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Aviation proud, aviation flooded

Aviation proud, aviation flooded

On August 14, the aviation industry workers and their sympathizers waited with ill-concealed hope - at a meeting on the problems of civil aircraft industry, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister D. Rogozin, they had to determine where we were going and on what. A rare case - not only functionaries and “effective” managers, but also real specialists were invited to participate in it. But the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC) had time to prepare. Companions for the collapse of the aviation industry - Minister D. Manturov, along with UAC President M. Pogosyan - did not miss theirs.
In the beginning there was a word

- Russian airlines from 2008 have acquired almost 600 foreign and only 59 domestic planes, that is, 10 times less, - set the tone, opening the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. And he continued:

- A completely intolerable situation has developed in the fleet of medium-haul aircraft, where the share of foreign aircraft is about 80%. The share of modern Russian aircraft accounts for about 7% of the number of aircraft fleet of the Russian Federation, their contribution to the total passenger traffic is even less - 4%. This indicates the actual loss of the domestic main market for the domestic aviation industry.

The experts present got around - oh, there will be something. But the matter did not go further than stating this and other well-known facts. They waited - suddenly Poghosyan will be excommunicated from the “Oakovskaya” feeder. But no, it didn’t. Unsinkability of regularly failing anything and all businessmen who suck on aviationis amazing. Apparently, they use the sincere love of the president of the country for aviation. At his initiative, huge amounts of money are being pumped into the aviation industry. Including taxpayers, that is ours with you. Directly from the state budget or through actually state financial instruments - banks. And where is the result, where is the universal triumph of the Russian aircraft industry?

Interestingly, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Yuri Slyusar, at this meeting in the government, menacingly stated that we will not give money to the Sukhoi Superjet NG (Next Generation) stretched from 98 to 130 until 2016. Let them modify the one that is. Boldly, on the Pogosyan rolled? No, everything is agreed, Pogosyan is satisfied - he will receive the next 4 with more than a billion rubles for the follow-up care of the “childhood diseases” of the Superjet. Pogosyan this is necessary, he is not a patriot, he is a merchant. What is the difference on which plane will spill the next golden stream? The Superjet construction program has long become a charitable mission on the part of the state; it will not pay off in half a century.

Tu-204-300 flies to the neighboring Chinese Mudanjiang (38 minutes), and to distant Moscow

Immediately, five people were preparing for a report on the organization of the production of the Tu-334, including members of the Tu-334-100 National Aircraft Foundation. Breakthrough? But here, too, the fiercely known hatred (or envy?) Of Pogosyan to this successful car clearly worked. It is not known what “work” and with whom he conducted it, but two hours before the meeting, representatives of the vice-premier’s office phoned all participants, and lowered the directive: there will be no discussion on Tu-334, this item has been removed from the agenda.

And we had

Tu-154 - Islamic factor

It turns out that the most popular plane among Muslim pilgrims was the Tu-154. The Bulgarian aviators earned huge sums of money on them, drove people from all over the world to hajj. The operating time on board reached 20 hours per day. Our “TU” possessed an excess, from the point of view of merchants, power and, accordingly, consumed extra tons of fuel, but was the only airliner that flew without problems in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates during the daytime hours. And all the other passenger liners were waiting for the departure of the evening air temperature drop - the hot breath of the desert noticeably takes away power from the turbojet engines.

Far East Riot - Save Savelyev

Another scandal with domestic liners is breaking out - Aeroflot OJSC - Russian Airlines, in an orderly manner, it’s not for some aviahlam, but new ones by aviation standards Tu-204-300. In addition, the most long-range in the lineup 204-x. August 9 hosted a conference of the work collective of Vladivostok Avia OJSC, the largest airline in the Far East. The rarest case in domestic practice - the whole airline rebelled. They passed a resolution and appeal to all possible instances - from the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) to international trade unions of transport workers and first of all to the President of Russia.

Two years ago, the controlling stake in the airline was transferred to Aeroflot. Began integration and reorganization. The integration plan included the decommissioning of A330, Yak-40 wide-body aircraft and all helicopters. At the same time, А330 aircraft were decommissioned by decision of Aeroflot-RA OJSC ahead of schedule, from the beginning of the 2012 summer schedule of the year, and not in winter, as the integration plan suggested.

As a result, the company lost revenue and incurred huge additional costs for early termination of leasing contracts in the form of penalties. They added the cost of paying for repairs and preparing aircraft for delivery to the lessor. Total costs for this event amounted to 3,8 billion rubles. Only during 2012 did 800 aviation specialists be fired. The profitable in-flight catering department, at the command of the aeroflot managers, was removed from the airline and registered as a separate legal entity. As a result, following the results of 2012 of the year and under the leadership of Aeroflot managers, the airline became unprofitable. Since September last year, Vladivostok Avia has been operating in a new structure, operating an aircraft fleet - six A320 and Tu-204-300 each. This year they made a profit, with the majority coming from the exploitation of not “Airbasov”, but “Tupol”. And now a new blow "under the breath" - from October 27 the red light turned on the Tu-204-300. This is about 500 people "on the way out", aviators write V. Putin:

“In the 2010 year, being the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, you at the official, public meeting with the CEO of Aeroflot RA, during the discussion on optimizing regional companies, set him the task - first of all to think about people, not to forget about social obligations in front of labor collectives, and also oriented the head of Aeroflot RA, when updating the aircraft fleet of the regional companies to be joined, focus on domestic aircraft.

It seems that the government and the president set the tasks, and the merchants at the head of state-controlled companies simply spit on them. They have their own perverted logic - there is nothing to do in the fleet of the "national carrier" for every kind of "Carcass" and "Yak":

“Such a solution for the company today means not only the loss of half of the fleet of aircraft that the company has successfully operated since 2005, but also the loss of highly skilled specialists: flight and engineering staff, cabin crews, ground service workers. This decision was perceived by the work collective as a loss of jobs and a continuation of the optimization that has already taken place in the form of subsequent actions to reduce several hundred people, which contradicts the policy of the state to consolidate and attract people to the Far East of Russia.

Aviators remind the president of the country:

“The engineering and aviation structure of Vladivostok Avia OJSC is the leading among the operators of Tu-204 type aircraft. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that as part of a special flight government squad, flights are carried out on Tu-204-300А aircraft, modified taking into account our experience in operating this type of aircraft. ”

And then, in their address to V. Putin, they swung at the holy:

“In this regard, the conference of the work collective of Vladivostok Avia OJSC expresses no confidence in the CEO of Aeroflot-RA, V. Saveliev, and asks you to initiate an early termination of their powers as the general director of Aeroflot-RA;
- considers it his civic duty to give an unsatisfactory assessment to the leadership of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, due to the fault of which the state program for the development of civil aviation in the Russian Far East is still not clear. Its absence gives rise to adequate actions of some aviation managers in favor of business development in a single “Society”, the ordeals of abbreviated aviators, anxiety and excitement in still working teams. ”

I managed to contact Sergey Semin, captain of one of the Vladivostok Tu-204-300:

- Aircraft licked "to ringing," less bounce than A320. We achieve on them to Bangkok, Moscow. Now, for example, I am preparing to fly to St. Petersburg.

- Maybe PS-90 engines have complaints?

- What are you, it's all in the distant past. It is rarely a false alarm of any sensor that does not affect the safety of flight.
He does not idealize domestic aircraft, if briefly, you have to overpay for spare parts: too few of these machines are built and flies:
- But we do not allow any “flights with deferred defects”, write down all the comments in the logbook and keep the equipment in perfect condition. Today it is not a car, but a sweetie. Sometimes, on 11 hours hung in the air.

And these sweets are removed from the park. Maybe, Aeroflot CEO Saveliev and his predecessors really have obligations to manufacturers of foreign aircraft?
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  1. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 22 August 2013 07: 01
    Russian civil aviation industry - don't make me laugh. Time is VERY lost. For Tu-204: 1996-1998 worked at Vnukovo Airlines at the training center. Ours operated the first serial 204s. Spat on. The engines were especially scolded.
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 22 August 2013 07: 42
      I have files of the journal "Technology for the Youth" for the 90s. Already then they complained - "the state does not pay due attention to the aviation industry", "we are lagging behind the leading countries." The conclusion is that it is still there, if not worse.
    2. Alekseev
      Alekseev 24 August 2013 13: 40
      Quote: xetai9977
      in 1996-1998 worked at Vnukovo Airlines at the training center.

      And in 1986, or earlier, you did not work in a training center? wink
      Do you suppose that in 15 years the situation with Ps-90 could change for the better?
      There is one problem (or rather, even two)
      1. Small series of domestic aircraft and all the ensuing from this associated with price, service, etc.
      2. Personnel. Weak demand from industry "generals".
      In the conditions of our huge country, it is necessary to organize a state. transport and passenger airline, carrying out regular cargo and passenger flights from the center to the outskirts at regulated prices, to supply it with domestic aircraft.
      Let the rest compete with her.
      But, so that this would not be an empty undertaking, to put at the head of this company and the KLA people who are not similar to Serdyukov-the field assistant, but who are able to establish business. And the result will be!
      And with such an approach as, for example, with the IL-96-400, when they made three pieces (neither a spare engine, nor a track service), they shoved them into, to put it mildly, the problematic Polet company, which is far from the "top" level, and , now, good cars are idle, on the contrary, one negative. crying
  2. svp67
    svp67 22 August 2013 07: 03
    Yes, it would not hurt Mr. Rogozin from the words to which he is quick to get down to business - this is the real front line of work, especially since he knows the essence of the problem. It’s time to understand already that not beautiful words, but concrete deeds deserve authority
    1. LaGlobal
      LaGlobal 22 August 2013 07: 24
      Quote: svp67
      It’s time to understand already that not beautiful words, but concrete deeds deserve authority

      Good morning! I agree. After all, the aviation industry is one of the key problem factors. Why the GREAT COUNTRY should fly to the Boengag, if she herself has beautiful planes - just do it. It's all about the officials who are sitting and are not doing anything to develop our aviation industry with you! It is sad. The flight resource, soon on, and so old Tu-shkah - ends. Except SuperJet100 and Tu-204 - nothing = (
      It's a shame.
  3. tarks
    tarks 22 August 2013 07: 04
    Where is the FSB looking? Money is money, but that’s not all.
    1. Airman
      Airman 22 August 2013 09: 29
      Quote: tarks
      Where is the FSB looking? Money is money, but that’s not all.

      The FSB is controlled by the authorities, wherever the authorities look, the FSB is also there. Without the command "face" no one will even lead the ear.
  4. 6 sunrise 9
    6 sunrise 9 22 August 2013 08: 24
    What the hell? The article will clearly focus only on the Tu-204-300. But what about the Tu-204SM OAO Tupolev received orders for it already 42 pieces, the first flight was in 2010. In 2013 construction will begin in 2014. there will be the first syrian deliveries.

    About the Tu-204 fleet will be removed, but this does not mean that this applies to all aircraft of the Tu-204 class. Nenad confused Tu-204 and for example Tu-204-300 / Tu-204-100E / Tu-204-120 and so on.
  5. Airman
    Airman 22 August 2013 09: 26
    Slyusar, Saveliev, Poghosyan are puppets who work off the money of Western "partners". After all, if TU, ​​Ily go into the series, then the purchases of airbuses and Boeings will decrease. Superheroes - what is it? Jet is a private jet plane, this is translated from English. The Superjet is a large private (Poghosyan) jet.
  6. makst83
    makst83 22 August 2013 10: 05
    That's because the air industry is led by hucksters and managers who are imprisoned for fat and handouts, and not experts and experts in their field!
  7. Constantine
    Constantine 22 August 2013 11: 41
    Five people were preparing for the report on the organization of production of the Tu-334, including members of the People’s Tu-334-100 foundation

    Interestingly, but the author really believes that the Tu-334 fund is going to raise the plane, and not to publicize its members? Their videos are clearly given away by anti-statehood and other motives, and the Tu-334 serves only as an excuse to do so.

    Tu-204SM - yes, a good car,
    Superjet is also good. I personally flew more than once and I liked it.
    Tu-334 - finally forget. It is outdated and not competitive. It's time to move on, or something. Or maybe the people of the People's Aircraft Tu-334-100 have so badly pounded the brain that you do not understand the obvious things. It will not be in demand for a number of very important reasons. Starting from obsolete avionics, engines, gluttony and ending with economic inexpediency for potential customers - airlines for these and a number of other reasons.

    I am sure that a number of familiar faces will come running and fiercely begin to minus me proving that I am wrong, but the facts are facts. Whatever you say, anyone who wants to sort out the issue will understand this himself. smile
  8. evil hamster
    evil hamster 22 August 2013 11: 48
    Immediately, five people were preparing for a report on the organization of the production of the Tu-334, including members of the Tu-334-100 National Aircraft Foundation. Breakthrough? But here, too, the fiercely known hatred (or envy?) Of Pogosyan to this successful car clearly worked. It is not known what “work” and with whom he conducted it, but two hours before the meeting, representatives of the vice-premier’s office phoned all participants, and lowered the directive: there will be no discussion on Tu-334, this item has been removed from the agenda.

    Well, right. Sense to discuss? Tu334-100 production - in the form that it is bullshit, not to mention the fact that no modernization and updating of the side will save him. Time is not implacable and has no reversal.