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Weekday engineering troops

The priorities of the Russian military construction today are the construction of structures that correspond to modern technologies, which would fit within the designated time frame and would not require extra costs. Today, engineering troops are engaged in military construction, which, as it has been, is often referred to as a “construction battalion”.
Modern engineering troops include several areas. These are pontoon, road, engineering, and other areas that carry out their activities for the construction of various objects. Such objects include temporary ferries, buildings for practicing the actions of other types of troops, training grounds and much more.
Some time ago, engineering troops (mainly in the USSR) took an active part in the construction of housing for military personnel. Until now, military camps have remained in various cities of the country, which were built by soldiers of construction battalions, who were gathered literally from all the republics of the Union. Typically, these towns consist of the so-called Brezhnev five-story building, which was assembled like a designer from separate panels produced in concrete products plants. If today the territory of military camps can be fenced fences of corrugated boardwhich is rather easily erected, concrete used to be the main material for creating the fence. Concrete slabs as a kind of hedge for military facilities for various purposes can be seen today. To increase the security of the object, such plates are fitted on top with additional sections in which you can stretch barbed wire.
Engineering troops - not the notion of modernity. In any of the ancient armies existed their units, which performed the task of building ferries over water barriers, building siege towers and other activities related to military construction. The only difference could be that these actions were carried out by the same soldiers who were supposed to participate in further combat, that is, the unit of the military builders could not be separated from the army on a permanent basis. In the Roman army at a certain stage of its existence, military construction work was performed by slaves. They were engaged in the construction of defensive ramparts on the borders of the empire, so that the troops of Rome had an advantage over the enemy trying to penetrate their territory.
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  1. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 21 August 2013 16: 15 New
    Always respected the Military Engineering Forces - the true bees of the Army.
    They work with almost the same voltage during the period of hostilities and during the peace period.
    Ensuring the vital functions of units in the PPD, during deployment and in places of "gatherings". Crossings, road works.
    Mine clearance of the consequences of the war, rescue and evacuation work during fires and floods and natural disasters.

    True respect to guys.

    Just did not understand the minuscule written in the article ...
    As well as the confusion of the lower-level troops and military builders, and in the photo in general the soldiers of the railway troops.

    All three groups are hard workers in the true sense, but why is everything in a heap ???
    1. Civil
      Civil 21 August 2013 16: 19 New
      They would have a modern technique ... a good tool
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 21 August 2013 16: 49 New
        Quote: Civil
        They would have a modern technique ...

        And on one base.
        They really grab hold of their heads: IMR based on T-72, OBV based on the converted T-64, BAT-M on T-54, MTU - all sorts of different things, BTS - T-54/55, GSP and other "scarecrows" in general at different bases.
        Zampotecham is definitely not bored.
  2. papas-57
    papas-57 21 August 2013 20: 46 New
    And in the photo for some reason, the soldiers of the ZHELDORBAT. Engineering troops are not involved in the repair and construction of railways, there are Railway troops for this.