candidates make a forced march in camouflage clothing, equip 5 body armor with protection class, use 2 class safety helmets and equip Kalashnikov assault rifles.

Instructors monitor the actions of subjects on the march. Candidates lagging behind the main group for 50 and more are removed from the test. Mutual assistance is also evaluated. For example, when I almost got rid of a candidate who did not give his comrade a hand from the shore while overcoming a water barrier.

The oldest candidate is 47.

Although the exam and veteran, but conducted according to all the rules.

The so-called "Ebun-mountain".

After the march, the subjects had to overcome the second stage - a special obstacle course.

During all movements, the machine should be only the trunk up.

The special obstacle course is similar to the one that passes during a special triathlon, with the exception of a pair of elements.

During the overcoming of the SPP, explosions of VU and grenade explosions are simulated.

SPP includes the entrance to the bus, the ascent along the inclined board and the descent through the pipe, overcoming the Swedish shelf, overcoming the vertical maze, overcoming two sections, overcoming the destroyed staircase, overcoming the labyrinth in the building on the 1 floor, moving over the roofs.

The band is not overcome single, but in a group, so the subjects cover each other in the process.

After the SPP, the subjects perform a special shooting exercise in the 1 dash. The exercise is performed because of the cover, the position for firing at the option of the shooter.

After the shooting, the subjects have 10 minutes to prepare for the next stage - the verification of actions to assault a high-altitude object.

The exercise is to hit the target on the 3 floor with three shots and throw a grenade on the 2 floor.

The execution takes 30 seconds.

The final fifth stage of testing - a special physical training.

The stage consists of three disciplines: acrobatic exercises, the implementation of complexes of special exercises in hand-to-hand combat and training fights.

The fight is fought for 12 minutes without interruption.

Instructors sparring alternately with each of the three subjects, candidates sparring with each other.

An experienced candidate is considered to have passed the test, having been held in duels without a knockdown.

Subjects showing passivity or showing low volitional and technical qualities of combat are disqualified.

Of the 42 candidates admitted to testing, the 13 man deserved the right to wear the Krapovoy Beret.

And another employee received takes for personal courage and heroism. This form is provided for employees who are seriously injured and injured in a battle who do not allow to participate in qualification tests.

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  1. maniac
    maniac 28 August 2013 10: 11
    13 th
    and that they all have helmets pierced? During the tests, they also shoot at the head?
    1. Dimonanet
      Dimonanet 29 August 2013 11: 37
      And I have such a certificate!
      Cross 5 km, obstacle course, shooting and fighting!
      Well, of course, not in full uniform))))
  2. MAG
    MAG 28 August 2013 10: 27
    Tests are needed but at a certain point it becomes idiocy. Our scouts handed over the right to wear a tibia, a chevron with a mouse, an olive beret on the right side, then on the left side and also for good camouflage. We constantly laughed and what else are they renting there for - a cockade on a bed on a bowler hat.
    1. MAG
      MAG 28 August 2013 11: 12
      from those who did not serve?))) and who served he knows that good pretty quickly grows into nonsense. On delivery to Krapovy, everything is unchanged for the worse and it’s good and look at YouTube on the delivery of olives in the reconnaissance of centuries there is just a dumb beating without sense where it’s important to stand when you are swept.
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 28 August 2013 14: 53
        stupid beating? can you understand the meaning of all this? why in the intelligence of slobber and lantuhi? not yours, go further. there’s nothing to do in the unit. no one forced him to leave. he could refuse after the first blow.
        the main thing is to get up and not give up. a person is checked for spirit. is it possible to rely on him and rely on him. armies are needed soldiers, soldiers and not mother's sons. Andrey is surprised by your opinion
        1. MAG
          MAG 28 August 2013 15: 33
          In intelligence, the most important thing is HEADING - the ability to think quickly and accurately assess the situation by each reconnaissance fighter and not just an officer. And with SUCH processing, the brains will work only for the teams, the fighter himself will not be able to make a decision. I talked with the fighters who served in the GRU special forces and there they also beat bricks for window dressing, etc., but they train with the body and head. The question is not whether tests are needed, but they are necessary but under strict control and constant standards. And every year we have the summers (which they themselves don’t know what yet) and double basses come up with something new than a soldier can do. You need to think with your head to think and the rest will come.
          1. Hleb
            Hleb 28 August 2013 15: 57
            and no one disputes that a head is needed, only without a moral core, functional conditions, you won’t stick this head everywhere. Put it in this way, you will not stick it out ...
            And with SUCH processing, the brains will work only for the teams, the fighter himself will not be able to make a decision
            well, what kind of nonsense? what treatment? what teams? who said that this fighter will not be able to make decisions? that’s the essence of the matter — he himself must rise, stand up. well?
            you don’t need to give an example of communication with the GRU officers. there are enough servants here .... you can’t watch these songs about bricks, bottles and window dressing ... you don’t even know what kind of surprises there are in intelligence. if you tell me, then you and this department will be called schizophrenics. because more than one normal person can not pass those tests without psychological preparation.
            I was not going to speak at all for the nuances, for all these changes on the uniform, chevrons, etc. I mean what you said about sparring "stupid beating" - it's not stupid
            1. MAG
              MAG 28 August 2013 16: 36
              You never saw the difference. When surrendering to the speckled one, they also sweep and also get up but take off without an initiative combat task to repulse at any opening and not stand like a boxing bag on which they practice blows.
              1. p-159
                p-159 28 August 2013 17: 21
                if the soldier has run out of strength to fight, then as an option he will not think about the task but about how to quench, that's why Pts endurance is important and it is best to develop it by running, crawling and goose pacing. If you put your hands down, you missed the beat (with your hand with a knife), missed a hit, lay down, lay down, will be hammered. And perhaps the most important thing is that a person who is not physically and mentally prepared cannot adequately think when you really want to lose from here.
                1. MAG
                  MAG 28 August 2013 17: 53
                  Watch the video above at the link. That's about such a test, we have a light debate (where words were picked up by such)))))
          2. p-159
            p-159 28 August 2013 17: 11
            bricks were beaten mainly in those parts that wore a blue vest in parts with a black vest because of their small numbers they rarely did this and in parts with green I didn’t hear anyone about the bagaz. in parts of which the main control disciplines referred to tsp well and + special knowledge within the meaning
    2. schta
      schta 28 August 2013 14: 12
      The challenge is good in itself. The right to wear a "bayonet-knife behind the bootleg" is just an excuse. The point is in training and maintaining the tone of servicemen, in the cohesion of the unit, and so on. Popod can be anything. No difference.
  3. makst83
    makst83 28 August 2013 10: 47
    Well done guys! They have every right to retake, they proved it!
  4. Vorkot cat
    Vorkot cat 28 August 2013 10: 57
    Not every triathlete is capable of this, excellent warriors, well done!
    OLDTODD 28 August 2013 11: 05
    During the service, it was not possible to get into the tests, although the report was written with a friend. And I would try ....... but now the family is children and but, but
  6. Alligator_S
    Alligator_S 28 August 2013 11: 12
    Hard to learn - easy in battle. Carry out similar tests for the advertised units of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, etc. I would like to see the results.

    PS Photos - super! Thank!
    PPS I like the look of these guys ...
  7. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 28 August 2013 12: 08
    Of course all this looks beautiful of course - but let’s look at things really not a single melee or superman athlete can resist 9 GRAMS of LEAD from a MAKAROV or STECHKIN pistol.
    Therefore, in the first place I would put the ability to shoot first and hit the target with one shot.
    1. ale-x
      ale-x 28 August 2013 12: 32
      It’s not only a test of physical data or shooting skills ... The exam is so difficult for the fighters to have a goal in preparation, an incentive if you want. Krapovy beret is worn by men who really deserve it after passing the qualification exam, it is voluntary and it is worth a lot.
    2. Mairos
      Mairos 28 August 2013 12: 56
      A melee in any special forces, except for physical capture groups in the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the FSB, is not the main subject. The main thing is everywhere - running, lane, shooting and disguise. Well, special disciplines, depending on specialization.
      1. p-159
        p-159 28 August 2013 13: 33
        the main moral and psychological state, readiness for something, so to speak
        1. Hleb
          Hleb 28 August 2013 14: 42
          hello to the radio operators! I absolutely agree. The main thing they forget is spirit. After that, the person is ready for anything. To break such a fighter there are a lot of moral
    3. 7ydmco
      7ydmco 28 August 2013 21: 44
      After a superman sportsman, after a good obstacle course, his hand will not walk like usual Lehi, so the bullet will fly where it is necessary with a greater degree of probability.
  8. Alligator_S
    Alligator_S 28 August 2013 12: 09
    Quote: Sveik
    Results will not be bad. I think, that the Germans will yield little, and this is not necessary in the West, they are already engaged in combat training, doing their job, without any nonsense like such trials

    Why, then, at international competitions, the best of the best Western elite commandos who are relieved of their duties for 6-12 months for the sake of these competitions are inferior, in spite of even insolent judicial support, to ordinary Russian commandos who conduct their usual training and training?
  9. Kpox
    Kpox 28 August 2013 12: 14
    Quote: Sveik
    What kind of crap and nonsense does this maroon take. And especially the tests. Their practical value is zero.

    What the hell is this nonsense is your opinion. And especially the comments. Their informational value is zero.
  10. deman73
    deman73 28 August 2013 12: 14
    the only way and such tests creates the elite SPECIAL FORCE !!!! soldier For you guys and congratulations drinks
  11. Alligator_S
    Alligator_S 28 August 2013 12: 29
    Quote: Lech s ZATULINKI
    Of course all this looks beautiful of course - but let’s look at things really not a single melee or superman athlete can resist 9 GRAMS of LEAD from a MAKAROV or STECHKIN pistol.
    Therefore, in the first place I would put the ability to shoot first and hit the target with one shot.

    This is what American soldiers think in modern training. Hand-to-hand combat and physical training are already playing a secondary role there. After all, they fight only with very weak rivals and rely only on their technical superiority. When faced with an approximately equal rival and in difficult conditions, as practice shows, for example, during the hostilities in Afghanistan and Chechnya, it often came to hand-to-hand combat. Physical training and the ability to conduct adequate combat operations after marches-throws in modern maneuverable combat with the impossibility of supplying troops with ICE-CREAM and other benefits of "lazy" combat operations - this, in my opinion, is very important.
    1. Lech from ZATULINKI
      Lech from ZATULINKI 28 August 2013 13: 15
      and YOU try to stick your head out of the shelter when you shoot good arrows with lead.
      There is no way to show off the main bullet in the Bosko.
      1. p-159
        p-159 28 August 2013 13: 43
        the difference between haste by any and main troops is faith in oneself and constant training, a person who thinks that he will be blown out right now will most likely panic or freeze (as a result of a blown out), a person who will be mentally and physically ready will most likely not get lost and will survive (one thing when you go to fight with an obviously strong opponent, and another when you go to beat the weak, the mood is different) well, workouts, workouts, workouts. And you don’t need to force haste, they know what it is for
  12. schta
    schta 28 August 2013 14: 28
    Comrades, they are sucking up nettles, please pay attention. You are missing a few important points:
    1) the wrens also shoot well as the enemy.
    2) Fire fighting (shooting) is not cinema shooting at the Nazis, sitting in a cozy trench. You must run to the fascist (well, or run away if there are not enough rounds), fight with him (the fascist), actively maneuvering (running in stress for ten hours without a smoke break). Therefore, the stamina shown by the nettles is a very necessary thing.
    3) The scuffle at the end of the event is an excellent indicator of the will of the nettle. And the will of the soldier is the most important moment for the employee in special forces.
    4) well, if I passed it - honor and respect.)))

    Assume further.
    1) some black man from the marine corps of the enemy, who shoots just as well, but runs poorly and avoids massacres. He sees that the Russians do not have helicopters and therefore they run a lot of legs.
    2) he will be brought to the battlefield by helicopter, he will shoot 3 stores, he will be taken to the base. further showers, lunch, massage and homosexual joys.
    3) In war there is always room for chaos. in case of violation of the system: helicopter-war-shower -... the Negro is not combat-ready. with his feet he cannot run away from the Russians, but with his feet he cannot catch up with the Russians. having shot 5 shops, he gets tired like a dog and begins to think about water procedures and ... ahem ... rest.

    a joke of humor.
    1. Crang
      Crang 28 August 2013 20: 40
      Quote: schta
      Assume further. 1) some black man from the marine corps of the enemy, who shoots just as well, but runs poorly and avoids massacres. He sees that the Russians do not have helicopters and therefore they run a lot of legs. 2) he will be brought to the battlefield by helicopter, he will shoot 3 stores, he will be taken to the base. further souls, lunch, massage and homosexual pleasures. 3) There is always a place for chaos in war. in case of violation of the system: helicopter-war-shower -... the Negro is not combat-ready. with his feet he cannot run away from the Russians, but with his feet he cannot catch up with the Russians. having shot 5 shops, he gets tired like a dog and begins to think about water procedures and ... ahem ... rest.

      I am afraid that the "stupid boys" have an order of magnitude less chaos than we have. And there are an order of magnitude more helicopters. So when you laugh at the soft-bodied American boys who can only fight battleships, bombers, hamburger and Coca-Cola - you don't have any latent feeling? Have you forgotten what these "soft boys" did with sturdy, strong and courageous samurai in 1941-45? They take - look at the table for the norms of forces necessary for the destruction of an object. Multiply all this by ten (purely American logic) and just fuck it, not paying attention to anything. Not for morality, not for justice, not for journalists, not for women, not for children, not for money. Try to convince that this approach is not winning.
      1. 7ydmco
        7ydmco 28 August 2013 21: 57
        Yes, what kind of chaos can be for such brave guys, this is not possible smile true practice shows the opposite.
        American operation in Iran -
        Failures in the operation followed from the very beginning, mainly due to dust storms and equipment breakdowns. For a successful operation, 6 helicopters were needed. Of the 8 departing for the mission, one was thrown on the road due to a possible breakdown of the blade, another was lost in the storm and turned back. Only six helicopters reached a temporary base in the desert. The location chosen for the temporary base turned out to be a busy highway, as a result of which the operation was immediately unmasked. The commandos blocked the intercity bus with passengers and blew up an Iranian fuel truck passing by, the passenger of which died, and the driver disappeared in a passing car.

        On one of the helicopters that reached the base, they found a problem with hydraulics, after which it was decided to cancel the operation and leave Iran. However, when refueling, one of the helicopters crashed into a tanker plane, and eight crew members died in a subsequent fire. As a result, all helicopters were thrown into the desert (after which they transferred to the Iranian army), the corpses of pilots and other crew members, secret documentation for the operation.

        And what did they do with the samurai in 41-45? Threw a couple of atomic bombs on peaceful Japanese? A very brave and heroic act, you have something to be proud of smile
        1. Crang
          Crang 29 August 2013 07: 32
          They used bombs (quite justifiably by the way in that situation) only in April of the 45th. And before that 4 years what happened?
          Well, I also read the article "Spetsnaz who does not know victories".
          1. p-159
            p-159 29 August 2013 09: 09
            shame and humiliation, in two weeks our Kwantung army has been unraveled (territory from Europe)
            1. Crang
              Crang 29 August 2013 09: 37
              It was not an army. The Kwanun army, which consisted mainly of reservists, got stuck in terms of equipment somewhere in the 35th year, although it was already 45th in the yard. No wonder. On land then. But in an ocean with many islands, it is unlikely that we would have been able to do this faster than the Americans. I will say more, given the "power" of our then Navy, we would hardly have been able to do this at all. There in the Pacific Ocean everything was "small" and steeper. Although certainly not as tough as in Europe.
              1. p-159
                p-159 29 August 2013 12: 42
                most likely, after the destruction of the ground group of forces, we would have tortured the islands with hunger. and the army stuck in 35
                1. Crang
                  Crang 29 August 2013 15: 20
                  With China, taking into account the processes that took place in it then, it is understandable. Try it now with cancer. After the destruction of the ground group of forces, where? On our beachhead, where we would simply drive on it with our tank roller (classic Blitzkrieg) - no doubt. But not on the islands. There is another specificity. There is a different tactic of battle. They need a slightly different technique - not ordinary tanks, but more engineering barrage vehicles, flamethrower tanks, large-caliber self-propelled guns like the same KV-2 / SU-152 / ISU-152. And you can't do it quickly. The enemy is not on the field, where he can be rolled into a pancake in a few hours. It is on an island with rocks and mountains and many bunkers and concrete pillboxes. This problem cannot be solved quickly. It's worse than taking a city. The Americans realized what tank troops were only by the 91st year (Operation Desert Storm), while we owned this sword-kladenets already in the 40s of the 20th century. And there are reasons for that. Forever the Yankees, either in the jungle, or on the islands, or in the rocks and mountains, have to fight. So they had problems understanding modern high-speed tank warfare. And hence their slowness.
              2. 7ydmco
                7ydmco 29 August 2013 22: 25
                Well you lie, well done what smile
                This is about the Kwantung Army - the largest and most powerful group of ground forces of the Imperial Armed Forces of Japan during the Second World War.
                At least they went to Wikipedia if you don’t remember the school history course.
                1. Crang
                  Crang 31 August 2013 10: 21
                  Sorry, I'm not particularly interested in beer bullshit from Wikipedia. Although sensible articles come across there. In WW2, the best and most combat-ready Japanese units were based on islands in the Pacific Ocean and the Philippines. Although they had weapons a la 30 years, but fought bravely to the end. At least take an interest in the results - the Kwantung army quickly surrendered after the USSR tank rink passed through it. In the war in the Pacific Ocean there was a different picture - that not a battle, but a meat grinder (for the Japanese). Therefore, the Americans and sought a means to end the war without a ground invasion. They already knew what that was. And for the same reason, the Imperial Palace was not touched. Paradoxically, in this regard, the Japanese still earned bonuses, their samurai spirit. They did not begin to occupy, they did not begin to kill everyone, they were allowed to maintain statehood, they were even allowed to revive the army and navy. It is a pity - it was necessary to deal with them as with Germany. They deserve it.
          2. 7ydmco
            7ydmco 29 August 2013 22: 19
            Well, tell us what happened before the age of 45, if you yourself have already hinted about it. Why justify, explain your point?
            The fact that you read this article is certainly good, but does it really prove that they have an order of magnitude less chaos? Precisely proves? smile
            1. Crang
              Crang 31 August 2013 10: 32
              Quote: 7ydmco
              Why justify, explain your point?

              Why not? You may not be aware of that war? Good to tell you in general terms. The Japanese are peculiar people. As I said, it’s not a battle in the Pacific Ocean, it’s always like that (I emphasize always ended with a meat grinder). Well, the Japanese did not give up and that's it. And they did not retreat. They simply died in hundreds and thousands. We went to "Banzai attacks" (it happens to stroke the x / f "Letters from Iwo Jima"), made ourselves "Sepuku", etc. The number of Japanese taken prisoners has always been calculated in literal units (out of thousands of groups). More than once or twice there were cases when during the battle for one or another island from the Japanese group numbering several tens of thousands of people, not a single one survived. The closer the Americans approached the Japanese islands, the more monstrous color this Japanese "tradition" acquired. Whole villages and townships cut themselves out or twisted their necks. Women killed their children, and then jumped off cliffs, just not to fall into the hands of the Americans. So just imagine what would happen if it weren't for the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and if the Americans had to invade Japan. It would be just a meat grinder. The Americans would have to kill an entire people. Or do you think they would say something like: - "Yes, guys, you are so courageous, you do not give up so we retreat ..."? Of course not. There would be a massacre the world has never seen before. In addition, the Americans, through their diplomatic channels, warned Japan about new weapons and that if resistance continued, they would be used. Did not help....
              1. yastr
                yastr 3 September 2013 12: 10
                So then it certainly is.
                But the Japanese capitulated not after the nuclear bombing, but after the defeat of the Kwantung Army (recently I even saw a glimpse of an article here on this matter). And, by the way, there were the same Japanese in it who did not "surrender" to the Americans.
  13. Genady1976
    Genady1976 28 August 2013 16: 31
    Pts like Pics CLASS
  14. maniac
    maniac 28 August 2013 19: 07
    didn’t hear why the helmets are broken? So many specialists were noted (in the topic and not the topic), really, no one is in the know.
    1. p-159
      p-159 29 August 2013 09: 06
      shot like
  15. Skuto
    Skuto 29 August 2013 20: 33
    I will say this in the Soviet army was not.