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Dolphins through the eyes of anchovies

Starting in the autumn of 2011, from the very first attempts to ignite the fire of the “orange” revolution in Russia, a sense of strangeness in the behavior of revolutionaries does not leave us. The strangeness that manifests itself so regularly that it is time to talk about its systemic nature.

Why, for example, was to demonstrate as opposition leaders politicians like Nemtsov and Kasyanov, whose reputation was so tarnished in Yeltsin's times that it could not be dried by any PR fans? But wasn’t it a strange trip with a whole crowd of guests to visit the new American Ambassador McFaul? Who does that? People whose childhood was spent in the Soviet Union (and the majority among the “orange” leaders) were literally taught from the cradle to the rules of conspiracy. Remember the films about the Bolsheviks in the underground: how they confused the trail, changed their names, put on wigs, stuck mustaches, went to their gatherings one by one, tried to gather in the dark ... And here — hello, please! - they are plodding gogol in front of photographic and television cameras, and even as they are instituted, they repeat the same mantra in response to journalists' questions: “You are Surkov propaganda”!

And the name “revolution of mink coats”? Approximately with the same success it would be possible to proclaim the revolution of the oligarchs. Nobody argues, the oligarchs have started and can continue to start up revolutions. But if they want to attract more people, they will act under a completely different sign, telling everyone that this is a revolution of the hungry and disadvantaged. Those who do not have a mink coat - and there is no Chinese down jacket! Maximum - quilted jackets.

Cultural layer and its messengers

Then the oddities only multiplied. When it turned out that many more people gathered at the rally against the Orange Revolution, revolutionary journalists rushed to call these people anchovies (by analogy with the expression “they crammed like a herring in a barrel”; the barrel and salting were part of a metaphorical series), and they called themselves dolphins . What is the analogy, difficult to say. Probably the one that dolphins are famous for their mind. But if you are as smart as a dolphin, you should understand that in modern society it is not customary to humiliate people like that. Especially, if you are the mouthpiece of the "people's revolution", whose leaders have not left hope to attract the masses to their struggle. The same, but even more so, applies to the “creative discovery” of another journalist, who called the people flies, who, they say, sit on everybody ..., and mink revolutionaries and revolutionaries — noble bees.

But when the leader of the “Left Front” S. Udaltsov climbed into the fountain, we were visited by one disturbing guess. Or maybe the fact that at first it seemed to be something inexplicably strange, in fact, just ... stupidity? Judge for yourself: Well, he would have climbed into the fountain, because the unbearable heat and I wanted to refresh myself. But no! It happened in early spring, the fountain was empty. Yes, and Udaltsov reached there with a rather unexpected goal - to set up a tent and live there in protest. Who is arguing? The young political leader has the right to some catchy deeds and gestures. But it is impossible to ignore the associative field so roughly! Although the fountain’s bowl was waterless at that time, it is still associated with water. And what is water in a small confined space? Puddle. "Sit in the puddle" - is this the goal of the politician Of course not. Climbing into the fountain, Udaltsov probably wanted to attract the attention and sympathy of the people. He just did not think. Although, in fact, it was not necessary to think too much: it was worth remembering the classic image of the leader of the world proletariat, towering above the crowd on the armored car. Notice that there is a whole bunch of positive associations: armor, steel, strength and at the same time - a tribune, a pedestal. This is not a puddle for you ...

Rapidly increasing events with no less speed turned our guess into confidence. We will not give all examples, we will stop on one. Journalist Mikhail Berg, published on the liberal website Daily Journal, has, without any doubt, written that in Russia there is a civil war between the “cultural stratum” and the “Orthodox gopota”. As for the civil war, these are rather questions to the prosecutor's office: how is it with the incitement of social and other discord? But about the "cultural layer" and "Orthodox gopoty" questions may arise from an ordinary reader. Questions regarding the intellectual responsibility of the author. “Gopot”, “gopniki” are hooligans, punks, petty criminals. They are ignorant, uncultured, shameless, swearing dirty, spitting relish, living with uterine interests, hating the intelligentsia. Who are the "Orthodox Gopnik"? Hierarchs? Scholars theologians? Teachers of seminaries and theological academies? Monastic? Priesthood? The laypeople, the overwhelming majority of whom are representatives of the intelligentsia today, including academics, professors, folk artists, famous writers, artists, musicians? Even the most ordinary people, having embarked on the path of the Orthodox faith, try to live like a Christian. So, do not steal, do not be bullies, do not swear. And the meaning of life is not seen in the base pleasures. All this is so obvious that the expression “Orthodox gopot” cannot even be called stupid. This is something more fatal, more serious than stupidity, especially if you use this word in the sense of a situational, accidental miss.

And who is the "cultural layer" in the interpretation of the author? The journalist does not decipher, but it is clear from the context that this is his own. Well, such a “culture” in recent years has been overwhelming. It is her representatives who advocate that non-print words should be used in print, on the screen, on the stage. And argue indecency as the norm of life and art. It seems that for them it is generally the most important thing, the central meaning of life. If someone like Gopnik and hates culture, it is representatives of the above layer. Otherwise, why would they try so hard to use it with their “bold interpretations” and “original readings”, why would they slander biographies of geniuses who could no longer answer them from the grave with such voluptuousness? Are not representatives of this stratum from the end of 80's implant criminal jargon, criminal habits, criminal interests in society? Why run up with reader mockery, calling this layer cultural? After all, such characteristics (as well as the “Orthodox gopot”) are smelt not just with stupidity, but with dementia.

"Girls and their advocates"

In general, the symptoms of dementia have recently increased noticeably. This is especially pronounced in stories with "Pussy Rayot". The idea itself is weak-minded: to dance in the temple kankan, shaking the fists and blasphemy of the Lord and the Mother of God and at the same time count on impunity and the title of followers of Vera Zasulich. Firstly, because Vera Zasulich, no matter how she treated her, did not jerk her legs in the temple, did not cram frozen chicken into her crotch, and in the Biological Museum among the dusty stuffed group sexual orgies under the cameras did not suit her. In her time so did not behave even the most trash prostitutes. Therefore, we think that such a comparison would be deeply offended. And secondly, even a not very smart person somehow or other is oriented in time and space. How can you lose your orientation so that you don’t understand: it's not a 1918 year in the yard? How not to see absolutely obvious things? Then there was an outflow of people from the temple, now a clear influx. Then the Church was persecuted, and now the first persons of the state participate in worship and church sacraments; Easter and Christmas again became public holidays. It is clear that the participants of blasphemy and their support group do not like it. But when people so much fall out of time, so much do not conform to reality, this already indicates a serious damage to the intellect.

(Describing something similar, the famous sociologist Pitirim Sorokin at the end of 50-s of the last century noted in his book “The American Sexual Revolution” that “a concomitant violation of intellectual and cognitive processes is manifested not only in an increase in cases of psychosis and neurosis, but also in a wider public consciousness and disturbed thinking of group members. Like a spoiled camera, community perceptions begin to reflect people, objects and events in a distorted way. Some real things are bsche cease to perceive, at the same time, many small events and some of the illusions and errors are seen by him as a giant and important. ")
Extremely stupid looked and attempts to justify themselves before the court: they say, they did not know that women should not climb the pulpit. First, the "cultural layer" of such elementary things is supposed to know. And secondly, they were tried not for the fact that they climbed the pulpit, but because they were hooligans there. And if such hooliganism happened in some other part of the temple space, the believers (and just cultured people) would still be outraged.

Signs of intellectual decline are also easily noted by the support group. Why was it hard to call the accused "girls"? Yes, you sympathize with them and want to cause sympathy with others. But why in such a ridiculous way? After all, to achieve the goal, it is important to go to it the right way. Call them young women. This is also touching and at the same time adequate: one will soon hit thirty, the other two are younger, but they already have children. And most importantly, in the light of the aforementioned orgies, chickens in a causal place and propaganda of any sodomy (as it turned out, it was Tolokonnikov who, before her dancing in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, spoke at the "orange" rally on behalf of the homosexual and lesbian community) and in S. Udaltsov with a fountain - to call completely undesirable for sympathetic associations: “call girls”. It's elementary, Watson! What did you learn in journalism, guys?

User's manual

But what is the reason for such pronounced stupidity? Distract from our realities. The problem is much more fundamental. Dementia is growing and noticeably younger. According to the British Medical Journal, signs of declining intelligence or cognitive (cognitive) abilities can declare themselves to 45-year-olds. Previously, there was a decrease in intelligence from about 60 years. The latest results of the research allowed, alas, to speak about the weakening of the brain functions at a much earlier age. The reasons are being investigated. Among them are called early alcoholism (see, for example, the very informative documentary “Chizhik-Pyzhik”), drug addiction, the effect of computer radiation on the frontal brain lobes. The modern education system, the modern mass culture, and the modern lifestyle, in which a person is taught to live solely according to instructions and ready-made recipes, stuns both. In our country, this has not reached the extreme degrees, but in America you can already meet, for example, such instructions:

Sears hair dryer packaging: "Do not use while sleeping."
On a bundle of frozen ravioli: “Be careful: ravioli will be hot after cooking.”
On the packaging of the iron Rowenta: "Do not iron clothes in the worn form."
On the drug for insomnia Nytol: "Warning: may cause drowsiness."
On a bag with American Airlines airline nuts: "Operating instructions: open the package, eat the nuts."
On Bowl Fresh toilet cleaning fluid: “It is safe to use in the presence of children and animals, but drinking from a toilet bowl is not recommended.”

Someone, however, may argue that such instructions are printed by companies that want to protect themselves in court. In order to quench his thirst with water from the toilet, he could not blame the company for this: she warned him that it was not recommended, but he did not read the instructions carefully and still drank it. However, not long ago, firms did not print such instructions, because it did not occur to consumers to drink water from the toilet or to put on their underwear, and then iron it and, burning it, scribble a statement to the court.

Yes, many factors contributing to the development of dementia! But one, it seems to us, is very undervalued. But he plays a significant role in this story. Massive sexualization of consciousness, culture and, accordingly, the life of people, which has been taking place in the Western world for more than half a century (and in our country has almost thirty years of experience), is the most important reason for the extinction of intellect. This reaction was also mentioned by Pitirim Sorokin, already mentioned by us. And the largest Austrian psychiatrist of the 20th century, Viktor Frankl. “The large-scale studies conducted by the Austrian psychiatrist S. Buhler,” he wrote, “showed that the sexual connections of too young girls ... led to a pronounced narrowing of their common interests, to a limitation of their intellectual horizon.”

Partly an intellectual decline due to excessive fixation on sex is a consequence of the energy bias. If a person’s energy is flowing abundantly downstream, then the “upper floors” are deprived. But it seems to us that the matter here is not only in the energy imbalance, not only in simple arithmetic. In order to unleash lust, you must turn off the feeling of shame. And for this, in turn, it is necessary to turn off or at least put out the consciousness: reduce self-control, not think about the consequences, not see yourself from the outside, perceive what is happening outside the context of life circumstances, only through the prism of your momentary desire, etc. It is no coincidence that indecent acts are often committed, either under the influence of alcohol, drugs, in a state of trance and strong affectation, or mentally handicapped people.

The obsessive sexualisation of contemporary culture, art, everyday morality, and human relationships means that lust permeates almost all spheres of human life. Rarely, what kind of advertising (and it pursues us everywhere, since it is an integral and all-pervasive element of the consumer society) dispenses with the so-called sex stimulus: images of seductive bodies and scabrous hints. Thanks to the efforts of the media, many people have already been suggested that the basis of a happy marriage is sexual compatibility, satisfaction with sex. Even children's friendship has been defiled. A boy who puts a hand on his friend's shoulder risks being enrolled in homosexuals. The character of the cartoon “Blue Puppy” or a song about a blue car can cause unhealthy laughter and greasy jokes among primary school students. For the psyche, all this and so on is a source of constant stress. In such a situation, if a person is not protected by Church Sacraments, prayer or at least a critical attitude to what Pitirim Sorokin called "obsession with sex," his consciousness inevitably weakens. In a sense, mental degradation plays the role of pathological protection here, because shame prevents a person in his right mind and solid memory from living, participating and feeling at ease in all this.

The psyche and, consequently, consciousness, of children who are born and grow up in this atmosphere of “generalized sex”, is damaged initially. Early sexualization, as already mentioned, inhibits intellectual development. The feeling of shame is destroyed, not having time to form. And since shame is one of the highest emotions, a serious underdevelopment of the entire emotional sphere arises, the so-called “emotional dullness” (characteristic, by the way, for schizophrenia, which in its last stages is often accompanied by dementia).

In Russia, so far only one generation has grown up in an atmosphere of frantic sex propaganda. But the results are already evident: university professors in various cities note with alarm the steady decline in the level of knowledge and interests, some general underdevelopment, primitivization, and the infantilization of students. Often you hear that "before even the peteushniki were better developed." It is customary to write off the decline in the quality of education, which, of course, is true, but only partly. After all, on the other hand, the Internet has given people tremendous opportunities for self-education, almost any kind of knowledge can be obtained without even going outside. But for this you need to have educational interests. And they are precisely connected with higher intellectual functions, with consciousness. Teenagers who, after only a few years, become students, in most cases use the Internet not at all for self-education, but for playing online, communicating (often quite frivolous, exploiting all the same sexual topics) and visiting porn sites. These polls confirm this very eloquently.

About the romantic phase of development

Still, the situation in our country is less hopeless than in the West, where three generations have already grown in an atmosphere of total sexualization. Is it because our people who have lived there for some time very often wonder: they (the Germans, the French, the Dutch - depending on the countries visited) are not like that ... they have nothing to talk about, they are not interested in anything serious. They don't even understand you if you start a conversation on abstract topics. In general, well there, in the West, is beautiful, comfortable, only very boring.

Versions, why so, were put forward and put forward different: too full and comfortable life, where every little thing is so thought out that there is no need to strain your head. Communicating in Russian women who married Europeans, we have repeatedly heard the phrase: "They are all zombie TV." And those with children who go to school complained that they are not really taught, but mostly they play. All this is true, but not exhaustive. The loss of the romantic phase from the personal development of a teenager, which inevitably occurs during the so-called "sexual education", which in many Western countries has become an integral part of the school curriculum, leads to serious distortions of the psyche.

In adolescence, a person still does not go into adulthood, but he is already trying on it in his reflections and dreams. And the scale of his future personality largely depends on what vector and volume these thoughts and dreams will acquire. Without going through the romantic stage, a person is like a house with a low ceiling. He grows up as a sort of underexposure, so many considerations of a higher order are simply inaccessible to him; In some cases, this is a consequence of congenital decline in intelligence. For example, oligophrenics do not go through the romantic stage of mental development, and this is a big problem for their caregivers, because it is very difficult to keep such wards from entering into casual and promiscuous sex. They lack self-control, such restraining mechanisms as shame, conscience, responsibility work poorly, no higher order considerations are available to them. Other “higher matters” are also unavailable to them: objects that require the ability to abstract, generalize, and develop imagination. In those cases when the intellect is initially preserved, but under the influence of an unfavorable information and educational environment, the romantic period falls out of the phases of age development, artificial restraint of intellectual and personal growth occurs. Moreover, in a sense, the oligophrenic intelligence is more harmonious: it is simply underdeveloped, as is the foot of a small size. And there is a leg, which the pads do not allow to grow. Such pads were worn on the legs of noble Chinese women, and their feet were crooked, resembling hoofs. Similarly, intelligence, naturally normal, but artificially down-to-earth, narrowed down, castrated, devoid of the sphere of the ideal, is not just underdeveloped, but deformed, spoiled.

I remember that at the end of 90, an article by our former compatriot who emigrated to America appeared in one of the central newspapers. An article that struck primarily with its honesty. At that time, none of us had the Internet, and the “free” media took great care to ensure that true information about life in the West did not leak here. The author sharply spoke out against the introduction of "sex clearance" in Russian schools and referred to the sad experience of the United States. I especially remember his description of American students whom he could closely observe, since he taught at a local university. He wrote that the relations of girls and young men are striking in their pragmatism and some kind of simplicity. These are not lovers, but partners who just want to live together comfortably: throw off money to pay for housing and meals, not to waste time on the road to each other. In a word, instead of love - “healthy sex”, the most optimized and comfortable. It seems to be clever guys, the author noted, but they absolutely can not understand many of the works of classical literature. They do not understand, for the life of me: what was the problem (not a tragedy, but exactly the problem!) Romeo and Juliet, Anna Karenina? Why it was impossible to resolve this problem without resorting to such extreme solutions as suicide? Some kind of pathological emotional dependence, sexual neurosis. Although, of course, in those days there were no psychoanalysts, so people remained without the help of a professional ...

What seemed wildness and caricature at the end of 90's today can be found here as well. But still, this is not yet of such a mass character, and therefore has not become something ordinary, customary, or overlooked. Moreover, in recent years the separation of liberals and traditionalists has noticeably intensified. We still have enough people who have not been subjected to massive sexual propaganda in childhood and adolescence. Fortunately, more and more young people who don’t want their minds and feelings licked. And it gives hope.

"Whatever the fool does ..."

A natural question arises: why produce imbeciles? The answer, it would seem, suggests itself: stupid is easier to manage. But this would be fair if the rulers, that is, the elite, in their education, upbringing, value guidelines would have been made from some other test. By corrupting and fooling the people, they themselves would remain highly moral people of a big state mind. But, firstly, this is not in sight, and secondly, this simply cannot be, because highly moral people of a large state mind could not come up with the idea of ​​corrupting and deafening compatriots, because this idea is immoral and yourself stupid.

It is clear that stupid and mired in low passions people are not able to properly perform their work, civil, family and other duties. As a result, the state will begin to burst at the seams and sooner or later complete its historical existence. Simply put, die. Therefore, the rulers who wanted the countries entrusted to them to thrive, perhaps, did not seek to give the people a high education, but did not stupid and certainly did not corrupt it. The Roman Empire of times of decline has long been a textbook example of how not to rule the country. Therefore, no matter how sad it is to hear our free-thinking and Westerners, the power indulging in the dementia of its subjects does not make it from a great mind.

There is no need to go far for examples. Take at least something that, it would seem, does not require a high IQ, but only the preservation of basic instincts. Our pro-Western elite sends school-age children to study, and even the whole family for permanent residence abroad (more precisely, to Europe, the United States or Canada). Well, is this not dementia, given the introduction of sodomites into all spheres of life there, including (and, perhaps, especially) into the sphere of education ?! It is unlikely that the former brothers or "strong business executives" who have become businessmen and high-ranking officials, want their children to join the ranks of perverts. They simply do not connect one with the other, although the connection is so simple that it is even inconvenient to explain.

And what about the ideology of “family planning,” which in the second half of the 20th century became a dogma and guide to action for a significant number of states? The idea of ​​perceiving a child as a competitor of parents and siblings in the struggle for life's benefits is not only flawed, but also incredibly stupid. Even in ancient times the rulers understood that people constitute the main resource of the state. Therefore, when we fought, we tried to capture more women and children. “The greatness of the king is in the multitude of the people, and the misfortune of the sovereign is the misfortune of the people,” writes the wise Solomon in Proverbs (14: 28). And it would be fine if the fighters with the “excess population” planted their planning ideology and abortion centers in hostile countries! It would be cruel, immoral, but at least somehow explicable. But no! They started with themselves and it was they who themselves were driven into a corner, in a stalemate demographic situation. Reducing the birth rate, as it was quite possible to assume initially, quite soon led to a decline in the working population. Attempts to solve the problem by increasing the retirement age and bringing in migrants created even greater difficulties: the indigenous people began to show dissatisfaction, and the migrants showed enviable resistance to “planning” tricks, continuing to multiply and multiply in a new place. And in such a natural way they quickly began to force out the "natives". Moreover, not only numerically, but also culturally, since they were not going to give up their customs, habits, customs. The situation escalated even more. Then the highbrow clever people and political technologists proposed another ingenious solution: they began to implant tolerance with an iron hand. Not only racial and national, but also gender, because over the years “planners” have managed to market sodomy (it does not lead to procreation, therefore the more same-sex couples, the fewer children). As a result, Western life is more and more like a madhouse. Fairy tales - and those correspond anew: it’s not tolerant if a prince falls in love with a princess. What will the other princes say, who also have the right to claim his location and, accordingly, to marry?
In general, as the proverb says: "Whatever a fool does, he does everything wrong."

They will say: “What kind of fools are they?” There is a very clear logic and a cunning, clever globalist plan in what you have described. But cunning and cunning are not signs of a great mind. Crazy (that is, crazy-gone) are sometimes very tricky, but their logic is delusional. In psychiatry, there is even such a thing: “systemic nonsense,” when it seems that everything is very lined up and logically follows one from the other.

But what are the fruits of the tricks of the so-called world elite? What did she do to herself? Put the world on the brink of world war using nuclear weapons, and for yourself has prepared reliable bunkers and underground cities? Is this not the apotheosis of dementia: to infect, destroy, destroy a beautiful planet, then to survive, like moles, in underground holes?

Not a very brief introduction to schizoanalysis

Are not postmodern philosophy, postmodern art idiotic? After all, in fact, there neither philosophy nor art spent the night. Some stickers, some signs. As was sung in one comic foreign song (given loosely):

I am a tailor.
I don't know how to sew,
never held a needle in my hands,
but I have a sign: "Tailor".
I am a violinist
although I can't play the violin.
I don't have a violin either,
but I stuck a sign on the door ... etc.

One of the directions of modern poststructuralism is the so-called “schizoanalysis”. His main provisions are contained in the two-volume work “Capitalism and Schizophrenia” by Deleuze and Guattari. As pointed out by the researchers of their work A. A. Gritsanov and A. V. Vashkevich, philosophers affect "a wide range of problems of philosophy, sociology, political science, psychiatry, economics, etc.". We apologize for the extensive quotations, but otherwise the reader will not have the “immersive effect”.

“The first volume of the book Capitalism and Schizophrenia, Anti-Oedipus, the researchers write, is devoted to analyzing the" disease of the century. " According to the earlier Deleuze ("Nietzsche and Philosophy"), universal history is a transition from prehistory to post-history. In the interval between these poles, the process of cultural training was intended to turn the primitive animal into an "individual sovereign and law-giving", into a subject capable of implementing Kant's "we are the one who controls". The story did not reach its goal: an embittered man appeared, a man who fell ill with a disease called "nihilism". Interpreting the train of thought of Nietzsche, Deleuze notes: the last man, "destroying everything that is not himself," taking the place of God, turned out to be rejected by everyone and everything. This person must be destroyed: the moment of transition from nothing of will (illness of nihilism) to will to nothing, from nihilism of incomplete, painful and passive to active nihilism has come. Schizoanalysis presents the same model of the philosophy of history in a new language: "the disease of the century", it is also the "disease of the end of the century" - this is schizophrenia. Thus, its treatment involves the replacement of passive schizophrenia (it is cured in hospitals) with active schizophrenia. According to Deleuze and Guattari's scheme of reasoning, "schizophrenia as a process is a production of desire, but at the end it appears as the limit of social production, the conditions of which are determined by capitalism. It is our own" disease ", the disease of modern people. The end of history has no other meaning ". The authors of schizoanalysis, thus, interpret the behavior of an individual, free from the normative structures of society, who can freely realize their desires as a "deconstructed subject" - as a "schizoid": not as acts of a mentally ill person, but as a behavior of a person consciously rejecting canons society for the sake of its natural "producing desire", its unconscious. The requirement to listen to the voice of one’s own “schizo” (i.e., “schizomolecule” - the foundation of a person) leads not only to the need to reduce from mental life the normative constructs imposed by culture, but, more importantly, to understand the doctrine of schizoanalysis, to the postulation of the desirability of maximum reducing the role of the mind that he plays, acting as an arbiter in all relations and relations of the subject. It is consciousness (in terms of schizo-analysis that the separation of consciousness and mind is not carried out) as the initial repressive mechanism restrains the free activity of the “willing machine”. The unconscious, speaking essentially as a “willing production,” has been cleared, according to schizoanalysis, from the structuring role of the mind, and thus can be characterized as a machine process, having no other reason for its occurrence than itself, and having no other and the goals of its existence. "

If we ignore the bird language in which all this is written, what is the meaning of these quotations? Man is actually destroyed, it would be better for him not to be born. And for those who still had the misfortune to be born, it is desirable to be as stupid as possible, because only this way you can truly unleash your desires and instincts. Hosanna of death, schizophrenia and dementia! You will tell nothing, rich mental activity!

A natural question arises: why produce imbeciles?

Precious jars and blue mayor in a pink dress

Being in a state of mental relaxation, a person already inadequately perceives reality. It may seem to an old man that he is a little boy, and the nurse is his mother (in fact, she died a long time ago). Calling a piece of excrement a work of art and admiring it is also impossible without a serious weakening of the mind. But the creators of such installations, performances and happenings do not lie in psychiatric clinics, and the products of their low-power fantasy, identical to the products of the intestine, do not go down the toilet, but are sold for a lot of money at auctions. In 1961, the Italian sculptor Piero Manzoni created his most famous creation, entitled “G ... of the Artist” (“Merda d'Artista”). The maestro was also a philosopher. In any case, he summed up his ... - we do not know how to define more precisely: performance or happening? - theoretical basis. “If collectors want to get something in which the artist really invested himself,” he said, “then let him get it ... It’s one hundred percent personal,”. And indeed, he put his excrement into the cans and numbered, confirming the authorship with a handwritten signature. After his death, the masterpieces were literally sold at the price of gold: a thirty-gram jar for the equivalent price of thirty grams of gold. Subsequently, the price increased again: in 2000, the London Tate Gallery, which has the world's largest collection of works by English artists, purchased a jar of N4 for 22 300 pounds. And seven years later, in 2007, at the Sotheby’s auction, a similar “nettleka” was already sold for 124 000 euros.

What is this if not the growing epidemic of dementia with the auction value?

The further people move away from God and from His commandments, the more obscure their minds become. The very idea of ​​abolishing God is ridiculous and speaks of serious damage to the mind. If in the XIX-XX centuries. there was some kind of serious seduction by science, the projects of a godless, but supposedly harmonious reorganization of the world on a scientific basis; now the hopes on the omnipotence of science and the omnipotence of man have been blown away like a perforated balloon. The worship of science and scientists has degenerated into the foolish worship of pop and rock stars. The so-called elite has also degenerated. Was it possible to imagine more recently that the mayor of one of the European capitals would take part in the festival of sodomites, driving around the city in the open body of a car, in which, for complete clarity, that no one confused him with anyone, they would write “Gayor” (“gay -meer ") And this mayor will show off in a pink female dress and a mask with slits for the eyes, expressing thus solidarity with the hooligans who were outraged in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, far from Reykjavik.

Gadarinsky pigs and Moscow traffic jams

Still, the difference between dementia as a medical diagnosis and the phenomenon that we tried to describe in our article (we don’t even know how to call it: induced dementia? Inspired? Induced? - it is difficult to choose an adequate term) - this difference exists, and quite substantial. In the first case, patient behavior is characterized by some kind of general lethargy. They are inactive, sluggish, inert, indifferent. Yes, sometimes there are flashes of irritation, aggression, but this does not determine the picture of the disease.

For the second variant, what is most accurately called the word "obsession" is characteristic. There is no inhibition, but there is plenty of initiative. Malice - only touch - mad. But with all the swiftness of reactions, resourcefulness and intrigue, such people, blinded by some demonic rage, do not see two steps ahead.

In the Gospel this is clearly shown in the story of the possessed of Gadara. When the Savior commanded the demons to leave it, the brisk legion (remember? - “The name is legion”), not wanting to go into the abyss, asked Jesus for permission to enter the herd of pigs that were grazing nearby. "Legionnaires", apparently, expected to stay in those parts and continue to act in their demonic interests. But the calculation was not justified, and instantly. As soon as the Lord allowed them to enter the animals, like a flock, infuriated in the literal sense of the word, rushed down the steep into the sea and drowned.

... They decided to end with another vivid illustration of the specific form of dementia that we tried to describe in our medical pamphlet. So much as it seems to us bright that does not need special comments. The article "Did not read, but arrest." Quote: “Everybody leaves me. If the state allows - leave themselves. A familiar businessman says: “Everything, I am moving to Bulgaria. Business will be in Russia, and I will live in Bulgaria. I can not live in humiliating conditions. Some corks are worth something ”(hereinafter our italics - IM, T.Sh.). Another quote: "IT employee flies to Cyprus, says:" I work here, there is sun and there are no traffic jams. " And: “We are a third world country. The first thing that happens to a person when he flies from abroad to Moscow is he is stuck in traffic. This is a completely different traffic jam than abroad. Traffic jam in New York means that you have half an hour to go to JFK, and if it’s rush hour, you need to lay an hour. A traffic jam in Moscow means that maybe it will take half an hour, or maybe four. You know exactly how long New York or Tel Aviv traffic is driving, but you do not know how much Moscow goes. If Putin went somewhere, you can stand six hours, as if from a bush. There are two more cities in the world where there are similar traffic jams. This is Mumbai and Cairo ... ".

This is now the apology of emigration. Of course, thinner than in 90. Then there were riots, and now traffic jams. Is that also on the "p".

By the way, in this article, the author adds to the arsenal of catchy zoometaphors by another one, calling the policemen standing on the sides of the roads “herds of road lice sucking money from cars”. Strongly said, right?

Maybe traffic jams are to blame not only for the growing wave of emigration, but also for the impoverishment of the mind, which cannot withstand such a nervous load? Well, this fresh hypothesis deserves serious testing.
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  1. experienced
    experienced 15 August 2013 21: 17
    The authors swung at "War and Peace" in modern conditions, mixed everything they could, but the result was only a vague article laughing
    It’s time for Nikolaev to write a new hit:
    "Dolphin fell in love with anchovy,
    Lovely, quivering love ... "

    With the chorus
    "Dolphin and anchovy,
    Dolphin and anchovy,
    Not a couple, not a couple, not a couple ... "
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 16 August 2013 00: 04
      Well, who has the brains between the brains of an anchovy and a dolphin? request
    2. shpuntik
      shpuntik 16 August 2013 00: 27
      experienced (1) RU Yesterday, 21:17 p.m.
      The authors swung at "War and Peace" in modern conditions, mixed everything they could, but the result was only a vague article

      Alexey hi , I disagree. The article is chaotic only at first glance. Biblical stories are a common thread. At the same time, the result of violation of the commandments of the Old and New Testaments (Treaties) is shown. For example: breaking the commandment "be fruitful and multiply" is now more relevant in Russia than ever.
      Or here is a quote:
      "And the largest Austrian psychiatrist of the XX century Viktor Frankl." Large-scale studies conducted by the Austrian psychiatrist S. Buhler, - he wrote, - showed that sexual relations of too young girls ... led to a pronounced narrowing of their common interests, to the limitation of their intellectual horizon. "

      Firstly: here you can raise the question of the importance of virginity for a girl, for marriage. After all, it is known that anthropoid apes do not have it. This also refutes Darwin's theory.
      Compare the passage from the Gospel, (here you can compare with the Old Testament):
      “And the Pharisees came to Jesus and, tempting Him, said to Him: Is it for any reason permissible for a man to divorce his wife? He answered and said to them: Have you not read that He who first created the man and woman created them? And he said: therefore a man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and they will be two one flesh, so that they are no longer two, but one flesh. So, what God combined, that man does not separate. They say to Him: how did Moses command to give a divorce letter and divorce it? He tells them: Moses by hard heart yours allowed you to divorce your wives but at first it wasn’t like that; but I tell you: he who divorces his wife not for adultery and marries another, commits adultery; and marrying a divorced adultery. His disciples say to him: if such is the duty of man to his wife, then it is better not to marry. But he said to them: not everyone has this word, but to whom it is given, for there are eunuchs who were born like this from the womb of the mother; and there are eunuchs who are scattered from people; and there are eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven. Who can accommodate, yes accommodate. " (Matt. 78 Conception. 19, 3-12)

      The Gadarino pigs are also mentioned in the article, and why did they ask to rush into the sea? And how many of them can be in one person?
      Therefore, the perfection of the spiritual constitution, the gospel, it is unsurpassed. And more about that in the article.
  2. avt
    avt 15 August 2013 21: 34
    Quote: seasoned
    The authors swung at "War and Peace" in modern conditions, mixed everything they could, but the result was only a vague article laughing

    No, they just tried to do an analytical work, but the emotions crossed and the thought ran ahead of the pen and wanted to say everything at once in one work, because they pushed everything into one article, probably it would be necessary to do a couple of parts, but then perhaps it will not be so emotional, a bit dry but overall ok good a plus . It’s a very decent author’s article.
    1. experienced
      experienced 15 August 2013 21: 41
      Quote: avt
      No, they just tried to do analytical work, but emotions overwhelmed and the thought ran ahead of the pen

      The site has a rubric "Geopolitical Mosaic" in which the author (former authors) gives in condensed pieces all the interesting things that have happened since the last issue. There all this is concise, organic and humorous, and it seems to me that this article is trying to repeat the popular heading, but it is presented too voluminously and in a different direction. IMHO neither put the article nor "-" nor "+"
  3. Const
    Const 15 August 2013 21: 43
    It is said right. And therefore it is difficult to contain emotions. The eternal question in Russia No. 1 - "What to do?" As for the guilty - somehow it doesn't matter anymore.
  4. Normal
    Normal 15 August 2013 22: 07
    I began to read, from the first paragraphs I realized that the pro-government will again drive into the brain that the Germans, Kasyanovs and the like Kudrins are opposition leaders and fiery revolutionaries. Bored ... I looked at the volume of the article and realized that reading these things is only time (my, non-renewable time) to spend on something that is not worthy.
  5. 12345
    12345 15 August 2013 22: 22
    "Crocodile tears" of two elderly Jewish women in menopause.

    Another couple of klikush: Tatyana Lvovna and Irina Yakovlevna, well, just - "classics of the genre"!

    "Being determines consciousness." © With the abolition of the commies, the laws of development of society have not changed.

    I do not like? Introduce correction "from above": from the analogue of the "party", the return of censorship of the media and regular "meetings of the local committee" and, up to "Sharia law".
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. individual
    individual 15 August 2013 22: 30
    The Western CIA conductors did not expect the formation of Russia.
    The multi-colored "greenhouse" did not pass, and the fifth column fed by them was on a starvation diet.
    Without "cookies" the protest was blown away, and Western ideology did not take root and is rejected by society once already deceived by the CIA-Gaidar "prosperity."
    The "dolphins" imposters choked on their own snot.
    And Russia is moving forward.
  8. My address
    My address 15 August 2013 22: 31
    Article about efficient. Indeed, there is a lot of relegation of the subject to a moron in modern "democratic" communication. But it is extremely long and there are many places where thought will fit into thought. A plus.
  9. lucidlook
    lucidlook 15 August 2013 22: 42
    It is interesting how the author relates to the slogan "Orthodoxy or death", does he consider it extremist?
    1. Albert1988
      Albert1988 15 August 2013 23: 03
      Naturally, this is an extremist slogan, but you must admit that those who agree with him are extremely few, we have much more normal and adequate Orthodox)
      1. lucidlook
        lucidlook 16 August 2013 00: 50
        We have more normal and adequate ones exclusively in numbers. It is unlikely that for every blackshirt there is a normal and adequate one who can say to his face "Take this off, do not disgrace Orthodoxy."
        1. Albert1988
          Albert1988 16 August 2013 13: 56
          Alas, I can not agree with you ((
  10. arkady149
    arkady149 15 August 2013 22: 57
    Scientifically, with an ill-founded claim to depth, but a healthy dose of good sarcasm and mature conservatism make the article interesting. An obvious plus.
  11. Albert1988
    Albert1988 15 August 2013 22: 59
    Quote: seasoned
    The authors swung at "War and Peace" in modern conditions, mixed everything they could, but the result was only a vague article

    Partly you are right, although the problems considered by the authors are really very relevant in modern society
  12. Albert1988
    Albert1988 15 August 2013 23: 01
    PS I wanted to put you +, but for some reason I put a minus (
    I ask the moderators to fix, if not difficult))
  13. Alexey M
    Alexey M 15 August 2013 23: 01
    The author plus for the monumentalism of works.
  14. chehywed
    chehywed 16 August 2013 00: 43
    Quote: Albert1988
    It is interesting how the author relates to the slogan "Orthodoxy or death", does he consider it extremist?

    There is a public service advertisement on the roads from the traffic police: "Either drink or drive." In runet, people with ch.yu. have already written that there is no choice for people without A / M. You have tightened the conditions. laughing
  15. falcon
    falcon 16 August 2013 02: 57
    I mastered it. Favorite passages from "Materialism and Empirio-Criticism" by Vladimir Ilyich came to mind ...
    He remembered his youth, burst into tears ...
  16. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 16 August 2013 05: 34
    Can i ask you? I don’t understand what it is all written about? can anyone explain? only very briefly
    1. dmb
      dmb 16 August 2013 10: 49
      In a nutshell: alas about us. It is of course. the problem of fathers and children was not born yesterday. But try to disagree with the authors' arguments about "oskotinization". Or a return to the slogan: "man is a wolf to man" - is this progress? The only thing that seemed superfluous to me was trust in Faith, as the only way to return to morality, for among its heralds there are ascetics, and there are also crooks
  17. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 16 August 2013 08: 32
    Horses, people and thousands of guns mixed up in a heap ... Well, why arrange such a bunch of small things? Well, we started quite well about our "revolusioners" in mink coats, and then got carried away and "... Ostap suffered ..."! It's like in the Children's Encyclopedias are about everything and a little bit.
  18. michajlo
    michajlo 16 August 2013 19: 21
    Quote: kartalovkolya
    Horses, people and thousands of guns mixed up in a heap ... Well, why arrange such a bunch of small things? Well, we started quite well about our "revolusioners" in mink coats, and then got carried away and "... Ostap suffered ..."! It's like in the Children's Encyclopedias are about everything and a little bit.

    Good day to all! Why dear "kartalovkolya", I put "+" in the article myself. good
    I agree with the author that "mink coats" and other signs of wealth (material not inner) appear precisely as a result of spiritual scarcity, human principles, rejection of the idea (human mutual and peaceful living, not PROSPERITY and ACQUISITION).
    The fact that the article is difficult to read in places is not always clear, because it is simply hard to explain or sort things out, the writer’s talent is far from many of us (including me). sad
    Well, while comprehending those well-known facts from life and history, they always appear "little people" that human laws and human history reject.
    They think of themselves that they can do evil with impunity, that they can live long or even forever, everything will get away with it, that a suitcase will surely be attached to their coffin, a cart with wealth(although no one has yet been able to do the latter).

    And for the concept of the reason for such moral distortions, one has to turn to spirituality, the question of the essence of being, there are many correct conclusions and observations in the Holy Scripture.
    It also needs to be able to read sometimes and several times, since a lot of thoughts and moralizing you need to comprehend yourself when reading the Bible and the gospel.

    In addition, we must also remember why I took the book in my hands at all, so as not to immediately become a "blind fighter for the faith" and not immediately start burning atheists and gentiles in the "holy fire", or mock the poor in spirit, or rudely ridiculed here on the site VO members of the forum, just because they have a different point of view than me.
  19. polly
    polly 16 August 2013 23: 37
    Here is sexualization and dementia in one bottle ... Good article, topical!