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What machine gun did not even dream of a Russian soldier?

If you ask any soldier who served in the Soviet (Russian) army, what should be the usual army weapon, he either does not understand the question, or he will describe the device of a Kalashnikov assault rifle - a rigid barrel of a certain length with a deadly front sight, a box for firing from his hand, a magazine for a cartridge of a certain caliber and size, a trigger, butt. Upstairs aiming strip. Side switch mode of fire. What is there to understand something!

Well, you can still remember the American M-16, where the front sight is mounted not on the trunk, but the trunk can be replaced by another one, but nothing fundamentally changes. And the fact that the machine gun (rifle) can be completely different, and can not come to mind.

Well, for example, a replaceable barrel that turns a rifle into a carbine, a sniper or a light machine gun, an adapter for a magazine that turns an automatic into a submachine gun, firing pistol cartridges ...

And if there is a store behind the handle with a trigger and the complete absence of a front sight, and a standard sight consisting of an optical tube with a circle and a crosshair, which is enough to catch a human figure and press the trigger? Covering one eye is not necessary for this. There is no fire mode switch either: incomplete pressing - a single shot, full - automatic fire, while the finger presses the trigger. Why am I here thinking out some kind of fantasy ... Can't this be so?

As much as you can!

And this fantasy is called Steyr AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr - army universal rifle), a whole complex of small arms developed in 1977 by Steyr-Daimler-Puch. The company is still alive today, only today it is called Steyr-Mannlicher AG & Co KG.

The rifle, especially its first version of the AUG A1, is really futuristic. Terribly similar to the six-legged alien insect.

By the way, the rifle is called only one of the variants of this weapon complex with an 508-mm barrel, which can be replaced by another in a few moments. On the left side of the block there is a latch that holds the barrel in the receiver, and underneath the block there is a hinge on which the front folding handle is attached to hold the weapon. The same handle is used to replace the trunks. On the muzzle of the barrel is a slit flame arrester.

Designed by talented Austrian gunsmiths according to the Bull-Pup scheme, in which the magazine and gate unit are located behind the trigger and fire control knob, Steyr AUG became the “de facto” standard of military weapons for a small non-warring country. It is suitable for both military and police and special anti-terrorism tasks, generally showing itself to be a reliable and unpretentious weapon in practice. And the subsequent modernization even more "entered" this rifle in the global arms market.

"Steyr AUG is in service with the Austrian army and police ... Adopted in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Oman, Malaysia, Morocco, Bolivia, Ecuador, France, Ukraine, and also in law enforcement agencies in many countries, in including the US Coast Guard, police of some US states and special forces units of the United Kingdom (SAS) and Germany (GSG-9). ” (Wikipedia)

So ... Australia, Ecuador, USA, Ukraine ... I will keep silent about Europe in general. Even in Russia, the civilian version of the Steyr AUG can be bought for pathetic 3000 $.

It seems - just like everyone else ...
Caliber: 5.56 mm NATO.
Length: 805 mm (with a 508 mm barrel, there are also shortened 350 mm trunks, 407 mm or long 621 mm barrel).
Weight: kg 3.8 (with mm barrel 508).
Firing Rate: 650 shots per minute.
Effective range: 450-500 meters with a barrel 508 mm.
Store - double row, with 10, 30 or 42 capacity, cartridge, made of transparent plastic.

So how good is this rifle, as if descended from the screen of a science fiction film?

First of all - its versatility.

Three Austrian designers - Horst Wesp, Karl Wagner (Karl Wagner) and Karl Moser (Karl Möser) - tried to take into account all the tasks that small arms in the platoon (task force) solve, and combine the incompatible in one army gan the car. Standard rifle easily turns into a light machine gun change to a longer barrel with bipod. The same rifle easily turns into a short army carbine for conducting sabotage operations (it is with these weapons that the Austrian paratroopers are armed by default) and a submachine gun for a pistol cartridge for sweeping in dense urban areas. And this is all the same "device"! All this transformation is performed by a simple change of modules. Fantasy!

The advantages of this weapon "designer".

1. The layout of the bullpup allows you to reduce the length of the weapon while maintaining the same barrel length.
2. The offset mechanisms to the butt has a positive effect on the accuracy of fire.
3. The center of gravity shifted to the butt allows the fighter to quickly carry fire along the front and in depth, the weapon rested on the shoulder turns easily.
4. Pretty high reliability of components and mechanisms.
5. The possibility of changing the rifle according to the tactical task - from a submachine gun to a light machine gun (sniper rifle).
6. Ability to adapt for both right-handed and left-handed by transferring the extractor window.
7. The translucent plastic shop allows you to see the amount of ammunition.
8. Easy disassembly-assembly. With incomplete disassembly, sufficient to clean the weapon, the rifle can be disassembled into just 6 parts.

However, the first decade revealed some disadvantages of this “complex”.

1. Highly located sights make the arrow higher up from the shelter when firing from a prone position. The specific location of the store makes it difficult to reload, especially when shooting from a prone position, a soldier has to lift a weapon, losing a target.
2. The specific location of the store makes it difficult to reload, especially when shooting from a prone position.
3. The location and specific structure of the system of mechanisms can lead to the failure of the weapon when trying to fire after removing the machine gun from liquid mud.
4. As a result of the use of lightweight 5,56 / 45 mm NATO ammunition, NATO significantly reduced combat effectiveness in rough terrain and at close distances. In order to remake a rifle for firing 9 / 19 mm cartridges, you need to change the 3 parts: the barrel, the bolt with the bolt carrier and add an adapter for the magazine to the pistol cartridge.

However, the developer and manufacturer are trying to compensate for these shortcomings by additional modernization. The second modification of the Steyr AUG A2 differs from the base model with the presence of a universal mount for NATO standard sights (Weaver bar) and a folding front handle. The sight is lowered down to reduce the overall height of the weapon and ease of shooting from a prone position.

In 2005, Steyr-Mannlicher introduced the third modification of the AUG family - A3. The main differences between AUG-A3 are:

1. The lack of a standard optical sight, it is replaced by the Picatinny rail (Picatinny rail), a modern universal mount for any additional devices.
2. The regular front handle was removed and replaced with a picatinny rail.
3. Picatinny slats are also installed on the sides.

So, you can weigh AUG-A3 from all four sides!

Based on the design and tactical and technical characteristics, it can be said that the AUG, especially the A3 model, is the most suitable weapon for a small professional army, groups of mobile special forces for lightning strikes and special police units. According to the rating of the American Channel Military Channel 10, the best rifles of the 20th century, the Steyr AUG rifle took the honorable 7 place.

By the way, the first place in this rating of small arms is still occupied by our Kalashnikov assault rifle.
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  1. Don zeus
    Don zeus 26 January 2011 09: 56
    You need to compare not the type and advertising description, but the possibilities in actual circumstances.
    1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 3 January 2012 19: 31
      Yes, and absolutely advertising: ".. The advantages of this weapon" designer ": .... 4. Quite high reliability of units and mechanisms ..."
      and who else heard about reliability tests identical to AK ???? Why such indiscriminateness in statements ???? In addition, all the "advantages" can be achieved on the AK by tuning - it turns out a good thing with reliable reliability.
      In addition, if we consider weapons for specialists - small parties, then this is one, and quite another - mass supply to the troops. So who compares the first with the second ??? There are different tasks. The price in the first option is not the main thing.
  2. Papuan
    Papuan 26 January 2011 12: 25
    Something like a food processor "for all occasions", more than half of which are never used. The optics are also a very dubious thing, the sight easily gets lost, the "capture" of the target even in static conditions requires a considerable time, the diopters must be individually selected for the shooter and the weather conditions, in short, hemorrhoids and only, suitable for showing off in the shooting range.
    1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 3 January 2012 19: 31
      Have experience ??
  3. Kornej
    Kornej 28 January 2011 07: 01
    I didn’t stand next to the FN FAL, the bulpap is balanced by a gutter so that the trunk does not
  4. stv702010
    stv702010 29 January 2011 14: 33
    Kalash is a force and for another 15 years someone will not surpass him.
  5. g2010
    g2010 12 March 2011 16: 19
    The Groza OTs-14 automatic grenade launcher was developed in Tula, at TsKIB SOO in the 90s.
    1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 3 January 2012 19: 34
      and on our basis.
    2. whitesnow
      whitesnow 31 December 2016 15: 46
      I will not try to refute you, but OTs-14 came to me at the end of the 95th already well-worn. So most likely the development came in the late 80s.
  6. nnz226
    nnz226 12 May 2011 11: 25
    Range shooting is not a war. Somehow on TV they showed what they were doing with the Kalashnikov when they were checking it, how they mocked him, do the same with this device, and if after all it can shoot, then you can talk about something. Or take a look at the chronicle of the Second World War or the Chechen wars, in those conditions an "Austrian" will be able to shoot? What the hell to me is its versatility and bells and whistles, if after falling into the mud, I can not shoot from it, since it is jammed ???
    1. kostiknet
      kostiknet 25 November 2011 10: 52
      model A3, - the most suitable weapon for a small professional army, mobile special forces for lightning strikes and special police units. The end of the quote.

      Do you think that NATO offices are full of mugs, and they do not plan to climb with these pukalko in mud and swamps. The article clearly states for what purposes the barrel is "sharpened" wink And small armies are most likely Europe (have you seen a lot of dirt in the cities there?) Europe again dreams of a "quick and clean war" of Pukelo, of course, rubbish, but they give him advertising (what would be sold), and we started to find fault with Kalash (they say, outdated shit). In such a mood, we will not sell the elephant, unlike them (semi-quote from anegdot) lol
      1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
        Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 3 January 2012 19: 47
        Sweetheart kostiknet, you heard about the unofficial instruction to the US troops in Iraq to use trophy AK in battles if possible, do not use AK for filming (M16 Tokma). And about the coordination of tactics and weapons you know ??? Look WITH WHOM USA is at war - with UntermenschAMI! They need a police weapons system and not a BATTLE, ARMY. For the purpose of the USA is the WORLD POLICEMAN and not a SOLDIER. Therefore, I think:
        Quote: kostiknet
        You think that in the NATO cabinets full mugs are sitting, they don’t plan to climb with these little bundles in the mud and swamps.

        YES DO NOT PLAN, because in Iraq I ran (not in front of the cameras) with AK!
        You dear on what theater of operations were, otkel such "deep" knowledge about DIRT IN EUROPEAN CITIES that even in wartime ??? You even go to the range, so shoot, went out ??? IF THERE IS A WAR - DIRT to the ears. And not to be confused with the POLICE operation - that's where cleanliness and superiority are.
        1. dkkayak
          dkkayak 27 November 2016 17: 18
          You listen to our television more. The adoption of captured models is a complex process, primarily tied to the supply of ammunition and components.
          1. 135lm
            135lm 5 December 2016 15: 43
            So you didn’t take part in the Battle of Stalingrad))) they have unmeasured ammunition reserves in Iraq? Are they in attacks daily went 7 times?)))
            1. 135lm
              135lm 5 December 2016 15: 45
              instead of the (in my opinion a decent) word "pindosy" it turned out only "s")))
  7. ISO
    ISO 3 January 2012 19: 49
    It may be a device and a u.a.n.s.o, but somehow a photo flashed on this site with a system of Chinese fierce guys and they had farts according to the bullpup scheme, and the Chinese u.a.s. do not rub and dirt with dust they have enough.
  8. Inferno
    Inferno 3 January 2012 20: 13
    Aug the archer. They presented the airsoft version - I’m not overjoyed.
    1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 3 January 2012 22: 54
      Tokma SHIPPING. My kinder was also given an exact copy of Nagan, he also doesn’t get enough, only this does not make Nagan better than P08 and P38 !!!
  9. Astrey
    Astrey 2 December 2016 10: 09
    Article of January 26, 2011 and spears in kamety lame to this day.

    And why is there an article about Aug, if the development is 39 years old and the Austrians themselves are already moving from it to Heckler? What would a richer hunter buy a twentieth barrel? So a mass hunter with BA -20 will hunt for another half a century and avoid the "richer" one.
  10. Brigadier
    Brigadier 8 December 2016 09: 37
    Well, just the heroic saga of Steyre ... laughing
    But for some reason, the author forgot to mention that in a soldier’s military operations, it’s not the futuristic look and advertising bloat of the weapon that is vital, but its simplicity and reliability.
    And in this our Kalash cannot surpass any Western model! yes
  11. veteran66
    veteran66 8 December 2016 16: 12
    "By the way, our Kalashnikov assault rifle still takes the first place in this rating of small arms." Well, then why the whole article?
  12. Sevastopol
    Sevastopol 14 December 2016 23: 29
    Again, we know about AK. Where is the practice, reviews of real people about this type of miracle technique? Moreover, they already consider it obsolete.