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Textron will supply ground troops of Colombia 28 BTR COMMANDO

Textron will supply ground troops of Colombia 28 BTR COMMANDO

Textron Marine & Land Systems (a division of Textron Systems) has disclosed details of an agreement signed with the US Army Armored Vehicles and Armaments Command for the supply of advanced 4x4 COMMANDO armored personnel carriers for the Army of Colombia.

It is planned to supply 28 of a COMMANDO armored personnel carrier with a wheel formula 4x4 worth $ 31.6 million.

COMMANDO is a family of multifunctional four-wheeled armored vehicles capable of performing various tasks. Carefully tested and proven in difficult conditions, the COMMANDO family of machines offers a wide range of protection that exceeds the MRAP level, unsurpassed road and off-road mobility, and sufficient firepower.

The family of cars Commando 4x4 is in service with several countries. The largest user is the US Army, which uses them as an advanced M1117 (ASV) security guard vehicle and an M1200 artillery observer armored vehicle.

Commando is also used in a number of other countries, including Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Colombia and Iraq, they have recently been ordered by Canada. To date, more than 4000 machines of the Commando family have been produced, and monthly 48 vehicles are produced.
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  1. Veles25
    Veles25 26 August 2013 07: 39
    1. kirieeleyson
      kirieeleyson 26 August 2013 15: 55

      I personally do not understand why our beauty is worse if wisely modernized.
      1. Muadipus
        Muadipus 26 August 2013 17: 27
        You yourself answered your own question. Their beauty does not require modernization, but ours yes.
  2. Yeraz
    Yeraz 26 August 2013 10: 25
    Nitsche such.
  3. Muadipus
    Muadipus 26 August 2013 11: 20
    Apparently made on special order of the Colombian kings. In the open it can not be delivered.