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Russian admiral announced the death of the Navy

Russian admiral announced the death of the NavyThe position of the Russian Navy is critical. This was announced at a round table in Moscow by Valentin Selivanov, admiral, in 90-ies - the Chief of the Main Staff of the Navy.

"In the Naval Navy written off up to 80-85 percent of surface ships, submarines, combat aircraft. Only one surface ship and one diesel submarine are going to build. The fleets left 30-35 ships, boats and submarines. Most of them are boats. Just think: the Soviet Union built the 251 nuclear submarine. The fleet handed over 10-11 submarines a year. Now, there are only a few nuclear submarines in the Northern and Pacific Fleets, and only two in the Northern Fleet in constant readiness, one each in the Baltic and the Black Sea Fleet ”, - he said.

"Shock aviation the Navy does not exist at all, and there were four naval aircraft carrier air divisions. A total of 129 aircraft are in readiness in the fleet. This is mainly military transport aircraft for servicing command personnel and several dozen anti-submarine helicopters. The current forces do not allow planning and conducting at least one of the five operations that each fleet must carry out: neither an operation to defeat the enemy, nor search and destroy, nor disrupt enemy communications, nor defend one's own forces, nor land an operational personnel. That such a change in quality has occurred. "- the admiral emphasized.

According to him, the NATO countries managed to overtake the Russian fleet in technical equipment.

“They have a miracle! You can not imagine! This is an atomic aircraft carrier on an electric propulsion. We have atomic on steam power. We all know what steam catapults are for taking off from the deck. And they have these electromagnetic catapults ", - noted Selivanov.
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  1. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar 11 December 2010 14: 46
    Can begin, in the end to build ekranoplans. There is almost no fleet, so why not start from scratch.
  2. Farvil
    Farvil 11 December 2010 15: 16
    Our politicians have ruined everything they can.
  3. Bronislaw
    Bronislaw 11 December 2010 16: 21
    I don’t know if the admiral was a piip, or if the author of the article tried so hard - I don’t know. But here is an outright lie. It is said that only 1 surface ship is going to build - it's a lie! A series of Steregushchy corvettes (4 pieces) and 2 Admiral Gorshkov-type frigates are under construction. Also under construction are 2 submarines of the Lada type, 2 Borey projects. it is at least
    1. aleks
      aleks 8 November 2011 13: 20
      The admiral speaks of warships capable of performing naval tasks, and you talk about ships of the coastal zone and submarines that have been in construction for the good 10 years. Something like 6 NK for the fleet., Whose area of ​​responsibility is 2 oceans.
  4. Evil Ferret
    Evil Ferret 14 January 2011 19: 04
    Admiral Gorshkov (formerly "Baku") is an aircraft-carrying cruiser of the "Krechet" project. The last of the four, improved in comparison with the "Kiev". "Minsk" and "Novorossiysk". Due to some "misunderstanding" between the fleet and aviation at the time of development, the ships of this project became suitable only for helicopters and vertical take-off aircraft, the only modification of which, the Yak-38, became obsolete a long time ago, and the Yak-141 was made due to the restructuring just a couple of copies.
    Further evolution of the project - "Admiral Kuznetsov" with a springboard for conventional aircraft.
    Now nothing of the kind is being built. And we sold "Gorshkov" to India, modifying it "a la Kuznetsov" ... though we never gave it away ... so now they want to return it.

    And four corvettes and two frigates are very few, considering that the last Soviet destroyers and missile cruisers are on the verge of decommissioning, and the age of large anti-submarine ships starts from 20 years (the fact that some sailed in the dock without weapons until 99 years old, their does not rejuvenate)

    2 submarines of the "Borey" type have been under construction for a long time, but they will not be built in any way ... one with a sin in half is now being handed over.
  5. mihrig
    mihrig 15 January 2011 01: 21
    First President’s chicks will not calm down until they have stolen everything that can be stolen in Russia, and then begin to trade in Russia. If you believe some media, about 5 trillion bucks have already been stolen. And the planes fall not due to human factors, but because of their decay. for the same reason, there will soon be no fleet. Conclusion; think for yourself otherwise it will be too late.
  6. Alex
    Alex 18 January 2011 17: 49
    There is essentially no problem. Any official will quite reasonably explain that all these are completely objective processes, inevitable and inevitable for one simple reason - there are no funds. That is, no matter what! For design, for construction, for maintenance, for training, for preparation, for operation ....... and even for disposal.
    Then another question arises, to which no one answers. Where are the funds? Where did the huge sums saved as a result of the reduction of the "insane and wasteful" expenditures of the Soviet Union on maintaining defense capabilities go? .......... And in response - silence ...
  7. Sveta
    Sveta 2 February 2011 23: 48

    Suvorov took not number but skill, new ships are
    good, but ask for money, then you are tormented to control. And when you do not lose heart more flexible and cunning. Although the ships need to be built and in general all the comments are very sensible, how smart you are.

    And on the military
    the marine salon was afraid to open his whole mouth ... And I, too, would be afraid.
  8. Misha
    Misha 14 February 2011 18: 45
    There was no longer a fleet in the USSR, in the sense that there were no aircraft carriers, and they are the basis of the current fleet.
    And when the Chinese want to occupy their Siberia, nothing will stop them. Rockets? They also have them, but unlike the Russians, they are not afraid of them, because if they kill 2-3 million Chinese, it’s only for their good, and if the Chinese are pulled to Moscow-Peter, then nothing from her and will not stay.
  9. Edward
    Edward 21 March 2011 09: 52
    I wanted to write everything as is, but they write that my text contains an unacceptable text for publication, so think publicity.
  10. bean
    bean 31 March 2011 16: 54
    Bronislaw, ns -delete- -deleted-. Because of people like you, we sit in shit by the grace of our tadpoles.
  11. Kotlin
    Kotlin 2 July 2011 10: 38
    And why shouldn’t the nonsense tell the admiral about electromagnetic catapults?
    They are not, at least for now.
  12. Col.
    Col. 25 July 2011 10: 23
    That's right, only the former Navy NSS was a little wrong: we had not 4, but 6 mrad (naval missile-carrying aviation divisions), there were no aircraft carrier divisions, this is a typo.