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Missing "Pike" found

Specialists of the Black Sea Center for Underwater Exploration of Ukraine in the area of ​​Cape Tarkhankut in the Crimea during the testing of the deep-water apparatus detected a sunken Soviet submarine U-216. This is one of the 16 Soviet submarines of this type, the place of death of which has not yet been established.

Crimean "Pike" has participated in the Great Patriotic War, military campaigns made 14 300 running within days. Held five torpedo attacks. The commander of the lost crew - captain rank 3 Gregory Karbovskii. According to archival data, U-216 disappeared in February 1944 for an unexplained reason.

A careful examination of the hull of a submarine divers found that in one of the compartments there is a hole area 8 square meters. Probably the explosion of the depth bomb and caused the death of the submarine. Damage has only one compartment. In the remaining six, sealed tightly from each other, there is no water. Experts believe that everything in them remained as it was at the time of the death of the 69 boat years ago.

In Sevastopol, a working meeting of the chiefs of staff of the Black Sea fleet and the naval forces of Ukraine, which discussed the intentions of the parties to examine and raise the boat. The meeting was attended by representatives of the search and emergency rescue department of the Black Sea Fleet, emergency rescue service of the Ukrainian Navy, as well as employees of the department of the State Service for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Ukraine. The parties discussed the timing and schedule of work, as well as the composition of the interstate group of forces that will be involved.

According to experts, the work may be complicated by the presence of unexploded ammunition on the boat. Therefore, it was decided to conduct a more thorough examination of the hull of the boat by divers in order to objectively assess the state of the submarine ship. Based on the act of diving inspection of Shch-216, the specialized design bureaus will develop possible options for lifting. The discovery of a missing "Pike" has become a significant event for Russia and Ukraine. At the interstate level, a decision has already been made to lift the submarine from the 52-meter depth.

In the case of a successful ascent, the remains of the crew members (today the names of all the dead and the addresses of their relatives have already been established) will be buried with military honors, and the boat itself will become a museum. "Red Star" follows the events and will report it to the readers.
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  1. Apollo
    Apollo 26 August 2013 11: 18
    topic video

  2. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 26 August 2013 11: 42
    Eternal memory to the heroes submariners!
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 26 August 2013 11: 43
      Yes brother we think almost synchronously!
      1. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 26 August 2013 11: 47
        Quote: kartalovkolya
        Yes brother we think almost synchronously!

        This happens, but this is only the case! Even the time of writing coincided.
    2. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 26 August 2013 13: 29
      Eternal memory to all who gave their lives for their homeland!
    3. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 26 August 2013 20: 12
      Quote: Hedgehog
      Eternal memory to the heroes submariners!

      Wash the boat does not make sense. This place must be marked on the map as a place of fraternal burial and a war memorial. This is a mass grave, I do not think that it is necessary to disturb the fallen heroes. Do they interfere?
      1. kind
        kind 31 August 2013 20: 09
        According to international rules, this is the dead ship mass grave.
  3. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 26 August 2013 11: 42
    Eternal memory to submariners-heroes!
  4. Evgeniy46
    Evgeniy46 26 August 2013 11: 45
    Good deal, of course. They just "forgot" to indicate that the forces of the Russian Black Sea Fleet are involved
    1. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 26 August 2013 11: 50
      Quote: Eugene46
      "forgot" to indicate

      In this situation, I don’t see much point in emphasizing anyone’s participation.
    2. zart_arn
      zart_arn 26 August 2013 12: 26
      These are the heroes of the Soviet Navy, therefore, both Russian and Ukrainian specialists are simply obliged to participate in the rise.
  5. Sochi
    Sochi 26 August 2013 11: 48
    So there was a place for their eternal parking ... Eternal memory to them!
  6. transbiz-ka
    transbiz-ka 26 August 2013 12: 03
    It is very remarkable that Russia and Ukraine, at least in this case, agreed to conduct joint activities to raise the boat. Eternal memory to the heroes who died in battles for the Fatherland!
    1. Sosland
      Sosland 26 August 2013 12: 13
      there remained warriors, the heroes of one country in whose memory I am infinitely ashamed
      1. rodevaan
        rodevaan 26 August 2013 12: 23
        Quote: SoSland
        there remained warriors, the heroes of one country in whose memory I am infinitely ashamed

        - Yeah ... I don’t know whether the living and dead heroes, who defended the great country and freedom that we so stupidly missed // for the sake of a gmoshny burger and shny mikkimaus, will forgive us ...
  7. albanech
    albanech 26 August 2013 12: 04
    I do not want to repeat myself! Heroic people! Real officers and soldiers! Glory to the heroes!
  8. Olegovi4
    Olegovi4 26 August 2013 12: 11
    Fifteen left ...
  9. donavi49
    donavi49 26 August 2013 12: 16
    By the way, they found and are carrying out work precisely with the help of the new Selinger ship.
  10. Cormorants
    Cormorants 26 August 2013 12: 17
    Glory to the seaman!
  11. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 26 August 2013 12: 33
    It is a pity that in the Baltic there are still many such "pikes" that have not even been found. And so, of course, glory to the heroes. They knew what they were doing.
  12. 11 black
    11 black 26 August 2013 12: 37
    Great news - as long as there is a memory of the great deeds of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, no one will break the spirit of the Russian people, and our duty to carry this memory through the ages, glory to those who fought for their homeland and bow to them then!
    PS It is especially pleasing that we will raise the boat together, and that they will make a museum out of it.
  13. Vtel
    Vtel 26 August 2013 13: 29
    So the general history of our countries was revealed under water, before they fought together, and now ...?
    Eternal memory of the fallen for our Fatherland - Russia.
  14. fedor
    fedor 26 August 2013 13: 31
    The decision to work on raising the Shch-216 submarine depends on several fundamental reasons:
    1. The conclusions of experts on the safety of torpedoes and shells for art. armament during the ascent of the submarine, it will most likely be prohibitive (see the results of studies on the decisions on the survey and ascent of the Sch-211, Sch-204, Sh-208, Sch-209 and other surveyed submarines on the ground of the Black Sea).
    2. Lack of a sufficient number of divers trained at the Black Sea Fleet and Naval Forces trained to perform work at this depth (according to the experience of such work, at least 40-50 people are needed to carry out continuous work for 2-3 months, in the mode of short-term descents, in gas mixtures) for the organization and conduct of work on preparation for the submarine lifting and slinging.
    3. The high cost of work, a rough calculation showed 40 million in green pieces of paper, and this provided that the work will go without a single mistake and no one uses it for another purpose, which never happens in this kind of work.
    4. And finally, the work can only begin in May 2014, since the coming autumn with its stormy weather, and they are very frequent in this area, will quickly bring to nothing all previously completed.
    God help you, but in my opinion, and I participated in dozens of such works, this is pure adventure ...
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 26 August 2013 14: 04
      If they wanted to lift it, they would have driven the ship "Commune" (the former Volkhov of the Tsar's building) which is not far away and would have been raised - he lifted such submarines many times a week approximately.
      But 5 vessels were involved, including deep-sea ones - it means they use the idea to cover other works in which there is nothing to boast of and it is necessary to deceive the population - you can’t deceive the enemy with such nonsense.
    2. Misantrop
      Misantrop 26 August 2013 15: 04
      Soviet-made ammunition of those years is significantly safer than the German ones of that time. But even approaching those is not particularly recommended. Well, prepared divers in the current conditions will not be superfluous, they will not remain without work. Moreover, there is still time for their preparation, before the spring of next year, it is unlikely that anything serious will begin in practical terms. Again, control over the work by both heads of state IMHO will eliminate the most egregious cases of embezzlement among officials (they will follow each other).
      Well, submarines need to be raised. It’s shitty to go to sea, knowing that in case of an accident you can rely ONLY on yourself. Ship lifting works will at least make it possible to REALLY evaluate the available forces and capabilities. Without naked show-offs, pouting cheeks and hatred
  15. ded10041948
    ded10041948 26 August 2013 13: 32
    At least something positive in all this heap of negativity.
    Eternal memory to all who defended the freedom and independence of our country, and the eternal curse of those. who is ruining it!
  16. escobar
    escobar 26 August 2013 14: 02
    Although in such moments there is full agreement and cooperation of our countries. And our Heroes will find peace ... eternal memory.
  17. Cynic
    Cynic 26 August 2013 14: 05
    Eternal memory to the heroes!
  18. taseka
    taseka 26 August 2013 14: 21
    Eternal memory to those who died for the freedom and independence of our Motherland! Finally, the relatives found out the place of death!
  19. High speed
    High speed 26 August 2013 14: 25
    I’m not even surprised, the photo, as always, the first one I got - babies: o (
  20. reserve
    reserve 26 August 2013 15: 06
    Everlasting memory . . . There is such a question - is it moral to disturb the grave? The cause of the death is known, tell the relatives the coordinates of the point, put a buoy on this place and let them sleep forever where they had to meet death in the fight against the enemy.
  21. Misantrop
    Misantrop 26 August 2013 20: 42
    Quote: rezerv
    There is such a question - is it moral to disturb the grave?
    Well, if this is considered a grave ... So after all, the remains of a trench can be counted as a grave, even with great reason, the earth is still. "Set up a buoy" And then it will occur to some of the officials that there MAY BE combat torpedoes ... The end compartments will blow up, and the remains of the hull will be melted down. Together with the bones of the sailors. This is business, nothing personal ... request
    1. Sochi
      Sochi 26 August 2013 23: 31
      according to maritime international law, a dead ship with a crew is considered a mass grave. In the case of lifting the ship, the remains are transferred to the country according to the ship’s ownership, or a symbolic burial is made.