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"Jihad" against youth and journalists

Millions and millions of people know this joyful feeling of youth when you just graduated from school and entered the faculty you dreamed of. Behind are school years and memories of twos and fives, of friends and first enemies, of strict and good-natured teachers, of desks and changes, and in front there is a large and wide road that seems to run through life ...

Young Maria Ar-Rabia dreamed of becoming a doctor, heal people. Her surname in Arabic means "spring", and she was happy and beautiful, like a fresh spring day. The girl successfully graduated from school and entered the medical faculty of Aleppo University. On this occasion, she gathered friends, relatives and friends to the party.

"Jihad" against youth and journalists

Yes, in the country - an alarming situation. Yes, in Aleppo - some neighborhoods are occupied by the militants of the so-called "opposition", who organize unprecedented atrocities. Yes, residents of the city fall asleep to the sound of gaps and shots. But yesterday’s children still want to live life to the fullest and breathe a peaceful air. I want to walk and have fun with friends, dancing and laughing. It would be desirable, in the end, just to sit mentally in a cafe and celebrate a holiday.
Young people danced to the groovy Arabic music in the cafe, which is located at the sports club "Al-Basel" in one of the peaceful neighborhoods of Aleppo. It would seem that nothing foreshadowed trouble ... But she was already busy among the guests. Hemmed in the image of the same young guy, as it turned out, 1995 year of birth, who for some reason did not want to live by himself, nor to let others live. Apparently, the “oppositionists” brainwashed him well with a fake “jihad” and promised Gurias in the next world. He even danced with young Maria before a powerful explosion was heard in the cafe, crossing out music, life and joy.

Initially, seven victims of a terrorist with a “suicide girdle” were reported. Later, the death toll rose to ten. About 30 people were injured. Among those killed was Maria Ar-Rabia who did not become a doctor. Among the wounded is her mother.

Syrian TV showed mournful footage. Exfoliating tables, blood on the floor - and in the blood lies a white shoe with high heels, which its hostess will no longer wear. And the next frame - a terrible bloody mess on the dirty floor, a pile of human meat, stained with evil and carrion - is something that recently was a suicide bomber.

It would seem - for what bandits, "jihadists" to kill this girl graduate, for which to cross a young, dream-filled life?
Most likely, the fact is that the party, among Maria's relatives and friends, was invited by the journalist of the TV channel "Al-Ihbariya" Hassan Mhanna. He is known for his courageous reports against bandits. Along with the correspondent Yaroy Abbas who was killed by terrorists in May of this year, she repeatedly conducted a live broadcast from the front line.

Al-Ikhbariya is the same TV channel that is so hated by hired criminals who hide their grave atrocities under the guise of either religion or democracy. His employees repeatedly paid for courage and patriotism. This is the same TV channel, whose studio was attacked last June. The one whose film crew was abducted in the village of Tell, near Damascus, was then released by the army, but one of the staff members was brutally shot to shoot 60 bullets. The same TV channel, whose correspondents, including Yara Abbas, repeatedly took pain and death at the hands of those whom the West considers to be “fighters for freedom”.

Surviving employees of Al-Ikhbarii constantly receive threats against them. The worst thing is that sometimes the militants manage to execute them. Hasan Mhanna was no exception, for the murder of whom the young girl Maria, who dreamed of treating people, did not regret ...

In Syria, in the meantime, journalists continue to die. Over the past few days, militants have killed two Iranian correspondents who shot a documentary in the province of Damascus. One of them was called Ismail Khidri, the other - Hadi Bahbani.

This is not the first case of reprisals against journalists from Iran. Earlier, in September last year, gunmen shot dead an Iranian correspondent for the Press-TV channel, May Nasser. At the same time, the head of the same TV channel, Hussein Murtada, who, fortunately, managed to survive, was wounded, and he continues to shoot his honest and courageous stories about what is happening in Syria.

As stated by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the responsibility for the death of journalists is not only Salafi extremist groups, at the hands of whom they died. The crime involved and those who supply weapon these criminal Islamist gangs.

That is, for the crimes against the workers of the word and the microphone are the very forces that shout the loudest about the "freedom of speech"! That is - supposedly civilized West. Paradox?

It comes from terrorists and Western journalists. Thus, during the 7 months, a photographer from the United States, Matthew Schreyer, held a prisoner of Islamist militants. Then he miraculously managed to escape.

The journalist was interviewed by the New York Times, in which he said that the Islamists accused him of being a ... American spy. (Of course, such accusations sound very strange from the bloody lips of those who receive various kinds of “help” from the USA and use their patronage!)
The photographer was regularly beaten and tortured. But this Islamists was not enough. Using the prisoner's computer, the bandits removed funds from his bank account (this can be done in Syria only by having connections abroad). So that Schriyer's relatives did not raise a panic and did not ask themselves where he is, letters were sent from his email address that everything was alright with him. The kidnappers offered him to work for them as a courier and bring various equipment from abroad. They demanded a ransom of 3 million dollars.

The American newspaper, publishing the interview, noted that more than 15 nationals of Western countries, most of which are journalists, have been abducted since the 2012 by militants in Syria.

So what kind of “freedom struggle” can you still believe after this?

And in the north of Latakia province, Tamam Ward, a correspondent for the Russia Today TV channel, was injured. Fortunately, his life is out of danger.
... In the evening, 24 August in the Christian district of Al-Kassaa of Damascus thundered a powerful explosion of a mined car driven by a suicide bomber. From the cafe and a dozen cars a little left. Several people died ... Blood on the asphalt - and the rending sounds of the ambulance sirens ...
Terrorist attack in Aleppo - before and after
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  1. 416sd
    416sd 26 August 2013 08: 38
    What a beautiful girl ...
    1. Alexxeg73
      Alexxeg73 26 August 2013 11: 56
      I just wanted to write the same thing. Pretty what was. Mournfully ...
      1. old man54
        old man54 26 August 2013 16: 22
        among the arab women there are a lot of really beautiful girls, and not a few modest ones either. truly modest! repeat
  2. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 26 August 2013 09: 07
    [media = http: // i = 242_1377348376]

    see how the Islamist bloodthirstyheads kill people.

    Just some kind of inhuman.
  3. Armata
    Armata 26 August 2013 09: 09
    Helena. I sincerely wish the Syrian people to stand up against these freaks. It's a pity for the girl, and all the residents who suffered because of the dullness and greed of the mattress pad. I wish you success in your hard work.
    1. smile
      smile 26 August 2013 21: 26
      I join and I want to add, Elena. please stay alive, be careful.
  4. 31231
    31231 26 August 2013 09: 10
    Well, the fact that they are headless is also known to Allah. That's just for the leadership of Tan and Saudi Arabia, they are rebels.
  5. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 26 August 2013 09: 47
    Those who send "jihadists" do not believe in Allah themselves, they need him as a means, as a weapon for brainwashing! Religion, it is generally a strange thing, the more religion, the less science, and those who want to get rich, they do not need scientific people, they need stupid minds ... and who will create terror, not knowing why. Moreover, those who want to get rich, vryatli, themselves need knowledge, they live well anyway, there would be more money! So it turns out for those who receive money, they have enough benefits that can be bought, and therefore they do not need scientific achievements, and those who are performers do not need anything at all, they have development at the level of a stool!
  6. Sashkessss
    Sashkessss 26 August 2013 09: 54
    Poor fellows, they have to defend their country ... I hope that Assad will withstand all this and destroy the militants until the UN arrives at him with its whistle-dancing dances.
  7. erased
    erased 26 August 2013 10: 04
    That's when it will be with us - then we will penetrate. In the meantime, this only leads from afar. But for democratic Tolerasts, the main goal is Russia. Moreover, here they have so many assistants and supporters ...
  8. Guun
    Guun 26 August 2013 10: 51
    Brainwashing or the promise of a lot of money to a family that is in poverty, or maybe all together. They don’t understand the masses of young people who are brainwashed that they are just toys in the hands of the West - nobody explains this to them. After all, how can it be that the West kills Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan and African countries, but helps in Syria? I have a feeling that everyone who came there does not know at all what is happening in the world or simply do not want to know. And even more so, those who go against their ruler follow in the footsteps of the dangerous Kharijit sect (ardent sectarians who killed all those who disagree with them, and they began their story by killing the third ruler of the Arabs, Usman and his pregnant wife who did not support them.) brainwashed - where did your parents look?
    1. smile
      smile 26 August 2013 21: 39
      You know, I was also interested in the question of where the parents of the likes of the terrorists you mentioned were looking at ... I asked the elderly Chechen about this - he answered me that in many respects the worship of opinion is a myth. especially those who are spoiled by the Russians and the city, well, as they said. and pass it on. He also said that those who became interested in Wahhabism, all non-Wahhabis, including parents, pass into the category of non-humans to be destroyed ...
      To the question, so that we are such scum that we teach your poor boys bad things, he answered, having got rid of the care of their elders, they take the worst from you, ignoring all the good, forget all our good, but remember all our bad ... .because, we believe that you are spoiling them ..... that’s the logic of our Chechens ....
      Here is our logic ....
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. wax
    wax 26 August 2013 12: 15
    Gobachev’s court, which together with the EBN destroyed the USSR, I hope for a while, an outpost of justice in the world. The USSR stopped such conflicts and atrocities in a few days.
  12. albanech
    albanech 26 August 2013 12: 17
    Yes! There are no words!
  13. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 26 August 2013 12: 38
    The response to aggression should be tough and unambiguous. Why stand on ceremony with the Saudis, Qatars, other rabble? Such cute R-36Ms are idle, they would add pepper to their rotten dishes.
    1. smile
      smile 26 August 2013 21: 47
      Asan Ata
      If we are killing any means the Saudis and Qatar are, you are the first. like all your compatriots, together with the guys from another republic, brand us that we are colonialists and are engaged in the genocide of the innocent ... Poland has spoiled us much more, however, literally the day before yesterday all your compatriots who appeared on the discussion of the article stood up Poles .... :)))) if we had decided, perhaps ...:)))) .... otherwise we’ll save someone again, as they saved us from Turks and Persians ... and then look you have already enrolled us in the colonialists ..... :))))))
      1. Asan Ata
        Asan Ata 27 August 2013 22: 12
        I will not answer for all. I’ll answer for myself: we have common enemies and common friends. For Kazakhs, this is obvious. In the 90s, a lot of people recruited new investors, what was destroyed - factories, education, healthcare, etc. - is part of the project to turn us into a banana country, their work is done. If you look at the personnel policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan - there are many non-professionals, for example, the Minister of Environmental Protection - Kapparov - generally without a higher education. So these neoplasms do not destroy everything with their own hands - they gain stupid personnel, and they think that they are building up. Concrete sootage. It is clear that then everyone will answer, but then. We wait.
  14. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 26 August 2013 12: 43
    The terrorist act is a hideous evil. And it’s impossible to define a clear goal, I don’t know any country that obeyed the terrorists ...
  15. denson06
    denson06 26 August 2013 14: 47
    Thank you, Elena, in your hard journalistic work .. and God bless you and all the peace-loving and honest people in Syria!
  16. eplewke
    eplewke 26 August 2013 14: 59
    I feel sorry for the girl ... so beautiful ... We must also catch some terrorist, shove a couple of kilos of trotyl in his ass and send it to her! Let it explode in the stall of obscurantists!
    1. smile
      smile 26 August 2013 21: 49
      Oh well ... I don’t see the need to commit atrocities ..... and it’s disgusting ... just take them to the nearest ditch and quietly and quietly slap everything and business ... why arrange a circus out of an unpleasant but necessary measure?
  17. old man54
    old man54 26 August 2013 16: 29
    Thanks a lot to Lena for the wonderful, so painful and truthful articles about this orgy in today's Syria! I wish you health, Lena, and cottages, both journalistic good luck and good luck in life, so that all bad things pass you by! love
  18. lilit.193
    lilit.193 26 August 2013 19: 06
    And what to take from these Mujahideen? These are not even people in the known sense of the word. These are lousy religious zealots with cannibalistic inclinations.
    The girl is really sorry. Could live a normal life and benefit people. Yes, there are many people like her in Syria. And this religious lice must be deduced as well as the lice themselves!
  19. GEO
    GEO 26 August 2013 19: 57
    what creatures ...
  20. alone
    alone 28 August 2013 23: 33
    it is necessary to wet these bearded creatures !! watering and only watering !!