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Military equipment and PUBLIC REALTYSHNZ

"Their tongue is a killing arrow,
speaks insidiously;

with their mouth they speak friendly to their neighbor,
and in his heart they build coves
(Jeremiah 9,8)

Public relations (PR) or, as we now call it - public relations, is what humanity began to be engaged in at the dawn of civilization, and is engaged to this day. Many people do not even suspect that painting their lips, for example, or choosing a tie, is already PR. By definition, one of the most famous experts in this field is nothing else than science and art, whose goal is to achieve harmony in society through the controlled dissemination of information. That is, PR people are “architects of consent in society”, and their goal is, to put it simply, “a good rumor about something or someone.” And good “fame” always helps and will work well in life: that is, as in Vysotsky’s song “to have many women and cars”. PR is both when a tank is called by the name of the father-in-law, and when the commission of the host tank is well treated and taken to the “bathhouse with girls”, and ... they carry out lobbying and sponsorship assistance that is completely permitted by law as part of helping all sorts of “charitable foundations” and associations.

Often the same Tanks perform the functions of PR tools solely due to their appearance, and this feature of them was widely used from the very beginning! So, for example, Americans constantly “drove” their useless steam tank at parades and outwardly it produced the proper effect on the public. And the first heavy French tanks created at the very end of World War I CHAR 1A and 1B did not play any role whatsoever. There was no benefit from them (besides, there were only 10 of them) neither then nor later. But on the contrary, everyone wrote about them, and their photographs didn’t leave the pages of military manuals and the most “yellow”, “tabloid” newspapers! The fact that they turned out to be very slow (the speed was only 17 km / h), and the crew at the same time consisted of 13 tankers, absolutely did not bother anyone! Their weapons were discussed, up to the prospect of 105-mm guns on them, which at that time seemed like a miracle of miracles, and the thickness of the armor that protected them from the shells of the German 77-mm field gun! The French inhabitants were pleased that it was their army that was armed with the “most powerful tanks in the world”. And everyone else was jealous and ... to some extent feared, because in the photo they looked really awesome!

Padded or abandoned heavy French tank Char 1-bis, France, 1940

Nb.Fz or Neubaufahrzend ("machine of new design")

When the Germans began to revive their former military power, then in the parade along the streets of German cities very often the same cars, moving just in a circle. But again, people did not know this, so it seemed to them that there were already a lot of tanks in the German army, and this certainly warmed their souls!

Then they had a three-tower tank Nb.Fz or Neubaufahrzend (“machine of new design”), the main feature of which was one cannon and two machine-gun turrets located on the body diagonally. The main turret had a twin artillery unit of two 37- and 75-mm caliber guns, which, according to the authors of the project, was to reduce the consumption of expensive ammunition and increase the overall combat effectiveness of the vehicle. But ... despite its very impressive type of tanks of this type, only six were made, and only three of them took part in the fighting on the territory of Norway in 1940. Surprisingly, the propaganda value of these machines turned out to be much more significant than the actual combat success, and then their images were placed in foreign military textbooks and reference books for a long time, and usually the combat power of these tanks was extolled simply to the skies! They wrote that the Germans had a lot of these tanks, so descriptions of the fights with them, and in the yellow-brown striped coloring in 1942, when all the Wehrmacht tanks were painted gray, they even got into the Soviet press - in particular, in memoirs, at least one of our tank veterans. But in this case everything happened to him the same as with the organizers of the exhibition of captured military equipment organized in Leningrad after breaking his blockade. In the magazine “Technique-Youth”, it was then reported that there were two trophy self-propelled guns “Ferdinand” exhibited there, however, according to the German archives, none of these machines were used near Leningrad, and, accordingly, could not be lost. It means that here we are simply confronted with a very common psychological phenomenon “lying, as an eyewitness,” or as ... a victim of good PR and well-thought-out “good” rumors! ”

And the most surprising thing is that even the first Russian armored vehicles even appeared as a result of ... yes, well, a well-conducted PR action. It all began with an article in the popular magazine Niva, although it was preceded by other relevant “events”. And this article is so interesting that it makes sense to bring it here entirely:

«Armored car

A great sensation in our military world is caused by an armored car brought from France built there in Puteaux, at the plant of Sharron Girardot Woat (so in the text - author's note), according to the project and one of the former officers of the Russian army, Prince. M.A.Nakashidze. The project of the car was developed by its inventor during the last Russian-Japanese war. The then chief commander gene. Linevich, extremely interested in this invention. But, unfortunately, the car is already late for the war, and there are still negotiations on the introduction of these cars into our army.

This car is something of a highly original design. It is closed on all sides by chromium-nickel armor (manufactured at the Creusot plant, in France) on 4,5 millimeters. thick This armor completely protects against rifle bullets, shell fragments and shrapnel. Gun bullets do not break armor even at a distance of 50 steps, despite the tremendous strength and sharpness of the battlefield of modern guns.

In ordinary time, i.e. not in battle, the car "for air" opens. In the realm of fire, it completely closes, and the movement is controlled, as in a submarine, by means of a periscope, placed inside.

In the middle part of the car there is a rotating tower armed with a Hotchkiss machine gun. This position of the tower and its rotation allow you to shoot in all directions. In addition, inside there is also a combat flashlight, also protected by armor. They open it, illuminate the terrain, shoot it, and then armor covers it again.

The weight of the car is not small, namely 180 pounds (pud - 16 kg - author's note). But, despite such a solid weight, it moves very easily and on any road, even without roads - for example, in arable fields - and at the same time it rises to 25 degrees. On both sides of the car there are cross over bridges for moving through ditches and ditches. Long they reach 1,5 fathoms, and the width correspond to the width of the car truck.

For getting the driving force (well, not a turn, but a pure gem of journalistic skills of that time! - author's note) a gasoline engine in 37 horsepower is installed in the car. Movement speed reaches 65 versts per hour. As applied to the Russian roads, the wheels are arranged higher and, especially for Manchuria, they are clad in armor: otherwise, the shoots of Qaolin will cut ordinary wheel tires.

5 people can fit inside the car, and in extreme cases, eight. The cost of the entire car, along with two Hotchkiss machine guns (one spare machine gun) is equal to 30.000 p. Named machine guns fire 600 rounds per minute.

According to the idea of ​​the inventor, Prince. M.A. Nakashidze, an armored vehicle designed specifically for reconnaissance, reconnaissance and to pursue the enemy.

Abroad, the car made a real sensation, and the military world of all of Europe and even America paid special attention to it. Currently, orders have been received from Turkey, Romania, Spain, England, Germany, the Argentine Republic, as well as Japan and China, but their execution was suspended until the end of negotiations with Russia.

Undoubtedly, in wartime this moving fortress will be able to play a very prominent role ”(See: S. Kirilyts, G. Kaninsky. Armored vehicles“ Sharron, Girardot and Vua ”// Technique and armament. No. XXUMX 8. С.2011-33)

Curious isn't it? However, the most interesting thing about this article is that everything here except for its performance characteristics is an obvious lie, or rather, pure fiction or PR from the beginning to the end! That is, the prince Nakashidze did not invent any armored car, but on a share in Warsaw had a vehicle operation association, named in the traditions of its time: “A large international car garage”. In the garage workshops in 1902-1904. cars were assembled with French engines, but the main business of the “garage” was the sale of cars of famous French brands: “Panard-Levassor”, “De-Dion-Buton”, “Mors”, etc. In addition, he participated in the organization in the Kingdom of the Polish Omnibus Service, while collaborating with various firms, in particular, the French firm Sharron, Girardot and Vouille or C.GV, and in such a way became friends with it. And here it is, and without any participation on his part (in any case, no documents were found about this), this company had already released its first BA in 1902. And the French military didn’t accept it (the order for several such armored vehicles came only from Turkey!). Therefore, in 1904, she took on the development of a new model with the Hotchkis machine gun in a rotating turret, and meanwhile the Russian-Japanese war began, Prince Nakashidze volunteered for the army, and began to command the 7 Siberian Cossack regiment. Now it’s hard to say whether he did it well or badly, what’s important is that he didn’t lose touch with his French friends and he was aware of their development of an armored vehicle.

However, here he needs to do justice: he quickly realized that in a war, any weapon, if only it would kill well, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian troops in the Far East addressed General N.P. Linevich, with a proposal to write out from France, through his mediation, one “car” and test it in Russian conditions. In this case, the car itself, he ordered on his own behalf, with no doubt doubting the success. And yes, indeed! The general approved his idea (here you are and the inertia of the Tsarist generals, glorified by Soviet historians!), Although he put forward a number of requirements for the armored carriage, which Nakashidze handed to the French, and they began to make it. In this case, the case clearly happened in a hurry. Because the French did not have time (and perhaps they didn’t consider it necessary!) To even replace the Hotchkiss machine gun with the Russian Maxim on it, which would be a much more correct solution, especially since the caliber didn’t match, and the Hotchkiss himself On arms of the Russian army was not! At the same time, the prince himself was so confident of success, he increased the order to 12 machines!

An armored car was tested in Russia and was not accepted for armament, which was not at all pleasant to Prince Nakashidze. Therefore, he again, on his own behalf (!), Addressed the Chief of the General Staff, with the statement that, being “the director of the armored car department of the Sharron, Girardot and Vua company (which actually was not and could not even be!), He has secret information "that Japan wants to order a large batch of armored cars. He also wrote about the French and German orders, that is, simply threw him in the eye with the aim of obtaining profitable orders from the General Staff, and to get a rollback from the French for that ”! Well, then the above-mentioned article appeared in the Niva and others like it, after which even in serious documents of the Military Department this armored car became known as the “Nakashidze car”, and the prince himself ... yes, consider him an “inventor”! As a result of pressure from the press (here it is notorious - “the fourth power!), They hurried to demonstrate to the sovereign and to buy it as soon as possible for the purpose of further testing it. What he thought to do next and what Prince Nakashidze was hoping for, after this decision is unknown, since on August 12 of 1906 of the year he died during an act of terrorism at the summer residence of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Pyotr Stolypin. Meanwhile, the French sent six more armored cars to Russia, but only the Russian customs did not let them through. Germany eventually bought two of them, and the rest of the company was kept in her garage up to the 1914 year, when everything went into battle, including such old stuff. True, the French demanded money from Russia. Like, the prince reassured us - pay for six cars! But they were told that the prince did the order personally from himself, and the Military Department had no relation to personal affairs of the deceased. However, this whole Georgian prince adventure in the style of OI Bender did not so much harm the French company as it helped, because all the noise raised around her armored car in the press served her as an excellent advertisement. As for the BA itself, the armor was eventually removed from it, and the chassis was converted into a headquarters vehicle, but with the help of all of the ads, the ad was simply superb!

And remember our Soviet May Day and October military parades on Red Square in Moscow in the pre-war years? Then motorcycles with machine guns on the steering wheel, and tankettes, and tanks with a proportionally increasing number of towers from one to five traveled along its cobblestones, and dozens of multi-engined airplanes sailed in the sky above it all. Well, and who would after this, and even under the “March of Enthusiasts”, dare to doubt that we are “above all, faster than all, stronger than all”, and if suddenly that, then we immediately “with a little blood, a mighty blow crush, destroy the enemy "!

Gorky street. Before the parade. Military motorcyclists

Since 80% of the population of any country according to the "Pareto law", in general, is simply not smart, such PR events are just able to convince them of literally anything, because all this "is happening before our eyes." Here the main rule is to praise people! To tell them that they belong to the Nordic race and that’s why they can do everything that they are “new historical the community of people is the Soviet people ”and that, of course, the future belongs to him, and in the future he will have communism, that is, a society of all common equality, happiness and fantastic material abundance.

And what a sensation among foreign journalists and military attaches, and at the same time our domestic inhabitants, were made by our 2-3 406-mm self-propelled guns, which, along with the 420-mm self-propelled 2B2 self-propelled guns in 1957, participated in the parade on the Red Square in Moscow? Newsreels from this parade and with their participation have long been shown both in films and on television, I am glad about the public consciousness of our people. And some foreign experts then seriously asserted that the cars shown in the parade were just a sham designed for an awesome effect, although the cars were real! But this affected them, it means that this PR-action has reached its goal!

Military equipment and PUBLIC REALTYSHNZ
Self-propelled guns "Condenser" on the day of the parade on 2 red square in November 3 in Moscow (photo from the archive of Mikhail Mikhin,

In PR it is always very important to be the first to declare something or someone and whoever did this first, he won, and his opponent lost accordingly. Well, here, for example, the well-known Jutland naval battle ... By the way, historians still argue about who defeated the historians in it, and that's all because the commander of the English fleet Admiral Beatty was not carrying a good public relations specialist. Because if he was with him, then, of course, he would have sent a message stating that on a certain date “the German fleet went to sea to bombard the British coast and bring destruction and death to its land. In a fierce battle, the English fleet prevented these vile intentions and turned the enemy into a shameful flight. Such and such ships died in battle ... Eternal memory to their crews, who defended our country! ” And ... that's it! No one would argue, because well, who would begin to find out whether the Germans wanted to bring destruction and death to the territory of Britain or not. Did we repel them? Reflected! So victory is on our side!

The death of the cruiser "Indefetigebl." Jutland battle

Well, in real life, unfortunately, the Germans were ahead of the British, the beaten German fleet in the harbor of Wilhelmshaven met the Kaiser himself and congratulated him on the victory, the German newspapers were the first to win the German fleet, and the British ... had to reprint their message!

Yes, and Beatty, when he was asked to report on the battle, began by listing his losses in ships and people, which made the British public the most unfavorable impression, although only one single message to the press could fundamentally change everything!

Another example of effective information management during the Second World War is the directly detective story with the sinking of the German "pocket battleship" "Admiral Count Spee." As you know, after the battle in the Gulf of La Plata, he went to the port of Montevideo, and two battered British cruisers remained on guard at the exit of the harbor. Real help would not come to them very soon, and then the British used public relations technologies against the Germans.

Burning at the mouth of the river La Plata German heavy cruiser ("pocket battleship") "Admiral Count Spee" after the crew sank

Representatives of British intelligence in Uruguay began by organizing open negotiations on the possibility of urgent reception of two large warships, which clearly meant the aircraft carrier Ark Royal and the threat of any pocket battleship Rinaun cruiser ". Corresponding instructions were also sent to the British Consul in Montevideo U. Millington-Drake, who had a great influence in the country, and also a friend of the foreign minister! That is, the information they need through the most diverse channels "went" from everywhere! And is it any wonder that the very next day one of the officers on duty of the German raider, noticing a large warship on the horizon, immediately identified him as a battle cruiser “Rinaun” (!), Although in reality it was a heavy English cruiser “Cumberland” who was in a hurry to help his comrades. Well, how a naval officer could confuse a three-pipe Cumberland with a two-pipe Rinaun is still a mystery, although from a psychological point of view everything is clear. What I was afraid of, I saw it!

HMS Renown (EBK "Rinaun", from the English. Renown - "glory") - British battlecruiser

HMS Cumberland

But now the commander of the German battleship Hans Langsdorf had every reason to believe that he had no chance of success, although in fact the Cumberland had only eight 203-mm guns against his own six 283-mm, and the combat effectiveness of two other English ships as a result of the battle has almost halved. But Langsdorf did not know this, and therefore in the end, the ship sank, and he shot himself! So PR in a war (and not only in a war!) Is truly a terrible thing, especially if you know how to use it correctly!

Accordingly, we, the citizens of Russia, only now have learned the truth about what really happened under Prokhorovka during the Battle of Kursk in the 1943 year, because our propaganda always focused on the result, and not on the means to achieve it. “Our man first flew into space!” - the newspapers reported, everyone rejoiced and only a few thought “what did it cost us, and what would be the benefit of it all?” The Swiss cosmonaut, for example, has not flown anywhere at all however, in terms of the standard of living, Switzerland even overtakes the USA, not to mention Russia !!!

So PR in military science, from color and cut of uniforms to orders given by commanders that take into account the mentality of their subordinates, is of paramount importance! During the Gulf War in 1991, special services, for example, organized the departure of journalists directly to the battle zone, where they were shown Iraqi padded equipment, smoking craters, and it was even possible to touch the still hot shrapnel from the projectiles. In fact, all this was tweaked solely for the sake of the corresponding effect, and the soldiers at the front line were thoroughly instructed on how to answer questions and how to behave in front of the camera! And who prevents us from doing so now?

Here the main thing is very skillful and, I would say, elegantly, without replaying, “scaring” our potential opponents! After all, they also scared us many times already and scared them very skillfully. For example, nothing more than a grandiose PR-project designed for the psychological leadership of the USSR, cannot be called the program of the notorious “star wars”. After all, it was obvious from the very beginning that it was impossible to bring such a number of engineering objects into space without destroying the ozone layer over the territory of the United States with the existing level of development of vehicles, and that the laser power possibilities are very limited. But ... how much about all this and talked and wrote? What awesome animations showed on TV! What schemes were published in popular magazines, including the magazine "Technology-Youth." And ... it is very possible that they talked about this with us and wrote specifically to justify our impoverished life with nothing more than this “terrible threat” from space. It’s known that intimidated people are easier to manage!

Something similar in this direction, of course, is being done here. It is enough to recall, for example, reports on the T-95 tank, which we developed in principle, which was shown to the country's leadership in the very first year of V. Putin’s presidency. There was no official information on the T-95, but judging by a number of publications based on unofficial sources of information, the tank should have had a “crazy” layout. The crew of the 3 man was to be placed inside the body in a super-protected armored capsule, and the new gun was larger than the guns of the T-80 and T-90 caliber, installed in a small "uninhabited" tower. In addition, the combat survivability of the T-95 should have been dramatically increased due to the low silhouette and more powerful booking. And it was only recently that the Internet slipped the message that our military refused to develop this tank, in favor of upgrading the T-90 tank, and then the completely new Armata tank. However, from the point of view of PR is wrong. It is necessary to do all the time visibility (and not so much for "strangers", but for "our own"), that "we have something," because it gives people a sense of their own worth! And this is the most pleasant feeling in the world!

Imagine that you are watching another military parade, in which tanks, which look so familiar, pass, and suddenly in front of all their towers rise up above their hulls, and then the towers themselves, along with the guns, rise upwards and look at at the very zenith! And the announcer choking reports that these are new and as yet completely secret tanks, with an automatic loader capable of firing from behind fences and shelters, and besides, also firing special shells at planes and helicopters. Believe me, the impression will be still “that” and, of course, old women on the benches and ... foreign military attaches will speak about it! And there, you see, maybe we really need something like that!

Similarly, especially for parades, it is necessary to increase the caliber of the gun on the BMP-3 from 100 to 120-mm, because it is much more effective, and inform the media that such a machine is being tested and ... let it go like that for ten years no less!

T-72М2 "Modern"

In Slovakia, for example, we modified our T-72 tank and called the new model T-72М2 "Modern", and to fight the helicopters, he received two automatic 20-mm caliber guns at the rear of the tower. Vertical pointing angles are from -4 ° to + 33 °, and the commander takes aim. The Slovaks obviously did this without thinking, because back in the years of World War II it turned out that the 20-mm projectile could not destroy the kamikaze diving plane with a direct hit, which caused the installation of Bofors 40-mm anti-aircraft guns on American ships. But who prevents to install on our modified T-72PR tanks two 30-mm guns similar to those on the famous Tunguska and also show these tanks at one of the parades, and then release their plastic model ?!

By the way, “major changes” in the design of our tanks can be made solely for the sake of the military specialists present at our parades and let them pay their close attention to them. A simple man in the street, they may not be evident at all. For example, the Russian T-72 and T-80 cannon can go down on 6 ° and go up on 14 °, whereas on western-made tanks on 10 ° and 20 °, respectively. Well, let's give and “modify” their elevation angle ... twice! And let the military experts, looking at the photos sent to them, sit and break their heads, but how did we manage to do it ?! And since the 140-mm tank gun was created in the West today, why not go the same way, or, according to tradition, go even further and equip our prospective T-90PR tank with an 152 / 155-mm gun?

Technically, all this is not difficult to do, but the effect of "good rumors" from all this can be very significant. The main thing is that this should be done by specialists, and not by people who are familiar with PR according to reports of our newspapers and programs on Channel One of Russian television ...
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  1. strange and pretty meaningless
    strange and pretty meaningless 15 August 2013 08: 27
    Public Relations rules. A dash - we have a city-forming military-industrial complex in our city. Under Soviet rule, the total number of employees was about 17. PR, as such, naturally was not. There was a factory newspaper - in one spread, I don't remember exactly the staff of clerks, but they fit exactly into a dozen, despite the fact that more than half of them were photographers, and they were needed on production topics. Schaz - as everywhere else - the public relations department. It started with three people about five years ago. Dali GOZ - the state began to swell. With a total number of employees about 000 people, there are already a dozen of PR specialists, and without a specific education and direction of work. The department swelled to the state of "(many) workers, who is responsible for what is unclear." The sadness is that the head of this "department" does not control the situation, the workers are attached according to the principle of "need" for the management of the enterprise. As a result, the Liaison Office got stuck in each other's non-intercepting mating. Yes, already, in general, and not only each other. Such is the case history. Well, in general, like everywhere else ... request
  2. Bigriver
    Bigriver 15 August 2013 08: 33
    The second shot with motorcyclists is dated incorrectly.
    "Gorky Street. Before the parade. Military motorcyclists. 1930s"
    This is a post-war snapshot.
    Firstly, the M-72 motorcycles went into the army only in the winter of the 42. Secondly - belt buckles .., another system soldier
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 15 August 2013 09: 59
      The years are really not the 30s, this is the May 1, 1941 parade. Here is a link to for information. The author juggles a lot about PR in the USSR, usually at that time they did not promote, but took concrete steps, for example, the atmospheric thermonuclear explosion is very clear and no one will forget about it. The author forgot that the T-72 has a "Reflex". And what he considers PR is called disinformation in the troops. That the Anglo-Saxons did the perfect misconception with the "Spee" ...
    2. svp67
      svp67 15 August 2013 10: 52
      Quote: BigRiver
      Firstly, the M-72 motorcycles went into the army only in the winter of the 42. Secondly - belt buckles .., another system
      But the pre-war form, and I saw the same photo but with the date of 1940 of the year ...
      And even at the Victory Parade, our motorcyclists were in tarpaulin
      1. Bigriver
        Bigriver 15 August 2013 12: 03
        Quote: svp67
        ... But the pre-war form, and I saw the same photo but with the date of 1940 ...
        And even at the Victory Parade, our motorcyclists were in tarpaulin ...

        M-72 until the spring of 1941, a hundred pudoff could not be.
        Finally, there are a lot of conflicting information on these bikes. Here's an example:
        "However, by the beginning of World War II, the M-72s had not yet been put into production. Only two months later, the Moscow and Kharkov motor factories managed to start production of the M-72 in small quantities - they produced 448 and 123 motorcycles, respectively."

        And in form, the belt buckle confuses me. It can be seen that it is not Komsomol’s, solid with the star.
        Here is a comparison:
        1. old rats
          old rats 16 August 2013 20: 13
          a solid buckle with a star was before the war, if I am not mistaken, in the full uniform of the cadets of some of the elite schools.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Forest
    Forest 15 August 2013 11: 42
    Well mixed up - PR, Switzerland and the dirt in the USSR.
    The USSR has created such facilities that the Russian Federation can at best modernize, and often can’t contain.
  5. Ivan_Ivanov
    Ivan_Ivanov 15 August 2013 12: 25
    Had a communist of the 40s in the 20s, he would have been shot.
    Had a party functionary of the 80s in the 40s, he would have been shot too.

    I mean, everything changes over time, that the system and history are not homogeneous. Only the last fools and outright provocateurs will definitely praise something, and something will also unambiguously pour mud.

    On the one hand, the USSR was a great country, the people, led by the authorities, were able to create the greatest army and the advanced, best weapons systems in the world. On the other hand, it was in the USSR that the power system in the country raised traitors in the person of Gorbachev, Yakovlev and their team, Berezovsky, Chubais, Khodorkovsky and others ... It was the Soviet system that brought them to the top and brought them to power. What can I say, the country has changed very much during its existence. Definitely praise her, or only enemy agents — provocateurs — will curse her.
    1. Rider
      Rider 15 August 2013 12: 55
      Quote: Ivan_Ivanov
      On the other hand, it was in the USSR that the power system in the country raised traitors in the person of Gorbachev, Yakovlev and their team, Berezovsky, Chubais, Khodorkovsky and others ..

      Not certainly in that way.
      such "figures" are born at all times and under any political system.
      it is another matter that the "cleaning system", the assembly of the ruling nomenclature from such individuals, began to malfunction from the late 60s.
      for some time the USSR still held out on the old groundwork, and then the polar fox came.

      when you study the biography of young dermatocrats, you are surprised to learn that some of them studied in the West even under the Union.
      1. Ivan_Ivanov
        Ivan_Ivanov 15 August 2013 13: 04
        That’s what I’m talking about.
        The system of power in the USSR changed over time. The power in the USSR of the late 60s is not at all the same as the power of the late 40s. It was she (the system of the 60s, 70s) who brought up and brought to power traitors. Despite the fact that the factories were still working, people were rich, new weapons systems were supplied to the army.
        And all the more in the text ...
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. DZ_98_B
    DZ_98_B 15 August 2013 15: 33
    I had m72 49 or 51 years old. Nice bike. For its time, just a class !!! If I’m not mistaken, a copy of BMW. Once it was, an UAZ truck broke down on it, broken 30 kilometers. True, with smoke breaks.
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 15 August 2013 17: 55
      Quote: DZ_98_B
      I had m72 49 or 51 years old. Nice bike. For its time, just a class !!! If I’m not mistaken, a copy of BMW. Once it was, an UAZ truck broke down on it, broken 30 kilometers. True, with smoke breaks.

      I, too, was in a wedding. I got from my father.
      He worked exclusively on 66th gasoline. And if you unhook the stroller - finally a beast.
      And it was possible to start from a block of four round household batteries. 6 volt laughing
  8. TS3sta3
    TS3sta3 15 August 2013 15: 56
    The Swiss cosmonaut, for example, hasn’t flown anywhere yet, but even the United States is ahead of Switzerland in terms of living standards, not to mention Russia !!!

    tasty and juicy sausage - not a goal in life. and indeed the argument is crooked a little more than completely.
  9. tank64rus
    tank64rus 15 August 2013 17: 20
    We have always neglected the information war. This mistake was expensive.
  10. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 15 August 2013 17: 42
    A PR machine is an effective weapon.
    Only, maybe it’s not necessary to “come up” with puffed weapons for demonstration in parades? The examples cited by the author are certainly indicative, but isolated. Those. This is an exception.

    We need PR technologies in a different plane: mass media.
    For example:
    In the West, they are still sure that in the Urals and Siberia in large cities bears walk (not a joke, he himself was a participant in the conversation).
    The whole world is sure that it was Russia that attacked poor Tsukoshvilli and forcibly pushed a tie into his throat, killing innocent Ossetians in passing.
    All progressive mankind is outraged as Assad violates the freedom of citizens and cheers for the "liberators."
    Next to list? But this is not at all funny.

    Unfortunately, our PR-technologies cannot even defend the truth in this ...
    Although it’s on the media that you can “cheat” in your own interests, when you need it, as shown in the article, it is more effective than on armored vehicles.
    A muhlezh with a weapon is, in my opinion, isolated cases where each case must be done for a specific purpose.
  11. DZ_98_B
    DZ_98_B 15 August 2013 18: 05
    And 92 guzzled, just give !!! But a heavy infection !!! 750 cubic meters! Yo! BUT and ate gasoline ... just give.
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 15 August 2013 18: 20
      Quote: DZ_98_B
      And 92 guzzled, just give !!! But a heavy infection !!! 750 cubic meters! Yo! BUT and ate gasoline ... just give.

      On the 92nd I did not try: // Finished operation on the 76th. I remember that in the very heat I was warming myself great. After 50-60 km, I demanded half a bucket of water (in a thin stream) per cylinder laughing
      But, that was not a problem. I went mainly for fishing in the countryside.
  12. Bigriver
    Bigriver 15 August 2013 18: 25
    Forced myself to carefully read the article. Phew ...
    And I found that the author was qualitatively confused in three oaks: advertising, propaganda and PR fool
    The line that is pulled in FIG knows what belay
  13. DZ_98_B
    DZ_98_B 15 August 2013 18: 37
    The article is interesting !!!!!! Nothing at all !!!
    1. datur
      datur 15 August 2013 20: 23
      [quote = DZ_98_B] The article is interesting !!!!!! Nothing at all !!! ---- so PR is pure water !!!! yes wink
  14. tomket
    tomket 15 August 2013 22: 21
    the author is apparently a beginner PR manager, and since all the niches are already occupied, he decided to create a bicycle, so to speak, Why a bicycle? Because without the morbid Anglo-American terms, everything described in the article falls under the good old Propaganda! It is good that the author did not think of Dr. Goebbels as a great PR man!
  15. tomket
    tomket 15 August 2013 22: 38
    I would also like to add about the author’s vision: who puts the author for PR to dress paratroopers in costumes of attack aircraft, Shoigu in Darth Vader, and Putin in the emperor? to hang plastic on drying to simulate spacefighters, and say the 160 to turn into an imperial cruiser? Here is the PR so the PR will turn out! And justify the global stereotype of the Evil Empire!
  16. Alexey M
    Alexey M 15 August 2013 23: 08
    The article is so-so interesting comments.
  17. lucidlook
    lucidlook 16 August 2013 01: 05
    For this paragraph I put a bold plus for the article!
    However, from the point of view of PR this is wrong. It is necessary all the time to make an appearance (and not so much for "strangers" as for "friends"), that "we have something," because it gives people a sense of self-worth! And this is the most pleasant feeling in the world!

    The very point is said. Let's dream and argue about concepts. Here I have one, for example:
    "BMPT with VPU".