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The situation with the implementation of the state defense order for the Russian Navy

A recent meeting held at the presidential residence of Novo-Ogaryovo on the issue of fulfilling state defense orders for the Navy once again exposed a rather complicated situation with the supply of new ships to the Russian navy. Although, using the phrase “difficult situation”, one should not forget that any complexity cannot be considered without reference to anything.

The situation with the implementation of the state defense order for the Russian Navy

Just a couple of years ago, the pace of placing the state defense order for the navy was such that more than half of the orders scheduled for the 2010 year had to be transferred to the 2011 year. From there, in turn - on 2012-th. Something constantly interfered with the effective construction of the system for locating the state defense authority and, moreover, its full implementation. Naval representatives said that the prices of industrialists were too high, industrialists, in turn, said that prices were quite acceptable, and that the Ministry of Defense deliberately put open pressure on pricing policies. The corruption component also played a significant role, which led to the fact that a case without a “who needs it” rollback could not move from a dead end.

Contracts for the creation of new warships (and not only ships) were signed only when very representative delegations of industrialists and military officials gathered in a special room for business negotiations, and representatives of the Russian government arrived to smooth out the roughness between these delegations with the then head of the Cabinet Vladimir Putin.

Now Putin (already at the presidential level) decided to carry out a kind of monitoring of how the very agreements that were concluded, including with his direct (premier) participation, are being implemented. On the one hand, the cart has really started from the dead center, as stated by the president himself.

Last year, in the framework of the state defense order, the lead nuclear cruiser of the Borey project, Yury Dolgoruky, was commissioned, and the Novomoskovsk and Verkhoturye submarine cruisers were modernized. Repair and maintenance services were 748 ships and vessels.

Putin noted that in the current year the placement of the state defense order was made on 85%. About such rates by the beginning of August, for example, 2010 of the year could only be dreamed of.

On the other hand, despite the positive outlook, there are also quite serious problems not so much when placing the state defense order for the Navy, as when implementing contracts. One of the problematic manifestations is that the quality of construction and repair work often does not meet modern standards. As a concrete example of the inconsistency of the work performed with the quality standards, Putin pointed out the failure of the equipment observed during the implementation of a large project to 132. Even if we make allowances for the fact that the project is very serious, 132 technical refusals are too much, in view of the fact that each such refusal causes the need for new cash infusions into the project from the state budget. And such additional investments, for obvious reasons, are far from always spelled out in the contract, and therefore, in order to beat them out of the Ministry of Defense, you have to spend a lot of time and nerves. Although in this case, what could be the claims to the Ministry of Defense, if the industrialists themselves in some cases are unable to control the quality during the production process.

If we talk about the causes of low-quality work, in most cases they are associated with the imbalance of joint activities of individual enterprises implementing the project. Exaggerating a little, you can say something like this: bolt manufacturers expect deliveries from nut manufacturers, and they in turn do not have time to cut the thread, and in order to somehow meet the deadlines, they use off-nominal tools for that very cut. As a result, the nuts with bolts have to be integrated almost by welding ...

When more than six hundred separate enterprises, workshops and artels take part in the implementation of a single project, which are often still in mode of unexplained internal competition, in the end, with the help of welding, everything has to be integrated. Final quality? Deadlines? They can grow together, but they can - and not ...

In order to find ways to solve this problem, it was suggested to the United Shipbuilding Corporation to reconsider their attitude to work planning and strategies for their own development. Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, in particular, said that USC should complete work on its strategy by the end of September. This new strategy will now be calculated on as many 30 years ahead. Why choose 30? - Rogozin explained. Such a horizon was chosen for approximate correspondence to the “life” period of an individual warship. In other words, the USC must proceed to a new planning stage even when the ship, which corresponds to the fulfillment of the points of the previous plan, has been launched. This will ensure systematic work, which in turn will prevent temporary failures in the work of the corporation.

For the time being, the USC works on the basis of a recently developed strategy, which in recent years has begun to produce certain results. In particular, this year the 36 ships of the Navy will be included in the battle formation (and some of the ones mentioned below have already entered). Ship delivery from enterprises today is established. Of course, the ideal efficiency is still very far away, but it’s foolish to deny that the Russian Navy is filling up with new equipment.

Now Russian production facilities are working on the construction of nuclear submarines of the 885 project "Ash", nuclear submarine strategists "Borey", the submarine of the project "Lada" (677 project), "Varshavyanka" (636.3), corvettes, frigates, rocket ships 21631 project.

For example, the submarines of the 677 "Lada" project ("Kronstadt" and "Sevastopol") were laid back in the 2005 and 2006 years, respectively. However, until last summer the construction had to be frozen for several reasons. One of these reasons is the inability of the representatives of the Ministry of Defense and industry to agree on prices after the economic crisis.

Three submarines of the 636 "Varshavyanka" project are being built at the shipyard "Admiralty Shipyards" (as well as the boats of the "Lada" project, by the way). One of these boats will be launched next autumn. The other two are in 2014. At least, it was on such conditions that contracts were signed. Another three submarines of the 636 “Varshavyanka” project have already concluded contractual obligations, which must be realized before the 2016 year.

The multi-purpose MPLATRK K-560 "Severodvinsk" successfully passes the test. Another boat of a similar project is being built - the Kazan, which is to be commissioned according to plan in 2017. Four other MPLATRK project "Ash" contracts.

In January of this year, Yuri Dolgoruky, the 955 “Borey” project, was sent to the Navy. "Alexander Nevsky" participates in running tests. “Vladimir Monomakh” is taken out of the dock, and full completion of all the necessary work is scheduled for this submarine at the end of 2013. Construction and preparatory work is carried out in three more boats of this project (“Prince Vladimir”, “Alexander Suvorov”, “Mikhail Kutuzov”). In addition, the Ministry of Defense is carrying out plans to build four more Boreas before the 2020 year.

At the above-mentioned meeting in Novo-Ogaryovo, Putin demanded that the boats Severodvinsk, Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh be handed over by the end of this year. Experts say that even without the President’s demands, the boats would have entered the Navy before next year, as in the case of their construction lately no noticeable deviations from the plan were observed. I would like to hope that the president’s shout will not cause “shock completion of work for such an anniversary of such an event,” otherwise this often leads to the need to rebuild everything on a new one, sometimes investing even more money than the original construction.

In general, a positive in the implementation of the state defense order in the segment of the Russian Navy was outlined. The main thing is not to retreat and not to indulge in depression in the style of “we have shamelessly lagged behind the potential enemy!” And “everything is gone!” In particular, the aforementioned example with bolts and nuts is in fact not so far from the truth. About three or four years ago, the transfer of the American submarine of the Virginia project in the Navy had to be postponed due to the detection of problems with the hull: the bolt holes had an inappropriate radius, it was useful to drive the bolts into the hull with a bias; the 900 bolts around 340 were deformed ...
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  1. svp67
    svp67 14 August 2013 07: 49
    Yes, everyone will have to work a little more, and as soon as I want to see in the ranks of our fleet there are many new excellent ships. After all, how the issue with foreign customers is quickly resolved, why not work for our ministry for our fleet as quickly ...
    1. Kibalchish
      Kibalchish 14 August 2013 08: 37
      And Putin and Shoigu have said more than once, and articles were written. Specialty shipyards disrupt the order to pull construction more. The more stretches, the more money. Only recently have they begun to cover up this vicious shop.
      1. PPL
        PPL 14 August 2013 09: 09
        The more stretches, the more money.

        Do not be surprised at this. Everything rises in time.
        But the main reason for the delay in work is underfunding or late payment of work performed.
        They prepare contracts alone, others profit, and the producer (especially if it is a co-executor, and not the boss) is often left over.
        I hope you understand that no one will work at a loss.
        And Shoigu’s populist orders (REDUCE THE DEVELOPMENT TIME, DELIVERY URGENTLY TO THE TROOPS, etc.) resemble calls - the five-year plan for three years.
        svp67 SU Today, 07:49 AM ... how the same thing is quickly solved with foreign customers ...

        It is solved because the money under the contract goes relatively rhythmically and if you do not ship the products to the consumer on time, they are subject to fines that can cancel out all profits. Why is this practice not taking root inside the country? The answer is simple. As a rule, one intermediary, Rosoboronexport, works with a foreign customer, and here, inside the country, at each stage of approval they are trying to "scrape off their layer of fat."
      2. 955535
        955535 14 August 2013 16: 08
        Shipyards do not disrupt the order. Counterparty enterprises supplying low-quality aggregates and mechanisms are to blame for the failure to meet the deadlines. It is no secret that assemblies from utilized ships are mounted on newly built ships, and electrical equipment from the 70s from old stocks is also found. I hope there is no need to explain what this is fraught with. Practice should not be covered, but restored to its production: pumps, compressors, diesel engines, electric machines, electronics, etc. Introduce total product quality control at component manufacturing enterprises.
  2. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 14 August 2013 08: 15
    The main thing is that they are building. And the problems have always been and will be.
  3. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 14 August 2013 08: 16
    The main thing is that no one interferes. And it would also be nice for someone to "sew up their pockets", in the sense that it is time to define kickback lovers in places not so distant!
  4. Zhenya
    Zhenya 14 August 2013 08: 35
    In general, I like the trend, before we saw one they were happy, now it is 3, "tomorrow" I hope we will be 5 and happy, very much even nothing.
  5. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 14 August 2013 08: 37
    Shipyards are inundated with orders; there are not enough specialists. It is urgent to raise the prestige of working professions.
    1. Kibalchish
      Kibalchish 14 August 2013 08: 39
      They need to raise wages. And then when at the shipyard the director receives a salary of n, in 1.5 million rubles, and a welder of 6 rank 15 thousand rubles. what is this gate?
  6. morpogr
    morpogr 14 August 2013 08: 41
    Good tendency to keep it up.
  7. discard
    discard 14 August 2013 09: 26
    "This new strategy will be calculated FOR 30 YEARS FORWARD."

    We already know today what, in what quantities and where we will build for 30 years and what it will cost us ?!
    It’s amazing.
    Even in the USSR, under a stable regime, they did not risk looking so far and were limited to five years. And this is natural, because everything in the world is changing and changing quite quickly, including the state economy and politics and, accordingly, opportunities and needs
    What Rogozin requires is something that cannot be verified.
  8. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 14 August 2013 09: 33
    Look at long periods (2020-2030), so as not to respond. Those who promised to say - we have long been out of power. Those who will be in power will say that it was not we who made promises.
    Therefore, now they can even promise combat starships and armadas of aircraft carriers. You need to look for business. What is really being built and in what time frame.

  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Siberian
    Siberian 14 August 2013 09: 54
    Quote: Kibalchish
    They need to raise wages. And then when at the shipyard the director receives a salary of n, in 1.5 million rubles, and a welder of 6 rank 15 thousand rubles. what is this gate?

    in Siberia we get welded in 2.5 MORE. Not about that, of course, he spoke out, but for comparison, they’re still not fair for them 15t.r., Especially at shipyards, and warships ??? Somehow it's not quite normal. request
  11. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 14 August 2013 09: 56
    This is a photo from the NEA. Such a plant was destroyed. The submarines riveted like pies, and now it’s building two corvettes
  12. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 14 August 2013 10: 20
    The article was read and remembered by the film about Peter 1, how the fleet built, everything ran and drove the boyars and pulled their beards. 300 years have passed and nothing has changed in the structure of public administration, everything is done from under the lash.
  13. Zabvo
    Zabvo 14 August 2013 10: 27
    The main thing is not to retreat and not indulge in depression in the style of "we are godlessly behind the potential enemy!" and "everything is gone!" Here is one of the main conditions for the revival of the fleet.
  14. Siberian
    Siberian 14 August 2013 10: 29
    Quote: saturn.mmm
    The article was read and remembered by the film about Peter 1, how the fleet built, everything ran and drove the boyars and pulled their beards. 300 years have passed and nothing has changed in the structure of public administration, everything is done from under the whip.

    As it was from under the whip, so it will be seen and will remain.
  15. Nikaviz
    Nikaviz 14 August 2013 10: 59
    Funny .. !!!! Problems...!!!??? We just forgot by whose hands everything is being created, where are the specialists of working professions .. !!! Some bankers and accountants .. The country of "MESHOCHNIKOV" The training base was destroyed .. and to revive it, you need to make these vocational schools as state institutions ... And private shops for training ... ANYONE, and just to collect money from applicants ... am
  16. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 14 August 2013 11: 01
    On what is extremely hrenowo developing, let's look at least at the number of ships delivered to the fleet:
    The only large ship handed over to the fleet - SKR project 11540 "Yaroslav the Wise" with a displacement of 4350 tons, was laid down already in 1988 (Soviet reserve) and commissioned in 2009;
    3 the ship of the "Tuman" project, laid down in 1993, is in a state of readiness 47% at the wall of "Yantar" and it is planned to enter the fleet according to the plan already in 21017 (14 years!);
    "Admiral Gorshkov" of project 22350 has been under construction for already 7 years, they were going to put it into operation this year, although the deadlines have already been postponed to 2014. The next frigate of the Admiral Kasatonov project is being prepared to hand over to the fleet at the end of 2014, but taking into account how the Gorshkov is being commissioned, I am afraid that the deadlines will be violated. I hope I'm wrong.
    Even frigates of the fulfilled Project 11356 have been built for the Navy for 3-4 years (the first ship of the Admiral Grigorovich series was laid down on December 18, 2010, it was planned to be delivered this year, but has not yet been launched). Although for India these frigates were built for 3 years each.
    The laying of the first destroyer of the new project is planned already in 2106, how long will it be built and put into the fleet God knows!
    The situation with corvettes is slightly better:
    SKR project 1166.1 "Tatarstan" and "Dagestan" were built and entered into the fleet every 13 and 21 years, respectively (bookmark in 1990 and 1991 - again the Soviet reserve!) 3 ship of the project "Burevestnik", laid down in 1990, mothballed since 1995 Zelenodolsk plant. Although similar frigates for the Vietnamese Navy were built for 4 years each (bookmarked in 2007, delivery in 2011).
    Corvettes of the project 20380.
    The first "Guarding" was built for 7 years (2001-2008) and was handed over to the fleet without a standard "Redut" air defense system with "Kortik" air defense system
    The second "Smart" has been under construction for 8 years (2003-2011)
    The third "Smart" is also 8 years old (2005-2013)
    By the end of the year, it is planned to deliver the fourth ship of the "Stoyky" series, which has been under construction for 7 years (since 2006), although it is planned to enter the fleet in 2014.
    For comparison, the Chinese are building similar project 056 corvettes in 2 years (the first ship in the series was laid down in 2010. Today, there are already 7 corvettes in the Chinese Navy)
    An order for the Pacific Fleet was practically disrupted: the first corvette of Project 20380 "Perfect" for the fleet was laid down at the Amur shipyard already in 2006. The corvette was supposed to be handed over to the fleet this year, but due to the failure of the ship's production deadlines, the delivery dates were already pushed back to the end of 2014. Campaign a similar situation will develop with the next corvette "Gromkim2", laid in 2012, which should be handed over to the fleet in 2015. Again, I hope I'm wrong.
    Let's see what happens to the project 20385 corvettes with Uranus, the first of which is to be delivered to the fleet in 2015.
  17. Siberian
    Siberian 14 August 2013 11: 07
    Quote: NIKAVIZ
    Funny .. !!!! Problems...!!!??? They just forgot with whose hands everything is being created, where specialists of working professions .. !!! ??? Alone bankers and accountants..Country "MESHOCHNIKOV" The personnel training base was destroyed .. and in order to revive it, these vocational schools need to be done as state institutions ... And private shops for training ... ANYONE, and just to collect money from applicants .. ... am

    You still forgot the two-faced lawyers who are trying to attach themselves to these. no matter how you try, to the noise.
  18. igor67
    igor67 14 August 2013 11: 11
    Indian submarine exploded after repairs in Russia

    Photo: Wikipedia. In the photo: a submarine created as part of the Halibut project
    In the port of the Indian city of Mumbai, an explosion occurred in the night on a Russian-made submarine Sindhurakshak. As reported on the website of the Times of India, a fire started after the explosion. According to preliminary data, 18 sailors, including three officers, are blocked on board the submarine.

    It is specified that the boat is in a special guarded dock. Nothing is known about the causes of the explosion.

    According to the publication, parts of the sailors who were on the submarine managed to escape by jumping into the water. Several crew members were injured and hospitalized.

    On the website of the Hindustan Times newspaper it is reported that as a result of the explosion, the submarine was almost completely submerged in water.

    Sindhurakshak returned to India from Russia, where it underwent repairs and modernization, in April 2013. The submarine was modernized by TsS Zvezdochka OJSC in Severodvinsk. According to RIA Novosti, the submarine was equipped with the Club-S missile system, the Ushus sonar system, the CCS-MK-2 radio communication system, and other work was done to increase the combat effectiveness and safety of the submarine.

    “Sindhurakshak” is an export modification of the “Halibut” project (according to NATO classification - Kilo), was laid down at the “Admiralty Shipyards” (St. Petersburg) in 1995 by order of the Indian Navy. 14.08.2013/07/16 XNUMX:XNUMX
    1. fzr1000
      fzr1000 14 August 2013 15: 30
      Let's not rush.

      The work was carried out by JSC "Ship repair center" Zvezdochka ". The work was completed at the end of 2012.

      The media do not exclude the version of the terrorist act, the perpetrators of which could be Islamic extremists.
  19. Russ69
    Russ69 14 August 2013 11: 34
    Indian submarine exploded after repairs in Russia

    Shitty of course. Only before you blame someone else you have to wait for the conclusions of the commission, and the commission should be mixed. With the participation of Russia and India.
    1. sub307
      sub307 14 August 2013 18: 38
      So no one blames anyone yet. The fact that the boat was built at the Admiralty Shipyards, and then underwent repairs with modernization at Zvezdochka, and then transferred to the Indian side - these are just facts, there is nowhere more obvious. As well as the fact that the boat, according to media reports, was preparing to leave the base and was loaded with ammunition. What really happened on board, so far, one can only assume with varying degrees of probability. So - we are waiting for the conclusions of all commissions and remember the year 1962, Polyarny.
  20. Evgeniy46
    Evgeniy46 14 August 2013 11: 52
    The article is somewhat one-sided. If we have relatively good submarines and there is no particular need to drive (except, perhaps, "Ash"), then with 20380 and 22350 the situation is worse. They build very slowly
  21. Ka-52
    Ka-52 14 August 2013 12: 08
    Quote: Kibalchish
    They need to raise wages. And then when at the shipyard the director receives a salary of n, in 1.5 million rubles, and a welder of 6 rank 15 thousand rubles. what is this gate?

    Yes, if in 2010 a 5/2 admin was required in Rosvertol and they were going to pay him 15 thousand rubles for this (and this is in the suburbs). He asked whether it was possible to do 2 days a week (I agreed to go for less, there was a desire to help, of course, not to the detriment of my main job) they refused. When I said that only a student would come to work for them without such work experience, they answered that they would take the student.
  22. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 14 August 2013 12: 47
    The first boat of the Project 955 Borey series, Yuri Dolgoruky, has been under construction for 16 years (from 1996 to 2012) and is currently undergoing pilot operation. Plus, there are problems with missiles.
    The next ship of the series "Alexander Nevsky" has been under construction for 9 years (since 2004), although this year it is planned to enter the fleet.
    And this is taking into account the fact that during their construction sections of unfinished and disassembled submarine hulls of projects 971 Schuka-B (K-133 Lynx and K-137 Cougar) and 949A Antei (K-135 “ Volgograd "and K-160" Barnaul ").
    "Vladimir Monomakh" has been under construction for 7 years, since 2006, this year it is planned to be admitted to the fleet.
    The next boat of the "Prince Vladimir" series, laid down on July 30.07.2012, 2015, is planned to be commissioned in 3. If this happens, it will be a feat (only XNUMX years)
    The first boat of project 885 "Yasen" - "Severodvinsk" has been under construction for 20 (TWENTY) years, since 1993, this year it is finally planned to join the fleet.
    "Kazan" and "Novosibirsk", laid down according to the improved project "Yasen-M" in 2009 and this year, respectively, it is planned to enter the fleet in 2015. Well, wait and see.
    The boat of project 677 "Lada" - "St. Petersburg" was under construction for 13 years (from 1997 to 2010) and turned out to be so unsuccessful (problems with weapons and power plant) that the fleet even wanted to abandon the entire series. But still, they were armed, construction resumed and the next diesel-electric submarines "Kronstadt", laid down in 2005, are preparing to finish building in 2016 (11 years), and the third boat of the "Sevastopol" series laid down in 2006 in 2015 (9 years) that given the timing of the adoption of "Kronstadt" and the fact that its construction has not yet resumed, it is extremely doubtful. Failures with project 677 prompted a return to the good old proven "Varshavyanka". In 2010 the boat of the improved project 636.3 "Novorossiysk" was laid down. which is planned to be handed over to the fleet in 2014, its launching was expected this summer, however, there are still 17 days left until the end of summer, so we'll wait and see. In the same 2014, it is planned to commission 2 more boats of the Rosto-on-Don and Stary Oskol series, which I personally doubt very much.
    Another submarine introduced into the fleet was the pilot diesel-electric submarine of project 20120 "Sarov", laid down in 1989 (again the Soviet reserve) and entered into the fleet in 2008. Its construction lasted 19 years.
    Amphibious assault ships
    BDK project 11711 "Ivan Gren" was laid down in 2004, its introduction into the fleet was planned this year, in 2012 it was launched. Now they are planning to transfer it to the fleet in 2014. However, it was supposed to be handed over to the fleet back in 2008, but due to unstable funding and problems at the plant itself, construction was frozen. Thus, its construction is expected to take 10 years. Construction of the second ship in the series is frozen. There are 2-4 bottom sections on the slipway. It is planned to launch it in 2016, and enter it into the fleet in 2017. That is what pleases the French. The first ship of the Mistral series - Vladivostok, laid down in February 2012, has already been docked at the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, is to be launched in September, and according to the plan it should be commissioned into the fleet in 2014, in just 2 years ... The second ship of the Sevastopol series was laid down in June this year, and they are preparing to launch it in 2014 and enter the fleet in 2015. as they say, feel the difference! however, 9 landing boats were built and introduced into the fleet (6 projects 11770 "Serna", 2 projects 1176 "Akula", 1 project 21820 "Dugong") By the end of the year, it is planned to introduce into the fleet 3 more "Serny" and 2 "Dugong"
  23. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 14 August 2013 13: 12
    Gorbachevschina and Yeltsinism for some 15 years have caused such damage to the country, which Hitler’s gang never dreamed of. just bubbling everything inside.
    In a way, this all reminds us of the story of 100 years ago.
    But the author is right in suggesting not to get depressed. Besides, the American "partners" are doing no better, just more.
  24. Constantine
    Constantine 14 August 2013 13: 26
    Quote: Kibalchish
    And then when the director at the shipyard receives a salary of 1.5 million rubles, and a welder of the 6th category, 15 thousand rubles. what is this gate?

    Proof about 15k salary from a welder of the 6th category at the shipyard in the studio wink

    I’m just wondering where you got such information, as well as other, about replenishment at the Air Force bases, which you, however, ignored. After all, judging by your own words, you never left the territory of Ukraine and where you get such reliable information from, and how you can personally observe the same Russian Air Force, for example, it is not entirely clear. hi
  25. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 14 August 2013 13: 34
    The situation with the "mosquito" fleet is a little better:
    Zelenodoltsy produces small ships like cakes: 3 IAC project 21630 Buyan have been introduced into the fleet (construction period of each is about a year), by the end of this year 2 MRK project 21631 Sviyazhsk and Grad Uglich will be adopted, one of which is already underway tests in the Caspian. Three more RTOs have been laid down and are being built, on August 3 they are planning to lay down the fourth, and I have no doubt that they will be put into the fleet on time.
    Also, 3 PrDKs of project 21980 "Grachonok" were introduced into the fleet, 3 more PrDKs are to be commissioned by the end of this year. I already wrote about DKA above. True, there is still a problem with minesweepers: the only MTShch project 02668 "Agat" "Vice-Admiral Zakharyin" laid in 1990 (again the Soviet reserve) and handed over to the fleet in 2008 (it was already under construction for 18 years!), The only BTShch of project 12700 "Alexandrite" laid in 2011 was planned for delivery in 2013, but as usual the terms have shifted towards their increase.
    Currently, there is a problem with training ships: out of 3 training ships of project 887, built in Poland according to the Soviet project, only one remains in the fleet at present - "Perekop", "Khasan" was cut for scrap, and "Smolny" went for repair to Bulgaria, with subsequent re-specialization as a floating barracks. To replace them, it was planned to advertise the SKR project 1244 "Thunder", the first ship of the series of which "Novik" by 2000 had 20% technical readiness; in 2007, a decision was made to complete the construction of the ship on pr. 12441-U as a UK. True, the date of its admission to the fleet has not yet been indicated, that is, it will not take place in the foreseeable future.
    But maybe our shipyards were busy repairing and modernizing ships of previous projects?
    Not really. Have been upgraded:
    Project 1164 "Moscow" RRC - P-500 "Basalt" anti-ship missiles were replaced by P-1000 "Vulcan" anti-ship missiles.
    5 RPKSN of project 667BDRM "Dolphin" at the Sineva ICBM, with the possibility of carrying the Liner ICBM.
    SKR project 61 "Sharp" on which were installed anti-ship missiles "Uran"
    1 diesel-electric submarines of project 877 "Kaluga"
    3 IPC of project 1124, 1 RTO of project 1234, 2 RCA of project 1241, 1 RCA of project 1241 was converted into the IAC.
    Currently being upgraded:
    TARKR project 1144.2 "Admiral Nakhimov" delivery to the fleet is planned according to plan in 2018;
    RRC project 1164 "Marshal Ustinov" since 2011
    destroyer project 956 "Burny"
    SSBN project 667BDRM "Dolphin" "Yekaterinburg", in connection with the fire, they plan to return to the fleet in 2014.
    MPLATRK "Leopard" project 971 "Pike-B". It is planned to enter the fleet at the end of 2014.
    MPLATRK "Karp" project 945. Entry into the fleet is planned in 2016.
    Diesel-electric submarines of project 641B ("Holy Prince George"), 2 diesel-electric submarines of project 877 ("Novosibirsk" and "Vladikavkaz"). Another project 877 Yaroslavl diesel-electric submarine is planned to be delivered for repairs this year.
    Somehow like this. Yours faithfully! hi
    1. old man54
      old man54 14 August 2013 15: 17
      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      The situation with the "mosquito" fleet is a little better:

      laughing good laughing
      1. smiths xnumx
        smiths xnumx 14 August 2013 15: 42
        I do not see any particular reason for optimism: all built by the IAC of project 21630 and the MRK of project 21631 under construction will go to the Caspian, which is a closed reservoir, and the Volga-Don canal can be easily blocked. The rest of the fleets will be content with RTOs of project 1234, MPK of project 1241.2, MPK of project 1331, MPK 1124 and RCA of project 1241, which, it would be better to put it, are a little outdated. Well, the Black Sea Fleet has really 2 more or less new RTOs of project 1239 "Bora" and "Samum", as well as all the "bitter and difficult legacy of totalitarianism" laughing Yours! hi
        At least in the Black Sea, and even in the Baltic, such handsome men would not hurt us at all
        1. Crang
          Crang 15 August 2013 00: 09
          This handsome man looks as if he can be sunk by a RGD-5 grenade. It is necessary to build battleships-battleships 120-150m long with powerful missile and large-caliber artillery weapons (maybe combined according to the tank principle).
        2. old man54
          old man54 15 August 2013 00: 38
          Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
          I do not see any special reasons for optimism:

          I understand that this is you to me. wink So it was the endorsement of YOUR pass
          Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
          A little better are affairs with the "mosquito" fleet

          I personally perceived this as a perfectly appropriate banter with this ury-patriotic optimism in the article and the bureaucrats' statements. Is it really wrong? request
  26. Andrew
    Andrew 14 August 2013 14: 08
    It is bad that in the USSR shipyards were built only in Ukraine, and not in Russia. There, on the Black Sea, it is possible to conduct shipbuilding in open areas in winter. And then try to build an indoor workshop for the destroyer of 10000 tons. You see, the pace of construction was higher, besides, river transport was used to transport individual parts, all of our seas are connected and the White and Baltic with the Black.
  27. gerafak
    gerafak 14 August 2013 17: 03
    Quote: NIKAVIZ
    Funny .. !!!! Problems...!!!??? We just forgot by whose hands everything is being created, where are the specialists of working professions .. !!! Some bankers and accountants .. The country of "MESHOCHNIKOV" The training base was destroyed .. and to revive it, you need to make these vocational schools as state institutions ... And private shops for training ... ANYONE, and just to collect money from applicants ... am

    The problem with personnel, I agree, by the way, according to the new law "On Education" there will be no vocational schools in the country at all ...
  28. old man54
    old man54 15 August 2013 00: 40
    What can I say, the program is not running, money is flowing and ..........., in general, everything is shitty, like the last 20 years already! request