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2T Stalker Intelligence Fighting Vehicle

What basic qualities should a scout have? The most important thing is a high intellectual level, the ability to quickly respond to a rapidly changing environment, have good eyesight and communication, while remaining imperceptible to the enemy, to be highly mobile, reliably protected, to be able to “snap back” fire.

And what qualities should be inherent in a saboteur? In the first place - the ability to effectively use different types of weapons and, in addition, the possession of qualities inherent in intelligence.

2T Stalker Intelligence Fighting Vehicle

Based on these ideas, the Belarusian company Minotor-Service developed the 2T Stalker combat reconnaissance and sabotage vehicle. Leading design organizations and enterprises of Belarus and Russia took part in the development.
The equipment and weapons of the 2T are placed on a highly mobile, high-speed tracked chassis.

Armament machine includes:
stabilized 30-mm gun
twin 7,62-mm machine gun
two retractable launchers, each of which can be equipped with two anti-tank or anti-aircraft missiles
automatic 30-mm grenade launcher
The fire control system allows for the simultaneous firing of two targets, for example, an armored vehicle - an anti-tank missile and a manpower - with a grenade launcher.

The reconnaissance equipment of the machine is a fundamentally new multichannel round-the-clock optical-electronic complex.

The reconnaissance vehicle complex provides:
automatic selection and tracking of moving targets
laser and optical target determination
long-range automatic transmission of intelligence
The transportable stock of ammunition, fuel, water and food provides long-term autonomous combat work of the machine and crew in isolation from the rear areas and supply bases.
In addition to the ammunition of the main armament, the machine provides for the placement of mines for manual mining during sabotage operations and containers for special equipment.

High maneuverability and speed parameters of the machine are provided by a diesel engine, hydromechanical transmission, hydrovolume swivel mechanism and hydro-pneumatic suspension.

The car confidently takes all natural and specially created obstacles, makes ten-meter jumps on springboards. At the same time, the crew notes an unusually low level of loads and internal noise for armored vehicles. Physical activity while driving a car is at the level of a modern car. Maneuvering the car in reverse is carried out using a television rear-view system.

By car there is a multi-level protection system. First of all, it is speed and maneuverability. Then decrease in visibility in the radar, thermal and optical ranges. So, to reduce the visibility in the radar range, the body of the machine has a special shape and is made using special materials and coatings. One of the measures to reduce thermal visibility is the use of non-illuminated night vision devices.

The next level of protection is a self-defense system against detection by laser radiation. When the machine is irradiated with a laser radiation source, the crew is notified about this, and blinding smoke grenades are fired in the direction of the radiation source. And finally, armored protection. The crew of the machine is protected from ammunition by a 35 mm gun in the front hemisphere. Mine protection of the machine is made at the level of modern tanks.

General tactical and technical characteristics
Crew, pers. 5 *
Combat weight, t 27,4
Maximum speed, km / h 115
Cruising range, km 1000
Mine Protection at OBT Level
Collective anti-nuclear protection
Power plant diesel engine with hydromechanical transmission
Hydropneumatic suspension
* + 1 wounded in a supine position in a version for military rescue operations
30-mm 2A42 automatic gun (500 shots)
Twin machine gun 7,62-mm (2000 shots)
2 rocket armament of paired PUs with 4 rockets in containers
(ammo 6 missiles)
Type of missile anti-tank and anti-aircraft
Automatic grenade launcher 30-mm (166 shots)
12 anti-tank mines

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  1. Satric
    Satric 26 January 2011 16: 35
    What kind of creak is she publishing?
  2. max
    max 26 January 2011 22: 17
    I read the "newest" development about the T-2 reconnaissance tank in 2000, I don't remember the name in the army newspaper, only there was also about the noise level at the level of a passenger car ...
  3. Anatoly
    Anatoly 27 January 2011 18: 37
    It will not be interesting! They produced in Belarus, and sell in it.
    CARTRIDGE 8 June 2011 12: 37
    the declared speed is 115, and our drivers will accelerate to 160, I assume that the maximum speed of the t-72 is 60 according to the documents, but they say they accelerated from 100-110! I wonder who came up with the name, probably the son suggested the designer wink
  5. panzersoldat
    panzersoldat 4 September 2011 16: 17
    The thing is evil. I wonder how much it costs.
  6. 9991
    9991 16 March 2012 21: 43
    sorry they don’t.
  7. Corsican
    Corsican 16 June 2014 00: 52
    Underground scouts are needed! Modern detection and guidance systems are expensive. And on a reconnaissance vehicle, they should at least not yield to those on the tanks. It is not advisable to install such equipment on something like the BRDM, and on any wheeled vehicles. You need powerful protection and high cross-country ability that can only be provided by a tracked chassis. The idea of ​​having different types of rockets in the rear of the tower is brilliant! This idea needs to be developed. Indeed, when modernizing tanks, feed boxes are attached to their towers for additional ammunition. So let there be a similar setup with two or four "Cornets" or "Chrysanthemums"! Even T34 Abrams will break with her.
  8. TeR
    TeR 9 January 2015 11: 37
    I watched the video. As if the BTR-D with a tower. The case is changed of course.