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The "battle" coloring of the German Luftwaffe


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  1. GUSAR
    GUSAR 21 August 2013 06: 58
    Like a circus, but still beautiful
    1. Zhenya
      Zhenya 21 August 2013 07: 24
      With such coloring only on a show or on a parade, but not in battle.
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 21 August 2013 08: 28
        "And who will knock down the tambourines !? I am with yellow-horns !?" (c) "Only old men go to battle."
        1. Zhenya
          Zhenya 21 August 2013 09: 42
          There was a squadron III./JG52(later), the authors of the film invented the "diamonds".
          1. Idolum
            Idolum 21 August 2013 11: 33
            I./JG50 - perhaps this squadron was associated with an ace of diamonds.
            1. Fitter65
              Fitter65 21 August 2013 15: 41
              The squadrons in the Luftwaffe were indicated by Arabic numerals-1,2,3 ... And III / 52 is read as the third group of 52 squadrons ...
              As an emblem, the JG53 Pik As carried an ace of spades inscribed in a vertical white rhombus, which in its configuration resembled a tambourine suit. On JG52 airplanes, the red cross inscribed in a vertical white rhombus, which can also be called a diamonds, was a stretch. There was also a JG54 Green heart, but it is rather a green ace of worms. And the fact that the JG50 managed to acquire an emblem, let alone fight on the eastern front, is generally tormented by vague doubts. It was formed on 15.08 43-disbanded at the end of October 1943, the personnel and equipment entered JG301 composition.
      2. solomon
        solomon 21 August 2013 11: 56
        With such coloring only on a show or on a parade, but not in battle.
        And what, coloring prevents to fight? Or reduces the bomb load?
        1. Indigo
          Indigo 21 August 2013 16: 40
          no, they all run away and with whom then will they measure them? .........
    2. Vodrak
      Vodrak 21 August 2013 16: 21
      And what is this face in a cap on the tail, in photo No. 22?
      Hour is not a portrait of Goering?
      1. hiocraib
        hiocraib 21 August 2013 17: 49
        Quote: Vodrak
        tail cap

        there below there is a signature like "post passed" - the last flight of F-4.
        1. Simple
          Simple 21 August 2013 18: 54
          A total of 175 F4-F “Phantom” for 40 years
          were in service with the German Air Force. Side 37 + 01, painted
          in a blue and gold color will be left as a monument in Wittmundhafen.
          On June 30.06.2013, XNUMX, the Phantoms retirement air show was held at Wittmundhafen.

          The air show on "Phantoms" was performed by the pilots of Jagdgeschwader 71 "Richthofen".

          Among the German pilots "Phantom" received the nickname: "Eisenschwein" also "Luftverteidigungsdiesel".

          1. Simple
            Simple 21 August 2013 20: 29
            Jagdgeschwader 71 "Richthofen"

    3. Su24
      Su24 21 August 2013 20: 44
  2. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 21 August 2013 07: 08
    This is not a war paint - this is "cockfighting" ...
    Do Germans still fly Phantoms?! .. I didn’t know, I didn’t. Amer removed them from service ten to twelve years ago, if only they remained in the national guard. Who has info, share.
    The military has its own idea of ​​the beautiful. And it doesn’t matter from which country the military ...
    1. hiocraib
      hiocraib 21 August 2013 11: 17
      Quote: Scary ensign
      This is not a war paint

      how did you guess? repeat
      Of course, this is a coloring for any window dressing of single cars, over the past 20 years.

      Quote: Scary ensign
      Do Germans still fly Phantoms?

      phantoms only a couple of pieces, in a research center, with the appropriate equipment (flight laboratory) for testing all and all flying equipment. and they’re not going to refuse, it’s painfully good for these purposes.
  3. Hikar
    Hikar 21 August 2013 07: 09
    Beautiful of course, but the hardware is outdated ...
    1. Su-9
      Su-9 21 August 2013 07: 16
      like a reconnaissance plane, an electronic warfare plane or a bomber jacket - nothing at all. And the load is more than that of f35 ... And reliable.
      1. Su-9
        Su-9 21 August 2013 07: 17
        I'm talking about the most outdated iron - f4
  4. Su-9
    Su-9 21 August 2013 07: 15
    The last phantom of the Germans retired on June 29 this year. But among the Greeks, Iranians, Japanese, Koreans, and Turks, they still fly. And with amers they are converted into targets. We would also be able to fly MiGi-23/27 so far, if some people hadn’t sent them to re-melting in the 90s ...
    1. M. Peter
      M. Peter 21 August 2013 09: 03
      I watched the transmission through the discovery as something, they have there not only how goals are used. How would the question be, is it not possible to convert the phantom to normal such a non-disposable UAV? In principle, why not ...
      1. Su-9
        Su-9 21 August 2013 09: 41
        Can. Only expensive. In UAVs, all systems are new and integrated. And f4 is controlled by a handle and rods. As a target - normal, as a cheap UAV - it will not work.
  5. Semurg
    Semurg 21 August 2013 07: 32
    Maybe a little bright or clumsy, but beautiful. Maybe I’m mistaken, but when the Germans start to beat the drums and march the ear you need to keep watch, the Germans know how to fight and do not shy away from it. And do not think that they were piled on them in the Second World War, and after the First World War the French Prime Minister also said that Germany would never rise, and she rose and organized an even greater massacre. The truth is that they now peacefully got what they fought for control of Europe, but nonetheless appetite comes with eating.
  6. Krsk
    Krsk 21 August 2013 08: 05
    They are in battle kaaaaaaaaaak flashed quickly quickly)))
    1. Astrey
      Astrey 22 August 2013 11: 16
      I don’t want to fight them already. Very cool airplanes. )))
  7. King
    King 21 August 2013 08: 43
    There are big problems along the way with new technology in the Lufiwaf.
  8. pensioner
    pensioner 21 August 2013 09: 26
    This is ALL German planes along the way ... Goering would have immediately hanged himself if he had been told that after some 70 years Germany would have practically no Luftwaffe.
  9. biglow
    biglow 21 August 2013 09: 27
    probably the money in the budget is just enough for coloring the planes and enough ..
  10. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 21 August 2013 09: 29
    Creative! And the coloring does not repeat, with the soul, apparently, the Germans approached this process.
    1. mark7
      mark7 21 August 2013 23: 15
      The Germans always knew how to make out weapons and uniforms
  11. Stiletto
    Stiletto 21 August 2013 09: 35
    Smiled. For some reason I remembered the film "Avatar" and the main character - "Turuk-Makto", riding a similar "bird".
    1. lilit.193
      lilit.193 21 August 2013 14: 42
      Quote: Stiletto
      I remembered the film "Avatar" and the main character - "Turuk-Makto", riding a similar "bird".

      And what, but the truth is similar. yes
  12. PavelOPG
    PavelOPG 21 August 2013 09: 59
    how interesting is this airbrush cost them? winked and so for the rides come down.
    1. Astrey
      Astrey 22 August 2013 11: 19
      Very expensive. But they do not just keep their GUSAK. With his activities, profits throughout Europe in the automotive industry and in household appliances. And in our country, one student said crap and the whole Union changed his mind about developing air dyes ...
  13. Idolum
    Idolum 21 August 2013 11: 09
    The best coloring is "stars" under the lamp, the rest is camouflage, even circus ...;)
  14. svp67
    svp67 21 August 2013 11: 13
    It all started with the "Richtofen circus ..."
    1. svp67
      svp67 21 August 2013 19: 10

      Fighter Albatros DV (ser. No. D2059 / 17), JG I, August 1917.

      Fighter Albatros DV from the Jasta 11, which Richthofen flew in the fall of 1917.
  15. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 21 August 2013 11: 19
    This cross ... Germans are still a great nation.
    Lose our war (CIS), throw out flags, signs and draw new ones so as not to have anything to do with losing ... Each new ruler dismantles everything connected with the previous one. Just like the Arabs - they destroy even that which stood 30 centuries.

    You need to remember your history, culture, language and respect your country and every bush. The jackals cannot be allowed to come and recognize their culture and history better.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. solomon
    solomon 21 August 2013 11: 58
    The coloring of this MIG-29 especially pleases the eye !!!

    1. old man54
      old man54 21 August 2013 18: 01
      yes ... angry The flag of the country of the developer and pro-la then why is there really stupidity there! negative
  18. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 21 August 2013 13: 47
    Like insects, the brighter, the more terrible for the enemy. They had a "red baron" terrified everyone
  19. sub307
    sub307 21 August 2013 14: 03
    In general - the Luftwaffe is fine with paints and varnishes, the artists are also at work.
  20. lilit.193
    lilit.193 21 August 2013 14: 36
    What are colorful! It's like parrots. wink lol
    1. Krsk
      Krsk 21 August 2013 18: 56
      Bundeswehr Special Forces)))
  21. Selevc
    Selevc 21 August 2013 15: 23
    Due to the lack of decent aircraft of their own manufacture, the Germans can only paint the strangers !!! :))))))))))))))
  22. Stiletto
    Stiletto 21 August 2013 16: 02
    In general, they shine with all the colors of the rainbow. As befits LGBT aircraft.
    1. old man54
      old man54 21 August 2013 18: 02
      Quote: Stiletto
      As befits LGBT aircraft.

      laughing good laughing
  23. mark7
    mark7 21 August 2013 23: 24
    The Germans have always been a worthy adversary, but the photos are good +
  24. Simple
    Simple 22 August 2013 02: 11
    German vehicles in service with the German Luftwaffe are "painted not according to the charter" (sonderlakierung - special painting) in the following cases:

    1. Regarding the anniversary, affecting the given plane or compound.
    2. It so happened that all airplanes and helicopters participating in the annual NATO Tiger Meet exercises are given a "tiger" (and not only) coloring in one form or another. Of course, the boards are not repainted after the competition.
  25. Karius
    Karius 29 August 2013 12: 43
    oh, those Germans. always loved to paint "birds", but they are really good. there's nothing to say.
    and from the worse they didn’t fly.
  26. Swetliy
    Swetliy 24 August 2014 11: 58
    Budgerigars nervously smoke on the sidelines! laughing