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If China breaks up like the USSR, the consequences will be even worse (Xinhuanet, China)

If China breaks up like the USSR, the consequences will be even worse (Xinhuanet, China)The Weibo heroes, opinion leaders and public intellectuals come up with lies every day, spread rumors and fabricate negative information about the state of affairs in society. They paint pictures of the future collapse of China, slander the current socialist system and glorify the European-American model of capitalism and constitutional form of government. At the same time, they incessantly provoke discontent among the masses with the current political power, not forgetting to publicly denounce the “slave nature” of the Chinese. In the end, they are completely openly agitating the Chinese for the fact that, having become “cannon fodder”, they would shake the foundations of society.

Let's look at Russia, whose citizens have witnessed such social instability and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union. Did they succeed in achieving a happy life on the “jelly banks” of universal human values?

Today, the Russian people no longer have any illusions. They already understood that, having gone after the big democratic cake promised by Europe and America, they lost everything completely in the end.

It’s just that the Russians once woke up at night after a great democratization and found that they lost 15 from the Union republics 14, the GNP fell by half, all the outlets into the sea, which the Russian tsars had been seeking for several centuries, were lost. The Black Sea Fleet, which once knew no equal, turned into a handful of ships locked in the inland sea, equipment eaten by time became a pile of scrap metal. New oligarchs plunder state property, like insane, and ordinary Russians stand on the streets in lines, as before. Only here there is no longer any planned support from the state, as in Soviet times, so veterans can earn money for their bread only by selling their orders. In the 2001 year, that is, ten years after the collapse of the USSR, Russia's GDP was approximately 300 billion dollars, that is, one tenth of the indicators of the Soviet Union in the 1991 year. Total foreign trade amounted to about 80 billion dollars - only one fifth of China's foreign trade turnover. Gold reserves? 20 billion dollars, that is only one tenth of the stocks of China. What does this tell us? The fact that in terms of the economy of Russia from a great power has become a minor country of the second or even third echelon.

For a long time, a dissident writer in emigration, nicknamed the “conscience of the nation,” Nobel Prize winner in literature Alexander Solzhenitsyn saw the collapse of the CPSU with his own eyes and returned to Russia with great enthusiasm to participate in the process of “building democracy”. But then he witnessed the tragic situation in which Russian mothers found themselves after the “market reforms”, so the first book that the dissident wrote after returning is full of grief and indignation. Her name - "Russia in the fall." In the story “At the Breaks”, published in 1996, Solzhenitsyn, through the description of the life of the Soviet factory, recognized the achievements of Stalin and the successes achieved under his leadership. Through the mouth of his character, the writer said: “The party was our Lever. Our prop! And they kicked her out. ” In another essay, “To the current state of Russia,” Solzhenitsyn again wrote that there is no democracy in modern Russia: “a stable and outgoing oligarchy was created from deft representatives of the very same upper and middle echelons of communist power and from lightning-fast enriched skorobogat from 150-200 is the man who controls the fate of the country. " He called the incident with the country “the Great Russian Catastrophe of the 90s of the 20th Century,” and wrote about modern Russian society that it is a “cruel, brutal, criminal society”. Public opinion polls conducted by the Russian media show that almost all Russians are yearning for the "great Soviet Union"! This is what the people of Soviet Russia have come to.

After the collapse of the USSR, Russia, which has become a “democratic country,” has today reached a state where its survival directly depends on the export of natural resources. If the Russian Federation did not possess such rich deposits of minerals, then after the collapse of the industrial complex, it would inevitably die from poverty.

In China, natural resources per capita account for very little. Now China is the world's second-largest oil importer, the world's first importer of most other resources, but also the first industrial power of the world. If China collapses like the USSR, follows the same path of industrial “development”, how will simple Chinese survive? If, due to the sale of resources, then I am afraid we will live even worse than the Indians.

If China, which does not have such a large amount of resources, follows in the footsteps of the USSR, what will the Chinese eat? How hard will China have? Have you prepared warm clothes? You and your family, will you survive the long winter? If we compare the deposits of the resources of Russia and China, then Russia has 41 more oil reserves. Natural gas - 194 times. Coal - 8 times. Land per capita - 18 times more. If China falls like the USSR, how many times will it be more terrible?

Let us take a sober look at these public intellectuals, licking the heels of the West and loudly calling for the collapse of the existing system, on these bark, sowing lies on the Internet for whole days. You lure China to where everyone will mock him by the right of the strong, where it will be a poor country with a weak army, where we will become the dust under the feet of the Americans. You bring China to the era of shameful ruin. After the deafening collapse of the USSR, Russia was waiting for 10 years of suffering. Although, in the end, the strong, bright figure of Putin appeared in power, who, realizing what was happening and appealing to the national feelings of the Russians, managed to somehow bring the situation under control, but he was not able to completely stop this decline. The fact that China has far fewer resources predetermines a future for us, in which suffering will last several times longer than in Russia, so keep away your so-called “awakening of the nation”. Socialism, chosen by the Chinese people themselves, may not be the best system on earth, but it is better than any system imposed on us by Europe and the USA. In any case, now we continue to go forward - this is what the real “awakening of the nation” is!

From Yuan Shikai to Chiang Kai-shek, China has already tested the capitalist political model proposed by Europe and America. What did this time bring to China? Decades of famine, which killed countless people. The militarists ruled the country and the bandits were outraged. Taking advantage of the chaos, Japan invaded our lands and started a massacre. Has capitalism brought us prosperity and peace? No, only when Mao Zedong pacified the Middle Kingdom, the Chinese people could truly take a straight road of peaceful, stable and independent development. Who can challenge this?

My parents deserved to enjoy life in their declining years, my children grow up strong and healthy. Hey, the Weibo heroes, opinion leaders and public intellectuals, hiding the stone in his bosom! If you want, having conquered public opinion, to achieve chaos in the country, then you will first have to step over my corpse. If I still have a breath of air, I will still make sure that you crash on the threshold of victory!

Putin said: “The collapse of the Soviet Union was the largest geopolitical catastrophe of the century. For the Russian people, it has become a real drama. ” He also noted that Russia was already tired of death from political and socio-economic upheavals, drastic changes and radical reforms, and society was on the verge of collapse - economically, politically and psychologically.

Lifespan: Now the average length of years for Russian men is 58,6, while in the USSR it was 90 of the beginning of the 63,4 model, that is, now Russian men live on 4,8 less. In 2007, the average life expectancy of men in China was 70 years.

Population: the last 15 years, the population of Russia is annually decreasing by 500-900 thousand.

Macroeconomics: compared to 1991, by the end of the 20th century, Russia's GNP fell by 52%. In the same period, industrial output declined by 64,5%, and agricultural output declined by 60,4%. The ruble fell, and prices soared more than 5 thousands of times.

Wage level: in 1988, the average Soviet salary could buy 1250 kg of potatoes, in 1992 - only 172. Russia reached the 1988 level of the year only in the 2008 year. Given the monstrous stratification of the poor and the rich, which happened after the collapse of the USSR, the situation of ordinary people in the country has become even more deplorable.

Food: in the 1990 year, each resident of the country consumed an average of 75 kg of meat and meat products, counting tripe and fat, in the 2000 year only 45 kg. In the 1990 year, for every Soviet person there was an average of 387 liters of milk and dairy products; in 2000, the average consumption was only 215 liters. Please note that in comparison with 1988, in 1990, the standard of living of ordinary people has already dropped significantly.

Currency: before the fall of the USSR, the ruble was in value, but after three exchanges of banknotes, notes became just paper. The money that people have saved all their lives, suddenly turned into dust, as a result of which many people fell into extreme poverty.

Stratification into poor and rich: in 1991, the share of capital in the hands of 20% of the poorest people in the country was 11,9%, but by the year of 1999 it fell to 6,2%. On the contrary, the capital share of 20% of the richest Russians, which was 1991% in 30,7, increased to 1999% by 47,4.

Grain production: in 1991, the grain harvest collected in the country amounted to 320 million tons, and in all of Russia in 2008, about 80 million tons were collected. At the same time, the Soviet Union was an importer of grain, while Russia today is an exporter of wheat. This is due to the fact that in Soviet times the standard of living was high and the level of consumption was also high, and in modern Russia the living conditions are worse, so people buy less meat, eggs, and so on.

State debt: The USSR left Russia with a 64,9 debt of a billion dollars. In 2008, Russia's foreign debt was already 560 billion dollars.

Corruption Level: according to Transparency International, the independent global Corruption Perceptions Index, in 2010, China was ranked 78 in terms of corruption, Russia - in 121. In fact, Russia has not risen above 120 for a long time, it is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Russian science has one foot in the grave: Russia was a great scientific and technological power, but when it went on the rails of a market economy, scientists and engineers had a very hard time. The entire scientific and technical complex was completely destroyed.

The pace of industrialization of the country: In the last ten years, state investments in industry have decreased by 80%, and there are no new factories at all. In 1985, the economy of the USSR was 3,5 times larger than the economy of China, but now Russia's GDP is only one fifth of that of China. Putin once said that in order for Russia to reach the economic performance of 1990, it is necessary to maintain GDP growth at 15% for 8 years.

There is no stone left on the country's industrial base. No technology, no savings, no base - nothing. How in this state to participate in the industrial race?

Russia has become a state-exporter of natural resources: half of the country's GDP is oil revenues. What place does it occupy in the global production chain? Russia is a supplier of raw materials and a place of its primary processing. The Russian Federation is now able to maintain its economy only at the expense of the frantic pace of oil and natural gas production. However, the largest reserves of crude oil are in Saudi Arabia, not in Russia, and even in Venezuela there is more oil.

China is a country very poor in resources. Today we occupy the second place in the world in terms of oil imports, we are the first in the world to import most of the other resources. Do we have a lot of stocks? What will we rely on on a rainy day?

Crime: The Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation stated that one tenth of the country's territory is under the control of criminal structures. In 1996, Yeltsin also admitted that Italy, with its mafia, is far from modern Russia, which has become a real kingdom of criminals in the world community. A quarter of the national economy is in the “shadow sector” and is controlled by international organized crime groups.

The Russian army has long been in a deplorable state: after the collapse of the USSR, the Russian fleet was reduced by a thousand ships, only one third of the submarines remained. Today, the Russian army’s annual expenditures amount to 5 billions of dollars - a total of 1% of the US military budget. The ability of the Russian Air Force to ensure air superiority after the collapse of the Union was reduced by almost 50%.

Privatization gave rise to oligarchs who tried to seize political power. Boris Berezovsky: “Capital must be highly independent from the state. And entrepreneurs should strengthen their role in the life of the country. Today, the most powerful pillar for the Russian government is big business. ” “The state is obliged to listen to the opinion of entrepreneurs ... But the state has no right to“ put a straitjacket on entrepreneurs ”.

The media is a tool in the hands of capital: the newly minted oligarchs, the owners of financial-industrial groups, repeatedly turned their hands into the sphere of the media. By the middle of 90, most of the Russian media were already under their control.

After the disaster, the Russians were forced to choose a totalitarian political regime for themselves. After 10 years of disasters, all the big figures in the Russian political arena are one way or another expressing totalitarian ideas. Who uses or enjoyed the greatest support of the people? Putin (totalitarian politician), Zyuganov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation), Primakov (representative of the extreme left), Zhirinovsky (representative of the extreme right). Look at the deputies from the liberal parties - do they have a lot of votes? Even Gorbachev managed to enlist the support of only 0,5% of voters.

Gorbachev: “My advice to Chinese friends is this: no“ democratization ”is needed, nothing good will come of it. In no case should chaos be allowed, stability should come first. ”

Part of the democratic elite of Russia repented of their errors: Solzhenitsyn, who wrote the GULAG Archipelago and who had once fiercely opposed Stalin, after reviewing his convictions, admitted that he had inflicted damage on his Fatherland. Leonid Kravchuk, the former president of Ukraine, who personally signed together with two other political leaders of the USSR a treaty that collapsed the Union, later said: “If in 1991, I knew that instead of democracy there would be chaos, I would never sign the Belovezhsk agreement, I’d better cut myself off. "

When I came to visit 2003 in Russia, I once talked for four hours with the historian Medvedev, who was extremely negative about Stalin. We talked about the industrialization of the USSR, the collectivization of agriculture, victory in the Great Patriotic War, ensuring the overall well-being of the people, the revival of culture and the political course favorable for the intellectual elite. And Medevedev fully recognized Stalin’s achievements in these areas. When I talked with one academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, he said to me with all sincerity: “Not anyone brought the USSR to the cemetery, we did it ourselves, the Soviet people. At the cost of terrible suffering, we, the people of Russia, like Christ, have courageously sacrificed themselves, warning the rest of the world and people at all times: Soviet "democratization" and "privatization" turned out to be a dead end, a disastrous way. Each superpower pursued only its own mercenary goals, and other states should in no way repeat our mistakes. I am a member of the CPSU and even now I still keep my party ticket in a secluded place. However, when the CPSU crashed, I, too, was happy about it. The terrible disasters that our country and the Russian people experienced for ten years made me look at the country and people with feelings of shame, guilt and remorse. But China has shown us that socialism has hope for a bright future. ”

In 1994, Solzhenitsyn returned from America to Russia. His way home was thought out to the smallest detail: first he got to the Far East, then, taking the train, crossed half of the country on it, and finally arrived in Moscow. On the way, he ran into a variety of people, gave several interviews. He spoke in general, all the same as a year earlier during his visit to Western Europe. Is that the statements were sometimes more biting. Returning to Russia, he visited various places, having directly touched the reality of a post-Soviet country. So he was able to feel more about what is happening in the state, and through communication with people from various backgrounds and social circles, he also began to better understand what was happening in Russia, therefore his criticism, his accusatory speeches became more substantive, more severe and all-encompassing. In the article “The Russian Question by the End of the 20th Century,” one of his first works published after returning to his homeland, he refers to Russia's historical past, noting that the 90s of the 20th century are one of three Smoot in stories country. In this article, he expressed his conviction that the revolution conducted by the new powers that not only turned into economic woes, but also brought Russia into a state of ideological and moral crisis, so deep that the country could recover from this state only after decades and even after a century (1994 year, 7-th edition of the magazine "New Century", p. 171-173).

Speaking in the Duma, the writer said that modern Russia is "the most crooked, the most painful, the most ridiculous way." He listed various misfortunes and misfortunes that plagued people under the new government, as well as various anomalies that appeared in society, making the following conclusion at the end: the existing system is not democracy at all, but oligarchy, “the power of a limited closed number of persons” (Pravda "From November 1 1994 of the year).

As we already wrote, in another essay, “To the current state of Russia,” Solzhenitsyn reiterated that in modern Russia there is no democracy: “Of the clever representatives of the same former upper and middle echelons of communist power and of lightning-fast enriched by fraudulent means Skorobogatov created a stable and insular oligarchy from 150-200 man who controls the fate of the country. " He called the incident with the country “the Great Russian Catastrophe of 90-ies of the 20th Century,” and wrote about modern Russian society that it was a “cruel, brutal, criminal society” (newspaper Russkaya Mysl, 5-11 of May 1996).

In 1998, Solzhenitsyn published a book entitled “Russia in a landslide”. In it, he continued to criticize the reality of modern Russia and reiterated his political position. He hated the oligarchs, who plundered their own fortunes in the course of privatization, to the depths of his soul, and several times demanded that the privatization be declared illegal, and the property appropriated by the oligarchs be returned to the people. Solzhenitsyn criticized reality so fiercely that it surprised Chubais. The latter said in one of the interviews: “I haven’t seen Zuganov’s hatred of such Russia for a long time ... Solzhenitsyn’s position today fully coincides with the position of the most reactionary part of the special services and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation” (“Kommersant. Power” from 1 August 2000).

The dissident movement that existed for 30 years disappeared after the USSR and the socialist system. The people involved in this movement did not receive any benefits from the overthrow of the system against which they opposed, and did not enter into power. On the contrary, they, as before, were pushed aside to the periphery of society. Among these people were those who opposed themselves to the new government. In the changed historical conditions they became “new dissidents”. In their past struggle against Soviet power, these people initially relied only on their own strength, then began to directly rely on the help of other states, becoming tools in the hands of external hostile forces. However, what is the result? The West threw them, and the “reformers” and the new authorities, with whom they should have been on the way, met the dissidents with coolness. What do they have left? Not the brightest place in history and the piles of suffering, but the political libels that have lost any value, are doubly tragic final. But I must say that these people went through an incredible school of life. Some of them were able to reconsider their beliefs - there was a change in their thinking. Moreover, their new understanding of the situation was not the result of some abstract thinking, it was the fruit of a fierce internal struggle, the brainchild of hard experience. Therefore, such beliefs should be treated with all the attention.
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  1. georg737577
    georg737577 16 August 2013 16: 41
    China must draw conclusions from the tragedy of the collapse of the USSR, and take all measures to avoid such a fate. Moreover, the country has opportunities for this. The main thing is to prevent the appearance of the Chinese version of Gorbachev.
    1. alone
      alone 16 August 2013 16: 44
      they already made their conclusion when their liberals were crushed by tanks. And the Chinese-bear variant will not appear there. The Chinese are smart and not lazy.
      1. Coward
        Coward 16 August 2013 17: 03
        and the Chinese bear option will not appear there.

        Not allowed to appear. Bo Xilai was their "Gorbachev".
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 16 August 2013 16: 45
      Looked at the headline belay Who looked at the author what Poid in Google I’ll look what a tragedy of a drug addict.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 16 August 2013 16: 53
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Poid in Google I’ll look what a tragedy of a drug addict.

        Oops, look and it turned out that the famous Chinese writer and Chinese women took his article as propaganda of the government, here you have the ministry request Читаите,удивляитесь hi
        1. Reddragon
          Reddragon 16 August 2013 22: 54
          All concerns run To China! Imagine that China will collapse, it will be a huge shortage of equipment.
      2. Vadivak
        Vadivak 16 August 2013 17: 02
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Poid in Google I’ll look what a tragedy of a drug addict.

        Sasha, all empires fell apart, it's like mammoths died out and every little thing survived. There needs to be a cause, And the Chinese empire in the 19th century had a collapse (the reason for the Opium Wars) And now the welfare of the Chinese people is growing, the CCP is competent in managing the country, it really leads China to world leadership, why should it break up

        But what the author of the article is really worried about

        “Every day, microbloggers and their mentors in the struggle spread rumors, invent negative news about Chinese society, create an apocalyptic image of the imminent collapse of China and denigrate the existing socialist system, that is, they are doing everything to promote the European-American model of capitalism and the constitutional form of government,”

        Therefore, it is strange to say that he is a supporter of the collapse
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 16 August 2013 17: 07
          Quote: Vadivak

          Sasha, all empires fell apart, it's like mammoths died out and every little thing survived.

          But Russia somehow remained hi
          1. Vadivak
            Vadivak 16 August 2013 17: 17
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            But Russia somehow remained

            Remained in the federal republic hi

            To the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

            Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic,
            Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic
            Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic,
            Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic.
            1. Albert1988
              Albert1988 16 August 2013 17: 45
              And remember the actual collapse of Kievan Rus into specific principalities, many of which were openly at odds? And the time of troubles, the Polish occupation and False Dmitriyev? What happened after 17 years ... Russia was rising all the time, and after disintegration, integration processes began again, so those countries that you listed could sooner or later return to Russia in one form or another, if we were alive )
              1. Vadivak
                Vadivak 16 August 2013 23: 50
                Quote: Albert1988
                so those countries that you listed may sooner or later return to Russia in one form or another, if you and I were alive

                And who is arguing? If only 4 Reichs did not revive ....
                1. Albert1988
                  Albert1988 17 August 2013 13: 06
                  Quote: Vadivak
                  If only 4 Reichs did not revive ....

                  But it seems to me that the "fourth Reich" on our planet has long been formed, only it, unlike the third, is well disguised ... under the most democratic state in the world ...
            2. avt
              avt 16 August 2013 18: 08
              Quote: Vadivak
              To the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

              I lost Karelofinskaya, it was like that, though from it only the 16th statue remained in the fountain at VDNH in Moscow.
              1. Vadivak
                Vadivak 16 August 2013 23: 54
                Quote: avt
                Karelofinsky lost, was such

                Initially, before the age of 40, it was autonomy, then after 56, too, why count it?
            3. Retx
              Retx 16 August 2013 19: 24
              Which together were part of the Russian Empire until 1917, and there was also the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Finland. So the 20th century for us turned out to be the "brightest" in history. Perhaps we will stop at this with the ruins ...
    3. T-100
      T-100 16 August 2013 17: 08
      Why the hell, the Gorbachev phenomenon should appear in America and China at the same time, so that they slide downhill to our approximate level and then it will be more interesting to compete and live. We are not good from the rise of China or from America.
    4. xetai9977
      xetai9977 16 August 2013 18: 11
      China has no prerequisites for disintegration. There are no national republics except the Sijiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia. But the policy of settling the Khans (Chinese) proper has led to the fact that Uigurs and Mongols are in the minority in these parts. If China suffers cataclysms, then this will not lead him to collapse.
    5. Tartary
      Tartary 16 August 2013 18: 23
      The article is crammed with old numbers and does not correspond to today, BUT the message is absolutely correct!
      Do not want the Chinese to become like the suffering of Big Brother, reflect on what is happening ...

      Although there are many illegal immigrants from China to Russia today, the Chinese are the most adequate and extremely accommodating people with Russians in Russia IMHO ...

      His own, who consider themselves Russian, and even post-Soviet nationalities are much more vibrant and more ambitious, even in a domestic way ... This annoys the indigenous people.

      No sudden decisions based on the opinions of the dissatisfied!

      It is necessary to carefully and fairly identify the RULES (!!) - then everything will become simpler and more understandable.
      No RULES - sooner or later there will be a big booze ...

      IMHO ...
    6. moldavan
      moldavan 16 August 2013 18: 55
      The article gently leads to capture. There are a lot of words about a lot of resources in Russia and the territory
    7. Aryan
      Aryan 16 August 2013 19: 45
      reminds an old nechdot about
      like all chinese hackers
      asked to hack a NATO server
      and each of them why typed login and password
      on a billionth attempt, the server surrendered
      that okay-fatit already agree
      login and password I have MAO
      and you are DDoS otaki ... DDoS attacks
    8. Civil
      Civil 16 August 2013 22: 24
      China subtly conducts politics, but any empires fall apart without a monopoly on power ...
  2. kush62
    kush62 16 August 2013 16: 48
    Yes, it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others.
  3. a52333
    a52333 16 August 2013 16: 56
    Reading is not very pleasant, but in general, unfortunately, it is.
    1. M. Peter
      M. Peter 16 August 2013 17: 59
      Yes, a little fix
  4. Oskar
    Oskar 16 August 2013 16: 57
    The collapse of the USSR is the greatest tragedy in the life of many of our compatriots and mine. China should take all possible measures to prevent this from happening in its own country. In no case should the bureaucracy be relaxed. The death of the Empire is always the greatest loss and pain for the people living in it.
  5. zart_arn
    zart_arn 16 August 2013 17: 01
    I have always honestly admitted that I am convinced that I am a liberal and an adversary of the current regime, but I must honestly say that the figures given in the article about Russia, to put it mildly, are wrong - not everything is so bad.
    1. fellow misha
      fellow misha 16 August 2013 17: 28
      And you just have a minus for your beliefs.
      1. zart_arn
        zart_arn 16 August 2013 17: 49
        Sorry, I didn't guess. Which one will you be? Was it not one of those who yelled "contra!", Put them against the wall, and then they themselves were the first to decide?
        What can you brag about, what merits to the Motherland and the people?
        1. Panikovsky
          Panikovsky 16 August 2013 18: 32
          by the way, it’s immediately clear that you are a liberal. why? but because the demagogue.
          1. zart_arn
            zart_arn 16 August 2013 19: 05
            The demagogue is just you, dear, because just like that, without understanding, unfoundedly hang tags. What do you know about me? Nothing. Therefore, let us leave this demagogy.
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. The comment was deleted.
              1. zart_arn
                zart_arn 21 August 2013 21: 31
                And who are you? Follow the words, so the hour is uneven, you can run into! angry
      2. Albert1988
        Albert1988 16 August 2013 18: 29
        You shouldn’t be so - the liberal is actually not the same as in the marsh, but in the strict sense just a person who is calm about other people's opinions, I can also be attributed to some extent to the liberals, although I am a convinced patriot of Russia and a supporter of a clear state ideology, a single standardized textbook of the history of our country ... the list goes on. I just think that if a person has the right to express his opinion, and if it is frankly incorrect, then you should try to convince him .. if possible)
        1. zart_arn
          zart_arn 16 August 2013 19: 10
          Thank you, Albert, you are a plus. Unfortunately, such people are not enough on the site. By the way, I, too, can rightfully call myself a patriot. Patriotism and liberalism are absolutely not antonyms, as many consider. For educational program

          Liberalism (from the Latin. Liberalis - free) - a philosophical and socio-political movement, proclaiming the inviolability of human rights and individual freedoms, advocating for minimizing state intervention in the life of citizens. Wikipedia
          Someone have something against this statement?
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 21 August 2013 20: 12
            I have. For this statement is completely contrary to the idea of ​​a strong state. Which in turn leads to the fact that a weak state ... is not able to defend human rights! What does this lead to in the reality we are considering? Moreover, the apparent power of the state is replaced by secret power of unknown to anyone. Behind-the-scenes manipulators, who instead of sheer power and sheer responsibility have leverage and no responsibility. Look around you ... Well?
            Something like that. The freest man in fact is ... in the empire. Where for your views should be imprisoned. Conclusion? The idea of ​​liberalism is a poisonous deception launched by the very same manipulators to weaken the states that prevent them from creating abominations secretly, as they like. Are you either a victim or one of them ...
            Trying to object to me, remember that eating porridge is also impossible ... it is impossible to get settled according to orientation. Either the state is strong and you are gluing envelopes on kitshe, or it is weak and you don’t know who shot the missile from a drone ...
            1. zart_arn
              zart_arn 21 August 2013 21: 28
              Either the state is strong and you are gluing envelopes on kitshe, or it is weak and you don’t know who shot the missile from a drone ...

              That is, you prefer to glue envelopes on quiche? Bravo, "free" Russian. Don't be offended, joke. Fortunately, the squalor (or squalor) on which you rely in Russia will no longer appear, and what kind of state we will build, strong or weak, depends on us. Enough for us to rely on the kings-peas - they do not exist in nature.
            2. Panikovsky
              Panikovsky 27 August 2013 20: 22
              calm down namesake. just calm down and shut up, smelly, oops.
          2. Panikovsky
            Panikovsky 25 August 2013 16: 08
            and you have one more minus.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. The comment was deleted.
        4. Panikovsky
          Panikovsky 25 August 2013 16: 07
          no, my friend, this is exactly the bend. formulate your definitions more clearly.
  6. Cadets
    Cadets 16 August 2013 17: 07
    It may be written correctly, but the Chinese are burying us early! Russia has survived not only troubled times, we will be reborn with God's help!
    1. Albert1988
      Albert1988 16 August 2013 17: 46
      That's it, 100% correct remark, the above has already unsubscribed a little on this topic.
    2. Odysseus
      Odysseus 16 August 2013 17: 57
      Quote: Cadets
      It may be written correctly, but the Chinese are burying us early! Russia has survived not only troubled times, we will be reborn with God's help!

      Alas, under capitalism this is simply impossible. There is no economic or worldview basis.
      In this case, it does not matter who will be in the leadership. Putin or Navalny. Yeltsin or Zyuganov.
      While we are holding on to high energy prices. But the Soviet legacy has been consumed and the price of $ 50 per barrel (in the 90s was 20) will already be a disaster.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 16 August 2013 18: 15
        Quote: Odyssey
        The Soviet legacy is consumed and the price of $ 50 per barrel (in the 90s was 20) will already be a disaster.

        But one figure believes that the opposite

        Medvedev: $ 140 per barrel - a disaster for Russia is the destruction of all incentives for development "

        Shock therapist damn it.
        1. Odysseus
          Odysseus 16 August 2013 19: 34
          Quote: Vadivak
          But one figure believes that the opposite
          Medvedev: $ 140 per barrel - a disaster for Russia is the destruction of all incentives for development

          At $ 140 per barrel, only one "problem" arises - it is difficult to explain where the flow of money pouring into Russia disappears.
          As for lowering oil prices, in 2008-2009 we already went through a 4-month period of lowering prices to 45 per barrel. Everyone remembers the consequences.
          Now imagine what would happen if this period lasted at least 8-9 months.
          The whole system of state administration based on giving the country away and feeding various oligarchic and bureaucratic (national elites, the apparatus in the center, security forces) groups will begin to crumble. Money will be scarce and they will begin to devour each other.
   16 August 2013 21: 28
            Timur Sultanovich Shaov: when these bastards drink the last ruble, then this power will voluntarily disappear. And all the bosses will quit their jobs ... Because there’s no reason for power, if there’s nothing to steal.
            Listen to a smart person (i.e.T.S.Shaova)
    3. The comment was deleted.
  7. fellow misha
    fellow misha 16 August 2013 17: 26
    Quote: lonely
    they already concluded when tanks crushed their liberals

    Violently plus! this is what liberals must do!
    1. Panikovsky
      Panikovsky 16 August 2013 18: 04
      and I am in favor, especially since there have been precedents in the history of Russia. in 1825, exactly in December. Nicholas Pavlovich first fed the liberal shelupon with buckshot on the Senate Square, hung someone for order, and we ask for the rest to go in depth of Siberian ores. the method, by the way, turned out to be very effective.
      1. 16 August 2013 21: 35
        Read on this topic Bushkov about Annenkov’s girlfriend in Siberia. Emancipe still turned out to be. And I approve Nikolai Pavlovich, however, of Joseph Vissarionovich ...
  8. Andrew 447
    Andrew 447 16 August 2013 17: 30
    The article is nothing. A set of meaningless numbers. The stratification of Chinese society into rich and poor is even greater than ours, it's just that they are not promoted like we do. In June of this year I was in Beijing and went to the "factory" 150 km from Beijing for work, I feel that returned in the early 60s. A cow is harnessed to the cart, the houses are adobe, the electricity is turned off for 10-12 hours 3 times a week. Our "outback" looks quite presentable against their background. The second child for whom a fine of about 750000 rubles has never been paid is never will become a citizen of the PRC, he simply does not exist, and there are simply tens of millions of such people in the villages. The biggest plus of the Chinese government is that it does not interfere with the people to live and earn money. And the same picture to the south. I know and saw this all more than once, I often visit small factories in different provinces.
    1. Coward
      Coward 16 August 2013 18: 08
      "factory" 150 km from Beijing, feeling like it’s back in the early 60s. A cow is harnessed to a cart, houses are adobe, electricity is cut off for 10-12 hours 3 times a week

      It seems to me that you have never been to the PRC at all. In 2007 he lived in Shidao about 500 km from Qingdao, and I don't even presume to count from Beijing. The village, there was not even a railway. For a year and a half, the lights were turned off once.
      The second child born for whom a fine of about 750000 rubles has not been paid will never become a citizen of the PRC, he simply does not exist.

      Not the second, but the third and subsequent, and mostly girls. Now they have a very complicated new scheme, but it allows some families to have two, and in the villages and three children. I'll try to tell you the simplest scheme. If the parents of the spouses had one child each, in fact, the spouses themselves, then they may have two children. If at least one parent had more than one child, then at the birth of a boy it is impossible to have more children, at the birth of a girl one more child is allowed. In the villages, the schemes are even more confusing. By the way, the military in China has always been and is now allowed to have as many children as they want.
    2. Aljavad
      Aljavad 17 August 2013 03: 54
      Article Pts. even "what". This is a horror story for internal use. An ideological weapon against "human rights defenders" and "fighters against the regime." The address in the article is indicated more than once. Therefore, both figures and facts are selected tendentiously. But neatly - no bullshit. So that the Chinese become both afraid of the liberal alternative and proud of themselves today, who live "better than in India."
      And about cows in a harness - so I personally have seen enough of such anachronisms in Europe (Eastern) - Mom, do not cry! And the plow in business, and riding donkeys and trousers, sewn from army satin pants "knee-deep", and below - from a sheet. What is there to do? Uneven development ... It was in the early 90s, so I came back home, proud! Like we are white people.
  9. Revolver
    Revolver 16 August 2013 18: 07
    And it would not be bad if China "rebuilt". Then the security of the Far Eastern border would return to Russia (the disintegrated China would not climb, and if it suddenly climbs, it will hit the tinsel), and the whole world, including Russia and America, industrial production. However, America is unlikely, production would go where it is cheaper, such as Mexico. But Russia could seize part of the market share that the Chinese now hold.
    1. alone
      alone 16 August 2013 21: 42
      you think it's profitable7 as soon as chaos begins there, the population in search of salvation flood into Russia in small groups of a million people, then even the installation of hail will not help)))
    2. Aljavad
      Aljavad 17 August 2013 04: 02
      for fick, for fick! "The disintegrated China", very much, and just the same will climb, and "raking on the tinsel" - we will gore to deliver cartridges.
  10. Arabist
    Arabist 16 August 2013 18: 09
    Something the Celestial Empire sees us too gloomily. Certainly not the USSR, but still not all that bad. Life in my city is quite normal, the factories are working, though not all, but quite well. So it's too early for the Chinese to equate us with swamp slime.
  11. Uncle
    Uncle 16 August 2013 18: 38
    A clever Chinese man and loves Solzhenitsyn, this will be unpleasant for many members of the forum who have not read his books, but revile him for nothing. But most of all, Gorbachev's words surprised: “My advice to my Chinese friends is this: no 'democratization' is needed, nothing good will come of it. In no case should chaos be allowed, stability should come first. " Is it just a sensation, then falling apart, now regrets, or does he have a split personality? Friend and foe of Russia rolled into one.
  12. shpuntik
    shpuntik 16 August 2013 18: 40
    Weibo's heroes, opinion leaders and public intellectuals come up with lies day after day ... They paint pictures of the future collapse of China, slander the current socialist order, and glorify the European-American model of capitalism and constitutional government.

    The Chinese control "Weibo" - 5 thousand officials have been punished in 140 years. Plus, they had a group of researchers on the collapse of the USSR. They understood everything about Gorbachev and the company long ago. The only thing that might be a war between clans or families, but it seems they have found a way to get along.
    "The Chinese experts already in August 1991 realized that the failure of the coup led by the State Emergency Committee, in fact, meant the end of the state. Their first reaction was very emotional. So, on August 30, the editor-in-chief of the leading party newspaper People's Daily, Gao Di spoke with Firstly, Comrade Gao sharply criticizes the helplessness of the conspirators, who could not even isolate Boris Yeltsin and quickly arrest him and Gorbachev. Second, he accuses Gorbachev and Yeltsin of treason and acting in the interests of external forces. “Gorbachev and Yeltsin are not true members of the communist party. They are simply traitors and Western agents. They acted in concert with Western institutions and followed orders from America, "he argued."
  13. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 16 August 2013 18: 41
    I can't understand anything, I read this article a week ago, straight deja vu
  14. vadimN
    vadimN 16 August 2013 18: 44
    The Chinese, as always, are wise, and teach their people from the mistakes of others!
    1. Vtel
      Vtel 16 August 2013 20: 15
      Because they do not have kosher, they are too noticeable against the background - you can't look like a Chinese, but we have a dime a dozen of them and they all want to steer Russia. Our wisdom is faith in God, which we lost, succumbing to the charm of Mammon.
      1. Aljavad
        Aljavad 17 August 2013 04: 05
        and kosher is there!
  15. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 16 August 2013 18: 52
    The numbers, of course, are somewhat distorted: about the high standard of living in the USSR and the fleet of 1000 ships. This was certainly not the case. They lived poorly, and there were enough stocks. But then the whole ass started - here the author is right. BUT ... this article was written for "friends" for the Chinese. It seems to say that the country has no alternative besides the CCP. And it is - it is Gnkong, Taiwan, Singapore. All of these are Chinese states following their own path. We had no such alternative.
  16. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 16 August 2013 18: 54
    In the PRC there is an institute of the causes of the collapse of the USSR, it is the only country studying the causes of this event.
    China will not repeat the fate of the USSR, they have studied everything thoroughly, the main reason they believe is Gorbaty's coming to power and Khrushchev's miscalculations, not the economic situation. I personally remember the 90s and veterans on the streets begging for alms, the pension of my father, a juvenile concentration camp prisoner and a labor veteran, which was 2 sneakers, then stingy tears in my eyes. But the time will come and those who arranged it will answer to the fullest extent, and if I do not see this, my children will see. Let everyone reward them for their sins.
    1. Uncle
      Uncle 16 August 2013 19: 00
      Quote: tilovaykrisa
      China has an institute of reasons for the collapse of the USSR

      I didn't know if we ourselves would have one.

      Quote: tilovaykrisa
      But the time will come and those who arranged it will answer to the fullest extent.

      I don't think life is short, they will die with the stolen goods ...
      1. tilovaykrisa
        tilovaykrisa 16 August 2013 19: 58
        Nobody canceled God's judgment, it will worsen their karma and in the next reincarnation they will be ... I don't even know who)
        1. Arabist
          Arabist 16 August 2013 20: 02
          Better not to think, otherwise you will not be able to sleep.
        2. True
          True 18 August 2013 11: 48
          ... and then Ostap suffered (s) laughing
  17. family tree
    family tree 16 August 2013 19: 37
    The analysts got tired of it. Now, China will not disintegrate. Tian an Myn. China will not climb into Russia, because it is fraught. The population is concentrated in such a way that it is very convenient to kill nuclear weapons, and they know it. They don't nafig need to fight. They work on expansion, and work mainly to the south, in the north they are only interested in the forest, and cut them there like two fingers. The coolest thing will be if you mix them with the Far East and assimilate into the Russians. Parental capital to help
    1. family tree
      family tree 17 August 2013 00: 36
      To the ministry officer, in Komi they have been since the times of the USSR, and nothing, Russians are already laughing Purely ethnic, some of them were delivered at first. There was a case when a Russian cheated on a Chinese, he caught him. In the winter, he opened the door and began to read the mantra in Russian: Moroz come in, Russian b_l_ya_d_d_d come out. And so several times, until the neighbors laughed and explained what to do in this case, though it was already too late, well then I left, I was visiting, I don't know further request
  18. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 16 August 2013 20: 20
    The Chinese leadership will do its utmost to maintain the integrity of the country. Including tough forceful methods. How long it will take them time will tell ...
    But contrary to the rosy statements that have been heard in considerable numbers recently, I personally do not consider the Celestial Empire a sincere friend and ally of Russia. Beijing will be friends with us only as long as it is beneficial to it, and at one point we can move from the category of "strategic partners" to the rank of "bitter enemies." And therefore, the more "great" China has internal and external (with third countries) problems, the less Russia will have them. For as the old Russian proverb says - friendship is friendship, and tobacco apart ...
    We have more than enough of our own problems to worry about the unity of the "new Han empire" and the welfare of its inhabitants ...
  19. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus 16 August 2013 20: 31
    I am amazed at the wisdom of the Chinese, because everyone understands correctly and adequately, Russia is really an example for everyone "how not to do it" Only if I were the Chinese, I would still look at Libya, Egypt, Syria - here it is a product of democracy.
    But for some reason I am not worried about China, they have everything worked out, they will bring out a tank division to the square, a million more or a million less, who then wakes up the scraps in the trucks to count?
  20. Siberian
    Siberian 16 August 2013 20: 36
    Quote: Odyssey
    they will begin to devour each other.

    They will cut each other with the help of killers. And slowly they will begin to devour ordinary people.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. Siberian
    Siberian 16 August 2013 23: 04
    If China falls apart
    I will comment briefly. If China begins to disintegrate, they will destroy each other, half of the population. Many people there want independence.
  23. old rocket man
    old rocket man 17 August 2013 00: 24
    The article was written for internal consumption, it is not clear why this semi-literate agitation was published on the site?
    The numbers are very outdated and the comparisons far-fetched. The purpose of this article is to prevent the centrifugal tendencies of the national borderlands.
    Has no relation to modern Russia, sorry for the time spent reading request
  24. guran
    guran 17 August 2013 03: 01
    This is not an article, these are the screams of an insane pensioner from Zyuganov.
    1. Aljavad
      Aljavad 17 August 2013 04: 11
      read Old Rocketman
  25. Villas
    Villas 17 August 2013 03: 44
    "Today, the annual spending of the Russian army is $ 5 billion."

    Gonevo is pure water, if I'm not mistaken this year the army budget is $ 87bn
  26. Nikola351
    Nikola351 17 August 2013 03: 53
    the Chinese write nonsense about Russia
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. biglow
    biglow 17 August 2013 16: 12
    The likelihood of China splitting into several states still exists. In China, there is still no single language, they understand each other only at the level of hieroglyphs. The current Han people, which seems to be dominant, actually consists of many smaller peoples that have been forcibly renamed the Han people. And any instability can lead to the fact that long-standing ethnic conflicts will lead to ethnic conflicts within the country. And given the number of China, it will be enough to extinguish them. complicated
  29. 55uaka
    55uaka 18 August 2013 04: 52
    The other day, I accidentally stumbled upon a site for checking fines in the traffic police, and by the way there you can dispute and pay online. For example, for 2 days I challenged 3 fines for a total of about 17 rubles. try it yourself, here is the link to the service -