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Only our story, starting in 1991 with farce, turned into tragedy in 1993.

(children-teen impressions from the collapse of the world's greatest power)

At the end of the 80 of the last century, when the Union was already “cracking at the seams”, I was still a child, but thanks to the notorious conversations in the kitchen and the constant arguments of parents with my grandmother and grandfather, I understood what was happening around.

Only our story, starting in 1991 with farce, turned into tragedy in 1993.

Without a moment's doubt, I took the side of my grandfather. Probably, it cannot be argued that in 10-11 of boy years, my choice was completely meaningful. And yet at some internal, subconscious level, I felt that my grandfather was right. Once I asked him:
- Grandfather, can it happen that our country will soon cease to be socialist?
- What are you, granddaughter (I remember very well that with these words he hugged me and held me close)! The army will not allow, - the grandfather answered with confidence in his voice.

The officer, who gave military service more than 30-years, got to the front as a private at the end of July 1941, he ended up fighting only in December 1945 when he was in command of a company of soldiers of the NKVD in Western Ukraine, where, as you know, those who today are called "heroes" and "freedom fighters". My grandfather didn’t admit that the Soviet army would allow a counter-revolution in the country.

How many can remember, ever since I have always been a Bolshevik. For which I had repeatedly been bit in school, and later, in a military school, I even “shloped” a couple of out-of-order outfits, not wanting to sew a “three-flower” on the sleeve.

By the way, I still recognize only the Red Victory Banner with a hammer and sickle. And let no one try to impress me, they say, it does not matter that the “three stripes” made the flag of their “army” Vlasov, because this is the “Petrovsky flag”. So what?! And who is Peter I ?! - Bloody beast, debauchee, tsar-feudalist and destroyer of ancient Russian traditions !!!

But life decreed otherwise ... First, the unbeatable Soviet Army “allowed”, surrendering the country without a fight.

Karl Marx, in his 18th Brumaire Louis Bonaparte essay, wrote: “Hegel remarks somewhere that all the greats of the worldhistorical events and personalities are repeated twice: the first time as a tragedy, and the second as a farce. ” Eh, no matter what they say about the "father of communism", and the quote he quoted from Hegel, as well as possible, is applicable to the collapse of the Union.

The only difference is that in our history, farce preceded the tragedy.

I remember, when I had a lot of work (blessing, the summer holidays at school continue all three long and desirable summer months), 18 August 1991, I came home already in the evening, my mother took me aback news:
- In the country a coup.
- But what about Gorbachev? - I asked, still not understanding, to be afraid or rejoice.
- Everything. Shifted him. Now his deputy, Yanayev, is the acting officer, and, well, the military, Yazov, is also involved in all this.

Here my face swam in a wide smile.
- So, capitalism will not be? USSR saved?
“Yes, son, I think, now they will restore order,” Mom replied, but somehow somehow hesitantly. The fact is that by that time my parents also began to be disappointed in “perestroika and new thinking”.

Could we then have known that through the most insignificant for history (yes, for history — even for human life), for two days everything that happened would be just a mirage that disappears just as quickly as it does?

In those days when Yeltsin, gathering around him all the “lovers of freedom” (with the smallest small amount of gray matter in his head) and crawling with the “tricolor” (recall, previously used by the Vlasovites) to the BMP stationed at the “white house”, I approached father asked: “Dad, but why is the same Yanaev, or Yazov, or Kryuchkov, or Pugo not ordered to arrest him?” In response, the pope said something unintelligible in the spirit that bloodshed should not be allowed, etc. , etc.

Naive! How, indeed, naive! But if even adults then believed that what was happening was reality, and not a theatrical production, how could an 13-year-old teenager understand this? After just a few days, when the last hopes for the salvation of the Union were lost, we were perplexed, as the State Emergency Committee, having in its hands an army, the KGB, the police managed to lose this battle.

Later, in the 11 class (which, in fact, was supposed to be 10, we just jumped 5, going directly to 6, only one and not the most terrible of the retarded “reforms”) a respected history teacher offered us her explanation of what happened. She suggested that the “putsch” (God, another idiotic word) was just a performance staged with the knowledge (if not direct instructions) of Gorbachev. In general, I agreed with her interpretation of events, with one small remark (which I immediately made out loud) that Gorbachev in this whole "farce comedy" was just an actor, and the director of the play was most likely on another side of the Atlantic.

Let me digress and remember how I brought this poor teacher almost to tears. Well, the same fool was! - I didn’t want to understand that the requirements of the educational program hang over her, like a domoklov sword, and she can’t, no matter how much she wants, extol the Soviet power. Yes, for the mere fact that during the time of rampant theft, discord and betrayal, she dared to explain to us the basics of Marxism, she should have been thankless. I jumped up (I jumped up instead of pulling my hand) and at any opportunity did not let her curse Stalin, praised the Soviet Union, in general, the lessons of history in our 11 class often turned into our fights with her.

But, sorry, very away from the topic. More recently, on the Internet, I found a video recording of a conversation with the famous writer-historian and “odpicist” of Putin, Nikolai Starikov. Whatever the Starikov, but his version of the “putsch” of 1991, I also found it interesting. Basically, repeating the story of our teacher, he added that the performance was staged unequivocally on the direct instructions of the “tagged” (hereinafter I will call this traitor to the Motherland that way). In the opinion of the Pinophookhchitel, the then President of the USSR (also, how could the word президент President ’and the infinitely bright USSR’ smelt rotten beside him rotten? ’He himself asked his closest comrades and ministers to bring order to the country and departed to splash around Foros. And then, when I realized that the action on the stage was clearly beyond the limits of the script, I betrayed them and returned to Moscow as the “legitimate law restored”, the head of state.

In favor of the play, the fact that all the participants of the action, having got into the "Sailor's Silence", were soon pardoned, also speaks. I can not explain myself only the suicide of Interior Minister Boris Karlovich Pugo. Did he alone turned out to be "uninitiated."

However, let us leave these proceedings to archivists and historians of the future. Now back to the beginning of 90's. As most readers probably remember, the first years after the arrival of Yeltsin (more precisely, those puppeteers who pulled this filthy puppet for strings), the tension remained. It was possible to stumble people with “incense with dope” for a short while. Mass closure of factories, unemployment, non-payment of salaries for half a year (or even more) brought after the "wind of change" and the wind of sobering.

I will not describe here the confrontation between the “first democratic” president and the Supreme Council, all these quarrels and disputes about who has more power. And then, and now I'm not a bit interested in the quarrels of deputies and the disgrace of ministers. The position of a people lowered in the mud is the only question worthy of attention.

The sobering of the people, of course, could not fail to see both in the Kremlin and in the “white house”. Already at the beginning of 1992, when February 23 of Moscow riot police broke up the march in honor of the Day of the Soviet Army, it became clear to them that they would have to do something in order to gain a foothold in power, showing their strength. And, unlike the Emergency Committee, the bloodshed was still undecided, and the new “Russian” government did not hesitate. History inexorably moved on the thumb from farce to tragedy. I will never forget how some of my classmates were jubilant. Turning to me, they said: “Well, commies, you have gotten well!” Naturally, I was indignant, and, it seems, once again fought with them. Here we must make a reservation that our school was the best in the city. In Soviet times, the “dearest children” of the local party elite were sent to study there. In the case of “democracy”, the parents of many abruptly “retrained” into “businessmen” (in quotes, because these “business people” earned not building up, but plundering the state).
The hand of the “Yeltsinoids” and 1 of May of 1993 did not flinch when the same riot police bulls and horses were generously treated with clubs with the batons of the VETERANS of WAR. However, that day I had a new hope. Carefully watching what was happening on TV, I noticed that the people (including old veterans) did not give up without a fight. The dogs of the anti-people regime, armed to the teeth, at one instant even backed away. Against the rubber truncheons in the course went the flagpole of the red flags. One thing was spinning in my head: “Cowards! Dirty traitors and cowards! Why wasn’t there among you a single officer who would have ordered to turn around to raise the Victory Banner to the place of the “three flower bed” and go to storm the Kremlin ?! ”

But I really wondered about this question in October of the same year, when a glimmer of hope in our (my and my beloved, but already deceased grandfather) souls was destined to flare up again. Again, I will not describe the events of those days for the hundredth time, books have been written about it and films have been made. I will mainly share my impressions.

I will never forget how October 3, having learned about the breakthrough of the OMON cordon around the "white house", the grandfather could not resist and shed a few tears. He said then, turning to me:
- You see, the people did not suffer, rose to fight!
“Yes,” I agreed, “it’s a pity that everything is so spontaneous and unorganized.”
- Well, nothing, the main thing, is a start, but the army will support, do not hesitate.

How happy we were about this truly popular uprising! They laughed, looking at riot policemen in riot helmets with constant cudgels and machine guns who were fleeing from the “veterans” armed with boards and pipes. My grandfather and father (I remember that my mother was on a business trip) sincerely welcomed Rutsky. Eh! To know then what kind of creature he is!

One thought took hold of me: “By all means find money for a ticket and go to Moscow to take part!” - Of course, I did not find it. Yes, and go to the capital (and in those years he lived for 1000 with more than a km from it) had to be a day, i.e. in the "best" case would have arrived at a "debriefing".
As you know, the very next day on all TV channels showed how to hollow out of the "white house" tankshow Moscow is being “cleansed” of patriots who have not put up with a shameful fate and who did not want to put on a collar.

Much that I later learned from the book "Anathema", written by "Colonel Ivan Ivanov" (obviously a pseudonym) and eyewitness stories, incl. my current friend and peer, who in October 1993, being the same as me, an 15-year-old teenager, wore products to the rebels, of course, did not get on the screens. Nevertheless, they told me about the real battle that unfolded in the Ostankino park, where armored personnel carriers were shot by unarmed or lightly armed people from large-caliber machine guns, and about brutal beatings that fell into the hands of riot police. By the way, my miracle friend managed to carry off his legs - the dogs of the regime that had lost any hint of human form did not look at the gender and age of their opponents. For me, the “Beidar” is not an unfamiliar word — that same Jewish group that arrived in Moscow under the guise of “veterans of Afghanistan” and was distinguished by special atrocities (other SS men of Himmler are infants compared with these nonhumans).

And the army ... It didn’t just not come to the rescue, some of the “army men” (for what kind of soldiers they were after they had destroyed their OWN PEOPLE) took an active part in the violence and killings. After all, someone was sitting in the tanks, hitting the "white house". Once again I ask myself a question: “Fathers, fathers, what have you done!” Why, good Lord, why wasn't there a single decent regiment commander in the Moscow Military District ?! After all, in one regiment the others could have risen. And if not ... At least, such a person in our hearts would remain forever a HERO !!! Why we, the young, could not have been born on 5 years before ?! - You look, it was our contribution that would save the great power then. But ... History does not tolerate the subjunctive moods!

I want readers to understand me correctly. I am not sorry at all, neither the scum Rutskoi, nor, especially, Abrek Khasbulatov, nor even Barkashov, who honestly fought in those days (who today has struck some idiotic mysticism) honestly! The most interesting thing is that all the above-mentioned "personalities" remained safe and sound, moreover - they were soon pardoned. Is it possible that the “election” of Rutsky as governor of the Kursk region? - This is after his participation in the election campaign of 1996 on Zyuganov’s side. Uh, no, guys, misbehave! There are no such "accidents" ... It is bitter and painful for those SIMPLE RUSSIAN people who put their lives, firmly believing that they are not fighting for these "figures", but for the freedom and independence of their Homeland! For the conquest of our glorious grandfathers and great-grandfathers!

In conclusion, I want to again deviate slightly from the topic and share my opinion on the proposal to judge Gorbachev. Tell me, if even the current government would not cover this evil "marked older", which of you would be easier from the trial of him ?! - We would return the country loyal to them? - Not. Would he have been sentenced to be shot? - No, we also have a “human” state with a moratorium on the death penalty! Moreover, he would not receive life imprisonment. And, as a pensioner and a disabled person, he, even “in the zone”, is not subject to obligatory involvement in labor. Sits old ... (I will not say who, otherwise the article will not be placed) in the country house, I would sit in a separate clean cell. Would have given years 10, through 3 (this is at the most) released b.

For that matter, it’s not better (when there is such an opportunity, I can’t write more accurately, you know why) to judge all the perpetrators of the betrayal of our Great Motherland and the death of its best sons (starting with the same Barsukov and Erin and ending with the sergeant of OMON, hitting people indiscriminately) ?! “They are almost all alive and are not even going to flee abroad.” Then we will be able to give punishments to them truly worthy ...
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  1. Dangerous
    Dangerous 22 August 2013 08: 08
    How did I read this phrase "So what ?! And who is Peter I ?! - Bloody beast, lecher, tsar-serf and destroyer of primordial Russian traditions !!!", he gave up reading the article. Whatever happens in reality in 91-93, this does not give the right to speak in such a tone about the Russian tsar. Minus the article!
    1. vladsolo56
      vladsolo56 22 August 2013 08: 55
      Peter is a controversial person. On the one hand, he seemed to have raised Russia, on the other hand, it was no secret that he humiliated it, introducing everything European. He didn’t even leave a hint of originality. But even he was not the first in this matter. Long before him, Prince Vladimir did this when he dragged Byzantine priests to Russia.
      1. yak69
        yak69 22 August 2013 10: 34
        In 93, on the night of the attempt to storm Ostankino, by a few supporters of Albert Makashov, I was right there, in the thick of things. I tried to get to the attackers. Armored personnel carriers of the "Vityaz" detachment were already standing along the perimeter of the main buildings of the television center. On loud, they invited the people to disperse, and then began to pour from machine guns at unarmed people! Here's another example of betrayal - the "Knight" squad. It was in front of my eyes - dozens of people fell, struck down by automatic rounds. The commanders of this detachment are now held in high esteem - they defended the anti-people power!
        I must say frankly and honestly - in 91 the top generals of the SA betrayed the country and the system, which they swore to defend "not sparing their belly." swan and rook, the most famous of the traitors, the rest of the generals did not even bother to oppose. This applies to everyone: the army, the FSB (kgb, fsk) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs - betrayed EVERYTHING!
        In 93, when the support of the army and law enforcement agencies was required to return what was lost, it was not there either. Moreover, the same "alpha" went to storm the White House, not afraid to shed blood, as she was afraid to shed blood in 91, when the order was given to liquidate the EBN.
        What did the emperor say there? "Russia has only two allies: its army and navy."

        It seems to me that Russia no longer has allies .....
        1. smile
          smile 22 August 2013 14: 35
          In August 91, the entire Klaipeda garrison went over to the side of the State Emergency Committee (I accidentally ended up there at that time). All strategic facilities, the whole city, were taken under protection. all police departments are blocked .... soldiers of all nationalities, brought to white heat by Lithuanians, were eager for battle (before that, all weapons were protected by officers in order to avoid reprisals against the Lithuanians, who sometimes even shot at ours). The ultimatum was set to the Lithuanian authorities - do not even breathe, or else .... they did not breathe for three days. You should have seen how happy all the Russian-speaking residents of Lithuania were without exception ....
          My father-in-law at that time served at the BDK in Baltiysk, according to him, the Marine Corps was raised in a gun, and in the Fleet Headquarters the command was overwhelmed — whether to go to St. Petersburg to support the State Emergency Committee or to go to Klaipeda to crush ours ... if the matter lasted longer some of the decisions would be made .... so that not everything is so clear about the betraying Army ....
          1. smile
            smile 22 August 2013 18: 33
            I will supplement myself. Some time after August 91, the Lithuanian police of Klaipeda detained an UAZ with the commander of the 8th coastal defense division. The Lithuanians hoped to get even with him for his support of the Emergency Committee. Our Elbon government was silent like a fish on ice. And then armored vehicles entered the city without permission, without the knowledge of the Supreme Commander. Tanks stood at all important intersections and bridges. The city was paralyzed. So that the Labazs did not fit the cars, they also actively maneuvered and cheerfully twisted the towers, sometimes gazing steadily at the barrel at some machine they liked. The Labasians again mostly hid in their homes. The Army responded to the protests of Lithuanian officialdom. that if the commander is not released within XNUMX hours, the special unit will take the police department in which he was detained. by storm. They released half an hour after the ultimatum. Please note that the troops acted completely independently, with the complete inaction of the political leadership and command of the RF Armed Forces.
          2. washi
            washi 23 August 2013 15: 01
            They told me the same thing about Riga, where the locals tried to arrest the division commander.
        2. Volkhov
          Volkhov 22 August 2013 14: 51
          One armored personnel carrier arrived in Ostankino, drove into the porch of the television center, talked and shot at the crowd - only bullets at the exit in the vicinity of the VDNKh metro could reach.
          Alpha did not storm, but evacuated the deputies and those who were on the 3rd floor next to them.
          The leadership itself with Rutsky and others merged everything - not a single reasonable decision, the Chekists were put on the leadership of all the militia groups, the patriots were misinformed - pure provocateurs.
          Based on the results of the events, I came to the conclusion that the only patriot in power is Yeltsin because it was he who stopped the repressions that the Democrats demanded and gradually removed the most odious Zionists from power, but then lost to the system, because I did not find support around - the people are unconscious.
        3. SPAAARTAAA
          SPAAARTAAA 22 August 2013 17: 21
          yak69, people were thoroughly brainwashed then. Something, but propagandists in the West work better than ours. The army and the navy are made up of ordinary people, no need now to blame everything on them, each of us is guilty of the collapse of the USSR, at least for our inaction and indifference.
    2. RoTTor
      RoTTor 22 August 2013 17: 00
      Understand history, the apology of Peter is the work of official court historians, beginning with the reign of Catherine the Great, whose rights to the throne were zero. Read at least the works of V.O. Klyuchevsky before minus the truth.
    3. mars6791
      mars6791 27 September 2013 18: 54
      Peter really was a bloody tsar — ​​this is a fact, a libertine — yes they are all libertines more or less, a serf-tsar — ​​yes, then there was a serfdom, and a destroyer of Russian traditions, and the inculcation of foreign ones. So, here the author is right or almost right.
  2. alicante11
    alicante11 22 August 2013 08: 48
    Why couldn’t we, young people, be born in 5 years earlier ?!

    The same topic. My parents closed me at home that day, so that "he wouldn't do anything stupid." True, it was they who reinsured in vain, there was nothing in Khabarovsk. In general, the passivity of the regions is striking. And then we blame Moscow for all sins.
    1. washi
      washi 22 August 2013 09: 35
      And did the regions get information in a timely manner? (If at all). And what is the point of speaking locally against your own (then popular) government? And to get to Moscow for several days - is it worth it? And in support of whom, if there is a minimum of information?
      And here is the Arbat military district with "court divisions". This is yes. Well done.
      1. alicante11
        alicante11 22 August 2013 13: 15
        What are you doing? Magazines were climbing in the same place and the Ostankino assault was almost watched live.
        1. washi
          washi 23 August 2013 15: 11
          We stood in the open field (exercises were planned). August is the traditional month of bringing teachings. In 1993, there was no time again, and we won’t start watching the news. Warehouses were torn, for some reason, the amount of documentation began to increase. Fighters, feeling freedom, began to enroll in runners, but we did not have a single-national USSR Armed Forces. Officers and warrant officers from the outskirts began to flee (although those who had arranged living conditions remained)
  3. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 22 August 2013 08: 52
    Is everything right, will it just change from this? nothing. Now, in order to regain popular power and socialism, either a new revolution or a military coup will be required. Nobody wants a revolution in our country until life (power) brings the people to grips, and a military coup is not foreseen, even the government will go into impoverishment of the people just to support the army. So it turns out what is called sailed.
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 15: 21
      There would be a desire, but the means of influence will be found. The only problem is the ability of citizens to go to self-restraint. Everyone is already accustomed to their own and unaccustomed to the public. Another problem is who will lead the "outrage". Putin would have wanted to, but he was surrounded by the United Russia, and then by the Popular Front.
      You can start separately by region. But this can lead to the disintegration of the state, and again there will be a bunch of people "attached" to the establishment of order.
  4. MG42
    MG42 22 August 2013 09: 09
    I remembered this photo of Yeltsin on a tank, but what he said at that moment is a piece of speech >>
    1. alone
      alone 22 August 2013 18: 37
      in time they raised their time to a tank, allowed to destroy the USSR, then they almost lost Russia. Are there many people in Russia now who still consider this drunk marazmatik a savior?
  5. MG42
    MG42 22 August 2013 09: 19
    And, unlike the GKChP, still did not dare to bloodshed, the new "Russian" government did not have any hesitation.

    And in general, it only occurred to Yeltsin to shoot the parliament out of tanks .. As for the State Emergency Committee in August 1991, I just happened to cross the USSR border in the vicinity of the city of Chop, where the wheels changed trains, so I remember the confused faces of the border guards, and the authorities then there’s no one who commands chaos, even though they tried to keep order with all their might ..

    It's fun to watch the program <Time> from August 19 1991 of the year >>
  6. Ruslandeth
    Ruslandeth 22 August 2013 09: 33
    A bit emotional, but ideologically correct. And then the Soviet Army was also struck by the worm of "freedom" and anti-Sovietism
    1. Drednout
      Drednout 22 August 2013 13: 17
      Quote: Ruslandeth
      A bit emotional, but ideologically correct. And then the Soviet Army was also struck by the worm of "freedom" and anti-Sovietism

      Like the Russian army in 1917! (except, of course, anti-Sovietism).
  7. Prometey
    Prometey 22 August 2013 09: 42
    I also remember that August. But then neither I (as a schoolboy) nor my parents understood what was happening in the country. And in the Urals, somehow everything went quietly. For the most part, people were more concerned about the economic situation, rather than political fuss. And then came the time of the Destroyers - the collapse of the ruble, galloping inflation, bread cards, confusion in the country.
    However, now, looking at the 90s, I do not see any difference with today's times (I judge from the point of view of my region).
    No matter how difficult the 90s were, but then the enterprises continued to work, and at the very least, but they worked. In the late 90s, we were crawling out of the crisis without a flow of petrodollars (then a barrel of oil cost 12 bucks). Putin's rise to power was marked by a rise in oil prices in the 2000s. A stream of petrodollars started to flow into the country and the "ilita" began to grow fat, throwing bones to the people. Where did the money go from the surplus budget, probably for the development of production? But hell! In the 2000s, factories and research institutes that survived the "storm" of the 90s were closed in our region, mines were closed. In place of factories, shopping malls and office buildings appeared. The commercial sector began to swell sharply, where the main turnover of funds went. All this was good until a certain time, when there was a demand for rolled metal products on the world market and our metallurgy "fed" the budget (the share of another sphere of production is too small).
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 15: 31
      And the change of ownership was quiet and quiet. It was then that Putin began to find out who got what. So it turned out that you are no longer in the state organization, but the slaves of the Yeltsin galaxy of oligarchs. And so all over the country.
      In the Tomsk region only after the arrest of Hodor learned that half of the region. his legal possessions. And before that, Moscow simply survived and swore.
      Now in the same way Moscow campaigns penetrate everywhere. The circuit is the same. Purchase, increase of protection, increase of payment to management and protection, reduction or decrease of payment to employees.
  8. PSih2097
    PSih2097 22 August 2013 09: 47
    After only a few days, when the last hope for the salvation of the Union perished, we wondered how The State Emergency Committee, having in its hands an army, the KGB, the police managed to lose this battle.

    I think because I couldn’t find my young Napoleon who would have ordered - the army, most likely, would have crushed Yeltsin with a clique in a matter of days (and most interestingly, the army was ready to do this).
  9. a52333
    a52333 22 August 2013 10: 11
    And who is Peter I ?! - Bloody cattle, a lecher, a tsar-serf and a destroyer of the original Russian traditions !!!
    ????????????????? Peter 1 is bad ??? No, well, it is clear that in his personal life he was not a "basket of flowers", but from the point of view of the country's ruler, I think you, dear author Vladimir Glybin, I don’t know. be careful when cornering! He did no less for the country than Stalin.
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 22 August 2013 10: 56
      Quote: a52333
      did for the country no less than Stalin.

      What did he do? He plunged the peasants into slavery, ravaged the village, and spent 21 years poking around with battered Sweden. Even Menshikov wrote in a rage that soldiers were attracted to knock out money from the village and often the peasants ran away, seeing the approach of the detachment. Yes, really, the "great" was the king.
      1. Raptor75
        Raptor75 22 August 2013 12: 36
        1. Peasants are permanently attached to the earth in 1649
        2. "Nude Sweden" was then one of the strongest countries with an army and navy.
        You need to know the history of your country.
        Peter shed a lot of blood, a lot. But it was he who laid the foundation for the Russian Empire.
        1. Prometey
          Prometey 22 August 2013 12: 59
          Quote: Raptor75
          1. Peasants are permanently attached to the earth in 1649

          To the earth, and not to the master, try to find the difference yourself.
          Quote: Raptor75
          "Crappy Sweden" was then one of the strongest countries with an army and navy.

          And besides the Swedes, did anyone know about this? The Russian pre-Petrine army beat the Swedes back in the 17th century. The war with the Poles prevented them from being thrown out of the Baltic.
          Raptor75, learn stuff!
          1. smile
            smile 22 August 2013 14: 40
            About Peter, I agree with you. but the Swedish army at that time was really the strongest in Europe, not defeated ... something like the Wehrmacht of the 40th year ...
          2. Raptor75
            Raptor75 22 August 2013 15: 35
            You have confirmed my guesses about your intelligence ....
        2. washi
          washi 23 August 2013 15: 58
          I agree, but the peasants have already been "enslaved," Admirers of the "Western" way of life: the Koshkins-Romanovs, after the boyar coup called "Troubles". This was the turmoil, but boyar and church.
          Rurikovich on the innocently killed Ivan 4 the Great on the throne ended.
          Under Ivan Rurikovich 4, Russia supplied weapons to the west. The world's first regular army was created.
          The Swedes were really the most organized at the time of the "Northern" war, but who gave them to develop and who ditched (and with whose money) the Russian army.
  10. aviamed90
    aviamed90 22 August 2013 10: 31
    The article is an attempt to analyze those events from childhood memories.
    And obviously unsuccessful.
    Either from a lack of information, or for some other reason.


    If you are writing an article, be kind enough to collect the full material on it. And then - think, analyze and draw conclusions!
  11. ImPerts
    ImPerts 22 August 2013 10: 59
    It was an interesting time. The euphoria of 1991 r was replaced by the beginning disappointment of 1993 r and a complete disregard for the reformers in 1998. For some reason, the arrival of the Primakov-Maslyukov government breathed hope into our cadet souls. Maybe because of their Soviet past. And then, when the payments went, there was a feeling of stability.
    PS Yaz at free.
    D. Yazov: “The USSR was doomed”
    The last Minister of Defense of the Soviet Union told why it was impossible to save the USSR, about the modern Russian army, about his attitude to Stalin, Gorbachev and Yeltsin.
    1. dmb
      dmb 22 August 2013 13: 45
      You know, read it. I did not understand why the USSR was doomed. Julit is an old grunt. And although I have a more than reverent attitude toward the participants in the war, Yazov must answer equally with Gorbachev and Yeltsin. He perfectly understands this, and therefore he is bustling. He never answered, why it was necessary to introduce equipment and conscripts to Moscow, why it was necessary to ride here and there ten times and ask a person who could not do anything, did not have real power and was actually already isolated . To neutralize a small handful of villains trying to seize power, the KGB and GRU special forces were quite enough. Moreover, the State Emergency Committee had more than legal grounds to do so (see the text of the oath and the Criminal Code of the RSFSR). The suppression of a conspiracy to seize power is the sacred duty of every citizen, let alone the leadership of the security forces. So it’s not so simple. It seems to me that the group (beyond the hillock and in the country) that stood behind Gorbachev, starting from the 1985 of the year, and perhaps earlier, deliberately pushed people into the upper echelon of relatively short-sighted, good performers, but not suitable organizers, not leaders. And she succeeded. GKChpisty. more thought that in case of failure, they may lose their summer residences and rations than victory. So the old man is cunning even now. By the way, whom and from whom was he going to defend the troops? Yeltsin from Chubais with Gaidar? The same goes for Ethiopia. There was a war that we did not unleash, but the West. Anyone with a little military education knows that the army (country), which thinks only about defense during the war, will be defeated. With the advent of Bald, we only began to think about defense, and therefore lost.
  12. Rezun
    Rezun 22 August 2013 11: 29
    And I liked the article ... In 91, three-quarters of the country thought the same way as V. Glybin's grandfather. And about the "scenario" with the Emergency Committee, the version is very, very possible.
    I would especially like to know what the father of the tankman who was the first to raise the "Russian flag over the combat vehicle" said when his son came home? And what to say to Kazannik, who presented his mandate to Yeltsin? How many people did not "fit" into the 90s?
    It is not in our power to punish and call to account, but we have the right to explain to our children "what is" good "and what is" bad "!
  13. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 22 August 2013 11: 39
    I remember that August ...
    We stood on guard.
    - Officially, I prinapalat order: to strengthen vigilance, not to succumb to provocations. To the question - whose provocations? The answer was brief - All.
    - Unofficially, the phrase was said: "Ours" came to power. Bald was not even then digested in the Army.

    How could it have been called a putsch an event when everyone who was in power except one cowardly traitor remained in power?
    The question is - would they be able to lead the country out of the crisis by throwing a hunchbacked one, this is certainly a difficult question ...
    But they didn’t shed blood ... It does them honor, of course, but the amers obviously rubbed their hands from joy for such indecision.
    Ebn with a hangover probably hardly realized that he had come to power.
    There were sad events, from which side do not look, sad ones - collapse, reeling, dregs.

    And the article is somehow twofold.
  14. romaskadarv
    romaskadarv 22 August 2013 11: 44
    This is a lesson! We "learned" this lesson. And someday life will require this knowledge from us ...

    Then there will be a chance to fix everything. I hope we won't miss it. After all, how many years have we been "working" on mistakes.
  15. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 22 August 2013 12: 46
    Born in 1989, for obvious reasons I didn't care then, but now reading the history of Russia, and when you come to Gorbachev's "perestroika" + 90s, you get the feeling that you are plunging headlong into shit, plus there is a terrible disgust for any person, either otherwise implicated in the collapse of the USSR and the "building of a new Russia", you just want to throw the book and take your heart out reading something about the executions of traitors to the Motherland in Stalin's times, or Napoleon's shooting of anti-government demonstrations from cannons in 1795, but the most favorite is the crush of liberals with tanks on Tiananmen Square, you take your soul here and you can continue "immersion in" freedom from the sworn communists "", then you throw Stalin, Napoleon, Deng Xiaoping again and again, I want to ask those who were then of a conscious age, was it really so bad and why Then everyone's eggs fell off? There was not a single conscientious military or political leader in the whole country to pick up the power lying in the mud and hang Yeltsin, Gorbachev, "young reformat hov "
    on some kind of lamp post? For me personally, too, the modern tricolor causes exclusively negative, because nothing useful has been done under this flag, he tarnished himself first with the liberals of February 1917, the White Guard terror during the civil, the Vlasovites, and again with liberoids in 91, no "spirit uplift" or whatever else he personally does not cause in me, but the vile faces of Kerensky, Vlasov and Yeltsin come to mind.
    1. krpmlws
      krpmlws 22 August 2013 14: 17
      There are obvious parallels between 17 and 91 years. Look, the Bolsheviks promised land to the peasants (the soldiers were mostly peasants) and an end to the war. The army was laid out, part went to the side of the Bolsheviks, part went home. The army bought into Bolshevik propaganda, forgot its duty and betrayed the empire, personal profit outweighed conscience. A similar situation repeated in 91g, the people and the army bought into the soap bubbles of a bright capitalist tomorrow, seduced by candy wrappers and beads, so the vast majority turned a blind eye to the collapse of the country, the dissolution of the Warsaw block. Unfortunately, the Russian people are patriotic only subject to appropriate propaganda treatment and with iron discipline (for example, as under Stalin), otherwise it’s just a heterogeneous community with selfish interests, passive in the political plan. The USSR saved Stalin, if someone else came to power and there would have been an end. Stalin was not there, everyone was scared or betrayed.
      1. dmb
        dmb 22 August 2013 15: 21
        Alas, ignorance is a hallmark of many writers. Here is the author of this comment, apparently a major political scientist with great analytical skills. Well, where did he get that the Bolsheviks spread out the army? The expressors of the aspirations of the peasantry were not they at all, but the Social Revolutionaries. And the land was promised primarily by the Social Revolutionaries. I don’t even speak about the army that sold the empire to the Bolsheviks. No, of course, if Sanya Kerensky is considered an emperor, then it goes like that. And even that is not entirely, for Sanya already in September 1917 announced that Russia is a republic. To consider Kerensky as a Bolshevik somehow completely ...
        1. krpmlws
          krpmlws 22 August 2013 17: 41
          DMB, who promised there first or second, which matters within the framework of a small post? Tighten your analytical abilities, all your erudition, of course, prepared a revolutionary situation, not only the Bolsheviks promoted, it’s obvious and you don’t have to be seven spans in on your forehead to understand this. About Kerensky, you have gone too far and it’s hard to expand. With the advent of the Provisional Government, Russia continued to remain an empire in geopolitical terms. And now, to be honest, what really hurt you in my post?
          1. dmb
            dmb 22 August 2013 18: 09
            It may be so, but I don't know anything about your political convictions. As for erudition .. But you wrote about the Bolsheviks. And what are the signs of an empire that Kerensky preserved, and which the Bolsheviks deprived of the country? And in your post I was "hurt" by the unfoundedness. Why unfounded, I seem to have explained.
            1. krpmlws
              krpmlws 22 August 2013 18: 35
              In essence, what I said from you did not sound any criticism. Your awkward clinging to "commas" can be interpreted as an attempt to discredit my political position. If you have something constructive to say, write, but pouring from empty to empty is a waste of time and in fact -trolling.
              1. dmb
                dmb 22 August 2013 19: 16
                Do you have it? Sound, if you can.
          2. Alone
            Alone 22 August 2013 20: 00
            Quote: krpmlws
            Dmb, who was there first of all promised, or second, which matters in the framework of a small post?

            That is, it does not matter that starting the first world tsarist government, or about the choice of officers at the front in the interim government, or about reaping the first two fruits of the Soviet government? Ignorance, to say the least.
            1. The comment was deleted.
          3. washi
            washi 23 August 2013 16: 20
            It was with the assistance of the Provisional Government that the armed forces collapsed, and national republics were formed. All debts to foreign states were recognized, and promises of foreign concessions in our territory were issued. The same promise was confirmed by Kolchak and Wrangel.
            The Bolsheviks stopped the collapse of the country. Only for this they need to erect a monument (though not everyone)
      2. washi
        washi 23 August 2013 16: 12
        The army did not buy. Her leadership was bought. A bunch of orders came that contradicted each other.
        The order must be executed, but whose fulfillment. So everything drowned in pieces of paper.
    2. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 22 August 2013 14: 26
      Quote: Standard Oil
      was everything really so bad and why then did all the eggs fall off?

      Before the arrival of the hunchback, it was not so bad, but sometimes the dear Ilyich’s three-hour talk on all programs. The army politicians can’t scratch blat and other trifles with their tongues. With his arrival, the same talk on all programs started only in the opposite direction The peak came when coupons were introduced in St. Petersburg and it started a year and a half before the emergency team. The result is when the same faces that the humpbacked ones brought to their positions suddenly wassat and decided that they should save the country after them, just no one went and the authorities, like 17, picked up those who were closer and not too lazy to lean. Well, as for today, it’s something like a teddy bear that seems to have gotten even Putin suddenly declares that the president is leading the country to the wrong place and removes him from office, but as a result, the authorities turn out to be fucked up and together with the solemnly released hodor with the support of Prokhorov billions. Something like this request
      1. washi
        washi 23 August 2013 16: 30
        This is your tolls in St. Petersburg. Sverdlovsk Yeltsin also brought to Tallon. In Moscow, tolls. And I lived in the rest of Russia. Tallons were only for vodka (thanks to Gorbachev).
        All the problems in the Trotskyist Khrushchev: He smashed the Stalinist economy, agricultural science, banned control of the party leadership, began to maintain stupid regimes to support the World Revolution, lost the support of most countries, destroyed the normal control of the armed forces.
        It ended with Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Actions are the same.
    3. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 16: 03
      Well, if you were born in 1989, then you remember the film "Brigade". Guess: whose corpses were taken out in one of the plots?
  16. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 22 August 2013 12: 47
    At the end of the 80s of the last century, when the Union was already "cracking at the seams" ...
    The country was systematically ruined with the arrival of the "tagged" one. I doubt he did it alone. And the people were prepared with the help of total deficiency for industrial goods and food, anti-alcohol law, the introduction of coupons for everything, queues for everything. The emergence of all sorts of predictors traveling around the country on tour about the imminent change of power in the USSR (example Pavel Globa). Gorbachev will never be touched by the authorities, because if he speaks (and I do not think that at the trial he will remain silent as a partisan), very few will seem to anyone. Therefore, the order was given as a guarantee of non-involvement. hi (thanks to the author for the memories)
  17. R150
    R150 22 August 2013 12: 53
    normal article, and those who lived at that time will remain divided into! for! and! against!
    although, only those who were in favor of preserving the USSR recall this, the rest do not care much for it.
    no common interests, only personal interests.

    PS: in principle for the Communists, and for the Soviet regime!
    1. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 23 August 2013 14: 13
      // R150  Yesterday, 12:53 PM

      normal article, and those who lived at that time will remain divided into! for! and! against!
      although, only those who were in favor of preserving the USSR recall this, the rest do not care much for it.
      no common interests, only personal interests.

      PS: in principle for the Communists, and for the Soviet regime! //

      In general, I heard this, something that was built on blood on blood and will collapse. Maybe the time of the USSR has come, but still I think that the government that came by universal suffrage by the founding fathers will be durable.
    2. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 16: 32
      There are communists, but there were sticks. This is the problem. Stalin periodically cleared the party, but even this did not help him transfer all power to the Soviets.
  18. Danafxnumx
    Danafxnumx 22 August 2013 14: 51
    they carried out the order ... do you know what an order is?
    and the command order must be carried out regardless of political preferences, otherwise it is not the army and the police, but a rabble ...
    and revolutionary actions would no longer be of any use ... the country was no longer returning already since 1990 ...
    1. nekeesh
      nekeesh 22 August 2013 15: 21
      You may be right. I advise you to read Maksimushkin "Red revenge".
      1. alicante11
        alicante11 22 August 2013 15: 52
        Fiction, and even unscientific, although it is written beautifully. And sometimes I want it to be so ...
    2. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 23 August 2013 14: 09
      Quote: DanaF1


      Yesterday, 14: 51

      ↓ New

      they carried out the order ... you know what the order is? and the command order must be carried out regardless of political preferences, otherwise it is not the army and police, but rabble ...

      The fascists were also ordered to burn villages, to shoot innocent civilians, they even said disobeying - a traitor, but there were people (as in a recent article) who decided to remain human and accept death.
  19. Stepnogorets
    Stepnogorets 22 August 2013 15: 19
    Quote: Aleks tv
    I remember that August ...
    We stood on guard.
    - Officially, I prinapalat order: to strengthen vigilance, not to succumb to provocations. To the question - whose provocations? The answer was brief - All.
    - Unofficially, the phrase was said: "Ours" came to power. Bald was not even then digested in the Army.

    How could it have been called a putsch an event when everyone who was in power except one cowardly traitor remained in power?
    The question is - would they be able to lead the country out of the crisis by throwing a hunchbacked one, this is certainly a difficult question ...
    But they didn’t shed blood ... It does them honor, of course, but the amers obviously rubbed their hands from joy for such indecision.
    Ebn with a hangover probably hardly realized that he had come to power.
    There were sad events, from which side do not look, sad ones - collapse, reeling, dregs.

    And the article is somehow twofold.

    Quote: DanaF1
    they carried out the order ... do you know what an order is?
    and the command order must be carried out regardless of political preferences, otherwise it is not the army and the police, but a rabble ...
    and revolutionary actions would no longer be of any use ... the country was no longer returning already since 1990 ...

    At that time he was a cadet at the Leningrad VVMIU! The order was not to issue weapons on guard, not to be allowed to leave. The commanders and teachers have gloomy, angry faces. In any case, this was the beginning. the beginning of something bad and inevitable. The article is twofold!
  20. Vadim2013
    Vadim2013 22 August 2013 15: 36
    I actively participated in the events of August 1991 and October 1993 in Moscow as an ordinary participant. I am now 71 year. I saw a lot with my own eyes. Then it was impossible to change anything. The bulk of the people was passive to the events. The CPSU was decomposed, careerists who thought more about their careers and their well-being came to leadership in the USSR.
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 22 August 2013 15: 52
      The Russians do not have their own organization and science - that is, they sit on several chains - misunderstanding and separation, apart from a number of others, and in the Masonic structures in the first place scientific societies - that is, the cultivation of sages and discipline - respectively, and the result is like a shepherd and a herd of sheep .
      1. alicante11
        alicante11 23 August 2013 01: 11
        What nonsense is this? You surnames Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Sikorsky, Tupolev. Are they talking about something? And if there really were only a few under the king of scientists, then the Soviet government grew whole galaxies of scientists. So we are still sitting on that ground.
        1. Volkhov
          Volkhov 23 August 2013 17: 50
          Quote: alicante11
          You surnames Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Sikorsky, Tupolev. Are they talking about something?

          They say that Lomonosov had problems with academics even under the tsar, like Mendeleev, Sikorsky escaped from Zionism, Tupolev collaborated, but partly in prison.
          Look at the modern science of the Russian Federation - the measured lies are 30 times higher than the American one (NASA called the 3-megaton Chelyabinsk explosion 500-kiloton and referred to measurements in Alaska, and the Russians called 15-kiloton not referring to anything) the difference is 30 times strikingly coincides with the dollar ...
    2. alicante11
      alicante11 22 August 2013 15: 53
      That's just bad that the people were passive. And so it remains.
      1. washi
        washi 23 August 2013 16: 39
        It's not about passivity. The thing is the distances. If Luxembourg is by area like our village Who is to blame. In one village, the people will restore order. And there will be democracy. And if the region occupies the area of ​​Europe and is seen by chance, sometimes? How can you choose an elder from strangers? Can appoint? Do not like it - the taiga is big.
    3. krpmlws
      krpmlws 22 August 2013 17: 52
      I don’t believe that it was impossible to change anything at that time. In my opinion, only those who could, had to do this, but did nothing, are now asserting this, and now they come up with excuses.
      1. washi
        washi 23 August 2013 16: 41
        What and how did YOU do?
        But now we live poorly, and in comparison with the 90s, we do not even have freedom of speech
    4. michajlo
      michajlo 22 August 2013 22: 06
      Vadim2013 Today, 15:36
      № 1
      Good evening, dear Vadim!
      I was then younger than you, but I didn’t understand anything, I didn’t think and did nothing.
      Alas, I am very sorry that the 80s was law-abiding, BLINDLY believing in the word of the party leadership, said from the stands of the Congresses and Plenums of the Central Committee of the CPPS. I had a party card in my pocket since 1979, but I didn’t have enough sober and analytical thinking in my youth, naivety, or because of stupidity. fool

      But it’s painful and embarrassing to recall how, in my 25-30 years, I didn’t want to think about the warnings from old life-wise ordinary village people, most of whom had only 4 or 7 classes of a village school, but life's troubles taught them not to believe the words but "to mature at the root" and more often than others to ask the question: It's beautiful you tell but how will it all end?

      One of the older neighbors, 1985, a couple of days after the first appearance (election) on TV by GenSec Gorbachev, openly and openly told me, she knew that I was a decent guy, not a sneak or a snitch:
      - Well, all Misha, soon we will all have a complete end (n ** zdets)!
      I answered her:
      “What end, aunt, where did YOU get this from? Finally, after all of our pensioners, a new, energetic party leader, new words and trends (Glasnost, Perestroika, Accelerations and other alluring words) appeared in our Union.
      And aunt to me in my ideological words:
      - Eh Misha, you are young and trusting! It is the Lord God who sent us the DEVIL, "marked" for our sins! This until EVERYTHING destroys, DO NOT calm down !!!

      Such words as I was this wise neighbor I for several months I heard several more times in my native village from older and believing people.

      And then I was naive and still laughed at their fears, did not think about the truthful words at all !?
      Why should I believe "old people without higher education", when I graduate from college, there will be a distribution and I will go to work as a certified specialist ... You never know what, aunts and uncles will invent with fear!

      But as it turned out, HOW and ALWAYS it happens that the elders WERE RIGHT IN EVERYTHING, they were inaccurate only in small and inconsequential details.
      1. michajlo
        michajlo 22 August 2013 22: 13
        № 2 (Vadim2013 Today, 15:36)
        Well, I already after 45-50 I began to wonder why I was arrogant then, and did not ask a SIMPLE question:
        - And what will happen at the end of CHANGE, FREEDOM, FUN and FUN?
        - What will end all these fashionable reforms and concessions?

        With age, I rethought a lot, and although belatedly, I began to listen very carefully to the warnings of the elders, those who have something to compare beautiful promises, slogans, insignificant details with what they ended in 5-10-20 years ...

        Already here in Slovakia relatively recently, in the spring of 2010, during the entire 1st week, talking with 3 senior people, those who were 70-80 years old and remembered the first Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1939), I heard similar conclusions from them and warnings:
        - Why are you young doing nothing? Are you blind and deaf? After all Now (2009-2010) is much worse than it was in 1929-1931 during the First World Financial Crisis!
        Then, after 2 years, Hitler came to power in Germany, in 1939 the Second MV began !!!
        And now you will see for yourself, young people, that within 3-5 maximum 8 years there will be a Third MV or fratricidal mess and revolution !!!.

        These warnings I remember a lot. And what is symptomatic, every year, the number of older people who expect future troubles and wars CONSTANTLY GROWS!

        So, in my opinion, everyone who thinks needs to figure out how it is in the 80s and 90s some "new Ilya Muromets_Gorby & Co", in just 4 years destroyed ALL Social Countries (1989) and in 6 years (1991) PLAYING in buzzwords and the word * yadie, destroyed the "great and mighty Union" alone, ie "without leaders, guards and assistants" ...
        Such tricks and great magicians and sorcerers failed, but our "marked" First and Last President of the USSR - could ?!

        In a word, there is what to think about and how not to let yourself re-enrich different peoplespeaking correct and beautiful words.
  21. michajlo
    michajlo 22 August 2013 16: 17
    Good day to all!
    Although this article is perceived by many as a repetition of an old topic that has set the teeth on edge, I gave it a plus. Because the author here describes his feelings and memories, the opinions of his grandfather, who was an indisputable authority for him, the unfulfilled hopes of his elders.
    In addition, regardless of the fact that in such articles the author will regret socialism, make fun of it or indifferently watch from the side, ALL articles about the period 1985-1991-1993 are very necessary, so they add a little bit of information about all THIS VILLAGE, i.e. add another piece to the large mosaic.

    I believe that we all need to fully learn the whole story, the background and many details that are still denied, hushed up or declared to be inventions of "supporters of detectives and conspiracies" ...

    Since the events of that period, in my opinion, are repeated again / more precisely, they are preparing to repeat everything again.
    And so you can divide Ukraine and God forbid Russia and others ...

    But this must not be allowed!
  22. NOMAD
    NOMAD 22 August 2013 16: 35
    In general, it is a pity that in August 91 there was no tough leader who would drive all these reformers into a tin can !!! I remember how even the heroes of the Soviet Union were given to two guys for the fact that they died! One accidentally fell under a tank - another was killed by a stray bullet! So they sang it! Such a mess was arranged, So this award was lowered below the plinth! People really deserved the hero of the Soviet Union on the fronts, in Afghanistan, flew into space, tried out new technology, really took risks and gave their lives for the sake of the country and the people! And here they gave two gouging! But how many simple people did not count and were not awarded!
  23. David wayland
    David wayland 22 August 2013 16: 50
    I also defended the USSR and Comrade Stalin at the institute in the early 90s, they laughed at me too, but they didn’t fight, it was good for bodybuilding and weighed 117 kg))). It's a shame that the GKChP did not shoot Gorbachev and Yeltsin and did not put things in order with a hard hand! Russia is now facing new challenges, and unfortunately it will not be vital.
  24. Mhpv
    Mhpv 22 August 2013 17: 02
    Remember one of the main hits of those last 80 years, sounded from each cassette in the courtyards and discos:

    If V. Tsoi knew what changes our hearts received!
    Remember "Lyuber", "Punks", "Metalists", "Fans", each in those days was one of them and was waiting for changes, because there was a restructuring, acceleration and PUBLICITY.
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 16: 46
      Changes were needed, but for this it was necessary to recognize Stalin, his economic policy, to recall his theoretical work. And that meant admitting its insolvency and getting ready for work in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.
  25. NOMAD
    NOMAD 22 August 2013 18: 01
    Sometimes you see how in the world the once stable countries suddenly, thanks to shit-gunners, are on the path of chaos and civil war! It would seem that Iraq with its Saddam Hussein, Egypt with H. Mubarak, Libya and M. Kddafi lived in peace! The most important thing is that the people lived in peace! There were no reformers, and now chaos, war, death, no life to ordinary people! Maybe there was Stalin is right when he sent all the balamutes and reformers to the north, and he sometimes shot! It can dunk, a dozen others, people of displeased balamutes, provocateurs, people who promise unrealizable goals - but tens of thousands, millions will work quietly, raise children, live quietly !!!!
  26. Yazov
    Yazov 22 August 2013 18: 15
    [Dangerous] How did I read this phrase "So what ?! And who is Peter I ?! - Bloody beast, libertine, serf-king and destroyer of primordial Russian traditions !!!"
    The author did not study history; in the USSR, pro-kings passed in the slip, especially in a military school. The article is a golem communist propaganda mixed with the cry of the soul of an 11 year old kid.
    There were no democrats back in 1991. There were communists and expelled from the CPSU. Everyone had communist thinking and both. That GKChPisty that humpbacked (labeled) that Yeltsin with a gang, they are all communists, all studied in the same textbooks, in the same institutes of Marxism-Leninism.
    GKChPisty did not finish off, crap one's pants, labeled too, but quietly in the country, and Yeltsin with a gang fell into the stream and spun in time, fooling the people with the buzzword democracy.
    Article minus, the author as a kid, and remained!
  27. optimist
    optimist 22 August 2013 18: 59
    After a fight, as you know, swinging your fists is a thankless task. Yes, they pissed away the country and everyone is to blame: some more, some less. But now the question is different: Russia has again approached a similar line. Putin's "stability" not today or tomorrow will be covered by the female genital organ and the majority of the population will be faced with the question: what next? And will the army and cops again shoot at the rebellious people? (Moreover, they have now significantly raised their salaries, the authorities insured themselves, not otherwise). It looks like the 17th is on the nose, only "two thousand". And in the role of Kerensky some kind of anal. This is where the "moment of truth" will come. And those who regret their inaction 22 years ago (including myself) will have a chance to rehabilitate themselves in front of the country and themselves ...
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 23 August 2013 01: 22
      No, 17 will not be. The tsar in the 17 was thrown not by Kerensky, but by generals and Duma-monarchists and cadets. And now - of course, they will shoot. That is why 17 will not be. What will happen? And FIG knows him. Most likely, nothing special will be. Military action against Russia is impossible due to the presence of nuclear weapons, orange technology is well covered by riot police baton. Yes, and people are divided up to impossible. So there is nobody and nothing to threaten the authorities with.
  28. ImPerts
    ImPerts 22 August 2013 19: 05
    Quote: dmb
    You know, read it. I did not understand why the USSR was doomed. Julit is an old grunt. And although I have a more than reverent attitude toward the participants in the war, Yazov must answer equally with Gorbachev and Yeltsin. He perfectly understands this, and therefore he is bustling. He never answered, why it was necessary to introduce equipment and conscripts to Moscow, why it was necessary to ride here and there ten times and ask a person who could not do anything, did not have real power and was actually already isolated .

    Yes and no.
    Yazov was still a performer. The main thing that he constantly thought about was the inadmissibility of bloodshed and war with the civilian population.
    It was used. It's my opinion. He was given a preliminary task, and when it took "the continuation of the banquet" he was put in an ambiguous pose. And Gorbachev avoided it. Why was it started ... Did Gorbachev want to introduce an emergency or was it necessary to heat up the situation for the final collapse? You have to ask him that.
  29. Alone
    Alone 22 August 2013 19: 24
    To the author +. If anyone remembers, in 91 the Petersburg program of A. Nevzorov "600 seconds" went on the air. A week before the PUTCH there was a very interesting broadcast on this topic with audio recordings. More precisely, one. I will not go into details, the evidence is not accurate I have.
    I, too, are almost the same age as the author. And my father and I then "condemned" the actions of the one marked with ebnem. It's a pity that there were not many years then, the schoolchild from the Urals had nothing to oppose to the time there.
  30. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 22 August 2013 20: 35
    Author +. Undoubtedly, the agents of influence worked out their 30 silversmiths. But the population of Russia was not on the sidelines, satisfying for the most part petty self-interest in the form of consumer goods, chewing gum and other trinkets. Well, when the overseas "four-wheeled friends of man" appeared in abundance, then the heads were completely blown off and the appearance of a human began to slowly disappear. "Ural nugget" YOBN was spinning in a fertile environment. 93rd drove on black. They shot in Moscow, and okay, they silently continued to plunder strategic resources and drive them for a song to the same Estonia (The largest exporter of aluminum ?!) A country of thieves and security guards - And that in the end, no cohesion, no desire to create, basically demagoguery. And probably also indifference with the reasoning about the Russian revolt. And the situation is similar to the beginning of the 90s. And what will be the price of the issue?
  31. bublic82009
    bublic82009 22 August 2013 21: 25
    there are destroyers, and there are creators. Yeltsin did not understand what he was doing. his goal was power at all costs.
  32. uizik
    uizik 22 August 2013 22: 55
    In August 1991, it was reliable on the Emergency Committee. Most, except Moscow and nationalists with chauvinists, supported them on the outskirts. Again, the minority imposed their will on the majority!
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 16: 50
      This is not the last time. Judging by the flag, you are from the Outskirts. Get ready, stock up.
  33. Vadim2013
    Vadim2013 22 August 2013 23: 19
    Quote: NOMAD
    I remember how even the heroes of the Soviet Union were given to two guys for the fact that they died! One accidentally fell under a tank - another was killed by a stray bullet!

    Usov, Krichevsky and Komar - died by accident. I was that night from 20 to 21 on August 1991 in the barricades near the White House. The death of these three guys and the reaction to the shooting of the White House defenders stopped the putschists.
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 16: 54
      Or maybe you shouldn't stop? The death of the population of Moscow or the death of the State, followed by the destruction of people on the territory of not only the USSR, but the entire planet? This collapse of the USSR provoked wars across the planet.
  34. roninas
    roninas 22 August 2013 23: 20
    EVERYONE was cowardly, no one COULD make a DECISION, and all this began in the late eighties, when I, as a serviceman of the SMCM, took part in the elimination of mass riots in the Transcaucasus. I remember well how the top command staff was afraid to take responsibility for any decision, sometimes because of the rejection of which people could die, the same guys with whom he served. If someone told me this, I would not believe that this could be, but I saw everything myself, and was a participant in some events There was sheer cowardice, weakness, inability to make a decision, and to be responsible for it. In general, the whole country was in "disarray" no one understood how and what to do next, how to live, what to hope for, what to believe. ... and, having given the order to unblock the borders of self-separated Lithuania, "merged" all the riot policemen, Riga and Vilnius, and in general everyone. I remember everything very well how it was, and if there was firmness of the central government, and even rigidity, then maybe we would live in the same country
  35. vanderhaas
    vanderhaas 23 August 2013 04: 11
    Well, why did the scoop order to live long? The system outgrew itself and became unmanageable. The rams in power have been told about this by authoritative managers since the mid-70s (which I personally witnessed). But the authorities, armed with the only correct teaching about everything at once, apparently were not going to do anything and were delaying with medals-orders. The result is a loss of control. And those who are lighter, were preparing to cut the country. Hence all the vaudeville of what happened in the early 90s, because the country was merged in the 80s. Who leaked? And those that are now in power. The worst thing is that the authorities still don't know how to develop. It's good that there are states, you can, in the old fashioned way, "get up, a huge country." Well, the states will be overthrown (they have the same problems as the scoop, they have overgrown themselves, the power is really losing control). What's next? How and in what direction to develop? To fight against Muslims? Still with someone to fight? This costly back-and-forth course of "development" is simply marking time and consuming resources.
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 23 August 2013 07: 27
      What exactly was the system overgrowing? Enough mantras from 90's, heard enough. We give specifics or are silent in a rag.
    2. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 16: 56
      The problem is that they forgot the work of Lenin-Stalin. In fact, they did not even read them. That is the whole problem.
  36. Vadim2013
    Vadim2013 23 August 2013 09: 07
    The article describes a typical story of the time. Father and grandfather talked in the kitchen about the events taking place in the country, but did not go out into the street in protest. Friends, acquaintances, workmates, relatives were not agitated to go out in protest against the collapse of the USSR, the ban of the CPSU, the release of prices for goods, the dispersal of Soviet power, the shooting of the White House (Supreme Council building). As the majority were passive in relation to the events taking place and hoped that the Soviet army would not allow this.
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 17: 38
      The Soviet army ended with the appointment of Khrushchev Zhukov to the post of Defense Ministry. Since then, basically, showmakers have been appointed to higher posts. Everything is painted, whitewashed. Due to the abundance of extraneous work, less time was devoted to the power supply.
      Result: Yazov, Pasha Mercedes, etc.
      But Grozny could indeed be taken with one regiment of the Airborne Forces, with comprehensive support, but skills and abilities were lost (or rather ruined), and none of the military commanders wanted to read the Charter.
      What can be talked about if those who went through the war (even on foreign territory) were pushed. How many testimonies of combatants, military campaigns.
  37. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 23 August 2013 14: 05
    I agree with the author on these points, others I think will also agree with me.

    "And the army ... It not only did not come to the rescue, some" army men "(for what kind of soldiers they are after destroying OWN PEOPLE) took an active part in violence and murder." - the author writes.

    A soldier should fight a soldier, shoot at an unarmed crowd the top of baseness and cowardice, I think. In addition, they took the oath of the USSR, and betrayed the country, did not defend themselves when it was torn apart.

    And if this is not an argument, I’ll say the country, the Motherland is not a flag and coat of arms and ruler, the country, the Motherland is a people and land of ancestors.

    PySy I even now confidently say that I will not fight against the crowd and civilians. But I will definitely fight against those who violate the familiar world and sow discord, with weapons in their hands
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 17: 01
      Whom to consider the people? The terrorists also had a Russian passport.
      During nat. riot in Alma-Ata, when Kolbin was appointed, who rebelled? The people of Kazakhstan or nationalists (thieves and traitors) who felt that they could be imprisoned for the economy?
  38. Iraclius
    Iraclius 23 August 2013 15: 20
    I read the article, read the comments. The article put a plus for the fact that the author was not afraid to voice his memories.
    I will not comment on anything. Galich simply wrote everything for a long time and hard. Better he say:

    And yet I, at the risk of being branded
    Jester, fool, clown,
    And at night and in the afternoon I will say one thing -
    No need, people, to be afraid!
    Don't be afraid of prison, don't be afraid of scrip
    Do not be afraid of morale and gladness,
    And fear only
    Who will say: "I know how to do it!"
    Who will say: "Follow me people,
    I'll teach you how to do it! "

    PS And I do not agree with the name-calling of Peter I. Each person has his dark sides. And Peter I - as a historical figure! - accepted the country in the state of the Middle Ages and brought it to New Time. And who said that the breaking of ages is painless? Or recall how this transition, say, happened in France? Huh? Does everyone remember the date of July 14 1789 of the year? Blood then flowed. Or how did Herr Bismarck rid Germany of feudal remnants?
    It’s all the more strange for me to hear this from a person with such reverence relating to the history of the USSR. Communism in the Union played the same progressive role as Emperor Peter I in Old Russia. Whether someone likes it or not, it doesn’t matter for a fact.
  39. KOH
    KOH 23 August 2013 16: 33
    Quote: lonely
    in time they raised their time to a tank, allowed to destroy the USSR, then they almost lost Russia. Are there many people in Russia now who still consider this drunk marazmatik a savior?

    There was no strong-willed person at that time to arrest him, how many people could save ...
  40. KOH
    KOH 23 August 2013 17: 18
    Quote: Vasya
    And did the regions get information in a timely manner? (If at all). And what is the point of speaking locally against your own (then popular) government? And to get to Moscow for several days - is it worth it? And in support of whom, if there is a minimum of information?
    And here is the Arbat military district with "court divisions". This is yes. Well done.

    I’m sure that it arrived. In August 1991, they gathered us for the next training camp, because they took us not the first time, we didn’t notice anything unusual at the training camp, a standard package, parachuting, 2 jumps, shooting, etc. ...
    But this time there were no parachutes or jumps, everyone was interested in jumping, the weather command, the aviators, and something else referred to.
    But you could shoot as much as you like ..., and mostly from PMa with a pipe and a fly swatter ... who knows, ... there were also rumors that they would take them to the assigned unit to get armor, then they’ll transfer it somewhere ..., then all this was canceled ..., then again in a circle.
    Now you compare everything and you understand that the top teams were doing what the hell was going on, but that necessary team, just "put things in order in the capital", never came ...
    And I found out about the coup when I arrived home on TV, that's the story I tell, and for some reason it’s sad ...
  41. beifall
    beifall 24 August 2013 06: 47
    D 1990-91 MANY THOUSAND rallies of the titular nation with slogans were held in ALL cities of the RSFSR: enough to feed the Union republics, enough Central Asia, enough to feed ALL!
    But nothing has changed: feed Central Asia (2.3 million migrant workers, 1 million Tajiks, 700 thousand Kyrgyz people to Uzbekistan), FEED THE ACTUALLY INDEPENDENT CAUCASUS! Not a damn thing has changed! This site is full of fans of the Soviets - almost all RUSSIANs, but why then at least 50 thousand do not gather for a rally in support of the USSR 2.0! After all, bulk collects 100 in the swamp! All of you 000 million out of 110 million .......... yet! This means the Council of Deputies WILL NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  42. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 24 August 2013 11: 21
    Quote: Vasya
    Vasya (4) Yesterday, 17:01
    ↑ ↓ New

    Whom to consider the people? Terrorists also had a Russian passport. During the nat. riot in Alma-Ata, when Kolbin was appointed, who rebelled? The people of Kazakhstan or nationalists (thieves and traitors) who felt that they could be imprisoned for the economy?

    Did you eat your ear? call my compatriots (kazakhstan) thieves and criminals, if you don’t know what was there, the media hangs noodles and people like you hung their ears, they are thieves like your relatives and you yourself, like? then your ancestors are on the sandpiper field and those who fought against the horde are traitors and thieves and criminals. These were ordinary students and residents of the city, may God punish those "soldiers" who chopped ordinary people with shovels, I will not touch an innocent with my finger, and such non-people will not flinch to wet my hand, just not to be imprisoned.

    the rebellion was correct, would you like if Russia were ruled by a black man, Arab or chock? here it is

    and as for passports, do not distribute it to any terrorists, especially to those with whom you recently fought (Chechnya) and if you joined them and did not give independence, they now have to endure

    you are a real villain if you don’t even feel sorry for yours, in 1993 you really shot at a crowd from a large-caliber in Moscow, if your relatives died there you wouldn’t say that now
  43. NOMAD
    NOMAD 24 August 2013 15: 07
    Brothers are good to rivet labels on the whole people! In alma-ata in 1986, what happened could happen everywhere1 That is, a person comes from the side of the republic, And of course the remaining party nomenclature drifted that there would be checks to remove some and plant some! Considering the time that the old secretary sat there everyone was born together! Naturally, the party nomenclature and organized this riot! And they put the slogan allegedly put Russian Kolbin! By the way, there were Russians in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan — for example, the third secretary, Bashmakov !!! In 86, Kazakhstan was part of the USSR Military-Industrial Complex1 that is, everything was controlled by the KGB! Therefore, when they say that students shouted to leave the USSR, it’s complete nonsense! they demanded that they put on the post of a Kazakh or Russian immigrant from Kazakhstan, then they themselves would not have guessed! At that time everything was decided in Moscow !! They would decide to plant a monkey there - they would be elected on a party activist! Slogans about squeezing Kazakhs are nonsense too! Only in Alma-Ata, students from indigenous villages studied at institutes! They were given scholarships, directions from collective farms and state farms, etc.! If you have brains, study! That is, students didn’t have reasons to go to the square! They simply drove them there and deceived! At that time, if a Russian was sitting in some institution, the deputy was a Kazakh or a person of a different nationality, or vice versa, and this was strictly observed !! And on the square, the provocateurs simply fought with the military and the FAS team naturally sounded !!! Of course, the party members distinguished themselves by calling it Kazakh nationalism! There was simply a fight! It was organized by party functionaries who were thieving and corrupt! Because any popular rebellion has organizers! And they are still not there! And it won’t be! More than 30 years have passed And the fact that the investigation of these events is being hindered and put under the cloth! Also talking about something!
  44. Alfonso
    Alfonso 24 August 2013 17: 31
    A certain Poltoranin (Minister of Propaganda under Yeltsin) in his book "Power in TNT Equivalent" asserts that from 1986 to 1988 Gorbachev really removed from the leadership those who could object. The collapse of the USSR was started by the Laws on Cooperatives in 1988 (there were up to 20 of them - laws, acts, clarifications). The general essence is that when a state-owned enterprise was allowed to create cooperatives, raw materials can be taken from the country at the state price, sold at any price, products can be sold abroad for foreign currency, currency accounts of cooperatives were forbidden to control. Then, in 1988, a third of the country's GDP went abroad, and then more. From there the deficit. A certain Tarasov, who paid 1 million rubles. Partyznosov boasted that he bought a train of aluminum ducklings at KAMAZ for 3 rubles, and sold them abroad as aluminum.
    The author calls L. Rokhlin the leader of the dissatisfied of that time, who was "shot" by his wife at night. He also writes that the grassroots party organizations demanded an extraordinary congress to remove Gorbachev. But after the GKChP, the party was disbanded and allegedly the GKChP was organized in order to find a justification for the dissolution of the party.
    In 1991 I was a platoon commander in the Ryazan VVKUS, the chief at the training camp said: "You don't have to run in front of the locomotive, I forbid you to go to Moscow." And I was not particularly interested, and nothing from the TV was clear and there was nothing to eat then, all according to coupons.
  45. Chaplain
    Chaplain 29 August 2013 00: 17
    You’re a bad man, Vladimir Glybin, the article is like a knife ... But remembering the history of Russia, Russia, the USSR, we will create a new no less great state.