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The new small rocket ship Uglich departed from a construction plant for the Caspian Flotilla

The new small rocket ship Uglich departed from a construction plant for the Caspian FlotillaThe first serial small missile ship (RTO) of project 21631 "Uglich" began the transition from the construction wall of the Zelenodolsk plant named after AM Gorky to the Caspian flotilla.

The lead ship of this project "Grad Sviyazhsk" is currently undergoing factory running trials in the Caspian Sea.

On inland river waterways, the ship in support of tugboats will pass about 1,5 thousand km. The arrival of the ship in the Caspian Sea is expected in September of this year.

Upon arrival at the Caspian Flotilla, the IRC Uglich, like the Grad Sviyazhsk, will go through all the stages of factory and state tests in the Caspian Sea and will be included in the union by the end of 2013.

The small rocket ship of the 21631 project was designed by the designers of the Zelenodolsk Design Bureau OJSC and built by the shipbuilders of the Gorky Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Plant.

It is a multipurpose ship of the "river-sea" class, equipped with the most modern models of artillery, rocket, anti-sabotage, anti-aircraft and radio engineering weapons.

The architectural appearance of the ships meets the requirements for reducing radar visibility, thanks to the use of so-called stealth technology.

It is planned to build 5 ships of this project. Their purpose - the protection and defense of the economic zone of the state.
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  1. ataker_pra
    ataker_pra 26 August 2013 11: 20
    first went)
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 August 2013 12: 10
      This is the second, first City of Sviyazhsk already in trials.

      This year, Zelenodolsk Navy will no longer be pleased with change.

      2 - Grachenka, 2 MRK.
  2. Sirs
    Sirs 26 August 2013 11: 22
    For the first and second ...)
  3. Apollo
    Apollo 26 August 2013 11: 22
    photo to the title and content good
    1. ziqzaq
      ziqzaq 26 August 2013 11: 41
      Grade shot, thanks ....
  4. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 26 August 2013 11: 29
    The Caspian flotilla is not badly updated. Maybe "Veliky Ustyug" will go soon
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 August 2013 12: 11
      Ustyug soon will go in 2014 year.

      30 August will lay another Buyan-M wink .
  5. Vtel
    Vtel 26 August 2013 11: 43
    All combat is now moving to the South, it will soon be hot there.

    Displacement: 950 t.
    The main dimensions: length - 74,1 m, width - 11 m, draft - 2,6 m.
    Maximum travel speed: 25 knots
    Navigation range: 1500 miles
    Autonomy: 10 days
    Crew: 36 people

    one 100-mm gun mount А190-01 “Universal” with the control system “Laska”
    one 30-mm gun mount AK-630M-2 "Duet"
    one PU UKSK (universal ship firing complex) 3С14
    two AMS (automated self-defense module) 3M-47 "Bending" (SAM "Igla-S")
    1. Garrin
      Garrin 26 August 2013 11: 58
      Beautiful boat! 7 feet to him under the keel. Good luck and only one victory for the crew. drinks
    MIKHAN 26 August 2013 12: 10
    Now we need these in the Caspian .. Judging by the impending mess in the Middle East.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 August 2013 12: 20
      In the Caspian Sea by the end of the year there will be an 3 ship with UKKS - 24 missiles in a salvo at a range of 2000 + km.
  7. donavi49
    donavi49 26 August 2013 12: 14
    This year Zelenodolsk delivered the 2 rocket ship 21631, as promised. Well, Rook, too, a couple smile .

    A new bookmark is scheduled for August 30 - 6th Buyan-M project 21361 "Vyshny Volochok"!

    In the 2014 year, according to the plan, two Buyan-M Veliky Ustyug and Zeleny Dol were also commissioned.
  8. dimon-media
    dimon-media 26 August 2013 12: 23
    very often I see articles about the Caspian. All strengthen, update. Well done, nothing to say. But all the same, I think it is not without reason that such activity to strengthen the Caspian flotilla.
  9. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 26 August 2013 12: 30
    Well, of course not without purpose, really, you can't see those who "pricked up their skis" in this region, declaring the Caspian region as a zone of their interests. So these ships will reduce the "zone of interests" of these gentlemen!
  10. gena7777777
    gena7777777 26 August 2013 12: 33
    It’s good, a hundred new ships are being commissioned, but much more and sooner is needed, otherwise it would not be too late
  11. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 26 August 2013 13: 03
    A little outdated
  12. Cormorants
    Cormorants 26 August 2013 13: 33
    Ok, work for people, technology for defenders. Russia go ahead, tremble the enemy.
  13. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 26 August 2013 13: 58
    I do not see any particular reason for optimism: all built by the IAC of project 21630 and the MRK of project 21631 under construction will go to the Caspian, which is a closed reservoir, and the Volga-Don canal can be easily blocked. The rest of the fleets will be content with MRK project 1234, MPK project 1241.2, MPK project 1331, MPK 1124 and RCA project 1241, which, it would be better to put it, are a little outdated. Well, the Black Sea Fleet has two more or less new RTOs of project 2 "Bora" and "Samum", as well as all the "bitter and difficult legacy of totalitarianism" RTOs of projects 1239 and 1234. laughing Yours! hi
    At least in the Black Sea, and even in the Baltic, such handsome men would not hurt us at all
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 August 2013 15: 00
      16 ships of this project have already been contracted, the Caspian will burst wink .
      1. smiths xnumx
        smiths xnumx 26 August 2013 16: 29
        In the Caspian Sea, everything is in chocolate. I don’t know about 16 ships, project 21631, please share a link, while I know about 6. Now we have in CFL: 2 TFR project 1166.1 "Dagestan" with 1 × 8 PU UKSK Caliber-NK, "Tatarstan"; 3 IAC project 21630, plus one project 12411T "Gomel" (converted from RTOs), 6 RTOs of project 21631 are planned (one "Sviyazhsk" is already being tested in Astrakhan, the second "city of Uglich", as follows from the article, has already moved to the Caspian for testing ) with "Caliber" or "Onyx"; Chamois, Dugongs, auxiliary fleet, all new; 6 RCA (3 projects 206, 3 "Lightning" projects 1241), 5 AKA (4 projects 1204, 1 project 1400M), 7 minesweepers. Plus the coastal launchers of the Bastion SCRC, which more than cover the entire sea. In fact, this is the only real force in the Caspian. Iran in the Caspian: they plan to put into operation a light frigate of the Jamaran-Velayat type, with the Chinese anti-ship missiles YJ-82, the former Shah's yacht Hamzekh, built in 1936 (albeit with anti-ship missiles), 2 RCA of the Kombatant 2 project Paykan "and" Joshan "with the same Chinese anti-ship missiles. Azerbaijan has 1 TFR project 159A and 5 boats of project 205, 5 patrol boats without missile weapons, 4 minesweepers, 9 MDK. Turkmenistan has 2 MRK project 1241.8 with "Mosquitoes" and 8 patrol boats. Kazakhstan has 2 missile and artillery ship of project 0250 Bars-MO (1 under construction) with MLRS, 11 artillery boats (1 under construction): 3 South Korean Sea Dolphin and 8 of its own construction according to the Ukrainian project "Kortik" with UR Shturm-M; it is planned to build 3 minesweepers. Yours faithfully! hi
        "Dagestan" at the bottom of the Navy in Astrakhan
        1. Uncle Lyosha
          Uncle Lyosha 26 August 2013 20: 24
          where infa that all 8 (eight) boards will go to the Caspian ???
          1. smiths xnumx
            smiths xnumx 26 August 2013 20: 42
            I have infa for six seconds

            Register MRK pr.21631: №pp Name project head.
            No. Plant laid laid down put into operation basing note
            01 "Grad Sviyazhsk" 21631 631 Shipyard named after A.M. Gorky Zelenodolsk (Zelenodolsk) 27.08.2010 plan 2012 (autumn 2011)

            plan - February-March 2013 (December 2012)

            09.03.2013/2013/2013 (descent) plan - until the end of XNUMX (March XNUMX) Caspian flotilla, Astrakhan, the lead ship of the project
            0? # 2 21631 801 Shipyard Almaz, St. Petersburg Plan - end of 2010 - - Black Sea Fleet fate of the ship is not clear, most likely it will not be laid down at Shipyard Almaz (2012)
            02 "Uglich" 21631 632 Shipyard named after A.M. Gorky Zelenodolsk (Zelenodolsk) July 22.07.2011, 2013 plan - end of March 19.03.2013 (XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX)

            10.04.2013/2013/2013 (launch) plan - until the end of XNUMX (March XNUMX) The Caspian Flotilla is the first production ship of the project, it is possible to change the basing region
            03 "Veliky Ustyug" 21631 633 Shipyard named after A.M. Gorky Zelenodolsk (Zelenodolsk) 27.08.2011 - - Caspian flotilla may change the basing region
            04 "Green Dol" 21631 634 Zelenodolsk Shipyard named after A.M. Gorky (Zelenodolsk) 29.08.2012/XNUMX/XNUMX - - Caspian flotilla may change the basing region
            05 Serpukhov 21631 635 Shipyard named after A.M. Gorky Zelenodolsk (Zelenodolsk) plan - end of 2012 - beginning of 2013 (December 2012)

            25.01.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX - - Caspian flotilla may change the base region

            Assumptive data in italics.

            On August 30, OJSC Zelenodolsk Gorky Shipyard will hold the laying ceremony for the next sixth in the series Buyan-M small missile ship of Project 21631 for the Russian Navy.
            Yours! hi
            1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Druid
    Druid 26 August 2013 14: 22
    Quote: donavi49
    24 missiles in a salvo at a range of 2000 + km.
    The range of 2000 km is not implemented by own means for naval targets, and even more so for targets on land, in short, the floating launcher of which requires external target designation, apparently this is the main purpose of the ship.
    Given the maximum width of the Caspian Sea, ANY ship, ANY fleet can be destroyed by coastal missile systems, or from the air without entering ships or bases in the air defense zone, and all the Caspian littoral states have these capabilities - Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran.
    Air defense systems of any ship adopted or planned to be adopted, of any fleet in the Caspian, are not able to cope with modern anti-ship missiles.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 August 2013 14: 59
      By sea targets 350 km. There is no particular problem with ground control centers, a la Ax. Yes, Buyan-M, this is actually a bypass of the RMND agreement.

      In range, the most terrible opponents there are Turkmen lightning with X-35, they have a range of 150km. The rest have less. Even the Chinese C-802, but Iranians can tell tales for a long time.

      Well, what about ground-based air defense systems? All the Caspian capitals and important objects are covered from their home bases. winked .
  15. Tu-214R
    Tu-214R 26 August 2013 14: 34
    Interestingly, the Mediterranean group will be boats and tugs to support?
    1. smiths xnumx
      smiths xnumx 26 August 2013 14: 46
      I don’t know how it will be supported, but here is the flagship of the Mediterranean squadron of Russia - the BOD of the Pacific Fleet "Admiral Panteleev" in Novorossiysk, the photo was taken on August 17 this year.

      The BDK BF 127 "Minsk" accompanies the R-60 RCA (Airborne 955, 295th Sulinsky division of the RCA) of the Black Sea Fleet to Mediterranean. The passage through the Bosphorus was captured on August 11 this year.

      Yours! hi
  16. Siberian
    Siberian 26 August 2013 15: 19
    Quote: ataker_pra
    first went)

    And, let them be Second and 3rd, etc. good Well done!
  17. Druid
    Druid 26 August 2013 21: 25
    Quote: Siberian
    let them be the second and third, etc. good Well done!
    Well, when the fleet is updated, people get new weapons and new jobs, science develops, one BUT. But are they needed in the Caspian and will be effective at the time of ICS ...
    For my country, Azerbaijan, in a similar or close displacement, I see only patrol ships with a displacement of not more than 1000, for patrolling the economic zone, combating saboteurs and their delivery vehicles, guarding production platforms, oil and gas pipelines, combating oil spills, fires rescue at sea. In short, something close to the Italian Cassiopeia, but more modest in scale and with more powerful artillery, anti-air and anti-sabotage weapons. For everything else, coastal complexes and missile boats are about 500 tons.
  18. Druid
    Druid 26 August 2013 21: 30
    Quote: donavi49
    In range, the most terrible opponents there are Turkmen lightning with X-35, they have a range of 150km. The rest have less. Even the Chinese C-802, but Iranians can tell tales for a long time.
    The width of the Caspian is only 400 km ... The Caspian already has installations for modifying missiles which have a range of 350 km.
  19. azlok
    azlok 26 August 2013 21: 30
    But "Grad Sviyazhsk" is pushed to the Caspian Sea