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Director of "Penalty" Nicholas Dostal: "History should be the way it is"


Directed by Nikolai Dostal. © Vladimir Pesnya / RIA News

Over the past month and a half, the famous film director Nikolai Dostal wrote two open letters at once - and both concerned his “Penal Battalion”, a series that has long been recognized by professionals and loved by a wide audience. His message to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky concerning the issues of “military distortions stories“, Dostal sent literally last week. After that, he took the time to answer the questions of Kinoridus - not only about historical truth, but also about censorship, piracy and the prospects for television cinema in Russia.

- Your serial film “Penalty Battalion”, which premiered nine years ago, was again in the spotlight this summer. In June, you wrote an open letter to Oleg Dobrodeyev, General Director of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, about “unlawful censorship”, and just the other day - a letter to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, in which you did not agree with the “distortions of military history he observed during World War II” ...

- Yes, it did so. I wrote to Dobrodeev about censorship notes in the film. There should have been the consent of the authors, creators of the film - the screenwriter, the director, the producer. And we were not notified of anything - it is a violation of copyright. I'm not talking about the moral side of this business, about what exactly they cut out, what words and words. I say that in general it is impossible to touch the work without the consent of the authors. If they called me and said: “Nikolai Nikolayevich, we want to show the film in prime time, but we have concerns, we no longer want such words to be heard from the screen,” I would answer: “Show at 12:00 am - or do not show at all. But to touch, cut - why ?! ”. By the way, Oleg Borisovich very quickly responded to my letter, saying that the lawyer of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company will soon answer all my questions and explain why they did just that. But I still haven’t received any answers in writing, as I would like.

Director of "Penalty" Nicholas Dostal: "History should be the way it is"

A shot from the TV series Nikolai Dostal “Shtrafbat”.

- By the way, an even more terrible situation happened with “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, which were not only painted but also remounted! There, each series has been reduced to the current format in 51 minute.

- I don’t know about it, but I think there was another reason, maybe a purely technological one. As they say on TV: “drive into the format, into the program grid” ... But without the consent of the authors, this cannot be done. And I have a reason, I believe, ideological. After all, there are limitations: 16 +, 18 +, this is enough, and from this it is necessary to plan the show. There is no strong, selective mate in the film. There are words there that one cannot do without at the front, and all the more criminals in the penal battalion are fighting, so how? .. And they cut it out right on the living. Even a song. It would seem that you can’t throw the words out of the song - they threw it out!

A shot from the TV series Nikolai Dostal “Shtrafbat”.

“But about historical distortions — I was still studying in the Soviet school, when many things were spoken about completely different from what they say today.” Therefore, I am inclined to believe your Shtrafbat absolutely.

- You read my letter to the minister, I explain everything there, why it happened, and not that way. Indeed, it was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines. The exceptions were just a mass, deviations from the orders ... And on this basis the dramaturgy of the script was built by Edward Volodarsky. Therefore, it seems to me that we did not distort the story, but focused, making those accents that we thought should be done, highlighted the little-known sides of the war ... I think I quite convincingly and intelligibly stated all this in a letter, and my comments are superfluous now. They can only follow after I get a response. Or “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” will get an answer - and they hope that the controversy can be continued on the pages of the newspaper.

A shot from the TV series Nikolai Dostal “Shtrafbat”.

- What do you think, what is the origin of this struggle for the "historical truth"? After all, you already begin to get lost, who to believe and who does not.

- Understand, here is the same our minister once expressed in the sense that the display of the history of your country (if you like it) should be positive. But I believe that the story should be what it is. It can not be negative or positive. Everything should be stated as objectively as possible. It cannot be stated beautifully or ugly, rightly or incorrectly, positively or negatively, otherwise it will be some kind of absurdity, such criteria cannot be applied to history.

We have such a story that you can experience the joy of some of its pages, and bitterness and shame. It should cover all this, and not hush up. As Nicholas Roerich said, the stones of the past are steps to the future. We must honestly talk about everything that we had during the war, before the war, and after the war. And we want to embellish something, smooth something, and we believe that it is not patriotic to talk openly about the most tragic pages of our history. So what? Absurd! Why? I consider myself to be quite a patriot, but patriotism is an intimate feeling, self-evident, it's like love for a mother, for a father, for one’s city, for one’s country. We do not go to Red Square to shout: “I love my mother! I love my father! ”What are we going to shout“ I love my homeland ”? And how can you not love her if you were born here? If you, like me, for example, where you were born, did you use it there? Love for the Motherland is on a genetic basis, it is inescapable if you live here and are going to live on. But shy, ashamed of some tragic pages of its history - it is useless.

A frame from the film by Nikolai Dostal “Peter on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven”.

- Let me go from the issues of history to questions of art. I myself love your full-length films (“Cloud-Paradise”, “Kohl - tumbleweed-field”, “Peter on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven”), but you are still more widely known as a director of multi-part television films. Moreover, there is even such an opinion that in our country only two people shoot good series: Nikolai Dostal and Sergey Ursulyak. What do you think, what are the prospects for this multi-part genre in Russia? Will we in this respect ever be able to fulfill the cherished dream - to overtake and overtake America?

- No, we will not be able to overtake and overtake America in this regard in the near future. There, cinema is an industry, and the production of television films is also an industry. We have no movie industry. We are still in a very precarious situation, so you should not even think about it. We have a TV movie, yes, but the management of TV channels focuses more on entertainment films. It is sad that on our domestic television is dominated by entertainment, detectives. And if all the same emphasis was placed on a more serious product (or as they say now - content), then there would probably be many more films that arouse interest in a thinking, keen spectator. But, unfortunately, this is not. And it all depends on the television channels - they must be customers of a serious television film, and there will be directors and screenwriters. In addition, there is no longer a particular budget issue, like in the movies. This is the cinema budget - the main thing, and on television this is the second question. Because there is always at the expense of advertising, you can repel any budget.

- It turns out, is it more profitable to shoot a television serial movie?

- Not that it is more profitable, here it is something else. From the fact that we have no cinema show of Russian cinema, the money for the film is more difficult to find. The state is good if it gives one third (or even less), and the rest must be mined. But who will give to the cinema, which then you will not show anywhere, will not pay back, will not return anything? And on television, everything is different. Here, if there is a plot - there is a script, the director is there, and then a budget appears - if the channels are interested. Therefore, sometimes you go to shoot a television film, so as not to sit without work. Ursuliak will be shooting for TV again - “Quiet Don”. And for almost two years I have been refusing television projects, because I have a script for a two-hour film, for which the Cinema Foundation even allocated money. Only he singled out that much (he puts his fingers in an invisible pile - MM), and my producers have to find that many more (stack two times more - MM). And still can not find. And now I have been a hostage for a year of this scenario called “The Monk and the Demon”, which was written especially for me by Yuri Arabs. But I do not know how long I can wait. And then what - take up the television projects, from which I still refused.

A shot from the series of Nikolay Dostal “Split”.

- By the way, recently your TV series Split about the split of the Russian Orthodox Church was again shown on TV. It would seem that the middle of the XVII century, but in fact - a very modern picture, the plot of which is consonant with our time ...

- Solzhenitsyn said that if it had not been for the 17th century, maybe there would have been no 17 of the year! This is then this crack - boo-boom! - and it went through the centuries, through the centuries, through the centuries ... And it came to the 21st century! So that the word "split" has become a very common word in the country.

A shot from the series of Nikolay Dostal “Split”.

- A "Monk and the devil" - is it about what will be the movie?

- About the monk and the demon. This is the XIX century, the time of Gogol and Pushkin, a wonderful devil. Tragicomic nature. There was no such movie on this topic: a monk and a demon - and suddenly a comedy. And it would seem that such a scenario is super-original, but we cannot find the money! Although we are positioning it as a movie audience. After all, I was awarded a prize for Cloud-Paradise at the first Russian cinema festival in Sochi (he hadn’t yet acquired the name Kinotavr) with a very flattering wording for the authors: “For breaking down the barrier between films for the elect and film for everyone”. So “The Monk and the Devil” - here the festival fate is drawn, and the commercial one is due to the genre, due to the fact that there are young heroes ...

- Do you believe in our rental?

- Well, how can I say ... Is this what we have now with the rental? No, I do not believe that if suddenly the Russian cinema goes on all screens, then it will pay for itself. The viewer is so, in my opinion, unaccustomed to watch our cinema and got used to the popcorn movie, that I don’t know how to get it back again ... Only with high-quality professional films.

Images from the film Nicholas Dostal “Cloud-Paradise”.

- But the audience, by the way, is very actively watching Russian cinema, downloaded from torrents. And very many author films - and yours too - have very good performance in this regard. What is your attitude to this process - and to the recently adopted anti-piracy law, designed to eliminate it all?

- I am not a producer, therefore I say: look, look! But if I were a producer, I would, of course, be against my movie being downloaded for free. And as a director, I am glad that my films are being watched, even on the Internet. But seriously, you have to pay it, like in the whole world. In the US, for example, it is inexpensive. I have a friend who seems to pay thirty dollars a month - and I can watch any films without restrictions. And we do not have this and, in my opinion, it will not be so soon.

Although the Internet is fine - but why are they allowed to sell films on pirated discs ?! Where after all is easier to eliminate this sale! Then, it would seem, no technology is needed, just “political will” is needed. And then I look: the president at all meetings very carefully records everything, seemingly reacting positively to the words, say, Govorukhin that it is time to stop this piracy. So I want to ask: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, and where then are these notes? Where is all this? .. ”But the Internet is far from being available to everyone in Russia, and pirated discs are sold with might and main, everywhere, for 150 rubles eight films! Therefore, it would be better to have DVD-piracy eliminated first, and then they took up the Internet.

- It's just that it’s very much in our way: it’s much easier for us to deal with something airy that we cannot even touch ...

- Well, yes, and what can not be destroyed.
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  1. makst83
    makst83 15 August 2013 14: 02
    I never belittle the merits of those who fought in the penal battalions !!! For me, Dostal, the same Solzhenitsyn, is only from the cinema!
    1. Rink
      Rink 15 August 2013 19: 06
      I agree with you and even with this Dostal.
      When someone says, “History must be what it is,” it’s stupid to argue with that. But the fact is that people like this Dostal put a slightly different meaning into this than you and I. They look in the mirror of history and see there just what they want to see.
      And even when they shoot a film based on indisputable facts (suppose that it is not at all distorted), it is not, cannot be true! Because they serve the facts selectively, the screening is purely subconscious. The history of such difficult periods is a delicate thing. It is enough to shift the accents a little, rearrange the accents - and we get "Penalty battalion" instead of "Only old men go to battle".
      I can’t say that Dostal was filming his movie on someone’s political order. But he is a "carrier of a negative charge," and his presentation of the story "as it is" is just a half-truth. And, as you know, half-truths are the most terrible, sticky lies, from which it is very difficult to wash off. My personal attitude to the work of such "truth-tellers" like this Dostal, Rezun and other Solzhenitsyn is extremely negative.

      If it were my will, I would put a ban on their activities, spit on tolerance and democracy. Now there is an informational, ideological war for the minds and hearts against the whole Russian and Slavic world. And this Dostal reminds me of the OUN member: he, out of his own convictions, voluntarily shoots in our direction. And with such you need the law of war. (No, do not physically kill, of course - just recommend doing something else, and send the footage to the archives, as ideologically harmful and inappropriate to the story as it was.)
      1. avia12005
        avia12005 15 August 2013 20: 48
        This is not an OUN, this is a moral enemy
    2. yak69
      yak69 15 August 2013 19: 13
      I have to get everything that happens in life, throw it all on the screen, all the slops !!
      Cinema, art in general should bear light, focus on the good, Mr. Ovna is enough for us in life !!
      Well then, let’s do it so that everyone speaks obscenely - this happens in life. Cinema should call for good and we pour dirt from the screen. And now, the younger generation sees all this chernukha and says - And so it is possible!
      In short, from now on I got a real UDOD !!

      get it, the place for your films is in the trash of history!
    3. Civil
      Civil 15 August 2013 19: 17
      The lies from Dostal are simply unbearable!
      1. Aryan
        Aryan 15 August 2013 19: 57
        both that and other history lie
        it’s just more excusable for filmmakers and writers
        due to the specifics of their work on brainwashing the electorate
        but it remains simple for us
        just collect the last crumbs of living stories and the stories of our grandfathers
        about that Great War and our GREAT VICTORY
      2. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 15 August 2013 19: 59
        Quote: Civil
        The lies from Dostal are simply unbearable!

        In the furnace of a freak! Together with Solozhen and Rezun! Such directors need to beat their faces at a meeting, spit in the face on an extreme.
        1. Aryan
          Aryan 15 August 2013 23: 42
          Separate flies from cutlets
          Solzhenitsyn is a front-line soldier, and that's just why it’s not for us to shut his mouth
          and Rezun is just a fart
    4. Fantomac
      Fantomac 15 August 2013 21: 51
      Veterans about k / f penal battalion. And let Dostal rub off.
      1. Aryan
        Aryan 15 August 2013 22: 48
        thanks for the movie
        for German fines
        I want to share with you radio
        although I know that many here disagree with that assessment of the Victory Price
        which is offered on Echo of Moscow
        it would be interesting to learn more about the staffs on the eastern front with Japan
  2. 128mgb
    128mgb 15 August 2013 18: 39
    Dostal (I don’t know his real name) makes films like: yes they are heroes, but they are bastards, bandits, nkvdeshniki. And everyone accomplished feats under the barrel of a machine gun. Minus!
  3. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 15 August 2013 18: 40
    War is gray.
    The daughter of one officer told:
    Dad was convicted. Demoted. With the outbreak of war, he fell into the penal battalion. It was hard. Sat in a swamp, they and the Germans. I can’t do it in the trenches of water. There was a mutual agreement - we are sitting on parapet and do not shoot at each other. Do not feed. Starving. Again to the Germans - they went on the attack, they left us to devour, and they themselves went into the second line of the trenches. They took food and went to their place. As a result, everyone is happy: there is activity on the line (they attacked, captured, did not hold) and eat. He finished the war as an officer (major, if not confusing).
    Our story can be anything. But this is OUR story and it should be what it was. And do not be shy about it.
    However, cultural restrictions must be respected. L. Bykov found in the film "Aty-Baty Soldiers Walked" a way to "make noise" the mate of his hero.
    1. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 15 August 2013 20: 08
      Quote: serge-68-68
      The daughter of one officer told:

      And in another film, another possibly daughter, or maybe a close relative of a German high-ranking officer, said that at night, 6 million dead she imagined and would not be allowed to sleep. Well, let's say that yes, there were 6 million of them, but not proven! Proven 4,5 million, or so, but did not reach 5.
      But 27 million does not seem to her. For some reason. She and no less than 2,4 million of hers, German ones, do not imagine. Only those 6. Sleeps and sees.
      Here's how to explain it? 6 see and 27 not see.
      1. serge-68-68
        serge-68-68 15 August 2013 21: 32
        What is this speech for? I know the Great Patriotic War not only from books. I’ve been searching for six years. Personally, I found not one dozen of our fighters, but several hundred as a part of the shift. I saw where and how they died, who and how buried them (or did not bury), who and how bury them today (or not bury). I saw what traces the war leaves. I heard that village grandmothers and grandfathers of Smolensk and Moscow regions told about her. Everything is in the war. Both bad and good. Both clean and dirty. And therefore: war - it is gray.
    2. Aryan
      Aryan 15 August 2013 23: 36
      also heard that the attack went without a bang or a mat
      I think that the Germans did not shoot at the sound
    3. Baron Wrangell
      Baron Wrangell 16 August 2013 08: 33
      Quote: serge-68-68
      L. Bykov found in the film "Aty-Baty Soldiers Walked" a way to "make noise" the mate of his hero.

      Leonid Bykov with his films has long shown everyone how to make films about the war!
      And get it, what can I say, the son of a Persian! brought up apparently in an oriental-deceitful manner, after the "penal battalion" ceased to respect.
  4. avt
    avt 15 August 2013 18: 42
    Quote: makst83
    For me, Dostal, the same Solzhenitsyn, is only from the cinema!

    Yes, both with a pretense to be a chronicler, but with regards to the historical truth, it’s like walking to the moon. It’s like Mikhalkov with the Citadel - how much he puffed into his ears as he squandered and watched millions of kilometers of documentary film, but what was the result? He built a wooden bridge for 40 liams in Baku and blew it up, and then naturally - this is how the artist sees it, this is his right to creativity and the historical truth is not here. This shit Dostal, quietly under the pretext, “We must honestly talk about everything that we had during the war, and before the war, and after the war.” Crap on this historical truth. In general, everything is like Vysotsky's -, , there is no difference between truth and falsehood, unless, of course, you undress both "
  5. mole
    mole 15 August 2013 18: 44
    I put a plus, but only because I heard a point of view that does not coincide with mine! I absolutely agree with makst83. Distortion of the story. It seems decent everything, but for the average person, there is a huge mass of mistakes, especially those made specially, which in SUCH FILMS does not belong! So let the director not blow his lips! Once again, the film is harmful to the layman (especially those who grew up after the collapse of the Soviet school), which has no value for those who read at least a few books about those bitter times that communicated with the participants in those events. A huge minus to the director! am
  6. svp67
    svp67 15 August 2013 18: 44
    Director of "Penalty" Nicholas Dostal: "History should be the way it is"
    Then the question is - why so distort the story?
  7. vadimN
    vadimN 15 August 2013 18: 48
    "... Indeed, it was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines. There were just a lot of exceptions, deviations from orders ... And on this basis, the drama of the script was built by Eduard Volodarsky. Therefore, it seems to me that we did not distort the story, but focused, making those accents that you saw fit to do ... "

    And why is our creative intelligentsia (with all due respect to her) constantly striving to focus on shit ???
    ... Is there really no bright and heroic moments in our history on which it is necessary and important to focus attention, and which are still little known? After all, the young growth today does not read in the original source (and even does not read in reprint) orders and other documents that guided the activities of the penal battalions, and in which there is not a gram of what Dostal filmed. Youngsters watches films and firmly believes that the entire penal battalion consisted of cute, but unreliable Dostalev characters, and at the same time believes that in our history everything was done through blood and terror in relation to his people ...
    ... I can assume that a true film about the penal battalion would be less spectacular and would be like an ordinary film about the war ... Just the pursuit of rating and dough for the sake of a new fashion, according to which everything can be forgotten for money, including and the powerful educational power of cinema, as well as the artist’s responsibility for the action of this force on the minds of the younger generation.
    1. avt
      avt 15 August 2013 19: 36
      Quote: vadimN
      And why is our creative intelligentsia (with all due respect to her) constantly striving to focus on shit ???

      So used to delving there because of orientation.
  8. Bigriver
    Bigriver 15 August 2013 18: 58
    “History must be as it is”
    What a deep thought. Well, yes, her life is what it is. And she is no longer what laughing

    "... It (the story) cannot be negative or positive. Everything should be presented as objectively as possible."
    Yes, he is simply the Lord God!
    He saw everything, knows everything. In particular, he knows that in the Red Army division, special officers could dispose of any unit bypassing the battalion commander, regiment commander, division commander. He knows that penal battalions and penal battalions were commanded by penal officers defeated in their rights, and the penal battalion itself is such an armed gang of former officers and soldiers, a lesson, "political" and Orthodox priest.
    Well, yes ... This is an artistic generalization. This is a type, a mini-model of society, led by a bloody tyrant and his servant-dogs - tsuki-specialists and p. Adlah menti.
    Well, che, a great artist, in a word!
  9. Russ69
    Russ69 15 August 2013 19: 05
    Recently, thank God, another "truth-bearer" was cut off state funding for the shooting of the film. And then I decided to make a film about the love of a German and a Russian engineer in some kind of triangle before the war, and some other crap ... negative
    Now, on the "echo of matzo", he complains about the totalitarian regime, which does not allow "to create." smile
    1. Dimy4
      Dimy4 15 August 2013 19: 17
      But Bondarchuk is shooting a film about Stalingrad, where there will be a "good" German officer, a Russian girl and ardent love between them. They showed working materials on TV and for some reason didn't feel like watching.
  10. treskoed
    treskoed 15 August 2013 19: 06
    As far as I know, only officers, privates and sergeants were sent to the penal battalions to the penal battalions, but they were commanded by staff officers, not fines - and no criminals!
    1. vadimN
      vadimN 16 August 2013 10: 40
      That is exactly what happened. This is what the war veterans say, including those who went through penal battles for various reasons. Veterans opposed and oppose the film Dostal, calling it a lie! But does anyone listen to eyewitnesses and participants ??? We have Dostal the most competent historian in the country! Got already got ...
  11. My address
    My address 15 August 2013 19: 15
    We have already got these "got". It turns out that he loves Russia, but only negatively. And what is a lie, so nothing. This is how he sees history. Well, a true liberal.
  12. Bigriver
    Bigriver 15 August 2013 19: 20
    Published at least 10 years ago. And there were several reprints.
    I would be familiar with a "great artist" and a lover of objective truth.
    The book is in the first person, the commander of a real, not invented penal battalion.
    1. wax
      wax 15 August 2013 19: 43
  13. Normal
    Normal 15 August 2013 19: 24
    No, what is the impudent guy? Shoot an openly false film (they caught a hundred times in a lie; from criminals in a penal battalion to a priest in the same place) and declare: "History should be as it is"
    If you give the story to such a wealth and Volodarsky - write is gone.
    1. wax
      wax 15 August 2013 19: 46
      “How skillful should be the language of whites, if they can make the right look like the wrong, and the wrong look like the right.”
      Black Hawk (Makade-Mishi-geck), Sauk, 1767 - 1838
  14. Alekseir162
    Alekseir162 15 August 2013 19: 32
    But I believe that history should be as it is.

    You can count anything, but why write "I get on", because documents and memoirs have been preserved ( Of course, I understand that Volodarsky wanted to write in a more effective way, but you can't stoop to lies. Moreover, modern youth (I will not say that all) will not want to find out the truth and delve into the archives or read the memoirs of real participants (Alexander Pyltsyn / Truth about penal battalions), but simply "grab the offered shnyaga". It is a pity that such films are being made. I would like to ask these hackers, into whose mill you pour water?
  15. avt
    avt 15 August 2013 19: 34
    Quote: serge-68-68
    The daughter of one officer told:
    Dad was convicted. Demoted. With the outbreak of war, he fell into the penal battalion.

    He’s already lying, don’t be lazy and see when penal battalions were created and under what article people got there. If he was really repressed, he would either be reinstated in rank and fought like everyone else, and if not, and even under Article 58, he would have rotted in camp. There were no political ones, even Mikhalkov was smart enough in his next fatigue to re-qualify his hero as a criminal article. On the way, she is the daughter of the same "veteran" that was deprived of this title just now, for the fact that he served with the Germans. the Germans fed.
  16. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 15 August 2013 19: 36
    Director of "Penalty" Nicholas Dostal: "History should be the way it is"

    In a word, the lampshade, well, no one is still a hundredfold to you ungrateful pigs. Laughs the one who laughs last.
  17. Hleb
    Hleb 15 August 2013 19: 58
    in spite of the plot of many actors I respect. for example Serebryakov. and Korotkov in the split I played! I already swearing) I think the dog tortures my children)) but at the same time the person aroused admiration! here is the faith of a person! unbending will. until the end went burned but remained faithful to Christ
    1. Yasen Ping
      Yasen Ping 16 August 2013 10: 18
      I also really liked the game of the actors in the film and some moments, maybe the plot is false, but I liked the film and for some reason did not see any anti-patriotism in it, but on the contrary, the meaning of the film (in my subjective opinion) is that it does not matter who you are, albeit a felon, but Homeland comes first ..
  18. vkrav
    vkrav 15 August 2013 20: 09
    “History must be as it is”

    And not the way she is seen by any creakakals.
  19. Grishka100watt
    Grishka100watt 15 August 2013 20: 16
    Therefore, it seems to me that we did not distort history, but focused, making those accents that it considered necessary to do, highlighting the little-known sides of the war ...

    Blean, let the normal movies already look, without your freaking accents, with the KNOWN sides of the war ..
  20. Humpty
    Humpty 15 August 2013 20: 17
    Language serves people for communication, I get it for lies.
  21. erased
    erased 15 August 2013 20: 20
    It's good that the interview of this "homeland lover" was posted here. As boxers say, he opened up and stood up. His "truth" - the criminals in the penal battalion, where they could not get. His "truth" is a court-martialled captain, who, as you see from a big binge, is allowed to command this "cinema-fine-checkmate"! His truth is the brains ... the compasting divisions of the Red Army, which are not waiting for the arrival of the dashing warriors. Well, you can't defeat Fritz without them!
    If this is true, then we are all Martians, and Dostal - finally from Jupiter! The one immediately behind the yellow house with bars on the windows ...
  22. Proud.
    Proud. 15 August 2013 20: 37
    You see, our very same minister once spoke out in the sense that showing the history of his country (if you love her) should be positive. But I believe that history should be as it is. It cannot be negative or positive. Everything should be stated as objectively as possible. It cannot be stated beautifully or ugly, rightly or wrongly, positively or negatively, otherwise it will be some kind of absurdity, such criteria are not applicable to history.
    So what the hell are you, Dostal, running around with a bucket and meticulously picking one up !? Even where it isn’t!
  23. avia12005
    avia12005 15 August 2013 20: 47
    With the permission of fellow officers, I will add my 5 cents.
    1 Mr. Dostalas well as Mikhalkov and their similar - YOU ARE THE TRAITOR AND CHRISTMASTER. Because you are shooting for the loot, it’s clear to everyone who’s not true. There were no penalty box commanders in the SB and SR.
    2. If you were an officer, you would put a bullet in the forehead.
    3. But you are not an officer. Have the courage and the will to say that you have removed the lie.
    4. However, this is what everyone knows.
    5. But even if you confess yourself, there is hope that my friends and I will not fill our faces for defaming the fallen holy Russian soldiers.
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 15 August 2013 20: 56
      and why is the christopher? also in the cinema?
    2. densh
      densh 16 August 2013 03: 21
      In one of the interviews, Dostal was forced to admit to the correspondent that he had shot craps at Shtrafbat. But I don’t remember how he moved out. It was in my opinion on ORT. what
  24. chenia
    chenia 15 August 2013 21: 19
    The ambition of our creative intelligentsia is immense. The guys climb out of leather to please the West. And got there too.

    Mikhalkov decided to get the Oscar again and made a purely Hollywood version (Citadel). Miscalculated.

    An example of Solzhenitsyn, where the main thing is not the artistic value of the work or historical truth, but the ennobling of the then existing system, was the criterion for receiving the Nobel Prize.
    Then Astafyev wanted something sweet, but the comrade was late for sharing. And the desire to go to Stockholm, at least by train, was exorbitant.

    And these are basically talented people, but without a foreign candy they experience an inferiority complex.

    Well, in some cases, the determining factor is the commonplace loot.
  25. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 15 August 2013 21: 21
    The plot of the film is sheer lies. It wins only due to the actors employed in the film. All right comrades, the same Solzhenitsyn, only in the movies.
  26. individual
    individual 15 August 2013 21: 24
    These are the "lovers of truth" Y. Afanasyev, D. Volkogonov of the past and N. Svanidze, Y. Pivovarov and his followers followed the path of V. Rezun-Suvorov and the ice pick Mercader cries for them, which is kept in the Trotsky Museum in Mexico City. am
  27. soldier's grandson
    soldier's grandson 15 August 2013 23: 11
    there wasn’t such a detachment shot in the back, and they formed prisoners from Orsha
  28. michajlo
    michajlo 15 August 2013 23: 46
    Good evening everyone! First, I must apologize, I did not read all the responses, immediately after reading the article I gave her PLUS, which was my ERROR.
    The assessment of the article probably already cannot be changed, therefore, from now on I will be more prudent.
    I didn’t watch Dostal’s films, I only heard about them out of the corner, but after reading through the forum users ’notes, I got sick of watching them. sad
    But in the article itself, I was alerted by Dostal's reference to the words of Sozhenitsyn about Rskol in Orthodoxy.
    "Solzhenitsyn said that if it had not been for the 17th century, maybe there would not have been XNUMXth year!"
    I was born at the very beginning of the 60s, I had never heard of Solzhenitsyn. After the takeover of the ruler by a pack of Gorby & Co, all the years (from 1985 to 2000s), everywhere I just read what TALENT was, how he had suffered in the camps, how he EXACTLY described the essence of the Stalinist regime ...
    Already at the end of the 2000s, he began to wonder what this was discovered and talentedly without distortions described this "great son of Russia" (after all, the West didn’t give a single one to the patriots of the Union for some reason). fool
    It turned out that he was made a great writer by Gorbachev and Yakovlev, whose main goal, which was to denigrate the Communist Party and socialism, before the collapse of the USSR.
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 15 August 2013 23: 51
      Don’t worry, comrade! I put two minuses for you, just don’t ask me how wink
      Snowdan taught me a secret in aroport laughing
    2. soldier's grandson
      soldier's grandson 15 August 2013 23: 53
      I will not forgive your mistake, you must atone for your misconduct by a feat
      1. densh
        densh 16 August 2013 03: 24
        Rinse with alcohol drinks
    3. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 16 August 2013 09: 36
      Quote: michajlo
      I was born in the very beginning of the 60s, I never heard of Solzhenitsyn.

      Your untruth! I happened to purchase in the very beginning of the 90s, in a hole named Ostashkov, several volumes of Solzhenitsyn in an ordinary bookstore. And the fact that you did not hear about Solzhenitsyn in your youth is probably because you communicated in the wrong places and not among those you need.
      And anyway, Never trust other people's ratings and mine either. Watch a movie and put your pros / cons. I read Solzhenitsyn and understood myself where he hangs noodles on our ears.
  29. Constantine
    Constantine 16 August 2013 00: 05
    The same heresy was bred 2 months ago at BFM. I got it stir up panic around the distortion of the facts by himself. The film was opposed by veterans, not just Medinsky. The psyche of any normal person will reject this "masterpiece" and evoke a certain image of the director in the viewer. Then woodpeckers like those that created Company of Heroes 2 grow up in such pictures.

    In general, Dostal to the bonfire of the Inquisition. wassat
  30. michajlo
    michajlo 16 August 2013 00: 15
    Yes, interesting algorithms for working on our VO server !? For the umpteenth time when writing or supplementing / updating your notes, losing the last part of a note, new fixes for gram errors?
    And I forget to write a copy in the TXT file. sad
    Are there really so many of us "clavo-dumbbells" on one poor server that it periodically "jams", or we are led and improved on-line "persons in civilian clothes" (from the song of Vysotsky). ?
    What can it really be, dear forum users? fool
    On which chip on the motherboard of my PC midiver, do I need to hit with a hammer or mount? And how many times? what
    Or is it worth tapping your forehead? fellow
  31. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 16 August 2013 02: 12
    Mdaa sad
    We've got all these Dostal, Mikhalkov, etc. with their "truth" about our history. Probably the brain of a creative person, such as these "truth-tellers", is arranged exactly the opposite. As Uncle Mitya put it in the film "Love and Doves", "which is typical ...", such, God forgive me, "creators", very self-confident people, and about such GK Chesterton said that only a madman is absolutely believing in yourself. Ordinary people tend to doubt.
  32. densh
    densh 16 August 2013 03: 07
    But there was a good film about the penal battalion - ,, Gu-ha ,, was called.
  33. Seraph
    Seraph 16 August 2013 03: 19
    Why is this article here? It’s the same as advertising Gorbachev’s memoirs!
    In 2005 or 2006 I happened to meet with Nikolai Dostal, he was filming something in Rostov and it was necessary to give the go-ahead for some scene. After a couple of minutes of acquaintance I asked him - why did he do so many inventions and absurdities in the "Shtrafbat"? It turns out that this is a creative look at history, because "it could well be." And in response to my remark that such a movie does not foster love for the Motherland, I learned that one must know both good and bad about the Motherland.
    In short, I did not allow him to film something there in the monastery: at least small, but still a contribution to the future)
  34. Kazakh
    Kazakh 16 August 2013 07: 13
    About such directors I want to say with the words of one of the heroes of the film BROTHER "Yes, pi .. they all!"
  35. torry
    torry 16 August 2013 09: 54
    I am amazed at the impudence of the villain. His slop was taken apart a long time ago - it turned out that "based on real events" is a lie, and nothing of the kind happened, but he still does not hesitate to declare that "History should be as it is" and insists that he is telling the story "objectively".
    To hell with them, with these figures, I am much more outraged that all these "Penal Battles" are being withdrawn with state money! And they continue to act.
  36. Gur
    Gur 16 August 2013 10: 15
    "Over the past month and a half, the famous film director Nikolai Dostal wrote two open letters at once - and both concerned his" Penal Battalion ", a series that has long been recognized by professionals and loved by a wide audience" - Don't grunt for everyone! Look at the comments, and if you can, pass on our vomit to Dostal and other truth lovers.
  37. gmajor
    gmajor 16 August 2013 17: 07
    The apt name "Shtrafbred" has been circulating on the network for a long time
  38. gmajor
    gmajor 16 August 2013 17: 08
    The apt name "Shtrafbred" has been circulating on the network for a long time
  39. densh
    densh 16 August 2013 20: 47
    And after all, many believe this series fool