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The explosion of the NATO soap bubble, or Against the enemy with his own weapon

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank all those who read my previous article "Syria has no land for us"And shared his impressions of the read. I repeat that I do not in any way pretend that my words are some kind of panacea for all ills or an undeniable truth. To err is human, so some of your comments have been very helpful.

So, for example, I confess that I was mistaken in relation to the combat training aircraft Yak-130, ordered for the Assad army. Familiar pilots convinced that in capable hands this machine becomes quite a battle machine, able to withstand aviation NATO. I want to say the same thing about tanks.

Of course, with regard to T-90, I, as it were, put it more mildly, skipped ... I completely agree with those who wrote that proven "old men" T-72 can cope with all the tasks facing the Syrian army in defeating frostbitten thugs it is not clear for what reason they are called "rebels". I admit honestly, I mentioned T-90, well, for “smart words” or something. But, one way or another, the terrible, that is, the direct entry into the war of the NATO countries, in Syria, thank God, did not happen. And, apparently, it will not happen for another half a year.
I would not want to deceive ahead of time, because always used to and preparing for the worst in everything (the best in this situation would be a pleasant gift), but it seems that the Syrian land has become the frontier where alliance hirelings will have to retreat. I really hope that Comrade Asad has enough strength and will to burn out this rotten abscess to the end!

And, if the situation is really like this, then we can say that the opposition of the all-consuming hydra of the “democracy” of NATO and all countries resisting this monster has matured a turning point. Speaking figuratively, a cold-hot war (just so, since the squabbles of diplomats are interspersed in it with real fighting, here and there) reached its “Stalingrad”. I repeat, I do not dare to argue, I just really, really hope. Although, who knows, maybe I’m giving a strong wish to the real? ..

Well, the enemy is exhausted. At least, his offensive was exhausted, and he was no longer able to push further (at least for now). And it’s just criminal not to take advantage of such a moment (no matter how long it will be, nobody will predict it), so as not to go on the counterattack now, gradually developing it in an offensive on all fronts.

In my previous article on Syria, as a long-range goal of this offensive, I called the dissolution of the UN in its current form and the formation of a different international organization headquartered not at all in New York, but not in Moscow or Leningrad (I will specifically call his certainly heroic name), and in a truly foreign, neutral country. However, after thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that the UN dissolution is not a goal, but only a means, albeit a powerful tool, on the way to destroying through the false and cynical bourgeois empire of NATO, which carries the ideas of “good and democracy” in cluster bombs dumped on the roofs of residential areas. This is the holy and main goal of our GREAT RUSSIA in the international arena.

I apologize if I am tired of someone with a long and lengthy introduction, but I consider it necessary. Let's get down to business. At first I will say that the international situation for a decisive blow to NATO has matured. The whole world is already full of "fed up" and the policy of "big brother", and the policy of "big dollar" when you take a tiny cent, and without even noticing it, you owe billions of "green" (by the way, empty and unsecured papers) . You wake up at the bottom of a deep debt pit with sheer walls. So a bitter awakening in one "beautiful" morning overtook both Greece and Bulgaria, and Spain, and Italy.

And about the policy of the “big stick”, when smiling uncles from across the ocean suddenly in some moments destroy the whole usual way of life “in the name of the triumph of democracy” I am completely silent. By all appearances, the peoples of the world are filled with anger. And, which is especially important for us, the peoples of Europe (including the NATO countries themselves) are not an exception.

Moreover, the Bulgarians, the Greeks, the Spaniards, for several months in a row, have taken to the streets to defend their rights brazenly stolen from them. In the recognized poorest country in Europe, Bulgaria has long come to regular clashes with the police. And on the night of 23 on 24 of July of this year, people driven to despair by high prices for public utilities with negligible salaries blocked the parliament building. The situation is far from smooth in such relatively “prosperous” countries as Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

For example, my good friend from the Volga Germans, in the dashing 90s he moved to historical homeland, said that over the past 5 years all the gains of trade unions have come to naught. The German employer (however, like any other filthy bourgeois driven only by the idea of ​​profit) “sleeps and sees” how to cut the salaries of hard workers, which (even with German taxes) are already small. Well, with such a grief “ruler” as Merkel, raving with the idea of ​​hook or by crook to keep the European Union within its current borders and, it seems to me, for a long time not paying attention to the problems of its people, it could hardly have been otherwise. This frau also has a tendency to look overseas “big brother” in the mouth. That is why, dear readers, I called her “not too smart” in an article about Syria. Oh, Germans, Germans, why did you “move” Schroeder? ..

And the siege of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt 31 of May, when the people led by anti-globalists protested against the "economy" of Brussels (if suddenly someone does not know - the capital of the EU) - is not a sign of Europe's readiness for an explosion ?!

By the way, I do not force anyone to believe in it, but I personally consider the European Union a "creation" of NATO "great strategists." On the one hand, this is a kind of illusion for European countries, giving them the opportunity to feel "independence" from Washington. Like, "we ourselves with a mustache", we can make decisions without bush, clintons and Obama. In fact, all of Europe has long been indebted to the States, thanks to the very “Marshall Plan”, which any student who is more or less interested in history knows about. On the other hand, having pan-European structures (European Parliament, European Commission, ECB), it is much easier for America to oversee this multinational gathering. It’s just like before the “patchwork” Austro-Hungarian empire, but also within the borders wider. Yes, and the next “crisis” is easier to arrange when there is a single currency (which has recently become the same “candy wrappers” as dollars).

But that's not all. In addition to the economic collapse, there are many other equally burning problems in Europe. And, perhaps, the most important can be called two of them: national and moral.

That the same Germany almost lost the German face is no longer a secret to anyone. But then, strictly speaking, Paris ceased to belong to the French. However, the EU authorities (read between the lines - NATO) do not just do not want to see it, but on the contrary, they only do that they shout about the need for “tolerance” (ugh, they have invented the word), I mean tolerance. By and large, in Russia in this sense is not better. We, too, were allowed and for now let everyone who feels like. But Tajiks or Kirghiz even sweep the streets of our cities or work on construction sites (it is clear that they wouldn’t have bothered and didn’t work, bourgeois would have to take us Slavs and pay many times more). And the same Turks, Kurds, Gypsies from Romania - in Germany, Arabs and black Africans (interestingly, the word “Negro” - printed or already on a par with the mat?) - in France do not hurry. Why, if possible, and live on benefits? I do not think that the Germans, the French or the British (unlike us, they know how to count every penny, it’s ours - the soul is unbuttoned) because they have to keep all these parasites.

Yes, there is no need to think, it is enough to open foreign on the Internet news. You learn that here and there a rebellion against intruders breaks out in Europe. True, very often already the guests, feeling their strength, arrange riots. The most interesting thing is that if the same German strikes, let's say, a presumptuous Kurd, this is Nazism, the ghost of Hitler, the fascist shortage, ay-ay-ay, oh-oh ...! And if on the contrary - this is a common street fight, well, just think, they didn’t share something. However, everything, like us ... But now it is not about that. It is important for us that the problem is there, it is ubiquitous.

Well, about morality generally keep quiet. After all, the EU leadership declared the problem of “oppressed” sexual minorities everywhere (I will transfer from politically correct Russian to popular people: homosexuals and lesbians!)! Between the lines, read: "The EU government personally took up the widespread propaganda of Sodom sin !!!" Do people who still stand behind traditional family values ​​like this ?! Your right, of course, is to ask: “Did such people stay in Europe?” - Stay! And the direct evidence of this is the mass appearance of Parisians on the streets, when, at the suggestion of the president, a “socialist” (how can he then associate himself with the great word “socialism” after all?) Hollander in France legalized same-sex marriages (and lines: Sodomian orgies). The most ordinary people, outraged that from now on individuals of the male sex can not only poke each other a member of the 5 point of support, but also CHILDREN TO BIRTH UP (!), Have been declared “ultra-right” or “retarded”. And dispersed. Water from hoses and tear gas (all, including women, adolescents and the elderly). To say that a blatant case - to say nothing! What do you think is not enough after that in France dissatisfied?

I declare with all responsibility that this or that problem pushing people to revolt is now in all European countries (well, we will not take seriously a trifle: San Marino, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Luxembourg, Andorra and, especially, the Vatican)! The situation in the camp of the enemy - nowhere hot. To this we add that if you carefully look at the publications in the media, only Poland and only the Baltic States (they are serious allies, have nothing to say!) Shout their loyalty to “NATO and the holy cause of democracy”. And in the same Germany, they are outraged by sending soldiers of the Bundeswehr (despite the fact that their soldiers are now all contract soldiers) in Asia-Africa. In other words, the alliance is no longer an alliance, but a “bubble”, and the EU is a bubble whose walls are even thinner than the first.

In fact, if the director of the FSB has still not brought a report to the head of our state on how to use the European mess to destroy NATO from the inside, then he does not work out his own bread. Dismiss such a time.

In Europe, the world has not come together. Let's see what is happening in other parts of the world, with regard to the topic of the article, of course. And that's what's going on - a circle of countries has emerged that are ready to confront the world of "democracy" and the dollar. There are those who can be considered quite likely allies of Russia.
And, first of all, it is not China or even North Korea, and, of course, not India, but Latin American countries. The better, the harder it will be for the States. Indeed, in a geographical sense, by concluding an alliance with Latin America (more precisely, having created a bloc, we already have good relations with the majority of these countries) we will strike the Americans “below the belt”.

Here we can not say that the situation in the countries of the South American continent is better for us nowhere. In Venezuela, the ally of Hugo Chávez Nicolas Maduro, a simple working man, was restrained. Of course, he is not Comrade Lieutenant Colonel Chavez, but still ours. In Bolivia, at the helm of an ethnic Indian, Evo Morales, is also a simple person, and therefore between the States and Russia, by definition, will always choose our country (even in its current bourgeois form). In Nicaragua, head of state Daniel Ortega, though not the Sandinist Ortega, who smashed the Samos troops, but still an ally of Russia, even the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia was one of the first to recognize us. Finally, Cuba, where, from the hands of the sick Fidel Castro, his younger brother Raul seized power.

Even with such a cursory review, we see that four Latin American countries are controlled by “pro-Russian” regimes. Judging by Putin’s meeting with the leaders of these countries in Moscow, at least in this direction the head of the FSB director is working.

In Asia, Russia is an ally of Iran. It is not so important that according to the principle “the enemy of my enemy is a friend to me”. It is clear that one should be “friendly” with such a country (after all, Shiite Muslims are in power there). However, in the event of a confrontation with America, Tehran certainly will not accept its side. Well, Syria does not need to be discounted. If Comrade Asad manages to finish off the rebels in the next six months (and we must certainly help him in such a godly deed), then he will not forget us.

Total, even offhand already 6 countries. It is no coincidence about China (and along with the DPRK), I am still silent. China will behave very carefully, so its voice in our favor (by the way, it’s better that we’ve limited it to his voice, otherwise we’ll have to) we can only hope when we show our strength.

Here it is, today's position on the fronts. The further procedure is as simple as the world: by weakening them, we strengthen ourselves. Very conditionally, the whole plan of the counteroffensive can be divided into three stages.

Stage one. We add fuel to the fire of an already raging Europe. We act in the same way as in the 70-80 of the last century, the United States acted against us. Those. against his enemy weapons. Bulgarians are rioting - we heat them up with various statements in support of the rebels in the media and at the level of diplomats. To start. Then we try to understand if there is a leader among the discontented, if he has some kind of backbone of supporters that can be turned into a party, for example. If these people eventually lead to power, then Bulgaria, you see, will come out of the EU, and from NATO ... Well, but it will not work - God be with them. Then if only rebelled a little longer. As long as there is internal turmoil in the enemy's camp, he is hardly going anywhere to "defend democracy."
According to the same scheme, you can work with the Greeks, Spaniards, Italians, and who else will take to the streets. It is appropriate here to recall and recall the history of the same Greeks, as they themselves drove the Nazis, and the English "allies" put a collar on them. You see, they did not like the fact that the resistance in the country was led by the Communists. It is possible to tell the Spaniards about their glorious republican past and, as if by the way, to notice that the king sat down on the throne with the blessing of generalissimo Franco.

In Germany and France it is reasonable to “rock the boat”, playing the national and moral cards. With the Germans, it is more to rest on the first, with the French on the second. In short, from whom it hurts, we are talking about that. These two countries are relatively “prosperous”, so you need to be more vigilant with them. Those. with the preparation of agents of influence and the formation of the party to overthrow the government not to rush. Here you can stay at the level of beautiful words of support.

What else I would like to note, it is necessary to stop the expansion of the EU. It is still in our power to prevent Serbia from joining the “united Europe” of Serbia. But a little - just not to allow. Just the Serb brothers need to help as soon as possible to establish a pro-Russian (without a hint of quotation marks in this case) and anti-American-anti-European regime in the country. Russia is the richest country, we are able to make a prosperous land from a small brotherly country. What for? - And do not you guess? Let everyone around go and lick, jealous of Serbia, not bound by any EU treaty obligations. And again, as if by the way, we will say: “You see, what kind of Serbs are great? - Do not climb into your total debt trap. And in the appendage to everything, at any opportunity we will be in one with our Slavic brothers a voice to shout: “Scum! Free Radovan Karadzic, free the glorious General Radko Mladić! ”

Stage Two. Very conditionally - the second. Because it is necessary to carry it out simultaneously with the first. We weaken the enemy and form a block ourselves. We continue to trade arms with Venezuela. Bolivia offer the same. If our allies are poor - not scary. We simply supply older weapons, but no credit is very desirable. You can not pay for the MiG-31, Su-27 and, say, T-80 - no question! - We offer you (much cheaper, of course) the same Yak-130, L-39 (in combat version), T-72, BMP-1, AK-47. Everything works, everything is good. Yes, outdated, but you have no money for a new one. We can offer other options: you allow us to build a base on your coast (or an airfield on your territory) and use it (them) for free 5 years. And we, on account of these savings, are newer weapons. By the way, in case of a tough quarrel with the United States, they are ready to drive you to help the air regiment, to calm it down.

And limited to military cooperation is not worth it. No one has canceled, for example, cooperation in energy, production, culture, tourism, finally! - The latter is especially interesting, why not bargain for our citizens in exchange for a weapon cheap holidays in the best hotels in Venezuela with luxury beaches?

If all the steps are done consistently and correctly, without releasing anyone from our strong (undoubtedly friendly hugs), then very soon, already in 5-10 years, that “glorious moment” will come when “there is still pressure and the enemy is running.” The moment in which the NATO bubble will burst at European seams, and our union will get stronger enough.

This is where we will proceed to stage 3, the dissolution of the UN. This measure, in fact, has matured a long time ago. The UN has simply exhausted itself. Refer again to the newspapers and compare offhand how many times NATO or the EU is mentioned there, and how many - the UN. I assure you, the comparison will not be in favor of the latter. Moreover, UN decisions for NATO since the Kosovo war have ceased to be binding. Remember how in 1998 Americans didn’t even pay attention to the veto right we used.

But, I repeat, in order to begin this final stage of the defeat of NATO, the mess in Europe must reach its apogee, and the anti-NATO bloc we have formed can become quite powerful. And an indicator of this power will be just the interest of China (and with it the DPRK). And then you can put a heavy diplomatic blow!

The action itself should be arranged with fanfare and take place directly at the UN headquarters in New York, where all the heads of state should arrive (under good protection, otherwise the Americans are not written at all) of our bloc. It may look something like this. First, the representatives of our allies will speak, bringing all kinds of complaints and accusations to the United States. Moreover, each question should imply a direct answer - “yes” or “no”, no “think it over”, “we are not completely sure” or “from the point of view of banal erudition.” Russia, as an eminent artist at the concert, will perform last. Our representative will not blame anyone, his speech will be short and sharp, like a sword, the result. For example, his speech may sound like this: “We understood that you could not answer anything intelligible to our friends. And you can not in the future. And therefore your opinion no longer interests us. We, Russia, believe that the UN has completely exhausted itself. And in this, many support us (it really should be so).

Therefore, our country announces its withdrawal from the UN. We hope all those who spoke here before us will follow our example. Together with them, we will form a new community of nations, where there will be no place for lies, hypocrisy and justification of murders by the word "democracy", with headquarters in no way in New York, but not in Moscow, but in a truly neutral country. You will not have a place there until you completely dissolve NATO and abandon the colonial policy, apologizing for it to all countries of the world. ” So, clearly and firmly. Then get up and leave the room. Behind our representative should go all representatives of the allies. More than sure, other countries will follow this example. The “bad” example is contagious.

Now the reputation of “political science fiction” is firmly established behind me. And again I will not argue. So far, all of the above is pure invention. But there is no one fairy tale that could not have come true! If you have the patience to read it to the end, then you remember the mention of Putin's meeting with the heads of the countries of Latin America. In addition, Russia, thank God, adopted a law banning the promotion of homosexuality. All these are steps in the right direction. Just as an attempt (most likely, purely indicative) to curb the influx of newcomers from Central Asia to us.

But it must be tougher and it should be more honest. Is it possible to? “Perhaps, but only when Russia throws off the bourgeois yoke from its shoulders ...”
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  1. domokl
    domokl 15 August 2013 07: 41
    Two things I will allow myself to remind the author. In the prewar years (before the world), the League of Nations existed. It’s good, it’s poor, but the USSR had a platform for expressing its opinion. Then we got out of there ... And then there was a war ...
    And secondly, since the lyrical digressions are so pleasant to the author. In our youth, on the dance floor, in our rally, we fought backyards, quarters .. For no matter ... But as soon as someone from another district appeared, we united and fought shoulder to shoulder shoulder ..
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 15 August 2013 09: 03
      Quote: Author Vladimir Glybin
      if the director of the FSB has not yet brought the head of our state a report on how, using a European mess, to destroy NATO from the inside, then he does not work out his bread.

      Offended the man, he headed the FSB Department of Economic Security (DEB) for four years, which even in the depths of the FSB itself is jokingly called the “main roof”. The most influential and wealthy people of our country pronounce the surname Bortnikov with aspiration.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 15 August 2013 09: 21
        Quote: Vadivak
        The most influential and wealthy people of our country pronounce the surname Bortnikov with aspiration.

        Hi Vadim! Aspirated belay Is it a feeling of deep satisfaction?
      2. VAF
        VAF 15 August 2013 21: 52
        Quote: Vadivak
        Offended the person

        Vadim, I delivered MINUS to the author for just this one .."... Familiar pilots convinced that in skillful hands this machine becomes quite a combat one, capable of resisting NATO aviation."

        What can I say ... the grass, or something ... completely "left" wassat
        1. Botanologist
          Botanologist 15 August 2013 21: 59
          Quote: vaf
          in capable hands, this machine becomes quite a battle,

          Greetings, dear drinks
          What didn’t you like? You pick it up, push it to the cutting edge - and NURs, NURs. Just aiming hard belay
        2. Semen Semyonitch
          Semen Semyonitch 16 August 2013 03: 15
          Quote: vaf
          Quote: Vadivak
          Offended the person

          Vadim, I delivered MINUS to the author for just this one .."... Familiar pilots convinced that in skillful hands this machine becomes quite a combat one, capable of resisting NATO aviation."

          What can I say ... the grass, or something ... completely "left" wassat

          Rather, the grass is what you need ... Mowing time wassat
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 15 August 2013 09: 19
      Quote: domokl
      .In the prewar years (before the world) there was a League of Nations. It is good, it’s poor, but the USSR had a platform for expressing its opinion. Then we got out of there ... And then there was a war ..

      Hello Sasha! What did the League of Nations do when Hitler conquered all of Europe and could still be stopped? - Nothing! What kind of warrior and where could the modern UN be able to stop? Then why oh why such an organization is needed when the UN secretary general dances to the tune of one country. Remember the recent massacre in Syria, who, where, who was convicted? Now more than 40 policemen have been killed in Egypt, but the UN has condemned the authorities for dispersing a "peaceful" demonstration. The UN is not interested in the fact that the demonstrators have machine guns in their hands. The organization has rotted. I agree with the author, it is necessary to create a new one and not on the territory of the United States and not under their control. hi
      1. domokl
        domokl 15 August 2013 09: 57
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        What did the League of Nations do when Hitler conquered all of Europe and could it still be stopped?

        She safely rested in Bose thanks to the USSR. And about the UN, it’s interesting how would Russia go against everyone on the Syrian issue, if it weren’t a member of the UN? Do you approach the issue one-sidedly ...
        The condemnation is nothing, but a direct veto on some kind of action knocks some of the ground under some feet.
        Hi! Something you started to come out late wink
        1. Batman
          Batman 15 August 2013 13: 02
          I sat safely in Bose thanks to the USSR. And about the UN, I wonder how Russia would go against everyone on the Syrian issue, if it were not a member of the UN?

          The fact of the matter is that the UN is dancing to the tune of one side. For some reason, I recall the conflict on the Korean peninsula, when the UN stood up for the southern one.
          1. cdrt
            cdrt 15 August 2013 23: 21
            For some reason, I recall the conflict on the Korean peninsula, when the UN stood up for the southern one.

            Perhaps the UN sided with South Korea because the North attacked it?
            Well, it’s possible because the USSR behaved strangely at the time of the vote — he simply pulled away from the vote and did not apply the veto.
            At that time, the USSR decided to withdraw from the work of an organization representing governments around the world.
            They themselves decided so, they themselves received the fact that the troops who fought with S. Korea, China and the USSR are legally considered UN troops
        2. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 15 August 2013 13: 07
          Quote: domokl
          .And about the UN, it’s interesting, how would Russia go against everyone on the Syrian issue, if it weren’t a member of the UN? Do you approach the issue one-sidedly?

          The creation of a new organization with the inclusion of Syria, what is not an option?
          Quote: domokl
          The condemnation is nothing, but a direct veto on some kind of action knocks some of the ground under some feet.

          Some veto frankly on the drum request
          Quote: domokl
          ! Something you started to come out late

          Things like that recourse
          1. bazilio
            bazilio 15 August 2013 17: 22
            Comrades. I agree that the UN has already exhausted itself. But creating a new structure is not an option. Most likely, UN-2 will turn into the same UN, although it will be run by a different one. What is the functional incapacity of the UN and the UN Security Council? Everything rests on the contradictions inherent in the so-called jus cogens, that is, the fundamental principles of public international law, enshrined in the UN Charter. The most relevant of the contradictions are the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of the state, the principle of the right of peoples to self-determination and independence, and the principle of inviolability of the borders of the state. Apply these 3 principles to the situation in Syria, Libya, Yugoslavia, South Ossetia, Kosovo, etc. As and most importantly, who should determine whether the armed group is fighters for the independence of a certain people or is it just a bandit formation, a terrorist organization? Naturally, I mean that this issue should be determined objectively and apolitically. Who is able to make such objective decisions? Moving on, the creation of UN-2 will definitely be perceived with hostility by the United States and its satellites. As a result, we will get 2 opposing blocs, which already once was (NATO-CMEA). Most neutral countries (not having a vivid commitment to certain countries or blocs) will have a choice - stay in the UN or go to UN-2? It seems that UN-2 is better, everything is fair there (although this is unlikely to be so), but on the other hand, such a transition will embitter the United States and co, which can write such a country for forced "democratization" through carpet bombing. In addition, the isolation of the United States and co in the geopolitical field will clearly aggravate the US economic crisis, and if the US economy collapses, then in the current situation, due to its collapse, many other economies will also collapse (primarily because of the dollar). Moving on, we have created a new UN-2. yes, all member states are equal, everything is objective. But where are the guarantees that, for example, China, realizing its economic and military might, will not begin to persuade other states to make pro-Chinese decisions, using financial promises or "tactfully" hinting at its military potential? As a result, you will most likely get the same eggs only in profile.
            1. skeptic
              skeptic 15 August 2013 18: 57
              Quote: bazilio
              The UN has already exhausted itself

              Yes, not the UN has exhausted itself, but the withdrawal of a significant geopolitical force (USSR) has led to an imbalance in the global order. Russia is not yet able to restore equilibrium, until it is reborn. Only having become a real, economically, highly developed country - an example of a successfully developing system, for other countries, then it will be possible to talk about the redistribution of forces and the capabilities of the UN.

              The very existence of a successfully developing state of workers and peasants created a powerful incentive for the capitalists to restrain the appetites of greed, around the world, which allowed their people to live a normal life. Unfortunately, the USSR did not provide for vaccination against money-grubbing bacilli, which led to death.
              What is happening in the world is an example of the absence of constraints for world capitalism. We see its true essence and decay is gaining a frantic pace of self-destruction.
              Our task is not to be likened to evil and not to act by their methods, but to rise by ourselves, to destroy the bacilli of greed and money-grubbing in ourselves.
              To be higher ... and the countries themselves, will reach us.
              1. Theophanes
                Theophanes 15 August 2013 20: 39
                I fully support the skeptic! The author drew a very utopian fairy tale. Russia is about to lose all influence on Ukraine, Moldova, and Armenia. So where is Latin America? With close neighbors we can’t be friends and cooperate, but there too. And is the UN worth moving? Can the native government be transferred from Moscow to Tobolsk, Is there also a Kremlin there? But there is no swamp. Yes, and fewer haulers. Well, maybe all the liberties will remain in fattening Moscow along with DAM. We must become a strong, united, organized nation-state with a national ideology, then everything will reach us without any many moves.
                1. cdrt
                  cdrt 15 August 2013 23: 40
                  It is necessary to become a strong, united, organized nation-state with a national ideology, then everything will reach us without any many moves

                  There are many strong national states in the world, but no one is reaching for them.
                  There must be negative goals (not like the USA), but also positive ones.
                  In other words, the struggle only "against" is directed nowhere, and accordingly only marginals will go to it. We need a fight for.
                  They will only follow the leader.
                  The leader, as you know, the group recognizes only those who help members of the group more effectively achieve their goals.
                  T.O. for someone to follow us, we need goals that will attract followers.

                  The good question is whether the idea of ​​global leadership would contradict the idea of ​​building a normal nation-state. smile
              2. cdrt
                cdrt 15 August 2013 23: 33
                Still simple.
                Politics is the art of the possible.
                As long as there is an objective hegemon in the world (USA today), it will be beneficial to support most countries of the world.
                When the world again becomes more than one pole, the UN checks and balances will work again in full force.
                The truth for today is not yet visible to the second force (China still has a very long way to go). So ... most likely the world will be monopolar, albeit with growing chaos, for quite some time. The Russian Federation is not a pole: there is no obvious attractive ideology, economically - no more than 25% of the US economy, with the current growth factors exhausted.
              3. bazilio
                bazilio 16 August 2013 10: 27
                Quote: skeptic
                Our task is not to be likened to evil and not to act by their methods, but to rise by ourselves, to destroy the bacilli of greed and money-grubbing in ourselves.
                To be higher ... and the countries themselves, will reach us

                you're right but it looks like a utopia. In support of this I will quote the words of Nicolo Machiavelli "For people in general can be said to be ungrateful and fickle, prone to hypocrisy and deception, that they are frightened off by danger and entails profit"(Sovereign, Chapter XVII)
            2. RADJANPHILOSOF
              RADJANPHILOSOF 15 August 2013 21: 44
              UN or UN2, international laws and so on ... Whoever is stronger - that’s right - it just so happens that at first they became stronger (by the USA) by tricking and using different methods, and then this force had to be checked, applied and even more improved. For the funds that have been mastered and used by this country, you can create anything and any way, since there is no limiter. That's just as history showed, and the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire and the Roman Empire - all remained in history, including the USSR, unfortunately. If we analyze the 80-90 years of the 20th century, then, in fact, two super-economies opposed each other and constantly accelerated their development, now we would have much more opportunities, in fact, this technological breakthrough is not enough now and the economies of the states are working on ideas 10-20-30 years ago . And for some, war is development, as they say - to whom war is, and to whom mother is dear. There were always enough people wishing to grab Pobol, but under certain conditions their number is sharply reduced. If at one time the USSR had held on and the confrontation with the United States and NATO would have lasted, say, 100 or 200 years or more, then over time the rivalry would have turned into cooperation for the benefit of all parties.
          2. cdrt
            cdrt 15 August 2013 23: 27
            The UN makes sense while it serves as a platform for interaction between most countries of the world.
            If any country doesn't like something, you can, of course, go out, and even collect your "UN-2" from a dozen countries. It's just that the rest of the world will remain OUT of this structure, which deprives the idea of ​​meaning.
            Even the USSR, which had a clear ideology - communism did not think of it before (perhaps because the IQ of the IVS, Brezhnev and other + power apparatus exceeded the author’s IQ laughing ).
            And for a country with the ideology of the ruling class - the robbery of their country under the flag of nationalism certainly does not shine to collect anyone but the recipients of its political, military and economic assistance.
      2. 755962
        755962 15 August 2013 21: 28
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        UN Secretary General is dancing to the tune of one country.

        UN Rockefeller brainchild ....
        Any questions?
    3. artemiy
      artemiy 15 August 2013 15: 22
      White and furry NATO
    4. Che
      Che 15 August 2013 19: 57
      Perhaps, but only when Russia will throw off the bourgeois yoke from its shoulders ...

      Not for this, the EBN was put at the helm for this to happen. And the second revolution is problematic.
  2. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 15 August 2013 08: 19
    Syria would be helped now, Bumblebees and Night Vision Goggles and Thermal Imagers on technology ... I think the efficiency would have increased significantly ... And reconnaissance drones, too, to determine the concentration of the main enemy masses - the effectiveness of artillery would increase
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 15 August 2013 10: 31
      Quote: KG_patriot_last
      Syria would help now, Bumblebees and Night Vision Goggles and Thermal Imagers on technology

      Judging about the skipping clips on the network, the most popular combination is
      drones are good and "Solntsepёk" range from 400 meters to 6 km. spotted the crowd - covered the crowd. and then there .. the bastard walks without bending down (((
      1. Ejik_026
        Ejik_026 15 August 2013 13: 41
        Yes, they would have had "Buratina" for the eyes.
      2. vasiliysxx
        vasiliysxx 15 August 2013 22: 22
        A spotter needs a sensible one, and if there is nothing to bomb with to send Katyusha from museums, the beauties have already stagnated. These shit-eaters will have enough.
  3. denisey
    denisey 15 August 2013 08: 21
    Let's look at the reaction of our rulers. By their actions it will be clear for Russia and the people or for financial and clan groups
  4. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 15 August 2013 08: 33
    About the UN headquarters. It must be located in neutral territory. Since besides Antarctica there are no such ones now, and it doesn’t climate, to put it mildly, to create such artificially, on a shallow shelf, outside the border of the 12-mile zone. At least on the technology of drilling platforms, at least on the technology of washing the man-made island, as they did ... oh, sorry, the Arabs paid. There are plenty of location options around the world.
    And it will cost inexpensively for all UN members.
  5. andrei332809
    andrei332809 15 August 2013 08: 33
    on YouTube the video is hanging (I can't insert it), where guardians at the Russian embassy with posters "save us from buggers"
    1. Ivan79
      Ivan79 15 August 2013 08: 50

      Not this video?
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 15 August 2013 08: 51
        Quote: Ivan79
        Not this video?

        thank you. he is the most
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 15 August 2013 09: 22
        Quote: Ivan79
        Not this video?

        And what do the French want us to take Paris laughing
        1. Draz
          Draz 15 August 2013 11: 50
          How? Again? belay
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 15 August 2013 13: 08
            Quote: Draz
            How? Again?

            Well, a long time ago were not laughing
            1. KG_patriot_last
              KG_patriot_last 15 August 2013 15: 26
              Don't forget to call Kyrgyz, look at fashionistas and their capital for the first time wassat Last time, only Italy reached
              1. family tree
                family tree 15 August 2013 16: 16
                Damn, it’s again, read, all of Europe, on the road, put on your ears! Until you get to Paris what Lured, always save them, some kind of kindergarten fool How will they pay?wassat
          2. The comment was deleted.
          3. The comment was deleted.
        2. Simon
          Simon 15 August 2013 23: 30
          Don't you give up already? belay
        3. The comment was deleted.
    2. Che
      Che 15 August 2013 20: 01
      Don Pedros already got the whole world. We would not want this good. Pedros across the box mumble about tolerance.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. goody
    goody 15 August 2013 08: 42
    "Now I have firmly established the reputation of a" political science fiction writer "" Reading science fiction written in the 60s and 70s, you understand how much has already come true ... Therefore, dear author, is it worth limiting your imagination now? You look will come true! I liked the article "+" hi
  8. engineer74
    engineer74 15 August 2013 08: 50
    "Perhaps, but only when Russia throws off the bourgeois yoke from its shoulders ..."
    I would like to know how the author imagines this ... And this is the main thing! Having abandoned the society of needs .. - having found a constructive alternative to it, we will be able to afford a lot, much more than suggested in the article! But in any case, one must start with oneself, and the author was silent about this, you cannot win a game on the opponent’s field by his methods according to his rules ...
  9. Rey68
    Rey68 15 August 2013 09: 11
    What do your colleagues think about the idea of ​​"informal" leadership, when Russia's priority outside formal organizational structures (within the framework of the concept of a "multipolar world") will be meant due to the natural development of the course of events?
    1. Che
      Che 15 August 2013 20: 05
      This is great, but not a quick option. I hope our children live to the light of time. Multipolarity is not solved in one day. This is until other states ripen and get out of the custody of Amers. It’s hard to get up from your knees.
  10. Tuzik
    Tuzik 15 August 2013 09: 19
    I think there is no need to speed up the process of the collapse of the West, you need to slowly put down the iron curtain, strengthen the country, develop production (purchase technologies and plants for oil tanks (they still have a price)), stimulate and develop agricultural (leaving the WTO is mandatory), and then we’ll swell with hunger, strengthen the defense, not quantitatively but qualitatively, strengthen and untie the ruble from the dollar and the euro, become a fully autonomous country, and wait until the whole world collapses by itself. And now there is no reason to dump huge amounts of money on accelerating the process of the collapse of the West, firstly we are not ready for this, secondly this collapse can drag us into the abyss of collapse.
    1. gura
      gura 15 August 2013 21: 04
      From Minsk. Dear, a question for filling. If we remove the verbal husk of the author, who vividly reminds that "the Khlestakovs did not end up in Russia", what remains in the bottom line? All of these are his "cars", he is about tanks, airplanes, etc. etc., a little thing - this is about some countries of the European Union and NATO - creates a "picture of a mosaic schizophrenic". And he was given the Middle East, about the history of which he has no idea. But this talker, voices some of the sentiments of the Russian leadership. Russia again stupidly, like the USSR, climbs into the Middle East. What has she forgotten there, by and large? Billions and billions more of those real dollars "thrown in" in the so-called. "Arab friends" incl. in the United Arab Republic (who does not know - the United Arab Republic - Egypt + Syria).The Arabs did not return a single cent! No one! Even the sand! In the USSR of that time (50 - 70 years) there was nothing for the people, people choked each other in queues for EVERYTHING (from pots to bread), but the so-called. "aid" to the Muslim East. Hundreds of Palestinian terrorists (in the amount of thousands) were trained in sabotage in a camp near Simferopol, (a friend was a translator, he told a lot) and all in an insane hope - to show "Kuzkin's mother" to the United States !! Anyway! The younger generation knows how it all ended - the United States threw Soviet communism-Stalinism-Leninism into the world's historical dustbin. And again on the same rake! History teaches nothing to the descendants of the red commissars! We are the best! Give Damascus! Beat the Jews! Madhouse !. DO YOU NEED IT ?! Better supply gas to all villages, do warm toilets in all rural schools! Deal with "your Middle East - Caucasus!" Solve your migration problems! No, again throw money in someone else's sand! I think this is another lightning rod (to take the thinking part of the people, unfortunately very few in number, in search of a new enemy (Israel has not been something for a long time!) And the so-called Eastern Arab "friend", who, as a "reward", already shows Russia's "Muslim mother", in the form of terror and the creeping occupation of Russian territory. Remember the photos of prayers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. When God punishes, he deprives you of reason.
  11. Firstvanguard
    Firstvanguard 15 August 2013 09: 35
    The scenario is idealistic, but this is what we should strive for. Into the furnace UNs, NATs and the reason fashi ... yy democratic EUs.
  12. Silkway0026
    Silkway0026 15 August 2013 09: 40
    what the author suffered ... biased conclusions, surface reviews ... the materiel has not been studied.
  13. Naval
    Naval 15 August 2013 09: 41
    I remember the immortals Ilf and Petrov, "and here Ostap suffered", as well as passages about New-Vasyuki .... Although there are interesting points in this program document, but our economy, which is sitting on an oil needle, will collapse earlier than the European and American. Their crisis is reflected in our economy in several times amplified amplitude, and this is a fact, albeit an offensive one.
  14. Anphy
    Anphy 15 August 2013 10: 02
    I would like to drink honey through the lips of the author ... I agree that if honest professionals and patriots would have been in power in Russia, then maybe much of the described would have been possible, but ... What is only Dimochka Medvedev - the prime minister. Wild corruption. And it’s not even the fact that any corrupt official is, by definition, an anti-state and a potential traitor, since no one is especially fighting against them. Plus the lack of a clear ideology, etc. So I would like, but very doubtful.
  15. Barrel
    Barrel 15 August 2013 10: 09
    -15 qualifying.
    Russia stopped all imports from Ukraine.
    According to the FRU, from 00:00 on August 14 in the risk profile of the risk management system of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation to the first four dozen enterprises that arrived there in July this year, were added all without exception Ukrainian exporters.

    This is called war, comrades. And Russia itself chose this path.
    1. vadson
      vadson 15 August 2013 14: 49
      no, this is an attempt to reason your guide. their business will now begin to grow weak and bear losses. accordingly, the ruling oligarchs must click on the prezik so that he negotiates with Putin. In my opinion, this is the situation in Moscow. but in all this multi-way, there is one point about which Moscow knows but hopes that it will not work: if the oligarchs tighten their belts and agree to the current business losses from the cessation of trade with Russia, then the condom will rush to the EU, and under such conditions that mother grieve. oligarchs will certainly get more from the sale of Ukraine to the West, but the people will take up the pitchfork. the result is crap like in Egypt or Syria. do people need it?
      1. Barrel
        Barrel 15 August 2013 15: 13
        -14 qualifying.
        It may turn out that Ukraine will also close the borders for goods from Russia and then no one will need your basins at all (because Ukraine is the main market). Only 28% of export goes to Russia, but from Russia - 40%. But from today Ukraine has increased the daily volume of gas imports through Hungary by 1,5 times, while Gazprom has reduced gas exports to Ukraine by 40%. Those. we will gradually be freed from economic dependence on Russia and find new markets for goods. Then you will have no leverage left, and your fleet will be washed off somewhere in Sochi.
        1. TS3sta3
          TS3sta3 15 August 2013 15: 34
          Quote: Barrel
          It may turn out that Ukraine will also close the borders for goods from Russia and then no one will need your basins at all (because Ukraine is the main market). Only 28% of export goes to Russia, but from Russia - 40%. But from today Ukraine has increased the daily volume of gas imports through Hungary by 1,5 times, while Gazprom has reduced gas exports to Ukraine by 40%. Those. we will gradually be freed from economic dependence on Russia and find new markets for goods. Then you will have no leverage left, and your fleet will be washed off somewhere in Sochi.

          do not invent. in Ukraine, the oligarchs decide everything, and not the common people, just as your grabbers decide - it will be so, and the people will not be asked. and tie at the expense of your numbers, this is all complete nonsense, which can easily be checked.
          You’ll scare your grandmother with a war, an intruder attack aircraft. so: the flag - in the hands, the drum - on the neck, the wind - in ...
          1. Barrel
            Barrel 15 August 2013 21: 59
            I do not scare anyone, God forbid. Russia has already declared war. I am not a manufacturer, I do not participate in it. Ukraine is in 6th place in the list of markets for Russian goods. They will sort your resources - no questions. But the finished product is more expensive, and the quality of your products (and by the way with us) is low, so do not replace Ukraine with the European market or the US market. But China itself does not know where to merge its products and yours is not needed there. At the expense of 28% of exports, it was wrong - 25%.
        2. vadson
          vadson 15 August 2013 15: 41
          Quote: Barrel
          It may turn out that Ukraine will also close the borders for goods from Russia and then no one will need your basins at all (because Ukraine is the main market). Only 28% of export goes to Russia, but from Russia - 40%. But from today Ukraine has increased the daily volume of gas imports through Hungary by 1,5 times, while Gazprom has reduced gas exports to Ukraine by 40%. Those. we will gradually be freed from economic dependence on Russia and find new markets for goods. Then you will have no leverage left, and your fleet will be washed off somewhere in Sochi.

          yes release as much as you like, at least according to the tonsils. only it seems to me that closer to the new year, again on the box soap opera with Gazprom and your top watch. to hell with you, I'm not gloating. It's a shame for ordinary people.
          and still, it is interesting at what Ukrainian prodigy our red banner from Sevastopol will wash away?
          1. novobranets
            novobranets 15 August 2013 18: 56
            Quote: vadson
            Then you will have no leverage left, and your fleet will be washed off somewhere in Sochi.

            Yeah, that’s the enemy’s voice. wassat
          2. Barrel
            Barrel 15 August 2013 21: 52
            Russian gas comes to us from Europe, there is simply nothing to be done when you sell the so-called "Anglo-Saxons" 10 times cheaper than us. If things go further, then we will have enough of our own, undeveloped deposits on the shelves and on the mainland. And the fleet will be washed away by legal force. The agreement will end and that's it.
            1. vadson
              vadson 15 August 2013 21: 57
              Can you tell me in what year the agreement on the Black Sea Fleet ends? If Ukraine joins the EU, will they retain their "nEzalEzhnost" by that time?
        3. bootlegger
          bootlegger 15 August 2013 16: 54
          What Ukraine produces is completely Russia itself can produce.
          Some temporary shortage in the market will only create an additional production incentive for manufacturers.
          Reducing gas purchases by Ukraine does not change much, there is no where to get extra gas from Europe. Especially at a competitive price. So what Ukraine will buy out, from the outside, it will all the same be, as a result, from Russia.
          But nobody canceled the gas purchase agreement, about the unreached volumes, and not the fact that the Stockholm court will treat it as lightly as in Ukraine. Europe is afraid that gas from the Russian Federation will find the same way to China. Yes and the USA will not be delighted with such diversification.
          But the fleet is not going anywhere, there is no such force in Ukraine to squeeze it out of the Crimea. But the opposite, it is quite capable of doing it.
        4. gen-48
          gen-48 15 August 2013 17: 54
          Dear, comments were written while sitting in the closet? Make sure that you are not washed away Nothing personal ...
        5. Massaraks
          Massaraks 16 August 2013 09: 20
          40% of Russian exports go to Ukraine ???? where did so much money come from?
    2. mivmim
      mivmim 15 August 2013 16: 50
      Tambov Wolf is your friend.
  16. andru_007
    andru_007 15 August 2013 10: 10
    Quote: domokl
    Two things I will allow myself to remind the author. In the prewar years (before the world), the League of Nations existed. It’s good, it’s poor, but the USSR had a platform for expressing its opinion. Then we got out of there ... And then there was a war ...

    I agree with this statement.
    The whole mess in the world, not because the UN is so bad, but because America and NATO countries leveled its significance. We are to blame for ourselves, weakened, weakened, and the UN (I would try someone to take any action bypassing the UN), just do not forget that the USSR was one of the founders of the UN (unlike the League of Nations) and also the structure of the UN Security Council where Russia has a veto. And although the UN is no longer the same, but let's remember how the Americans did not try to push through the resolution on Syria, having vetted it, Russia did not allow external interference.
    I think if there was political will and there would be a veto over Libya, then Libya would be whole and Gaddafi is alive (unfortunately you did not rewind time ago, DIM tried, licked the west and everything turned out as it turned out).
    No UN must be protected. I think its role will increase along with the strengthening of Russia!
    Let's determine our main goal is not the UN, but NATO ...
    1. polly
      polly 15 August 2013 10: 49
      Yes, we keep this NATU in sight ... laughing
      1. vadson
        vadson 15 August 2013 14: 51
        the wrong dude at the helm, this saucer with a blue border before nata is more suitable
      2. kartalovkolya
        kartalovkolya 15 August 2013 16: 08
        Finally, the Vigilant Falcon came out on the "warpath", tremble NATY. For the information of LGBT people, he hits a squirrel in the eye, and the day off in the anus!
  17. pav-pon1972
    pav-pon1972 15 August 2013 10: 31
    I read, smiled ... The most important point: financial and economic! the author did not take into account.
    But no one needs to leave the UN anyway, this is a blow to us in the first place ...

    But a minus article, I believe, few factors are taken into account. But the author is interesting ...
  18. andru_007
    andru_007 15 August 2013 10: 38
    This article is quite interesting, but in my opinion, the purpose is not correctly defined. Our goal is not the United Nations (where Russia has a strong position), but NATO, or rather the alliance of US-oriented states.
    The article describes the contradictions in Europe enough, but does not cover the contradictions in the United States itself, and there are not enough: separatism of individual states, the mass of unemployed, internal political struggle (in my opinion, the Snowden phenomenon is the American internal political showdown, the work of the Republicans, but there is a separate discussion about this )
    So, what is before us - before us is a colossal structure full of contradictions. The question is what supports it, the answer is obvious - the dollar. Hit the dollar and step aside, the domino effect will begin. All the contradictions will come out, and there, according to your scenario, point 1,2, but not 3. We will need this site as well.
    How to roll a dollar - that's the question? Here you can not do without China.
    It is clear that China holds its reserves with the Americans and they are unlikely to want to lose them.
    What they exchange for, only one on the ground. Do not forget the contradictions within the states mentioned above. The dollar will collapse, the states will fall apart, I think the west coast will be suitable for China, but we can also remember Alaska.
    Politically formalizing all this will help, all the same UN.
    1. 46bob46
      46bob46 15 August 2013 14: 12
      I disagree completely Yankers hold real production capacities in China and China only their paper. China is in a winning situation.
    2. Dock
      Dock 15 August 2013 22: 53
      Quote: andru_007
      The dollar will collapse, the states will fall apart, I think the west coast will be suitable for China, but we can also remember Alaska.

      Well, why the North again, we ourselves have most of the territory - permafrost. Better - Hawaii and Florida! I am for! laughing
  19. sevtrash
    sevtrash 15 August 2013 10: 43
    The author lives in the past. About friends - remember the words of Alexander 3. All these friends listed by you will sell, surrender, refuse. And your favorite Serbs, Bulgarians, etc. Why - because the EEC, NATO, America have the most - money, power, power.
    1. IRBIS
      IRBIS 15 August 2013 11: 36
      100 times "+" !!! And once again, only Russia will find itself in the UN corridor in splendid isolation. The rest of the countries have repeatedly proved their skill in side jumping. Assuming a pose does not resolve such issues. And how would we, when the "bubbles" of the EU and NATO burst, the contents do not get splattered at all, do not indulge ... A tough policy is good. Better is only a tough policy, backed by economic power and self-sufficiency, which we now have - alas! - not at all.
  20. andru_007
    andru_007 15 August 2013 10: 43
    Quote: denisey
    drones are good and "Solntsepёk" range from 400 meters to 6 km. spotted the crowd - covered the crowd. and then there .. the bastard walks without bending down (((

    It would be cool! I wonder if Assad has at least "Bumblebees"?
  21. polly
    polly 15 August 2013 10: 54
    To the author of the article "+".

    "To the madness of the brave we sing a song.
    The madness of the brave is the wisdom of life! "
  22. Nick_1972
    Nick_1972 15 August 2013 11: 04
    Read. Smiled. The stories of zealous political officers came to mind, who at the beginning of World War II threw leaflets at the Germans and firmly believed in the inevitability of an uprising of the oppressed German proletariat. How else? After all, all the signs are there ...
  23. holding
    holding 15 August 2013 11: 18
    Whatever it was, the article is a plus. Let the "materiel is not studied", there are a lot of "if and if", nevertheless, positive scenarios for the development of events are voiced. In my opinion, everything goes to the described one.
  24. eplewke
    eplewke 15 August 2013 11: 31
    Ehhh. Dreams sound beautiful ... Of course, I would like to put all this into practice ... I would really like to ... For this, at least, you need to have a powerful army in your own country, it wouldn’t hurt the Russians to go around ...
  25. Orik
    Orik 15 August 2013 12: 09
    Unfortunately, the author proceeds from the worldview "against whom we will be friends", but it is initially destructive and will not allow to create anything. Moreover, it can destroy what is. Contribute to the destruction of Gayrope? But this will require not only desire, but also large resources, and in the current situation in our economy, it will deprive us of significant financial revenues from exports that there is nothing to compensate for, this is a double minus. The USSR, at one time could afford it, but Russia cannot. BUT in the first place WHY? This question also applies to the rest of the author's fantasies. If our kakistocracy and a significant part of society wants to consume and enjoy animal freedoms, then the West provides satisfaction for every taste.
    First of all, we must make our choice, create our own vision of the world, our meanings, which will be attractive to other peoples (like the communist idea of ​​the Stalinist USSR), and only then formulate a strategy.
    1. Egor.nic
      Egor.nic 15 August 2013 12: 59
      As long as you stand at the crossroads and ponder the inscription on the stone where to go, you can click through everything, or even worse - lose your country and independence. In terms of costs, for the collapse of Western foundations and values, so this, with a wise approach, will not work out dearly, push it a little and itself, like a house of cards crumbles. Well, in terms of their vision of the world, again with the help of newcomers (Lenin, Stalin, Beria, Trotsky, Zinovye, Kamenev, and other German, Jewish and English riffraffs), since 1917 everyone looked into a kaleidoscope and walked in formation, millions of the best people immigrated, tens of millions were exterminated, the rest lived in a big mess-concentration camp (almost 50% of snitching, empty store shelves, crazy queues, widespread shortages, criminality in everything, embezzlement at enterprises, corruption in district and regional committees, special rations, luxury apartments and state dues for the "elite", shameful salaries for civil servants, backward technologies, eternal catching up and overtaking, postscripts for overfulfillment of the plan, etc., cramming in memory of all party congresses, and most importantly - the real absence of a national (Russian-Russian) idea (communism as an ideology, or rather a great bluff, is an approach for changing the power of one to another under a convenient pretext and nothing more.) It looks like you liked it or you are a descendant of party workers what?
  26. rolik
    rolik 15 August 2013 12: 28
    As for Bulgaria, a little bit wrong. My father lives in Bulgaria. Two days later I was going to him, a year I did not see him live, only on Skype. He lives near Varna, and next to another 30 houses belong to ours and all from Arkhangelsk or Severodvinsk. I did not see any demonstrations and unrest; in Sofia they shouted and shouted. But this is only in Sofia, everywhere calmly and without worries. Bulgarian money Leo refers to the euro as 1/2 (for 1 euro they give 2 Leva), and we have 1/44, the difference is felt. And the course nat. Bulgaria’s currency has not changed for a very long time, it is stable. Bulgaria does not want to switch to the Euro; she and her money are not bad. Two years ago, they carried out total pressure on the living Gypsies, as a result of which they are neither visible nor audible. And I did not see the total pressure with us, what is being carried out with emigrants now is an indicative act. But it is necessary to pin down for real so that they understand that this is not their Motherland, but ALIEN earth with its own way. And lastly. Romania, Albania, these countries are the MOST poor in Europe, and by no means Bulgaria. Ordinary agricultural country, with a weak industry. Now it is positioning itself as a country for comfortable living of people who retired or retired.
  27. silver_roman
    silver_roman 15 August 2013 12: 32
    I unequivocally agree that one must act against the enemy in an extremely pragmatic, cold-blooded, cruel and even mean-spirited manner. If only to destroy their "foundation". at the expense of your plan, it goes without saying that it is full of both interesting ideas and many reservations (which, by the way, I expressed in the commentary to your last article "There is no land for us for Syria").

    I can say one thing for sure: so far we are not taking advantage of the situation: Ukraine is reaching out to the EU, India is increasingly distancing itself from us in its tenders, Armenia is already bending its line, Azerbaijan and Georgia are switching to NATO standards, trying to form some kind of common army, at the Baltic states (chihuahua) I generally am silent - they are unfinished.
    I repeat: in order to go on adventures against the whole west, we need to strengthen our rear - to restore order at home (post-Soviet space - CIS), because it can become an Achilles heel in such insidious plans. Nevertheless, it is worth waiting for the rearmament of the army, because it is the only one that guarantees our independence and sovereignty. Who would not talk about the state rearmament program 2020, but there are certain advances that inspire optimism. And just in the coming years, a transition is planned from modernization of the military-industrial complex to the arrival of new promising weapons in combat units.

    As history shows, military bases, airfields are all just brute force. the USSR was destroyed by no military force. As they themselves said: "we are building dozens of aircraft carriers for several billion dollars against the enemy, who fell in a situation the price of which was several million dollars"
    In addition, they are not just training in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria just to see how the "mouse house" is burning. All this is a rehearsal, which can spread to our Caucasus. and there are already full of idiots and scumbags.

    The bottom line is that so far the Russian Federation is not ready to compete with all these challenges, as long as our houses "are flowing from the ceiling." But the fact that we need to think about it and prepare for it is FACT. The USSR has never been distinguished by its cunning. always acted head-on. This was also the case in being our weak point.
    The recession in Europe continues year after year. And the information and the fact that over the past two quarters a certain growth is seen, as for me, this is a way to keep investors and people from riots. While they are weakening, we must at an accelerated pace to gain both political and financial, military, demographic, social weight, otherwise this whole "action" will turn out to be nothing.
  28. Egor.nic
    Egor.nic 15 August 2013 12: 34
    At the core, think correctly and the direction of the force application vectors is true .... Your article, yes, with the necessary modifications, and the head of state on the table with a report and an action plan for the implementation .......
    Intelligent people have not yet been translated into Russia, however.
  29. Letterksi
    Letterksi 15 August 2013 12: 35
    I admit honestly, I mentioned the T-90, well, for the "red words" or something

    Interestingly, and in this article, what was used for the "catch phrase"? smile
    1. creak
      creak 15 August 2013 13: 22
      Some kind of childhood fantasies in the Oblomov style — it would be nice if ... But NATO means it is on the verge of collapse ... Indeed, Ostap has brought it so far that it is not worth seriously discussing his fantasies.
  30. Neiromedic
    Neiromedic 15 August 2013 13: 35
    "The one who walks will master the road", Patience and we will see everything. There is no need to strain yourself unnecessarily, time works for us. Europe is in crisis and has no prospects for overcoming it. B. Bernanke, our man, will ruin the Fed until the end, and kill the dollar. We have time, there is enough oil and gas, the situation will be resolved in 5-10 years. Strengthen the army not to give reasons to involve us in the war in the East, both near and far. They scratch out their own eyes.
  31. creak
    creak 15 August 2013 13: 51
    Or maybe the author in place of Bortnikov? Judging by the riot of the author’s imagination, he’s surely not going to have difficulties with drawing up a plan for the collapse of NATO ...
  32. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 15 August 2013 14: 15
    The author is famously with imagination. It is understandable and pleasant to amuse oneself with its power, but it is better to do it when it will be. In the meantime, then, to paraphrase Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov, we need to focus. This implies realism and patience.
  33. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 15 August 2013 14: 29
    Well, why do you react so strictly to the author's statements, because at the very beginning he warned that these are his fantasies and dreams, but I must admit that they are wonderful dreams. And do not judge strictly like: "And then Ostap suffered ..." Normal article, and you why don't you want the same? That's it!
  34. Amid
    Amid 15 August 2013 14: 55
    Guys, are we already breaking up NATO? Maybe you need to put things in order. Some kind of incomprehensible fuss around billionths of thieves about which Mr. Putin says, we need to figure it out, we are not giving up our own. Enterprises in debt pits, window dressing everywhere, agriculture is breathing in the palm of his hand. So will we break up NATO and the UN, or will restore order in our country?
  35. antibanukurayza
    antibanukurayza 15 August 2013 15: 07
    read it. smiled. I put +
  36. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 15 August 2013 15: 28
    What did the UN not like? Where else will we have a veto?
  37. Fuzeler
    Fuzeler 15 August 2013 15: 38
    The author is invited to make a blooming land from Serbia, and to supply the new allies with old equipment almost for nothing, or on a long-term loan. However, I would like to recall that such an option with its allies was already used by the Soviet Union.
    1. Please recall how our vast country contained the Warsaw Treaty countries, how our great-grandfathers, great-grandfathers, after the Great Patriotic War, restored not only the entire western part of the Union, but also those countries of Eastern Europe where our grandfathers and grandmothers (Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Romania, etc.). Our country has invested a lot of money, and, for example, in the Baltic states ... Well, well, it's all terrible gates and our allies, we need to help them. As a result: in all countries participating in the ATS (except, perhaps, Romania), the standard of living was higher than even in the USSR, i.e. these are our grandparents and parents didn’t get something, BUT, but our former allies lived quite nothing for themselves. And did any of them say thank you to us for this? No, we are invaders, carriers of the bloody regime, savages and.
    2. During the years of Socialism, the Union supplied a lot of military equipment to any countries that expressed a desire to embark on the path of socialism on conditions favorable to these countries (consider it free). And where are they, these countries (except Syria and, once, but not now, Libya) ?? But the most important thing is WHERE MONEY AND WHERE SOCIALISM which they, like, have chosen by way of development ??

    I ask you to understand me correctly: I am also very worried about the Serbs, about our Orthodox brothers, the unfortunate brothers who fought one-on-one with the entire "Enlightened" Europe for almost 10 years, but our brothers also have their own logic: "why do we need Russia when we are good?". Of course, the Serbs, in my opinion, are much better than the Bulgarians, but here you need to approach it differently than the author suggested. You can't take Serbia "for pumping" like that, as it was in the days of socialism, you can't help them. You need to give them money, but so that they take all their actions themselves, BUT with reporting (like, we will give money on favorable terms, but your officials will report for every ruble).
    This is my opinion, dear Soforum residents, do not judge strictly.
  38. RussianRu
    RussianRu 15 August 2013 15: 47
    The article looks like a provocation. But, for my part, I agree with the author on something. I will describe what I do not agree with: I do not agree that you should not add oil in Europe, and generally not go there with your "samovar". And it is necessary in Russia, to abandon their liberal way of life and economy. And to build the social orientation of the country. Where will be not only the minimum salary. but also the maximum that is the ceiling. The incentive to work should not be the amount of money, but the very fact of work. (the unemployed is a parasite, and this should be censured by the people and the law). Big money first stimulates and then expands the soul of a person (loss of morality), then a person is now looking not for work but for earnings, this fact also leads to psychological disorders. (not favorite, forced work). When, nevertheless, the salary will be approximately the same in position and responsibility in different sectors of employment, then a person will work in that profession and in that factory that he likes. From this I see the pros; there is no psychological disorder, no envy of others, morality will be at the proper level, etc. Private property? Let there be private property, but only within certain limits. So also make free medicine, education. This is the kind of oil for the US and Geyropa that is the most fuel. Here is such a small part of the thoughts from my big head))))))))))))))))
  39. matross
    matross 15 August 2013 16: 05
    I wonder how old the author is? I think so a high school student ...
    Article minus. Surprised only by her serious discussion by a respected community. recourse
    1. Tykta
      Tykta 15 August 2013 18: 03
      I think that even such a mountain of delightful delirium is not worth evaluating ... just what Lenya Cosmos is, just shocked by the worldview of the author offering to download moods abroad
  40. andru_007
    andru_007 15 August 2013 16: 11
    Quote: Barrel
    But from today, Ukraine has increased the daily volume of gas imports through Hungary by 1,5 times, while Gazprom has reduced gas exports to Ukraine by 40%.

    To outbid Russian gas in Europe is neither a position nor independence! negative
  41. Zhylaw
    Zhylaw 15 August 2013 16: 30
    Mother Russia could long ago begin to feed the Democrats with their democratic tricks.
    The current moment in European and world history is particularly suitable for the deployment of a subversive secret war.
    This applies both to the opportunity to attract the necessary actions of the allies in Latin America, and to the fragile state in the EU and NATO.
    But time flows like an endless river. People who pull the strings in the US and Europe do not sleep. We must not forget how well they took advantage of the instability of the Soviet Union two decades ago.
    Russia will need to invest several billion green toilet paper to finance the “color” revolutions in the EU, and why not to “free” the Texac from the tyranny of the Yankees from Washington.

    As for Bulgaria, the anti-government demonstrations, which take place for two months, organized by several NGOs with US financial support (recall George Soros) and the shameless support of the ambassadors of France, Germany and the United States. The current demonstrations should not be confused with the riots in the winter of 2013, caused by terrible mass poverty in the country, mainly due to high electricity prices.
    If you look a little deeper, a quick analysis will lead you to two main topics that annoy the ass of the West today in Bulgaria - the Belene NPP and the South Stream.
    The biggest mistake of the newly elected Prime Minister was that in one of his first public interviews he noted that the Belene nuclear power project should be continued and completed, apparently believing that it should be done by Rosatom.
    If we were invited, "Westinghouse" or the French "Areva", to build a power plant ??, it would be all roses and love. And for South Stream, the previous government spoke about revising the project, expressing doubts about its expediency.
    If possible, the West will not miss the opportunity to prevent Russia's plans for development on its territory and abroad. Of course, this is not surprising, but this should always be taken into account.

    Today, unfortunately, Bulgaria is not a state, but a kind of protectorate of the United States and any special services in the West. As far as I can tell, this applies not only to Bulgaria.
    The historical moment is suitable for a historical revolution in world history. Therefore, Russia must act. Act now, not after ten years.

    And, you know, in many parts of the world, including Bulgaria, there are many people who are ready to help disinterestedly.
    1. Fuzeler
      Fuzeler 15 August 2013 17: 19
      Yeah, we will help you, and after 20-50 years you will again talk about the Russian occupation, again you will say that Russia screwed up everything with its bear paw, but Europeans were really smart and humane people, etc. You yourself we are split off. Moreover, it took years after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact a little more than 10 years, when you immediately fled to NATO, i.e. an organization that, in principle, was created against Russia. Do we need such brothers (and even those who provided their skies for NATO aircraft to bomb their co-religionists-neighbors) ????
      And how can we help a NATO member country?
      1. Zhylaw
        Zhylaw 15 August 2013 17: 42
        I am not going to defend the inexplicably stupid politics of my country, let alone defend other countries of the former Warsaw Pact and CMEA.
        History has made ugly faces in front of us for two decades. In Russia, there were also many people who spoke nonsense about "democracy." Both in Bulgaria and in Russia it was mainly thieves who then plundered the country.

        What can I say that it is time to look forward. And act!
        You can always find the time to whimper about the betrayal of Eastern Europe. However, it will look like dissatisfaction with the betrayal of the province of Gaul, when Attila was already at the gates of Rome itself.
        Russia now needs something more important - its own Battle on the Catalunya Fields.
  42. The comment was deleted.
  43. Tykta
    Tykta 15 August 2013 17: 59
    I haven’t laughed like that for a long time, holy simplicity! bees against honey ...
  44. mole
    mole 15 August 2013 18: 31
    The article is definitely a plus! There is no future without long-term planning, but in my opinion, it would be necessary to take an example from China, quietly but rightly doing their job: they have become stronger economically, technologically, there is no accurate data on the capabilities of the army, they keep their distance and quietly do their job. The main thing is to be, not to seem, although it is tempting, there are many contradictions in the West. If you PR-rite them correctly, then a lot can be achieved. But, unfortunately, those who own the "national property" do not shine with patriotism. In the beginning, in the country it is necessary to form responsibility for their property among business executives, i.e. those who own the "national property". Defeat the fifth column. So that the thieves from the authorities are responsible for corruption not to cause a grin, but a real bad feeling in the throat, and the fifth point. After that, Napoleonic plans can be implemented. And if I'm not mistaken, it's not the function of the FSB to stage performances abroad: (Law on the FSB)
    Article 8. Directions of activity of bodies of the federal security service
    The activities of the federal security services are carried out in the following main areas:
    counterintelligence activities;
    the fight against terrorism;
    combating crime;
    intelligence activities;
    border activities;
    information security.
    Other areas of activity of bodies of the federal security service are determined by federal law.
    But the article liked its breadth of thought, it would be nice to see this scenario in the future!
  45. gen-48
    gen-48 15 August 2013 18: 33
    Quote: Barrel
    It may turn out that Ukraine will also close the borders for goods from Russia and then no one will need your basins at all (because Ukraine is the main market). Only 28% of export goes to Russia, but from Russia - 40%. But from today Ukraine has increased the daily volume of gas imports through Hungary by 1,5 times, while Gazprom has reduced gas exports to Ukraine by 40%. Those. we will gradually be freed from economic dependence on Russia and find new markets for goods. Then you will have no leverage left, and your fleet will be washed off somewhere in Sochi.
  46. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 15 August 2013 19: 08
    I agree with the author on NATO.

    It is necessary to "push the falling" (c) F. Nietzsche.
  47. zvereok
    zvereok 15 August 2013 19: 26

    In my previous article on Syria, I called the dissolution of the UN in its current form and the formation of another international organization with headquarters not at all in New York as the long-term goal of this offensive.

    Yeah, only a new organization will be in London, where India will take Russia's place in the Security Council.
  48. michajlo
    michajlo 15 August 2013 21: 02
    Good day to all!
    Personally, the author’s article for me (Vladimir Glybin) I liked it very much.
    It is written in an accessible way, the author does not invent anything new in it, only all those methods that for decades against the USSR and now against the CIS were used by our "crap guardians" from the West.
    And the fact that today sounds like a fantasy is not a problem! good
    The main thing that there was someone ahead of our people and specialists to lead а Do not plunder the remnants of the social property of the Union.
    And we all fight, especially older people, for what!
    After all, sometime in 1985-1991, no one in the whole world believed that there is only one corrupt General Secretary with a pack, can ruin the entire 273 millionth country, but as we all saw over time, the CIA psychopath plan came out а we are all kind, naive and friendly, turned out to be disarmed, in fools and with a bare ass, but got /тthey imposed on us "these, like them, democratic freedoms" ...

    Quote: domokl
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    What did the League of Nations do when Hitler conquered all of Europe and could it still be stopped?

    Safely rested in the Bose, thanks to the USSR.
    And about the UN, it’s interesting, how would Russia go against everyone on the Syrian issue, if it weren’t a member of the UN? Do you approach the issue one-sidedly ...
    Condemnation is nothing, but a direct veto on some kind of action knocks some of the ground out under some feet. Hi! Something you started to come out late wink

    Regarding the UN under Libya and Syria, I think the UN itself and its "VETO", by the US itself - "to the light bulb". America's veto recognizes and respects only when a STRONG POLITICAL OPPONENT is opposed to her (Syria with its national resistance led by Assad with the support of Russia and China).
    For some reason, I’m personally sure that if the Union didn’t fall apart in 1991 and the ATS existed now,
    then there would never have been a robbery in Yugoslavia in 1999, the plundering of Iraq in 2003, Afghanistan (199s) and the "Arab spring" of 2011-2013, the intervention in Mali and Sudan, etc.

    New international organization instead of the present UN, definitely need to CREATE, with a center not in the USA, not in Moscow, but in a neutral or developing stable state.
  49. Sirius-2
    Sirius-2 15 August 2013 21: 14
    I really hope that Comrade Assad will have enough strength and will to completely burn out this abscess!

    Enough will, no doubt here. But the strength ... Let me doubt it. Thugs from all over the Islamic world are fighting against the Syrians. How many are there. I think tens of millions. More than the Syrians themselves. And their support is the Arab monarchies with the United States, which have both money and weapons more than Syria hundreds of times. It’s enough to start a war of attrition and what will the Syrians have to do? Like the Japanese in World War II. It is enough to put the supply of money and weapons on these lines on the stream, to arrange the transfer of fanatics from all Islamic countries. The fact that in two years they did not achieve their goal does not mean that they will abandon it. They will look for another way to destroy Syria. Do not forget that stubbornness and unprincipled achievement of the goal is a national trait of Americans. An abscess is not in Syria! The source of evil is in Mordor, and the ring must be thrown into Orodruin. Only with the destruction of Wahhabi monarchies, and Wahhabism and Salafism equated to fascism with a corresponding ban, the collapse of the United States, Syria and the rest of the world will breathe freely.
  50. michajlo
    michajlo 15 August 2013 21: 18
    Quote: denisey
    Let's look at the reaction of our rulers. By their actions it will be clear for Russia and the people or for financial and clan groups

    Good evening dear "denisey"! You are absolutely right, we will wait and see. good
    But what should we do if we see the designated "second option"? And the time will be less and less. What then should we do? what
    To grumble and quietly crawl around the kennels or "dugouts", since the common people will soon be resettled there by our caring "fathers of the people and guarantors of the constitution." fool