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Fake "democracy" and "controlled chaos"

“We know what kind of world we live in,” Vladimir Putin once thoughtfully thought, and took a long pause, and then turned to other topics. But this is very interesting, and, in fact, everyone needs to know what kind of world we live in, and not just the presidents.

Experts sometimes say that the doctrine of “controlled chaos” has been developed in the USA. “The old colonial concept of“ divide and rule ”has been replaced by the modern doctrine of“ controlled chaos ”. It is more convenient to export not democracy (more precisely, demagogy), not revolution directly, but chaos — and nationalism is its guide. ” But what of this, by and large, should? - this question is somehow bypassed in political considerations. This reticence is crying, and it is time to shed the light of God on it ...

This very vile, in fact, the doctrine, no country in the world, as it were, does not adhere. But there is another political doctrine, which is widely propagandized, and adopted by the United States and the entire progressive West - the spread in the world of "democracy as the power of the people" and its enduring values. If we look at the political reality, we will see how, before our eyes, the vast Middle Eastern region of the world is plunging into chaos, and we will see attempts to destabilize other countries of the world, under the slogan of bringing them closer to democracy. It is noteworthy that all these countries belong to the second or third, not the Western world, trying to pursue an independent policy and adhere to national rather than global, that is, Western values.

Even from these simple observations, it is logical to assume that one of these doctrines is fake (false), namely “democratic”, while “controlled chaos” is the real foreign policy strategy of the United States and its trusted satellites.

It would seem that the discovery that democratic fake covers the real expansionist policy of the West is not great, that “Western democracy” is the power of international American corporations and financiers — many people have been talking about this for a long time, but the democratic myth of the “power of the people” nevertheless lives and thrives. : he has become a kind of new god! Recall, quite recently, we (our fathers) believed in “communism - the bright future of mankind”: it turned out that this is a myth. Similarly, many people today believe in "democracy - the power of the people", so the democratic myth and the American policy of "controlled chaos" are based on their faith.

In connection with this, the mechanism of issuing a fake of "democracy" for the "power of the people" is of interest. The global leadership of the United States and the West was not established today, but yesterday, in an era of confrontation with the USSR, it was carried out differently, through global military-police control of its part of the globe. The simulacrum (copy, imitation, scarecrow - Wikipedia) of the “democratic power of the people” was born in the ideological confrontation of the West and the USSR, and after successfully using this “Trojan horse” against the USSR, there was, of course, a temptation to continue to ride it around the world.

However, the simulacrum itself “does not work” - it needs to be constantly stimulated - to heat up all sorts of campaigns. In the USSR, it was fueled by the struggle for the rights of dissidents; today, this strategy has been developed in the form of models of “soft power”, “civil society”, and “struggle for the rights” of Western friends, who in practice have an “orange” revolution. The most capacious of these concepts is “soft power”: the USSR fell, as we remember, without war.

Over time, the strategy of "soft power" came into conflict with the harsh military-police doctrine: why keep troops, bases, maintain proteges around the world, when their interests in the world can be achieved by information-sabotage and revolutionary technologies? Maintain the always weak against the strong, so that they kill each other as much as possible, and thus prevent the emergence of any center of power in the world without direct military intervention. In the end, economic arguments took over: the burden of a world policeman was becoming increasingly heavy for the United States and the West.

And at the end of the twentieth century, the model of dynamic stability, which is also called the strategy of “controlled chaos”, replaced the police static model of world stability. In practice, “dynamic stability” is expressed in initiating a split and civil strife in independent states, or pursuing an overly independent policy, and supporting pro-Western forces against state forces.

In the midst of such a "controlled chaos" with the help of the West, under the banner of "democracy", the "orange revolution" is accomplished and an American protege is brought to power. When the United States expresses concern for the victims of civil strife among civilians - it is crocodile tears. They "feel sorry for" only on television and only those who can be passed off as supporters of "democracy." All the rest are statistics.

If a country, even closely connected with the West, begins to demand too much sovereignty, for example, over its oil (Libya), or simply does not obey the "legitimate demands" of the West (Yugoslavia), it immediately reveals problems with democracy. And in the course goes "soft power", and then, if necessary, and military. (In Syria, the transition to the second phase is “stuck”, due to the veto of Russia and China at the UN Security Council.) The monarchies of the Persian Gulf have no problems with democracy - as long as they are content with the role of American puppets.

Recall the four basic principles of creating "managed chaos", which was jointly launched at the Institute of Difficulty at Santa Fe (USA), RAND Corporation, Freedom House and other global organizations:

1 - actions should be organized using new technologies (phones, Internet, social networks) and mobile initiative groups, be expressive and lightning-fast;
2 - it is necessary to unite the efforts of all opposition forces against the current political regime and personally its leader;
3 - to ensure the effectiveness of the revolution, it is necessary to have “agents of influence”, first of all, from among the representatives of power structures and the state apparatus, who, seeking money, power or under the threat of an international tribunal, can ensure regime change;
4 - in order to create mass protests, it is necessary to form spontaneous “non-leader” movements uniting representatives of the most diverse sections of the population, for various reasons dissatisfied with the current government. On the appointed “day X”, thanks to the same social networks, they are brought to the streets to participate in mass actions. Given that the only factor uniting them is dissatisfaction with the current regime, these entities, after reaching the goal (coup), will just as easily fall apart as they were formed.

It is obvious that fake “democracy” is the most important element of “controlled chaos”, providing, as it were, “legitimacy” to Western masters of provocations, manipulations and revolutions. In order to “disarm” it, it is necessary to dispel the myth of “democracy”: no power, no people, neither in America, nor in Europe, nor in Russia, nor in the Middle East. This is just a mechanism for controlling the people of the ruling class that has taken shape in the Western world. As long as it is sufficient for the West, it will stop arranging - some other mechanism will be installed, very possibly a dictatorship, the outlines of which, it seems, was outlined by former CIA officer Edward Snowden - an electronic matrix-prison. If you fail to expose the democratic myth, American expansion through “controlled chaos” will rush to world domination.
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  1. Mr.M
    Mr.M 27 August 2013 08: 14 New
    Доверие к Америке и курсу проводимой внешней политики в той или иной степени подорвано во многих странах. А понимание схемы с фиктивной "демократией" - всего лишь вопрос времени. Правда этот вопрос надо чаще освещать в различных изданиях и интернет-источниках, нужно чтобы народы понимали с чем имеют дело, и уже не велись на эти россказни.

    Knowledge is power. The knowledgeable is difficult, if not impossible, to manipulate.
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 27 August 2013 08: 29 New
      I agree, now America needs a reason for conflict, a serious conflict, after which they can write off their debts. There is nothing to do with democracy.
      1. alex13-61
        alex13-61 27 August 2013 09: 22 New
        Quote: Igor39
        Now America needs a reason for conflict, a serious conflict, after which they can write off their debts.

        Yes, there is already a conflict. They have already set the Islamic world on fire ... They need him to come to the territory of Russia ... and China. Pakistan and India pushed their foreheads.
        And there were no debts.
        1. melan
          melan 27 August 2013 12: 55 New
          Quote: alex13-61
          ..yes and China.

          I think they will not burn their garden.
        2. varov14
          varov14 27 August 2013 20: 29 New
          They set fire to the Islamic world and it began to spread like rust in their own countries, how they will put out it. Europe was still running in animal skins when the Arabs taught its culture, maybe they specifically let themselves be set on fire in order to re-invade Europe with a Trojan horse.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. aviator46
            aviator46 28 August 2013 01: 45 New
            One must be friends with the Western Countries, against the Arabs.
            There is no need to prove anything.
            All terrorist attacks in the world are the work of their hands.
            Penetrating into any European country, they immediately begin to pump rights.
            Not a single Arab country has reached the European level.
            And to take the oil with which they hold the whole world for eggs?

            Al-Qaida, its allies and clones: Afghan and Punjabi Taliban, Central Asian Hizb-ut-Tahrir and Jamaat Islami, Somali Al-Shabab and the Union of Islamic Courts, Al-Qaeda Maghrib and Algerian VIS , Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Pakistani Lashkar Y-Toiba, etc.
            This "green international" is organized to fight the Christian world, so your assumption is well founded.
        3. aviator46
          aviator46 28 August 2013 01: 34 New
          И слава богу, что подожгли "Исламский мир"..., а то мусульмане размечтались, об "Арабском халифате".
          “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” Muslims killed Jewish children in Israel, Christians in Lebanon, Indians in India, Copts in Egypt, Assyrians in Syria, Armenians in Turkey.
          Expelled more than 900 thousand Jews from Arab countries ...
          In the madrasah they say that Christians and Jews are monkeys and pigs cursed by Allah .... etc.

          The time has come to eradicate Islamic fascism.
      2. dzen123
        dzen123 27 August 2013 09: 30 New
        As an option of counteraction, I can offer the following: arrange a new Stalingrad in the form of Syria to the West, fuel a wave of discontent among the Western countries over the invasion of Syria, try to create at least short-term financial and political chaos in these countries by their own methods, and arrest the leaders of the intervention countries some G20 and convening an international tribunal for trial for war crimes.

        All this is real if, together with China, Iran, India +, the former siphon run away from the USA, having seen an alternative alliance of power. The only thing that is pity for Syria is that there will be no stone unturned.
        1. Mature naturalist
          Mature naturalist 27 August 2013 22: 26 New
          Yes, it would be nice for Syria to organize something like Lend-Lease on our part.
          But they will not organize, they are afraid.
          1. aviator46
            aviator46 28 August 2013 01: 48 New
            Пу и его друзья по кооперативу "Озеро" своё бабло держат на Западе...поэтому побоятся.
        2. Maximxnumx
          Maximxnumx 28 August 2013 04: 33 New
          and whether this very international tribunal will be so independent and unbiased. And whether he decides to oppose America. After condemning the offender, he will put the West as an aggressor. the West will not allow this.
      3. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 27 August 2013 19: 22 New
        Демократия - главное. Главное условие хаоса, нестабильности и краха любой, абсолютно любой государственной модели. Выдерни ее из их политтехнологий и "управляемый хаос" мгновенно со всей дури влепит организаторам по губам.
        Главный посыл - ты власть! Ты , вместо ума у тебя смартфон, вместо грамотности фотки, вместо силы видеоигрушки. Но у нас демократия и ТЫ власть! Чем глупее, ограниченнее, слабее человек (впрочем все эти слова можно заменить одним - чем креативнее), тем лучше работает этот метод. Ты и не должен ничего знать, уметь и мочь, это ОНИ должны тебе, и если немедля не отдают что ты хочешь, иди и разрушай "антинародную власть"! Результаты хорошо видно...
        1. mnn_13
          mnn_13 28 August 2013 01: 28 New
          In connection with what you wrote, I want to emphasize that controlled chaos is not only a means of destroying and conquering a state, but also a circulating technology that is long-lasting and stable control over captured states. Yary example here is Bulgaria. The separation of powers, the activities of NGOs (in some cases it is guaranteed by law) that nobody understands and which are funded by Western forces and interests, mass corruption on all floors of the state apparatus and especially in law-enforcement institutions guarantees the status of full subordination of the interests of the people and the state to external forces. Do not forget the role of the media - the main part of them is also controlled by external forces and interests.
      4. APASUS
        APASUS 27 August 2013 20: 19 New
        Quote: Igor39
        . Democracy has nothing to do with it.

        Democracy is an instrument of influence. You can’t just come and express your dissatisfaction. They express dissatisfaction with the lack of democracy. And according to the established scheme ........
    2. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 27 August 2013 09: 30 New
      Когда нибудь это закончится и "колосс о глиняных ногах" рухнет...
    3. 755962
      755962 27 August 2013 19: 45 New
      I repeat ..
      Chaos is only at the mercy of the Amers ... because they remember the main phrase of John D. Rockefeller ..
      The phrase sounded like this: "I have always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity."
  2. rugor
    rugor 27 August 2013 08: 40 New
    There was no counterweight to this bacchanalia in the world, no second pole. Nikita Sergeevich now would have kicked a shoe on the table and everyone would have scattered like cockroaches from unfortunate Syria. But the situation is not right now, the forces are not the same. Conclusion, you need to strengthen, strengthen the economy focusing on domestic demand.
    1. Majordok
      Majordok 27 August 2013 13: 08 New
      Не дадут нам спокойно укрепляться, влезли мы уже в "мировое сообщество", интегрировались продажными элитами.
    2. 755962
      755962 27 August 2013 19: 38 New
      The Washington Post, USA. It was a speech calling for war.
      In a speech by US Secretary of State John Kerry during a bold and at times emotional press conference on the Syrian issue, it was difficult to find a proposal that did not seem to be a direct argument in favor of an imminent military action by the United States. From the first paragraph to the 15th, it was a speech calling for war.

      These are not statements that are made if there is no decision yet whether to strike or not. These are statements that are made when a decision on military intervention has already been made, and now it is necessary to get support, create a coalition and determine an action plan. Judging by the comments of Kerry, now it is only a matter of time.
      1. zvereok
        zvereok 27 August 2013 22: 22 New
        It looks like a grimacing Mangalore from the 5 element.

    3. 755962
      755962 27 August 2013 20: 17 New
      Quote: rugor
      Nikita Sergeevich now would have kicked a shoe on the table and everyone would have scattered like cockroaches from unfortunate Syria.

      Силён был...мог и по "маме"...выразиться.
      In July 1959, US Vice President Richard Nixon flew to Moscow, where, together with Khrushchev, he opened the American National Exhibition in Sokolniki Park. Walking through the exhibit with Khrushchev, Nixon stopped outside a model kitchen of a suburban American home, where a lengthy argument erupted between politicians. According to the photographer Elliott Erwitt, who took the famous photograph of Nixon pointing his finger at Khrushchev, two phrases slipped through the debate that were not included in any of the publications. Nixon said: "We are rich and you are poor. We eat meat, and you eat cabbage!" Khrushchev replied simply: "Fuck you!"
  3. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 27 August 2013 08: 47 New
    Управляемый хаос это из области демонологии. Нынешние проблемы мира произросли из нерегулируемого развития самой демократии. Если в тоталитарном государстве диктатор подстригает самые высокие из растений, то при демократии делать этого некому и на поле вырастает чертополох из разного рода неправительственных организаций, фондов Сороса, частных военизированных и охранных организаций, гей-революционеров и других подобных уродов. Все эти силы набирают вес, координируются между собой и реально перехватывают власть в развитых странах. Они составляют политическую повестку, навязывают ее общественности через СМИ и вынуждают президентов, премьеров и других лидеров действовать в рамках этой политической повестки дня, так как непрерывное давление со стороны СМИ игнорировать невозможно. Мое мнение состоит в том, что реальная власть в таких странах как США, Англия, Франция давно уже принадлежит теневым структурам. Внутри этих стран идет дележка между старыми центрами силы и новыми центрами "мягкой силы". Последние еще только пробуют свои возможности, еще координируются между собой, еще только формулируют стратегические цели приемлемые для всех. Так что, то что происходит сегодня, это цветочки. Ягодки будут впереди и весьма скоро.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      27 August 2013 09: 12 New
      "...нерегулируемое развитие демократии". Неправительственные фонды, соросы очень даже регулируемы, и хорошо известно откуда, но вы этого не видете почему-то. Вы считаете что в Санта Фе демонологией занимаются...
      In fact, it can be called this: they do not exactly believe in God there.
    2. alex13-61
      alex13-61 27 August 2013 09: 32 New
      Quote: Jurkovs
      The current problems of the world have grown out of the unregulated development of democracy itself.

      Yes, the world elite has long held this very democracy by the throat ... and directs it in the right direction. It is not always possible and there are attempts at resistance, but there is no way to deny the existence of a world government. Now they are again disappearing, but the Bilderbergs are going and are going to. ..only less information.
    3. varov14
      varov14 27 August 2013 19: 57 New
      Ошибаешься друг, кто рулил тот и рулит, все остальные марионетки - управляемый хаос, который, при случае, загонят в резервации и загонят управляемые "патриоты".
    4. zvereok
      zvereok 27 August 2013 22: 26 New
      By the way, what we have in America is not democracy, but the real oligarchy. Both here and here they understand it.
  4. true love
    true love 27 August 2013 08: 50 New
    Англосаксы протаскивают свою политику уже не одно столетие. Меняются только декорации, истинное лицо "запада" всегда скрыто под маской "добродетели". Но если рассматривать результат очередных "подвигов демократии", то будет понятно для чего все это... Полный контроль всего человечества. Терроризм нужен только для продвижения своих целей и для оправдания тотального контроля.
  5. a52333
    a52333 27 August 2013 08: 55 New
    Nikita Sergeevich now would have kicked a shoe on the table and everyone would have scattered like cockroaches from unfortunate Syria. But the situation is not right now, the forces are not the same.
    The ratio of YBG under Khrushchev was worse than now:
    By 1960, the United States had a significant advantage in strategic nuclear forces. For comparison: the Americans were armed with approximately 6000 warheads, while in the USSR there were only approximately 300. By 1962, the United States was armed with more than 1300 bombers capable of delivering about 3000 nuclear charges [1] to the USSR. In addition, the United States was armed with the 183 ICBM Atlas and Titan ruen [2] and 144 Polaris missiles in nine nuclear submarines of the George Washington and Eten Allen [3] type. The Soviet Union was able to deliver about 300 warheads to the territory of the United States, mainly with the help of strategic aviation and the R-7 and P-16 ICBMs, which had a low degree of combat readiness and the high cost of creating launch complexes, which did not allow for the large-scale deployment of these systems.
    Просто Хрущеву хотелось ботинком постучать, и надо сказать, почти получилось. Вот и сейчас по Сирии не надо стоять, как будто в "штаны нас*али", а то и вправду этим закончится.
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 27 August 2013 11: 49 New
      In 1961, the USSR tested a hydrogen bomb with a capacity of 60 million tons of TNT, a nuclear mushroom shot up to a height of 64 km, all wooden houses were destroyed in a radius of 400 km, roofs flew from brick houses, an explosive wave went around the ground three times. Khrushchev liked to joke that the initial capacity was 100 mega tons, but that in Moscow the glass wouldn’t fly off, the capacity was reduced.
    2. varov14
      varov14 27 August 2013 20: 07 New
      Where is the politician who can now knock on the table with his boot? It is necessary for the sick to pretend to be so that the world starts up and doubts, and suddenly it really is an atomic bomb on our heads with all the chaos and money - there is no such thing in Russia.
    3. anip
      anip 28 August 2013 05: 24 New
      Quote: a52333
      Khrushchev just wanted to knock on his shoe, and I must say, it almost worked out.

      In fact, he didn’t just want to, there was nothing to write nonsense.
      Truth about the boot:
  6. KBPC50
    KBPC50 27 August 2013 09: 23 New
    Well written, but a bit late. At my level of understanding, controlled chaos is such a thing when each state has its own state, i.e. own gang. And they need cartridges, so they will give them the Yankees in the box, let them beat each other. And the Yankees will take oil and gas for that! But why give cartridges? After all, they will cut each other with knives, you want to eat.
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 27 August 2013 17: 07 New
      Quote: KBPC50
      Well written but late

      It's never too late to think and analyze ...
      Могу добавить, что "демократия" и Ислам - несовместимы изначально, по крайней мере в странах Магриба и Левантии.
  7. apostrophe
    apostrophe 27 August 2013 09: 48 New
    I think without the support of the authorities of the late USSR, its liquidation would be unrealistic, the author called too insignificant reasons.
    1. an_ursus
      an_ursus 27 August 2013 15: 38 New
      Автор таки заметил. 3-й пункт: "....необходимо наличие «агентов влияния», в первую очередь, из числа представителей силовых структур и госаппарата, которые, стремясь к деньгам, власти или под угрозой международного трибунала могут обеспечить смену режима..." Это упыри Иуда Меченый, ЕБН, раньше кукурузник, всякая мелочь и. д. Притом Горбатый стоит вообще особняком! Предатель занимающий самую вершину власти. В истории не было такого...
    2. Victor Kamenev
      27 August 2013 15: 59 New
      Власти позднего СССР были полны агентов влияния, по концепции "управляемого хаоса", но можно назвать их и предателями, так вы кажется хотите.
      1. Asan Ata
        Asan Ata 28 August 2013 01: 00 New
        In our school in 1973 (!!!), several teachers were agents of influence recruited by the CIA. This was recognized by one of them decades later, living in the United States.
  8. matross
    matross 27 August 2013 11: 31 New
    we (our fathers) believed in "communism - the bright future of mankind": ok
    it seemed like a myth.
    Да-а? И кто же это опроверг? И что тогда "светлое будущее человечества"? Глобализм может? Вы своё частное мнение за аксиому не выдавайте!
    1. Victor Kamenev
      27 August 2013 16: 04 New
      "Светлое будущее человечества" - это вера, как в Иисуса Христа, но пришествие их на землю - это Страшный суд.
      Perhaps the highest stage of capitalism-globalism will be communism, Alexander Zinoviev wrote about this. That is the Last Judgment, compared with today's Golden Age.
      1. matross
        matross 27 August 2013 17: 49 New
        Quote: Victor Kamenev
        but their coming to earth is the Last Judgment.

        Who are "them"?
        Quote: Victor Kamenev
        Alexander Zinoviev wrote

        Was he writing this when he was an anti-Soviet and dissident or when he was reforged into anti-globalists?
        1. Victor Kamenev
          27 August 2013 22: 24 New
          Это его мысль из книги "Запад", написана в конце жизни.
  9. smart ass
    smart ass 27 August 2013 14: 05 New
    A brighter future is paradise after death
  10. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 27 August 2013 15: 36 New
    <<<Эксперты иногда говорят о том, что в США разработана доктрина «управляемого хаоса». «На смену старой колониальной концепции «разделяй и властвуй» пришла современная доктрина «управляемого хаоса».>>>
    Глядя на всю эту неожиданную и продолжающуюся вакханалию силы (ведь главный противник Запада СССР пал) сегодня свергающей новые неугодные режимы и, не отягощая себя переживаниями, заливающей кровью невинных людей то одну, то другую страну, несмотря на то, что правительства на Западе меняются, приходят к "власти" новые президенты, неизбежно приходишь к заключению, что все эти западные правительства, госдепы, президенты - Обамы, Камероны...- все они заинтересованные, но ИСПОЛНИТЕЛИ, каждый на своем посту, из числа целой армии исполнителей, работающих на настоящих властелинов мира - банкиров, финансистов Рокфеллеров, Ротшильдов,..На них же работает целая армия интеллектуалов, ученых, разрабатывающих доктрины для воплощения в жизнь их маниакальных планов управления миром! Рокфеллеры - Ротшильды... - вот ГЛАВНЫЕ враги человечества! И они не остановятся и будут продолжать манипулировать миром! Почему бы здоровым, трезвомыслящим силам мирового сообщества, возмущенного творящимся в мире безпределом, не остановить этих зарвавшихся нелюдей! Причем, видя как они относятся к людям, что люди для них вроде тараканов, которых расплодилось слишком много и их можно просто давить без суда и следствия, целесообразно и с ними самими поступить ТАКЖЕ, физически УНИЧТОЖИТЬ их! Технически и технологически это вполне осуществимо. Несомненно после этого жизнь в мире станет только лучше!
    1. Victor Kamenev
      27 August 2013 16: 08 New
      К сожалению, теневые "властелины мира" очень хорошо охраняются, и даже в лицо их их знают приблизительно....
  11. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 27 August 2013 15: 48 New
    Quote: MajorDok
    Не дадут нам спокойно укрепляться, влезли мы уже в "мировое сообщество", интегрировались продажными элитами.

    That's for sure. There is no national elite in the full sense of the term. One way or another, Russia will have enough strength for its main opponents, it all depends on management.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      27 August 2013 16: 10 New
      The national elite has appeared in Russia - this is Putin's elite, which one is. The West immediately sensed this; one can believe such an expert.
      1. washi
        washi 27 August 2013 17: 21 New
        Elite means the best. Who do you call the best? I think the best are those who, despite wild capitalism, managed to stretch their factories, plants, collective farms and state farms, remained in the service, despite many months of non-payment of monetary allowances.
        Я не считаю элитой воров (оказавшихся около нужного тела во время раздачи народного имущества), актеров и певцов (певичек), и др. "творческую" интеллигенцию. Они еще в царское время приравнивались к проституткам и сутенерам, но для высшего света.
        The intelligentsia is a purely Russian word. There are intelligentsia, but there are intellectuals. What is the difference? Who does not know - look on the Internet.
        "Креативный" класс. Креатив - созидание, творчество.
        And what create bodies sitting in offices.
        Скорее "креативный" класс это гастеры на стройках, которые хоть что-то создают.
        Created by engineers, designers. And the rest ...
        Why, after the abolition of censorship, not a single worthy film or book was created?
        1. anip
          anip 28 August 2013 05: 26 New
          Quote: Vasya
          Why, after the abolition of censorship, not a single worthy film or book was created?

          "Творческое" 6ыдлo от искусства неспособно создать шедевр.
  12. Ross
    Ross 27 August 2013 16: 58 New
    Когда нибудь это закончится и "колосс о глиняных ногах" рухнет...

    То что сейчас этот "колосс" творит -настоящая агония выжившего из ума. Мир проснулся внезапно и колосс это увидел и теперь боится, вдруг мир поймет что он на глиняных ногах?

    It’s just all his strength - while we ourselves believe in it.
  13. Ross
    Ross 27 August 2013 17: 02 New
    Quote: Victor Kamenev
    К сожалению, теневые "властелины мира" очень хорошо охраняются, и даже в лицо их их знают приблизительно....

    It's like that. But already in their midst the flight of ordinary soldiers began - Snowden, for example, K. Insiders from their midst write that many are ready to abandon their masters at the first opportunity.
  14. olviko
    olviko 27 August 2013 17: 42 New
    " Зато есть другая политическая доктрина, которая всячески пропагандируется, и взята на вооружение США и всем прогрессивным Западом – распространения в мире «демократии как власти народа» и ее непреходящих ценностей."

    In fact, the United States, with its heavy legacy of slavery and robbery, which was carried out against the indigenous Indian population by migrants from Europe, has never been a truly democratic society. The constitutional foundations of the United States were laid in the interests of whites, amid the genocide of the Indians and the segregation of blacks. On such a rotten foundation never build a decent home.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      27 August 2013 22: 31 New
      A real democratic society is possible as a brief moment of happiness, a honeymoon, but not this moment determines the life of a person and society.
  15. Sour
    Sour 27 August 2013 20: 38 New
    Хаос в арабском мире объективно не выгоден Европе, да и США тоже. Но он выгоден Израилю, которому проще иметь дело с террористическими шайками, враждующими друг с другом, чем с сильными арабскими государствами. За "арабской весной", за всей этой настоящей и будущей кровью и разрухой стоит бандитское, фашистское, разбойничье, преступное, кровавое государство под названием Израиль, а также его влиятельное лобби во всём мире, имя которому - еврейский фашизм. И именно на поводу у этих кукловодов идёт Обама и его союзники.
  16. pinecone
    pinecone 27 August 2013 20: 53 New
    Доктриной "управляемого хаоса" мировой финансовый кагал не ограничивается. Параллельно с ней существует идеология т.н. "креативного разрушения".
  17. R150
    R150 27 August 2013 22: 30 New
    a good article, and the main conclusion is that you always need to think to whom it is beneficial, and do not fall for slogans
    1. Victor Kamenev
      27 August 2013 22: 33 New
      I completely agree with you: look who benefits from it, the ancient Greeks, great experts on democracy, spoke.
  18. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 28 August 2013 01: 07 New
    Статья по делу. Хочется добавить - развал государств, секспереворот в Европе, пандемии новых инфекций - это все ноты с одной оперы, которую поют уже больше трех десятилетий - "Золотой миллиард". Удачный билет светит только каждому седьмому. Остановить это можно только изнутри. "Неудачники" есть во всех странах мира.)))
  19. Drakk
    Drakk 29 August 2013 22: 51 New
    A worthy student of the United States in this technology is Russia, the shattering of the state of Georgia, support for the Transnistrian republic, probably if you dig around you can find more examples. It's just that the region of application is a little narrow, and the methods are a bit bearish, and the goals are the same for everyone. Well, in Russia there is a lot of experience left over from the times of the USSR regarding zombies of the population. What this article represents. without the image of an external enemy, the Emperors of Raska will quickly end, and there is always someone to blame for all their troubles. People hawala.