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Americans bombed ... flies

Americans bombed ... fliesVladimir Sergeevich Kapitansky was born in the Oryol region in 1929 year. Then he lived in the Tula region. From the beginning of the war he returned to Orlovschina. Before 1943, having been occupied, he was a young intelligence officer of a local underground organization. Being drafted into the Soviet Army, I got to serve in the Air Force. Then there was the Korean War. Demobilized, hit the Mordovia. He worked at the lamp factory in Saransk. He studied at Moscow State University - Mordovia State University. N.P.Ogaryova. He worked at a construction site. Now retired.

Vladimir Sergeevich Kapitansky knows about the war firsthand. Wars broke into his life twice. The first time was in 12, when he was still a child. Their train was bombed by planes. XNUMX-year-old boy heard howling flying from the sky aviation bombs. I saw the explosions, the bodies of the dead, heard the groans of the bleeding wounded. At another station, another attack by German dive bombers. This day could be the last in his life, but he was lucky: a bullet fired from an aircraft machine gun passed in passing, barely hitting.

Until 1943, the Captain was in the territory occupied by the occupiers. Despite his young age, he was associated with underground workers. On their instructions, he went to the railway stations, looking at the goods carried by trains. Scouting where the fascists were warehouses. The Germans did not pay attention to him at first. But after the strikes of our aircraft on railway facilities, the attitude towards children hanging around the station became different from them. But he was lucky the second time - he was not hanged.

Soviet fighter MiG-15

The second time the war recalled itself in 1950. On the Korean Peninsula, large-scale hostilities unfolded between Kimirsen's North Korea, China, supported by the Soviet Union, and the pro-American South Korean regime, which the United Nations stood for led by the United States. At that time, Vladimir Sergeyevich served in the North Caucasus, was a mechanic of the latest for those times Soviet fighter MiG-15. He was offered to go on a business trip. The proposal itself was constructed in such a way that it did not imply a refusal. Yes, he did not think to refuse, then the words "serving the Motherland" have not yet become a stamp. We drove in an ordinary passenger train, dressed in civilian clothes. Brought to Transbaikalia, in Chita. Here they stayed a month. We studied the Chinese language. The captain still remembers him. In addition to language, they talked about the customs and traditions of the Chinese and Koreans ...

From the file “Capital C”

The war on the Korean Peninsula began in the 1950 nurse of the year. Kim Il Sung's troops invaded South Korea. The United States intervened in the war, thanks to which the South Koreans were saved from defeat. In November, China threw its troops against the Americans. At the same time, Stalin dispatched our aviation divisions to the northeastern provinces of China. A dispatch of five divisions of the ground forces was also prepared to help Korea. In this war, the United States used 1 million people, 1,6 thousands of aircraft and 200 warships. American casualties: 54 killed thousands and 103 thousands injured. The death toll was even greater than in the Vietnam War. The Korean war almost became nuclear. In the United States, plans for an atomic bombing of North Korea were being developed in all seriousness.

After the end of the training, their part was transferred to China. Often changed locations. Were in Beijing, struck by its beauty. We visited a closed city where the imperial architectural complex is located. The Chinese apparently did not correspond to the stereotype of people who are short and puny. In fact, they looked different. The Manchus, for example, were tall and broad-shouldered. Then a part was transferred to Nanjing. In the border of Antoun on the bank of the Yaluzen river, their connection covered the hydroelectric power station and the railway bridge. Our planes flew with the identification marks of the Chinese Air Force, and the servicemen were dressed in Chinese military uniforms and stationed in the barracks of their army. The fact is that our military posed as Russians living in China. Then there were more than 600 thousand.

American fighter F-86 "Saber"

The daily routine was compressed like a spring. Often had to rest for two hours a day. True, they fed well. 100 grams of alcohol were given regularly. There was even a beer. You could order some dishes. These orders were carried out.

During the time spent on the Korean War, Captain had to prepare airplanes for several pilots - they changed regularly. Vladimir Sergeevich no longer remembers the names of some. But forever the memory of the name of the pilot who died during the mission was Kislitzin. American fighters often sneaked up to our airfields at low altitude. When we went to land or take off, the Yankees opened fire on them. Kislitsin shot down over the airfield. He burned alive in an airplane.

Flights took place at any time of the day. Our planes were in the air 24 hours a day - constantly had to fly to the interceptions of the American "flying fortresses" and "Sabre". Sometimes MiGs returned to the base riddled with machine gun bursts. Had to undock the wings, parts of the fuselage. While the plane was being repaired, the pilot received a new fighter and again went into battle. True, aviators preferred to fly only on "their" aircraft. Each MiG had its own individual characteristics - “character”.

From the file “Capital C”

In the Korean War, on the side of North Korea, besides piston aviation, MiG-15 and MiG-15bis aircraft operated. The Americans had the F-80 "Shooting Star", F-84 "Thunderjet", F-94 "Starfire" fighters. But the most common were the F-86 Saber. Our and American aircraft were roughly equivalent machines. True, the "Sabr" was an advantage in electronics - radio range finder. The pilot also had an anti-overload suit, which ours did not have.

However, not everything is solved only by technology. Much depends on the person. The captain said that in a year and a half of war, their regiment of 50 aircraft with which they had arrived lost their 48 machines. But the pilots of the regiment shot down American planes twice. Vladimir Sergeevich notes that war mobilizes human capabilities. It often happens that people seem to be mediocre, in extreme conditions reveal their hidden opportunities. One of the pilots, arriving at war as a lieutenant, left a lieutenant colonel. He shot down 11 aircraft, although he hadn’t stood out in the Soviet Union before that. Americans often bombed the airfields of Soviet aviation. Before that, saboteurs and scouts usually landed, and agents assisted among the Chinese helped them. They pointed to targets for bombing. Vladimir Sergeevich says that they practically did not have to live in barracks. All the time in the shelters of the aircraft, at a depth of 5 meters.

American bomber In-29 "Flying Fortress"

The effectiveness of American strikes on airfields was low as the American strategic bombers B-29 bombed from high altitudes, using radar sights. Crews could not see whether the bombs hit the target, for fear of running into anti-aircraft guns. In addition, our aircraft did not leave such flights unpunished. Despite the powerful weapons, the “flying fortresses” were effectively lost by our MiGs. Sometimes after the attacks of the MiG-15 B-29 just collapsed in the air. Americans very successfully acted against civilian objects. In addition to bombs weighing a ton of 1, they actively used napalm, a flammable thick liquid whose burning temperature was a thousand degrees. According to the press, in Pyongyang alone, 70 burned thousands of houses out of 73 thousands. Total Yankees dropped 200 thousands of napalm bombs, and these are 100 thousands of tons of napalm.

In addition, the Americans used biological weapon. As the Captain remembers, with B-29 dumped containers with huge green flies. Hundreds of thousands of released beasts spread various infectious diseases.

Soviet fighter MiG-15bis

Our pilots and technicians have done a lot to prepare the aircraft of North Korea and China. Over time, she was completely accustomed to the sky, and at first it came to curiosities. Chinese pilots lost consciousness in the sky. The reason is that they were undernourished. Their bosses thoughtlessly about their pilots, they thought that they were engaged in nonsense in the air. We intervened, and the Chinese began to feed better.

Their part was transferred directly to Korea. They relocated very often and did not even know where they were - in Korea or in China. From place to place flew vehicles on transport planes or traveling by truck. And here it came from the Americans - they bombed car columns, and American saboteurs were also disturbed. In this war, the concept of front and rear was relative.

With the signing of the armistice agreement, our troops returned home. About 40 years have passed since the end of the Korean War, but the soldiers who were there, still can not forget about it. For a long time they were also depressed by the fact that everything was covered with the darkness of secrecy. And only in the middle of 1990-x "Koreans" were allowed to speak.
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  1. shurup
    shurup 31 August 2013 09: 22
    For me, the question remains open - what do American biological laboratories in Georgia and Ukraine do?
    And isn’t it time for Onishchenko’s department to acquire its own special forces to eliminate the “sudden” appearance of microbes in Belarusian milk and local outbreaks of the poultry swine fever near the Russian borders.
    However, this is not directly related to the competent actions of Soviet pilots in Korea.
  2. mithridate
    mithridate 31 August 2013 10: 31
    after all, amers have a small intestine against us
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 31 August 2013 15: 02
      You know, this is not the first time that I have been thinking about the fact that we have Russians, there is such a "light" the author singled out in the article
      Vladimir Sergeyevich notes that war mobilizes human capabilities. It often happens that people seem to be mediocre, in extreme conditions, reveal their hidden capabilities. One of the pilots, having arrived to the war as a lieutenant, left as a lieutenant colonel. He shot down 11 aircraft, although before that, the Union did not stand out.
      This is exactly what our potential "partners" lacks. And they lack this because the upbringing is not the same as ours, the mentality is not the same, and the values ​​are completely different. It's like in the war here? Die yourself and help a comrade. What the Amer and their partners do not have. It’s enough to recall the comment of Alexander Nikolaevich Kharchevsky about the flight of our Sushki in the United States in 92 for a training battle with the F-15, where the Amer showed their rotten gut in full, especially since the F-15 pilots threw our pilots in an emergency after which is also gnarled. So there is not a small intestine, and the intestine is completely rotten.
    2. Fofan
      Fofan 1 September 2013 00: 48
      Quote: Mithridates
      after all, amers have a small intestine against us

      Yeah, they made us 10 years of ruin with the help of humpback. they gave us money on credit, and also welded. and no wars are needed.
      but otherwise I agree. the gut is thin.
    3. Bazileus
      Bazileus 2 September 2013 15: 18
      You need to start by refuting some lies about the Korean War.
      Not the North Koreans were the first to attack, but the amers against the North Koreans, provoking retaliatory actions - on the basis of the Hitler attack on Poland or the Tonkin incident.
  3. smile
    smile 31 August 2013 13: 51
    Let the author excuse me, but it seems to me very doubtful the conclusion that the United States used flies against Koreans ... as a carrier of biological weapons, in my opinion, they have never been used ... then what's the point? Forcing Koreans to actively dismiss and thereby undermine combat effectiveness and performance? So there were enough local flies, why, with the risk of getting hit by an air defense, engage in nonsense? ... Although, of course, the Americans will become those who are still entertainers ... :)))
    The rest of the article is not bad +
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 31 August 2013 14: 24
      read the book "Bacteria 078", there is just about the creation of bacteriological weapons by the United States and Japan and about the bombing of North Korea with these weapons ........ there were containers with hungry and infected rats and other disgusting ... I think they are now, on the sly, doing this in the interests of transnational corporations ... either bird flu, or swine flu, or something else ... ... the same laboratory in Georgia, close to Russia
      1. smile
        smile 31 August 2013 17: 00
        So that’s just the point — mice, rats, ticks, fleas — there were even agricultural pests — to undermine the food base ... no one used flies ... but I completely believe that they are hunting now. ..
        1. 31231
          31231 31 August 2013 19: 46
          In medicine, flies and cockroaches are considered carriers of infection.
          1. smile
            smile 31 August 2013 22: 40
            Yes, medicine considered them carriers of infection. But no one ever used them as a carrier of biological weapons, and even more so, did not start them with ammunition. It’s just that they cannot be used to transfer to humans any specific pathogenic microorganisms, their spores, viruses or bacterial toxins.

            I fully admit that one of the cunning Americans, having frowned at the authorities, knocked out a budget for such an idiotic idea and even realized it ... but then this is one of the most idiotic oddities ... I would appreciate the author more detailed information- I will make people laugh .... :)))
            By the way, the author, do not swear at me. I understand that you wouldn’t come up with this ... :))) I really liked the article ...
    2. Sirocco
      Sirocco 31 August 2013 15: 08
      Volodya, and there’s no difference to Amers what to bomb, the main thing is what the goal is. They didn’t water napalm for the sake of a humanitarian mission. Although there you have a demotivator. Help starving in American.
      1. smile
        smile 31 August 2013 17: 01
        Well, and you certainly can’t argue with that ... :)))
    3. Proud.
      Proud. 31 August 2013 20: 31
      Quote: smile
      Although, of course, it will become with the Americans, they are still entertainers ... :))))

      The Americans could use the experience of the Japs. There is a documentary film "The Philosophy of the Knife". About Detachment 731. The film is really not for everybody, the director has a somewhat sick imagination (IMHO). So, the Japanese carried out tests with plague-infected flies. dropped ceramic bombs stuffed with plague fleas, released plague flies. In his book Death Factory, California State University historian Sheldon Harris claims that more than 200 people were killed by plague bombs. The Japanese command in 1945 until the very end developed a plan for Operation "Cherry Blossoms at Night." According to the plan, several submarines were supposed to approach the American coast and release aircraft there, which were supposed to spray plague-infected flies over San Diego. knows.
      1. smile
        smile 31 August 2013 23: 17
        May I correct you? The fact is that the Japanese used fleas and ticks, no flies (except in laboratory tests and human trials). firstly, because fleas actually carried biological weapons when they were bitten and tried to warm-blooded, in order to eat, and the flies do not bite and tend not to warm-blooded, but, sorry, mainly to their waste. People can only be infected by accident, the necessary density of defeat for the epidemic, and even more so, a pandemic — never to be achieved .... flies are not effective, and if the Americans used Japanese developments, they should have known it ... and they used it ...
        so that all cases of the actual use of bio weapons by the Japanese, namely fleas ... and with encephalitis ticks, these ... the female dogs worked ... but you are right, figs knows it, there is enough idiocy in history ... :)))) +
        1. Arabist
          Arabist 31 August 2013 23: 22
          As far as I know (I do not say with a probability of 100%), the waters of the Three Rivers were still periodically infected (all the rivers had access to Soviet territory). However, the effectiveness of biological warfare was extremely low.
          1. smile
            smile 1 September 2013 02: 13
            Yes, there have been attempts ... but the effectiveness is really that ... let us down ... in this regard, they relied on other methods. And about the Three Rivers, please:
            Accused Hirazakura Zensaku revealed at the preliminary investigation on December 6, 1949 the following:
            In the Kwantung Army “In July-August 1942, I took part in an expedition to the area of ​​Three Rivers, called the“ summer maneuvers. ” This expedition was aimed at exploring the possibility of using bacteria of anthrax and glanders in vivo, close to the area of ​​probable military operations - at the borders of the Soviet Union. During this expedition, experiments were carried out to infect the Derbul river and reservoirs with glanders, as well as experiments on the infection of anthrax soil and grass cover. Microbes for this purpose were produced in a field laboratory and tested on horses, sheep and guinea pigs.
            end of quote.
            tskoj_yaponiej /

            they made a bet on plague fleas, anthrax and encephalitis tick (which we used much earlier) .... in general, no flies ...
        2. Proud.
          Proud. 1 September 2013 00: 17
          Quote: smile
          there is enough idiocy in history ...:))) +

          Yeah I do not mind laughing This infa may be "near-truthful nonsense", or half-truth (I'm talking about flies). Of course, the Japs are still the same. When I saw the film "The Man Behind the Sun", Hong Kong, 1988, about Detachment 731, I walked around the whole evening slightly harassed, although the film artistic. Yes, and the Amers do not lag behind them.
          1. smile
            smile 1 September 2013 02: 18
            Well, yes, I agree ... but in defense of the striped ones, even they, in my opinion, did not do what the Japanese did in Detachment 731 and Detachment 100 .... but the Americans willingly used the results of such "studies", that the Japanese, that guys like Mengele ... and covered them up, which is just monstrous ... kindred spirits, ...
  4. 110 school
    110 school 1 September 2013 01: 55
    Unfortunately, there is still very little information about the Korean War. My grandfather, who passed the Halkin Gol and the Finnish one and was "in the rear" in the Far East for 2 wounds, did not like to talk about the period July 45 - December 51, and this is just Japan and the beginning of the Korean one, but he had military awards. This is to that (about the Japanese): "They mocked people worse than the Nazis." And he had to see a lot.
    1. smile
      smile 1 September 2013 05: 13
      110 school
      That I didn’t like to tell is the norm ... I’m not familiar with any person who was under the bullets, who likes to talk about it ... that I didn’t like to talk about the Japanese is doubly normal ... because they really worse than the Nazis (if this happens), and the Koreans also have the humanism of that .... why say something about this, it is obviously unpleasant to remember ...... Yes ... our grandfathers happened to .. ..It is a pity that they leave ... and with them a piece of ourselves ... I really hope that our children will experience the same reverence before us as we do before them ...
      1. Proud.
        Proud. 1 September 2013 14: 22
        Quote: smile
        Yes ... it happened to our grandfathers .... what a pity they leave ...

        It's a pity, really ... My two Grandfathers died back in the 80s. I found information on one of them on the "People's Feat" website. Not all, but for which I was awarded the "Soldier's Glory" 3rd degree, I found it. This was his first reward. I myself did not tell anything, everything is correct, they are like warriors.
  5. Alex 241
    Alex 241 1 September 2013 05: 28
    Whoever comes to us with a sword, at least with a samurai, at least with some, will shout and get a sword!
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 1 September 2013 05: 29
      And our ancestors never feared anyone! Winners!
  6. Forest
    Forest 4 September 2013 09: 13
    Strange everything is forgiven by the United States: the atomic bombing of Japan, the use of bacteriological weapons in Korea, the use of napalm in Vietnam.
    Where is this UN looking? If measures had been taken on the first occasion, others would not have followed.