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The remains of 260 soldiers found near Smolensk

The remains of 260 soldiers found near Smolensk

According to preliminary data, the search engines found the remains of over 260 soldiers. By the soldiers' medallions, we managed to find out that the dead defenders of the Fatherland found in the Yelninsky District were born in the Altai Territory. Seventy years later, they will find peace in their native land — medallions and the remains of soldiers will be given to the relatives of the Red Army men by the Altai search party, which also participated in the excavations.

This year, the search engines from the “Memory Watch” began to work since April and since then they have managed to carry out 7 burials on the territory of the Smolensk region.

The solemn ceremony of summing up the results of the next stage of the 15 of the International “Memory Watch” was visited by the Governor of the Smolensk Region Alexey Ostrovsky. He sincerely thanked the guys and admitted that he himself "in the distant nineties" was related to the search movement. “In the forests of the Kaluga region, we searched for our dead soldiers and officers. Thanks to those involved in this work these days. Just a year ago, I was able to find the traces of my missing grandfather: he was in captivity four times, ran four times, then disappeared. And with the help of the search movement I was able to find information about it: cards, documents. Thanks so much for that. In the Smolensk region, the regional government supports and is ready to support search engines to an even greater degree, ”said Ostrovsky.

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The site of the administration of the Smolensk region
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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 22 August 2013 06: 19
    Eternal memory to the fallen!
    1. afire
      afire 22 August 2013 08: 45
      Thank you for the victory!
  2. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 22 August 2013 06: 26
    Familiar places. More than 400 people were buried there three years ago. The "horsemen" were lying 200 meters from the road. And some district m ... k said in that spirit that "let them lie." All of them have 7 medallions and 17 signature items.
    1. Retx
      Retx 22 August 2013 10: 09
      My great-grandfather died there ... I don’t even know if he is buried, but I hope so. Thanks you!
      1. alone
        alone 23 August 2013 14: 47
        maybe my grandfather is among them !! eternal memory to them !!
  3. Revolver
    Revolver 22 August 2013 06: 27
    "The war is not over until the last soldier is buried."
    Generalissimus A.V. Suvorov
    1. serge-68-68
      serge-68-68 22 August 2013 09: 09
      Having buried more than one hundred forgotten soldiers, when I hear these words from some commander of a decent level, I want to kick him in the face. Especially those in whose "areas of responsibility" are "riders".
      When I first saw the remains of the soldiers, when asked "do you see how the soldiers defended their homeland?" answered - "I see how the Motherland took care of its defenders."
      1. Landwarrior
        Landwarrior 23 August 2013 07: 51
        You are right, but to some bosses, those who at least somehow help, for example, they allocate land for burial sites, they help with its arrangement, etc. it can somehow be forgiven ...
        And those who just come for everything ready simply "promote", as it’s nice to say, here I completely agree.
  4. Garrin
    Garrin 22 August 2013 06: 47
    Eternal Glory and Eternal Memory of the fallen WARRIORS!
    Thanks to the search engines!
  5. svp67
    svp67 22 August 2013 06: 53
    It looks like we are celebrating Victory Day early. Thank you the search engines and all those who are not indifferent that you, like your greats, grandfathers and fathers, are bringing this day closer, since "the war is not over until the last dead soldier is buried ..."
  6. individual
    individual 22 August 2013 07: 04
    70 years in the status of missing in the war - this is a lot, a whole generation of those who should remember them is already leaving.
    So let the new generation remember the feat of the victorious Soviet soldier.
  7. LaGlobal
    LaGlobal 22 August 2013 07: 32
    Well done, search engines! I always admired such people. Thank you for bringing you closer for the families of fallen heroes for their homeland!

    Eternal memory - HEROES! soldier
  8. Alan
    Alan 22 August 2013 08: 21
    Bright memory !! soldier How many fallen still lie not buried. Everlasting memory!!! Pleased with a large number of boys and girls, they will definitely not desecrate memorials, and they will definitely not become "swamp". And they will definitely not call their homeland "Rashka".
    Special thanks to those who work with these teens.
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 22 August 2013 08: 36
      Quote: Alan
      How many fallen are still not buried.

      As it is not regrettable, very much. In our area, even along Zimnaya, not everyone has been found and buried, what can we say about the Second World War.
      The main problem is identification. If on those that 41-44 still periodically come across medallions (fullness and readability is a separate conversation), then on the "winter" the maximum that can be found is signed personal belongings, which is not often possible.
      1. Alan
        Alan 22 August 2013 17: 29
        Quote: Landwarrior
        The main problem is identification. If on those that 41-44 still periodically come across medallions (fullness and readability is a separate conversation), then on the "winter" the maximum that can be found is signed personal belongings, which is not often possible.

        I understand you are involved in the rise of the fallen ??? In this case, thank you and your colleagues (I know that this is not done alone) !!! Well, a trifle, of course, plus you.
        1. Landwarrior
          Landwarrior 23 August 2013 07: 45
          You’re right. I’ve been in the search squad for several years now.
          Thank you for warm words. We will continue to work.
  9. Rosomaha67
    Rosomaha67 22 August 2013 08: 57
    Article +! Thanks to the search engines for their work, a noble and necessary job! Eternal memory to the fallen for the freedom of our Motherland and for our life !!! soldier
  10. taseka
    taseka 22 August 2013 09: 13
    Eternal memory to those who died for the freedom and independence of our Motherland! Glory to those who are doing this good deed now !!!
  11. Alexey M
    Alexey M 22 August 2013 09: 31
    The good news is that there are people who are engaged in this. And the fact that among these people there are many young people, this means that REALLY NOTHING IS FORGOTTEN AND NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN.
  12. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 22 August 2013 10: 50
    I would like to know - WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES WAS OUR Fathers and Grandfathers Killed?
  13. albanech
    albanech 22 August 2013 13: 23
    Good job! It is very nice to see that at least someone is working with the younger generation!
    Eternal memory to the fallen! Praise and pride for those who are engaged in this noble cause!
  14. Sochi
    Sochi 22 August 2013 22: 27
    A deep bow to the guys for what they are doing, for what they remember and do not let us forget the feat of our grandfathers. Eternal memory to the fallen.
    I am killed under Rzhev,
    In an unnamed swamp,
    In the fifth company,
    On the left,
    With a cruel raid.

    I did not hear a break
    And did not see that flash, -
    Exactly in the abyss from the cliff -
    And neither the bottom nor the tire.

    And in this whole world
    Until the end of his days -
    No buttonhole,
    Not a sign
    From my tunic.

    I - where the roots are blind
    They look for food in the darkness;
    I am where with a cloud of dust
    Rye goes on a hill.

    I'm where the cock crowing
    At dawn the dew;
    I'm where your cars are
    The air is torn on the highway.

    Where is the blade of grass to the blade of grass -
    A river of grass spins,
    There, where at the wake
    Even the mother will not come.
  15. Normal
    Normal 22 August 2013 22: 55
    The eternal memory of the defender of the motherland.
    A bow to those who seek and bury the fallen.
    Thanks to everyone who drew attention to the note and left a comment.
  16. fklj
    fklj 23 August 2013 11: 07
    The headline is "The remains of 260 soldiers were found near Smolensk", but in fact there is a photo report about the governor of the Smolensk region. It's ugly.
  17. makst83
    makst83 23 August 2013 14: 42
    I don’t remember literally who said, but said correctly: "The war is not over until the last soldier is buried."
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 23 August 2013 14: 44
      Suvorov. A.V.
      1. makst83
        makst83 23 August 2013 15: 05
        Thank you!)