Military Review

"The End of Spring"

"The End of Spring"

Recent ones news from Egypt are as follows: Egyptian Vice-President ElBaradei resigned, the Egyptian police took control of the main stronghold of the Islamists in Cairo and detained eight leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The events in this Arab country quite logically moved to the second phase, the next after the military coup.

The generals, arresting the former president and a significant part of the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, waited time, during which they made a lot of peace-loving, but completely unacceptable for the headless movement of the proposals. After waiting for the protesting supporters of the overthrown President Mursi to demonstrate their incompetence in all their glory, the military, demonstratively shrugging their shoulders, set about stripping.

It cannot be said that everything that happens is the hellish intent of the generals.

They rather acted like real military - according to the situation. The situation dictated quite trivial steps, and the army made them. Since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power and Mursi was elected, both the generals and the civilian authorities of Egypt, who for the most part consist of the same military, only retired, have done what is commonly used in the language of sabotage.

As a result, the situation of diarchy quickly turned into a situation of anarchy, after which, waiting for the frenzied population to remember the pre-revolutionary time as manna from heaven, the military leadership of Egypt fulfilled the "will of the people."

Is it worth it to blame the military? Most likely no.

They acted very logically and quite predictably. The problem lies in the Muslim Brothers themselves. They did not have their own Dzerzhinsky, who would be able to create an Egyptian Emergency Commission to combat counterrevolution and sabotage. As a result, the "brothers" were convinced by their own example of the correctness of the classic who said: "Every revolution only costs something if it can defend itself." For them, no one did their work did not - the result is natural.

Clearing the political field of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will have far-reaching consequences for both the country and the region. Nowhere, in any country of the “Arab spring”, the Islamists have failed to gain a foothold in power and begin to carry out reforms. The practical and managerial failure of theorists from theology has become the logical cause of the collapse of Islamist projects.

The first to surrender their positions were the radicals of Libya, having failed to hold power in the hands of the government of Al-Kiba and ceded it to Ali Zidane and Mahmoud Jibril. So far they have influence and representation in parliament, but now their chances of returning are extremely small. In Tunisia, the military still retain loyalty to the Islamist government of An-Nahd, but its position is already very shaky.

Of course, both Egypt, and Tunisia, and Libya were able to start their counter-Islamic counter-revolution, including due to the fact that Qatar gradually surrendered and finally finally surrendered its position as a sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Qatar has extremely serious financial problems, and now it faces more mundane problems of survival. The Islamists abandoned by them are trying to find a way out one by one - and, say, Hamas is already returning, like a lost daughter, under the paternal hand of Iran. The Egyptian "brothers" in this situation do not shine - they managed to make too many enemies in the last year.

The army imposed a state of emergency in Egypt - for a month so far. This month will obviously be lived for good reason: the military will try to decapitate the entire movement and to take the most strict approach to any attempts by the Islamists to return even the current status quo.

150 – 160 killed during the time since the coup was not such a significant payment for appeasing the largest Arab country, which is in a state of discord and collapse.
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  1. taseka
    taseka 17 August 2013 07: 08
    After all, the "director" of this war of Egypt sits somewhere in the shade, rejoices that the goals are being achieved, giggles at how people kill each other, and he probably counts the future profits! But nothing will die and you are a reptile provocateur!
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 17 August 2013 08: 04
      The scriptwriter of the riots in Egypt, and throughout the Middle East, is known. I'm afraid everything is just beginning in Egypt. The "brothers" have a wealth of experience in underground work, in addition to them, forces with combat experience have joined. The military who carried out the coup are used to obeying commands - over the ocean. In a word, the situation is very difficult.
      1. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 17 August 2013 15: 14
        Quote: xetai9977
        The scriptwriter of the riots in Egypt, and throughout the Middle East, is known. I'm afraid everything is just beginning in Egypt. The "brothers" have a wealth of experience in underground work, in addition to them, forces with combat experience have joined. The military who carried out the coup are used to obeying commands - over the ocean. In a word, the situation is very difficult.

        Maybe it starts, it just looks more like a finale. It is already clear who and how will act, it is also clear that the military will not stop. Underground workers will be pinched and planted forever, and if they start buzzing then they will simply end it.
        1. builder
          builder 17 August 2013 17: 39
          To make it "like the final" Egyptian generals need to arrange "Night of the Long Knives" (Nacht der langen Messer), or, following the example of Pinochet, play sports with the Muslim Brotherhood in stadiums. Otherwise it will be Syria 2.
    2. Civil
      Civil 17 August 2013 09: 06
      And what if a no-fly zone is not introduced over Egypt and anti-tank weapons are supplied to the "brothers" ?!
      1. alone
        alone 17 August 2013 09: 32
        it will be the same as in Syria. By the way, bearded men have already appeared on the Sinai Peninsula. So a civil war is just around the corner.
        1. Ascetic
          Ascetic 17 August 2013 19: 18
          Quote: lonely
          it will be the same as in Syria. By the way, bearded men have already appeared on the Sinai Peninsula. So a civil war is just around the corner.

          Most likely there will be no open war, as in Syria, if there is no external sponsor. Qatar is experiencing problems, the Saudis themselves are concerned about internal disagreements and want to leave the game while retaining their face.
          Therefore, the resistance of the brothers - "Ikhwan" (as they are called in Egypt) will be carried out according to the principle - "fired and fled." And these are many years, if not decades, of terror and terrorist threats, the pursuit of extremists and clashes with armed gangs.
          Syrian version suggests solid financing from the outsidebut where to get it is a big question.
          As for the Egyptian army, it considers itself to be a special united caste, above all other layers, and everyone who stands in its way will be wet, unlike the Assad army, which at the beginning of the uprising experienced serious internal problems, which resulted in disorganization of management, a split and a decrease in the level of combat readiness. Although it is an honor and praise to Assad that he managed to survive in these conditions and maintain the combat-ready backbone of the army against all odds. Now the Syrian army exactly corresponds to the Russian proverb - for one beaten two unbeaten give- gaining invaluable combat experience.
          If in Syria, despite the flow of petrodollars, bearded men cannot do anything, then in Egypt sponsors need to think twice before investing in this hopeless enterprise.
          1. alone
            alone 18 August 2013 15: 45
            do not believe what the media write and shows. In Syria, they showed a 5th rally and called it the wrath of the people. But millions of rallies in Damascus were not even covered. Euronews showed a whole day a single pithek of a silent man in Istanbul, when like a 2-millionth rally in support of Erdogan took place two blocks from the picket site. Today they blow the whole story that, in Egypt, the army in Cairo is fighting terrorists. And on YouTube, hundreds of video frames like snipers kill unarmed demonstrators. Ask yourself why, when a Syrian GB officer shoots a demonstrator, it is tyranny .a murder of the same in Egypt is considered the fight against terrorism? all these are double standards. The media cover events as their sponsors tell them - the West and the United States. And about Egypt, to kindle a fire, there will always be cattle that will throw firewood.
            Quote: Ascetic
            If in Syria, despite the flow of petrodollars, bearded men cannot do anything, then in Egypt sponsors need to think twice before investing in this hopeless enterprise.

            it’s still not clear with Syria. it’s too early to talk about victory. until Assad freed the Homs, bearded men hit in Latakia. I had to transfer part of the strength from Homs to Latakia. Asad lacked strength, which is not surprising. The losses are made up for inexperienced, and there’s no time to teach them how to fight
      2. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 17 August 2013 15: 16
        Quote: Civil
        And what if a no-fly zone is not introduced over Egypt and anti-tank weapons are supplied to the "brothers" ?!

        And this is like a bonus game. Apparently the main sponsor does not have enough money and people to support the booze in two places at once. Here in the SAR, it is not over yet, but you want the terrorist war to begin in Egypt. A dumb penny ... So it turns out that if in the SAR, God forbid, the terrorists win, that they are unlikely to receive money for the prize booze in Egypt.
      3. Arabist
        Arabist 17 August 2013 18: 13
        They do not introduce it because among the Arab countries the Egyptians have the most efficient army.
    3. SPACE
      SPACE 17 August 2013 09: 06
      Quote: taseka
      After all, the "director" of this war is sitting somewhere in the shade

      "Poverty breeds revolution, revolution is poverty." No need for armies and invasions, throw the "apple of discord" to your neighbors and they will destroy themselves, their industry, economy, education, their future, plunging themselves into the past and putting themselves into dependence ... This is for those fools who have not yet passed revolutionary itching in the head.
    4. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 17 August 2013 15: 20
      Quote: taseka
      After all, the "director" of this war of Egypt sits somewhere in the shade, rejoices that the goals are being achieved, giggles at how people kill each other, and he probably counts the future profits! But nothing will die and you are a reptile provocateur!

      This shade is known to all of us. What giggles - probably at the most piquant moments such as the execution of children under the video. And, what, they achieve their goals - it is also likely that they vseravno as if the east fought.

      ... yes, he will die, of course, in perspective, whenever.
  2. Che
    Che 17 August 2013 07: 09
    This is the beginning, let's see what the efforts of the amers and their sixes will be next. All BV will blaze, this is the result of their inhuman policy. Supporting the radicals to rock the situation in the country and destroy its sovereignty. And then suck the resources.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 August 2013 07: 32
      150–160 dead since the coup
      I will not pay attention to this figure, but I will not be surprised if in the end they write about the 150 dead in Cairo. CHAOS MANAGED system works like a clock. Democracy cheers
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. OTTO
        OTTO 17 August 2013 08: 49
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        CHAOS MANAGED system works like a clock. Democracy cheers

        It seems to me that there is no controlled chaos, everything is much worse. I agree that the beginning of the "Arab Spring" was caused by the irresponsible policy of the West. But neither the United States, let alone Europe, can manage the process. You can push a stone to cause a fall, but to say that the person who did this controls the avalanche ...
        1. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 18 August 2013 12: 12
          Why the hell is that? Do you control the bonfire? Just bask and boil water. And what is burning wood there is their business, how they burn. Politics is just extremely responsible - what they achieved, strictly what they got.
          Well, with the exception of persistent attempts by the locals, I still endured to extinguish their "springs" ... Right now, the Egyptian army will extinguish the revolution, yeah ... As soon as the SGA take away their sponsorship, which they gladly share every year ... And then They will quietly call each of the generals and say - we will give this help PERSONALLY to YOU, in one paws, only you do the following ... So now it will bang even more so that the soup at the SGA does not cool down.
  3. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 17 August 2013 07: 36
    Here I watch the "hot Arab" guys ... they don't have to start ... they'll shoot the flags and burn and calm down ... God forbid we have this in Russia ... It's difficult to calm us down. The Russian revolt is the most cruel and merciless ... ever .. !!! We need an idea and a goal (communism))))) like this .. We're bored without it! The society of quiet consumers will obviously not work out of us ... That's such a thought!
    1. soldier's grandson
      soldier's grandson 17 August 2013 17: 51
      yeah rebellion so that eurasia all luley ogrebla
  4. pinecone
    pinecone 17 August 2013 07: 38
    From yesterday's message of Polish Radio

    Polish Foreign Ministry Concerned about Christian Persecution in Egypt 16.08.2013 13:04

    "The Polish Foreign Ministry calls on both sides to the conflict in Egypt to start negotiations and end the violence. Deputy Foreign Minister Boguslaw Vinid noted that the Polish Foreign Ministry is watching with particular concern the fate of religious minorities attacked by Muslims. He stressed that Christians, mostly Copts," for Islamic radicals are an easier target than police. During yesterday's clashes in Egypt, 22 churches were destroyed, including 7 Catholic. Christian schools were also set on fire, a Franciscan monastery and a hospital were destroyed. A spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church said Muslims accuse Christians of the overthrow of President Mursi, which leads to sectarian confrontation and increased terror. The head of the Egyptian Coptic Church, Patriarch Tavadros, must go into hiding, fearing for his life. According to official figures, 638 people died in clashes between the security forces and taught wounds. "

    The Russian Foreign Ministry does not show concern. The media are silent, the voice of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church is not heard.
    1. hrych
      hrych 17 August 2013 08: 10
      So there was a deal for bespantovye Poles: let them go to the new Crusade, defend the churches, and we will remember how Catholics giggled and sometimes directly spoiled when the Orthodox New Rome (called the Greeks called Constantinople) and the Orthodox Balkan kingdoms of the Slavs from the invasion of Islam . Koptov is certainly a pity, but they must defend their millions and their temples and quarters with weapons in their hands, or leave the stage.
      1. Very old
        Very old 17 August 2013 09: 22
        That is why the Vatican-ROC dialogue does not develop. The Vatican is politicized. And how long. Walks under the "golden calf". And our church runs the risk of "getting worse"
    2. OTTO
      OTTO 17 August 2013 08: 55
      Quote: pinecone
      "The Polish Foreign Ministry calls on both sides to the conflict in Egypt to begin negotiations and end the violence.

      Interestingly, and in Egypt, many before that knew about the existence of Poland?
      1. Very old
        Very old 17 August 2013 09: 24
        Misha, how else can you make yourself known? You can sign up to intermediaries
  5. a52333
    a52333 17 August 2013 07: 43
    Only our television makes me happy in the situation in Egypt. Burst through! They began to show the director in plain text, to call all this mess "Controlled by chaos" in plain text. I wonder under
    with this sauce will the mattresses try to crush the Suez Canal under their control?
    1. Apollo
      17 August 2013 08: 07
      latest videos on the topic

  6. hrych
    hrych 17 August 2013 08: 01
    They did not find their own Dzerzhinsky, who would be able to create an Egyptian Extraordinary Commission to combat counter-revolution and sabotage. As a result, the “brothers”, by their own example, were convinced of the correctness of the classic who said: “Every revolution is only worth something if it can defend itself.”

    Here, rather, among the generals of the Russian army who overthrew the Tsar, there was no Al Sisi, only nonsense people like Kornilov, who think of themselves as Napoleon and are not able to cope, even if organized, but a punks.
    1. Apollo
      17 August 2013 08: 45
      The American media called on the West to adopt Russian skepticism about the "Arab spring"

      Russia, unlike Western countries, initially showed a skeptical attitude towards revolutions in the Arab world, now the West should listen to the opinion of Moscow and dilute their positive hopes with a more sober look at the situation, American media write on Friday.
      From the very beginning, Russian experts spoke of possible economic collapse, religious conflict and political chaos.
      The skepticism of Russian citizens regarding the outcome of popular unrest is explained by their own experience.

      History shows that uprisings never end in anything good, and the participation of ordinary people in politics is doubtful.
      The Kremlin’s opinion should not be neglected only because of the conviction that the position of Russia is dictated solely by internal interests and is not reasoned in any way.

      People, of course, should have the opportunity to choose how they will be controlled, but mass uprisings in poor countries, as history shows, usually do not end very well.
      more details

      have the Americans really seen winked it remains to wait for the insight of the inhabitants and leaders in the west.
      1. Apollo
        17 August 2013 08: 54
        stock footage from el murida.
        Informative video I advise you to watch

        El-Murid: If there is war tomorrow. "Arab Spring" and Russia
        1. novobranets
          novobranets 17 August 2013 10: 46
          A person who has gathered a serious amount of information.
      2. datur
        datur 17 August 2013 20: 33
        have the Americans really begun to see, it remains to wait for the insights of the townsfolk and leaders in the west .--- and do not hope for it !!! yes they only have a blue theme in their head !!! laughing
      3. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 18 August 2013 20: 31
        Of course not. That is, they did not see clearly now, they were always sighted. We can’t see it in any way, we are all looking for honor and decency in their rotten giblets ... conscience. Stupid we ...
        Just came the turn of the next stage of lowering the Arab loshka. Here they are with their own hands tore their countries. Well, that is, which countries ... the arbitrary borders drawn by the British, appointed from the first bandits that came across where the presidents, where the shahs ... but still it was possible to live.
        Well, now the moment has come to turn the East inside out once again, to rob it outright. "Freedom Fighters" AP! and turned into bandits and murderers. Yesterday there were still fighters, and now there are infanticides, rapists and cannibals. Yesterday was not visible but right now, well, you just look! It's time to bring in troops, it's time to send "rescue missions", it's time to serve and protect with might and main! Rob, divide and loot ...
    2. novobranets
      novobranets 17 August 2013 09: 22
      Quote: hrych
      “Every revolution is only worth something if it knows how to defend itself.”

      In principle, everything is natural. A weak government that does not know how to hold on to power must leave. An election or a military coup, these are technical details. Only blood has no justification, although one of the revolutionary classics said: "there are no revolutions without blood." The "brothers" who did not have a firm political line were defeated, now the decisive moment for the new government. If they fail to stabilize the situation, a civil war will break out, fueled from the outside. The region is already explosive, and it’s clear how it could end. Now, in the interests of all countries that have their own interests (he said) in the region, they must forget their strife, and not let the fire ignite, which will not be able to control.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 18 August 2013 20: 37
        "Weak rulers must leave" but "blood is no excuse." Are you a marketer? The psychoactive effect should be adjusted more subtly, this is not pushing diapers ...
  7. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb 17 August 2013 09: 14
    I watched the news on TV today, there naturally was a question of Egypt, and heard the familiar phrases: "Day of Wrath", "March of Millions" does not remind of anything?
    A campaign in Egypt is being worked out by technologies that have failed with us.

  8. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 17 August 2013 09: 28
    Spring always comes after spring
  9. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 17 August 2013 09: 49
    It will be a hot "Summer" the probability of a civil war is very high.
    1. Alrid
      Alrid 17 August 2013 12: 05
      Nor will there be any civil war, they will shoot all the leaders and everything, without a guide, people themselves will not organize. All the same, there is no split in the army, which means that they have all the real power.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. slaventi
    slaventi 17 August 2013 11: 19
    After the end of spring there will be "Darkness of Egypt". The flywheel of the revolution is launched, when it is not known to stop.
  12. knn54
    knn54 17 August 2013 11: 33
    According to the plan, the “flame” of revolutions against Russia through Syria and Iran was supposed to inflate the “bearded” wind.
    But it did not work with Syria, the "sponsors" urgently change plans.
  13. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 17 August 2013 11: 42
    American and European strategists are persistently and persistently putting into practice their theory of "controlled chaos". The phrase of one of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters told to our correspondents is noteworthy: why the West does not help us, because the military of Egypt violate democracy? Naive person. The task of the West is to work out the issues of creating chaos, while in the Arab world. And then comes the turn of other countries that disagree with American politics. And where does the democracy!?. The creation of controlled chaos is one of the components of the policy of world domination. There is little doubt that America will apply these techniques to Russia. Remember the Orange Revolution, which did not take place in Russia. The "Arab Spring" has arrived. We must not let our guard down.
  14. washi
    washi 17 August 2013 13: 07
    And it is weak, after the elections, to send troops to rescue the citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries that have appeared there as tourists, service personnel, the destruction of Islamic terrorists, the salvation of the Christian community, the rescue of indigenous people from the dominance of Arabs, etc. ..
    1. My doctor
      My doctor 18 August 2013 15: 29
      How many years old did you hit?
      1. washi
        washi 20 August 2013 13: 55
        Yes, little, Father. It’s just a shame when Protestants and Jews, for their salvation, destroy entire countries and peoples. And the Orthodox suffer. Of course, we are patient, thanks to the church (God tolerated and ordered us to, God's servants), but it is a pity for our co-religionists.
        I would like to go over to the faith of the native Russian - pagan, when Perun defended our country.
    2. JIaIIoTb
      JIaIIoTb 18 August 2013 23: 20
      Eh Vasya Vasya, it would be too late to rip you off.
      Sorry of course for familiarity, but have you tried to think? Sometimes at least.
      1. washi
        washi 20 August 2013 13: 57
        Yes, I tried, but it does not always work. I’ll think about the best, and politicians do it through the ass. I guess I need to stop thinking? How are they?
  15. bilgesez
    bilgesez 17 August 2013 15: 13
    We would have such a military, so in 91.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 17 August 2013 16: 11
    You will not be spoiled with us.laughing
  18. VadimSt
    VadimSt 17 August 2013 17: 16
    Egypt's Vice President El-Baradei resigned

    This is how politicians differ - some are able to take responsibility and put things in order in the country, others need ideal conditions and a "chocolate" political and economic environment.
    1. Peaceful military
      Peaceful military 17 August 2013 17: 46
      This is so, but, to ElBaradei's honor, I must say that the "partners" with all their might pushed him into the prez twice already, and both times he slipped away.
  19. VadimSt
    VadimSt 18 August 2013 00: 12
    Quote: Peaceful military
    then so, to the honor of ElBaradei

    I agree! Decency and responsibility sometimes diverge in goals and methods.
  20. 55uaka
    55uaka 18 August 2013 04: 51
    The other day, I accidentally stumbled upon a site for checking fines in the traffic police, and by the way there you can dispute and pay online. For example, for 2 days I challenged 3 fines for a total of about 17 rubles. try it yourself, here is the link to the service -
  21. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 18 August 2013 08: 49
    Wet them in the toilet .... do not hell to mess up ... their card is a bit ...
  22. Alexandr0id
    Alexandr0id 18 August 2013 13: 25
    all troubles can be attributed to the United States, Jews, Freemasons, Satan and aliens. it is convenient because removes responsibility from direct participants. what we see in Egypt, Syria, Libya is only and exclusively the result of the activities and merit of the local rulers (Assad, Mubarak, Gaddafi). For decades they have been building an uncontested system of power, suppressing any dissent and dissent. they squeezed the spring for too long and now it unclenched. and only for the reason that there was no reasonable, competent, adequate opposition in these countries and could not be for the above reason, adventurers and fanatics entered the struggle for power. a similar situation has developed in many post-Soviet countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan). it is a pernicious way to create complete and absolute autocracy. in the event of the death of the "king" (real or political) there is no alternative in the country, since all alternatives are either killed, or in prison, or in distant emigration.
    in the united states nothing bad will happen if Obama ceases to be president, in france olanda was elected, and sarkozy went on a "well-deserved" vacation, and france did not fall apart. protests were held in turkey, and if in the next elections the psr led by erdogan are in opposition to the new government, civil war will not start. such stable political systems take decades to build. sooner or later, the countries of the "Arab spring" will either come to the same democratic (semi-democratic) models, or they will be mired in permanent chaos, interrupted by periods of totalitarianism.
    1. poquello
      poquello 19 August 2013 00: 48
      Quote: Alexandr0id

      nothing bad will happen in the us if Obama ceases to be president

      Where did you hatch from? In Russia, some "non-existent" figures have already tried to launch a protest movement, it didn’t let even a faint smoke, after Putin there will be a president who is most in line with the current course of strengthening the state, freedom of citizens and independent international politics. Politicians are all in sight, who knows what sixth, IMHO today the most likely next president will be Ivanov. For those who came from Sirius I explain - we have an alternative system, but now there is nothing for alternatives to catch, because the popularity is not the same.