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Russian Foreign Ministry called the sentence to Manning a manifestation of double standards


A US court showed double standards in relation to the rule of law and human rights, sentencing the main informant of WikiLeaks Bradley Manning to 35 years of imprisonment. Thus, Konstantin Dolgov, an authorized representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, commented on the outcome of the scandalous legal process:

"If we leave out the very serious charges against the ordinary US Army B.Manning and the degree of his real guilt towards the US state (this is the prerogative of the US court), the following is noteworthy. According to many reports, including American human rights organizations, information released by B. Manning revealed numerous abuses by the US Army during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the death of civilians and civilians, torture as well as other gross violations of international human rights law. In short, everything that the US authorities are so baked and so enthusiastically seeking to promote around the world. As far as we know, despite the vigorous demands of international rights control mechanisms rights, in particular, the special procedures of the UN Human Rights Council, as well as the human rights community, no one in the United States has incurred any punishment for these offenses.

In addition, from the mouths of US officials, one can often hear criticism of various court decisions taken in other countries for alleged infringement of freedom of speech, assembly, and other civil rights. However, when the interests of the United States themselves are affected, the American judicial system, as in the case of B. Manning, makes unreasonably tough decisions on the principle of “others not being discouraged” without any regard for human rights aspects.

Such a manifestation of double standards in relation to the rule of law and human rights once again shows the unfoundedness of the claims of the United States for "leadership" in these important areas ", - noted in the comment of K. Dolgov.

21 August Court sentenced 25-year-old US Army soldier Bradley Manning to 35 years in prison. The preliminary hearings on the Manning case began in 2012, and the process has been going on since June 2013. During the trial, Manning acknowledged the transfer of secret documents to Wikileaks, stating that in this way he wanted to tell the world about the disdainful attitude of the US military to the lives of civilians in a conflict zone.

In particular, the resource WikiLeaks has published documents of the US Department of Defense, which set out the rules for the treatment of prisoners in Iraq, as well as those suspected of terrorism in a special prison at the American base in Guantanamo (Cuba).

WikiLeaks talks about how evidence is obtained from prisoners in prisons using emotional pressure and intimidation. So the investigators are asked to “play” on the prisoner's love for his family and homeland, or, on the contrary, shout at him and throw threats, so that the only way out seems to be cooperation.

The “Prisoners' Contents” document shows the anatomy of the beast, which is the US prison system created after 9 / 11. This is a piece from that dark zone where law and rights do not apply, where a person can sit without any trace, which is very convenient for the US Department of Defense. It shows the costs of the early days of the war with an unknown "enemy" and how these methods matured and evolved. In the end, it all developed into a permanent system of exceptions that exists today, "said Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
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  1. Mr. Gambu4aS
    Mr. Gambu4aS 23 August 2013 10: 37
    The strong is always right, so "take as much freedom as you can take"!
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 23 August 2013 12: 30
      I am amazed at the amers, correctly ours did not give out Snowden. These amersky cannibals are capable of anything.
      1. DEMENTIY
        DEMENTIY 23 August 2013 13: 29
        I am amazed at the amers, correctly ours did not give out Snowden. These amersky cannibals are capable of anything.
      2. Hudo
        Hudo 23 August 2013 21: 37
        Quote: Sandov
        I am amazed at the amers, correctly ours did not give out Snowden. These amersky cannibals are capable of anything.

        Maning's List would be very appropriate. I personally do not care deeply about the fate of all amers, meninges-schmenings and other malevolent Colorado beetles with two legs, but any opportunity to step with a tarpaulin boot on the cowboy's favorite corn, mad with impunity - "democracy and universal human values", cannot be missed.
    2. AVV
      AVV 23 August 2013 13: 08
      In America, there is a rule that for America, good does not have to be good for others! And whoever writes the laws is not required to comply with them !!!
  2. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 23 August 2013 10: 40
    Gave amers on tinsel! Bravo! Short but capacious!
  3. Paul
    Paul 23 August 2013 10: 41
    During the trial
    Manning acknowledged the transfer
    Wikileaks Secret Documents

    After that, what double standards are we talking about - is there a fact of the transfer of secret documents

    it concerns us too, you give a non-disclosure subscription - be silent in a rag, you doubt look for legal ways
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 23 August 2013 12: 13
      How is it about which? If Manning would pass on any technical secrets. But he made public the materials about the war crimes of the American military. And no one was punished for these crimes. Although in relation to other states they are very sensitive to such manifestations.
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 23 August 2013 13: 11
      What's the difference what he said at all? "Confession is the queen of proof"? So "in the Merry Tower there are many experts in evidence. You admit there that people walk on their hands and people walk on their sides ..." Moreover, this is the United States - a prison of nations and a totalitarian state with a terrible extrajudicial repressive apparatus.
      It is necessary to look at the facts - he did not disclose defense or technical secrets. Only crimes against a person. Is the concept of "criminal order" familiar?
    3. Bronis
      Bronis 23 August 2013 20: 52
      Bradley Mening is a child of American mass culture and media propaganda. He believed in certain ideals, which were simply propaganda weapons (by inertia since the days of the Cold War). They say a little somehow, but he is also gay ... In general, a very exalted and psychologically unstable person. It is interesting to see who gave him access to the materials ...
      Nevertheless, bad Mening or good, but the court decision must be objective, balanced and proportionate to the degree of public danger of the act.
      But it was not there. Even at the stage of the preliminary investigation, there were many procedural violations: they did not bring charges for a long time, they held him with violations, pressured him. Check out even English-language sites. it slips. But the court dismissed almost all the motions of the defense ... And the accusation there was very ambiguous. He did not disclose any classified information. they were of limited use only. Aiding the enemy was also difficult to tie. He, as such, was not. Just disclosure of confidential information (NOT SECRET!) Without serious consequences. I can't immediately indicate the sanction, but something no more than 8 years ... but this is not pedagogical. How many of the same truth-lovers will appear. So they tried to "solder" for 50 years, though some of the accusations fell apart, so "only" 35 ...
  4. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 23 August 2013 10: 54
    Cool with Mening cost.
    1. Veles25
      Veles25 23 August 2013 10: 59
      No comments
      1. alone
        alone 23 August 2013 12: 16
        belay and this one there too !!
      2. Sandov
        Sandov 23 August 2013 12: 32
        Amer’s delirium is not worth a penny.
    2. ivshubarin
      ivshubarin 23 August 2013 13: 58
      And we would have given a suspended sentence or house arrest
  5. voliador
    voliador 23 August 2013 12: 39
    Yes, scrappers have been acting like this for a long time - I want to turn it over, and they don't care about the opinions of the others.
  6. PureGUN
    PureGUN 23 August 2013 12: 54
    And why didn’t he dump to Russia?
  7. Alex66
    Alex66 23 August 2013 14: 19
    "The Russian Foreign Ministry called the sentence to Menning a manifestation of double standards"

    And the sentence to Kvachkov with Khabarov?
    1. SHILO
      SHILO 23 August 2013 19: 28
      And the sentence to Kvachkov with Khabarov?

      Do you need potential terrorists? Not enough terrorist attacks?

      Minus from me.
  8. Vtel
    Vtel 23 August 2013 14: 21
    The Yankees were overwhelmed by the ears, now anger is being taken out on this boy. May God grant him health and strength, was not afraid to pinch the world jackal, but it costs a lot. Now the Yankees are furious, for their master is the devil and he is not happy apparently.
  9. Veles25
    Veles25 23 August 2013 14: 27
  10. Alexandr73
    Alexandr73 23 August 2013 14: 39
    In any country, going against the system is like ... against the wind. You’ll be wet anyway. At least in the USA, even with us. And if a person BELIEVES IN JUSTICE OF JUSTICE, then this is not treated. Although today I read that he wants to change sex, he feels like a woman named Chelsea. That will change and Chelsea Manning will be - and this is already a different person, there may be some loophole in US law, although if you decide not to let it out, you can do the operation of turning it into a dog, you’ll be a dog to sit out.
  11. Megatron
    Megatron 23 August 2013 14: 48
    All pralno, changed sex, and left the punishment, they planted another person).
  12. Fin
    Fin 23 August 2013 15: 18
    Finally, our Foreign Ministry began to express its point of view on issues that do not concern us much. Prior to this, the Britons on the newspaper Tribuna expressed dissatisfaction. Few need to hammer through RT.
  13. APASUS
    APASUS 23 August 2013 17: 53
    Most likely, many truth-seekers can soon rush out of the United States.
    As the great Popandopolo said:
    It seems to me that we are on the eve of a great schucher!
  14. Che
    Che 23 August 2013 20: 10
    Amer specifically sat in. Bradley Maning was imprisoned for what our dissidents were received at.
  15. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 25 August 2013 14: 42
    Quote: According to many, including American, human rights organizations, the information that B. Manning disclosed revealed numerous abuses by the US Army during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the deaths of civilians and civilians, torture of prisoners, and other gross violations of international human rights law.
    Americans are very fond of teaching others (especially Russia) how to be democratic, respect human rights, and avoid the death of civilians during "democratic" military operations against Afghan, Iraqi and other partisans. And what actually happens? Intentional killing of civilians, torture, massive violation of the rights of Afghan people. Bradley Manning revealed no secrets. He showed the duplicity of the American military. So shut up gentlemen from the Pentagon. Become yourself normal people first, and then teach.